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  1. checking for an item in a list
  2. limit for a calculation in defining class
  3. why script work in console window of PyCrust but not work when put it into function?
  4. If statements with OR in then problems
  5. what wrong when I defined my class
  6. find the first derivative of the equation
  7. finding out the call (and not only the caller)
  8. tinyp2p - trying to get it to work
  9. Problem of Readability of Python
  10. How does the Enabled property works in wxPython
  11. weakrefs and bound methods
  12. Override 'and' and 'or'
  13. Pil image module, "mode" bug..
  14. Putting a line from a text file into a variable, then moving to nextline
  15. configure urllib.urlretrieve timeout
  16. python image digitizing
  17. this constructor takes no arguments (defining class)
  18. Creating a nested dictionary...
  19. problem with crontab on copmuter with two python version
  20. How to create a file on users XP desktop
  21. Tkinter text widget
  22. another class difining question
  23. esvect and reflectbox
  24. setuptools on mac
  25. Need help to understand garbage collection
  26. help on understanding garbage collection
  27. Recognizing the <enter> key
  28. How to do transparent (opaque) windows from Python
  29. slice with negative stride
  30. my Python lib is broken
  31. Segmentation fault..
  32. Yet another comparison of Python Web Frameworks
  33. defining class related question(s)
  34. pypar error
  35. Need a minimal, easily-modifiable HTTP proxy
  36. embedding python..
  37. anyone know howto IRC to freenode over port 80?
  38. Associating tuple values to a dictionary key and subsequent values
  39. howto kill a windows process by name ?
  40. Sum values stored in a dictionary as a list of values.
  41. extend python with C embedded python+ Swig
  42. supplying password to'rsync ...'), os.system('rsync ...')
  43. Making a Progress Bar work with a subprocess
  44. novice list
  45. IndexError: list index out of range
  46. WebBased Vector 2D Graphics
  47. change a list of integer into a list of strings and for loop & string
  48. Does python have built-in graphic class for plot?
  49. where can I get a space supporting cgi written in python
  50. Where's the Starship's crew?
  51. Cross platform way of finding number of processors on a machine?
  52. Mysql class works like php
  53. Is there a nicer way to do this?
  54. Boolean parser..
  55. Owner of spawned process in threads
  56. unit testing
  57. Don't understand module search path...
  58. How can I extract text from a running Python script?
  59. Import PY file not included in py2exe executable
  60. Starting a thread before wxPython bootup ... interesting.
  61. pickle and __slots__
  62. Popmenu and crash
  63. Python "implements <interface>" equivalent?
  64. Check it out:Very good online resources,tons of cool men and beautiful women eager for lovers....:
  65. Event handling in frames displaying text using RichTextCtrl..
  66. Call shell script from python script, exit without waiting for shell script to finish
  67. Web service client using https
  68. Web service client using https
  69. Binding wxPython events to buttons
  70. defining class for physic problem
  71. locate the errors in defining class
  72. Create dictionary from another dictionary
  73. Closing pexpect connections using threads
  74. Howto Launch a windows application ?
  75. Help needed with the Tkinter Entry widget
  76. How do I send signals from a spawned process?
  77. List of objects X Database
  78. Writing to a blank Excel file using Python
  79. Closing pexpect connections in threads
  80. Convert on uppercase unaccentent unicode character
  81. python autoconf macro for building ming extension
  82. How can I access MySQL Version 4.1.22 from Python 2.2.3 ???
  83. Class design question
  84. spam kontrol
  85. A question about subprocess
  86. Duplicate content filter..
  87. migrating to packages
  88. comparing data
  89. gdbm objects not iterable?
  90. LoopingCall vs internet.TimerService (Twisted)
  91. enumerate overflow
  92. interfacing Python interpreter with a VB6 frontend
  93. Building VTK-5.0.3-1 with Python bindings (VS 8.0)
  94. generating range of numbers
  95. Showing a message dialog from a thread using GTK
  96. Having fun with python
  97. OGLEdit
  98. Select columns from a QTableWidget
  99. infinite loop
  100. Django for database driven web application is OK?
  101. global variables
  102. scraping question
  103. logging module and trailing newlines
  104. List Question
  105. Settting the time on a remote PC
  106. wxPython Event creates a new frame
  107. Mysqldb printing sql and params no matter what I do
  108. Air Conditioners
  109. Dictionary invalid token error
  110. random keypress bounce in a terminal
  111. access __doc__ from within function without reference to function name
  112. Inheriting from int or long
  113. file open dialog from within PythonWin
  114. readline() - problem
  115. problem with special built-in method __contains__,
  116. Print a Word document that is linked to a Access database
  117. Wrapper functions and arguments
  118. Why doesn't Python's "robotparser" like Wikipedia's "robots.txt"file?
  119. module confusion
  120. hidden characters in a string
  121. KeyError: 3 problem
  122. Converting to ascii?
  123. where is pkg_resources (setuptools) looking for entry_points.txt
  124. pywin32/win32com float/double coercion
  125. slice last 4 items from a list
  126. Question about quoting style.
  127. Python and Excel
  128. PIL Decoder mode vs raw mode arguemts
  129. image python
  130. Combine two dictionary...
  131. Limits on search length
  132. Setting value of Python variable in a Python C extension
  133. ANNOUNCE: Wing IDE 3.0 released
  134. Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Oct 1)
  135. win32com COMAdminCatalogObject Value method
  136. Select as dictionary...
  137. How popular is Django ?
  138. a chinese girl' space
  139. create movie in python
  140. reliable unit test logging
  141. Updating new e-books!!
  142. PyOpenGL without SetupTools
  143. Function return a dictionary
  144. boost.python error with DirectX
  145. call for collaboration (python / freesound)
  146. Using fractions instead of floats
  147. Convert list to dictionary problem
  148. [Python] Matrix convergence
  149. code for number guessing by computer
  150. Create a string array of all comments in a html file...
  151. how should i start to learn Python in only several days?
  152. notify when process finishes (on unix)
  153. s.split() on multiple separators
  154. OSDC 2007 earlybird registration now open!
  155. which language allows you to change an argument's value?
  156. Can you please give me some advice?
  157. All Quick Test Professional (QTP) FAQs
  158. New to python
  159. trouble compiling wxpython with gcc
  160. What's the current status of socket timeouts?
  161. Command-line does work when scheduled
  162. How to unload a module after I've imported it.
  163. CaFeCONF 2007 6tas. Conferencias Abiertas de Software Libre y GNU/Linux
  164. wxpython combined with vpython
  165. strange unbound local error?
  166. xml modifications
  167. xyz points and magnitude to intensity or colormap or contourmap
  168. Program inefficiency?
  169. Balloon Taskbar Popup for Windows XP
  170. question about for cycle
  171. How to display a videostream in the PyQt GUI by a efficient way
  172. using inspect on pygtk
  173. python 2.5 and 3gb switch
  174. Bug with lists of pairs of lists and append()
  175. your opinion on book "Foundations of Python Network Programming"?
  176. Reentrancy of Python interpreter
  177. Checking for the existence of Duplicates
  178. List search
  179. Bug with lists of pairs of lists and append()
  180. C Source Code Generator For Test Cases
  181. Can I overload the compare (cmp()) function for a Lists ([]) index function?
  182. FW: OCBC connection
  183. Delete spaces
  184. is there a posh Win32 binary? or, compiling with MS 2005 Express...
  185. which computer language should I pick?
  186. OCBC connection
  187. recipient validation with smtplib
  188. marshal bug?
  189. Python and SSL
  190. cute use of lambda
  191. How to build a tree and bind data for a list just by one file XML???
  192. Strange Behaviour with an IF Statement
  193. Python 3.0 migration plans?
  194. enumerate vs while
  195. developing an application
  196. Importing Module To Use Variables In A Second Module
  197. How to Catch Errors in SimpleXMLRPCServer
  198. Creating Table using Tkinter
  199. getopt with negative numbers?
  200. ValueError: too many values to unpack
  201. ValueError: too many values to unpack,>>>
  202. str.split() question
  203. True of False
  204. Implement file download using python
  205. try/except within a while loop problem
  206. split pdf chapters
  207. os.removedirs - How to force this delete?
  208. Translating Event.time from pyhook
  209. Mysqldb & stderr
  210. Confusion regarding constructor as default value
  211. mod_python preprocess/filter before proxy
  212. "No backend servers available" using httplib
  213. Syntax error
  214. How do I get the value out of a DOM Element
  215. Image processing using Python script
  216. Using closures and partial functions to eliminate redundant code
  217. Make a Word into Letters
  218. handling python errors
  219. GUI for viewing/editing python data structures?
  220. ~ bit-wise unary operator
  221. How to combine several related for loops into 2 for loops?
  222. Confuzed about class variables vs instance variables
  223. Tkinter / Tk 8.5
  224. wxPython crashes when run
  225. Delete values from a string using the index
  226. A question on python performance.
  227. Matplotlib TkAgg WindowsXP ImportError
  228. Replacing a txt file?
  229. regex with specific list of string
  230. string right value from ping
  231. My tail call optimizing decorator
  232. The Big Secret inside your Laptop /Computer
  233. Tracking memory usage and object life time.
  234. Asynchronous Messaging
  235. Cross-platform time out decorator
  236. Python class method as an argument of a function in a C extension
  237. unable to load dco2 in python
  238. FTP upload through proxy
  239. Hello Gabriel cant help noticing you
  240. the address of list.append and list.append.__doc__
  241. stopping a while True: with the keyboard
  242. Python XML API's that preserve XML comments?
  243. Reload this Page PyGTK image bkg w/ widgets on top
  244. Multiple delimiters with csv DictReader
  245. jack audio connection kit
  246. Overriding Logging Config FileHandler Filename
  247. libxml2 for Python installation help
  248. comparing elements of a list with a string
  249. Sound volume Library
  250. PyS60
  251. HTTPS request
  252. PyQt disconnect signal / slot
  253. Raw string printing
  254. What is a good way of having several versions of a python moduleinstalled in parallell?
  255. Inserting an element into existing xml file
  256. hacking,anti-hacking,registry tweaks,compter tricks
  257. can python handle an incoming call and recieve sms
  258. obtaining multiple values from a function.
  259. wxPython funtion EVT_PAINT
  260. PIL GIF transparency
  261. ironpython with nosetest
  262. Using variables from my main module in my imported modules.
  263. is there some module update(install tools)?
  264. I don't undestand why sometime python (or other) add "tmpWvk7zy"(tmp + random string) after "buildout-eggs" in path of python script
  265. execfile and function call
  266. beginner to python programming
  267. Py2Exe help required
  268. Nested For and While Statements
  269. Python Threads+execute
  270. puzzled about floats
  271. MDI Frames and Button events
  272. type compatibility warnings -- building python on windows 64-bit x64
  273. Can a base class know if a method has been overridden?
  274. (pyqt) Parameters when connecting a signal to a method?
  275. shutil.copy2 error
  276. String to Int
  277. Converting numbers to unicode charaters
  278. rules from an xml file
  279. sorting a list numbers stored as strings
  280. python variable assignement
  281. SOAPpy Error
  282. vim - what's a smarttab?
  283. Passing parameters at the command line (New Python User)
  284. Registration for OSDC 2007 is open
  285. doubling a string by using 'for' loop
  286. Database Abstraction Layer And/Or ORM
  287. Pydoc
  288. here is the weekend report, please review it.
  289. 16 bit unsigned little endian reading issue
  290. wxPython - TextCtrl widget problem
  291. SimPy, audio interview with creators of
  292. open a file and changing its data
  293. strange behavious of the logging module?
  294. Can i have "OnMouseEnter" in the menu?
  295. Untrusted python code
  296. building a GUI
  297. newb: Question regarding custom exception
  298. Naples is burning
  299. directpython question
  300. Python plugins for netbeans 6 IDE?
  301. subprocess -popen - reading stdout from child - hangs
  302. Factory function with keyword arguments
  303. newb: glob on windows os.renames creates many nested folders
  304. Small changes in side library
  305. strings
  306. database persistence with mysql, sqlite
  307. too many values with string.split
  308. Properties and Objects...
  309. Video from image
  310. can I run pythons IDLE from a command line??
  311. find difference in days from YYYYMMDD to YYYYMMDD
  312. Writing Object Data to Disk
  313. Getting rid of bitwise operators in Python 3?
  314. Counting method calls
  315. newb: Simple regex problem headache
  316. wxPython Multiple Frames using Boa Constructor
  317. Resolving windows shortcut to url
  318. RE Help
  319. help with object method calls
  320. Parameterize formatting string
  321. TRying to import files from my folder not pythons lib folder
  322. xml-rpc timeout
  323. threading.local _threading_local problems
  324. elementtree question
  325. acronym program
  326. Remote Command a Python Script
  327. Calling constructor but not initializer
  328. __contains__() and overload of in : Bug or Feature ???
  329. SHOCK: WHY None?
  330. __contains__() : Bug or Feature ???
  331. web server based script to do OS things - CGI ?
  332. Need Help writing program
  333. calling extension's autoconf/make from distutils
  334. Drawing a 640x480 Ras Image
  335. newb: BeautifulSoup
  336. Redirecting class method calls to owned objects
  337. Zope review
  338. executing list of methods (and collecting results)
  339. Python,SWIG and libjvm
  340. about __str__
  341. I could use some help making this Python code run faster using only Python code.
  342. M2Crypto 0.18 - new version, same old build bugs.
  343. Python Imaging Library Handbook--Printing It?
  344. Python Regex Question
  345. validating parser
  346. subprocess: returncode v. poll()
  347. Confused about modules
  348. Extracting a value from an xml file
  349. Tapping into the access of an int instance
  350. An Editor that Skips to the End of a Def
  351. os.path.getmtime() and compare with a date type
  352. Building Python with VC8 on x64 Vista
  353. Lookup values from one table to another based on a value
  354. pdb attach?
  355. pdb attach?
  356. frange() question
  357. unittest tutorial
  358. Python for NSLU2
  359. Newbie - Python 3.0a - how to run from Windows command prompt
  360. Python and RTF
  361. os.popen and lengthy operations
  362. distutils, extensions, and missing headers
  363. AttributeError
  364. python-mcrypt install on Mac OSX
  365. 'float' / 'int' object is not iterable
  366. print string using loop "for"
  367. A struct for 2.4 that supports float's inf and nan?
  368. Capture Numpy errors and warnings
  369. limiting memory consumption of Python itself or a dict in a Python program
  370. urllib2 POST problem
  371. Freetype bindings, finally?
  372. Python and postgre database
  373. compile for ARM
  374. Simple threading example freezes IDLE?
  375. Random Letters
  376. Leo 4.4.4 beta 2 released
  377. ONYX
  378. Find the ID, but how to select/copy the whole string by ID?
  379. wait for all threads to complete
  380. Odd files; just left behind?
  381. How to use Styles in PyGTK
  382. stdout and embedding into Windows apps
  383. UTF-8 characters in doctest
  384. lambda-funcs problem
  385. HTTP Protocol Client
  386. HTTP Protocol Client
  387. still get a <defunct> using a python script in the crontab
  388. Quick shallow-copy idiom
  389. importing modules
  390. AttributeError: How to list existing attributes?
  391. 'BoundedSemaphore' is not defined
  392. Drag image
  393. Sets in Python
  394. Multiline command line parsing
  395. Custom PYTHONPATH not being seen by -m
  396. Creating OpenOffice doc's
  397. Deserializing specific objects from a file
  398. Pseudo-Private Class Attributes
  399. How would I go about checking if a authentication login actuallyexists.
  400. cvs module
  401. return top results from list
  402. What's with "long running processes" ?
  403. collecting ping replies using threads
  404. string replace shortcut
  405. raw string
  406. conditional statement
  407. Error can not initializing Python
  408. wxpython + mac no error messages
  409. super, apply, or __init__ when subclassing?
  410. Why do i get ListErrors??How can i trigger a python file from a abatch file
  411. Getting indented code snippets into blogger
  412. uninstall python2.5 on debian
  413. HTTP Protocol
  414. The meaning of a = b in object oriented languages
  415. name is not defined
  416. Looking for web software in Python.
  417. Re-Executing a variable
  418. You have been unsubscribed from the TECHWR-L mailing list
  419. Entering strings as user input but interpreting as Python input (sortof)
  420. can Python be useful as functional?
  421. Your confirmation is required to join the TECHWR-L mailing list
  422. How can I know how much to read from a subprocess
  423. class that keeps track of instances
  424. qa
  425. Class for custom Tkinter widget--difficulty
  426. Use Python to write HTML file
  427. How to assign a function to another function
  428. Use GUI for Python
  429. ANNOUNCE: PyQt3Support r1 - Python bindings for Qt3Support
  430. Python substring help
  431. simple regular expression problem
  432. QPicture and Qpainter PyQt4
  433. keep unique values between two dictionaries
  434. MySQLdb problem: inserting values
  435. return codes from os.spawn
  436. multiple record update in dbase thru sqlalchemy in python shell
  437. Web Programming thru python
  438. web crawler error: connection timed out
  439. A short question about non-ascii characters in list
  440. adding a static class to another class
  441. Conf data into a list
  442. Python "with"
  443. The path '/' was not found.
  444. Saving parameters between Python applications?
  445. best site for hacking tricks , computer tweaks
  446. where are the .pyc files?
  447. SVG to raster conversion.
  448. Parsing problems: A journey from a text file to a directory tree
  449. Cannot formulate regex
  450. (curses) issue about inch()
  451. Probstat Combination Objects and Persistence
  452. Python program to sort lists
  453. Half off topic, getting python development lib from mingw
  454. generate list of partially accumulated values
  455. Try this
  456. (wxPython) icon on panel
  457. generating list of sub lists
  458. Python & Blend or Maya
  459. thanks everyone for your replies!
  460. string questions
  461. Needless copying in iterations?
  462. Patent application
  463. curses: x, y positioning
  464. problems using pythom tempfile module
  465. how could change backcolor of console?
  466. calling locale.setlocale repeatedly
  467. Python statements not forcing whitespace is messy?
  468. find and remove "\" character from string
  469. Need a guitar?
  470. RFC-3986 or 2396 implementation in Python?
  471. DDE error Poke Failed
  472. How to get headers in urllib2 response
  473. how to join array of integers?
  474. int('\x23') != 0x23 (a.k.a convert char to integer of its byte representation)
  475. trim start and trailing space chars from string
  476. (wxPython) wx.ProgressDialog - how to cancel out of?
  477. List append
  478. vi and python
  479. How to avoid overflow errors
  480. Python Papers Reader Survey
  481. regexp search on infinite string?
  482. reversing string in python
  483. String - How to
  484. why does Configparser change names to lowercase ?
  485. Https conversation - debug?
  486. Rename multiple files using names in a text file
  487. indexing in a list
  488. Regular Expression
  489. Yet another binary file question
  490. subclass of integers
  491. where is help file?
  492. Install Mac OS X - Idle doesn't show up
  493. smtp debugging methods
  494. Python Importing Modules
  495. compare 2 string
  496. mass editing for keys in a dictionary
  497. IT News
  498. Learning Python!!!!
  499. Http protocol Script
  500. "once" assigment in Python
  501. remove an item from string list
  502. httplib hangs in read / strace says recvfrom()
  503. Python Program help with IF Else
  504. How to Start
  505. basic mechanize help
  506. Decimal formatting
  507. extract text from log file using re
  508. awrkawrprpkar
  509. Troubleshooting installing new package
  510. plotting pixels in python
  511. New Python 3.0
  512. Extended slicing and Ellipsis - where are they used?
  513. Help to start python
  514. Get unlimited visitors to your website
  515. recursion
  516. How to use SendMessage to sent ALT+F4 or Alt+f+x
  517. lxml + mod_python: cannot unmarshal code objects in restricted execution mode
  518. wxstyledtextctrl and xml markup
  519. Can You Program?
  520. read part of jpeg file by pure python
  521. hang in multithreaded program / python and gdb.
  522. cannot declare global vars!
  523. Python COM and Excel
  524. Python+Expect+Win32 = Not Possible?
  525. Possible suggestion for removing the GIL
  526. A Complex Python Program dealing with Prime Numbers!
  527. python & osgi
  528. Error in random module, bad installation?
  529. Search path for python script
  530. struct is saving 4 bytes instead of 2
  531. Implementing a fixed size stack for an RPN Calculator
  532. File Parsing Question
  533. compiling an extension for several versions of python
  534. I want py2exe not to create
  535. xml question
  536. pwdmodule.c
  537. Game Programming with Python
  538. Tkinter pack difficulty
  539. python http protocol
  540. PyGTK right-click menu
  541. python http protocol
  542. Moving a file
  543. Dynamically removing methods in new-style classes
  544. Is the wxPython list down?
  545. pythonesque constructs for c++
  546. Spring Python 0.3.0 is released!
  547. SIP examples
  548. Sea-or-land test
  549. Accessing a variable
  550. setattr vs readonly property