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  1. how to calculate euclidean distance in python opencv
  2. Signup with github using auth lib in Django
  3. How to set width of PySide.QtGui.QDockWidget in python
  4. search and replace with variable value
  5. My function running into a TypeError
  6. header files
  7. How to Find if user defined modules imported
  8. removing a digit from a integer
  9. FTP automation and decryption automation help needed
  10. Trying to minimize a function using minimize.scipy
  11. Reuse ssh connection created using pxssh
  12. ValueError: could not convert string to float: X
  13. How to control a decimal place in the program
  14. I can't get my simple Body Mass Index calculator to work
  15. 2014-02-11 09:00:00 PST' does not match format '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Z'
  16. How to get small image screen capture
  17. Can't install pySerial library on windows 8
  18. Dialog extraction from text files using Python and natural language toolkit
  19. How to change the runlevels in python
  20. Hard disk partition detection using Python
  21. How to have non-ASCII text on Text widget (Tkinter)
  22. [TKinter] Options menu with scroll arrows?
  23. Downloading a .wav from a ftp Server with urllib.urlopen
  24. Assigning a value to a list variable fails
  25. How bi-directional convert request data to Unix timestamp in Python?
  26. Hi, How to detect remote machine os, while connecting? I want to find out remote mac
  27. RGB values to an image
  28. How to input data from an excel file into a list
  29. Creating an image by using RGB values
  30. python win32com dispatch.withevents
  31. How to convert .doc and .pdf file to .txt using python code ?
  32. how do you manipulate the days on a calender
  33. TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable
  34. Can not start Boa constructor, get Error: 'module' object has no attribute 'NO_3D'
  35. GUI Download Manager
  36. Python FTP Download - Only download 16 files from FTP not all the files from the ftp?
  37. how do you configure python-idle to color code the script
  38. FTP Client
  39. Online Compiler restrictions or Adding Libraries/Modules to Browser Based Compilers
  40. Python shell sad it has no reference for "frame" but gets it right in another script
  41. Is there PythonWin for MAC available?
  42. Pointer to a Structure to pass to a C function
  43. Invalid Syntax in else statement
  44. Which modules?
  45. Which python modules do i need to move files over network?
  46. how?python urllib2 download file with auth, gui (show file %) and resume capability?
  47. Multiplying a list
  48. how to read to and write from a file
  49. how to write in excel wordwise in each column, currently getting result characterwise
  50. Running a script remotely or making it run periodically
  51. Cannot print greek letters in Python 2.6
  52. Getting bytes using set stride.
  53. Coding on Android using python, is this possible?
  54. Compare 2 lists to find an equal or approximate match without doing N^2 iteration
  55. I am new to learning python. Please help.
  56. Issue with global variables in jython multithreading
  57. Python Reporting
  58. please help: use Python (& BeautifulSoup) to exract text on webpage
  59. SyntaxError: Generator expression must be parenthesized if not sole argument.
  60. WindowsError: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file.
  61. having trouble suppressing traceback on socket.error
  62. Sorting a list without using .sort()
  63. net use commad using paramiko exec_command
  64. How do I replace all characters in a string of unknown length with an underscore
  65. Python for the absolute beginner
  66. i am trying to write a variation of the random number game but am stuck
  67. Howw do I write a loop for a y or n response in a guess the number game?
  68. Python Lists Help. I have a function that i can not finish
  69. spam filtering squid
  70. How do I get information about libpcap version and link-layer using Python?
  71. Help with replacing all numbers with the letter 'd'
  72. Problem trying to read Landsat tiff image with PIL
  73. Python Exe is not running on Windows 2003
  74. s="aa bb cc dd ee" this is my string,how remove white spaces in that ?
  75. Invalid Syntax Error for an If Statement in a Function
  76. Importing text file data to sqlite3
  77. Convert from one base to another?
  78. Python XML SAX Error while execution
  79. writing Program that print the number of newlines,words and characters in counted fil
  80. What is the best solution for running multi threaded Python program running?
  81. Graphics: Drawing a Circle Intersected by a Line with Red End Points
  82. Can a string attached to a dictionary key and sent through serial port.
  83. I want to run the entire program n times if it is a sameuser else need to exit
  84. Changing a decimal into a binary
  85. find a given string and added a single character at the end of that string
  86. Export chart from excel to powerpoint using python code
  87. help to use nearest neighbour interpolation of Scipy
  88. How to initialize a variable only one time when program starts
  89. all-in-one PyGtk DLL Load Failed
  90. Problem with PyTango installation.
  91. How to render a template page by calling its method from TAL portlet(@@manage-portlet
  92. Saving content of entry through save option in menu
  93. Basic while loop syntax error (101 stuff)
  94. how to replace navigation portlet with my own template file in plone4.3
  95. Reading USB Serial Ports
  96. python32(32bit)+pyserial2.6+pywin32(32bit)+windows 7(64bit)
  97. how to delete all .svn hidden files/folders from a project in ubuntu 11.10
  98. TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 5 arguments (3 given)
  99. How would I write a high score table?
  100. How to Download a linked file on a webpage via Python
  101. Parsing numbers separated with different number of blanks
  102. Computation of cosine similarity over a list of values using python
  103. trying to learn shelving keep getting an error
  104. ImportError: No module named 'Crypto'
  105. Compile the Python interpreter statically with _ctype module
  106. How to open a text file in python?
  107. How to define metaclass for a class that extends from sqlalchemy declarative base
  108. Stop-word removal and document tokenization using NLTK library
  109. How to open and read through multiple files in a directory with python
  110. Opening and processing text in files
  111. python 1-d to 2-d and vice versa
  112. How to display variable serial data on Tkinter window.
  113. How to clear the python interpreter editor window
  114. I need help reinstalling drivers
  115. tkinter StringVar doesn't update
  116. Applying tint to photo
  117. Can I store a variable inside of a function?
  118. How to call Matlab program by Python
  119. How to run AES 128 key lenght on SAGE
  120. python script for a tracker gps by telit gm862-gps
  121. open file and iterate+print to file
  122. Parse .yaml file and enter result into two separate files
  123. Can't Assign to Literal Syntax Error
  124. i have this code, but i don't know how to loop this code
  125. Receiving alert Library (Pythondll) failed on startup
  126. Window Software Application for Python to Configure Cisco Routers
  127. serialize the telnet objects in python
  128. how to loop inside NLTK Arabic Parser grammar
  129. what is _show in python / TkMessageBox?
  130. Displaying filenames in python tkinter
  131. finding the position of a point in a matplotlib plot
  132. How to Modify the XML segment using Python?
  133. making a list with leading zeros
  134. defaults and range checks from multiple xsd
  135. Pixelation Program... trying to pixelate an image in Jython
  136. New Line occurring after text
  137. Reading a file and splitting at the same time
  138. Server app freezes with Tkinter GUI
  139. Combine output in python after break
  140. can't find sendkeys for pywinauto
  141. how to count the number of lines in one text file and create a function of that?
  142. Python least characters function
  143. Python function character proportion
  144. Python symmetric words
  145. fetching values from rrd file
  146. BadZipfile error in xlsx2csv (
  147. high-pass filter implementation in python
  148. Need python help taking sum...
  149. spawn snmptrap from python
  150. Variable Assignment in a loop as well creating a list..
  151. syntax question
  152. Client and Server on the same program?
  153. add new field(column) to a file
  154. Compare multiple files for common entries
  155. How to get the mac address of other(remote) computers in linux using python
  156. how to pass a function value to another function...?related to kind of error
  157. Get mac address of a remote computer from linux using python
  158. JES account balance function
  159. What are the tools/libraries/frameworks available for python database application?
  160. python rrdtool try catch statement
  161. Python Tkinter Background image
  162. Fetching data from excel.. junk value is appended.
  163. How to pass xml file to stored procedure in sql server using python
  164. only length-1 arrays can be converted to Python scalar
  165. Exact Word Match in String with Regex in Python
  166. how to use if statement to choose from three choices
  167. Python Chat Client getting stuck after entering message
  168. How can I find top words frequencies of combined files?
  169. How to compile python embedded in a html doc to display on screen?
  170. jpype._jexception.ExceptionPyRaisable: java.lang.Exception: Class XXX not found
  171. Segmentation fault (core dumped)
  172. New to Python (only 7 weeks in ) and I would like any help on renaming files.
  173. Creating gui in python using opengl. How can i make the text boxes which take values
  174. pickAFile Question!
  175. Python: Negative result when subtracting two positive values
  176. Which sound does Windows use for console bell
  177. Why is this Variable not defined?
  178. I want to draw a triangle made of letters where you input the height and letter
  179. Regarding Combinatorics
  180. Webpage as Frontend and Python script as Backend
  181. Python: Return outside function error? Tried redoing indentation, spacing, etc.
  182. raw_input stops thread?
  183. Convert multiple xlsx files to csv using xlsx2csv for Python
  184. can't assign to a literal error shows up
  185. sqlite3 - SQL question regarding update of a table based on lookup table
  186. pexpect telnet login from one device to another
  187. Pyasn1 decoding with OS Specific carriage return --' \r\n'
  188. Jython output help (beginner question)
  189. How do I make a for loop for my guessing game?
  190. In Python, loop to delete several substrings delimited by the same pair of substrings
  191. python regular expression screen scrub
  192. How to compare to strings in python 3
  193. Executable Python Program
  194. shutil.move when in use?
  195. Skip The Special Characters in using python on RedHat Linux
  196. an error in run python code
  197. Error inserting data in playlist
  198. error of indent
  199. wx.TextCtrl - can't insert text!
  200. Icons in wxTreeCtrl using py2exe
  201. wx.Timer in seconds to hours and minutes
  202. Loading a file through python using Windows
  203. Buffer size exit...timeout error in the Python program?
  204. How to return matrix index
  205. How to find a overlap between 2 sequences, and make the function return the overlap
  206. 2d Array of (Individual) Objects in Python 2.7.3
  207. ZPL command to query memory status
  208. Scrolling an Entry widget on python
  209. xlrd in python 3.3
  210. Need help displaying text underneath bar on an tkinter embedded matpotlib bar graph
  211. Insert data quickly into database from GUI
  212. not allowing me to input and loop
  213. import sql data to mysql using python script
  214. Dict list question
  215. how to define a function v on an interval in sympy ?? and how to plot x(v) versus y
  216. regular expression and case specificality
  217. problems with Array referencing
  218. Email Via Python so i know when i get an error
  219. storing dictionaries into text file
  220. Edit text file to add row numbers (begins in 1 ) - Python
  221. How do I pass floats to opencl (via the PyOpenCL API) and return python floats?
  222. sending a list from a function to another one
  223. Binary File Parsing and Creation of new Files
  224. Cannot insert new records into Access (Python)
  225. calculating the roots of ax**2+bx+c
  226. Sunrise, Motion & Blending Colors
  227. Date time regular expression help
  228. To receive a message from rabbitmq only once not continuously
  229. How do I split a column of a csv file in excel using python 3.3?
  230. How do I add xticks' text to matpotlib bar graph inside Tkinter (Tkagg)?
  231. library pythondll failed anytime the PC is at startup
  232. Search Operation with Delimiters
  233. Open and Quit from a file using buttons
  234. csv file import only takes values of last row
  235. how to get the middle value of a list in python?
  236. Cool Things to Do with Python?
  237. I get error message „WARNING: terminal is not fully functional” when I use telnetlib
  238. How to Press a Webpage Button with Python
  239. Make a full text reader
  240. Video player in tkinter
  241. DRAW 3D Objects in Tkinter
  242. AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'join'
  243. dpkt and parsing of pcap file
  244. File is used by another program how to find this using python?
  245. I can't seem to get Ctypes to find my c++ functions declared within a DLL file.
  246. tkfont some fonts are not working
  247. Problem with gtk.CellRendererCombo and TreeStore
  248. My interpreter be unable to find the pyOpenCL function "create_some_context".
  249. TypeError: unbound method (got int instance instead)
  250. Getting/setting status of multiple checkbuttons made in loop
  251. removing locations of characters that repeat
  252. "For" loops with GTK boxes
  253. How to access the values from a dictionary
  254. can only concatenate list (not "str") to list
  255. Problem with Numpy Standard Deviation
  256. Unable to access textbox on an HTML form
  257. Problems understanding working recursive combinations code
  258. Converting Text file into excel sheet
  259. How to write and save program from Terminal
  260. Indented block error
  261. sigma formula, issues with exponents or structure?
  262. Making Client threads constantly reading from the Queue for other client messages
  263. Python shows an error when it needs to exit the program
  264. How do I maintain spaces in the Caesar's cipher code
  265. I get the following error message global name error message
  266. how to add user input to file and print
  267. How to break a paragraph to sentences in python?
  268. Error with form
  269. How to build a word index for data in large set of files using Python ..any ideas wou
  270. Plot dates in int format against values
  271. Can someone help me debug my script?
  272. How do I round numbers in a list?
  273. Python API
  274. python 3: sorting with a comparison function (another question)
  275. Command to compile a python program on Putty
  276. PythonCard standaloneBuilder
  277. made a eventbox invisible in a transparent window??
  278. Help with random number generator? (I'm a beginner)
  279. CSV read, edit specific field, write
  280. Tkinter: visualizing parameters in real time
  281. BOA Constructor
  282. debugging issue; Deprecation and exception in TKinter ...
  283. Threading not working
  284. How to implement a simple reader/writer in python chat-server
  285. What does [::-1] means in Python?
  286. Extract data from a file and write it to another file
  287. run javascript function into frame with Pamie
  288. UnboundLocalError: local variable 'additional_info' referenced before assignment
  289. using dejavu-orm
  290. TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable - Learning python, tad confused.
  291. In ControlDesk 3.2.2
  292. Inverting a 10x10 antisymmetric matrix
  293. Capture output from external C program with python GUI in realtime
  294. Run a python script and the #!/usr/bin/python line
  295. split string in multiple lines
  296. Game advise Python
  297. How to convert markup text to plain text in python
  298. Function object is not iterable
  299. converting columns of a file(say excel ) into separate lists
  300. Running a script within a loop
  301. unordered set in python...question about how the items within it are displayed
  302. Abaqus 6.9-2
  303. Module Not Found in Script.. Works Interactively
  304. Setting up python in windows powershell
  305. Ordering a list by date substring
  306. Detection of intersecting circles on python
  307. csv columns into variables
  308. How to add canvases to a sizer and refresh the parent frame?
  309. Python Dict-List
  310. Python Mark book with multiple marks per student?
  311. Pychecker Tool
  312. reading a column from text
  313. Sort file name by date in jython
  314. How to run a script on Windows XP
  315. Counting words from text file
  316. Receiving error when installing PyWin 2.7
  317. How do I hide the answer given to a raw_input (and replace it with stars)?
  318. MMTK import Error: ImportError: No module named Scientific.Geometry
  319. running the content of a created file on system prompt
  320. Unable to create executable - error: invalid command 'py2exe'
  321. How can I make .exe from .py file with py2exe on Python2.2.3 (WinXP)
  322. Pixelperfect Collision, hitmask/blank error
  323. How to get the value of msExchMailboxGuid from Actvie Directory
  324. Comparing lists
  325. Removing spaces and empty lines from a file Using Python
  326. SIP Python/C++ binding fails to compile
  327. How to correctly set a cookie value in headers
  328. Printing duplicates from a text file
  329. Python script - How to set the right serwer, when I perform request/open of applicati
  330. Help with Random Sequence Generator
  331. Python string frequency program
  332. Python mark book?
  333. Read from file into dictionary
  334. Trying to justify text using Python
  335. Running a txt file with other application in Python
  336. How do I get the 2d position of a 3d object, relative to the camera?
  337. Replacing a string in a text file
  338. how to avoid infinite loop in python?
  339. basic question about random array
  340. How to format spaces in output?
  341. How can i import serial module in python 3.2.2?
  342. how to perform collision detection in a 3d pyopengl & pygame environment.
  343. Making graphics appear on the desktop
  344. Using multiprocessing inside decorator
  345. How to retrieve key value pairs in python
  346. how to execute shell script using python scripts
  347. How do I use scrollbars in Python Grid
  348. Tkinter table menu
  349. Error: IndexError:list out of range
  350. Reading from a file
  351. Parsing a file, and matching numbers of a sequence (python)
  352. Matching parts of lines in a file (python)
  353. Easy Python Function Question
  354. Leaving a .py file before all code is executed
  355. Basic question- for _ in range(#)- What exactly causes the loop?
  356. Python cgi server py2exe
  357. ImportError: No module named Scientific_netcdf
  358. cleanup actions on sys.exit()
  359. How to search for vector in list of input arguments
  360. IndexError: narray: index out of range (While working with Ocropus)
  361. how to convert a string to binary ?
  362. How to insert null decimals / datetime into MYSQL from python?
  363. How can i plot a graph using values stored in two different lists
  364. Want connect planes to eachother in OpenGl example, but can't pass a tuple as vertex.
  365. NameError: global name 'numbers_t' is not defined
  366. help with this error ?
  367. How to change what os.startfile() opens?
  368. Django: 404 page not found
  369. Distutils on windows with mingw, messed up includes?
  370. Jython: cannot import Java packages
  371. Django 'str' object is not callable
  372. Fixed width txt to csv
  373. Django: Why cannot I use the custom file field?
  374. Map Matching script
  375. how do i restore pythondll to my pc
  376. Memory management for Large dataset in python
  377. Read between tags in txt file.
  378. Django: Indentation Error: Unexpected indent
  379. Where should I store the code when I build "custom file field"?
  380. formatted printing
  381. I want to make an icon for my Python program.
  382. What is python.exe?
  383. Using python program created on 64bit on 32bit system
  384. A file sharing site to publish my dist folder for my Python Application?
  385. Making a pyw. extension to no show your command console window
  386. How to determine number of output arguments in Python? (nargout in MATLAB)
  387. Dealing with MULTIDIMENSIONAL dictionaries python
  388. What is "if not" in python?
  389. incremental count between two values on the same line in a list
  390. Tkinter text widget - check if the text is edited
  391. Functionality of fcntl.ioctl ?
  392. Screen Input() for filling list to be used later in program
  393. UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe6 in position 74: ordinal not
  394. Size of a string
  395. Filling a list of lists...
  396. Need steps to convert binary file after download shc?
  397. M2Crypto - Unable to get local issuer certificate
  398. How to test for collision with pygame corner, and drag selected corner?
  399. Residual Sum of Squares routine, NumPy, SciPy, etc.
  400. Pygame issue while using scrolling to "zoom in/out".
  401. Django error: django.db.utils.DatabaseError: You mustnot use 8-bit bytesrings
  402. Pygame program to executable error color dict?
  403. I don't understand why this isn't working, help?
  404. Don't understand why my simple pygame script (draw rectangle) isn't working...
  405. Installing matplotlib
  406. Adding elements of list into a string
  407. unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'instance' and 'int'
  408. Reading a line from text, and separating it into variables/ Structure
  409. Tkinter Reloading Window displaying an Image
  410. How do I close the python debug session? tried shortcut (cntrl-alt-F9)
  411. Print/ String variables
  412. Why it does not work?
  413. Python package
  414. clear shell screen
  415. Proxy chain in python, socks
  416. print without newline
  417. How to execute a string?
  418. Hash function in python
  419. python acronym output
  420. What is the PATH i need for nosetools?
  421. PyKota, Python: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute '_quote'
  422. How to get element value of array even if array is randomized
  423. I want to make python script in abaqus 6.10
  424. Hash function in python
  425. how to highlight text in tkinter? , do you know what i am doing wrong ?
  426. invalid syntax inpython(ver 3.2.2)
  427. How do I bind a button action to affect a pyopengl object in a separate panel?
  428. Hyperlink in wx.Grid cell?
  429. Matplotlib show/draw works only once
  430. get input
  431. CGI or Python ?
  432. Removing duplicates from a dict
  433. i used read() and readlines() but format is not the same ??
  434. How to close "Tk" Window without closing whole GUI
  435. Tkinter Button Commands are Called Only at Startup?
  436. tkFileDialog with tKinter
  437. whats the problem with my scrollbar ?
  438. Cross Platform Active Directory Module
  439. list / index
  440. High Low game
  441. Wrapping pure function (not method)
  442. help on message splitting code
  443. connection mssql via database api 2.0
  444. Syntax error in python 2.3.4
  445. Python: Can't use 2 files?
  446. new to python, like really new.
  447. real time updating of subprocess.Popen()
  448. replace a set of strings in a .txt file
  449. Adding scroll bar to text box in Tkinter Python
  450. Ctypes example won't work :(
  451. How to compare a wxPython class attribute inside of a function. :P
  452. to remove the items
  453. Get item of a list by index
  454. My widgets are having trouble communicating.
  455. help importing Pmw
  456. passing list to a function
  457. Python / Visum Error Message
  458. Why will this not do anything?
  459. cx_Oracle in HPUX 11.23 with python 2.7
  460. Python 3 writing in excel
  461. whats wrong?!
  462. How to manipulate data in a list while rely on references to it with a dictionary?
  463. How do i append data to a list contained inside a dict ?
  464. how to keep the same format for text that has been read
  465. Is there a bulit-in way to create variabe names without writing them explicitly?
  466. Import PyTango
  467. How to give a single Tab Space between two or columns in Output In python
  468. TypeError: input_Func() takes exactly 1 positional argument (2 given)
  469. postgresql
  470. time and input
  471. Django forloop template variables
  472. If I want to add a timer to my program (Timed practice exam)
  473. is it possible to highlight text in python?
  474. learning how to find characters in searches i think some call it pick statements
  475. how to store soucre code from urlopen?
  476. Image not displayed on label
  477. how to use python to extract certain text in the file?
  478. Change the comma delimiter in python output to csv
  479. SQL IN statement on oracle via python
  480. Control on 'Button' avilability
  481. Load library(pythond11) failed error message
  482. [PyQT4]Receiving data from UDP and writing into textEdit
  483. Speech Recognition with on Windows 7
  484. * ImportError: No module named graphics.
  485. error with py2exe
  486. socket.error in Telnet application
  487. Can't seem to send or read data on Garmin using pygarusb
  488. Python word game, functions wont work?
  489. Why is nothing happening when i run this?
  490. Python to check status of the port in linux machine
  491. Item Checking not possible with UltimateListCtrl in ULC_VIRTUAL mode
  492. Return from C extension throws segmentation fault
  493. splash screen problem
  494. tkinter textbox
  495. Pass text variables to Labels in Tkinker GUI?
  496. IndexError: list index out of range
  497. Directories and subdirectories
  498. Parse HTML file to EXCEL
  499. Can Python Be Used To Create A Simple IPA File?
  500. Program won't let me do anything until I open the URL with my browser!
  501. How to Get gencache.EnsureDispatch Name ?
  502. Python - To find region between start.start and end.start
  503. creating huge transition matrix
  504. Get cell value from google spreadsheets
  505. writing lines from multiple text files into one text file
  506. Managing multiple input in a .exe file
  507. Using python method in other program
  508. how to solve the syntax error in beautifulsoup
  509. MySQL Select, from tuple to list
  510. Using ctypes in Python - arrays and derived types from Fortran 90
  511. Comparing the date in a file to present date
  512. Trying to bin one column and sum the other simultaneously. Please help.
  513. How to Validate IPv4 address in Python using Regular Expression.
  514. Python transfer an object between lists
  515. Infinite loops and string comparision in a lists
  516. objects not working right: attribute error
  517. Script as .pyw don't start...
  518. Making Circles smaller via a loop
  519. An endless loop
  520. string as variable
  521. Float arithmetics
  522. Global Variables
  523. to check existence of list in list of lists
  524. Selecting numbers in a list to be added together
  525. problem in running script file of modeller
  526. tab error
  527. Help with Classes
  528. How to return a global variable from a function
  529. How to replace dots in Python?
  530. Python and GM862 (import Math library)
  531. Print string at an address in python.
  532. Xls to Pdf
  533. Combine a list of strings
  534. Python surface error? Why?
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