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  1. Converting perl output to XML(tags)
  2. perl script/program upload small file to a very large number of newsgroups
  3. animation in Perl/CGI module does not work in any browser
  4. How is modular access serialized in Perl?
  5. Need to download file based on user input
  6. SAML authentication to MS sharepoint using Perl
  7. Perl to exe
  8. Monitor the disk usage using perl without pakages
  9. Extract lines between two pattern appears multiple times in a file
  10. Count file
  11. perl script will generate html file, converting this to excel is not happening helpme
  12. Getting wrong decrypted value
  13. Can't use string ("1") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at (re_eval 96) lin
  14. how to get elements outside the for loop
  15. Perl script to put user input to MySQL database
  16. Pass variables from Perl to Ajax and back
  17. Add the numbers of Array A and Array B in each position and check whether the sum
  18. Finding the RSS Feed
  19. copy particular extension files recursively and store it in same folder structure ?
  20. Shifting columns in excel using perl
  21. How to extract data from a spreadsheet with perl script
  22. File write problem
  23. Append the nested case statement content with outer case statement's content
  24. How to execute multiple commands through perl script
  25. Perl output to a file
  26. Tab limited file manipulation in PERL
  27. sortting of blast output in perl programme
  28. getlines from Net::Telnet works different (works/does not work). while loop opt?
  29. Beginner for perl
  30. Hi team i having following error pls help me
  31. generating random XMLs from XSDs
  32. unable to read excel file in perl by Spreadsheet::Parseexcel
  33. Hash of Hash plese find the below description u can understand...and give me reply..
  34. help the beginners like me know how to use
  35. while installing perl PPM in bugzilla got error
  36. How to pass commands in Perl script?
  37. Converting Excel file to txt file
  38. passing arguments to a Make file using perl script
  39. How to compare each and every line in File_A with the every line in File_B
  40. How to Compare two tables in perl script
  41. Delete a Row in Excel Sheet
  42. Creation of folder using perl script
  43. how to compare two files data in perl ..???
  44. displaying content of pdf file in browser
  45. FTP from Window machine to Linux machine the List of Files having C++ changes
  46. Read a series and add a value before and after that series.
  47. expanding Hex number range not in continous formate
  48. Am not able to run Parsing CSV File -in Perl
  49. How to display special characters like (, , , )
  50. No system calls on browser pages
  51. Regex challange...kinda :-)
  52. fetching rows from database in HIndi
  53. Does Perl parse its code left-to-right or right-to-left?
  54. Does Perl Always Pass Argument By Reference?
  55. Hash of Arrays
  56. What is the meaning of the vertical bar when used with m?
  57. How to get same input xml file as xml out file
  58. (Perl/Regex) Match a Repeated Group of Characters
  59. perl scan files and do counting for regex expression matches
  60. Multiple records in rows
  61. How does textarea define newline? (perl)
  62. Compiling Error while compiling my Perl code
  63. Edit Record In Perl
  64. Perl and jQuery to select elements from multiselect dropdown
  65. Error: Global symbol "" requires explicit package name at
  66. How to mail attachment with data in a executed variable
  67. Create MySQL database on the fly
  68. Perl and Regular Expression Repetition
  69. removing spaces from the input text
  70. Connecting to Cygwin uisng perl and unable changing directory
  71. compare two columns of the same excel sheet using perl.
  72. Return a value from sub script to main script in Perl
  73. How to create tags from one content to another content using PERL
  74. Skipping blank cells in excel
  75. Fetch table from Micorsoft Access database
  76. compare excel sheets
  77. interface between perl script and HTML
  78. how to execute shell file in perl?
  79. how to automate vlc player using perl script
  80. how to remove garbage values and extract meaningful data
  81. how to insert data in mysql table directly from excel sheet?
  82. Parsing JSON string with Perl when the elements name are unknown
  83. CGI in Perl
  84. Compare two files in perl
  85. Getting error while using Perl Module
  86. How to take hash values from terminal in perl
  87. replace character in CSV field..
  88. Spreadsheet::WriteExcel,Spreadsheet:ParseExcel - Perl
  89. Reading from a directory fails
  90. website parsing
  91. Continue thru script while system() is finished
  92. Using Strick in PERL
  93. Using Form with Perl
  94. how to print duplicate words in said text file
  95. To change extension of a file from .c to .cc
  96. how to get correct date format?
  97. Comparing 2 Strings Using >
  98. Unable to display image using perl CGI
  99. 405 Error when consuming Java web service using Perl Script
  100. Storing the compilation error of perl program in a file
  101. (readparse) in perl ,i have no idea about perl programming,pls help me,anybody give m
  102. Merging two arrays
  103. extract numbers and text from a long string
  104. Split big log file into Smaller one.
  105. How many Items in each Category
  106. i m getting runtime error ,i can,t understand ,please check it out
  107. Display contents from html file to a webpage.How?
  108. Sending emails using perl script - issue with the script
  109. current time accurate to milliseconds or microseconds
  110. How to do encryption in perl with aes-128-cbc
  111. Client and server
  112. fetch data from mongo DB using perl
  113. How to display values in perl html table?
  114. Calling command prompt from perl
  115. Perl system call to cmd in Windows
  116. HTML form is not passing paramters to PERL CGI script
  117. Refresh the content of a log file
  118. How can I ensure my application works with latest versions of browers?
  119. creating log file with content from HTTP post/responce
  120. Creating logfile with content from HTTP post
  121. How to delete text after slash in perl with truncation
  122. Data extraction in Perl
  123. Is there perl script for creating branch in perforce?
  124. How to resolve the invalid error: "invalid top directory at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/file
  125. Text file compare output not in order
  126. Unable to extract data from PDF file
  127. Perl script to compare same filenames file line by line from 2 different path
  128. convert a string into another string
  129. error in <stdin>: use of uninitialised value within %lop in concatenation or string
  130. Automate registrations using Perl
  131. Trouble unlinking files...
  132. how can i add a document in database by perl
  133. Windows Hyperlinks to Perl scripts do not run scripts
  134. how to retrieve array data using for loop in perl?
  135. Help with removing lines in a file.
  136. insert data into mysql table by the help of html form and perl script
  137. how to display the count of html tags based on tag name using regular expression?
  138. How to display output of perl on a webpage
  139. comparing the rows in an array
  140. How to make sequential data into a group
  141. unable to execute insert command in perl script: Can't call method on undefined value
  142. how to execute procedure (sql server) in perl scripts
  143. How to open a command prompt from a specific folder using perl
  144. First Image Grab
  145. How to merge columns from two different files in perl?
  146. Add same columns of a file and then compare two file contents
  147. cgi limit display messages per page
  148. Perl windows telnet session end
  149. Conditional only seeing last condition?
  150. grep multiple commands
  151. Unable to send ay mails
  152. How to call VLC player in MacOS using perl?
  153. How to grep from multiple files given one of those files dont exist
  154. How to get error log from xml during xml validation in perl
  155. What would this look like in a perl script?
  156. generate a sha1 encoded string using Perl
  157. SQL Database to Perl Spreadsheet Script
  158. I want to make this script working automatic and get target from file.txt
  159. encoding 8859 issue within a large dataset
  160. Re:Perl system( ) command execution.
  161. Combining multiple lines?
  162. Breaking the program after answear
  163. Need help regarding usage of LWP:UserAgent;
  164. Koha with default mysql need to connect with MSSQL
  165. perl script host loop
  166. How to detect remote machine os, while connecting?
  167. Upload file through Browse button on a HTTPS site
  168. Long running perl script
  169. Writing to a file in a different directory?
  170. Perl .pl file issue.That is unrecognise characters no source code.why?
  171. Hexadecimal Operation in Perl
  172. can i connect with mysql and mssql in one perl program
  173. Perl script for checking site SSL configuration
  174. How to use eq syntax in perl
  175. how to get the value of using condition check
  176. Connection to MSSQL windows authentication
  177. run script before folder open.
  178. read tables from txt files
  179. I am newbie to perl
  180. Creating remote connections..
  181. getting error in regular expression
  182. how to invoke external progrmme and capture its output
  183. How can I combine multiple Excel worksheets into a single workbook using Perl?
  184. Installing DBD::Oracle locally
  185. I'm not able to execute shell command inside the perl script.
  186. Calling a Shell script from Perl
  187. Loading Progress in perl
  188. Loading Progress
  189. Setting build path for modules
  190. How to filter recordset for a copy file script
  191. Is it possible to automate testing of a PDA application using perl?
  192. Perl script window closing immediately after running
  193. install_driver(ODBC) failed: DBI version 1.609 required--this is only version 1.602
  194. Hash or hash's of hash?
  195. I need to stop the get method process its take more than 60 sec.
  196. How to insert data into a table using perl ?
  197. Using symlink
  198. How do I access a SQL Server database from a Perl script in Linux?
  199. Received some other foreign character while read the data from xlsx file.
  200. Received some other date format while read the data from xlsx file.
  201. Search for a keyword and copy the whole line to a new file using perl
  202. Printing % value autside the loop
  203. getting error when I m trying to feed 'awk' command in my perl script
  204. System Function Used Multiple time
  205. Type Casting
  206. Populating a dropdown based on the selection from another dropdown
  207. How to submit data on web pages using script..?
  208. USING PERL To APPEND Data to a XML file
  209. How to read a XML file and Modify the same using PERL?
  210. Perl/Regular Expression how to match any number of words followed by a number?
  211. ithreads or fork() what you recommend?
  212. how to grep for an IP address
  213. XML Comparation with Special char
  214. Accessing a .dll function via Win32::API
  215. Unable to call external css file in perlCGI
  216. Using win32::OLE to create excel file on a remote windows share
  217. How to access a perl script from a server using a mobile phone?
  218. Skip a row/line of csv file.
  219. How to run AutoIt script from perl
  220. Convert exe file to perl file
  221. Having problem on DBD::mysql
  222. search and replace using reg expression
  223. PERL Scripting: Sending Mail with the RMS Protection set to "Do Not Forward"
  224. Calling macro from another workbook using perl
  225. Issue in comparing excel files after changing the format from .csv to .xlsx
  226. Problem with parsing XML file
  227. unable to remove certain part of data from a variable...?
  228. Error: Use of uninitialized value in print
  229. How to list files by file creation time
  230. perlscript for comparing values of two excel sheets cell by cell
  231. Create Html files in a folder
  232. Split Href Tags
  233. Passing data from perl into HTML
  234. Reading sms from simcard which is present in GSM MODEM using perl modules
  235. My average
  236. TFMAIL attachment size
  237. I just cant find what's wrong with this code
  238. how to resolve Cannot call method "getTable" on an undefined value on windows
  239. Looking for a web development editor for perl?
  240. updating label using thread
  241. Calling external data by a function to create pivot table in excel format
  242. Impossible to retreive Web page ???
  243. Moving cursor position by offset value
  244. retrieving rows and columns from web table using perl-selenium or perl script.
  245. using highlighted text and using pop up menus
  246. Hash of arrays
  247. Script to check server folder and email with new files
  248. extracting subject fileld from SMTP server
  249. sending the email as sms to mobile with out using the internet
  250. Converting String to XML
  251. How Do I list File List in an Array by latest TimeStamp or By Its Modified Time...
  252. bitwise comparison of files from two directories.
  253. Unable to redirect SOAP XML response into another file.
  254. Loading SSL module issue - ' perl: fatal: relocation error'
  255. Need to scrape the data from webpage
  256. Perl read() & write() with File Handle
  257. Need to scrape the data from aspx webpage
  258. help to print data with their corresponding value
  259. How to read and write a single character?
  260. Lines in a text file with mre than 160characters.
  261. the string function quote??
  262. Transfer file from Linux to Windows system
  263. Question about delimiters.
  264. out of memory while running perl script
  265. ByVal or By Ref?
  266. Database backup in Perl
  267. Removing similar lines and repeats
  268. how can i print an individual field when using the simple perl database sample
  269. Getting around the percent sign.
  270. XML tags closing with Hierarchical level
  271. Saving a file into a hash
  272. Fetch color columns from excels using PERL
  273. Testing for regex match in array.
  274. How to move files from one folder to another folder with sftp Perl
  275. how to run the shell script(by passing some parameters) inside the perl script?
  276. How to change directory on Windows server using ssh connection
  277. restrict the population of elements in a data structure.
  278. Help with Forums in Perl CGI
  279. search for '\' in PERL
  280. How well is Perl suited for modifying command line output/ Huge Text and XML Files?
  281. Increase execution time (Speed) of Perl
  282. Copy First file's content & Paste into second file
  283. Wide character in syswrite at line 217
  284. Perl finding open reading frame help
  285. How to Learn Perl
  286. Find Junk characters in xml file
  287. win32::guitest is not going to install in my windows7
  288. Career scope with Perl scripting
  289. To run win command with perl with no wait for process status and perl to continue
  290. reading from line X in perl
  291. how to restart IIS using perl in windows?
  292. combining 2 lists in perl
  293. Unable to run sql statements in perl
  294. Extract particular data from csv file to hash map
  295. Net::SSH::Expect error .SSHAuthenticationError Login timed out
  296. How to parse this file?
  297. Is there any possible way to convert XML::Twig object to XML::XPath object
  298. Manipulating sql data with perl script
  299. Extracting data from HTML using PERL Regex
  300. Premature ending of script headers....
  301. How to find the first row and the column used in an excel sheet with Perl?
  302. translate xml file into hashtable using perl
  303. Sum of Numbers in an Array
  304. Accessing worksheet outside If/Else statement
  305. Excel sheet handling using perl
  306. Replace all first letter of xml tag into capital letter
  307. Why can't I initialize a 2d array like this? (Perl)
  308. How to get a file path on Windows Network Server from Linux
  309. switch port enable disable
  310. File handling: viewing contents of file
  311. mapping of genomic positions within start and end positions
  312. methods imported once should be available to all child classes
  313. How to execute set of commands through a Perl script?
  314. map attributes between three columns and extract common
  315. map and extract common numbers between two columns
  316. How to copy record from 1 csv file to another csv file
  317. Count all unique elements in an array.
  318. How to download a file with string in name using perl
  319. need regular expression
  320. Adding a new line after a pattern match
  321. Using chdir($variable_name)
  322. How to store value of system command in variable in linux ?
  323. Fixing image size in HTML page...
  324. Advanced Sorting in Perl
  325. Perl DB connection with Oracle 10g Express edition using Padre Perl IDE
  326. How print Array variable outside the loop having all values
  327. Slide Show
  328. Pass a hash as command line argument in perl ..
  329. Auto email alert for membership expiration.
  330. Sort function
  331. where can i download nmake.exe ??
  332. group and print data seperately
  333. get value of attribute in html tag
  334. How to execute 'cd' command in perl in windows ?
  335. How tocall php file using hyperlink tag inside perl script?
  336. Modification between the lines
  337. how to save text from textBox to a text file using Perl in Unix platform
  338. count same HTML tags using regex in perl
  339. Error of DBD::SQLite::db do failed: near ",": syntax error at C:\
  340. Error Can't use string ("Test") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use
  341. Print the current directory
  342. Print file information using ffmpeg in perl
  343. Perl : Simple Automation Framework for Nokia Phone
  344. making perl tk scripts executable
  345. how to ping multiple ip address
  346. How to do auto alert email?
  347. How to delete the lines from text file?
  348. Perl OLE Excel Strange Problem
  349. how to fix error attempt to prepare on inactive database handle in SQLite
  350. Reasom for Memory Leakage?
  351. How i create a file in perl
  352. Perl OLE Open Existing Workbook & Worksheet
  353. Generate random names
  354. How do i clear the elements of a textbox in perl/tk.
  355. How to redirect the out to a file in windows %temp% directory
  356. How to store output into variable in perl
  357. Run an exe in background using perl and process its output in perl?
  358. Can we pack in one executable package?
  359. When i ping 3 ipaddress in my code, only the 3rd ip is pinging? what is the error?
  360. combine perl/tk and File::Tail::Select
  361. Parsing title from a web page
  362. Perl script: digit matching..(urgent)
  363. VLC automation
  364. Perl - Win32::OLE - Excel Formulas
  365. mod_perl2 sendfile issue.
  366. what is the function of "FH" in this program?why we use it in our script?
  367. understand this code..
  368. parse for a function definition
  369. Getting Error as : failed: ERROR OCIEnvNlsCreate. Check ORACLE_HOME (Linux)
  370. How to fix LDAP search ERROR using perl ?
  371. replace an expression inside multiline string
  372. how to return dn from a search in perl and net::ldap?
  373. attributes of a file
  374. How to count matching sign in string in Perl?
  375. How to add array to array in Perl?
  376. How to print out the count the word in Perl?
  377. How to call sequence of Batch files from perl script?
  378. how can I print out the data structure of the value?
  379. how to test an array in Perl?
  380. How to print Hash, hash of hash in Perl?
  381. How to fix perl command line interpreter encountered a problem and needed to close?
  382. How to write the harness test in Perl?
  383. How to compare files and finding the biggest file?
  384. How to create the harness
  385. Is there a Perl command that exits out of Plink?
  386. Why won't the compiler read the else statement?
  387. Busifying making Myexample[7:6,3:2]
  388. Perl interpreter crashes in function call, using Win32::API
  389. How to display the html form output on the same page using perl script?
  390. how to solve the error " DBD::SQLite::db selectall_arrayref failed: unrecognized"?
  391. Regex for matching over 2 lines
  392. What is an unblessed reference error?
  393. Search a .CSV file in perl
  394. Call java jar from perl script
  395. Getting a error to download module from cpan shell command?
  396. How to display the table values when select drop down list?
  397. Perl script to parse Excel file into mysql database
  398. Printing array
  399. How to count no. of occurance with line no. of multiple words individually in a file?
  400. not able to compre text files
  401. when writing to an output file "\n" doesn't work
  402. How to pass an array and hash to a subroutine
  403. Modes for opening files !?
  404. How to reset the cookie to an invalid value ?
  405. import DBI
  406. Problem - Hash of Array
  407. How to delete the cookie in log out?
  408. Why is "-" in a script name causing problems?
  409. using eval statement inside regexp :
  410. Not able to copy all the files using perl
  411. Retreiving Web Page
  412. How to fix this error LDAP_OPERATIONS_ERROR(1) in searching ?
  413. How to get HTML output using perl/CGI ?
  414. How to fix "Data source name not found" error when connecting to MS SQL in Perl?
  415. How is this string being used as an array of sums?
  416. How to save a website onto a computer?
  417. How to get the output from console to the GUI?
  418. How to debug mail forms that stopped working recently?
  419. How to display the JPEG image using PERL with HTML?
  420. How to save file from "simple database script" to a file?
  421. How to run system commands through perl script in Windows Server 2008 R2?
  422. How to merge data of file 1 to file 2 according to id?
  423. How to make LDAP authentication in login screen?
  424. How to find the SNPs which are from frequent to rare using Perl programming?
  425. How to fix "can't load" error for script using Oracle DB?
  426. How to use <STDIN> in Active Perl for getting user input?
  427. How to call exact file location using Win32::OLE->new()?
  428. How to install PERL module Text::CSV_XS needed for H.M.Brand's
  429. How to test if in a specfic UE(unified enviroment)?
  430. How to compare two files in perl?
  431. How to add a sheet to an existing excel file?
  432. How to run a ffmpeg perl script on Windows?
  433. How to search and replace string using perl?
  434. How to Automate VLC player in perl?
  435. How to install NET::LDAP modules in windows 2003?
  436. How to use LDAP Authentication in Perl ?
  437. Redirect output to console and to file
  438. How can have one WHILE Loop inside the WHILE Loop in perl?
  439. How to extract number between two words?
  440. How to export form data to CSV with perl-cgi ?
  441. How to play an mp3 file and quit the player?
  442. How can I decrypt an perl script?
  443. What is wrong with the code?
  444. Open VLC in Perl ?
  445. Disk Maintenance using Perl ?
  446. perl script error
  447. MySql DBI drivers for OSX
  448. parsing xml with perl
  449. How to run two independent process parallel in perl?
  450. how to run the script
  451. How to parse a text file through PERL into MySQL?
  452. Run Perl Script on Task Sheduler
  453. Need to understand what this for loop will do?
  454. How to copy the contents of 1 column to other column of ecxcel using perl script?
  455. 500 internal server error
  456. What does //= in PERL mean?
  457. How to insert a line to a file.
  458. Splitting a long string
  459. How to find if the number exists in a range?
  460. How to pass SOAP::Lite complex type from another SOAP call?
  461. shell command inside perl script
  462. How to lookup into dictionary and split sentences from file into words?
  463. Getting argument as filename or STDIN
  464. how syntax to connect to mysql
  465. How to select 10 questions out of 20 in an array
  466. How to sort csv file with perl
  467. How can I report line number in Perl?
  468. How to compare strings in xml file using perl
  469. Without using $_[0] etc. a subroutine can only be invoked once in a programme .
  470. Why does perl DBI module get corrupted frequently?
  471. similarity search in a SQLDB
  472. perl merging data
  473. Battling form spam
  474. How to Automate Process with Perl
  475. what is the significance of my key word?
  476. Parsing a Block of Test
  477. Why `require`,a subroutine refuses to work unless I use a very obscure format?
  478. How to open a directory and print out dates of all the files?
  479. How to get the output from telnet commands in Perl?
  480. what does /^[^ ]/ mean in perl?
  481. What is the best perl editor?
  482. How do I update PPM?
  483. How to create a dynamic multidimensional array
  484. sample code about the expert module to use in perl
  485. How to copy files from mapped drive to server via my machine?
  486. Unable to get web page element while running perl script with selenium RC server .
  487. How to sort lines in an array?
  488. How to print out a part of the line?
  489. global search of motif
  490. How to use perl to list all records from a flat-file to a webpage
  491. how to return values from several forks
  492. Automated email form (in Perl) submissions
  493. How to read a directory and it's files
  494. Why does the script hang when I try to read the last line of the file using <STDIN>?
  495. Problem with string comparison ?
  496. ARGV doesn't work on Windows 2008?
  497. How to display multiple images in an array
  498. Fixing an error from using Loop to read a file
  499. Broken pipe Code
  500. How to move an alphabetical list of files to another directory
  501. How to get perl to execute in windows vbs
  502. How do I put a filter expression in the URL using Perl?
  503. WWW:Mechanize or LWP:Agent
  504. question about a simple incorrect gab client
  505. Whats the problem in mail command??
  506. How can i handle large number of XML files with perl script?
  507. How to compare two XML files in perl?
  508. forkmanager takes too long when I set children
  509. How to find the position of a string in a array?
  510. how can i run cgi program in my personal computer?.
  511. How to extract from a URL
  512. How to import and define subroutines
  513. How can I do the pagination in my Perl CGI script?
  514. Regular expression to grab data between parenthesis
  515. How do you simulate the use of the keyboard ?
  516. How to screen scrape title tag info which is inside image tag..which is in table td
  517. How can I repeat the menu bar on every page from a Perl CGI program?
  518. regular expression required
  519. How to create a Combobox in html form
  520. How to write a script in perl in which i connect 2 routers,config ip address and ping
  521. How to compare two fields of two different files in perl
  522. Out-of-Date Modules?
  523. modules and instances comparision IN FILES
  524. How to check read only
  525. How to do a quicker array replace
  526. How to create a Horizontal Menu in cgi-perl
  527. How to get the differences between text files
  528. problem Redirecting from one cgi page to another...
  529. Mysql database sorting question
  530. How do i access sql server using osql in unix environment?
  531. How to join two csv files and convert into single text output
  532. perl telnet fails to start process in background.
  533. How to compare content of modules in text files
  534. Can't locate object method "open" via package "PDF::API2"
  535. find the identical files from directories.
  536. MIME::Lite::TT::HTML, send email twice
  537. PERL Array fails to read in complete text file.
  538. How to get commen elements from multiple arrays
  539. remove lines from a huge text file
  540. Perl Date Function
  541. Find the string using grep command from the huge data fil
  542. run a linux command and save the output into a file
  543. Perl Search and Replace RegEx Question
  544. Perl regular expression quiestion
  545. glob files by number sequence (date)
  546. How do you copy the content of folder "A" on server #1 to folder "B" on server #2
  547. How do you copy the content of folder "A" on server #1 to folder "B" on server #2
  548. Need to format ouput
  549. How To write the content in a different file (i.e temp file)and then rename it to th
  550. Enter data in the middle of a file after doing some pattern matching