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  1. Perl and PHP
  2. Perl DBI: Getting POST info into select query
  3. Dates with Perl
  4. (Win32) Timing out a process while reading process' output?
  5. Can I do a "AND NOT =" in a Regular Expression
  6. Removing url encoding from XML POST requests
  7. A bug or perl sucks
  8. MMYYYY - datestamp
  9. include files in perl
  10. Archive::Tar on win32
  11. perl/classes/inheritance question...
  12. Sending an E-mail (Code Included with post)
  13. Piping ping into perl-prog
  14. rand() question
  15. strange syntax: $var'token
  16. die question
  17. Perl crashes at 128KB?
  18. Is this possible
  19. Regarding the special character in Split operator
  20. Curses chgat
  21. Storable - Anyone with experience with this perl mod?
  22. Unbuffered keyboard input???
  23. BigPerl for DOS
  24. LWP not working with this site....
  25. Qustion about ithreads join
  26. The Operator &~
  27. Excel Chart SeriesCollection Error
  28. take the price info from a line
  29. how to warn?
  30. test
  31. Regex matching a #
  32. signal handlers: does %SIG{'CLD'} require explicit SA_NOCLDSTOP via POSIX funcs?
  33. signal handlers: does %SIG{'CLD'} require explicit SA_NOCLDSTOP via POSIX funcs?
  34. Which one is old version between 5.6.x and 5.18.x
  35. Help needed with reg exp please
  36. Begginer Question about TK::filevent
  37. CGI and multipart/related data
  38. Calling programs from perl without temp files
  39. use HTTP::Request::Common Problem when Updating with String
  40. mod_perl - dbi - DBD:Pg performance test, old vs new
  41. key as filehandle error
  42. Help with Script Needed Desperately
  43. Matching neighbouring words of a pattern using Regex
  44. Perl vs Java for specific task
  45. reg exp
  46. Apache Cookie Issue
  47. Forcing a thread to terminate
  48. taint: system vs. backticks and permissions
  49. how to match '\r\n' in dos environment
  50. How to speed up subroutine?
  51. reg exp
  52. URI::URL
  53. how to match regular expression from right to left
  54. Need help: perl script to FTP
  55. how to get the number of keys in an hash
  56. need help reading/writing binary
  57. Tricky AUTOLOAD behavior
  58. PHP in PErl
  59. Putting code in a variable and running interactively?
  60. Perl Question
  61. Parsing mailboxes
  62. Exange of informations and objects between PERL and JAVA
  63. Perl Mime::Lite question. Help please?
  64. - Sendmail vs. Smtp
  65. perl and DOS I/O
  66. Regular Express to remove all text between to ,'s
  67. How to determine of text matches?
  68. Writing to Windows EventLog
  69. how to serialze in soap::lite
  70. HELP: Joining 5 large text files
  71. how to trace a error those generated at runtime by server in soap::Lite
  72. Windows and long filenames
  73. NDBM_File file not found?
  74. Inherited class methods and special variables
  75. embedding Perl
  76. Cloudscape and Perl
  77. Interview in Perl
  78. Trying to parse a variable name
  79. Can't use CPANPLUS behind a firewall but CPAN works.
  80. class? :: notion
  81. Parsing a text file into an array
  82. $File::Find
  83. variable function name
  84. Perl cgi not updating
  85. Perl LWP content request behind firewall and proxy server
  86. Lisp2Perl compiler
  87. Environment vars
  88. memory allocation - implementation details??
  89. determining file size
  90. Help with counting lines?
  91. Perl - Parse UNC Path in a string variable
  92. Remove javascript content from HTML page using Perl
  93. Need some hints on speeding up
  94. $_ in condition
  95. i need a http perl script
  96. function return value in a regexpr
  97. Win32MemMap problem
  98. string condition file - lookup logic
  99. array slice question
  100. regex to change second variable
  101. Pathern Matching problem
  102. test
  103. "defined $r_libs->{$name} " triggers warning "Use of uninitialized value"
  104. copying multiple files
  105. Hash reference question
  106. objects and fork command?
  107. traverse a directory and subdirectories to find files ' properties
  108. Perl - Form handler
  109. maillog message count
  110. How can I get a nicer HTML output from POD parsers???
  111. Optimization problem, for a sports tournament
  112. Installing DBI and DBD::Oracle
  113. obtaining lengths of slices
  114. trying out escape characters
  115. Catch pid for a process that created
  116. Viewing the output of a form post and preserving authentication
  117. Does Perl have anything that equates to the C++ this pointer?
  118. Problem with file upload in forum
  119. UTF8 to Unicode conversion
  120. send username/password via perl script instead of using browser
  121. Problem with autoflush on Semaphore-threads for Windows
  122. Algorithm for Packing Registers?
  123. net::smtp
  124. Algorithm for Packing Registers?
  125. string length
  126. Tcl equivalent for Perl's Win32::OLE, LWP::UserAgent, HTTP::Request, Net::Telnet
  127. Hash of Structs in a Package, is there an easier way?
  128. Undefined subroutine CGI::Vars
  129. declaring constants
  130. writing to a pipe on win32
  131. Cannot access POSTed form data
  132. Viewing the output of a form post and preserving authentication
  133. searching http
  134. Transferring variables between seperate hosts
  135. DBI and DBI::Oracle packages configuration
  136. Perl equivalent of PHP include
  137. Perl XS Module Build Error
  138. Help with a Perl 5.8.4 Make Error Message
  139. Help with a Perl 5.8.4 Make Error Message
  140. Unable to read particular worksheet from excel file using perl
  141. Perl 5.8.4 Installation Issues
  142. VB(ish) replacement
  143. Socket, cannot get clean results.
  144. File Handle Reading Blues: Rereading a File Handle for Input
  145. Perl & XS -- Modifying a char*
  146. open file through web page and supply an incremented name....
  147. Inline: :Java
  148. Is localtime() broken?
  149. Substitution Problem
  150. setuid() and getenv()?
  151. Apache 2 mod perl BerkeleyDB Question
  152. Conditional statement to generate HTML?
  153. match pattern of multiple lines
  154. Q: What to name a module?
  155. Perl Question
  156. Pattern Search and Extraction of Floating Point number to csv file
  157. return hash
  158. Assign program result or die
  159. Program design in perl?
  160. padding left-justified string fields
  161. Binary File Operations
  162. Problem with Range Operator sequence number
  163. Problem with Range Operator sequence number
  164. system() produces error.
  165. String Concatenation problems
  166. Unable to run perlscript
  167. help with XML::DOM
  168. Bounce Email
  169. FileHandles to string
  170. FileHandles to string
  171. FileHandles to string
  172. Help with Socket install
  173. Web Framework with stateful sessions / persistent object space?
  174. extra constructor calls, inefficent loop variable scope?
  175. how to use open with many input streams and capture output?
  176. How to capture an error with eval?
  177. Win32::Perm Usage for special permissions
  178. days since 1 Jan 1970
  179. Setting Environment Variables
  180. getspent() in perl
  181. corefont
  182. regular expression on a range of number...
  183. $var = <LINE> ??
  184. DBD sybase error! please help..
  185. perl module & vars
  186. Compiling perl 5.6 in WIN32 does not work
  187. access mode int->string
  188. How to set LineNumbering in Word Document with PERL.
  189. Problem installing BerkeleyDB Module
  190. sending docs attached with Perl
  191. perl vs Unix grep
  192. help for function
  193. Help for a new Perl User - Looking for suggestion
  194. OLE Automation: question about Word SaveAs
  195. How to use split on spaces AND tabs?
  196. Errror finding
  197. suidperl and
  198. Embeded perl & memory management
  199. something of a noob question
  200. Active Perl
  201. variable in HERE document
  202. Issues with Win32 Perl Modules?
  203. HTTPS SSLeay problems - any experts out there?
  204. diff Process under diff users
  205. Block in Perl/TK MainWindow destroy
  206. unable to get GMP and Perl working...
  207. whatsup gold perl script to monitor unix processes
  208. OpenVMS comp-3 packing
  209. How to get the Operating System info like ( Wireless info, Wireless connection)
  210. Not sure GNU GMP is working properly...any ideas
  211. Need > 15 digits precision without big performance hit
  212. complex data structure
  213. execution of perl program
  214. Help! W32ODBC problem with network database access
  215. perl server
  216. problem with spaces in registry keypath
  217. Crypt::RSA, manual module installation
  218. How to read associative array from file?
  219. Problem with memory when using "threads" with Perl 5.8 on Windows System
  220. Send mail through a secure (SSL) SMTP server.
  221. good mod_perl/mysql object oreinted application
  222. cgi invoked .bat script can't access network drives!
  223. Automate Data Entry in Web pages
  224. problem with control structures ( if and next)
  225. Loop not ending, insight as to why?
  226. C for statement version in Perl
  227. PPM and Proxy
  228. debugging the web application
  229. Urgente.
  230. Alternative to Regular Expressions?
  231. Question about detecting key strokes
  232. Please help to extract the decimal portion
  233. $$x does not work.
  234. error
  235. function system()
  236. IO::Socket::INET on Cygwin doesnt work?
  237. NET::Telnet prompt regular expression
  238. What does this reg expression mean?
  239. Anybody knows NTsendmail and Perl???
  240. Can't decide between Relations::Family and Class::DBI
  241. write while( length $name );
  242. IBM 32-bit Floating Point Conversion
  243. PDL function call failing
  244. Need help with getting unique values in a file.
  245. More Net::AIM help needed
  246. Printing on a printer with tractor feed under win32 - question
  247. Where is this thing?
  248. Dynamic Data Correlation Problem
  249. Timezone Change with date::manip
  250. Stripping out email addresses
  251. Image Processing
  252. sending command line arguements to HTML Tidy
  253. Help with HTML forms and alphamail
  254. Net::AIM help
  255. perl Fock & DBI problem
  256. Polskie fonty w Perl/tk
  257. stinging
  258. derivation
  259. Script to calculate remaining minutes
  260. Which statement is "better", and why?
  261. Problems with perlapi and PL_sv_undef
  262. Run Perl From Web Page W/out Changing Page?
  263. Error downloading page, some pages work great but cant seem to get this one
  264. 501 Protocol scheme 'file' is not supported
  265. Correct use of Unicode in RegExp
  266. File Name Checking
  267. Intercettare eventi Win
  268. AuthorizeNet AIM gateway implementation questions
  269. perl -d interfering with program execution?
  270. how to submit a form with click on image
  271. Date conversion script
  272. simple string comparing
  273. Singleton logger
  274. Posting Credentials using LWP To WebMethods
  275. Reg Ex Help for a Lazy VB Programmer
  276. forking socket server under Windows
  277. This must be done with perl isn't it?
  278. LWP::Simple and utf8 problem
  279. Please check code & logic
  280. online store
  281. script in database
  282. parse
  283. text help
  284. Win32::OLE Acrobat automation PrintPagesEx Error
  285. PDF::Create
  286. Confused on using basename...
  287. Find a line, and comment out the next 5 lines
  288. How to install SUIDPERL
  289. s/// has apparent side effect on grep()
  290. Print output before program end
  291. Executables?
  292. Perl "test merge"
  293. LDAP_STRONG_AUTH_REQUIRED sasl issue with open ldap.
  294. cut a file to deplace him in an other directory...
  295. building DB_File with BerkleyDB in 64 bit mode on Solaris 5.8
  296. Reading the name of a file in a .gz
  297. Please help with regexp - finding all matches?
  298. HTTP File Posting
  299. i need a product review script
  300. Net::Time
  301. Help needed:: Openldap issue - - LDAP_OPERATIONS_ERROR Server encountered
  302. Using perl to check services
  303. add blank lines after word MAC (sed/awk or perl??)
  304. Making URLS/E-Mails Into Links
  305. match three digit number using regular expression
  306. why i get different result from command line and browser?(not 500 Err)
  307. How do I find my runtime directory?
  308. perl hashes
  309. Mailing list manager with VERP
  310. Finding unused perl code
  311. Forbidden Message, when accessing .pl files from Java Webserver
  312. Help with split/
  313. CPAN ncftp problem
  314. How to interpret $FORM{} variable ?
  315. LANG="es_ES" not supported, falling back to "C"
  316. read a paragraph via scrit?
  317. Difference between die & die()
  318. Using XML::Parser with XML::Parser(Style=>'Subs', Pkg=>'SubHandlers')
  319. using HTML::Parser
  320. Query about using split...URGENT
  321. Difference in split funciton parameters
  322. GD::Graph Pie Chart Display Problem
  323. shared libraries compatibility
  324. sending mail from a perl program on xp
  325. database style data structure?
  326. SCALAR(0x82dea94)
  327. Perl automation of Mozilla
  328. study_hall
  329. GD text in existing image
  330. copying *.txt files recursively
  331. Cannot lock a file.
  332. study_hall
  333. Recommend IDE
  334. perl -MCPAN -e shell reconfigure
  335. open pipe for system call does not work on windows
  336. about timestamp reformat
  337. Canot make Index Descending ?
  338. Linux, Perl, and Memory problem
  339. multiple snmp read on the same time
  340. Counters in variable names.
  341. diff
  342. Better perl docs?
  343. Where's the problem with this code?
  344. Search string parsing
  345. Help - Counting text - Associative Array?
  346. What directory perl script is being run from? - followup
  347. Bioperl Restriction enzyme help please
  348. What directory perl script is being run from?
  349. Regular Expression Help
  350. RSA encyption of files
  351. chm decompiler
  352. Adding two arrays (element by element)
  353. "require" problem?
  354. distributing perlglob.exe
  355. time zone/daylight savings time help needed
  356. Asynchronous http request
  357. Removing dots - please help me out
  358. LWP questions
  359. Win32::SerialPort: can not set baudrate
  360. extract text between tags
  361. Net::MSN
  362. Perl $eol feature changes in Outlook 2002 vs. 2003
  363. DBI Help
  364. Please help, I'm a newb at perl and I can't figure this out.
  365. sending commands to a shell
  366. adding ascii values in string
  367. Hash as a function argument.. plz help!
  368. Hash as function argument.. plz help!
  369. Using Expect output in a script.
  370. Perl and xml
  371. Can't match one of the expressions in telnet session
  372. Simple Search supporting Swedish characters?
  373. Perl Script for Parsing
  374. Win32:Exe Perlapp Conflict ?
  375. howto digitially sign emails programmatically with pgp?
  376. How to set priority when running process in background
  377. CGI Problem
  378. Arithmetic operations
  379. Close Socket Connection
  380. panic: top_env
  381. Regex doesn't match - what am I doing wrong?
  382. Who is interested in working on a web controls project?
  383. Mail::Bulkmail - Can't call method "_not_worthless" on unblessed reference at
  384. How to redirect headers in Perl?
  385. Perl - Memory Issues
  386. cgi / cookie help
  387. send username and password with lwp:simple
  388. draw dependency graphic
  389. Problem installing DBD::mysql on a Mac OS X Panther system
  390. Substitute UC with space UC
  391. Hmmm... problems with CPAN (MakeMaker?) on Win32+MSYS or Win32+UnixUtils and others
  392. Absolute paths with multiple volumes
  393. MQSeries::Command
  394. Printing Postscript in Perl
  395. Converting OLE objects
  396. Read coordinates
  397. Auction website additions
  398. Inverse of 'chop @array'
  399. open (FAILEHANDLER, ">>$filename") what is the rong with that
  400. Xml exported text
  401. Net::SNMP dies on any OID error and doesn't return other possibly good values
  402. What am I missing?
  403. awk's NF in Perl
  404. Imposing a timeout on the <> operator - is this possible?
  405. Does perl support in/out parameter subroutine?
  406. Not getting cookies in LWP
  407. Right regex to match -- comments or blank line?
  408. expect being odd
  409. Problem with hashTable
  410. threads perl
  411. check if another process on my perl program is running
  412. Test
  413. Socked not valid - how to check it?
  414. Help: replace one char with more chars
  415. Help: replace one char with more chars
  416. HELP: replace one char with more chars
  417. Listing installed perl modules
  418. Help with Perl
  419. Spreadsheet::WriteExcel
  420. script to search a web server directory
  422. fork in perl 5.8.3 on windows
  423. Regular expression behavior
  424. retrieving data from array changes it???
  425. Hash tables
  426. Using PerlScript In ASP
  427. Negative Lookbehind Replacement?
  428. Help with Java web-service via Perl
  429. Can't locate
  430. Negative Lookbehind and Wildcards
  431. Date comparison function
  432. Perl in Windows How Do I Print/Write to the Printer
  433. help with Perl Mechanize
  434. Perl, Oracle, LWP, and PDF's
  435. Problem with LWP::USERAGENT
  436. Bug in module file::copy ???
  437. assigning back to an array
  438. Substract numeric from a string.
  439. UTF-8, LWP and http-equiv meta tags
  440. Need some help for some perl homework....
  441. RegExp Replace Using a Variable
  442. LWP, Crypt-SSLeay, CLI vs. WWW
  443. socket not sending or receiving data
  444. New To Perl :- Help with "rename" and "File locking"
  445. Comments requested: brief summary of Perl
  446. Different responses from different systems
  447. ActivePerl with apache on WinXP pro
  448. Mail::Sender problem
  449. using proxy
  450. Renaming regkey with TIE::REGISTRY
  451. very strange conditional failure
  452. Strings and Operators
  453. Perl Scripts
  454. Breaking apart MBOX
  455. Tie a large file to a Hash
  456. Tie a file to a hash
  457. Regex problem, match if line contains <a>, unless it also contains <b>
  458. Inheritence question
  459. trapping file i/o error
  460. references
  461. Replace string in existing file
  462. Scripts to audit MS SQL Server
  463. commandline version of this script.
  464. Process PID
  465. Problem when using and creating nested (anonymous) arrays.
  466. Using a nested array to paste range in Excel
  467. A question about learning/schools.
  468. Pring array into a text file
  469. Perl Accessing Internet
  470. reading input file
  471. perl 5.8.2/3 - thread started by a thread
  472. Processing Bit Strings
  473. Searching entire Windows registry?
  474. Help with sorting...
  475. Perl Geeks
  476. open pipe vs signals causing problems ?
  477. Process string.
  478. hidden perl
  479. Recurse over a hash without knowing any elements (except top level)
  480. write to file not working
  481. Decimal places and huge fractions.
  482. Switch user during script execution --help--
  483. Error sending mail with perl
  484. Perl expression for parsing CSV (ignoring parsing commas when in double quotes)
  485. form query sometime return null value
  486. Urgent: help needed : "Problem with double quotes"
  487. Perl and GROUP by
  488. using "opendir" through a CGI script on Apache
  489. Anyone have the unpack template for utmp on HPUX?
  490. sockets - how to listen on multiple ports
  491. how do i tie a reference to a hash
  492. File test Operator for Directory Age
  493. strange problem..program not working through web form.
  494. assigning contents to file name............
  495. Getting/setting Win32 Lanman share permissions
  496. recordset error/perl messages
  497. Forgetting how to use vec
  498. Simple syntax question(MULTIPOST)
  499. Regex help
  500. rfc822 regexp
  501. Fcntl problem
  502. formmail
  503. Perl and strings
  504. How to add a user to /etc/passwd using CGI?
  505. simple timer for win32, solaris and linux
  506. Win32 - forked process doesn't create a Window
  507. bunzip2 when exec()-ed from perl script outputs garbage data.
  508. Model 2 framework for mod_perl - Do you know any?
  509. use/require handler?
  510. Where to look for source of HTML::Parser
  511. CGI, header, and redirect
  512. Perl
  513. How do I call sort with an anonymous subroutine stored in a hash ??
  514. Reg Exp Help
  515. Perl script to mimic uniq
  516. Array information into 2 cells instead of 1?
  517. symbolic reference
  518. system() not having command exit status
  519. Filter arry
  520. perl
  521. Input file question
  522. Test
  523. Testing
  524. split commands oddity
  525. LOST - Win32::Process
  526. how to do that
  527. Erroneous Text Extraction using HTML::Parser
  528. exit the debugger with a non-zero return code
  529. perl based uddi server
  530. Perl Unicode
  531. regex
  532. Can’t locate in @INC
  533. Generating html tables on the fly
  534. [crosspost] Perl -> C
  535. how to get this module to install?
  536. middleware, sort of (same question, different posting software)
  537. middleware, so to speak
  538. Read a html file, extract email addresses?
  539. [EXCEL] sequential accès.
  540. &ReadParse
  541. Installing the DBD for Oracle (V8.0.6) on Remote Solaris Box
  542. "Simple Database Program" help!
  543. Fibonacci problem
  544. Sorting entries in a DBM hash by one of the variables
  545. Need return code from perl -e command
  546. @INC equiv in .csh scripts ?
  547. Save your job, deport H1 B's now
  548. How to Control the default Unix Shell from Perl
  549. Signal Handling/Term::ReadLine problem in Perl
  550. only 10 lines at a time