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  1. Perl AIM Bot not working...
  2. help me write a text comparison cgi
  3. Search and Replace a column of the csv file
  4. how to show all records
  5. Trying to get to values from each line in a file
  6. Expect and interact()
  7. Deleting a file
  8. Expanding a file upload script to handle 10 files instead of 1?
  9. parsing HTML results
  10. perl expect in Network automation
  11. CPU throttle script?
  12. Trying to make a script to login an site and select a link
  13. interrupt handling
  14. Help needed :- Regular expression
  15. Help with Perl and Javascript
  16. Perl DBI ... getting me started
  17. Searching a string between 2 characters
  18. Executing a .exe console app
  19. Hi
  20. trying to rename filenames and extensions then add a header in line1 of each file
  21. Building perl 5.8.8 on AIX 5.3 using gcc 4.1.1
  22. Matching filenames with typos
  23. Executing a script on a different server
  24. Adding Scroll bars to multiple check buttons using Perl TK
  25. Reading particular Column in text file
  26. AD authentication
  27. Writing to a file
  28. IE file upload problem
  29. Need help with perl and programing !!!!1
  30. Current date in Perl
  31. Maximum length for a match
  32. URL Redirection in CGI
  33. find the date and size of the file.
  34. SQL count not matching the results of perl script count
  35. warning in Push statement.
  36. client-server programing problem
  37. Perl CGI and Apache SSI
  38. error in perl with mysql
  39. Need help new to perl code!!!!
  40. A litle affectation question in Perl
  41. Opening a pdf file in browser using perl
  42. Calling 'system()' ... with parameters
  43. Telnet data logging, comma separated data
  44. need to get the newest and oldest files created
  45. correct 'strange' utf-8 and convert it into latin
  46. Reg Exp for limiting line length
  47. Perl and CGI authentication
  48. directory size command
  49. Dynamically diplaying form fields after selectuing data from drop down
  50. perl telnet question ($telnet->cmd)
  51. Perl FTP issue
  52. perl Script, Perl
  53. Exception Handling
  54. perl modules
  55. Another Regular Expression Question
  56. problem printing out content of database table
  57. Converting "sqlplus / as sysdba" to DBI->connect command in Perl
  58. need help on perl reqex
  59. string to character array in PERL
  60. removing procmail garbage
  61. comibining two xml files thro Perl
  62. Merge diff processes(.pl files) to one main program(.pl)
  63. Perl/TK , Text widget
  64. Cannot get the korean value that was posted to CGI
  65. Need help combine two simple steps into one. Thanks.
  66. how to download web document using perl program
  67. switching from bash to Perl
  68. Regular Experession - Hashes
  69. Google SOAP API and to get definitions of entered query
  70. matrix manupulation
  71. get googled define functionality search result
  72. what is Buffer
  73. Ensuring a perl script runs
  74. Perl Program
  75. assign pipe delimited file to hash??
  76. calling a perl program from a php script
  77. perl/tk . deactivate windows
  78. Regex question
  79. Problems with Prepare and Execute of a Query
  80. Perl XML Question
  81. send_message problems
  82. Reading files into memory
  83. Help me in reading a file
  84. what does this snippet do?
  85. news tivker i.e vertical news scroller in perl
  86. help with extracting contents from HTML file
  87. need help with HTML::Parser
  88. Sorted an Excel spreedsheet using Win32::IDE
  89. Reading in a config file
  90. shebang in perl
  91. Writing a line into a text file in PERL
  92. Format of a price
  93. Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value!
  94. Sorting an Excel file using Perl
  95. Printing problem in Perl Window32 platform
  96. Parsing a text file
  97. Sorting a File which has some IDs
  98. Multiline runaway??
  99. system command not working
  100. Connecting to an MS Access database.
  101. Perl: retrieve process info from different platforms
  102. Perl Crypt:rsa:key:public claming to be incomplete when deserialized
  103. Calling a unix shell script from a perl script
  104. problem with Net::Smtp
  105. To use external .js file in CGI-Perl
  106. Username Tokens, Nonces and Timestamps in SOAP Headers
  107. need to print @INC in a remote machine
  108. I need a simple perl script, but I don't know how to create!
  109. cgi script to run tictactoe
  110. Code for Conversion of csv file into {" "},{" "} using perl script
  111. Replacing Space character
  112. urgent! ask help: Perl Out of memory on HP 3000 MPE/iX
  113. Win32::ChangeNotify;
  114. Help with Perl & HTTP
  115. Looking for a PERL programmer (Urgent) for my project
  116. Manipulating Data Set
  117. Writing to STDIN ascii value
  118. Reading and Writing to File
  119. plzzzzzz help me in writting a code. i am beginer in Perl
  120. problem with parsing xml
  121. MainWindow's location on screen
  122. Sorting of character and numerical simultaneously
  123. Windows Perl - Interactive vs. running under scheduler
  124. how to avoid displaying duplicates
  125. disable popup's while opening Excel from perl
  126. Perl : HEX parameter handling
  127. Creating SOAP server in Perl
  128. Proxy in PERL FTP
  129. How to send username and password using perl!!!!
  130. Help using Regular Expressions?
  131. Needed Help in using
  132. OpenSSL Problems HELP
  133. ActivePerl on Windows: Dynamic Linking problem with DBD-Interbase
  134. Opening a Windows file
  135. comparision of two files
  136. Inheritance
  137. question on files and arrays
  138. Sending SMS using PERL scripts
  139. Regular Expression pattern help needed!
  140. Perl documentation online
  141. calculator program:
  142. Can not connect to Mysql from Apache
  143. grouping the tags:
  144. Verify Digital Certificate
  145. help with word object model and perl
  146. The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP head
  147. If gethostbyname fails it never recovers
  148. Checking file size
  149. Directory access
  150. How to take the file data with out repeating the file again.
  151. Code Serialization
  152. Accessing directories and sub-directories.
  153. logging to a website and data is being stored in a text file using perl
  154. How to enter data into a file from html form using perl
  155. Substitution problem
  156. How to Construct an XML usnig XML twig in perl
  157. calender program
  158. sorting of array for duplicacy
  159. Need help on installing DBD::Informix-2005.02 on hp-ux bertha b.11.00 u
  160. ASCII Value for Keyboard input
  161. Date Functions
  162. Best practice to pass parameters to functions
  163. Installation package
  164. Parsing
  165. Need Help (Regular Expressions)
  166. connection
  167. Getting count of number of rows and columns in excel worksheet
  168. SOAP server in perl
  169. Reformatting date stamps
  170. reading from text file
  171. Need help to list the updated file in a directory
  172. Need help with regular expression
  173. reading from a text file
  174. Subtraction using perl
  175. perl mysql login using apache
  176. perl and xml parsing
  177. Extract a column of data using perl
  178. Function Templates in PERL
  179. Replace word
  180. deleteing folders and files older than N days
  181. web server for my cgi website
  182. Languid - Language Guesser
  183. perl threads
  184. Use of enter key instead of tab
  185. Prompting a user few questions
  186. Converting string to array?
  187. Punctuation characters
  188. File Handle Issue
  189. HELP ON CGI (Perl 5.8.8)
  190. Displaying a photo from hard drive
  191. installing module, "make" doesnt work in my computer
  192. Perl Uploading Issue
  193. How to use Enter key in the perl script.
  194. reading the child id
  195. question about perl complaint
  196. Table comparison using perl scripts
  197. set the enviornment variables in solaris
  198. Multiple if statements in single while loop--HELP
  199. Cannot install GD::Graph module for missing libgd
  200. ping w/perl ????
  201. perl "Insecure dependency in `` while running setuid"
  202. perl "Insecure dependency in `` while running setuid"
  203. Market for Perl Programmers
  204. Getting errors in my PERL code . . Please help
  205. interaction of eda tools(eldospice) in Solaris
  206. Problem writing file in CGI script
  207. Directory recursing only for C files and print all the directories which have them
  208. where can I find source codes of word games...
  209. Equivalent of telnet input_log for ssh
  210. perl - SMTP authentication.
  211. Is it necessary to learn Perl?
  212. Bad Free() error
  213. connection to mysql
  214. Last access time of specific file (TTY)
  215. How to supress system errors in windows perl
  216. Perl Headers
  217. How execute the shutdown immediate on oracle using perl
  218. How execute the shutdown immediate using perl
  219. Accessing .cfg files in perl
  220. Connection to MS access
  221. Perl search and replace hangs
  222. File Handling
  223. File handling
  224. creating a file in specific directory
  225. Probably a bug with $#
  226. How to: Hash reference using text variable
  227. XML::Simple Print Path of all leaf nodes
  228. Help sought Perl with a bit of REGEX
  229. how to convert perl script into exe file?
  230. File Copy from Solaris System to NT System
  231. Perl-Shell Embedding problem
  232. what does :: mean in perl?
  233. CGI checkbox labelling confuses javascript
  234. how to include chemical structures in perl
  235. How to unpack strings?
  236. how to run perl script inside the expect script
  237. Parseform question
  238. Perl Memory Usage
  239. nl_langinfo - problem
  240. parsing files in perl
  241. RegEx Problem
  242. how to pass lines values from a telnet to mysql
  243. CGI and moving servers
  244. CGI form to Excel file
  245. hash of arrays question
  246. Noob Question about html
  247. Perl Help - Split a string (UK based)
  248. can't login websieve
  249. fixing random segfaults
  250. Howto share filehandles between threads?
  251. Dealing with accented characters
  252. Return Code 512 thrown when executing mkdir and copy command
  253. [Net::Jabber] problem with logging
  254. Perl and Dig
  255. Script to automate extraction of file from compressed archives
  256. Hyperlink column in datagrid
  257. Perl, irrelevant error messages?
  258. Using Win32::ODBC with Perl
  259. Login to a remote solaris machine as superuser through perl
  260. DBI i firebird - dziwne wartosci integer
  261. Inverted syntax for an if conditional
  262. Library path question
  263. How can I read output of a remote Http server
  264. extracting a range of lines.
  265. Perl - changing from UNICODE to ...
  266. Module for producing HTML calendars by day/week/month
  267. POP3 Mail Client in PERL using IO::Socket module only and regular expressions
  268. perlcc error - 'Can't unlink error file...'
  269. Newbi - Perl and IIS
  270. mailing from a web-executed perl script.
  271. Include Header and Footer to Print From Perl?
  272. Concatenating Audio Files in with Perl on a Mac
  273. URL
  274. Using chop / chomp to remove spaces and tabs
  275. newbie question - PERL/MYSQL
  276. adding modules when not root
  277. Help me Extract a MAC Address
  278. Looking for a Perl Programmer
  279. vec - a misunderstanding
  280. if condition error
  281. Perl Help!!!
  282. Perl/CGI error
  283. Response codes other than 200 OK
  284. How to access a slow Webserver from Perl, as if a person does this.
  285. Active State Perl 5.8.x, OLE, and Excel not creating files
  286. Passing a list as an arg to a subroutine
  287. infinite loop unexpectly dies
  288. Perl proble
  289. translate some siple code please?
  290. Can't update database in CGI,PERL,DBI,ORACLE
  291. adding strings, not concatenating them
  292. A great onestop spot
  293. Question on regex substitution using variables...
  294. Problem with simple perl program with array
  295. confused with strings...
  296. Can someone tell me what this is doing
  297. Module Question
  298. Finding and replacing Invalid Tokens in an XML document
  299. function or operator to ignore metacharacters like +
  300. editing a file using perl script
  301. Sub for getting JPEG width and height
  302. I want to build a perl script that adapts dynamically to terminalsize
  303. find2perl
  304. Dumping list of installed modules.
  305. How to match string inside of array?
  306. BigInt leading plus sign
  307. date --date : the perl way
  308. why "bad file descriptor"?
  309. Pipe data through a socket
  310. compiling perl 5.8.7 on Solaris 8
  311. HTTP_Request through SSO?
  312. Selecting XML elements by id?
  313. Perl read in file and sort values
  314. Open and create new Excel file with Perl and win32::OLE
  315. Perl Assignment
  316. Graphics module
  317. PERL/CGI Programmer Wanted
  318. Finding (unused) modules
  319. OEM character issue
  320. regexp that ignore case or check the case based on a variable
  321. matching a sentence
  322. Threads problem
  323. How do I get the path of the program file?
  324. Dynamic menus
  325. How to setup an application properly ??
  326. How to calculate the missing number from an array?
  327. Perl math problem..
  328. Compiling perl using gcc 3.3.2 on AIX
  329. fork & exec
  330. Perl socket problem
  331. a way to go to next valid entry in an infile
  332. this is what i will do
  333. What Am I Doing Wrong?
  334. Shell script
  335. Win32::Process - gunzip and output
  336. POSIX::WNOHANG redefined
  337. Win32::Process -> Linux??
  338. Help needed programming a simple script
  339. Reading a file
  340. Out of Memory
  341. Comparing Arays
  342. Undefined Subroutine-using Vars()
  343. Perl portability
  344. numeric values in a list
  345. use hash in a list
  346. Hacking a script (
  347. Comments on using Sys::PortIO module
  348. Thoughts on implementing this idea
  349. building mod_perl in a temp build dir
  350. mod_perl 1.29: send_fh(): result status?
  351. math error
  352. search replace
  353. HTML Emails
  354. Installing and uninstalling modules!
  355. good perl book?
  356. Regular expressions question
  357. LWP problems
  358. hot to post to form?
  359. Dealing with a dynamic list
  360. Feed a directory listing to a script
  361. Which version of perl is recommended
  362. text on the screen
  363. Multileval data structures, tie, and indirection
  364. Having trouble with CGI::Sessions
  365. Crontabs for automatic site updates.
  366. Running a Perl script from another Perl script
  367. PERL vs. Ruby
  368. cache::cache and memcached
  369. Conflict Between SOAP::Lite and DBI under IRIX
  370. How do i run exec and catch stdio and stderr in a local string vairable(not a file) ...
  371. baking cookies
  372. Switching to a different delimiter
  373. How does a scalar know what it is?
  374. obtain IP address from 'ifconfig' output
  375. Changing value of $@
  376. Installing activeperl 5.8 on AIX 5.1
  377. summarize bytes
  378. Installation of Data::Dumper
  379. counting word occurances
  380. Variables being set to GENERAL
  381. Win32::Api module problem.
  382. pls help identify a certain perl module
  383. FormMail Problem
  384. Perl Shopping Cart Scripts
  385. Problem Installing Win32::OLE under cygwin
  386. How to configure -MCPAN to use FTP proxy server?
  387. Remote file access from Windows?
  388. preserve sort order in another list
  389. error on quantum:superposition module
  390. Discrimination of Forth versus perl
  391. Web mail script
  392. Using getpwnam() with CGI
  393. How to lock down WWWBOARD?
  394. Problem with multiple instances of a module
  395. Copy and change file extension
  396. Perl compiler recommendations?
  397. Yet Another Perl Conference, North America, 2005
  398. Regular expression to split on .
  399. Easy RegEx Question
  400. retrieving number from a string
  401. utf8 in regexp (perl 5.8.1)
  402. How do we compile for perl
  403. Perl executable showing html in browser
  404. Exists IIS log for CGI errors?
  405. UNIX Script To Remove Hosts from Hosts file
  406. Adding <br> automatically with "return" key ?
  407. IO::Seekable::getpos missing (auto/IO/ not loading) ?
  408. Options for passing Hash to a subroutine.
  409. Socket Listener not available
  410. I need your help
  411. Perl - Internet Cafe Software for Linux - open source
  412. My option when a module is not available for my production OS.
  413. perl library for C beautifier?
  414. About Encryption Question
  415. find words not in an array
  416. Installation problem
  417. DBI Error: no suitable installation target
  418. Creating a variable using a for() loop???
  419. Great News Blog!
  420. passing perl variable to output html file
  421. [BEGINNER]Storable::dclone question
  422. Why not work POSIX::RT:Semaphore
  423. How to match up to a word
  424. Array to strings?
  425. Accessing email from Notes-mail-server without Lotus Notes installed
  426. 1
  427. problems with decoding: resulting image is corrupt
  428. Perl telnet looping problem
  429. oracle connect ; manual eror handling
  430. Install Poblem MATH::Pari
  431. Perl Scripting problem - please help!
  432. utf8 pragma - strange behavior
  433. Manually specifying the shell
  434. translate this send into perl
  435. Probably a dumb s/// question.
  436. Executing Shell
  437. Why does make test fail buidling perl 5.8.6?
  438. installing perl on usb flash drive
  439. unix pipes to perl scripts
  440. hash implementation or API for Visual C++ ?
  441. perl pattern matching
  442. Convert to NTP Timestamp
  443. defining subroutines when using interpreter interactively?
  444. Quiz
  445. Regex
  446. Doubt in Perl exception handling
  447. New to Perl
  448. help on LWP::Parallel
  449. environment inheritance..
  450. Number::Format installation problem
  451. strange behavior when using 'read'
  452. displaying STDOUT containing multiple data entries
  453. LibXML UTF8 - Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding !
  454. problems using graphviz perl module from apache (windows)
  455. array executes only first
  456. question about sort()
  457. Trouble with $key to HASH when Numeric
  458. interactive mode ` ` in perl script
  459. perlcc error
  460. Perl 5.8.4 Slow
  461. Dirty Arrays and how to clean them up!
  462. using flock for concurrency control
  463. Multiple HTML file download
  464. How is perl used in hardware verification?
  465. Questions about Perl for Windows
  466. Start and stop AIX print queues from a web page?
  467. calculator
  468. Setting PATH within a Perl Script
  469. accessing form elements with perl
  470. HTML reports
  471. Databases in Perl
  472. Databases in Perl
  473. Problem with detecting error by LWP::UserAgent
  474. Passing variables to frames - cgi
  475. "%Config" requires explicit package
  476. inlining a text/plain mime attachment into email
  477. filling a select box with a list of files
  478. Easy OOP with Perl
  479. Writing to an Excel Spreadsheet
  480. variation on (?) call subroutine by reference
  481. Logging into and parsing a website using Perl
  482. disconnecting rsh session
  483. Write to File question
  484. Perl script question
  485. How to test for existance ?
  486. Using more than 2G of memory with PERL
  487. perl.exe back to
  488. Generate UUID
  489. Email server timing out in email script
  490. Regexpr FTP
  491. Needing script alternative to SSI
  492. perlgtk embed window
  493. Using select(2)
  494. sorting ascending and descending
  495. Perl loops should use break, not last
  496. DBD:mysql doesn't read mysql option file /etc/my.cnf file
  497. encrypting and decrypting with perl
  498. How to match carriage returns and line feeds
  499. need help with inherited script that emails files
  500. sorting a hash by key value
  501. Perl on Windows
  502. Printing arrays
  503. perl and corba?
  504. GD install
  505. Except script error
  506. another 'POST from perl' question
  507. Listening for files in a directory
  508. Problem splitting lines in a file
  509. zcat output
  510. Stupid RE question
  511. Upgrading perl - delimas, predicaments, and sheer noobiness
  512. Why is my index variable destroyed?
  513. Help with a Perl Regular Expression
  514. Clearing radio_group
  515. Determining connection type
  516. Make and ActivePerl
  517. Question about using readdir to read the files in a directory ...
  518. Regular expression weirdness with upper and lower case
  519. Modifying a file's time stamp
  520. Trying to install module with CPAN
  521. Is this An Error
  522. Complex Objects in Perl
  523. make problems
  524. Embperl question
  525. Interactive User input
  526. Can't stat e:: Unknown file or directory ???
  527. Embedded perl - how to find out real PID after fork
  528. I found this great little site
  529. Reading stdout and stderr separately
  530. Replace all occurrences of a string
  531. Nms-wwwboard perl script problem
  532. cgi-lib
  533. Problem with using AutoLoader Module.
  534. Extract domain name
  535. Script to pass info to GET string
  536. NNTPClient Question
  537. Perl, Email, and Scanning
  538. Encryption from text to text...
  539. perl efficiency -- fastest grepping?
  540. How to scan Keyboard in Perl or else on Linux ?
  541. Regex, how do I replace quotation pairs into <LI> & </LI>?
  542. HTTP::Request Hash
  543. Perl6::Form formatting question
  544. How to Fail at Software Development
  545. Need Script For Drop Downs
  546. External Processes
  547. Perl module question
  548. Find::Find
  549. Perl and PHP
  550. Perl DBI: Getting POST info into select query