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  1. How to execute(call) .sh file from the perl file
  2. How to remove junk from the beginning of line
  3. defined &
  4. How to sort IP address using perl script
  5. How to call a Perl header file
  6. how to invoke/run a shell file from within perl file.
  7. Maximum upload size
  8. problem in checking time format
  9. [PERL] Understanding Expressions: $path=~| \ | / | g;
  10. Problem handling textarea from a form
  11. Regarding Perl stable version
  12. Checking folder before creating the new folder [PERL].
  13. Problem with Object Parameters
  14. How to use ncftp in perl
  15. Reg Exp: how to negate backreference match
  16. Perl script execute system() command
  17. UI with perl
  18. Internal Server error
  19. Can't call method "execute" on an undefined value at
  20. Using Getopt::EvaP to parse command-line arguments
  21. Using REST in perl to access webservices
  22. Removing duplicate lines based on a column value
  23. Need perl material
  24. Search record from csv file and display in drop down
  25. How to access a variable from other perl script
  26. Perl frontend
  27. Premature end of script headers:
  28. How to hightlight a particular text in text widget
  29. Sorting files
  30. How to include perl file
  31. Semaphores for ithreads
  32. how to print question and answers in pages
  33. perl code output in javascript code
  34. store a command to a variable.
  35. Remote machine directory access
  36. How to call cgi file on onClick event?
  37. Win32 perl to terminate IE browsers
  38. autosplit.ix
  39. Perl-Hashes ?
  40. Perl and XML parsing
  41. Creating new folder in PERL
  42. Net::Telnet
  43. need help in
  44. Extracting values from a text file
  45. Cant find domain 'INCHARGE' in broker 'localhost:426'
  46. Pattern matching and subsitution
  47. Not able to find the correct pattern
  48. copying files in a dir
  49. Handle Multiple files upload in CGI
  50. use in perl
  51. Keeping Perl Script ALIVE on public server
  52. Pattern Matching
  53. Query in Net::Telnet Module
  54. Connecting to SQL in UNIX
  55. Website Session Tracking - No Builtin Modules
  56. Displaying value selected in Drop-down control throu CGI
  57. Help for Binary File Handling
  58. Inserting into Microsoft Access DB
  59. Perl Time clock
  60. Mr. Ternary is greater than Mrs. If Else
  61. File Program
  62. array program
  63. Installing DBI and DBD
  64. Receiving and Decoding UDP packets
  65. Monitor a folder. no activity for 1 hour, send an email
  66. Parse XML looking for xsi:type="test"
  67. Using DBI to get a SUM
  68. How can i hide the command prompt window when executing the system command in perl
  69. Tips for beginner
  70. IO::Socket::INET - Receiving UDP Packet
  71. get return value from batch
  72. Compare Two csv files using perl
  73. perl and MSaceess MDB file..
  74. Any Ideas About Embedding Codes in Runtime?
  75. Perl Regex help
  76. Hex Help
  77. concatenation problem
  78. Win32::Process, console & threads
  79. How to filter load data local infile (MySql) escaped by ' single-quote'
  80. parsing CSV File
  81. Get return value from exe
  82. How To Install Perl On Vista
  83. Extracting data from a file
  84. CSV file manipulation
  85. not able to install perl modules using ppm
  86. Getting FieldNames from DBI Module
  87. Passing text from perl to PHP
  88. Sendmail in-queue email messages detector and removal
  89. Emails messages in queue removal
  90. How to hide password
  91. i have to convert xml file into htm file
  92. Trouble with printing newlines to a file
  93. hex numbers
  94. error "illegal division by zero" chunk 37.
  95. how to catch some system commando..
  96. Increment Operator (++) behaves different in Perl
  97. IO::Socket::INET Problem
  98. LWP::UserAgent
  99. use external data import value into script
  100. change part of a text..
  101. Active Perl Installation on Mac
  102. Get full computer name using Perl
  103. Connection of P4
  104. Wot Does this mean?
  105. finding text in perl
  106. how can I grep "/" in a string.
  107. Automating sendmail auto adding e-mail adress
  108. Time Calculator
  109. parameter to perl -p -i -e s/ command from .sh script
  110. list windows subdirectories
  111. problem with Bioperl get_sequence ('swiss', "acc#");
  112. Need help with logic in creating perl script to monitor if files are being sent
  113. Need to match a value and print the subsequent lines to output
  114. Perl Pattern matching
  115. Beginning Perl
  116. Controlling whether an element in an array or not
  117. Subroutine Parameters and Return Values
  118. reading contents of file writing data to another
  119. Altering a packet and writing to network layer
  120. Data Parsing using existing data files in Perl
  121. collect and count letter strings
  122. Error occured "accept() on closed socket SERVER at line"
  123. Function parameter having "\$var"...what does it means
  124. get latest version file from perforce
  125. perl script call python -linux
  126. New Lines in an Output File
  127. Database Queries to Excel Workbook with Multiple Sheets
  128. How to copy large files (more than 500mb)
  129. mkdir() help
  130. Regex with LWP won't work... Help
  131. Problem in printing a file created in the same script(redirecting output)
  132. Perl Connection With Mysql
  133. cgi error
  134. Specifying *!__!* as a string
  135. Perl Won't Display URL Strings From A Text File
  136. perl lwp help...
  137. Not being able to search
  138. using activestate perl
  139. Problems sending IM from perl MSN messenger
  140. how can I check a variable is initialized are not
  141. How to declare global constants?
  142. Perl/MySQL/Arrays
  143. Using OPEN and LWP
  144. inserting data into oracle database using perl script
  145. How to count names and dates by parsing an HTML file using perl?
  146. herding messages from a server to a directory
  147. access variables from other scripts
  148. Error : Use of uninitialized value in string at perl25.plx
  149. Readin a file
  150. String Matching Using Scalar Variables. What am I doing wrong?
  151. Undefined subroutine
  152. STDIN in list context
  153. How to match the file permissions got after command "ls -l" ?
  154. How do I get Active window's color and the colors assigned to various grids in the wi
  155. Converting dates
  156. Datatype Validation - String or Integer
  157. print qq|
  158. calculating the Isoelectric point and Molecular weight of protein sequence
  159. expr $abc || =1;
  160. Can threads be used for this problem?
  161. Separating a string on commas
  162. Writing to an Excel File
  163. clean up the gap using regular expressions in perl
  164. how to store expect output in a variable?
  165. perl script for adding a file from local machine to perforce version control
  166. Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference
  167. adding a variable name to a hash to name is part of the variable name
  168. create dynamically names
  169. Conversion of CSV file to hash table using perl
  170. Parsing MS Office email
  171. Commenting out Multiple Lines
  172. Running script on Unix. Created on DOS.
  173. perlcritic man page
  174. Executing a Batch file on Remote Window Machine
  175. Calculate duration between two dates
  176. GET data from website
  177. LWP - Sending Existing Cookie
  178. How to get cell content in to one scalar variable
  179. using <<ENDHTML in cgi
  180. tainting in cgi
  181. pass perl input to php input field
  182. Install CPAN Modules in Windows
  183. MySQL data access
  184. Incorrect Format value return from the subroutine
  185. Rapidshare Upload Script - For multiple files
  186. Removing commas from numbers
  187. Save As in Excel
  188. XML to text file
  189. Two Dimensional Arrays
  190. CGI Script - Not getting form value
  191. HTML Form
  192. Perl Outlook Help required
  193. Processing a Flat File
  194. Script to build html page with table containing pictures
  195. Perl MySQL INSERT question - troubleshooting
  196. Use of Ajax in PERL
  197. WML Form - Retrieving Variables
  198. File output using colour
  199. CGI - Fatal error creating secondary file
  200. Open Perl IDE Compiling Problems
  201. Windows Mobile Application
  202. Open new folder and enter it
  203. downloading a file from the server using .pl
  204. Feed directory listing into another perl script
  205. Renaming File Extensions
  206. Filtering out Duplicate IDs
  207. Excel file query
  208. AutoCommit + Perl + Oracle
  209. Delete Empty Directory
  210. Saving a file to a Particular Server Location
  211. I need help.
  212. Opening a Directory
  213. Script for parsing a c file and finding a string pattern in each function
  214. DeDuper's
  215. Schedule a PERL script
  216. Writing from an Oracle Database to an Excel File.
  217. Access MS-SQL Database Using Perl on Windows
  218. ButtonClick in CGI
  219. How to get the cell data in to the varaible from existed Excel file.
  220. Executing Perl code from Javascript
  221. Hello World in CGI
  222. Email Perl Script Issue
  223. Deleting a line from a file
  224. hi i have prob solve it plz
  225. Simple word find
  226. simulate pressing the enter key using perl
  227. Perl, MS Access and searching with dates?
  228. Hash Documentation
  229. Sorting of an array
  230. Perl calling a Oracle PL/SQL script
  231. Opening the files of a particular directory
  232. How to run the cgi program and what are the pre requests for the same.
  233. Win32::ODBC instead of DBI
  234. Validating an Email Address
  235. Writing and Parsing Excel Files
  236. Testing email recipient
  237. Connecting PERL to a SQL Server Database
  238. What is the difference between "GET", "HEAD", "PUT" or "POST" methods
  239. This script can be invoked only in -silent mode... exiting
  240. Perl Socket Communication
  241. STDIN - Getting Input without Return Characters
  242. email recieving problems
  243. time program
  244. Perl DBI and Inserting
  245. Hashing Function in PERL
  246. Read New Line and print in HTML
  247. Adding, Updating and Deleting user in linux
  248. Parsing MS Word File
  249. World Executable
  250. Cookie Information
  251. Web form: Frustrating problem
  252. Regex - String matching with a variable
  253. Trying to extract a string from HTTP::Request object
  254. Perl
  255. Error opening a File
  256. Setting up webserver for perl / cgi scripts
  257. Msvcr71.dll
  258. File Handling - Read and Write Access
  259. Perl database connectively
  260. Splitting a string
  261. Copying Value from a Text Area to a CGI Variable
  262. Refresh page using perl
  263. Refresh page using perl
  264. Email using Mime::Lite or Mail::Mailer
  265. Page Hits
  266. how to adding a files in directory...
  267. Removing a backslash from a string
  268. Secure Socket
  269. Perl DBI database connection conversion
  270. Machine hardware interrogation for XP
  271. Perl Arrays and Hashes
  272. Client-Server Programming In PERL
  273. For loop help
  274. Mail::Outlook help
  275. Sorting Dates
  276. calculator program in perl language
  277. Extracting parameters from an HTML page
  278. Is there a way with PERL to set the checkboxes?
  279. Reading Filenames from a Directory
  280. Copy files from one directory to another
  281. Comparing two "doc" files
  282. Sliding window
  283. Simple Login Form - Stuck and Frustrated
  284. Perl/TK - Deactivate Main Window
  285. Sourcing a Shell Script
  286. Formmail vs Sendmail
  287. Perl/TK - Form as Webpage
  288. Getting Tiff Image Properties
  289. CGI not working in Apache 2
  290. Extracting info from html page using perl
  291. Parsing Multiple Log Files
  292. Installing WWW::Mechanize
  293. Sorting a list by Secondary Key
  294. linking webpages in perl using html templates
  295. Perl Script
  296. Reading a line from a file
  297. How to Send Email
  298. Script not listing all the files in the dir
  299. Win32 ODBC Connect - Bad File Descriptor
  300. How to check new email on POP3
  301. perl
  302. File::DirCompare
  303. Counting Duplicate Array Elements
  304. Parse parameter without using CGI
  305. File Operations
  306. perl module
  307. can anyone help me plz.?
  308. HTML::Form
  309. Designing a Persistant Webpage
  310. Script calling CGI
  311. Perl Tutorials
  312. SFTP within window servers
  313. How to extract Lotus Notes Modules in PERL for Sending Lotus Mails
  314. UNIX on the Mainframe
  315. Object Perl
  316. Multiple Worksheets in an Excel File
  317. use Filesys::Diskspace
  318. Checking the Size of a Log File
  319. Learning Perl
  320. Excel File in PERL
  321. Exporting list of text between delimeters
  322. CGI Script not Loading
  323. Find Missing Column and Extra Column
  324. Perl regexp: matches this AND not that?
  325. How to read parameter without using CGI
  326. Anybody know about bioperl?
  327. Adapting script to use under CGI
  328. Kegg webservice-using perl
  329. trying to login JMS using perl and execute commands
  330. executing Perl CGI
  331. How get cell count and match total column value
  332. Printing a pound sign
  333. What is the equivalant of this in Perl
  334. Multidimensional Array
  335. .pm file
  336. How to access an element in a hash of references?
  337. Help On POE::Wheel:Run
  338. Counting Punctuation Characters in a text file
  339. Chunk by Chunk processing of XML
  340. Regular Expression
  341. Executing shell script on unix box through perl script executed on windows
  342. Converting PDF files to XML (Urgent)
  343. Adapting Site Scraping Script
  344. Perl to Python
  345. Problem installing Image::Magick.
  346. EBCDIC to Latin -1 Conversion in PERL
  347. Processing XML
  348. WAMP and Perl - Getting Started
  349. Tree scanning doesnt work
  350. Win32::Gui Selecting the Directory
  351. Can any help in writing an email in perl
  352. ActivePerl - Getting Started
  353. Problems using XML::Twig
  354. Determining Remote User's IP Address
  355. Regular expression - Matching return characters
  356. Excel add-in in Perl?
  357. Executing Shell Commands
  358. Excel sheet creation using perl
  359. Installing perl modules
  360. Deleting lines from an active file
  361. Perl script not displaying images in browser
  362. Processing a Data Structure
  363. Comparing the contents of two files
  364. Parsing a CSV file into a Hash
  365. Adding ENV variables in linux
  366. Perl Code Written In Windows not working on Linux
  367. Generating the Test Data for a Database
  368. Syntax Error caused by Inserting Hyperlink in String
  369. DBI Problem
  370. Searching for Keywords in Files in a Dir
  371. Getting input from STDIN
  372. Predicting space available for a ZIP file
  373. Parsing Microsoft Word file by Page
  374. Parsing an Error Log
  375. Incrementing a Switch
  376. Searching for a File
  377. Sorting Excel Data
  378. Automated Website Login
  379. Searching an @array for index of Regex Match
  380. SMTP honeypot
  381. Problems running a server command
  382. Is this an efficiency hack of some sort?
  383. Dynamic Multi-line Pattern Matching
  384. NIS authentication
  385. printing an HTML file on a windows printer
  386. script is printing output correct but not the actual output
  387. exclude or negate a full string, not just a character class
  388. Hiding the Total for a column in excel pivot table
  389. can't get backreferences to work
  390. Course Natural Language Processing
  391. Parsing a Text File
  392. Calling a website from C
  393. HTML to Plain Text
  394. Appending to a file
  395. DBI Module
  396. Comparing Hex Numbers in Strings.
  397. Generating Excel Pivot Table
  398. How to Autoflush STDOUT
  399. STDOUT - Overwriting previous line
  400. Hiding tail "no such file or directory" message in Perl/Tk
  401. Calculate size of all files in a Directory
  402. Net::Telnet hangs after initiating reboot command
  403. Retrieving a date field from an Excel spreadsheet
  404. comparing string with null in perl
  405. CGI - Accessing form parameters broken
  406. Archiving the older files
  407. Passing stuff to an e-mail address
  408. Hex Numbers and Bitwise AND
  409. DLL is not moving up the flag
  410. Comparing the contents of two text files
  411. Perl and Browser compability ?
  412. Dynamic form in PERL
  413. trying to copy files to multiple dirs where destinations are on txt
  414. Checking a folder again after it has been emptied
  415. array handling in perl
  416. Hashes in subroutines?
  417. perl noob and email help
  418. Array initialization
  419. I need help to filter a text file.
  420. checking whether string does not exist with out using !~
  421. Binding wave files in my perl EXE
  422. perl script to send message to syslog....
  423. editing data file
  424. New to Perl
  425. [Off Topic] Web Application need to call a perl program.
  426. Passing parameters to a perl file from .sh file
  427. create dynamic arrays
  428. pattern matching with time
  429. to use Expect and send scripting in perl
  430. Problem parsing the directory
  431. rapidshare upload perl script for linux
  432. Pulling Data From Log Files and Create a New Log File
  433. Problem with dbh->prepare()
  434. Unable to Rename a file in perl
  435. Paging with Html and data base.
  436. Problem Copying Hash of Arrays (REUSED_ADDRESS)
  437. Perl programming with MySQL
  438. pattern match
  439. Need help in Extracting multiple lines
  440. TK Entry Widget - Events?
  441. Win32::Process return with exit code = 143
  442. Separating Text Fields by comma
  443. Monitoring and copying files
  444. How to use cgi tech with perl and how to use Win32:api
  445. save problem
  446. hash as a reference is deprecated at
  447. How to make matrix?
  448. activate a browser window in Perl
  449. Checking return/exit codes ...
  450. How to install Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
  451. how to move one file at a time to another folder
  452. Win32::Process ... target problem
  453. Quick Perl search with subdirectory capabilities
  454. ssh automation
  455. Code which will convert the Excel sheet document to a Pie diagram or a chart
  456. Need help with some very Practical Extraction
  457. Apparently inconsistent arithmetic calculation
  458. day of week
  459. I'm a total novice - please help - File not found!
  460. stupid dumb idiotic simple question about keystrokes
  461. writing to unknown number of files
  462. How to Configure Apache Web Sever for CGI Programming
  463. How to read Ms Word variables Perl
  464. patternmatching in file
  465. Question: oo perl
  466. use perl to generate table of content in XML
  467. Another procmail configuration
  468. jmol using applet with perl programming
  469. How to upload an Image file using perl scripting?
  470. getting Error 404--Not Found
  471. Reading & updating certain variable in file
  472. Sending an SMS using Perl and WWW::Mechanize
  473. Error HTTP 404
  474. What is the syntax error
  475. Installing modules online and offline
  476. Please help in creating .t file and perform tests for C code.
  477. how to use this require_ok($file);
  478. Help for beginner to create Perl script
  479. Installing Spreadsheet::WriteExcel,Spreadsheet:ParseExcel
  480. How to write to line1 of an exisitng file in perl
  481. detect os
  482. create copy, random filename of itself
  483. scan task
  484. Uploading Image(jpg) Files Using CGI- Problem
  485. Help needed in Tool Automation
  486. File Uploading using C (CGI Scripting)
  487. Is it possible to write in a excel template using perl?
  488. autologin
  489. problem with code conversion from php to perl
  490. Trapping errors ...
  491. Tips needed in Ie automation
  492. Multipart alternative emails with attachment
  493. alignment of words
  494. printing only the pattern that matches
  495. Accessing a file and modifying the contents
  496. help
  497. Using of arrays... Can anyone help me?
  498. for web content analysis: Perl or other case?
  499. Help on pl script!!! (Beginner!!)
  500. E-Mail Using Perl
  501. Reducing memeory overheads using perl
  502. Modify the contents of @INC
  503. Email Using Perl in Windows
  504. XML transformatiion in Perl
  505. perl in oracle
  506. Get the second line of an error message from Oracle db in perl
  507. Posting a html form using LWP
  508. Socket connection problem
  509. Mail::Outlook Module
  510. perl doubt
  511. Current Date - Birth Date
  512. Error returned on Unix 'mv' system call.
  513. Is a perpetually running perl script possible?
  514. Convert Excel to CSV
  515. Accessing Public Folders of Exchange 2003/2007 using Perl
  516. Help. General Expression with a specific (right align) location.
  517. Perl code for checking for number good die in wafermap
  518. perl script to get url querystring value and pass it to function.
  519. Compiling perl 5.8.8 with ithread support from the Source
  520. How to check mails by using perl script?
  521. comparing dates (perl - mysql)
  522. Ordering of Elements in XML using Perl
  523. help with perl script to find data that is "out of range"
  524. Secure VPN Gateway - a Perl Solution
  525. How to Display full path and line by line from array
  526. In Perl how to retrieve the full path of a file
  527. Leaving
  528. Perl Doubt-Take the html file and display it into text.
  529. Excel and password protection
  530. Help regarding Regular Expression
  531. perl coding for querying from userid /password protected website
  532. Form scripting help
  533. How to open a website
  534. How to open a file on desktop
  535. Bulk loading into file in PERL
  536. Perl-Basic book for beginners
  537. How to retain the values of a textbox after page reloading ?
  538. Randomly Add and delete fields in a form
  539. Verify Email Address
  540. help: downloading online files with perl
  541. Substitution using regular expressions and mechanize
  542. system operator problem
  543. anonymous arrays
  544. Connecting to an https server using NNTP perl
  545. Accessing Mails in Exchange 2007 using net::pop3
  546. Accessing mails from another domain
  547. object oriented perl and Mod Perl
  548. how to increment character value
  549. print an image or a html file
  550. Parsing MS Access files