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  1. regular expression to verify weekday string
  2. How to write to a ".txt" file present on remote machine?
  3. How can I use hashmap in perl?
  4. making changes in shell script by perl script
  5. Adhering to strict
  6. search multiple files same extension.
  7. How to send a mail with attachments?
  8. "Content-type" etc displaying in browser
  9. Unable to save file in Browser
  10. system command not waiting
  11. Error when reading from file
  12. deleting entries from MySQL db older than current date...
  13. help needed..........
  14. Perl module for jsp support
  15. Degrade version of DBI modules?
  16. Call KSH functions and variables in a PERL Script
  17. Wrinting into an Excel Sheet File
  18. Windows: Find out users with Null password
  19. Run a Perl program from an HTML page without user intervention
  20. Inheriting classes
  21. Extracting From A Text File
  22. Got repeatition of window while calling expect
  23. I got repeated window while I tried to spawn using expect
  24. Perl Formmail
  25. perltk - browse specific files from a directory
  26. Error: Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value $dbh
  27. match pattern of multiple lines (2)
  28. Trouble with activestate perl for windows
  29. Grabbing Text from file and assigning them to variables
  30. CSV to RDD file
  31. Regex - Matching Multiline Comments
  32. Use of uninitialized value in string ERROR
  33. Win32::ODBC - Date Format problem
  34. LWP::UserAgent Get a page after authenicating in SSL mode
  35. Can I use XML::Parser to read xml file instead of XML::DOM/SAX???
  36. Difference between Object Oriented versus Procedural Perl
  37. unix grep to perl
  38. Data Extraction from txt file
  39. Difference between two files
  40. Perl Magick Installation for Bugzilla
  41. Output using format
  42. Upgrading from PERL 5.6 to 5.8
  43. CGI script input
  44. system command in CGI
  45. OO Perl - An array as a class property
  46. problem in calling an external script with system() call
  47. How to use of Perl in JRE??
  48. BV7.1 patch AG cgi adapters no longer log the html returned
  49. palindrome program
  50. Net::Telnet - Handling unix commands
  51. How do I read xml file in perl?
  52. ftp with perl
  53. Perl socket
  54. Coursework - HTML Tags and Attributes to Uppercase
  55. Listing values on an edited Hash
  56. Parsing a file
  57. Not Getting Output..Perl in Linux Redhat 9.0
  58. Real and integer conversion
  59. use strict
  60. LWP - Slurp the links of a webpage?
  61. Change to previous directory with glob
  62. Code debugging - Web survey
  63. Using Strict and Warnings modules.
  64. Using Strict and Warnings modules.
  65. DBD:Oracle Installation Error
  66. Make Error DBI 1.58 (Source code)
  67. substitution in files
  68. Passing variable in a hyperlink to a Perl script
  69. Set Environment Variable in Windows Environment
  70. Filter Repeated Data
  71. Why do classes output "1" to screen unexpectedly?
  72. Executing perl script inside perl script
  73. perlapp --gui option
  74. Perl Version Upgrade from Perl 5.6.1 to Perl 5.8.8
  75. automation of snapshot using perl script
  76. Regex for CSV Parsing
  77. RE: how do you convert to epoch time
  78. RE: how do you remove the last character
  79. Removing Duplicate Headings
  80. Problem with system command on Windows
  81. Perl : URL mechanize
  82. PERL conversion from Solaris to Mac OS
  83. DBI Module Version for Perl 5.6 or Perl 5.8.8???
  84. Error:Can't locate /lib/ in @INC
  85. Quoting a system call - double vs single
  86. Using Perl and encryption to validate a form entry
  87. How to get and install Perl Module?
  88. Help running fp2flickr
  89. C/C++ to Perl - unsiged char
  90. Regex - Capturing before pattern
  91. Automating user interaction
  92. MySQL database to excel spreadsheet report
  93. How to convert perl program into .com file
  94. perform calculations on cells in csv file
  95. Error connecting to Oracle using PERL DBI
  96. Writing data to excel..using DB query..pls help
  97. Debugging CGI App - Delete image from server
  98. Sending SNMP Traps
  99. Win32::SerialPort - Reading Data
  100. How to generate a good identifier for a file?
  101. Perk TK help
  102. How to generate Log Files for perl code
  103. need advice on this - hash
  104. Error: Can't locate CGI/ in @INC
  105. How to use UNC Path
  106. code to fetch data from online source
  107. Populating a hash from a file.
  108. Copying files from a dir that were created in a specific date range
  109. Tcl\tk - Where to get
  110. regarding static type variable in perl
  111. Debug Help - Script to edit a flat file DB
  112. Taking input from configuration file in perl
  113. Info needed in running CGI programs
  114. perl scripts for setuid/setgid
  115. MySQL database to excel spreadsheet report
  116. STDIN content to a file
  117. Need help in Frames
  118. Converting hex string to 32 bit signed integer
  119. Redirect
  120. Deleting the particular line from perl program?
  121. Passing File Handles
  122. Systreeview problem
  123. split query on tags
  124. perl script to crypto++
  125. Question on Regular Expression - "optional" group
  126. CGI and Frames
  127. Installing on HP-UX
  128. HTML::Parser to parse a HTML file from URL or standalone
  129. Removing carriage returns
  130. Perl and MySQL: How do I convert the Perl Database Program into...
  131. Interprocess Communication
  132. Tracking trends in autogenerated Excel File
  133. perl code and modules utilized
  134. Creating a script that goes through photos and converts them to JPG
  135. Counting Punctuation Marks (in a text file)
  136. Unix To Win32 issue. - cat | sed
  137. Combining a Perl download counter script with an audio player pop-up window
  138. Getting Started - Script for web automation testing
  139. File handle - For a list of files
  140. SOAP::Lite and Apache
  141. login password.
  142. Replacing text after last | delimiter
  143. Retrieving a page generated by a NPH cgi script
  144. Spreadsheet::WriteExcel - Writing into existing file
  145. Text File Parsing - List Unique Column Values
  146. how do i get field names of a table in postgresql?
  147. selectively block signal by parent thread to child thread
  148. need a perl script to search for a keyword in a directory and its count
  149. Accesing Serial port from perl scipt
  150. How to set classpath using perl scripting
  151. How to interact with website using perl....
  152. where can i find perl cgi programs on a solaris box
  153. Problem in href url encoding
  154. Count substrings from a string
  155. Upload image
  156. Using a MS Access Database?
  157. Extracting data from specific area of a file
  158. C++ calling Perl program with parameters
  159. CPAN through proxy which needs authentication
  160. Text file to Oracle Database
  161. Multiple conditions on a while loop
  162. Print an array in a form of a square with just outline
  163. getting status of checkbox status from image
  164. Net::Telnet - Alternate Prompts
  165. Comparing version strings within two files
  166. Downloading Url with Perl
  167. Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
  168. how to send text data to database using perl
  169. Reading a file
  170. Perl script on IIS not executing
  171. Comparing two files
  172. WebCalendar - LWP Connection refused
  173. URL required to run CGI script in a web browser? [PERL]
  174. tail with line feed delimination
  175. PDF, Text, or HTML to XML under Linux
  176. Perl CGI to insert data into MySQL table
  177. ODBC mdbtool SQL - problem with ORDER BY
  178. extracting checkbox from pdf file using perl
  179. extract a log file to filter previous dates
  180. File::Remote - read a remote file
  181. Getting an if statement to call in a PERL script
  182. Reading files from the parent directory
  183. IO::Socket - Keeping a socket open
  184. SQL generated Select Box
  185. find,at and tar commands in perl scripts
  186. CSV header getting lost along the way
  187. Form to Email - Getting Started
  188. Printer control
  189. Unix to Windows
  190. Parsing output of `nbtstat -a`
  191. Opening up directories with a variable number appended to end
  192. How to compare dates in Perl
  193. Directory size on disk
  194. GD::Graph::lines
  195. Spliting on multiple delimiters
  196. Secondary sorting keys
  197. streaming data over socket
  198. MySQL database to Excel spreadsheet report
  199. What is the use of $#_?
  200. Extracting Data From Website into Database
  201. copying files
  202. Testing for String inclusion
  203. Win32::OLE - Inserting images into Word doc?
  204. perl
  205. Processing a portion of a file.
  206. Recursively copy a directory tree
  207. How to pass variable in .pl file
  208. Perl/Tk - Automating an external application
  209. date comparison of files with if statements not working
  210. CSV File - Sort data by second field
  211. Sorting array of hashes
  212. Cookies - Working in IE7 but not IE6
  213. String::CRC crc function returns incorrect result, why?
  214. Failed to parse a .csproj file using XML::Smart
  215. @ARGV not working with Windows Server 2003 service pack 2
  216. Need help on Running a CGI program
  217. CGI Script - Modify image handler to include hyperlink
  218. Matching line with 3 or more repetitions of the same date
  219. Calling the DB2 Load utility
  220. thread output to separate consoles
  221. Extracting an IP from a string
  222. searching folder
  223. Bugzilla on Linux - Installing Dependent Perl Modules
  224. Translating data from MS Access to MS Excel
  225. error while parsing XML file in AIX
  226. How to convert perl scripts to executable files
  227. Prompting for Passwords - obscuring input
  228. PERL: Button to post variable to notepad
  229. PERL: Is there a better way to write a series of 'if' statements?
  230. Perl Division Problem
  231. FTP between Windows Server 2003 machines
  232. The TCP/IP and COM Connections to the Servers
  233. PERL: How do I pass a variable ($articleID) to a table?
  234. How to write more than 256 characters to an Excel cell?
  235. Comparing Strings by Character
  236. LWP::Simple -- Getting Filename
  237. Parsing a file into a hash
  238. problem in finding matching string
  239. How to build a bin file in perl like exe files
  240. Config::Properties - How to read properties/ini file in perl?
  241. Files in a sub directory
  242. Installing DBD::ADO - VCVARS32.bat Error
  243. find last accessed file owner
  244. Flat File DB - Getting last record with $id
  245. Passing parameters to .sh file from a perl file
  246. return the number of records (rows) in a flat file db?
  247. Problem using "open FILEPT, "zcat $filename|"" many times
  248. Bugzilla on XP - Installing dependent Perl Modules
  249. Contents between two words in a FILE
  250. Win32::OLE error - No type library matching "Microsoft Excel" found
  251. Pipe problem, Is it a bug in Perl
  252. XML Parsing - Finding a particular node
  253. i need help
  254. Escaping punctuation characters
  255. Sending exit to vsim prompt
  256. tie function - limit on file size?
  257. how to store untainted string in perl
  258. Error - 'nmask' is not recognized as an internal or external command
  259. how to search for a number of files in a directory using perl.
  260. Testing Mason components and Perl Modules
  261. Flash Actionscript sending XML to Perl
  262. Help in extracting particular lines in a file
  263. Calling a .NET webservice from PERL
  264. Basic Question regarding HTML forms and perl
  265. variable length more than 256
  266. Perl Sockets
  267. Script for analyzing url list
  268. Using Regular Expression to extract specific data
  269. how do i do the map path the file outside the server root
  270. how to generate log file??
  271. comparison deal with vector
  272. how to confirm uname and pswd and allow access to next page.
  273. Maximum size of CGI program?
  274. Script Bug - Inserts spaces after every return character
  275. Perl Sockets - Error in bi-directional communication
  276. save messages from editor in a txt file
  277. difference between namespace and module?
  278. Is there a function to update/duplicate other_table [PERL]
  279. Bug in Script - Comparing two directories recursively
  280. Number of days between two dates
  281. Copy file/dir DOESN'T save permissions
  282. .csv file - problem with data manipulation
  283. Help Understanding Script?
  284. How to capture output of unix time command?
  285. How to switch user while executing the script
  286. Win32::OLE Excel - Running Subtotal command
  287. Need Hash Help
  288. Perl and MySQL
  289. Oracle to postgre migration
  290. How can i start perl
  291. DBD::mysql
  292. Doubts on importing the xls report page to database.
  293. Crypt::SSL - Installing OpenSSL
  294. Text file parsin - Separate State and Zip
  295. Perl WWW::Mechanize and Dynamic Forms
  296. include html file
  297. uninitialized value in concatenation
  298. [newbie] regexp question
  299. want to fetch the data from xml file using more than one keyword
  300. Perl/TK - Browse Folder Dialog
  301. pass a perl variable to html
  302. How to include 'and' operator in the following select statements?
  303. HTTP::Request for
  304. Edit a text file with perl
  305. Timer in Perl
  306. Output a perl script as a HTML Document
  307. Logging in Error Message 'before even entering username & pw'
  308. The problem about the module-"Net::telnet"
  309. How to save a file in local machine
  310. executable perl scripts on windows
  311. Using Perl to go in a deeper link without expire.
  312. Changing Tag case, while ignoring tag attribute values.
  313. Using Perl in Windows XP - command prompt problem
  314. to generate the output in a log file
  315. Reading arrays and txt files
  316. delete a set of lines from a file
  317. formmail.cgi help beginner
  318. Installing DBD::mysql in Mac OSX 10.4.10
  319. HTML Page Refresh doesn't work in my PERL web page
  320. recursive copy in perl
  321. Unix command output displayed 0 in browser
  322. how to get an image through perl ?
  323. Perl module(GD) installation on Linux...
  324. how to capture output from a system call and pipe into running script?
  325. Quickest way to Request a Page?
  326. How to create a variable from 2 variables? $a=M; $b=15; $M15 = newvar;
  327. how to read username and password with perl
  328. Single Flat File - Join Records?
  329. How to give username and password to a machine in perl
  330. Win32::OLE open excel file as read only
  331. Calling a perl script from another perl script
  332. Script request - Comparing two directories recursively
  333. Var lines and Switch
  334. exec and junk
  335. Parse script skipping certain data
  336. How to copy a log file from solaris to windows?
  337. Removing directory from a file path
  338. can not load
  339. Regex capture between two strings.
  340. Start and stop apache server using perlscript
  341. pure perl versus grep -v in unix
  342. Converting a date/timestamp
  343. Colored line in the output file using perl
  344. Extract date/time from oracle DB
  345. Insecure dependency while running with -T switch
  346. Passing arguments to perl script
  347. Net::SMTP simple constructor problem
  348. Help regarding automation of IE by Win32::OLE
  349. how to write a perl program using Apache::Session::File module
  350. can't call method "bind_param_inout" without package or object reference
  351. Realtime server status page - slow on refresh
  352. Comparing two variables from different loops
  353. If conditionals to execute blocks of text
  354. fetching lines....until something
  355. Installing Perl Modules on Windows...
  356. I'm getting the error: "Username or password did not match" [PERL]
  357. Read mouse position??
  358. find and replace last occurance of letter in string
  359. Automating the key 'Enter'
  360. What module I have to install for doing telnet operation in Solaris?
  361. multiple telnet
  362. Accessing files and reading data
  363. Processing the file handle in a subroutine
  364. Parsing XML File using Perl
  365. perl "whoami" in WINDOWS (want to use different directory for each user)
  366. CSV file manipulation
  367. Parsing CSV File
  368. find the *.log files with age and delete
  369. How can I use bind_colums to loop through my variables and find matching values?
  370. perl on 2005
  371. Find CPU Usage with Perl
  372. Accept only numeric value
  373. find CPU usage
  374. Sending Results Of Formmail To Web Page
  375. File Parsing
  376. How to run perl script using apache server in solaris machine
  377. Getting Started with Perl
  378. How to get owner of the file in perl
  379. using LWP with perl
  380. Connect to MS-SQL server with DSN-less connection
  381. CGI change server IP address ??
  382. Is there a way to login windows using perl ?
  383. Sending page via WCTP -- Internal Server Error -- Ewe
  384. invoking perl script from c++ file
  385. Is there any command to come out of the loop?
  386. Accept only numeric value
  387. How to write to a file under appropriate block?
  388. Storing a variable in a variable
  389. How to copy an array to a file?
  390. how to copy a log file from solaris machine to windows after telnet to that machine?
  391. Why did the packet capture program did not print any info like IP addr and port??
  392. Can't use string ("0") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use
  393. Packet capture using Perl
  394. Can't call method "send" on an undefined value
  395. connect to mysql database
  396. IO::Socket::INET - 2 problems
  397. How to create a file for a specified size in perl?
  398. Convert string to integer?
  399. Doubts regarding perl scripting programs
  400. How to create a txt,word file in c:,d: harddrives using perl?
  401. While and Printing
  402. Regex problem in perl
  403. A question related to Variables in Perl
  404. SQLite Create Table
  405. Protein sequence from file
  406. Get contents of a folder, in a remote server
  407. how can align as a column
  408. Error message while using IO::Socket::INET module.
  409. Passing parameters to .sh file from a perl file
  410., Error Problem
  411. perl code
  412. How to cut fields with pipe separator in a file
  413. Array Manipulation
  414. Is there any command to show the current date in perl?
  415. Upload file size restriction in perl?
  416. how to represend a hex-string in perl ex: aa 01
  417. Open a web file through Perl
  418. match regular expression before first \n
  419. Binary to Hexa Conversion
  420. change $/
  421. Remotely executing commands on a windows machine
  422. best possible match among list of strings
  423. File Upload Script
  424. Min and Max values
  425. How To Modify RTML Templates
  426. Group/ Ungroup option for Excel sheets
  427. Perl - downloading files - proxy problem
  428. Splitting a string
  429. Module for calculating previous day's date
  430. Running perl code on windows
  431. file upload in perl program
  432. rounding csv values
  433. Decypher line of code
  434. How to install multiple ppd from a location using ppm?
  435. xml post over https
  436. hash / array / hash
  437. Creating an array of bytes from a binary file
  438. Doubts on content management system
  439. Generating reports from Databases
  440. Database data into HashMap (order lost)
  441. External JS problem in Firefox
  442. Delete duplicate keys in hash from file
  443. Regarding Script
  444. Deleting lines in a file
  445. How to compile perl code
  446. Learning Perl
  447. Pack
  448. Understanding a hashref
  449. backticked command not working
  450. Count the number of occurrence of "\n" ?
  451. Uppercase when replacement
  452. Parsing a Log File
  453. need help
  454. How to open a PDF file with password
  455. file to hash script
  456. How to write form to file
  457. Command to display the date in numerical format?
  458. how to build a package in perl programming
  459. frontending html
  460. Perl sh Script
  461. How to track the Usage of a tool?
  462. doubt in concept of tie
  463. Maximum size of array and variable??
  464. Question on DBI module?
  465. PERL and external stylesheets
  466. Looping
  467. windows $argv problems
  468. ping the machine using TCP pings
  469. how to write it in one line..
  470. Split string with new line character?
  471. Creating an Index
  472. Basic tips about OOP
  473. Use GetOpt option to read in string containing "-S -DWT"
  474. Question on "How to use Module"
  475. Pack and unpack
  476. Perl user input scripts
  477. outfile
  478. To access the file in the unix server from windows server.
  479. CGI upload files without using
  480. Problem using CGI::Session
  481. Require a Perl Header file
  482. Prompt in Net::Telnet
  483. random numbers
  484. system function
  485. Parse a FASTA text file
  486. Validating Numerical Input
  487. problem with left or right shift
  488. How to display PERL coding "Results" on webpages?
  489. problem in printing
  490. LWP Documentation
  491. parse text with Perl - case study
  492. Decypher this return value
  493. problem loading session
  494. Converting .pl files to exe
  495. create a table like timesheet
  496. To find a string in the file which is in the directory which the user has no privilge
  497. Documentation for CGI Sessions
  498. PING server problem [PERL] - I'm getting a T-BF / ='e' error.
  499. Instead of using fork() how to releasing child process in windows fasion?
  500. WAMP and Perl - Getting Started
  501. Problem with Perl hash sorting
  502. Writing to a text file from a perlscript
  503. construct a matrix by some given values
  504. Run a block of sql commands using 'here document'
  505. Re-prompting for user input
  506. Suggest Perl Resources
  507. Which Protocol do I use, when 'Pinging the server'?
  508. RSA Key File Problems in ActivePerl
  509. query in Print
  510. File Time comparison
  511. Prototyping Behavior
  512. Trying to create this type of regular expression...
  513. Wanting to ping our server to retrieve the status [PERL]
  514. win automation
  515. Excel Worksheet to CSV
  516. Archive::Tar - Packing a directory
  517. CPAN complete installation
  518. Use of exec / system / backticks inside of LSF job
  519. New to Perl and have basic array question
  520. How would I do -- echo `netstat -a | grep ajax`
  521. Error with a pm file
  522. How to remove a variable length of the word from the string?
  523. doubt in downloading files
  524. Check and Validation by using parsing
  525. ne
  526. Win32::IEAutomation - Javascript Ability?
  527. How to move file from one directory to another directory in linux
  528. PERL arrays printing and looping
  529. Access UNC Windows path using variable as server name
  530. rename files in a directory
  531. Split a large file and then go back through the smaller chunks
  532. How to validate an IP address...
  533. Duplicate entry error [PERL] on CMS
  534. Sending an email
  535. Class::Param - What is it?
  536. Help me understand the following two Subroutines
  537. read the config file and put the values into variables
  538. Query about Split function
  539. Cut short the code
  540. Upload Files progress bar
  541. how to write perl script for below quarry
  542. Carriage Return is messing up my program
  543. Tk-804.027 make test
  544. Execute a PHP script passing parameters
  545. Unicode pattern matching
  546. Client-server script in perl using IO::sockets
  547. Limit split to one single space...
  548. internal Redirect problem
  549. invoking perl script from a cgi script running in the browser
  550. comparison of 2 text files