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  1. Modifying a hash in some other file
  2. In Regular Expression
  3. Filter 3Gb of text
  4. How to pass an array as argument to another program...?
  5. Date Difference between two dates
  6. Find out missing floating value in an array
  7. How do i Call Perl script from HTML
  8. Perl or C++ for CGI?
  9. Open Zip directories with perl
  10. Urgent problem with running perl script in browser
  11. Improve my Simple Code
  12. How do you create a file and insert text?
  13. Problem with gathering password on MAC
  14. PERL and ORACLE help
  15. PERL and HTML
  16. Build a tree in perl
  17. problem with chomp
  18. a hash of arrays
  19. help with regular expressions
  20. balancing and monitoring
  21. comparing the given directory structures
  22. Any method available in perl to remove a duplicate value in array
  23. setting array index value
  24. Refresh GUI Window
  25. IO redirection
  26. Earlier Perl issues
  27. install of secondary program from perl created .exe
  28. How to append an excel sheet using perl
  29. setting environment variables, then running perl script on Win32
  30. Terminate a process
  31. Terminate a process by specifing computer name using PERL..
  32. using dynamic variable name in PERL...
  33. Sorting alphanumber and replace by same order using PERL
  34. example script needed
  35. Happy Birthday Perl!
  36. Parse Issue
  37. Compiling perl 5.8.8 for using DBI
  38. Help on Perl and Javascript cookie
  39. How can i pass directory pathname as an argument to a file name in perl?
  40. creating an excel file for writing
  41. Reading PDF file using Perl CGI
  42. sorting through text with blank fields
  43. Happy 20th Birthday
  44. how to send variable number of arguments to mysql execute()
  45. Getting error & warnings messages from PERL PRG
  46. perl script for Hp-ux
  47. sessions in perl
  48. Deleteing files from Directory
  49. Need help with wxWidgets
  50. Win32::Process::Create - option string trouble
  51. Help on fetchrow_hash
  52. How to escape mataCharacters without Backslash it using REGEX?
  53. Help me in recursive!!!
  54. Passing 2 dimensional array through CGI Post
  55. how to put a list of the e-mail addresses that can send e-mail to
  56. Checking for bad dna sequences
  57. How to delete colums and read a table
  58. How to read last to lines of a file present at remote server.
  59. How to convert my perl scripts in binary executables?
  60. How to Configure Scrollbars to Tk::ROText?
  61. Need Perl script to read a HTML file and write into Excel file
  62. Insecure dependency in `` while running with -T switch at
  63. How can I save the elements in array, and compare with a new one?
  64. Help with simple form parse & email
  65. Problem with 'pp'
  66. Help with Reopen file
  67. A question to u friends
  68. Preserve Formulas
  69. mysql in Perl
  70. File searcher and move a chunk of data
  71. On Total Perl
  72. Segmentation fault erorr
  73. Help On Hashes
  74. Reading Files From Directories
  75. Opening Password Protected Excel file using Win32:OLE in Perl
  76. Clearing the entries i.e like reset in perl tk
  77. Break up Large file into smaller ones
  78. Linking problem when trying to use perlembed
  79. Convert Number to Word
  80. another palindrome problem
  81. CSV file skip commas
  82. Environment variables
  83. perl help
  84. Perl problem to add timeout for external calls on Win32
  85. unlink will not delete
  86. hi friends can any one help me out for this perl script.
  87. Questions regarding filehandler
  88. Perl Expect and openssl
  89. A problem for a PERL beginner
  90. Not able to install Bundle::DBI on windows machine
  91. about modperl
  92. writing to a single file from two scripts
  93. File Directory
  94. Problems with utf8, locale and regex
  95. Login issue
  96. Real Time Perl Program using TCP Dump captured packets
  97. IF statement debacle
  98. Sending Email with Inline Images
  99. Trying to incorporate variable data in system call?
  100. Executing C++ compiled code in perl
  101. putting data from file to mysql...
  102. How to get the absolute path to script that is running?
  103. cron perl script to navigate and down load a xls file
  104. How to download all pdf files from a web site?
  105. FOREACH Loop
  106. mdtm() not supported in my pc
  107. the command - system ( "source ./profile") not working
  108. Screencasts for a beginner
  109. Re: pack geometry manager
  110. How to match repeat characters in Perl?
  111. How to exclude lines from a txt file that start with a #
  112. Extracting a string from an XML file which is located at a our local company URL
  113. how to change the content of textfile dynamically
  114. Perl/CGI outputs code and not html
  115. Sorting problem
  116. Accessing Variables outside package scope
  117. reading .txt file in array format
  118. fething the data & converting it into csv file
  119. text store line by line in an array
  120. %USERPROFILE% - What is this?
  121. Using Credentials on LWP
  122. How do you print out values from a Hash Table using a key?
  123. Help with WWW::Mechanize Module using Authentication
  124. simple find replace
  125. acessing void pointer in a C file in perl.
  126. Can't do inplace edit without backup
  127. Install Mason
  128. System Command
  129. Translate UNC to Local Mapped Drive
  130. unable to install external modules
  131. extract form data
  132. insert spaces
  133. Server Side Video Transcoding!
  134. finding and replacing lines in a file
  135. How to get list of global data and function definition.
  136. Forking in a foreach loop
  137. spliter
  138. Match pattern and Extract section from file
  139. how to output test::more to a file?
  140. Looking for Folder
  141. Conversion from floating point to character type
  142. Translating Foreign HTML Code
  143. file writing
  144. Best way to read a csv file?
  145. range operator problems
  146. copying specific files from a directory
  147. How to check the encoding format of an XML
  148. Perl chdir problem
  149. Table matching and concatenation
  150. Perl XMLBuilder
  151. Perl: Unable to configure a device from HTTP page using perl
  152. Perl: unable to use "select" with filehandle
  153. mysql health check script
  154. Packets and socket programming in perl
  155. Extrcting Data From A File!!!!!!!!!!
  156. can't run perl DBI to access mysql
  157. To grep a file within a time range using PERL
  158. How to remove the first two element from an array and more!
  159. Web Perl Module Recommendation
  160. Sorting columns
  161. How to find that some perl program is already running.
  162. Regax Prob
  163. parsing text
  164. Button Linking to Text File
  165. how to inhibit form submission for user input validation
  166. overwrite file without asking
  167. limit file size
  168. source code to generate perl library
  169. Count Messages in Inbox
  170. perl/awk dealing with mysql. request/help
  171. Reading in very large line of text
  172. Extract maximum values
  173. Problem - Error: No database selected!
  174. Need Perl OLE help
  175. Problem unzipping DBI module from CPAN
  176. how to convert numbers in english to digits
  177. Problem with prepare statement, MySQL, and PERL,
  178. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: Guidelines To Ensuring Better Answers
  179. After deleting lines from a file i need to keep the file order
  180. help with auto email on my website
  181. what's LWP and how to use it?
  182. Taking variable value from one file to another file
  183. including a file
  184. The difference between two date times
  185. whats wrong with my code?
  186. What is the perl future
  187. How grab html data
  188. Draw Spline With Perl and Visio
  189. How to edit HTM files with Perl?
  190. how to find string/digit/numeric?
  191. Need a good PPM repository
  192. lauch shell minimized from PERL
  193. uploading a file in a website
  194. view verbose output from system commands within perl script
  195. whats the soultion of the error--The parameter or environment lists are too long.
  196. external hash table
  197. "substitution" in file in array
  198. How to pass array argument using perl SOAP::lite client to java webservice?
  199. How to dispaly the content of a file
  200. How to embed a hyperlink behind a string
  201. Generate Report From .txt by Prompting User for Parameters
  202. Need help writing/inserting text to MS word file at the end
  203. System & Perl Socket Max <>
  204. Perl grep and regular expression Performance : clarification
  205. which DNS server for resolution
  206. Empty List Box
  207. Perl script that calls other Perl scripts, how to handle errors ?
  208. Calling a perl script from another.
  209. Consume .net web services in Perl
  210. Question about LHS assignment with split()
  211. Interactive PPM
  212. Function to check a number between a range in perl
  213. Regular Expression problem
  214. perl with swig to test c files
  215. Perl with SQL server which is a website
  216. how to create a config file that a perl script will use.
  217. Need some help where I am going wrong with my sorter script
  218. Removing duplicates
  219. Commmunicate between server and client
  220. How to work with CLI application using perl
  221. How to match multiline when reading input file line by line
  222. Cache Problem
  223. Extraction of function calls from C file
  224. Browse_text box
  225. Can we execute an option in ClearCase Windows Explorer using perl...?
  226. OpenGL and Perl?
  227. How to match "++" as part of regular expression
  228. Message to User
  229. problems installing module Net::SFTP
  230. data extraction from a website
  231. How to fetch the exit code of the executed perl script?
  232. png template processing
  233. How to replace particular region only and print all content as a output file.
  234. Input Dialog...?
  235. query help!
  236. Looking for a fast similarity calculation method
  237. perl script help needed
  238. Remote program execution using cgi-perl
  239. Removing new line character from a string
  240. How to change a url to hyperlink?
  241. How to send array of string to a web service [Using PERL]
  242. login via SSH to an other mashine..
  243. Problem in fetching the return value of the executed program.
  244. tie::File 500 Internal Server Error???
  245. Is it possible to open concurrent connections using Net::IMAP::Simple library ?
  246. Perl Job
  247. Problem with Config::Properties
  248. copy few lines from one file to another file.
  249. Perl noob tries to translate a scipt to PHP - need some help
  250. cygwin & perl
  251. Need help in parsing the special characters using XML::Parser
  252. can't execute system() command
  253. Substitution in loop
  254. Press Ctrl-C to terminal child process
  255. how to take multiline input from the command prompt?
  256. Need Net::Telnet example(can execute my own script)
  257. Newbie with a problem
  258. How can I pass output of some perl subroutine to a subroutine?
  259. How to declare global variables.
  260. file conversion?
  261. Create Junck Output file
  262. CAn't get the dependencies working to access database
  263. attaching files to posts
  264. Problem editing a file
  265. decoding problem?
  266. Including results from one CGI in another.
  267. Convert word document to text file?
  268. perl popup box notifications
  269. preventing perl scripts from being downloadable
  270. Problem with loaded module Net::SNMP
  271. perl code to equal to javascript's history.back()
  272. there are 1500 set of binary vectors i have to append the vectors
  273. Difference between $::variable and $variable
  274. Admin login security code
  275. How to login website using LWP and HTTP modules?
  276. can't run program from directory it's in
  277. Windows Call Unxi Perl Script, then input data on Windows Console
  278. Neophyte having trouble Installing XML::Parser module on OS X
  279. Question on opening a Socket
  280. Web Crawler
  281. using perl to override output redirection
  282. Using perl to control modem sessions on an access server
  283. Display dates between range in perl
  284. Posting XML
  285. how to make a tool
  286. Binary file handling
  287. using grep
  288. Perl: I do not pass parameters to usage() and @_ is defined yet ???
  289. processing /etc/fb.modes help
  290. concatenation error with <STDIN>
  291. Need help in escaping the character "#" from the url
  292. Problem with Perl socket program
  293. what is "Quantifier follows nothing before HERE mark in regex m/* << HERE / "?
  294. regular expression
  295. Text file to Binary file
  296. append file to file
  297. Search not returning only one result
  298. Help with File::Remote module
  299. Running Perl as a Windows Application
  300. ActiveState Perl Mailing Lists
  301. Perl script to determine if Windows Firewall is on
  302. Help Needed in int(<$fh>)
  303. perl substitution
  304. How can I get hash values without using loop???
  305. how to get next line
  306. exact pattern matching
  307. Cannot write from perl CGI to text file
  308. Getting the error:: Variables will not stay shared
  309. Help on textarea value and perl
  310. Perl help needed...
  311. /etc/fb.modes scripts HELP!!
  312. Executing existing HTML file from PERL program
  313. perl--logical help needed
  314. submitting a variable to a subroutine
  315. unable to run
  316. Perl System call error
  317. can't read file send trough NET::FTP put
  318. How to change the system environment variables...
  319. How to get the first word from a given string...
  320. need help for a script which goes through the directories recursively...
  321. Generating javascript through perl
  322. Remove last new line
  323. how to open popup after redirecting the control to the other page
  324. How to change drive in windows Perl
  325. Analyzing a PDF
  326. Creating a Client Login.
  327. Find a text line that starts with forward slash
  328. modifying text using perl
  329. How to insert one row(not column) in HList?
  330. syslog function try to write to /dev folder
  331. Calling Sql from Perl
  332. How to support Unicode for Embeded Perl
  333. Formatting output
  334. The script is working well but i need to improve itis function .
  335. csv file
  336. downloading from webpage
  337. Reassign STDERR within script
  338. Perl Script Problem
  339. alerting user before session expires
  340. PDF2Txt
  341. Dynamic variables
  342. memory allocated for arrays in perl
  343. Need Help in handling File type button in web page : IEAutomation
  344. Strange Buffer Problem
  345. Finding an element in an unordered list
  346. Writing into a file in chunks
  347. Appending a cell of an Excel File
  348. capturing text from a java application window in unix OS
  349. Spreadsheet::WriteExcel Error while generating an excel sheet
  350. syntax error near unexpected token
  351. Writing to file
  352. making an xls in perl
  353. Dynamic Web PAge Titles using Perl and CGI
  354. Perl OBDC Segmentation fault
  355. Perl-CGI and MySQL
  356. Parsing HTML
  357. insert in SQL Database
  358. Adding CPAN repository in the list of repositories available for PPM
  359. Can't locate Module/ in @INC
  360. How to delete a row in an excel file?
  361. Parsing
  362. NEED HELP IN Search comment lines Perl script
  363. How To Read a List of subdirectories in a Directory
  364. perl Validator for XML
  365. how to install a module on windows
  366. Sorting filenames
  367. How can I set several values to hash in loop
  368. Packages question
  369. .pl working fine but .exe not works
  370. Password Addition
  371. newbie seeking that log log event to syslog server
  372. error in the directory of ffmpeg using FFmpeg::Command
  373. Memory Release Problem?
  374. Check the size of a downloading file
  375. Status: 302 Moved Location: perl cgi web project
  376. Problems writing stdout to a file
  377. problem with apostrophy s in a perl / js dropdown
  378. Perl program to examine lines in a text file
  379. File creation using Perl
  380. Comparing Lines and Printing the Ones that are Different
  381. Scanning a directory for XML files and reading them
  382. Equivalent functions iN CGI
  383. Sharing global vars with Explorer driving me insane...
  384. split function
  385. guestbook script doesn't run on Linux machine
  386. Append a Cell of An Excel File
  387. Read from perl socket
  388. Issues working with callbacks File::Monitor
  389. Fetching values in Perl
  390. Fetching Column values in Perl
  391. posting the data 1 page to 4th page with out using hidden field concept
  392. packing and unpacking problem
  393. hi problem in date
  394. Perl Arrays
  395. problem in extracting the zip files
  396. I think I messed up the .pl file
  397. Perl Question
  398. access C file in Perl module
  399. postmessage problem.....64 bits problem
  400. Using pwd and chdir to move back to previous directory
  401. subroutine
  402. if/else issue
  403. How to check if directory has write permissions.
  404. error writing to file
  406. Execute script on remote computer.
  407. LEft shift problem
  408. Telnet
  409. Perl on MAC OS X
  410. Interacting with web page
  411. strange behavior with system()
  412. how to controll end of file..
  413. paginating the results
  414. win32 serial port programming
  415. decrypting perl script
  416. Why Isn't File::Compare Not Working?
  417. Sorting
  418. handling arrays.... "We are not in C anymore"
  419. Extracting a specific string from an XML file
  420. Problem with Parsing XML file with "."
  421. Accessing Informix Databsse
  422. compare String timestamp with a timestamp in postgres
  423. Little problem with Perl
  424. Perl socket programming
  425. Quck question about passing params...
  426. Counting columns in file
  427. regrex pattern matching
  428. process log file
  429. How to Un-Install perl-5.8?
  430. LWP Authentication is not sticking
  431. Generate a Table of contents using file open loop not working.
  432. Perl - how to skip a line
  433. Watching a folder
  434. Login to the MAC OS using perl script.
  435. SERVER global variables in Perl?
  436. Perl Script Problem
  437. Copy file from one machine to another machine using perl
  438. parsing problen in comparison of files.
  439. Simple n00b problem passing string to sub
  440. changing content via another page (using a form)
  441. perl api processing
  442. Issue comaring two files
  443. Access ---> Perl ----> HTML
  444. regulr expression:matching problem
  445. Mod Perl
  446. charset of the browser from which the request is coming........
  447. Find file path and/or user aliases....
  448. Parsing two files to get matching and non-matching entries
  449. Matching patterns on a string with 2 sets of parenthesis
  450. Pointing to an External File
  451. Perl Help
  452. Perl modules required to process XML files
  453. Forming A New File By Filtering Certain Words In Two Different Files
  454. XML Parser
  455. Perl Titles syntax
  456. Standalone Blast
  457. Perl on Windows
  458. How to call sql queries from perl
  459. save the HTML result
  460. Help pls
  461. Testing 'Form-to-Email CGI'
  462. Perl Open having problem when called from web.
  463. Why is print statement not printing NEW LINE (\n)
  464. DB2 is installed on IBM iSeries and DBI module is not able to connect to iSeries
  465. How To Compare Hashes And Print Common Words
  466. IO::Socket::SSL not binding to a single ip address
  467. removing html tags:
  468. printing the output of a program in another file
  469. How to search a word from a text using perl
  470. Sorting in perl in the way data was added
  471. Get some lines from a file
  472. Media RSS parsing in Perl
  473. Need help with CPAN gone awry
  474. Script to parse folder structure
  475. how to modify a file using perl script
  476. How to execute .sql command using Perl script.
  477. FORM processing .cgi script - can someone check this?
  478. Invoke PERL from unix/linux, process and writing o/p data Excel sheet (Spread sheet)
  479. Trying to write a Clearcase command script for UNIX vob
  480. Help on running other host program
  481. Running Perl script in the backend from Html
  482. text data handling in perl
  483. Novice Help - Meaning of 1189681452
  484. Win32::Spawn not executing embedded process
  485. Connecting to ms sql server with perl
  486. search a file using input from a list
  487. Need help about UNDEF function?
  488. Getting an <STDIN> statement to work in Windows PERL Express
  489. Regex and array issue...
  490. to count the number of bigrams
  491. Windows Device Manager and UI Automation
  492. problem in finding files
  493. problem with uppercase and lowercase:
  494. passing variable's value from javascript and receiving in perl script
  495. File Descriptor Errors in Active State Perl
  496. Need help on Session module please
  497. retreiving data to an excel file via a webpage
  498. serial port
  499. How to seperate words?
  500. Adding header to each standard output
  501. LDAP-Insufficient 'add' privilege to add the entry
  502. Printing errors to browser
  503. Perl as a cron job: permissions error
  504. XML XPath Perl Help
  505. What should be the Shebang line in a CGI script?
  506. Reading lines from a file and printing variable values
  507. Send Mail (430 Forbidden error messages)
  508. Very Basic String Operators!!
  509. Perl Array Problem...
  510. Remove Tags from HTML Page
  511. Running and returning a value from a subroutine
  512. Posting FORM to CGI script error!
  513. can't pull lines from a file where NOT = to a searchstring
  514. Wide character in syswrite at /usr/share/perl/5.8/Net/ line 430
  515. Sorting
  516. Filesys::DfPortable installation problem
  517. pls help i dont want the remainders:
  518. Finding a particular word in a all text file in a directory
  519. DBI and what else..
  520. Perl Rand
  521. Program flow
  522. Delete and re-draw different Tk window
  523. Unable to print $ENV{'HTTP_USER_AGENT'} ?
  524. Simple if/else problem.
  525. Reverse() function not working on array?
  526. How to run .pl files in a browser? PERL
  527. How to run perl using windos OS?
  528. Using the GREP Function in PERL 5.8
  529. Writing French Accented Characters in Excel using Perl.
  530. pattern matching
  531. Perl system() process Id
  532. can you explain a little bit for me
  533. How to Find ,if already a environment variable is set in hash table
  534. Download file using cookies
  535. New to Perl and File IO
  536. Query in NET:Telnet module
  537. Perl script to look only for the desired keyword on cisco router
  538. Can't get my filename pattern matching working....can anyone help?!
  539. Character replacement
  540. Starting Point for my Task
  541. Downloading PERL
  542. string parsing in perl
  543. Installing Perl in Vista!
  544. How to append file to the file
  545. Download progress bar ?
  546. How to kill a process on remote machine on some other domain?
  547. Connecting to Sybase
  548. What is happening in the following perl code?
  549. Regular expressions using IO::Socket
  550. Script using Crypt::CBC encryption/decryption