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  1. how to store my date in variables using locatime
  2. Regexp query
  3. Problem extracting data from text file
  4. MS Project task name cell color
  5. setting range of indices in an array with a constant value
  6. removing extra fields
  7. On file sending
  8. Replace special character
  9. Connect to the remote machine using Telnet module
  10. how to append to a text file?
  11. Match between the arrays
  12. Array!! diffrencess
  13. cURL with Perl
  14. How to search values in an array & if it matches data in a file, perform an action?
  15. How to call on terminate function in perl
  16. Stylized perl/tk GUI
  17. i want to improve my GUI
  18. How to match?
  19. module installation need help
  20. Delete a line from the fil
  21. CPP function in perl.
  22. Perl + CGI
  23. On modperl
  24. Re: How to link archive file to shell script using swig interface
  25. how to compare with a word only in a sentence?
  26. script carrying over file with no problem but not text
  27. Sharing Sessions across multiple Domains
  28. Help Creating a Hash from a CSV file
  29. Query about content management system
  30. question of whether authentication of password and username is good
  31. error handling...
  32. Pointer parameter to a mapped C dll function
  33. On modperl
  34. creating array of hash..
  35. read files by descending
  36. Need Help regarding FTP
  37. any way to extract a value from a text file?
  38. referring to variable name using string:
  39. extend list according to its elements
  40. hash of lists:
  41. how to run cgi scripts?
  42. Want to remove an unwanted charachter from scalar
  43. text file modification with perl
  44. print .csv table in browser in perl -cgi
  45. converting a script into EXE
  46. Using CGI to print a table
  47. Problem in Date Function
  48. Finding Junk Characters
  49. strange average problem and loop
  50. Finding difference
  51. Extract and compile a list of IP addresses after doing a system call of traceroute
  52. Reading a PDF file using PERL
  53. Timed Proceedure
  54. Error while using File::Listing qw(parse_dir);
  55. Deleting the matchin pattern form all the files
  56. some usage doubts on net::telnet
  57. 407 proxy authentication when installing perl modules
  58. Problem regarding mkdir and chdir and recursive function
  59. Convert an automation into MPEG
  60. comparing two arrays
  61. Long Integer
  62. Regular Expression Question
  63. debug perl files from within vslick editor :
  64. date format question
  65. Processing Data using Perl Hash
  66. print to socket causes unexpected exit [please help]
  67. Accessing Array Elements of Data Structure
  68. Newbie trying to understand nested loops
  69. Compare two hashes
  70. sum up array
  71. Read a line by characters
  72. Setting up an alarm scheduler?
  73. tail file and send over socket
  74. cannot get this regex to work!
  75. Text not viewable in tk
  76. FTP get method
  77. Can't locate module in @INC
  78. Monitor SNMP Service
  79. How can I get the information between the <tr><td> and </td></tr>?
  80. Extracting cab files
  81. Help on DBIx::Class
  82. Cookies
  83. Perl EOF keyword?
  84. find files in directories and subdirectories and copy them into a new directory
  85. how to extract data from excel that satifies a match condition
  86. How to download and install Archive::Zip in solaris platform
  87. extract repeating text segments
  88. tictactoe script with one user playing with the computer
  89. Listing all regexs possibilities
  90. Parsing html chunks
  91. Connecting to remote server using SSH
  92. pdf::reuse help with simple script
  93. Extract http:// from url
  94. Unable to install DBD-Oracle module
  95. Capturing text printed on console
  96. possible to create an interface with mysql with perl?
  97. adding data within a hash
  98. How to clear the data each time I call a function?
  99. Open Perl IDE How to specify path to the file to open in perl
  100. Perl rename function doesnt work!
  101. Hash sort weirdness
  102. Perl Pointer Question
  103. DBD::mysql install problem using CPAN
  104. how to install DBD:ODBC on Windows XP
  105. Using Set::Object - evidently I need compiled code?
  106. Syntax error in a motif finder code
  107. escaping quotes in a mysql insert statment
  108. sorting array of hash in hash
  109. New Line is not printing for certain messages
  110. win32::OLE
  111. Problem with regexp
  112. Perl Split Pattern
  113. conform the password
  114. send email
  115. Problem compiling perl module Device::SerialPort
  116. DBI: Array bind is supported only for ORA_TABLE types.
  117. Passing interior array of two-dimensional array to subroutine
  118. Data Manipulation with pop, push, and shift.
  119. Perl: invoke value
  120. How do i find the version of Expat
  121. Expat error
  122. running windows batch program in perl
  123. Ftp query
  124. About Ftp
  125. zip file corrupted over HTTP
  126. Devices::Modem?
  127. get client's login name using perl. Is this possible?
  128. perl script for simulation of various page replacement algorithm
  129. Very begining problem in perl
  130. perl with shell dont accept variable
  131. Hash search
  132. User Created Perl Module help
  133. Passing variables from a perl script to calling batch script
  134. How to find and print the lowest and highest numbers punched in by the user?
  135. Decrypt file with perl
  136. regarding grep function
  137. pattern search
  138. how to telnet to a switch that without a username prompt?
  139. Regarding::Audio wave
  140. dictionary using perl
  141. Newbie...parsing from multiple lines.
  142. perl.exe vs. cmd.exe
  143. CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers
  144. PS to PDF using perl
  145. Best to use If and conditions? or some other form of logic for this example
  146. Using perl Expect package for Japanese language
  147. Need help in scripting
  148. Combining a variable in MySQL query statement
  149. eleminating redundant words from a file
  150. Beautification Script - Regular Expressions
  151. Can any one help me please
  152. Replacing a search/not found pattern with a word
  153. Analyse Log file
  154. is it posible to append to txt file vertically?
  155. how to extract the abbreviation from a given text uisng PERL
  156. Inserting a character to a line
  157. Pease help me out with the program
  158. GUI Window Icon
  159. wave files comparision
  160. call MATLab program from Perl
  161. Can't call method "value" error when running perl script
  162. Shebang line (perl script) running on both UNIX and Windows
  163. About basic Perl
  164. HTML::Parser problem parsing special charcters in HTML file.
  165. How to post username and password to .cgi form
  166. Web scraping beginner problem - help appreciated
  167. Error connecting to JDBC using perl
  168. Can't locate object method "fd" via package "SDBM_File"
  169. Matching multiple strings from a file
  170. hi
  171. How to access forms < id > using Win32::IE::Mechanize->new( )
  172. Can't call method "value" on an undefined value error after perl script is run
  173. Got message 49 error when bind to LDAP server
  174. Manipulating Excel Using Perl.
  175. Read Character by Character in each line
  176. Store package(class) name in a variable, and remove an instance of a package
  177. Parse multiple files...
  178. Perl and Apache Derby
  179. Perl Script that returns the number of pages in a PDF (used to work)
  180. Help with a perl problem
  181. How can i pass and access a Perl var parameter in a Javascript function
  182. LWP Request
  183. About Socket programming
  184. to run a perl script from local machine that will login to remort servers and run a
  185. regarding Audio::wave
  186. Unable to connect to access 2007 from perl
  187. clarifying facts on cpan modules
  188. Database record in a form
  189. automating an installation using Perl?
  190. perl
  191. how to Exactly match a 4 digit number
  192. How to plot a histogram from an array
  193. Socket Connection To Mico Controller
  194. cannot find module in @INC
  195. Perl script to monitor windows server components
  196. is there a perl mechanism to ping a network element before issuing SNMP commands?
  197. perl with cgi
  198. Getting Info from Array
  199. using push
  200. Set administrator privileges to WMI script
  201. DATE in Perl
  202. Problem with @INC on Perl upgrade
  203. perl xpath based
  204. how to output excel to textfile?
  205. To delete first few letters in a string in a file
  206. seraching binary files by their version
  207. Replace bold words in Word Document
  208. Parsing word Doc using PERL in Windows
  209. Retrieving values from the URL
  210. Question: Does any know
  211. arguments problem
  212. Accessing data in references?
  213. Perl and print text file selectively help!
  214. Trying to access data and print it to the screen using Perl Builders I/O Window
  215. Calling subroutine
  216. SOAP::Lite XML hash
  217. Chomp
  218. Pop up Message in PERL
  219. Building perl with -fPIC
  220. Help with a .pl file
  221. To test the pattern whether it is.jpg or .xml by comparing with the extension
  222. Socket program in perl
  223. CGI script: redirect a page, then redirect to *another* page.
  224. find a particular word in a file
  225. Pack yields unwanted bytes
  226. Iteration over Hash of Arrays
  227. how to install mod_perl under linux for perl
  228. Deleteing null tags in XML file with perl
  229. looking for a cleaner way to make this work
  230. Perl searching and replacing an HEX pattern
  231. automatic user input of cpan ?
  232. Resources & Suggestions for Learning Perl
  233. missing operator somewhere in regular expression
  234. To read the full subfolder path and write the path into textfile
  235. regexp question :
  236. Images in fastcgi
  237. I want to check that all characters in a word are capital or not
  238. To remove trailing prompt from the output
  239. Cron does not find method in required library
  240. script that will scan through file
  241. parsing text
  242. Need help in reading a different word file which has table with rows and columns.
  243. Need help in Bookmark in MS word thru perl
  244. Need help to merge number of columns in MS word
  245. Running a perl script automatically
  246. Explanation of sending a "Response" (object?)
  247. how to reduce the time complexity while reading files
  248. parse throuh file to extract output
  249. problem converting .txt to excel
  250. Can't call method "tagName" on an undefined valuel/lib/Win32/ line 488
  251. reading and merging two files at the same time
  252. 64-bit string
  253. New To perl programming
  254. system ('source "my_file"') has problem
  255. Age of the file
  256. perl-find clearcase old view list
  257. input to file
  258. What happend with parent process.
  259. Problem in Perl program
  260. Problem with Perl Upgrade from Perl 5.6.1 to Perl 5.8.8
  261. putting a image in a specific cell
  262. Control one script from the other.
  263. To display last year calendar
  264. reading from stdin via pipe, buffering?
  265. Error: Prototype mismatch: sub main::prompt ($;$) vs none at inc/Module/
  266. how to simulate a vending machine using perl?
  267. Help with Incrementing
  268. Error when using coderefs.
  269. As 400 Dbd
  270. please help me
  271. Telnet
  272. Sorting files based on the last modified time
  273. Web Searching by submiting query or keywords by perl
  274. IEAutomation problem
  275. string match/discard issue
  276. Retrieving items from an array of hashes
  277. Spreadsheet::WriteExcel Question
  278. To raise some error message when there is error in any batch file called from a perl
  279. Connecting with Perl to Oracle
  280. Renaming files
  281. Share memory
  282. Loop for application I wrote crashes
  283. Executing a batch file(.bat) from a perl code
  284. Perl strict and "my"
  285. file transfer through serial modem
  286. extracting pdf files
  287. Searching in Hashes
  288. Getting value automatically.
  289. File Parsing via PERL Scripting
  290. How to find modules exist in perl
  291. doubt?
  292. Sort function
  293. Associative array explaination...
  294. How to create an XML file using perl.
  295. Parsing webpage whose data comes dynamically using javascript
  296. string split problem
  297. pass a parameter using system command.
  298. doubt ! help me
  299. Accessing Xml File Through Perl And Running It In Telnet
  300. CGI error: need help!
  301. Help to create test report
  302. malformed header from script
  303. How to write code to modify a record
  304. How to Call a Batch file for execution from a perl script
  305. How to disable history from perl code
  306. Managing multiple HTTP requests on same session
  307. Perl code for parsing a text file and output a text file
  308. hash insertion with correct hierarchy :
  309. Prime Numbers Code - Begginer
  310. Help with a Cron Job Getting an error
  311. How to take backup of a running log file and search for a pattern in that log file
  312. How to execute the perl code after an interval
  313. CSV to XML works o.k - having prob taking a field from the CSV to name the XML file
  314. help on perl file uploading
  315. CSV decoding through perl
  316. Perl's DESTROY and Signal Handling
  317. Pattern matching and inserting a line in a file
  318. compare two datr files
  319. To print a selected row in Hlist item..
  320. Help with splitting up a input file.
  321. Need help i am new in perl...
  322. Find files for remote machine
  323. Customizing the message body in Net::SMTP
  324. Sending mail from perl in unix
  325. Autofilling a webform of other domain
  326. Help with mysqlpp and a perl script
  327. how to run gmake
  328. Help on regex
  329. Checking for file type.
  330. Perl variable switching
  331. running shell script from perl script
  332. xml file generation in perl
  333. Trouble getting data from a file
  334. Speed problem
  335. Problem writing to a file from a perl website
  336. Soap : need help
  337. Please help me ( [a-z]+)
  338. Premature end of script
  339. how to read inputs from file for perl script?
  340. Error handling won't go away!
  341. For loop containing HTML
  342. Reliable Perl Automation
  343. Path problem in perl
  344. Connecting to command prompt
  345. Getting error when I am using XML::Parsar in perl files?
  346. Client server program
  347. What is a CSV file?
  348. Problem with print statement
  349. how to convert CSV file to EXCEL file
  350. Need Info in Perl Package for SQL
  351. How to enter root?
  352. Fork issues
  353. Naming a file based on its contents.
  354. seeking for gui tutorial and other learning materials.
  355. Can anyone pls help me to resolve my school test in PERL
  356. problem in installation(64bit machine)
  357. SaveAs function doubt
  358. Perl code for spiltting numerical value from a input file
  359. Perl Script
  360. Reg execution of utility from perl script
  361. how to use perl -MCPAN -e'install Net::SFTP'
  362. error in check_time function
  363. Perl Curl
  364. perl memory usage
  365. can't search and replace
  366. multiple diff script:
  367. Mechanize module
  368. HELP! Using a stack to print a file backwards?
  369. Perl Exception Help
  370. Background running proces monitor
  371. data dumper
  372. perl recursion
  373. issue
  374. error while using the date::calc module
  375. Html tag removing but keeping <a href tag
  376. PERL: How to get current time to the Millisecond resolution
  377. Sorting by column on webpage
  378. Storing and retrieving Images in mysql
  379. An Odd Delimeter
  380. what is param() in CGI PERL
  381. problem when parsing the xml file
  382. How to login to this web site
  383. How to connect to a remote server???
  384. Dbi Odbc
  385. Perl Noob Question #2
  386. Date Manipulation
  387. (Source code) Downloading a pdb file
  388. perl 5.8.8 2 Gb file limitations
  389. RAP file processing
  390. Perl Script to transfer control from unix to windows and backwithstatusof win.process
  391. Perl Noob Question.
  392. Month Heading Zeros
  393. Java script in Perl
  394. perl/Tk: how do you hide a button, then redisplay it.
  395. [CGI] Securely Open Remote SSL Connection to Customer
  396. Search within Perl Forum?
  397. How to read Java exit code from PERL
  398. i have problem in implementing
  399. List of directories with a directory
  400. sending mail
  401. Can anyone explain me about the CHILKAT perl module???
  402. Generate unique combination of given number od digits
  403. Help needed with Unicode issue
  404. zip the direcory.
  405. Need help regarding "search in file"
  406. how to search a pattern occured more than once in line
  407. how to move pointer to end of the file
  408. Creating dynamic names for variables
  409. Writing into an Existing Excel file
  410. error in Net::SMTP Can't open server
  411. parse xml file:
  412. Problem in installing DBD::ORACLE PACKAGE
  413. Portscanning
  414. Perl on Mac OS X
  415. Find and Replace with Perl
  416. download website pages using perl
  417. Perl function vec and select-- help needed
  418. child Window not closing after calling java app using system call in perl
  419. Can't call method "numify" without a package or object reference at /usr/local/lib/pe
  420. Passing an array to another function
  421. Perl script will not sort files from August to Dec 2007 for some reason
  422. How to append excel sheet using win32::OLE
  423. perl sql insert into not working please help
  424. Searching a lot of files
  425. handle blastall errors
  426. HTML table parser to get the required content and store in an array
  427. use DBI; package problem
  428. Arranging an array so that duplicates will turn up first
  429. perl regression script
  430. Key Event in Perl
  431. Perl for checking broken link on a website
  432. Perl script
  433. Search Pattern And Arrays
  434. Create process problem
  435. Perl
  436. From variable to function?
  437. Installing packages in perl
  438. How do i transfer data to an excel sheet?
  439. Help on Insert an Image to Mysql Database Using Perl
  440. IN Perl how to create a namedpipe..I Need Source Code??
  441. Perl math question
  442. Proxy settings windows
  443. Average from list of files
  444. Accessing ksh environment variables from Perl
  445. Executing different scripts from perl
  446. how to check windows disk space using perl
  447. line number and first occurence of a pattern
  448. pm problem
  449. Text retrieved from database column being truncated
  450. spam content checker
  451. Negative regular expression not working at end of string
  452. How To Validate Email Address
  453. how to capture the output produced from a program using perl script
  454. $/ Problem
  455. Expiring a Password after time limit has elapsed
  456. efficient searching methods than grep
  457. Window is not active...
  458. Calling C functions from shell script file
  459. Help required in IPC::Sharelite
  460. Bit of a logic issue?
  461. perl functions and arrays
  462. Perl Script on Linux OS
  463. Site request.
  464. Help On File Download Script
  465. creating unique job id's for cgi script
  466. Perl system call - passing parameters in url
  467. Closing File handlers when script stops Abruptly
  468. Closing a menu window dynamically.
  469. File is getting Locked. Pls help
  470. Log File Extracting Multi Line Records
  471. problem putting a process into background in windows
  472. file sorting
  473. Perl with JavaScript
  474. Gathering Email Attachments
  475. Array of references - what am I doing wrong?
  476. Exce to CSV conversion........
  477. St9bad_alloc
  478. Formating a excel file
  479. how to run a excel macro on perl ???
  480. Creating a Global Config
  481. Identify Pop up window is active or not.
  482. help
  483. how to use .csh scripts files in perl file
  484. Unicode help
  485. Use of uninitialised values error when values have been initialised :(
  486. File Manuplation
  487. Laundry list
  488. list direcorty contents and display subdirectories as hyperlink
  489. Parsing function args in Getopt::Long style
  490. How to update a perl module .pm file ?
  491. Which can be the best book
  492. Download multiple files or images from FTP
  493. Win32 Perl distribution that includes "Win32::OLE" by default
  494. searching in paragraphs.
  495. Search and print answers
  496. Need help with a Regular Expression
  497. Scope Help (im a noob)
  498. How to allow the user to view a txt file via the Command Line
  499. giving input to DNASTAR installed using perl
  500. how to run an exe file from perl script
  501. words in a sentence
  502. GetOptions Problem in Windows
  503. Splitting a variable which contains '.' as the delimiter
  504. Perl Telnet to window
  505. Add blank rows to a CSV file
  506. PERL: Trying to get the unix timestamp using File::stat.
  507. FTP Client
  508. executing unrtf to convert rtf to html using perl
  509. how to replace multiple white spaces with a single space using regex?
  510. Lwp
  511. Hii I am newbie to perl
  512. sending an email
  513. Perl in a browser
  514. Extracting text within a specified xml tag
  515. Automatic Updation
  516. math operations
  517. How to combine files
  518. Get current lock on a file
  519. gzip complains of broken pipe with Perl
  520. keeping perl code from aborting.
  521. Can't get HTTP_REFERER
  522. using threads to create 75000 files
  523. Problem in CGI script
  524. arrays in perl
  525. Accessing Hash Elements
  526. Unable to print out intended text - just prints out the contents of .pl file.
  527. Fork and Exec ? simple query
  528. Is this possible in Perl? Mail archive data manipulation
  529. Reformating a csv table
  530. grep program for unix
  531. Sending message To Remote User
  532. dereferencing complex XML data structure
  533. Grouping report by financial year
  534. How to store keys generated from Crypt::RSA module??
  535. getting a part of a message in a excel folder
  536. saving an attachment from a mail into a folder
  537. Searching between files!
  538. help with installation
  539. Query Active Directory
  540. Session functions
  541. How to get the current Date and Time using Perl on windows
  542. Help with arrays needed
  543. X12::Parser - intent to adopt
  544. Help on Edit a line in a File
  545. Efficient Code or Not?
  546. Example of Reading content of zip file.
  547. Subroutine in a loop problem
  548. Hlist select all
  549. perl modules
  550. Modifying a hash in some other file