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  1. perl -e matching lines between two search patterns - not working
  2. Installation of DBI and DBI-Mysql module
  3. FTP Uploading problem in perl scripts
  4. HTTP file download
  5. doubt in converting to epoch time
  6. how to incorporate java script like popping out window in perl application via html??
  7. PEARL project topic needed. URGENT!!
  8. Perl Regex Translation.
  9. gmail
  10. how to use Xsl in perl
  11. Help in Connecting to Berkely DB using PERL
  12. Parsing a PDF file
  13. Dynamic dependencies
  14. read multi lines of a file in perl
  15. Perl_Installation
  16. mac to ip
  17. problem with for loop
  18. How to search data in attachment of a email using PERL?
  19. message box
  20. How do I find a unicode character in a regexp
  21. formmail.cgi and entering an email address?
  22. Execute script2 from script1 and transfer two arguments to script2
  23. modules to go through
  24. Substring doubt?
  25. Parsing data
  26. how to pop out same image without html from html background...
  27. Small Doubt regarding DB-Select
  28. how to open a web page using perl?
  29. How to manipulate integer overflow in hexadecimal.(Urgent)
  30. Negative scalar variable comparision
  31. additional lib
  32. How to get the inbetween lines in a file?
  33. Bitwise operations in perl
  34. comparision of 32 bit signed numbers
  35. Removing line break character and space from form data
  36. GSYN,depth bound transitive relations
  37. to extract certain column of data from a number to files.
  38. Oracle 10 g Client with perl Help
  39. Creating a look up table
  40. Overriding CCDLFLAGS on the command line
  41. Bio::SeqIO module in for loop
  42. how to insert a query into MYsql Db residing on my local host
  43. perl script to automate any modules.
  44. how to buy a good perl website and not get cheated
  45. Reg using hash of arrays in foreach loop
  46. How to redefine subroutine using Require
  47. Reopening file only if it was updated using regular open
  48. How to gvie data type to particular variable
  49. How to give input to a pvcs command automatically?
  50. Beginner's Filehandling problem
  51. to split the string
  52. problem in installing perl_modules
  53. Appending the required string between the variable(concatenation) ?
  54. Regular Expression
  55. how to get exact command script was ran with
  56. out of memory in Perl Builder
  57. non blocked read in tk
  58. Perl and Apache
  59. lib path perl builder on XP
  60. About debugging
  61. Need help with REGEX
  62. TEST
  63. Please Explain this
  64. Diffrence between timestamps
  65. text area problem
  66. how to make readonly text area in perl
  67. I found that connector you were looking for
  68. How to harness information of the web
  69. How to dynamically initialize an array
  70. How to open multiple socket?
  71. Output to exe directory
  72. Modified files
  73. ppm Template-GD is not installing
  74. regex doubt
  75. how to check for all the fields in user registrations perl script
  76. hash increases after exists function
  77. Prbolem facing to compare csv fils
  78. Bugzilla_Installation_problem
  79. YAML module issue
  80. Perl - How to create all possible sequence from a word
  81. Programmers Opinion Wanted
  82. Perl shell as Telnet
  83. converting normal server to multi-client one
  84. Remove (use strict) from this snippet
  85. Tk take a filebrowser
  86. About sessions in modperl
  87. Would Anyone be willing to write a real quick program for me for money?
  88. apache error when interfacing html with perl
  89. Average and Standard deviation
  90. TK change color of line in Text widget
  91. array/text area problem
  92. on STDIN
  93. perl tk/command bound to an event
  94. getting a average value in Perl
  95. take delay in PERL
  96. How to block remote computer python plugins using perl script
  97. How to delete a line in excel file ???
  98. List directory contents
  99. socket programming with perl
  100. characters from scalar to en array
  101. script
  102. Problem with regex in the script ???
  103. sort and compare
  104. how to create a module to let users sign up the website
  105. Explain this code please?
  106. Lenght of scalar, sizeof scalar
  107. how do i create OOP perl scripts?
  108. readdir in subdirs
  109. How to speed up perl scripts
  110. How to Automate the Website using perl module
  111. IO::Socket...HTTP/1.0\n\n needs to be HTTP/1.1\r\n
  112. HTTPS URLs monitoring
  113. What is wrong in this script ??? help plz!!!!
  114. Scheduling...
  115. Program Performance
  116. Perl script to join Tab Delimitted File elements
  117. Net::PcapUtils;
  118. How to get html button click event in perl?
  119. Bad file descriptor
  120. [Very Usual Case] Text Fields gets dafault values
  121. Assinging values to an array - perl beginner
  122. a conditional case
  123. How to create Simple Html Table?
  124. OT test
  125. perl script to query database
  126. HashMaps
  127. Perl inplace search/replace
  128. GLOBAL Variables with qw()
  129. Parsing a Word File ?
  130. MAtch expression and read modify file
  131. Bare Basic question.
  132. how to get the Directory structure in Perl?
  133. [ADVANCED] NET:PcapUtils problem driving me nuts
  134. how to write data passed as an argument to a function ???
  135. help me for writing query in perl
  136. Out of memory
  137. how to use if condition in perl
  138. Convert 20080928014155 to date time in perl?
  139. module in bioperl
  140. the correct use of serial communication events
  141. Accessing a variable in one perl script from the other
  142. How to comapre the file name in perl ???
  143. problem in manupliating the file ???
  144. writing the header content only once in excel using perl ???
  145. Parse output
  146. Directory Structure Application Using Perl
  147. communication between two scripts
  148. Editing HTML file
  149. Create Excel file from csv file.
  150. How to export a new java version path in perl?
  151. How to populate values taken from text file in PERL
  152. how come i cant pass value from html to perl? And cant print html from perl script?
  153. How to tell the last iteration in a foreach loop?
  154. Match and consolidate on similar files.
  155. enable up key from keyboard to get last entered command during my script
  156. Perl script to create a separte log file that includes required info.
  157. unscramble words and write to file (have code)
  158. Plink error
  159. script to move files out of recursive subdirectories into one parent directory
  160. Debug problem
  161. parsing
  162. Questions relating replacing a variable and file parse.
  163. `du -sk $dir1/$file1` produces error
  164. sorting of hash of hash in perl
  165. write all lines except the first one!
  166. Quicker reg exps?
  167. help with perl script
  168. Read an excel file
  169. remove contents between tags
  170. appending to PATH
  171. how to run the perl script by passing it's arguments using system ??
  172. Need help, installing mysql in Perl v5.10.0
  173. Freeing up memory by undefining perl variables
  174. Installing NET:SCP!!!
  175. how to copy a file from the local hard disk to a mapped server
  176. Refresh widget
  177. Having problem in Email::Send through windows ?
  178. How to open folder ?!
  179. filehandle
  180. Perl coding. please help
  181. Refreshing the Mainwindow (Tk)
  182. Problem faced while deleting the required files from directory !!!
  183. add, edit, delete code....
  184. how to make a message box
  185. perl help
  186. date and time in perl
  187. multiple key value hash problem
  188. ODB/ for Apple
  189. Replace HP OV SNMP call to Perl SNMP API
  190. how to connect in database
  191. A good Perl book for newbies/beginners using Windows?
  192. 2 questions
  193. Easy way for user to kill an executable file?
  194. dereferenceing a string to a constant name
  195. inserting a line before a certain text in multiple files in a folder
  196. Problem faced while creating Excel file !!!!
  197. File name with "interval"
  198. adding to the path using %ENV
  199. read mouse position
  200. html source read
  201. need an outstanding IP regular expression
  202. Replacing a string
  203. Environment variable not defined
  204. ActivePerl installation problem
  205. how to create a buttons using perl
  206. Print Week Number from System Time
  207. Using perl Mech to fill out a php script when there is no 'form' tag
  208. Using SYSTEM() to run a PowerShell command
  209. pipe output to a perl script
  210. Modifying Date value in this short script
  211. count characteres of <stdin> at input time
  212. script to download csv file from a FTP location.
  213. Uploading file to a server
  214. mkdir in Perl
  215. filter something from file or string
  216. monitoring a pressed key from keyboard
  217. Need to terminate the looping after reading the file contents!!!!!
  218. PPM Active Perl
  219. PadWalker Module Installation Error!!!!
  220. WaitCommEvent
  221. pick out common items from two arrays in a single statement
  222. How to print out this kind of hash array?
  223. Installation steps for installing perl modules
  224. Installing Perl 5.10 on OSX
  225. rmtree in unc path using perl
  226. Sending mail problem
  227. How to send files ?!
  228. how to insert a single quote inside a perl scalar
  229. How I can nsert filename in text file at each line
  230. Subroutine for insert template
  231. GD::Graph How to Display Arabic GCC Character?
  232. unable to run the perl script using Eclipse
  233. Removing directory using perl script
  234. trying to modify my search script
  235. passing eval code through make to a perl script
  236. Regex help
  237. Reading the filename
  238. Grouping with Perl
  239. how to remove numbers from a string?
  240. Trouble with Perl script
  241. tar file
  242. List of Network Drives
  243. how to webcrawl disconnected components
  244. Splice function
  245. how to install an CPAN module through PPM
  246. "Net Use" command in a browser
  247. Perl for iterating and concatenating.
  248. email validation
  249. Perl writing to a file some problem
  250. unable to get the perl version installed
  251. converting html files to excel sheet
  252. Mail:SendMail Troubleshooting
  253. Problem in code
  254. How to sent file ?!
  255. object oriented programming : Upload file to multiple sites
  256. Perl Script to Test for Condition
  257. cOOKIES
  258. How to delete 1 week old files based on date created
  259. debugging perl
  260. parsing pipe delimited txt file
  261. Perl-style regular expression
  262. read a .cgi file
  263. Export ORACLE_HOME failed in crontab
  264. error with module Mime::LITE
  265. How to compare 2 hashes of arrays by values(not keys)
  266. RegEx question
  267. Saving a log without deleting the previous logs?
  268. invoking sqlplus from perl show no output
  269. Perl HTML Parser does not work
  270. Doubt on matching
  271. Need to create email form to handle multiple users.
  272. parsing help
  273. How do I get hold of the browser window tite
  274. regular expression
  275. How do I get/read the url from the address filed in web browser
  276. Multiply defined?
  277. Formatted output for string
  278. Doubt on how to return a hash from one subroutine to another
  279. Mtodbc Error
  280. reading a Windows dir into an array, sorting by date, grabbing most recent
  281. Compare two complex Hash
  282. Perl code- using the Telnet module for remote login to a windows XP machine
  283. reading file into string
  284. error message during Tk400.200 installation
  285. File handling doubt
  286. Subroutine doubt
  287. Help in Perl script (newbiew)
  288. A problem about Tk-b8 installation
  289. Format problem
  290. chdir doubt
  291. Having a problem processing a form with Perl
  292. regular expression
  293. get the text out of an HTML code
  294. Calling CGI script + another html page on a single button
  295. Extracting data using regular expression
  296. SOAP::Lite Hangs on SSL request
  297. send email through a perl script.
  298. reading/writing records from/to a file
  299. Two Dimentional Array
  300. How to substitute the space for field of csv format?
  301. Doubts in Sybase::CTLIB
  302. How to handle both R/W end of the exe called from Perl code
  303. print lines from a text file
  304. Error message during runtime
  305. Can not connect to Oracle 10g XE from ASP perscript web page on IIS 6
  306. Help with file search
  307. Match exact word/phrase
  308. Please help me understand this code...
  309. Perl output redirection and gnu less problem
  310. Inserting row in perl
  311. article feedback
  312. Calling Windows commands without dosbox
  313. Folder name with "&" not getting created with ssh in perl
  314. BIGNUM Precision in PERL Script
  315. inovking a perl script in a script
  316. perl DBI doubt
  317. A simple example of log
  318. Splitting string into variables
  319. [request] advance XSub tutorial
  320. perl pattern matching
  321. perl syntax for using awk
  322. Erasing or Skipping lines in a data file
  323. Replacing the string
  324. Double back slahses from nowhere?
  325. about perl language
  326. find something in a text
  327. Changing the extensions of multiple files using Perl Regex?
  328. Perl syntax for sed searches
  329. Need Info on EXPECT and PERL
  330. How to generate SQL statements using Perl?
  331. perl script to find the host name
  332. redirecting STDERR
  333. .pm did not return a true value at
  334. How to assign data after getting from CSV?
  335. Help with appending text to file
  336. PERL Question, very strange one
  337. Puzzling bug in a very simple piece of code
  338. HELP: parsing unicode web sites
  339. how to count certain words
  340. regexp not working
  341. How to read csv file that has ',' within data?
  342. Help...Perl Beginner...
  343. Automatic IP address Generation
  344. Find out the number of lines in an array
  345. Problem in CGI Session
  346. Help with mini mailinglist
  347. Trouble with LWP::UserAgent on certain website
  348. Writing a file
  349. Comparing and editing columns between two text files
  350. Help to set value for some constant.. Using constant module
  351. How to access data from one xls file to another xls file using perl and in run time.
  352. Win32::IEAutomation
  353. Covert html to HTML
  354. how to use variables or packages of one program into another
  355. Truncated output using input type 'text' box
  356. Create an MS Access file using DBI
  357. Executing External Program
  358. Executing makefiles through perl script
  359. Need help printing a reference to a hash of hashes
  360. help_scrit
  361. Can't locate object method "new" via package "A::B"
  362. Regx
  363. scalar variable declaration
  364. how to - Net::SMTP with user name & password
  365. how to allow the user to set the recipient in a form as a text input field?
  366. Editing the string
  367. perl fork( ) doubt
  368. find the highest number in a array
  369. The requested URL could not be retrieved
  370. difficulty in accessing perl program through a html page
  371. A simple example on perl fork
  372. Saving a Form to a file
  373. how to change the effective user identficator
  374. Attaching 2 files to email using perl sendmail
  375. need help for matche and insert
  376. perl script not working. help please.
  377. How can i create a config file?
  378. transfer file from a https page
  379. net::telnet Prompt and timeout issue
  380. Compare PDF document
  381. use
  382. Reading folder content and permissions
  383. Splitting a string!
  384. How to get a while loop to recognize an extracted number
  385. making perl script an executable program.
  386. Need help on Perl oneliner
  387. system command
  388. save popup window using perl script
  389. list the sub directories in a directory.
  390. Perl with Json
  391. Trying to use Net::SSH::Expect
  392. how to find a last updated directory?
  393. The script works in debug mode and doesn't in run mode
  394. can slurp do this?
  395. How can I CORRECTLY pass strings as arguments from command line?
  396. looking for perl synonym to #define in C/C++
  397. Delete a line from file
  398. How to sort the data?
  399. only 1 line being processed?
  400. Threads, Need help
  401. Intro to Perl
  402. Amazon: "Learning PERL, 5th Edition" (2008)
  403. OOP Beginner needs help w/ anonymous array / hash
  404. Nested while loop won't repeat
  405. sendmail unicode problem
  406. Saving Form Content into CSV file
  407. Problem replacing the string
  408. uninitialized string :
  409. find index of an element in a list
  410. Help with curl.
  411. DeviceDiscovery using Perl
  412. malformed header from script
  413. Calling User defined package from other system
  414. Comparing two strings
  415. Zlib to uncompress pdf file
  416. generating images
  417. assistance
  418. improrting more than one file and matching
  419. Including a shell script file in Perl
  420. Anonymous Array
  421. Help with perl data structures and in-built functions.
  422. dbi
  423. Modify XMP Meta Information
  424. Special Variables
  425. Copy function doesnt seem to work
  426. how to find the path of perl file?
  427. connect throught a proxy
  428. search . and replace with /../
  429. split function usage
  430. Searching a file for text
  431. Read from terminal using Perl
  432. Auto clicking
  433. reading whole section of INI file
  434. logic problem
  435. Perl Code for pressing keys on a keyboard
  436. Net::SMTP Verify problem
  437. what's wrong with my loop?
  438. Accessing element of array of arrays
  439. copying files of a certain type to different folder
  440. Opening programs with perl...
  441. Extracting specific variables from a fixed-width data file
  442. Usage of shift command
  443. opening file using wild card
  444. Redirecting the output of an exe file to a txt file
  445. Newbie question
  446. CGI Script
  447. Can i create a subdirectory using mkdir command?
  448. Using user entered data
  449. need help on searching through a parsed HTML table(used HTML::TableExtract)
  450. reading txt file located in zip archives
  451. how to replace . with ..\
  452. Help for a newbie, please
  453. Retrieve mails from mailserver
  454. Copying sub directories
  455. Translate characters into variable
  456. urgent need help in parsing html tables
  457. MS SQL + Perl = Phantom rows
  458. Mysql error
  459. 2 questions for perl text manipulation
  460. Grep for word in a file
  461. Perl Error
  462. Auto login URL with Perl
  463. Need Help with Error
  464. CPAN force install command syntax?
  465. module
  466. Receiving snmp traps in perl on Win platform?
  467. Need help with a simple Perl script
  468. Socket programming
  469. perl API calls
  470. Floating point internal representation..
  471. Fetching Host name and MAC address..
  472. problem with TK:: jpeg
  473. Urgent, Need Help - Redirecting O/P
  474. Problem Passing data between subroutines
  475. Pattern Matchng for only one instance
  476. how to input and ouput using perl
  477. frequently asked questions
  478. Analysing text files with Perl
  479. symbol name
  480. using FLV::info library to repair the flv file.....
  481. Perl Script
  482. print in a format of matrix
  483. how to send sms to mail using perl
  484. CGI file upload script problems
  485. Convert Perl Code in PHP
  486. Permission Denied
  487. Large Matrix into a hash of a hash
  488. Redirecting the sql query output
  489. Perl vesion
  490. Path problem
  491. Extracting sit file..
  492. gethostbyaddr
  493. help required reg eval qq
  494. CGI header problem
  495. to print position of string
  496. Problem reading a text file.
  497. change script to send html email
  498. Help reg printing non printable hex characters
  499. copying files or a directory
  500. Help needed in RegExp
  501. Problem in copying a file from Local HD to server!
  502. Changing text color of windows command propmpt through PERL
  503. Testing module
  504. Run executables
  505. animated gifs in perl to php
  506. map function with hashes .
  507. Getting Multiple DOS Windows in Perl
  508. Usage of Perlcc
  509. New Language Simple Problem...I hope.
  510. problem adding column to array
  511. Using hashes or arrays for file parsing
  512. Problem in Sending sms to mobile
  513. difference between my and our in perl
  514. perl opening code line - need explanation:
  515. need help in where to start
  516. How to move file from one window machine to another machine using perl script
  517. removing \n and get a new line
  518. Strawberry Perl ( problem
  519. Select a file from the directories!
  520. Helop on file name display
  521. Checking Directory permissions for a user group
  522. Help on Regex
  523. doubt on while
  524. how do i go onto the next line of data in a text file?
  525. confusion over is_expired and is_empty in CGI:Session
  526. Array won't print
  527. how session tracking is done in perl?
  528. run perlscript from webpage
  529. kbhit like function in perl
  530. Bad file Descriptor
  531. DBD::Oracle for windows
  532. break in perl
  533. do i need the module digest::SHA1 to verify password encrypted using SHA1?
  534. reg exp help needed
  535. how to put background in header in CGI?
  536. Connecting to linux machine using Telnet Module.
  537. Postal / Zip Code Validation
  538. Problem linking html and cgi together
  539. Perl2Exe
  540. regexp question :
  541. Time Calculation problem
  542. IO::All error on my PC
  543. How to download big file
  544. How to determine fetchrow_arrayref is empty in MySQL?
  545. pattern match
  546. Using * works but using + doesn't work in matching MHI:;
  547. CPAN module compilation
  548. How to insert 2 arrays into 2 fields in MySQL using Perl
  549. how to match front and end of a sentence using regexp?
  550. how to match a paragraph by regexp?