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  1. only 10 lines at a time
  2. %% syntax
  3. changing the uid from perl without being root
  4. Problem with getpwnam() syscall
  5. Zip file processing without recompiling PHP
  6. Perl CGI
  7. MIME::Lite HTML message handling
  8. powerset operation
  9. Question about threads::shared and blessed references
  10. DBI SQL column datatype not jiving with SQL statement requirement
  11. processes in win32
  12. multiple row updates in MYSQL using HTML
  13. checking return values of a perl program in a batch file
  14. error with using CPAN> install Date::Manip
  15. $SIG{__DIE__} problem
  16. connecting to mysql through DBI problem
  17. webcrawle with LWP: how to make redirection work?
  19. Mystery Repost
  20. Perl & Windows 2000
  21. system call exits the loop
  22. .htaccess and perl cgi
  23. cant install libxml::perl
  24. catm install libxml::perl
  25. promiscuous mode
  26. GD::Graph::Lines ... Controling some behavior...
  27. detecting if program is running under X windows or not
  28. Kill win32 process
  29. HTTP::Response error : "Can' t locate loadable object"
  30. Commande vmstsat sur sun
  31. regular expression
  32. RegExp Question
  33. DBI ODBC
  34. What am I doing wrong when using "use strict" ?
  35. ActivePerl - PPM 3.1 upgrade of perl-ldap does not work
  36. Question on perl/cgi paths
  37. RegEx to find CFML tags nested in HTML tags
  38. sort and Sub Refs
  39. Ackerman function in Perl how to do it?
  40. Math::Pari test fail on Compaq OSF1 5.1b
  41. comm -3 Like Function?
  42. extracting event logs to a file
  43. array operations
  44. help with perl code
  45. How To Copy The File To The Windows NT? Filesys::SmbClientParser
  46. How is this wrong? Please Help.
  47. parse unix-style difference reporting
  48. Speed Freak
  49. What kind of problems is Perl best at solving?
  50. passed params as filename
  51. CDATA in XMLout
  52. Storing an Array in a Hash
  53. Call sub with substiuted args
  54. submitting a menu in perl
  55. Complie PERL Solaris 9 64-bit problems
  56. How do I make .cgi extention work?
  57. alternative way not using param('userid')
  58. Tie a large list of DB_Files
  59. getting bitty
  60. Reading scancodes under Linux
  61. invalid top dirctory - windows
  62. object-oriented perl
  63. looking for serverstatus script
  64. monitor windows processes
  65. Running a New Process
  66. thanks
  67. how to extract LaTeX macro arguments?
  68. forcing install in CPAN
  69. fork
  70. Match and Count
  71. LWP with proxy problem
  72. how to detect broken pipe ?
  73. h2xs
  74. Time out SSL request?
  75. spaces in text ---> html
  76. Problem with arrays or possibly HTML::Element
  77. SWIG, sample program compile errors
  78. counting matched lines in extremely large files.
  79. autoincrement strangeness - please help!
  80. How to source variables and values from a file, like in UNIX sh scripts?
  81. de-references
  82. parse string
  83. learning perl and cgi
  84. Redhat 9.0 ftp Incompatabilities?
  85. How can you sort non-unique 'numeric keys' in a Perl hash
  86. Writing to a text file
  87. Bizar variable problem
  88. Calling cgi from cgi thru 'system' function. Different behaviour on browser v/s cmd line
  89. escape a whole regex
  90. XML - SOAP
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  92. No program too tough. At Colance we have the best professionals. oMbX
  93. defined() confusion
  94. Comparing values in 2 textfiles and returning the missing values
  95. Colance, connecting ideas with professionals. X
  96. Perl Net::SMTP How do i have the subject of an email show
  97. Failed install of DBD::mysql
  98. Popup New Browser Window
  99. Read one character of input?
  100. SOAP::Lite
  101. looping/incrementing problem...
  102. Wrapper on magic line?
  103. What's the dif between: @_[0] and $_[0] ?
  104. Problem with "require" and multiple modules.
  105. adobe multiline substitution
  106. IPC::Run and hanging pipes
  107. Form Mail Question
  108. Forking HTTP Daemon - Problem
  109. help on split
  110. open(data,' variable problem
  111. uninitialized value in pattern match
  112. How to write CGI-Perl to drive A:\
  113. accessing different versions of perl
  114. perl 5.8.2 threads on Linux/NPTL
  115. Any online books for perl and bioinformatics?
  116. References and subroutines
  117. perl expect question: user interaction mid script
  118. Is there any way that I can change the image on the fly in cgi?
  119. A question about EOF
  120. "perl -MCPAN -e shell" acts unexpectedly on MacOS X 10.3.1
  121. Extracting records
  122. Perl script to HTTP post to a web server.
  123. Need programmers? At Colance they compete for your business. g0P
  124. Programmers: Find projects with no monthly costs. tUO
  125. Perl/CGI, PHP, ASP, XML, Java, Javascript, C/C++, Flash, Python, and Cold Fusion Etw
  126. log parsing: gaps between transactions
  127. program to transfer files via a serial port
  128. perl 6 syntax ?? whats changed ??
  129. Windows XP and perl
  130. Ratio problem.
  131. change dir owner
  132. Linux, open /dev/modem and communicate ?
  133. New Forums
  134. Checking to see if a call to the DB worked
  135. Willing to pay for help!
  136. EXPECT module, howto to perform a "new page" ?
  137. Little project question
  138. regex help
  139. CGI error (need help)
  140. Compiling Perl to exe with Active State Perl
  141. Dereferencing ?
  142. Delete starting and ending lines of a file
  143. Replace negative numbers with 0 in a file
  144. Fetching blob field get memory allocation error
  145. Simple Regular Expression.
  146. regexp to list all sentences and sub sentences, with overlapping?
  147. Regex Question
  148. Regexp issue . . .
  149. Problem using LD_LIBRARY_PATH in perl script
  150. Importing 80+ hashed and 1 array into several perl scripts
  151. $v = shift OR$_[0] on a filehandle, whats teh difereence
  152. Problem loading DBD::Informix
  153. linux perl accesses ms-access db
  154. Regular Expression Question
  155. Premature end of script headers
  156. HTML::parser
  157. Complexed serach and replace task, advice?
  158. Parse text file
  159. POP3 mail download script
  160. Help! list all file extensions
  161. Autmating cgi/perl scripts for html pages
  162. problem compiling perl source on AIX using GCC
  163. Help on cgi/perl programs to port, view and edit reports
  164. Hexadecimal date format
  165. Kill and Signals
  166. Regexp to match an URL in an HTML <a href=""></a> tag
  167. Trying to get Image::Magick to work on a remote server
  168. Dynamic regexp
  169. Perl B:Bytecode anyone ?
  170. CGI - unreloadable page
  171. sorting a file with records - amended
  172. DBI problem inserting html into mssql db
  173. sorting a file with records
  174. Reading directories with dates
  175. Multiple input lines
  176. Using File::Copy with ClearCase Views
  177. Get original destination IP and port with Linux 2.4 iptables redirect?
  178. How to simulate keyboard.../dev/tty0?
  179. test
  180. detect keyboard input without reading it?
  181. DBI error
  182. Inserting Line Number.
  183. How to send string to a window??
  184. telnetting without a telnet module
  185. remove javascript tag by perl
  186. opendir and if -d $files problem
  187. Printing from HTML/Perl
  188. alarm workaround
  189. kill(0,$pid) return 1 after application is killed manually
  190. Experts on embedding Perl in C wanted: Weird problem on RH7.3/Perl 5.6.1
  191. Insert file date created into a variable
  192. Client and server
  193. Making a remote process visible
  194. Convert coordinates XY into LAT-LONG
  195. Strange behaviour with perl and apache
  196. if/else statement for perl script?
  197. Problem with Getopt
  198. apache and perl
  199. test
  200. Subs and lists
  201. recursion with perl
  202. please help with https upload !
  203. splitting problem
  204. converting text data
  205. problem in perl script for opendchub
  206. Game Port Snooping
  207. regex for stripping HTML
  208. Can't do setuid and file permission denied
  209. Stumped with a CPAN/CPANPLUS failure
  210. Calcultation
  211. debugging multi-file scripts
  212. LWP::UserAgent to POST and redirect browser at the same time
  213. CGI "fix it" service?
  214. Returning reference to an array
  215. Binary files, substrings and (un)packing.
  216. Sendmail problem
  217. New Module: DBIx::Config - please comment
  218. substituion
  219. Pattern match over mutiple files is slow - Help Needed !
  220. html templating advice.
  221. global search and replace tool
  222. Perl string manipulation
  223. Modules for XS.
  224. Get the current line and next 5 lines
  225. CGI upload creates empty file on server?
  226. SMALLTALK or PERL ?
  227. Have perl increment a number that shows up before a delimiter
  228. DBI and xml:parser
  229. using perl on the command line, like sed or awk
  230. Odd Perl bitwise-AND & MySQL problem?
  231. Any know Tangram PPM fir ActiveState Perl 5.8 ?
  232. perl program no longer working in Win2k....suspect some form of system corruption...
  233. Extacting the data from Oracle and writing in an Excel sheet
  234. Perl6.NET?
  235. Pass Parameter to XSLT Using PERL
  236. Perl and EXE-Files
  237. unique elements (case insentitive) of an array in perl
  238. Weird system call behavior
  239. Encryption Problem
  240. regexp problem
  241. error installing Apache::Session
  242. Reading text file
  243. SDBM_File Error: Argument "O_RDWR" isn't numeric in null operation
  244. embedding perl in new language: dynaload problem
  245. Reading data out from different files
  246. string arrays
  247. question on inverting text -> txet
  248. input redirection
  249. Optimisation of regexps in Perl?
  250. Caller Id and win32::serial
  251. win32 exe builder from perl script
  252. Process each input record as an array of elements
  253. Help: Install DBI-Oracle on cygwin with Perl 5.8.0
  254. Ascii to hex? Thank you!
  255. silicon valley venture funding url
  256. Regexp to truncate
  257. previous & next buttons
  258. While statement in perl
  259. Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) at line 38, <STDIN> line 10.
  260. remove all html tags by perl
  261. Crypt::TripleDES doesn't work with perl 5.8 (Linux)
  262. CGI autoflush in Window
  263. Reading ARGV _AND_ trying to have redirectable STDOUT ????
  264. How does a perl script get the last-modified date of a file?
  265. How do the perl script get date and time of another computer
  266. Ascii to hex?
  267. parse inside of html tags
  268. glob and regex
  269. perlvariable and Cprogram
  270. Parsing challenge...
  271. Parsing challenge...
  272. setuid program
  273. Multiple bcc recipients
  274. Hashes of Hashes via subs
  275. PERL site examples
  276. reading a growing log file
  277. Proper serial routines ?
  278. Test for directory
  279. Need to go back two lines one a match is found
  280. Any good books on Perl?
  281. Executing a multiple line statement
  282. Perl on Windows 2000
  283. Read quicker than a line per time from a file handle
  284. perl and url
  285. Want to split a file into columns
  286. Passing Variables from One Perlscript to Another
  287. Problem with perlcc
  288. Cache::Cache Stale Segments
  289. Paths question
  290. Standalone Perl Executable ? ? ?
  291. Regex help
  292. Access Right for Perlscript to Read Windows EventLog Remotely
  293. Browser Cookie Set/Get Issue
  294. inplace edit error message
  295. Question on Chomp
  296. Tie a file handle to a variable
  297. Perl Help - Windows Perl script accessing a Unix perl Script
  298. LWP::Authen::Ntlm Error when often used
  299. match leading '*' in r.e... how?
  300. Phone number regular expression...
  301. code indexer
  302. Need to move up a directory...silly question
  303. strange replacement of . and , with octal counterpart
  304. Can I use a module under another name
  305. Switching Unix user in unattended Perl script
  306. How to make DBD::Proxy Multi-threaded
  307. Packing data for a win32 'C' style system call to Winamp. help please!
  308. USB port in perl
  309. Q: What's wrong with this?
  310. Q: string substitution in a file
  311. Q: Executable directories?
  312. request for help with CGI form
  313. rewrite N lines in Perl
  314. Code rot?
  315. Problem inserting to an Access database
  316. Hash method for ftp
  317. MCPAN problems?
  318. Perl LWP and Siteminder Basic Authentication
  319. Variables as min,max in regular expression
  320. problem with $dbh->execute in a For loop
  321. Dynamic Perl statements
  322. last_insert_id() in perl/DBI
  323. Net::POP3->new() fails in PerlApp compiled script
  324. Bidirectional Win32 client
  325. Any good books on Perl?
  326. Help with a perl script?
  327. Q: Is file readable by all users?
  328. split bug? sure not, but...?
  329. Active State Komodo for Perl - anyone using?
  330. Perl performance?
  331. mailing
  332. 64 bit add and accumulate with MMX
  333. email disclaimer
  334. lost array element in 5.8
  335. PERL DB
  336. concatenate files recursively in win32
  337. Email Decoder Perl Module
  338. Perl newb in need of help with script.
  339. HELP with a script like Anylist
  340. open, ipc, and return codes
  341. undefing a hash
  342. How to pretty-print XML with a regular expression?
  343. Need help on generating GD graph with two-axes
  344. Help with m//gc
  345. Perl Math Question
  346. Perl tutorial for Python programmer
  347. web programming and logging
  348. regular expression
  349. Need help on split-function
  350. Forking Server
  351. insight needed: any way to have Java run a perl script..
  352. Output buffering problems during recursion
  353. unique file names
  354. premature end of headers, code and output looks fine
  355. Tie to change line in file
  356. Is this a perl bug?
  357. Any good books on Perl?
  358. Sorting a simple database
  359. join('')
  360. sed awk or perl for this?
  361. posix vs perl regular expressions
  362. Win32 ADO Seek method
  363. Maps and addresses
  364. Measuring performance of Net::FTP
  365. win32 adodb/mdb; con.execute returns undef and not recordset.
  366. Perl PGP question
  367. problem with associating checkbox in perl-cgi
  368. hyphen vs minus in regex
  369. CPAN problem
  370. convert .pl to executable, win32?
  371. Thank you...
  372. read(STDIN, $GN_QUERY, 100); doesn't behave on Windows IIS
  373. automate file upload using perl
  374. character input
  375. Problem using ActiveState PPM to install module
  376. Carriage Returns and sockets
  377. Help using Compress::Zlib::memGunzip()
  378. Embedded Perl or Python (XPost)
  379. Embedded perl and licences
  380. Session tracking
  381. Net::SSH::Perl
  382. Net::SSH::Perl Help
  383. Circle Hell
  384. Perl telnet proxy
  385. Q: What's wrong with this?
  386. opendir()
  387. what's wrong with REBOL?
  388. Testing
  389. Need a good book help me do interpreter
  390. the price
  391. perl and/und apache
  392. Regular Expression
  393. Image::Magick and Tk::Photo
  394. start background process on host server
  395. Q: Analyse data and provide a report - Arrays?
  396. Test failure of ../lib/ExUtils/t/Constant.t in perl 5.8.0 under IRIX 6.5.20m (IP35 processor)
  397. Mass updating of dns zone files
  398. Gtk-Perl -> Text Widgets
  399. MS exchange 2000 OWA testing logon
  400. calculation in string
  401. matching curly braces and regular expressions
  402. perl regular expressions return last matched occurence?
  403. syntax question
  404. replacing
  405. Help with a cgi script
  406. Sort of OT - perl files
  407. Socket Hang
  408. dbi db2 select
  409. 8bit to 7bit numbers
  410. CPANing PerlMagick and it fails
  411. Debugger question
  412. Quick perl question 2
  413. Quick question -- script issue
  414. Directory Listing
  415. Aspect oriented Everything?
  416. ?
  417. getting closer on the timer
  418. Pattern matching help! grep emails from file!
  419. trying to implement a timer
  420. DBD::Sybase install errors
  421. Forking server
  422. get the return status
  423. Reinventing a square wheel
  424. how can i automate this?
  425. Catching Apache error with a Perl script
  426. ##Not interested in Bangin' code?##
  427. blat
  428. Web automation
  429. creating Handles
  430. Recursive copy
  431. mod_perl errors: prototype mismatch ... during global destruction
  432. How can I call a sub and keep the main program running while it works?
  433. UNIX Domain Sockets
  434. Regular expression question
  435. reading HTML files from a given URL
  436. Server Design
  437. FS: Perl Book Library
  438. Submitting through a perl script
  439. hashed array in array need the keys... and length
  440. Regular Expression Query
  441. Perl problem, possible bug?
  442. passing argument not working...
  443. bash: /root/ /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: Permission denied
  444. Any good books on Perl?
  445. Help untaining the command. Insecure dependency in `` ... setuid
  446. Net::Server
  447. Dummy perl programming question
  448. Perl scripts interconnectivity... Is it possible...
  449. Need help w/ BNB Survey Script <--
  450. Linking PDF forms with SQL
  451. Data::Dumper How to quote keys while dumping
  452. passing arg to sub problem
  453. Copy using UNC paths
  454. Pipng with perl under Windows
  455. Cmenu, Text Interfaces, and UTF8
  456. extract strings between alternating text
  457. Can you properly integrate PHP and Perl?
  458. Perl Threads
  459. Online-HTML-Editor kills images
  460. Net-RawIP for windows?
  461. dbm file locking with different versions of perl
  462. Any good books on Perl?
  463. Need Explanation
  464. is there a GD module compiled for REDHAT 9
  465. extract from html
  466. cygwin or activestate ?
  467. What did I screw up?
  468. Brand New to Perl
  469. Issue with s///
  470. mod rewrite
  471. Read / write to files
  472. Error using Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA - Fails loading public key - Help needed
  473. Reg exp: matching relative path only.
  474. Parse Text File and Output to File
  475. while( total_ignorance ) help
  476. Aligning 2d array of numbers
  477. expression eats newline
  478. XML Validation
  479. Regular expression for identifiying a valid street name + house number
  480. Moving files based on file name
  481. Reading from command line
  482. Can Perl be used for this?
  483. How to read STDOUT from a Perl function
  484. $ARGV problem
  485. TermReadKey module from CPAN question
  486. setting cookie then redirect problem
  487. Listing processes using Perl (Win32)
  488. plain-text file parsing
  489. Zlib perl question.
  490. nmake--installing modules
  491. DBI queries with same results (mysql)
  492. chmod or setuid? Need to give script permission to write files
  493. Chomp not working properly with Sendmail
  494. Return a return value from Perl to Javascript
  495. weird matching problems
  496. Processing a received email?
  497. slice of multidimensional array
  498. perl web performance under load (win2K)?
  499. Saving GIFs in CGI
  500. Gnuplot module
  501. @INC is not what I expect
  502. dmake test failure building 5.8.0 on Windows 2000
  503. #include equivalent?
  504. How do I fetch a file from web?
  505. ouput issues
  506. All .packlist files contain relative filenames?
  507. Confused. Need Help!
  508. Regular Expression problem
  509. user interaction disabling?
  510. Perl variable "leading white spaces" Please help
  511. Can this be done with perl?
  512. Read/Write IO on socket file descriptor?
  513. _Text Processing in Python_
  514. Perl exe...
  515. Help needed formatted submit results - Changing data
  516. Help needed with form submits and Perl handling
  517. Don know Perl, don't know what's broke - re - type1inst!!
  518. printing image to an html page
  519. Appending to XML
  520. Search within a variable
  521. new to perl
  522. XML Data validation in Perl
  523. bulk loading with DBI
  524. Rigorous File operation error checking
  525. How to make Perl Script "POST" call from another Perl Script???
  526. How to get length of string? length() problems
  527. Perl / GTK db frontend
  528. Parse an xml file with line breaks in the beginning
  529. How to use HTML::Parser to remove HTML tags and print result
  530. multi-part forms in
  531. how to get https pages with ActiveState build 806
  532. constant string in regular expression
  533. convert word documents using Perl
  534. HELP: need a good socket tutorial
  535. Credit card processing
  536. [TABLE NOT SHOWN] problem with HTML::Parse
  537. install_driver(Oracle) failed
  538. connect to db2 database using dbi?
  539. Help with using glob() with stat()
  540. iis dbi
  541. Learn Perl
  542. help writing to a file
  543. PDL::Slatec Problem of eigenvalue of Matrix
  544. HTML Templates stored in Postgres using Perl
  545. Crypt RSA install (Problem with Crypt::Primes)
  546. Regular Expression help...
  547. XML to LDIF/LDAP
  548. CIsam extension
  549. Problem installing CGI::Application after t/04getquery
  550. sharing complex data structures between threads in mod_perl2