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  1. PHP and ASP.Net Forms Authentication
  2. ASP JSON 2.0.2 relased
  3. RecordCount
  4. Is this code better than my earlier code, security wise
  5. How to detect an object
  6. Can't include virtual directory
  7. Checking for existence of a cookie
  8. Validation on email address
  9. PDA wireless
  10. LDAP version of winnt://.../user ?
  11. SQL Injection
  12. newbiie (ish) getting the client URL when using custome errors asp ?
  13. CDO, ASP and Email Form Problems
  14. Re: a trappable error (c0000005)
  15. You are about to access a Activex component
  16. ASP.NET web app works on some, not all, workstations
  17. MS XMLHTTP or File System Object to Get Content
  18. Website Admin Tool
  19. Disappearing ASP Cookies
  20. End-Of-Life Date for Classic ASP?
  21. CDONTS NewMail
  22. Datagridview Won't stay updated
  23. Multiple Recordsets from 1 Stored Procedure
  24. File System Object Help
  25. ASP/VBScript Form Post Handling
  26. reading file from a server
  27. (automatisch) records uit XLS halen en in MDB plaatsen d.m.v. ASP
  28. Session Question
  29. Session Question
  30. Session Question
  31. simple adodb calling stored procedures code please?
  32. repeating dialog box problem - "Do you want to open or save this f
  33. download file
  34. After Parenthesis in ASP Variables - Query
  35. Securing ASP app with session
  36. WEBDAV - ASP, I am Struck!!
  37. Cannot Alert
  38. Which version of Vista have IIS services?
  39. A beginner question: Send Mail in ASP using CDONTS
  40. Need ASP code for email attachments...
  41. value of session variable is not stored...
  42. DsGetDcName() failures
  43. implicit connections
  44. File upload/download
  45. Calling an executable through a COM+ component via an asp page
  46. Figuring out who the user is
  47. ASP.NET Forms + Frames
  48. How to pass special characters through query string ?
  49. good (x,y) graph plotting code for classic ASP?
  50. divisiorn problem
  51. Read from client machine
  52. CDO.Message problems
  53. IF exist /w FSO
  54. Problem getting hacked with this new SQL injection Tool. Adword71 and direct84
  55. RSS - Whitespace is not allowed at this location.
  56. Response.Addheader
  57. Product activation code
  58. Freeing Dynamic Arrays
  59. Bulkmail question
  60. Text in ASP Scripts Hidden From Windows Search
  61. Create Window width new Session: solution
  62. Code Snippet Respository
  63. asp datatable?
  64. Freeing Dynamic Arrays
  65. File Attributes with ASP in HTML
  66. tree menu from current directory
  67. Opening a New Window with no toolbars etc
  68. Printing Scipt not working in Windows XP
  69. Website cloaking
  70. New problem
  71. calling access vba function from asp?
  72. REDIM Preserve problem
  73. Disable the PrintScreen Button from web application
  74. generating form on the fly
  75. persist session info
  76. Recoding with Loop
  77. Documentation on Shell in IIS 6 ?????
  78. Having problem with CDOSYS. Body getting corrupted.
  79. ASP / CDOSYS - Performance issue
  80. comestibles disaster spreads across the globe.
  81. Is there an easy way to find out If all OBJECTS are closed?
  82. Is there an easy way to find out If all OBJECTS are closed?
  83. CompilationError
  84. working with values returned via SQL
  85. Log on Locally user right for IIS Lockdown servers
  86. weird problem with session object
  87. Permission denied - help me please
  88. Permission denied
  89. Permission denied
  90. Permission denied
  91. IE6 Print Causing Reproducable Crash Due to CSS/HTML Problem
  92. ADODB.Recordset (0x800A0CC1)
  93. ADOVBS processing error
  94. Asp In Head or Body
  95. how to stop spam
  96. serialport
  97. aspx not processed on GET only POST
  98. Consuming a ADODB connection object return from a COM component in
  99. Automatic form field update based on previous form value selection
  100. SQL query to populate dropdown
  101. Mailing Labels
  102. include file within script
  103. Novice question on 'DetailsForm' and 'Grid'
  104. help on performance tuning
  105. ASP Page Generates: The requested resource is in use error.
  106. ASP Learning
  107. Generally Question
  108. Re: Invalid class string
  109. limit search query
  110. How can SQL injection attacks compromise ADODB Connections?
  111. MSHTML library problem
  112. Can't delete cookie created in Javascript
  113. Break string length when it has reached the max.
  114. Passing value from one web application to another
  115. Inserting table rows as unique records in a form
  116. problem with QueryString and two tables
  117. Upload Video...
  118. Retrieving values from select option
  119. Implementing video and voice
  120. Integrating ASP with JSP...!
  121. SQL Server - Auto increment primary key column
  122. how to read emails or how to creat inbox & outbox for a website
  123. Connecting ASP to MS SQL SERVER 2000
  124. Problem with CInt
  125. Secure injection defense functions.
  126. writeline containing '<%'
  127. Moving to Pages
  128. Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted.
  129. Change asp variable value from selection options
  130. Handeling various data types and white spaces when searching Access DB
  131. ASPMail - Format email in HTML which has ATTACHMENT
  132. Pop up window in ASP
  133. Record Calls to URL in Access Database
  134. How to create .asp folders?
  135. List does not allow to type text?
  136. How to use Session for Dynamic Link List Box ?
  137. Is a submit button pressed in ASP?
  138. Loop runs indefinite times
  139. session problem
  140. Best Practice for comparing SQL tables
  141. display div tag content in center
  142. looping of two, 2D arrays in classsic ASP
  143. convert ASP.NET to ASP
  144. Running a search then auto-aubmitting the results to be edited
  145. VBScript won't run..
  146. Pass a Value from Page_Load to a Java Function
  147. ASP getRows problem - Requested operation requires a current record
  148. Save Form Data to Access DB
  149. Mystery to me
  150. reading file from a server
  151. ASP - Passing data to Parent Page from Calendar Page
  152. Can I insert date into oracle using addnew and update?
  153. To send content
  154. Set Default Shipping Address
  155. How to add values in table
  156. Classic ASP - How to email from a webpage
  157. Redirecting a page
  158. Problem passing spaces in Session Variable
  159. Upload binary file into ASP variable.
  160. ToolTip For List & Text Box
  161. Can any one Help me with Linked List Boxes
  162. Data being lost when screen sequence is repeated
  163. deleting entry from dictionary object when browser is closed.
  164. Need help running an executable with ASP (permission troubles).
  165. ASP pages not working without internet connection
  166. Showing random recordsets
  167. How to submit data from diff text files into database automatically
  168. query two tables asp
  169. Compare Date
  170. Send mail
  171. ASP Form Browser Incompat?
  172. Problem with Pages in ASP
  173. Filling TextBox Using Change in ListBox(Database Related)
  174. Counting online user - w/o global.asa
  175. Creating audit functionality using ASP
  176. Dreamweaver problem passing form values with server behaviour
  177. Dynamic Displayer of folders
  178. VB - reproduce browser cookie list
  179. I have a requirement to customize WSS 3.0 search
  180. HOW to move back to the previous window and refresh it.
  181. Period dates ( AAAA-MM-DD )
  182. UPDATING database through textbox
  183. Excel Content Type Question
  184. ASP / CDOSYS - Performance issue
  185. select dropdown restrict duplicate results
  186. getting image width and height of an image while uploading
  187. ASP SQL DataConnection Error
  188. CDO Message Maximum Message Size
  189. Problem with Session variables
  190. select statement where
  191. Change in Selected Index of List box
  192. Remove ASCII 1 to 31 from input string
  193. Problem while using "CInt"
  194. query different databases from the same page
  195. Asp / Sql & extended ascii...
  196. ASP \ JAVASCRIPT \ FIrefox and Safari issues - please help!!
  197. open a new window
  198. print through asp
  199. Header problem in word document print layout
  200. asp display random to table
  201. Comparing a session value to a querystring
  202. Simple text to speech.. I believe in asp (or is it .net?)
  203. Disallow external pages in ASP website
  204. Display Arabic Data in ASP form
  205. Dynamic List Boxes
  206. onclick multi radio button
  207. [ASP] Query with DB Access
  208. Viewing the contents of Previous Page using ASP
  209. Keywords.xml
  210. Recordsets and db connections
  211. retrieve outlook contacts
  212. ASP - unexpected error
  213. Triggering a "Exceeds Max File Size" error in freeASPUpload
  214. junction table
  215. String in ASP
  216. How to synchronize two list/menu form fields in ASP
  217. ,can I send binary data from ASP to VB
  218. How to export search results into Excel format
  219. How to create a spider diagram in asp?
  220. How to create an ASP Calendar
  221. posting info to a remote server
  222. Validate form behavior for List/Menu field
  223. Getting Values from Stored Procedure
  224. FileSystemObject Problem - "fso is nothing"
  225. missing SET keyword
  226. I have got error Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01FB)
  227. Sending an email using ASP - Problem
  228. Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8)
  229. Query SQL GROUP BY
  230. ASP Problem running web page through IIS
  231. two where exclusions
  232. ASP Page Not Recognising Dataset
  233. How to write binary data
  234. HELP: managing multiple virtual folders of cloned websites
  235. HELP: managing multiple virtual folders of cloned websites
  236. Dropdownlist
  237. How to give focus on List box .
  238. Building communities in ASP
  239. ASP - multiple SQL insertion & form validation
  240. asp on IIS7
  241. Copying and Saving Previous Course Info in ASP Form
  242. Is my object really destoyed ?
  243. asp to xml sheet
  244. radio button
  245. Help - script stopped working
  246. Formatting Data Results...proper case
  247. HtmlEncode for all controls
  248. Static variable vs View State
  249. Get id of last record inserted
  250. Send mail thru ASP goes to "C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Queue"
  251. How to resolve ADODB.Command (0x800A0E7A) error
  252. Select Count SQL
  253. page onload/refresh
  254. Dreamweaver - Server behaviour panel
  255. Closing objects correctly
  256. asp 500 http error
  257. ASP Code Redirect Error SOS
  258. upload and how to refer files
  259. how to save page address in browser history
  260. Asp
  261. Huge ASP upload create object error
  262. Cant open my localhost
  263. recordset increment
  264. LoadFromFile using a mapped network drive
  265. ASP & JavaScript
  266. Extraction with query
  267. Passing a form twice
  268. Option box is displaying value in IE6 but not in IE7
  269. Export data to CSV
  270. visited pages print and link with in a website
  271. searchenginelist and entertainment
  272. Open .exe on LAN
  273. running ASP on XP Home
  274. Asp Validation for login and registration (High importance and priority) respond fast
  275. Ignore
  276. INSERT statement with c# variables
  277. generates HTML pages dynamically
  278. Web dynamic data tree software to show relationships ....
  279. http connection
  280. searchenginelist and entertainmet
  281. searchenginelist and entertainmet
  282. asp classic
  283. How to adding Target to Response.Redirect
  284. Running DOS Commands with Unix UNC Paths within ASP
  285. asp related queries
  286. I proudly greet the good programmer kenobawan!
  287. I proudly greet the good programmer kenobawan!
  288. asp engine sets cache-control to private
  289. Retrive record from database in combobox
  290. ASP and JavaScript (Passing parameter)
  291. Missing comma
  292. aspsmartupload error
  293. add a value from html control to SQL
  294. enabled fields based on checkbox value
  295. Accessing of .exe file of other computer
  296. return error page 404 in asp
  297. not a valid month
  298. RTF/DOC to PDF
  299. response.write a table
  300. Affordable website development services using ASP. Net
  301. URL for server page
  302. how can i set a dynamic drop down menu at same position at mozil and IE
  303. Getting Error On PayPal
  304. refresh combo box
  305. JavaScript for time delay onClick goto URL for Form submission
  306. I need a very basic bare bones type message board in asp.
  307. ASP Thumnail Image Creatior Component
  308. changing color of button on mouse move in asp
  309. Between two dates
  310. insert asp into an asp form script
  311. Between a period of time
  312. download using asp
  313. need to send email, some survey check boxes and text comments to both a file & email
  314. Executing programs in "background"
  315. Blocking IP addresses
  316. Stopping EOF(End Of File) from happening?
  317. Access Data Pages/query
  318. Redirecting Frames
  319. regarding checkbox
  320. Upload file using asp
  321. Add Listbox
  322. Request.Form in a session
  323. Web.config Location path & AJAX
  324. Upload file?
  325. Please help. Upload XML and transform it with XSL
  326. RecordSet Error...Unable to call the COM Component
  327. allow user to download data in MS Money format
  328. Conditional Code if within Date / Time in Database
  329. count xml nodes in ASP
  330. Passing object name to vbscript function
  331. can't edit to database error type 0x800A0E7D
  332. Controlling the sort order for records retrieved from an Access database
  333. [ASP and MySQL] Paging
  334. Page which Displays data
  335. First ASP Application!
  336. Good old list boxes.
  337. Foreign Character Handling
  338. RecordSet updation
  339. Problem with the Recordset
  340. ASPSmartUpload Codepage Property Error
  341. Problems with updating 1 row in gridview
  342. Single ResultSet from multiple data sources
  343. how can i change CDONTS values to CDOSYS?
  344. how to 'sleep' in asp?
  345. Security Context
  346. http://localhost is not available without Internet connection
  347. Shopping Basket taking extra value -> GLOBAL.asa ?
  348. Barcode Reading Script !!!
  349. asp drop down list based on table
  350. Referencing a page in another website
  351. ASP Split and SQL Select
  352. (IIS) problems with virtual directory
  353. treeview menu
  354. .asp and access2003
  355. vbscript dateadd function swapping day and month
  356. determine images width and height
  357. Not able to run the from IIS server?
  358. WScript.Shell Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046'
  359. Checkbox & Queries
  360. classic asp2
  361. Use array to limit access
  362. classic asp SQL string syntax error
  363. Error in ASP...Reply ASAP
  364. Upload image in asp using javascript?
  365. on text change of a text box
  366. converting send mail PHP to ASP
  367. How to setup a HTTP Server in the PC
  368. code generating ArgumentOutOfRangeException with Error Message as "Length cannot be"
  369. overiding javascript alert function
  370. Self Submit - lost values
  371. c# driver/data providers for asp?
  372. ASP Lock and Unlock Methods
  373. Connecting to Object that returns database connection
  374. Javascript disabled
  375. Search and Find a Record from Excel using ASP
  376. Problem in exporting large data into excel
  377. how session variables work without cookies
  378. how can session variables take the user information
  379. Help starting a ASP web performance utility
  380. Pulling(traditional ajax) vs pushing(comet: reverse ajax)???
  382. GetRows() and hyperlinks
  383. Regex replace
  384. Closing Excel File
  385. difference between cookies and session variables
  386. printing special characters to file
  387. identify unrefferenced object in GC
  388. Using soap classic asp - - issues
  389. How to call SOAP in classic asp
  390. can this be solved using ASP?
  391. Graphs and pie charts in ASP
  392. printing character ' and " in asp using vbscript
  393. problem in error handling
  394. How can i update image?
  395. pinging with WScript.Shell
  396. Asp Xml
  397. How to write Advance Searching SQL Query
  398. Session will be interfered by another application's thread
  399. how to add 2 hours to code which shows server time in asp page
  400. Asp Sql Search
  401. Trying to get Date Diff or Timespan a simple way.
  402. ServerObjects ASPMail Return-Path Not Working?
  403. sql and asp getting an error after changing to sql 2005 syntax diff?
  404. Searching from with radio & dropdown & checkbox
  405. ASP in server2003
  406. picking subject from mail
  407. Exception handling source line number
  408. for online payment what are the requirements?
  409. Create output of the ASP file in PDF file
  410. Help with dates
  411. sum recordsets -please help
  412. Record counting in a database
  413. Executing a VBS file from an ASP page
  414. Cannot open Dwg files through ASP
  415. Classic ASP global.asa not passing application variable
  416. how to create a delete loop?
  417. using a vbscript function to feed a hyperlink into a javascript grid on an ASP page
  418. Copying a file from another server
  419. Accessing AD using ADSI LDAP provider in ASP
  420. Use many frame in visual studio
  421. Problem with filter database by login name.. Help me Pls..
  422. A safe array of bytes is expected as an argument
  423. Reading Text file from ftp server
  424. Problem deleting multiple rows - Nearly there, PLEASE HELP
  425. Could we display the server time on the client browser ?
  426. What Should I use ASP, PHP, or Java????
  427. Very slow form submitting on Localhost
  428. [ASP] Access and Excel - preventing duplicate records
  429. Include File not working
  430. asp and vb.net2003
  431. update stt- Too few parameters. Expected 1.
  432. array error for pie graphic
  433. email
  434. link tracker with cookie to stop repeat clicking
  435. WScript Error
  436. where newsgroup for ASP.NET
  437. Error Type:ADODB.Recordset (0x800A0CC1) -URGENT
  438. Updating two table
  439. passing ASP variable to JScript...
  440. Response.Redirect & URL Variable
  441. repeat header row
  442. Adding 2 variables together
  443. ASP and AJAX problems
  444. use text file as link source
  445. update recored sql
  446. uplaod file to server
  447. uploading .docx files in ASP
  448. How to start FOP from ASP/IIS
  449. Copy Binary data between tables
  450. Set limit of charactures returned from a DB
  451. Now() not working in SQL query - syntax error
  452. Problem to connect Oracle from ASP
  453. Delete multipule values
  454. how to protect a user update from accessing other users ids
  455. Help me about this error --'objMIMSJ' is null or not an object
  456. ASP/Access Bizarre db results ?
  457. Detecting Mobile Screen Size Methods
  458. Rename a file which held in server using asp
  459. running ASP on XP Home
  460. Authorized Users to access ASP pages using IIS 6.0
  461. Does re-sizing an image to a small size dynamically, reduce download time?
  462. Collect SQL String using script
  463. Search Specifice Code
  464. Assign CSS Style to a Data Grid Row
  465. How to set a panel's position
  466. writing &quot; in asp instead of ""
  467. Can I cache a UserControl and vary it by a hidden field in the page?
  468. datatype mismatch error
  469. validation problem
  470. how many items SQL
  471. Problem with table join using both Count() and Group By clause...
  472. record count shows value -1
  473. Avoiding duplicate records
  474. Not able to Write in Binary File
  475. overwrite xml
  476. email can not send (error '8004020f')
  477. Assigning Styles Dinamycally to a data grid!
  478. lower case to upper case
  479. Forms Authenticaion Problem?
  480. asp question
  481. Crystal reports in asp
  482. Login Maintanance
  483. LDAP with ASP unable to validate user details
  484. how to maintain session variable after refresh hit??
  485. href + outlook
  486. ASP Connection String for Oracle 10g
  487. Are All "Either BOF or EOF is True" Errors coded number 800a0bcd
  488. Problem with Contenttype
  489. entering grave accents in a textfield
  490. Creating a dynamic SSRS report via URL using ASP
  491. Result Publishing Website Creation
  492. Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80040e09'
  493. Form-to-Email ASP scripts - what's the best one?
  494. form submittion
  495. VbScript
  496. Extranet web apps with authentication
  497. Separate Pagewise
  498. Sql
  499. AUTH_USER in ASP
  500. How to: Update Record (complicated)
  501. Charlie Palmieri pm3
  502. How to pass the variable in vb script to asp page
  503. MetaData and ASP template question
  504. Syntax error in UPDATE statement.
  505. How to include a .vbs file in other .vbs file
  506. ASP Page Character Set Problem, Please Help
  507. Total Record Count per Individual
  508. Client side file help needed
  509. CDONTS Sends to some addresses but not others
  510. ASP to PDF,...
  511. Question about good practice for opening/terminating connections, etc
  512. Request.ClientCerficate
  513. Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'
  514. How do i handle the Selected Index Changed event of a dynamic DropDownList
  515. Using bbc code with results
  516. sent email
  517. CDONTS is not working
  518. how to upload whole files on server
  519. Cool Bar Chart code from Website
  520. Server.MapPath() localhost
  521. Query LEFT OUTER JOIN
  522. Question within a Question in ASP Form
  523. moving webpartzones
  524. Memo Field Issue? Please help.
  525. Unable to retrieve the date value from database
  526. Implicit Data Type Converson
  527. problem with retrieve image from database
  528. request form error
  529. restrict access to page based on querystring value
  530. vbscript, ms access
  531. Picture does not display
  532. Syntax Error (input character)
  533. What is type of server object that is class name of server object
  534. Need URGENT help with extra whitespace characters in code
  535. MDB problem
  536. format date time in Access / ASP
  537. Creating Treeview using ASP and Sql server
  538. authenticate users in active directory in asp
  539. SQL Problem
  540. IP detection and using the info
  541. Problem using Select Case statement
  542. Problems with Rows in Excel after downloading sql database info through webpage
  543. Using RTE but nothing is submitted in the form?
  544. The precision is invalid. -- Stored procedure,..
  545. asp hit counter
  546. CDOSYS executes but takes TOO TOO long?
  547. i have a form that works, now i want to upload an image
  548. Access Database-driven ASP page with embedded RSS feeds
  550. RadioButtonList