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  1. changing or at least detecting character encoding via javascript ?
  2. Combo Box and text box
  3. Simple Iframe & Form question
  4. Help With A Calculation
  5. Javascript and Netscape 4.7
  6. iframe and netscape question
  7. Yet another inexplicable js error!
  8. How do you make sure a frameset is loaded? I'm trying to open a frameset in a new window which shows a specific html page in a specific frame
  9. Opera 7.11 reloads *.js wrong
  10. help in detecting aol popup blocker
  11. IBM Sash
  12. Javascript innerHTML
  13. Auto Populate Text Box
  14. myArray instanceof Array fails after passing to a different page
  15. Caret Position in a Text Field
  16. text mesg
  17. get html source from a url
  18. Frames and Images
  19. Using history in frameset
  20. Referencing dynamic forms with Javascript events
  21. Javascript Target For ondblclick Event
  22. Probably a daft question?
  23. convert string to object reference
  24. Close specific parent window
  25. displaying special characters in a <div>
  26. Returning multiple results from a subroutine ?
  27. Pop-up question
  28. Automatic Pop-up Window Sizer
  29. Simple Question = simple answer?
  30. Transferring value from one select box to another
  31. Carriage return inefficiency in a textarea control
  32. avoid innerHTML parsing
  33. add a text in the same HTML page
  34. Hiding multiple rows in a dynamic table
  35. Trying to execute a function *following* RESET clearing the textfields...
  36. floating point numbers question
  37. Wrong connection string to a sql-server
  38. How can I click on a joke and have a new joke appear?
  39. Determining background color of a cell...
  40. Dynamic Include Page? Change what's included as mouse moves?
  41. Netscape 7.1 and IFrames/ILayers Src
  42. De-activating windows using Javascript
  43. Looping Through Forms: Best Practice
  44. JS development tool?
  45. password validation with reg exp
  46. Javascript onLoad error "Object doesn't support this action"
  47. Assigning between arrays by value
  48. Popup Question: on popup have one button to close and another to close and then redirect to another page
  49. How do I print one frame?
  50. Javascript in a php document
  51. Sub menus
  52. linked dropdownboxes, php
  53. get data from another page
  54. Does any have example of js code to resize images?
  55. window.print with no print dialog prompt
  56. Scaling images in IE
  57. forms and frames
  58. Question on JavaScript Objects
  59. String manipulation in javascript?
  60. User Agent Detection Logic
  61. Changing HTML input text style color from javascript
  62. bookmark for ebook
  63. looking for the best online DOM reference
  64. Submit a value
  65. How to check HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE using Javascript?
  66. focus() onLoad
  67. No Netscape or IE 4.x support??
  68. viewing javascript generated html code
  69. embed methods
  70. dropdown menu?
  71. dynamic file input controls
  72. Going nuts with random number routine HELP!
  73. Problem with Javascript windows
  74. Form submit on load
  75. Forcing document to submit cookies
  76. My javascript works great for every browser but Safari. How can I fix that?
  77. evaluation context of event handler string
  78. Edit javascript in IE
  79. How to add a timeout to a javascript ad tag
  80. innerHTML and images loading
  81. How to add event to mouseover without replace the existing one
  82. new popup window does not jump to anchor
  83. unload()
  84. Howto Add a timeout to a javascript ad tag
  85. Can I make browsers display contents of a window triggered by onClick before page finishes loading?
  86. two action commands within one html form?
  87. call js after page loads
  88. Javascript
  89. write to a different frame
  90. Refreshing a browser with onClick event
  91. a website opens in my iframe Is there a way to know the address of the link the visitor clicks on ?
  92. Question on the use of IFRAMES
  93. arrays and objects
  94. Mouse Pointer Location
  95. Simple question I hope!
  96. need javascript to show a layer
  97. Counting checked checkboxes in a form
  98. Changing drop-down field to text field.
  99. "this" object
  100. image swapping - js and webserver portibiltiy
  101. javascript optimization
  102. Time picker
  103. Div and select element
  104. change styles?
  105. 2 Selection Lists in a web form
  106. get a a char's position when its string is clicked
  107. Strange result in comparison function
  108. onResize + IE = torture
  109. DIV and Dropdowns
  110. if file exist
  111. big binary string
  112. default style.backgroundColor value
  113. How to pass data between two window without Session??
  114. form questions
  115. "print" in JavaScript
  116. javascript generated html
  117. Script to condense a line of text
  118. pop up windows on user command
  119. Slideshow from local PC
  120. Javascript Security and History functions
  121. javascript and html
  122. Override method question
  123. querying textfields outside of forms...
  124. How to force reload of "temperature.js" data
  125. Textfield Numeric Sorting?
  126. Catching 404 and 500 in IFRAMEs?
  127. createElement applet and Opera 7
  128. settimeout problem
  129. Show complete select box entry
  130. returning variable from javascript function to
  131. What does this do
  132. how to set html page without scrollbars
  133. How to get value(s) from Multiple Selection enabled Select Box
  134. Resizing an IFrame
  135. Is it OK to use <div> to change text and images?
  136. How do I hide a picture when loading a page?
  137. How do I show something I've hidden?
  138. Button resizing in Opera
  139. How do I change the size of an image?
  140. Mind Reading Web Site!
  141. Why doesn't onmouseover work in a function?
  142. sorry for this trivial question about dates
  143. Scroll Bar Visibility
  144. reading 'type' from eventhandlers
  145. javascript to have a new browser window open maximized or aligned top
  146. onload and move to a point down the page
  147. Open and close window
  148. Please wait image does not animate
  149. Pop up issue
  150. Save new page on server
  151. basic question
  152. getVersion of the Java VM?
  153. Control charcters in form input field
  154. Page with many form elememts
  155. changing styles of createElement | appendChild
  156. Popup windows ("") no longer works!
  157. Show/hide TR
  158. How to hit a server in the background?
  159. Problem - part 2
  160. Open function
  161. form field arrays
  162. Mozilla, innerHTML question.
  163. Is there a global script to open all links on a page in a pop up for a photo album.
  164. Any way to fire off an HTTP request without 'waiting' for a result?
  165. JavaScript cookies (in subdirectories) and PHP file
  166. Using DOM to access other windows
  167. help with function
  168. Can't seem to attach to "onbeforeunload" event.
  169. IE5 + ok, netscape 7.1 no workie
  170. Help with indexOf()
  171. how to include " in my validation script
  172. Capture PrintDialog Events
  173. Javascript Navigation
  174. Can I get my local IP address from javascript under IE?
  175. <object> persistence across pages?
  176. Using execCommand to edit an existing HTML page
  177. reading image opacity
  178. Help:: Why Class ID is used
  179. onMouseOver
  180. drag and drop ranking system
  181. document.print change default headers and footers
  182. onclilck variable
  183. Post Data with Javascript and without using a form tag.
  184. Validate form for 4-digit integer
  185. Making my own attibutes for HTML Tags
  186. Checking radio buttons
  187. Help!
  189. Need Remote Button with sub-topics
  190. Convert for netscape?
  191. Display user's IP address when visiting internal site
  192. retreiving fontSize and/or DIV dimensions from linked stylesheet
  193. Sending html data to the IFrame contents
  194. TextArea Validation
  195. Order of execution
  196. Refreshing a href variable using OnChange of a select list
  197. detecting flash
  198. Executing Programs Using Javascript
  199. Forcing an onChange event to fire
  200. IP Info Code Snippet problem
  201. RIGHT Mouse Button - on Click? Prevent photo download
  202. Trigger checkbox when combo box is changed
  203. window.location & cookies?
  204. help :O( cant reference element within an inline frame
  205. Capturing the onkeydown event i an IFRAME.
  206. IE 6 Question Mark Wierdness
  207. Why won't this onsubmit action fire?
  208. detecting when a frame has loaded the result of a form submit
  209. Can't change window.status message - help!
  210. Does anybody have any ideas?
  211. does not work?
  212. reloading windows
  213. Using external js fil
  214. How to create a RADIO button using DOM
  215. Really need some help
  216. Open Fullscreen in SAME WINDOW.... please help
  217. how to use applet in IE or Netscape
  218. javascript popup window that stays in front of parent window?
  219. Pause() function?
  220. Help: Imbedded </script> within a document.write()
  221. How to check for existance of Input elements that are type=TEXT???
  222. back() and reload() at the same time?
  223. Forms without HTML
  224. getElementById errors
  225. .onmouseover=... syntax question re NN events
  226. Multiple Check Boxes URL Jump TIA
  227. Wrong syntax for formatNumber() ? I'm stuck.
  228. onunload and a couple of things...
  229. Control the URL for all documents
  230. In search of a good linked list implementation
  231. Secure logins...
  232. Carriage return inside a message of alert
  233. Scope of instance of an object
  234. Encrypting JS Code on wscript
  235. popup error (javascript)
  236. Function to create GUID equivalent?
  237. Detect when new window is opened?
  238. Javascript -- confused on the return false -- simple validate function?
  239. language redirect
  240. How do you know what button was pressed in the submit?
  241. Missing text
  242. Server logs.
  243. UTF-8 to Shift JIS
  244. automated scrollTo() problem
  245. PDF Save Option
  246. Possible to check for empty input boxes when names generated dynamically?
  247. calling a windows application (from hyperlink?)
  248. [RegExp] Making non-greedy; Escaping parentheses?
  249. how to make the control boxes disappear?
  250. Push html content peer to peer
  251. How to Customize Internet Explorer Menus Using JS and Any other Scripting Language
  252. what's wrong with this line?
  253. "the page was replaced while you was trying ..."
  254. Placing a focus
  255. send variables to function in new window
  256. submit formvalues with javascript
  257. I want a popup window onclick which close itself when next page is displayed
  258. Sorting HTML Table based on a column (Using JavaScript)
  259. Where to store a "variable" in a <div>?
  260. javascript in forms
  261. JS in frame1 <--> JS in frame2
  262. 'document is not an object' when trying to change <DIV> content
  263. Mouse won't change (onmousedown="'different'")
  264. Advanced onclick button which disable all other buttons on the document problem
  265. click() question
  266. browsers and javascript
  267. How do I read the Value of the submit Button
  268. how to jScript into one line?
  269. How to get a selected value from <Select> using DOM
  270. DHTML issues with IE
  271. scanning a directory using javascript
  272. JavaScript function to print a pdf file.
  273. How to create Check Box and Select Tag
  274. Accessing table rows length via DOM?
  275. Add moving text to image
  276. JavaScript animation doesn't work
  277. "complex" rollover animation question
  278. Execute web page without loading
  279. test blank string
  280. passing vars
  281. How to detect when user presses browser back buttons
  282. please verivy this code
  283. Arrays as form elemtents
  284. location of prompt box - can you dictate?
  285. LiveConnect packages
  286. Accessing document form elements outside a function
  287. Favourites & Homepage
  288. NS + JS = BS
  289. checking existence of an element?
  290. IE6 and navigator.plugin solution?
  291. Measuring Web Download Time (client Vs server side)
  292. compare strings -- what's the trick?
  293. clip in Opera
  294. download PDF in new window
  295. Why doesn't window.document.getElementById('junk') return 'undefined'?
  296. Prototype not working:
  297. checking for back button
  298. Loading Elements
  299. checking type?
  300. Change Event Handler Programatically
  301. MAC + Netscape = error
  302. Objects as Array Indices ?
  303. event.keyCode
  304. a little array query
  305. Mozilla, written html and getElementById
  306. Mozilla and setInterval
  307. Disable Submit Button until Accept Terms and Redirect Page on Submit
  308. Opening new window in Mozilla
  309. Detecting when the select element's dropdown list is open and/or closed
  310. Javascript and frames
  311. How to escape a quote in a string?
  312. PLEASE -- why doesn't this validate function work? PLEASE?
  313. how to put javascript in a file
  314. creating a web keyboard for data entry within IFRAME
  315. calculating in table made by createElement and appendChild
  317. Where is good JavaScript Reference site online?
  318. Centering Browser Pop-Up Window?
  319. Self contained system for color transition
  320. accessing javascript objects from another frame
  321. variables and html
  322. Search/replace patterns in web pages?
  323. Web design sites
  324. how close modal dialog from the first window
  325. Advanced DHTML Dropdown List component with Autofilter feature
  326. Calculating "working days" for a given period
  327. get USERNAME
  328. Regular Expression pattern
  329. saving info
  330. cascademenu.js problem with Mozilla vs IE
  331. Functions as objects
  332. Keeping Web Page at Fixed Width
  333. If a mailto is sent the page does not continue to load
  334. checkboxes
  335. Animation - only first and last images display
  336. Dropdown menu with links
  337. if statement with checkbox.checked
  338. for in and arrays
  339. DROPDOWN MENU & Frames
  340. Simpleton singleton that installs its own function type properties
  341. GMT/UTC help
  342. Nested function X vs. nested varX = function
  343. javascript & frames
  344. function source to HTML ?
  345. color in the user input box
  346. Focusable elements
  347. Javascript forms question, please help.
  348. showModalDialog leaves gap at right hand edge
  349. Javabeans - handling multiple forms on a single JSP
  350. for loop
  351. Sending message on load
  352. javasript problem - submiting
  353. How do I write a reg expression to search for NOT a substring?
  354. defining and accessing js objects.
  355. submit buttons - changing behaviour
  356. How to set width of text input to physical text width
  357. Opera - .closed not accessible if window is closed?
  358. Reset setTimeout
  359. Popup above cursor
  360. Site help
  361. Help: Make all fields in table tag required.
  362. weird problem with variable
  363. Onblur() event cause infinite loop
  364. Script-generated code displaying differntly than the exact same code displayed staticly... help!?!?!
  365. select boxes and ordering
  366. try-catch error handling -- display line number?
  367. dynamic for loop
  368. input type text value
  369. Flickering mouse pointer when scrolling background images
  370. IE6: setInterval, this==window arrgh
  371. setTimeout causes return of 32 million instead of x,y coordinate
  372. Trying to understand this code
  373. I need a simple Javascript shopping cart.
  374. loggout.php fails to properly redirect
  375. Please Advise
  376. Javascript code for fitting a background image to the window
  377. Links to frame
  378. which <option> was clicked on?
  379. document.layers & Mozilla
  380. req help: make page open 'itself' without toolbars
  381. Loop multiple sounds onClick w/js?
  382. submitting form through javascript
  383. javascript resource list needed
  384. Can some fix this code? Delet table rows.
  385. Netscape DOM issue?
  386. How do I convert a string integer into a number?
  387. What could cause scrollWidth to return 0?
  388. open .exe from link with no confirm box?
  389. Hey guys, I didn't really make my question too clear I guess... sorry.
  390. How can I put a <div> in <td> ??
  391. Why can't I access child frame elements with the direct form?
  392. user input box: first 2 characters as a read only value
  393. Form validation problem...
  394. Change Stylesheet definition based on browser resolution
  395. return value from JSP to Javascript
  396. Global event handler of new window being lost on location change
  397. Use of the same variable on multiple pages
  398. please nobody who can help me with this simple script?
  399. using 'name' or using 'id' of a form?
  400. [Netscape] href in iframe hangs when calling function in parent window
  401. Getting Unix login name or home dir from client-side JavaScript
  402. how to access an object in a form with getElementById?
  403. disable minimize button in pop up window
  404. Frame gets overriden by a page
  405. Add properties to function while in function with out specifying function ?
  406. I think it has something to do with array...but not sure...pls help
  407. Easy Regex (when you know how... and I don't)
  408. Can I resize Excel window from IE browser?
  409. Inheritace and super.class calling
  410. stop refresh windows?
  411. two different behaviours with 'return value' of a function
  412. Detecting cookies
  413. How do I center a div both vertically and horozontally?
  414. how to set window.print() property?
  415. Class or Type?
  416. Begginer Stuck!!
  417. Correct way to implement visitor tracking?
  418. Cookies set one time, I delete cookie, cookie is never set again!
  419. Dealing with possible namespace clashes
  420. Noob question...
  421. Display Business Hours Adjusted for the Visitor's Time Zone
  422. ONBLUR() LOOP
  423. Mouse movement while a button is pressed
  424. change text: foo -> bar
  425. Reaching a sibling frame ?????
  426. Reading Cookie from a different domain?
  427. Image upload dimension check
  428. Acces to TD in array on html document ?
  430. problem with accessing functions
  431. Some rather complex animated line/circle drawing
  432. java plugin targeting through javascript
  433. window.close()
  434. does this way to start a function not work with NS?
  435. regex question
  436. Refresh values with a button
  437. Classes and functions for IM's
  438. changing class properties
  439. Beginner Needing Help
  440. Javascript, signing, and Netscape 7
  441. Browser Close event Problem
  442. IE6, xhtml, scrollbars and you
  443. How to get source of nested function ?
  444. Server-side scripts with ASP
  445. onclick Javascript Problem
  446. Function Exists -- Parent Window
  447. pop ups
  448. javascript page error
  449. need help debugging opensource script on Mac IE
  450. second pop up window
  451. any chance to get notification on changing innerHTML
  452. Backslash does NOT escape Apostrophe
  453. showModalDialog() Jumping to Bottom of Popup's Body
  454. Dynamically Show/Hide table rows?
  455. input names with '-' in their names.
  456. Javascript and Menus using styles
  457. JavaScript as a general purpose programming language?
  458. locked out of .style.cursor changes
  459. Beginner Needing Help!!
  460. Use JavaScript in VB Application
  461. writing to external javascript file
  462. onMouseOver event - Question
  463. Secondary sort
  464. offset top calculation problem
  465. rollover problem
  466. sysdate function
  467. Reliability/Availability of Option, Select, etc. objects
  468. set checkbox
  469. Multiple Popup windows
  470. Form Validation
  471. document layers question
  472. insert text in textarea
  473. JavaScript becomes disabled - HELP!!
  474. OnMouseDown in NN4.7
  475. view server time
  476. javascript error
  477. Drop Down Menu
  478. create a photogallery by code.
  479. xml, xsl, css ... in netscape
  480. Extracting everything after penultimate backslash
  482. Inaccuracies in absolute positioning
  483. mysql ?
  484. Can I use CSS to specify event handlers ?
  485. With clause syntax errors but how do I fix it?
  486. target div
  487. To test a function with a Broser
  488. Setting Scrollable position for div tag
  489. override part of css
  490. What causes all windows & popups to shake and quiver and shiver ?
  491. Need help with a link
  492. Setting the number of elements in selectboxes...
  493. Functions passed as arguments
  494. Fill dropdown on demand from script
  495. Please enlighten me:-0 HELP Please
  496. select in form
  497. What is the mouse?
  498. Marquee script question
  499. Where is the mouse?!?
  500. How to get the absolute position of an element
  501. How to find the position of a link
  502. Strange behaviour of IE using SVG (<object ... >
  503. Staying Framed
  504. Mozilla: not enough arguments
  505. Wait till image is loaded from "onbeforeunload" handler?
  506. onload error
  507. Restricting user input without "disabled"
  508. multi-dem array
  509. detect screen change stylesheet
  510. Getting value of selected Radio group
  511. IE not DOM for style?
  512. IE/Mozilla WYSIWYG editor - problems with IE and queryCommandEnabled
  513. Text Size
  514. Setting focus to window
  515. Caching if js Files
  516. FileSystem Object
  517. Dynamic dropdown menus
  518. Javascript and PHP page problem after adding new button
  519. javascript + Tomcat JSP
  520. Urgent Internet Explorer Error
  521. Detecting Tab Key Help Needed
  522. List of JS built-in functions?
  523. Passing a conditional form variable (Was: 'Trying to use images asform submit buttons')
  524. java buttons
  525. Modifying HTML Table through DOM
  526. Javascript Cancel OnKeyPress prob on Safari
  527. Calling a dll from a Javascript
  528. website in frame using top.document
  529. how come no scrollbars on
  530. how to get the remainder from a division?
  531. Determining name of focus() element
  532. thumbnail open new window
  533. Q: Check existence of several global variables
  534. "Done, but with errors on page"
  535. Dynamically changing HTML within a DIV?
  536. how to make a form that won't submit
  537. <div > inside <table> doesn't work - why not?
  538. dynamically set textboxes
  539. Running remote script after page loads
  540. dynamic images
  541. Need help with DOM
  542. open select pulldown box only if certain option is clicked
  543. Learning the JavaScript debugger Venkman (tutorial)
  544. force a file download dialog in asp does not work in IE 5.5 SP1
  545. /[HELP!]/ regxp replace uppercase/lowercase
  546. radio box value is always undefined ?
  547. Send an HTML variable to script
  548. Forcing numbers to show with 2 decimal places for money types
  549. strange behavior when changing select's value
  550. Need to loop through checkboxes