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  1. how to do this visual effect ?
  2. form.elements[x] has no properties
  3. Text Over an Image?
  4. slowing down a loop
  5. event notification from ActiveX/COM components
  6. About how to display a layer above a frame ?!
  7. img name or ID
  8. function EnablerInput() not working
  9. easy = visible; not working
  10. Getting info from server without changing window
  11. Refreshing a parent window
  12. Clipped image with dynamic clip change
  13. Inline script works - but fails when included from .js file - why?
  14. Special Characters display differently on different computers
  15. JavaScript to Java Nightmare
  16. Java Help
  17. Works in ie and opera not mozilla
  18. How to get this height info? Impossible?
  19. Changing the value of texfiled using onChange?
  20. Preloading images?
  21. Wait Window function
  22. rotating images with javascript prob
  23. Setting applet window size using javascript?
  24. Syntax problem
  25. Can anyone find what is wrong with the following?
  26. help for navigation in a database website
  27. textarea length setting
  28. Simple Scrolling Text Box
  29. Too much time on my hands today...
  30. simple Body Onload question
  31. Changing Frameset by Javascript
  32. Private instance members
  33. print only part of page
  34. prompt() into textbox
  35. client side script with server side controls
  36. Get multiple select values from query string?
  37. can I put CSS code in a file?
  38. Two onloads in one body
  39. Please confirm my suspicions on variable ordering
  40. Output/Input to a file instead of the browser
  41. converting a number into string
  42. Selecting multiple checkboxes with a single checkbox.
  43. Three Interdependant Select Boxes Script Needed
  44. How to prevent Form submission if users hit enter.
  45. Executing code before page load complete...
  46. Give individual cell's a border?
  47. Javascript Tutorial Links
  48. onResize is called many times
  49. is javascript capable of reading the source of the page it is being loaded in?
  50. class name acess?
  51. calling an executable with arguments
  52. targetting in main frame
  53. HTML form data
  54. "location.reload()" doesn't work for Netscape 7
  55. mailto: link opening new browser window in Netscape
  56. isolating a property of a particular radio button
  57. Javascript Daylight time problem...
  58. Two (pulldown) lists
  59. Who wants to participate in writing an open source web-based programmer's editor?
  60. option group
  61. Show/Hide buttons based on radio selection
  62. Optimize My Javascript
  63. radio buttons and the onChange event handler
  64. Can I capture anything from a 3th party inserted site in a IFRAME or DIV
  65. onmousedown event causing body onload event to fire
  66. Dynamically Change CSS layer dimensions?
  67. RegExp help!!
  68. Variable scope - 2
  69. Calling External Scripts
  70. Browser Close
  71. Calling a Javascript function from a message box
  72. keeping to current page after form validation alert
  73. Reload Parent WithOut executing last function
  74. Very simple javascript problem
  75. getElementsBName and <table>'s
  76. Format textbox value using regexpression
  77. A very weird JS error :-)
  78. javascript to display images at random
  79. Simple innerHTML issue
  80. ExecCommand parameters
  81. unusual behaviour
  82. Why doesn't parser like this script?
  83. childnode acess problem?
  84. Javascript para enlazar 2 combobox
  85. Form "Submit once only" problems
  86. How to go back
  87. tokenize javascript string
  88. changing date format
  89. Help Please! Thanks in advance.
  90. Bust out of iframe
  91. PLEASE How to break out of an iframe?
  92. Sending form info from popup window to original window
  93. Script for pop up from thumbnail
  94. set href targets in frame
  95. Creating and accessing a JavaScript multidimensional array?
  96. pop up script!?!
  97. Month number to string
  98. the difference between write and writeln
  99. Variable Scope
  100. checkbox.length confusion
  101. js menu that slides with the scrollbar
  102. Problem with RADIO (created by DOM) in Internet Explorer
  103. Scratch Script
  104. How to change table border from javascript?
  105. Javascript breaks when images added
  106. Help
  107. Checking if a select value exists?
  108. how to hide href link ?
  109. Deselect any selected items in a select form field with multiple attribute?
  110. Please help with a hiding DIV problem
  111. menu help please
  112. Javascript Quiz Code
  113. Allow user to fill predefined space
  114. Show / Hide Table Rows
  115. Accessing subelement content in javascript
  116. reload
  117. How can I control the instances.
  118. Help for a javascript decrepit
  119. Custom mail formatting using form
  120. Good morning fellow monday's issue.
  121. dw preload function
  122. php array in javascript function
  123. Tricky Addition Question In Javascript...Please help. TIA
  124. form is double-submitting when opening a new window
  125. HELP Please javaScript for flash detection On Click
  126. HTMLDocument vs. Document when overriding write() ?
  127. focus() question
  128. Do JS magazines exist?
  129. help with "POST" ?
  130. reserved ids?
  131. dynamic tables
  132. Client-side Javascript validation of "select multiple" for PHP
  133. JavaScript Which Invokes the URL:MailTo Protocol
  134. some sort of counter
  135. z-index of image in Opera 7.21
  136. Generate random numbers in a range every second?
  137. Set a combobox value with js
  138.'wait' problem
  139. closing a child window from parent
  140. setTimeOut vs time-based animation
  141. Form drop down help (null values)
  142. Need help with replaceing HTML code i table
  143. w3 Stopping JavaScript?
  144. New with Javascript: Who like to help me with a loop function?
  145. from form to .csv file to webpage help req.
  146. Verify URL is valid
  147. Change image by clicking link
  148. SlideShow Script - No Looping
  149. document.write question
  150. javaScript for flash detection On Click
  151. Problem with open enlarged version of an image in a new window
  152. What are the Netscape-Mozilla equivalents?
  153. Opera and Modal Dialogs
  154. input day in the past
  155. view-source:'+document.location'
  156. How to refer to a value of an input box within the <input...> tag?
  157. Can't move a complex object from one frame to another
  158. Menu Error
  159. Cookie question
  160. window.location.reload() with Mozilla & IE
  161. Test for digit, regular expression
  162. How to test an empty input box?
  163. Remember javascript variable
  164. A problem with decimals...
  165. Bug in IIS 5.1 JScript - undefined strings from Request object
  166. JavaScript docu
  167. jak zautomatyzować pobieranie stron ?
  168. Printing a receipt
  169. Submit form to new window
  170. Browser Detection - Mozilla 1.3+ & IE 5.5+
  171. how to append to URL ?
  172. Testing non-js functionality
  173. Weird checkbox behavior (looks disabled but can still click on it)
  174. JavaScript typeof checking a Request value
  175. Please help: On list box change event open new url in current window
  176. pgm_b fires before pgm_a is completed
  177. Concatenating dynamically created text box values
  178. drop-down menus - lets discuss
  179. loading frames
  180. what's the vbscript's cint() function in javascript
  181. declare globals in .JS file
  182. how to submit ?
  183. Hide table/row
  184. Change URL in a Popup
  185. Splitting into a multi-dimensional array
  186. Save alternative file on right-click->save-picture-as
  187. Need help with Time Validation in JavaScript
  188. Block an ip from visiting?
  189. Advanced Regex
  190. Onclick problem
  191. Java navigation bar
  192. Difference between javascript and a java applet?
  193. vertical scrolling in a newly created window
  194. Referencing an Image's Map's Link's Details
  195. How to add content
  196. variable from another frame/page
  197. question about Onload function ?
  198. likely cause for status message stuck ?
  199. object expected
  200. Problem calling function
  201. Problem whit <SELECT>
  202. ns4,6,ie5,6 and mozilla
  204. xhtml 1.0 strict with javascript
  205. Force reload after user changes browser size
  206. Submit multipe forms with one submit button.
  207. Webzähler
  208. Date datatype
  209. What's the future of RegExp object properties?
  210. file access
  211. error in code
  212. Music
  213. converting a string to an object
  214. Problem refreshing iFrame with document.location.reload(true)
  215. Question: Does javascript have acces to source code of previous page...
  216. Hiding CSS class from Netscape 4.x
  217. how to turn off meta-refresh ?
  218. Link from file.txt
  219. Getting the class name as a string
  220. eval() not working
  221. Number Function
  222. Passing form elements from/to HTML pages via JavaScript...
  223. Detect if CSS file was loaded
  224. Netscape DHTML not working
  225. onfocus for a <select>
  226. open a page "maximized"
  227. need help with hide function
  228. starting Java applet with arguments
  229. JS problem
  230. Need help with the following script
  231. insert text in textarea on right click in java script
  232. Javascript links and search engine spiders
  233. JavaScript vs. VBScript
  234. disable Microsoft's image toolbar
  235. problems loading images...
  236. SmartFolding menu tree question
  237. how to parse an entire multi-dimensional array ?
  238. Creating mini-html editor
  239. how can i make a choice?
  240. passing data between forms.
  241. Add a property to an HTML element
  242. using the key handling function
  243. Text area width
  244. Changing the time for the html span title tag
  245. Point me in the right direction
  246. Q: Printing a selection (kind of)
  247. javascript error is null or not an object
  248. Questionnaire input
  249. Hitting Enter on a single text box
  250. backbutton problem
  251. SaveAs Disabled
  252. undefined NaN, surely not!!
  253. Filtering Textarea Input?
  254. Processing pending events from within a longl lasting loop (because user wants to cancel a search)
  255. Need some help dynamically setting day/date
  256. Assigning a CGI output to JavaScript variable.
  257. Help Please - how do I load a new HTM page using onClick
  258. Print wide page
  259. Date Bug??? Need help:-)
  260. what's wrong??!?!?!
  261. broblem with add, for example 1+2 is not 12
  262. Tsunami Javascript
  263. document.write, HTML entities and IE
  264. Can I set focus to a control in the BODY ONLOAD event?
  265. javascript and netscape
  266. Multiple Checkbox Help Needed
  267. How can i disabled a menuitem like " View => Source"???
  268. Validate number with JS?
  269. Changing <SPAN... with JS ?
  270. UGH! Using escape characters don't work...anyone know why?
  271. looking for JS slideshow viewer
  272. First & Third Wednesday of each month
  273. how to launch a window's application from webpage using java?
  274. 3 lines of code want to display all tags
  275. Venture Capital for the hard core CSEEs
  276. Dynamic creation of URL
  277. FileSystemObject
  278. Help tidy up javascript code
  279. Is there a way to dynamically assign a variable name??
  280. Another CSS & Javascript Problem
  281. Getting data from a text file
  282. running local programs with javascript
  283. resize textarea on Safari
  284. dbi and javascript
  285. focus()
  286. trouble with indexof for form value
  287. Help please: Creating a printer friendly page from a form
  288. calling a optional parameter function
  289. Retrieving cookie data through document.cookie (Javascript)
  290. 'Object' is undefined
  291. Calling functions in different documents
  292. Pls Help: JS for writing a cookie from a form
  293. Replace function
  294. Link to download file
  295. Match Function with character +
  296. Warn to Save before leaving a page...
  297. Checkbox onclick submit() not working in IE Mac
  298. OnClick event question
  299. Show Url on a frameset page
  300. has anyone used; function ????
  301. onclick does not work with Input type=image
  302. Please help me.........
  303. body onload problem
  304. Capture URL of the user
  305. Save As Function
  306. Unterminated string -- within a querystring...?
  307. Can't run Java on Win98SE
  308. So simple it is killing me! > dynamic object reference
  309. function to generalize
  310. Testing for focus
  311. making a text field mandatory?
  312. In addition to previous question, if opening an Excel file in NON-read-only mode, would the macros on the worksheets work as well?
  313. Two Questions about the Following Block of Code
  314. Getting user input into JavaScript
  315. Retrieving the ID names from within a form
  316. how do I access value of text field inside a table cell
  317. One of Five Rollovers Does Not Work on Mac/IE & Safari
  318. looking at each element in the form
  319. Calendar help
  320. Form Submittal In Multiple Windows?
  321. Screen question
  322. Center a <DIV> with Javascript.
  323. Passing parameters to event handler
  324. FAQ ??
  325. deleteRow causes Netscape 7 to crash - why ?
  326. KeyPress Events in IE
  327. changing opener
  328. Returning the complete contents of an array to another function
  329. What's wrong with the following code to capture the Browser type?
  330. What's the comparable file in .js to Global.asa in ASP?
  331. JavaScript and CSS
  332. Document.Write Doesn't
  333. finding next occurance of string after first is found in textarea / textbox
  334. how can i detect the height of a TD tag?
  335. Dynamic Value in middle of object reference
  336. Initializing Associative Arrays?
  337. slashes in HTML tags in JavaScript
  338. character counter
  339. word counter
  340. event
  341. right position of Div tag
  342. hit counter
  344. Position Problem
  345. Positioning problem
  346. Wildcards in javascript with SQL
  347. Can I POST from a link?
  348. Replacing enlarged pics in popup works in IE only. What gives?
  349. Forms tag question
  350. function call
  351. Image + Text swap question
  352. javascript in containers (iframe)
  353. Array not working
  354. Why this javascript function does not work on IE5, but works on IE6?
  355. Unable to read a cookie
  356. Copy from a list to a textarea
  357. createElement('img') and .width properties in percentages?
  358. if.. else if sentence
  359. Web page function keys
  360. is there a sleep functionality or similar solution in js
  361. Expected identifier error on window.confirm, need help
  362. How to create RADIO buttons in IE using DOM
  363. Newby question - need a script to stop another script
  364. images not showing even after pre load
  365. XML
  366. JS password script
  367. field validation needs to accept decimal values -- how please?
  368. Recursion problems - how does it work?
  369. Netscape 7 + div + position:fixed + onmouseover : bug ?
  370. page loading
  371. when will we have pulldown/popup menus for (D)HTML without ugly kludges?
  372. ???
  373. JavaScript doesnt run on netscape 7.1
  374. Why is Netscape 6.1 disappearing my final table row?
  375. How can I pass trough all objects of a form, if some of them are contained in divs?
  376. Maximum number
  377. Best way to write to another frame?
  378. remembering last position in textbox / textarea and returning to after post / reload
  379. OnClick help needed
  380. Passing select options via JavaScript from one HTML page to another...
  381. string vs object
  382. Disable auto-save of JavaScripts ?
  383. ~ operator
  384. instanceof causes an error in IE5
  385. Please help me with a simple javascript form
  386. \b
  387. Frame problem
  388. How to detect invisibility on element contained inside invisible parent?
  389. Javascript - Download/upload times w/bandwidth
  390. make a time script shorter
  391. dynamic forms
  392. object questions and difficulty
  393. automatically scroll to bottom of textarea
  394. js code
  395. Frame - in Netscape
  396. remove underline from links
  397. dhtml popup calendar
  398. Moving The Current Focus On A Web Page With Frames Using JavaScript?
  399. Incorrect date
  400. javascript in HTML ... not running on some browsers
  401. Is this possible?
  402. issues with form elements
  403. On This Date...
  404. embed
  405. Naming rules for JavaScript/HTML scripting
  406. How to embed quote in dynamic IFrame Input element?
  407. Compare Input Date to Server Date
  408. Forcing drop-down list to appear
  409. regular expression help
  410. game+function+algoritme?
  411. check if textarea or textfirld exists
  412. Dynamic insertion of applet
  413. Help needed for non-Javascript programmer!
  414. write part of a string ?
  415. object problems
  416. Java Script Problem
  417. I have a problem...
  418. JavaScript at Davar Web Site
  419. Browser "Back" fails after javascript redirect?
  420. Relative folder reference in form action property?
  421. Javascript Problem - Please Help
  422. Why bitwise operators?
  423. passing an array element to a function
  424. Getting favorites from a browser.
  425. createElement('input').onchange assigned function passing 'this' values
  426. Page in frame depending on screenresolution?
  427. Convert Boolean to Numeric
  428. onFocus ?
  429. how to replace a URL in the address bar
  430. Dropdown list "onchange" help
  431. Multiple forms and Multiple submit buttons and validation
  432. Capturing IP for Form
  433. array of object
  434. Checking if span object(s) exist
  435. Using parent's function from child when included from file...
  436. problems hiding form elements. (please help)
  437. Hooking browser Stop button?
  438. How to write/read value from param tag?
  439. hidden field and validation (JSP)
  440. How Is This Done?
  441. "ghost image" that lets events through to elements underneath
  442. Anybody got a JS call to undo PHP's URL encoding?
  443. Append only mode for textarea
  444. How to use ?
  445. Full-screen IE spoof
  446. form validation script not working
  447. Radio buttons do not appear checked
  448. building javascript 'wrappers'?
  449. Scripting Mozilla
  450. if(document.forms[f].element[e].type == "checkbox")
  451. how can i remove all rows from n tables in one form?
  452. Browser Close / New URL / Form UnLoad()
  453. function start() is not found, while it IS there
  454. 2 Domains go to one Website - How to redirect one?
  455. Popup Size
  456. help with making drop down menu
  457. function parameter question
  458. Including other .js files from javascript
  459. Enlarge text with a javascript
  460. Printing without an URL?
  461. Dynamically changing a cell content
  462. using variable to address (function in) other frame..
  463. form validation that will display text at top of page if fields are blank
  464. Won't work in IE
  465. Array object responding to changes
  466. problems with flyout menus and positioning
  467. Opera is turning my "&lang=" into ?=
  468. how to change link.text color dynamically ?
  469. Use of var keyword -- IE 5.2
  470. changing a checkbox value
  471. Buton Back.
  472. How to show/hide ALL objects with a certain id?
  473. learning guide
  474. A Javascript array that can respond to changes
  475. Week Numbers in dates
  476. Show/hide table rows -- parameter undefined error?
  477. need some more help...
  478. need some help
  479. Cookies
  480. How to make a function run when web page loads.
  481. How do I force my form to be the top frame
  482. Dynamically dependant listBoxes
  483. arrays and functions
  484. how to change the value of a hidden form value on submit
  485. Converting a JS array into a VBArray
  486. Problem with <script> tag using runat=server and src attributes
  487. Help Please!
  488. need help understanding this code.
  489. Mutiple Drop Boxes
  490. something to destroy html
  491. Help mouse over a link to change a diffrent cell's background in Netscape
  492. math with int and floats doesn't work?
  493. document.url
  494. onKeyPress in Opera 7.11
  495. passing information between webpages using cookie
  496. MySQL use with JavaScript, client side
  497. Can you make this work in Netscape 7 (javascript CSS manipulation)
  498. Javascript news ticker required
  499. max call using onSubmit?
  500. Help, how can you parse a decimal and ...
  501. regular expressions
  502. Opening a New Internet Explorer Pop Windows to a remote IP
  503. Need a little help :)
  504. Include another file in a script
  505. Javascript To Resize Window?
  506. help: create a spreadsheet-like feel
  507. <DIV> show/hide...both appear...why oh why?
  508. script to store articles
  509. simple script needed..
  510. hitting enter causes a page reload (I think)
  511. disable all href/links when user click a link
  512. OnUnLoad
  513. forcing URL in frame??
  514. how to know what the opener is loading from the opened window
  515. how to fill some field in parent window from a child window
  516. location.replace() in the onUnload event?
  517. refresh opener
  518. remove options
  519. refreshing two frames with only one click
  520. Submit form to pop-up - why does this code not work?
  521. closing brower windows
  522. document.getElementById / appendChild
  523. Question about Key Codes
  524. Javascript:LaunchCenter
  525. Does submit count as an onChange event ?
  526. Changing the 'display' of multiple items
  527. File Name Validation when Uploading Images
  528. Pick Color From Downloaded Image
  529. Input prompt
  530. Read HTTP Headers with Javascript???
  531. Playing Quicktime movies
  532. Auto insert Date in form input field
  533. Setting focus on radio button
  534. CSS and javascript interaction
  535. Can javascript POST without refresh?
  536. Getting supported methods of objects
  537. using applets
  539. is there a suplement in Netscape for resizeTo(widht,height)
  540. Can javascript give me image dimensions?
  541. Password protection
  542. Object scoping issue
  543. Click link in popup window and insert link text in a field of mother window
  544. popup rollover menu hiding behind frame
  545. Elementary question: How do I set BG IMAGE SiZE for all monitors?
  546. onChange problem with two dropdowns and one form
  547. checkbox help needed
  548. roll over
  549. again: foreign page finished loading
  550. Can I focus a popup window without refreshing it?