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  1. activate different stylesheet
  2. innerHTML of another frame
  3. Will this work in Netscape and IE?
  4. Can I round or set the number of decimals or even make this a fraction?
  5. Odd Netscape: Sound steals focus.
  6. position image problem
  7. Method Post with Javasript
  8. Show/Hide layer in Netscape/IE problem
  9. Ceri
  10. Need to have an <a> tag submit a form (cross platform solution needed)
  11. Need help in validating the period in an email address (new JavaScript student)
  12. cannot reference window.location.href
  13. Urgent How to prevent that Internet Explorer is closed
  14. Can the Favourites Sidebar (IE, Opera, etc.) be addressed selectively (exist or non-exist)?
  15. Option Onmouseover
  16. document.write problems
  17. maximizing window with xml file
  18. horizontal scrollbar
  19. How to add object to arrays?
  20. Safari: targeting frames with a javascript event does not work.
  21. simple js dynamically reading form values - js fails - why?
  22. Where can I find IE 5.0
  23. force refreshing of my site.
  24. External file links inheriting CSS - how to stop?
  25. JavaScript Editor
  26. Read HTML-code from file (2nd attempt)
  27. problems with DOM
  28. Is variable handling in mozilla different from IE?
  29. problem with validation script
  30. frame "onload" fires only first time in NN?
  31. submit form values with openWindow
  32. ceri
  33. Problem with HV Menu 5.5 when working with 2 horizontal frames.
  34. Regular expression to exclude lines?
  35. open file at URL with javascript
  36. Add site to trusted sites
  37. js onclick event to read values from form fails - why?
  38. Netscape 7 and clipping
  39. IMG dimensions
  40. Streaming Audio into hidden frame w/ javascript controls.
  41. Change title
  42. Full Screen Script for both Netscape and IE??
  43. I.E.6 / Javascript causing 100% CPU Usage
  44. JavaScript Form Validation Doesn't Work In Netscape
  45. Giving browser a "jolt"
  46. Problem with HV Menu 5.5 when working with frames ?
  47. Inserting a text into textarea
  48. How to combine both LEFT and VbCrLf thingy to a single field while displaying
  49. Submit only once.
  50. A new pop up window will not obey a close command from original page.
  51. JavaScript XML Tree
  52. WINDOW
  53. Is there any way to pass along values between sides, or how else can I do this ?
  54. Hiding function works on IE, but it doesn't on Moziila
  55. Validation function problem.
  56. popups relative to resolution?
  57. Problem printing popup pages.
  58. using for to read an array with string indices
  59. How do I dynamically size a <HTML:TEXTAREA>????
  61. Can Javascript do this (follow up)
  62. Frame/form question
  63. HOW TO: Find the Top & Left window offset of an embed'ed [Flash] object.
  64. how to validate a form
  65. Submit or not submit
  66. checkboxes add to a running total (in a form)???
  67. javascript
  68. Can Javascript do this?
  69. help with windows
  70. onmouseover
  71. if(document.all)
  72. onClick makes text appear
  73. force one radio button to take a value from another one
  74. alt text on table cell
  75. Looking for script?
  76. help with windows
  77. Code working in IE but not Netscape 7.0
  78. getElementByID value
  79. reading network parameters from javascript
  80. determining when an applet is running via javascript
  81. Read HTML-code from file
  82. substring ?
  83. Animated gif stops after the form is submitted
  84. Get computer name
  85. Phone Validation Problem (I reformatted the code to make it easier to read)
  86. Form Validation Problem
  87. How do I change HTML objects with my JS strings ?
  88. html ?
  89. Showwing an image from a variable?
  90. How to submit a form onblur?
  91. moving through a record set
  92. submitting text box info to a file?
  93. can I write to a local .txt File wit javascribt?
  94. field names in javascript
  95. cookie expire time and time zones
  96. Netscape and ActiveX?
  97. Probleme mit Auswertung von Formulardaten
  98. Mail Merging in MSWord from Within Javascript
  99. alert & prompts
  100. javascript and form names
  101. How to insert a Dynamic Value into a javascript?
  102. Realaudio doplay netscape mozilla
  103. netscape vs ie
  104. Lunar months?
  105. Refresh browser window on focus - is this possible?
  106. Pulling email addresses
  107. cookie to display pop-up only once during browser session?
  108. snow effect
  109. Handling Enter key in text input field?
  110. A simple script - or so I thought
  111. Addressing form fields in a loop
  112. Dates, Tomorrow and Next Day
  113. Customize DropDownButton of DropDownList(Select)
  114. AllWebMenus sale
  115. Horizontal Subcategory Menu
  116. OnChange Event Problem - Please Help
  117. Is this possible?
  118. frames and forms
  119. Bug in MS IE 6.0 SP1 in processing DHTML
  120. Bug in MS IE 6.0 SP1 in processing DHTML
  121. Project design
  122. Asymptopia Crossword Builder (Open Source)
  123. Javascript form number
  124. How can i get the table height by Javascript
  125. mailTo systax doesn't work
  126. make entire form invisible
  127. setting text, change the font
  128. embed
  129. runtime error ..not an object etc ??
  130. Adjusting the width and height of a popup window
  131. JS enabled but does not function (script blocking?)
  132. force to refresh browser
  133. Passing Drop Down List Selected Value
  134. value is a number
  135. New / IE6 problem
  136. Page auto-refresh and javascript
  137. innerHTML support
  138. Shutting off Page # of #
  139. How to calculate the height of a text?
  140. working in Netsc6 and ie 6 but not in Opera7.21
  141. how do you only allow a popup to popup once
  142. Help ! keyword for the web - javascript
  143. CD Menu
  144. I'm looking for a oneline text "event calender"
  145. Javascript in the address bar
  146. Choosing visible form elements
  147. Semi-Colon
  148. Breaking out of a 2-level FOR loop
  149. Problem with focus
  150. Create a Desktop Icon with proper icon name, not URL name
  151. String.replace(/</g,'&lt;');
  152. Can I write this shorter?
  153. Anomalous behavior in location.replace with IE
  154. Duplicate values in drop down list box
  155. some problem of getting the position of an object
  156. Returning value from an iframe
  158. Scrolling divs using a script
  159. Actual Div Size
  160. IsHtmlFile(), IsInternetConnection()
  161. just a test: please ignore
  162. javascript with ADO
  163. Problems with Visual Source Safe and Dreamweaver
  164. Floating Layers
  165. Two conflicting Javascripts
  166. Using a variable in the src attribute of iframe
  167. scrolling (multiple lines)
  168. Select a section of an image (co-ordinates
  169. JavaScript stats
  170. External Script Files
  171. Local Computer....
  172. Writing files?
  173. Problem with dynamicaly adding a hidden form element. IE vs NN
  174. Problem positioning a layer, please advise.
  175. Changing Selection Boxes Problem??
  176. transparency colors of an image
  177. Can't get Function to run from Include file
  178. Array - What am I doing wrong?
  179. HTTP post inside JavaScript
  180. Yet another Javascript and iframe question........
  181. pasting images on paintbrush
  182. resizing css div in javascript
  183. Setting busy cursor for the whole page
  184. Help Me Modify Javascript
  185. Browser compatibility
  186. handling forms
  187. javascript sites - menu.
  188. Regex
  189. script for counting the no. of enters on the site
  190. How to refresh a pop-up?
  191. Adding a Website Icon to the clients Desktop
  192. Script to Tell Tell Time then Limit by it?
  193. window.status Javascript
  194. script for google?
  195. creating a form using Javascript
  196. need help printing frames
  197. New To JavaScript
  198. left menu
  199. Scrolling effect within a table
  200. problem with Internet Explorer
  201. new on mozilla
  202. closing a window
  203. JScript passing value
  204. Getting URL Variables
  205. GoLive JS is a mess - Need help
  206. ECMAScript, DOM, CSS, generic 'dialogs', help request
  207. Associative Array?
  208. capture event when ctrl key is pressed
  209. Setting variables in another window
  210. Script problem with Netscape 7
  211. calculating Num of days
  212. javascript compiler ? editor?
  213. javascript with xsl
  214. Force reload of changed page?
  215. Cookies - help needed !
  216. Downloadable Javascript Tutorial?
  217. How to truly embed image data into a web page?
  218. onMouseOver and onMouseOut problem in Cell <TD> containing Writing
  219. how to force browser focus to area map?
  220. Link save dialogue
  221. Browsers and onLoad
  222. Form Processing
  223. invisible javascript
  224. creating path of user clicks
  225. JavaScript problem in Netscape 7.1
  226. Sending values from server side to Client side javascript
  227. Error in page
  228. Multi-image cycling rollover?
  229. function execution sequence problem
  230. confirmation box question
  231. About the use of double colons in javascript ::
  232. Javascript text encoding/encrypting
  233. Form action help needed...
  234. open a popup in a desired position
  235. Strange behavior with IE when writing a script that writes another script
  236. dynamic options in select boxes?
  237. Filling a select menu from associative array
  238. password validation
  239. Simple browser detect
  240. anyone familiar with Floating Navbars (ie DHTMLLIB)...??
  241. custom text on 'confirm' popup buttons
  242. Javascript Information Retrieval
  243. Popup Window errors (i'm going to shoot myself in the face)
  244. regular expression
  245. scrollbar
  246. Frame with embedded scripts problem
  247. Call a video with jscript-function
  248. open a page from another page, with a specific size.
  249. are custom events possible?
  250. javaScript Cookies
  251. Getting the equiv 'upper bound' of a form
  252. Javascript to add tags to a text area on a form?
  253. link in a pop up allowing to display a page in a frame
  254. Netscape, enabledPlugin and Helper Applications
  255. close pop up window
  256. form problems
  257. Problem - JS file
  258. location.href frame
  259. doesn't opens resizeable and with scrollbars
  260. losing jscript functions
  261. how can i make a poll
  262. Creating a cross-browser marquee
  263. Sync scrolling of divs (not frames)
  264. Hi, stupid popup question
  265. MyArray[3][-2] fails (quelle surprise), how to detect this?
  266. error....Safety settings.....
  267. Reload without moving to the top of the page
  268. Big menu
  269. and window.setFocus
  270. JAVA scipt needed badly
  271. activeXobject connection...
  272. What is the best way...
  273. Select whole page
  274. Trying to set text in a td through dom
  275. Looking for Script
  276. IE Still Loading After HREF javascript Click?
  277. Need help with image loading
  278. Incorrect math
  279. Set radio button from textbox inputhelp needed
  280. What's wrong with this "new Function()" statement?
  281. Function to capitalise each word
  282. Need help with a recursive function
  283. Login dialog box?
  284. Using an already open window
  285. Testing to see if a variable exists...
  286. Data from select box to formbox a.l.a Hotmail, yahoo etc
  287. When does SCRIPT include file load
  288. onmouseover
  289. Selecting values in a selection box
  290. Allowing combobox to display on a lower layer.
  291. browsers' differences in action on same code.
  292. continually updating client from server
  293. Defeating pop-up stoppers please?
  294. Transparent color
  295. Can I open a window modally in javascript
  296. Cubic root
  297. Inheriting from built-in objects
  298. Beginner question
  299. script crash explorer but not mozilla`
  300. complete path to top frame
  302. show hide form
  303. Function to capitalise each word
  304. Cookies help
  305. submit
  306. Tree Menu Help
  307. Help restore data from form fields in Internet Explorer
  308. Date as Filename
  309. password protection of web pages and restrict access..all in javascript
  310. Dynamically declare objects in javascript
  311. why won't this work on server (works locally!)?
  312. html to screen saver
  313. parent.location problem with MSIE
  314. and dual screens
  315. bizarre event/function callback
  316. Permission denied to get property Location.href
  317. Simple problem with a simple chat script
  318. ANS: Using ASP Variables
  319. javascript error: Object expected
  320. Newbee Question
  321. Placing Common HTML Code In A "Common" File
  322. Using javascript to determine if file exists on host site
  323. HELP - "On This Day" javascript code
  324. making a portable form-field data validator
  325. Converting form field data to uppercase
  326. numeric
  327. How do I stop this from underlining the "Close this window" text?
  328. Validating uniqueness of form inputs
  329. lookup tables
  330. Constructor is never called
  331. Javascript and iframe question
  332. Body attributes...
  333. Textarea HTML editor compatible with Opera
  334. loading a page in a frame
  335. novice help! (single quote escaping)
  336. test
  337. two dimensional arrays
  338. Validating
  339. Select control question in Javascript
  340. textArea
  341. automatic image reload?
  342. html objects in javascript
  343. Function
  344. conditional compilation is turned off
  345. Validating Text box with multiple variables
  346. Kill the script
  347. How do you put back the locationbar and menubar from within your own page
  348. Filling in a form
  349. Only functions in first included script are available after onLoad
  350. Manipulate all tags
  351. flying image on flash problem
  352. Finding IP Address using JavaScript
  353. How to syncronise pages (left,right) on a frame??
  354. javascript uploader
  355. Dynamically created rows in table are not following the StyleSheetrules
  357. Sending Web Pages containing Javascript using MS Outlook Express
  358. Reg exp for phone number
  359. get a table cell value
  360. Need help
  361. How to submit form to pop-up window *when* changing a select, etc
  362. Javascript too secure
  363. Submit() and onSubmit()
  364. Using OnUnLoad()
  365. can't solve this
  366. onload function won't run flash in NS7
  367. Dynamic translation to various languages
  368. Change Mouse Pointer
  369. Formatting strings
  370. Coding a brute forcer
  371. Determining object type, finer-grained than typeof
  372. Access Child Windows
  373. get environment variables
  374. IE: preventing text selection
  375. Javascript error on Mac with Safari browser
  376. Opera <NOSCRIPT> will be executed...Flash detection
  377. Can you change the name of a formfield?
  378. Simulate keypress
  379. refresh problem
  380. self.close
  381. https frame style
  382. Accessing stylesheets from javascript
  383. A Real Loading Bar for Embbed Objects?
  384. Pls point me in the right direction - hide e-mail address
  385. selectbox
  386. adding
  387. Dynamic content message
  388. How to Specify CSS for a JavaScript Piece?
  389. JavaScript in .XML file vs .HTML file
  390. script not working in IE 6
  391. Help with onclick event on Macintosh
  392. 2 questions re popup code
  393. GET vs POST
  394. eval
  395. Allowing for one and only one print job
  396. permission denied to set property window.onunload
  397. Detecting what has focus
  398. how to close a child window?
  399. changing the style of frame
  400. Saving Info Offline
  401. setTimeout and passing argument
  402. calculation within a form
  403. javascript not responding
  404. onChange with checkbox
  405. Javascript Problems - I think...
  406. Best Javascript book ?
  407. Glittering stars background
  408. cross browser window drag & drop
  409. How to choose an event to trigger for many radio buttons?
  411. Need a Javascript drop-down menu that works off of HTML images
  412. Relaoding Pictures
  413. beginner looks for a hint answer???
  414. JavaScript at Davar Web Site
  415. How to pass 2 parameters with OnClick?
  416. Style
  417. Insert Javascript genereted HTML
  418. Using ASP Variables
  419. Spidermonkey JS question
  420. Real One's Detection Script Strange
  421. Directory listing on localhost
  422. extend/sub-class HTMLSelectElement
  423. Domains and Redirection
  424. image src changes during a form submittal
  425. SSL, PDF, Javascript Security Issue
  426. Javascript \ Escape problem
  427. referencing parameters in JS, POST vs. GET
  428. Max allowed length for a javascript string?
  429. how to get div dimensions in IE
  430. Javascript making my CPU Usage go to 100%
  431. function: cannot pass a string and use as an object with netscape!
  432. Request for Information
  433. Clear text area with button click
  434. How to create HIDDEN Input element using DOM
  435. Howto: Child window make parent window into focus?
  436. how can I transform a string to code ascii?
  437. Huge arrays - speed problems?
  438. Switch between images
  439. Reloading a page programatically
  440. MathCeil
  441. popup blocker code
  442. write xml to a new window
  443. firstChild not working in Netscape 7.1??
  444. Counting Click Throughs
  445. default selected item and field value
  446. I don't hebrew on my site.
  447. redirect to another url.
  448. color mixer without flash
  449. Pass formname and select name to function
  450. Limit input length in textarea
  451. evt keycodes?
  452. Form validation
  453. form submits to blank page - novice question
  454. Dummy needs a simple problem solved.
  455. Javascript Quiz
  456. How to use event.clientX and clientY
  457. prototype.__defineGetter__() equivalent in Konqueror
  458. dynamic select element: problem with onchange event
  459. Duplicate funtion names - what happens?
  460. showHideTableWithImage - type problem :o)
  461. disabling form input elements
  462. Size limit for submit using post ?
  463. links array not updating
  464. Creating true copies (of objects) in JS (possible?)
  465. Dynamic SELECT boxes with <OPTGROUP>s
  466. relative references with konqueror?
  467. How to enable a button
  468. var= new Script(); ???
  469. Mouse events within a DIV layer and Netscape/Mozilla
  470. path in javascript
  471. Opening Internet explorer wihtout the nav bar etc.
  472. Push a DOM element down one level?
  473. Integer and Decimal Parts
  474. acess of a string first letter.
  475. Stopping Scroll
  476. closing favorites window/frame
  477. DIV Scroll
  478. Problem with Opera an IE
  479. nesting functions
  480. a reasonably simple program
  481. help! dynamic menus
  482. Why does my function only work once?
  483. Need help with a simple problem
  484. Need help with this script please..
  485. Hilight an item in a droplist box
  486. Javascript Problems on Mac's
  487. table background in Mozilla vs IE
  488. javascript glossary
  489. mailing dynamic content
  490. Date() - year missing since clocks changed
  491. save form data when leaving page without submit
  492. Using the arguments object when instantiating via constructor function
  493. Enable Back Button feature in an HTA
  494. cookies... perl.. javascript
  495. DHTML javascipt-based navigation structure and flash: how to set the layer?
  496. help with creating an image cycler
  497. Forms question
  498. tree menu in javascript
  499. Help with random script...
  500. adding two quantities
  501. force a redirect based on browser type
  502. NN and XML
  503. Dynamic Form Question
  504. form field validation
  505. form validation
  506. onClick submitForm()
  507. Reading a variable from a form object
  508. when printing was finish
  509. javascript:print problem
  510. stuck in a loop
  511. opener.opener ?
  512. Two events firing! (return FALSE;?)
  513. Netscape doesn't understand "user's attributes", am I right!?
  514. submit opener form after submitting pop-up form
  515. clipboard in Netscape 4.79
  516. IE error using setTimeout and Select Tag in a frame.
  517. Referencing windows by name?
  518. Tall order: text hyperlink that sets var value + submits form
  519. Wildcard for getElementById
  520. Windows Login Information
  521. Changing onkeypress behavior for field element
  522. Disable/enable onclick event
  523. is "" a legal color string?
  524. Need to escape parentheses in script parameter string???
  525. Visio-Like Drawing with DHTML
  526. Do not show this Popup Window again
  527. How to hide an image?
  528. Determine online status?
  529. two html forms
  530. Prototyping - explanation required
  531. dynamically generating javascript statements
  532. img readyState problem
  533. javascript -> applet
  534. RegExp to validate an email address
  535. Page to test a text manipulation function
  536. Why isn't location.replace() overrideable?
  537. Switching the background-image according to resolution
  538., Linux vs. Windows
  539. How to detect client language?
  540. Why do I get stack overflow with this
  541. What is nn#RRGGBB format?
  542. Select Box Validation
  543. Vocabulary Practice Application - Forms, Arrays, Cookies?
  544. password Java?
  545. Window focus() command won't work on America Online
  546. Help with focus() after validation
  547. blocking page views unless viewed in a particular way...
  548. Getting at the body
  549. coordinates problem
  550. Shorten script