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  1. wanted: workaround to javascript:show(...); instead of onClick forNetscare 4
  2. selecting portion of textarea/input
  3. setfocus after alert in javascript
  4. Text Entry For Dates With Slashes?
  5. Inserting text into textarea via link.
  6. Dynamically determine current field element?
  7. Prompting with a box
  8. reference parameter question
  9. array problem
  10. An element named 'length'
  11. my script doesn't work.... sigh!
  12. submiting in else...not working the way I want
  13. Count total value from scrolldown menus.
  14. Browser support for specific objects
  15. window.opener
  16. How to separate this string
  17. Calendars on the web
  18. Changing <div> or <p> contents with link clicks
  19. howto: monitor mousedown event
  20. Conditional shortcut (?:) limitations?
  21. math problem
  22. Need Help with Else Statement
  23. DOM to create <TR> & <TD>
  24. How to validate characters encoding in the textbox
  25. Problem with document.lastModified in Mozilla
  26. checking if JavaScript is turned on...
  27. create expandable tree from XML
  28. Help with existing scipt
  29. Javascript in HREF attribute
  30. Stopping long text submissions without spaces
  31. mouse disappear
  32. Access denied for location?
  33. Javascript output code in Netscape 7x and IE 6x
  34. Small Image Hover Views Big Image (Not Separate Window, though)
  35. Javascript with expiring cookie
  36. external .js page
  37. JS S***Kicker, Program to score any objective test
  38. Text input value equal to a variable
  39. Some unknown browsers fail to calculate my JavaScript code.
  40. possible to add methods to HTMLElements?
  41. Prompt to submit
  42. Syntax Problems with Function
  43. lower case conversion in replace function
  44. extend alt/title time?
  45. Yet another Mac and IE javascript problem.
  46. Date object's getDay returns wrong date for Feb in any leap year
  47. Can my computer dial a number?
  48. IE shows site directory after onclick
  49. "Include"ing a javascript file.
  50. I need a pick-3 style javascript
  51. WinXP or IE problem??
  52. Expanding menu script...
  53. Reading Browser Field
  54. Create Excel spreadsheet from Javascript
  55. Pop Window Writer
  56. Best Javascript Compiler and Tools?
  57. Document.write
  58. frm["custom"] vs frm.getAttribute("custom")?
  59. Problem with Menu when user Refreshes Frame
  60. users using &, ", ', and other chars in input fields
  61. Hide A Table
  62. Which to Learn: Javascript, Jscript, JScript.NET, ECMA 262 (3rd ed)?
  63. image buttons
  64. Source code issues
  65. JavaScript -> HTML
  66. use js to change stylesheet colors
  67. PopUp Menu opening into an Inline Frame, how?
  68. how eBay displays image previews -- assistance in re-creating
  69. Image Scrolling Problem
  70. new window without menu.
  71. Change one image to 27 different images
  72. trying to document.write() a SSI
  73. How to hide column in table
  74. MD5 script
  75. password protect
  76. Using Elements Created on the fly
  77. Looking for paid-time-off javascript function
  78. RegExp for remove all trailing CrLf's?
  79. how to write text to Mozilla JavaScript Console
  80. dynamically changing background color HELP please
  81. What's a/the way to read the disk?
  82. Click cancel button when browse for a file
  83. Window object properties, IE/NS
  84. Internet Explorer Tools
  85. Populate ListBox
  86. (un)signed javascripts modifying forms
  87. Object Required
  88. Opera 6 & 7 scrolling.
  89. java popup stops GIF anims?
  90. How to make Javascript update IFRAME SRC?
  91. Updating text in a different frame with NN7
  92. Simple Question about Pop-Out Menus
  93. formatting text problem
  94. Variable lost with each function call - WHY?
  95. raising an opened window...
  96. Another Form Question
  97. How to refresh a modal dialog?
  98. Select a particular file extension
  99. Getting specific form data loaded into a function
  100. Selecting a textarea range based on surrounding text boundary
  101. No answer for your problem ?
  102. form submit new page
  103. Simple question
  104. find file path
  105. Get Scrollbar Position
  106. Random Images Not Working.
  107. Importing javascript functions from an iframe
  108. Way to tell which form element currently has focus?
  109. Dynamic resizing of images
  110. function redefinition and the standard
  111. bug in "splice" using IE6??
  112. Safari read/write cookies with javascript?
  113. iframe height problem & oncontextmenu event never triggered
  114. transferring strings from php to javascript
  115. Clickin on Home question ?
  116. Pop Window
  117. preolad image
  118. How to Zoom down text box like Windows Update?
  119. modify an input area in a form
  120. Referencing a window
  121. Neatly truncating text to fit a physical dimension
  122. Netscape 7 Timezone question
  123. functions without arguments
  124. Page Curl script wanted please
  125. Need cookie & script
  126. one button three functions
  127. Set a properti of an array of objects
  128. HTML CODE.... Or Java... one of them.. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  129. Losing the menu and toolbars
  130. question
  131. Getting a line to be written in Netscape 4.8
  132. explorer crash after switching to designMode
  133. Prevent a webpage being accessed outside a frame.
  134. Get hi-est zIndex on the page
  135. using arrays in html id's
  136. I want to send a mail through a form using JS
  137. How can I check for a specific HTML tag or Text and remove it when the page loads
  138. Alternative to documentElement.innerHTML?
  139. Annoying JavaScript error, please help!
  140. Why doesn't this work on Netscape 7.1
  141. netscape and IE incompatibility
  142. Split[] / parse[]
  143. load a page and prefill form field
  144. runtime error questions
  145. Links take over browser window.
  146. passing multiple checkbox variables w/same cb name ?
  147. Why is array undefined???
  148. Writing user input to a text file
  149. looking for upload applet
  150. Variable Javascript
  151. Capturing Key Press
  152. Make left-click cause an audio file download instead of stream?
  153. Why does it seem impossible to read a simple, small textfile on the server with client-side code?
  154. passing content-type in mailto: link?
  155. right & wrong
  156. Exceptionhandling in statemachine
  157. nested forms
  158. Cascading Menu scripts
  159. Multiselect radio buttons
  160. How to determine the prior page (i.e. page the back button will go to)
  161. Capture right-click event?
  162. Problem with validation of field
  163. How to you dynamically address field from html page
  164. begin date-end date -> move to 10row selectbox
  165. If statement within For statment keeps getting error
  166. Javascript generating SMIL document
  167. Graphs
  168. how expand/move range object
  169. Shared Variable
  170. Access dynamically created Form elements
  171. reffering to input names with brackets in them
  172. putting ASP variable into JS variable
  173. Javascript with XHTML 1.0 strict?
  174. Adding onclick to TR element dynamically
  175. countdown script problem (months remaining occasionally incorrect)
  176. Waiting for a Popup Window to Close
  177. Very simple question on Javascript with ASP button
  178. How to clear onChange?
  179. Need text/javascript
  180. Fullscreen
  181. Detecting past into textarea
  182. for loop question
  183. Date() question
  184. Reload after sumit
  185. Calculated form field numerical amount IF ELSE
  186. Using THIS in href
  187. <!DOCTYPE> & Javacript
  188. Please help to limit number of selections in multiple select list box
  189. replace '\' ?
  190. Link
  191. Table Sort With Dates (UK date format)
  192. change title of parent window
  193. Error in Array in IE
  194. triger when document.write is done ?
  195. Trying to print() one frame from another
  196. Just want to select the first item of a liste
  197. Javascript testing program ?
  198. Popup window shows under select box (IE only)
  199. Web architecture with javascript
  200. catch read / write of undefined 's at runtime
  201. document.write(var) include
  202. Guitar Chord onHover-like effect
  203. Running Perl Scripts
  204. Image preload: Not all images are cached
  205. IFRAME little question for expert
  206. How to set users download directory?
  207. fixed layer and IF code for IE
  208. IE6 hangs with ADODB.Recordset
  209. Hide multiple elements by name
  210. Regular Expression Valhalla
  211. FAQ companion pages.
  212. Form Focus with two Submit-Buttons
  213. Zoom page -> Mouse position wrong?
  214. Help please !! Get th table id from the Row Id
  215. 2000 URL's in a scrolled window ?
  216. Problem with Opera and JavaScript
  217. Form Validation Help - Possible??
  218. Get the URL base
  219. call a parent javascript function from the child window
  220. Read-only properties in HTMLOptionElement objects
  221. keypress eventlistener in mozilla firebird
  222. Close popup from next page
  223. Plugin invoking works in IE but not Netscape
  224. Testing My Bad Words Validation ... please help!
  225. How to read Form name?
  226. write into drop down box- Possible ????
  227. Comparing DateTime........please help
  228. javascript vs validation
  229. Manipulating data between two Lists
  230. Need help with onclick event to cause cursor movement into form box
  231. Mozilla & IE object model differences?
  232. please, is correct?
  233. 2 submit button calling one page
  234. how do i pause then clear screen?
  235. Select Function
  236. Passing variable to ASP with javascript
  237. multidimensional name-attribute and javascript
  238. anything unique on a browser ?
  239. javascript calendar
  240. Can someone help e debug this popup window script please?
  241. JScript-enabled Netscape
  242. javascript - regular expression - foreign characters
  243. Retrieving the value of a readonly text field
  244. How to: scrollIntoView(true) after page has reloaded.
  245. javascript: disabeling form fields
  246. Extracting just the country code from URL?
  247. for GET URL only?
  248. hi menus
  249. Stripping HTML tags from a TEXTAREA field
  250. curson focus to end of text on form field
  251. Dynamic table
  252. CSS-changes depending on document.refferer
  253. Simple problem with function.
  254. in IE6
  255. passing html table to cgi
  256. Saturdays
  257. cookie
  258. Javascript Problem with Form
  259. No error message
  260. Emulating the onmouseenter and onmouseleave events
  261. select listbox that does a form submit
  262. Submiting form to a popup in IE 6.0.2800.1106
  263. Str comparison tests true in IE; false in Mozilla/Netscape
  264. sending input value even if disabled
  265. Monitoring status of another browser window
  266. Adding 6 months to the issue date
  267. CGI parameters (or equivalent) in Javascript
  268. determine operating system (or cookie directory)
  269. Opening 4 mpg files all at once
  270. Is it possible to deattach an event?
  271. passing parameter to a popup window without using querystring
  272. Mouseposition in Netscape7
  273. DOM and Opera
  274. Maximum Line and String Lengths
  275. Combining Two Scripts
  276. [Q] How to automating data retreival from another server?
  277. Javascript books
  278. bookmarklet: tooltips on links
  279. "Push Down" Dynamic Menu?
  280. Help
  281. Comparing dates
  282. image randomizer not working
  283. controlling pop-up placement
  284. Set image onclick and keep it there
  285. Save a string to a local file
  286. Disable Drop-box Based On Users Selection
  287. Change page margins
  288. auto emailing myself everytime I get a hit on a certain webpage
  289. Create a RadioButton in Code for NN
  290. accessing radiobuttons
  291. Replacing forms
  292. Javascript doesn't work across proxy
  293. syntax question
  294. browser window coordinates
  295. Specific Page Size On Load?
  296. Non-capturing parentheses
  297. document.lastModified returns current date!
  298. Problem with Javascript and iFrame
  299. Using Cookies?
  300. javascript 'target=_blank'
  301. window.print don't work in showModalDialog window. Why?
  302. Custom Object property not working
  303. variable part of a variable
  304. Loading Image without refreshing
  305. Multiple radio inputs
  306. error with javascript - please help
  307. Question on Variables, Arrays, and Multiple Instances
  308. Top Trumps Game
  309. Need help with Mac/IE problem
  310. Using Frontpage to go frameless
  311. Applet - Javascript communication
  312. Hide layer in Netscape/Mozilla how??
  313. INPUT TYPE=FILE Alternative.
  314. Applet - Javascipt communication.
  315. need to close main window
  316. Get Filename
  317. JS File Caching
  318. CPU 100% on a Loop while retrieving form values
  319. Another doubt when using switch
  320. Help needed with a numeric more than function.
  321. JS TETRIS
  322. What do you think is an acceptable size for a logon page?
  323. lot of nulls
  324. close browser window
  325. Textarea max rows and max characters per row
  326. filenames
  327. Dynamic checkbox ignored when posting
  328. view-source without reload the page
  329. set a div tag property to visible or hide from javascript
  330. Blank space in a drop down lst
  331. function hideIt() -does not work in MAC IE??? Help
  332. Resize text onLoad
  333. OnmosueOut and post not working in NN7
  334. Anchor element follows HREF even though onClick returns false
  335. JavaScript Document Form string.value
  336. Resize html window on Startup from cd-rom
  337. Problem with focus()
  338. Dynamic Type Check?
  339. How to run or start an external application with Javascript????
  340. Putting date in the text box
  341. How to fetch a file from a URL address with Javascript???
  342. Find onUnload Destination URL
  343. Name of Form Element begin with number
  344. Inserting an image in a select list, or having multiple font styles -- anyway to do this?
  345. keyup keydown Netscape > 4.x
  346. pic and text to iframe, works in IE but not Netscape
  347. Image on Image help
  348. Get form values from iframe (1) to iframe (2) inside a layer in iframe (1)
  349. Math.random syntax
  350. getElementByID error...
  352. help with hta programing
  353. Replace Contextmenu with new menu
  354. Help With Cookie Expiry
  355. How to check if a named SPAN element exists (IE)?
  356. Button submit form
  357. Catch mouse down on frame/frameset
  358. RegExp can't find a period
  359. Trying to Find the ParentNode
  360. Flanagan onerror example does not work for me
  361. how to retain values after submit
  362. n00b ? href=javascript
  363. Netscape and style="visibility:show"
  364. Countdown Timer problems
  365. Script Required: Blocking Back Doors
  366. readonly select element
  367. Formularinhalte weitergeben
  368. problem with a string
  369. addEventHandler / addEvent conflict
  370. how can i close a pop up from the parent onload
  371. Scripts and Applet
  372. Links in a scrollable list box...
  373. !Mozilla and caret in textarea
  374. cookie+form-->javascript
  375. Autocomplete combo box with Javascript
  376. how-to reload variable value in page when external js file changed
  377. Hot links
  378. Iframe Refresh
  379. Forms Data to CSV format
  380. Link to run script and link to page
  381. Basic query
  382. Back with validation through javascript......
  383. The point of OO PHP
  384. JSP resource?
  385. Removing unwanted characters
  386. Checking for a valid email address
  387. display things by the name they enter
  388. javascript and write to text file
  389. OnClick Event Question
  390. Dynamic menu behaviour different in IE vs Mozilla and Opera
  391. Can action in an iframe change look and feel of the containing HTML?
  392. onload doesn't work right with applets in a page
  393. Can a parent focus/close a child window?
  394. Using window.setTimeout with dynamic parameter
  395. Javascript and extra zeros.
  396. Way to see all javascript from browser?
  397. Dynamic table data background color in NN
  398. Add six months to a start date
  399. Stop mouse clicking outside of popup box (IE 5.5)
  400. Form submit from A tag with Netscape
  401. Intro. JavaScript
  402. Objects from streams
  403. Introduction to JavaScript Programming
  404. Link and Anchor, what is the difference ???
  405. javescript function and vbscript subroutine
  406. Display image using cookies?
  408. Remote Scripting and URLs
  409. Drag and drop the image!
  410. The bug in IE with image maps and the statas bar continues with <OPTION>
  411. Preventing certain characters
  412. Making a script tag in IE and NN
  413. prompting to "save as" rather than opening images
  414. JBuilder Question
  415. populate <option>s from a file using Netscape?
  416. Problem with variables
  417. Reading frorm a remote Access database
  418. document.selection.createRange();
  419. Changing Input Type, length and value
  420. The user determines the Site
  421. Not detecting body.scrollTop and body.scrollLeft in IE6
  422. Help with a Simple Question
  423. What is wrong with the arr.slice(x, y) in IE6?
  424. Currency Formatting
  425. Barcode reader + WWW
  426. cloneNode and appendChild problem in adding table row
  427. image map and status bar?
  428. Need help with screen update during event processing
  429. Cookies: enabled or disabled ?
  430. What is wrong with array.concat in this small example
  431. JS Web Robot
  432. Inheritance request for comment
  433. weep
  434. Force File Download Box
  435. specify "target"
  436. list of links between <div></div>
  437. IE Script debugger problem
  438. Multiple selection values
  439. adding an input element
  440. Form name not working
  441. pass 2 values to iframe
  442. with{this} doesn't work - why?
  443. Refreshing a window without losing references to the child windows.
  444. Common JavaScript Framework
  445. Cannot modify a table in a self created window
  446. Validation through javascript....
  447. Pass text to popup window
  448. IE 5+ bug? How to store complex objects whilst changing pages
  449. how to force click event on disabled submit button
  450. how do I check if at least one of several checkboxes has been checked?
  451. Javascript errors in Mozila
  452. Mozilla only half working
  453. trouble with onkeydown
  454. document.createElement('a') doesn't work?
  455. iFrame - Transparent background.
  456. 1x1 popup window possible ?
  457. CSS Property changes via Javascript trashes CSS print version
  458. iframe src
  459. how to close all windows in my toplevel
  460. JS WYSIWYG Editor - Image Alignment...?
  461. hidden div not working properly
  462. Autocopy to clipboard
  463. Form has no properties in Netscape 7
  464. How to tell if a dropdown is defined on page
  465. JavaScript woes
  466. Validating a drop down (select) type, form element
  467. Frames using javascripts to open external sites cause problems in IE (not Netscape)
  468. How to update cached .js files?
  469. oShell.ShellExecute() a playlist in winamp?
  470. form help
  471. reload a page with argument
  472. Page setup
  473. Use javascript function from other .html file
  474. byVal equivalent for JavaScript?
  475. Webpage problem
  476. How to scroll only what is visible?
  477. Alternative to <Noscript>
  478. Search a keyword but but only on one kind of tag
  479. not getting returns with javascript grab of textarea
  480. plot in html
  481. / window.print
  482. arrays and recordsets
  483. How does that annoying Intellitxt work?
  484. Anyone using dreamweaver mx 2004... I need quick help.
  485. how to get history in a WinObj I have made?
  486. Help, New to Flash and Javascript
  487. Addressing form elements using array
  488. Image Cache
  489. Opening a unix emulation in a new window
  490. Email the content of an ASP page using the email client
  491. strip <br> and \n in beginning of string
  492. input dialog
  493. MM_swapImage Arguments
  494. filename trick
  495. Check for double occurrences
  496. script signing 2
  497. Accessing a jsp:usebean from javascript...?
  498. Regular expression to find <tr> tags in 2nd level HTML tables
  499. Autocomplete difficulty.
  500. toggle kana/kanji
  501. Errors in NS 4.7, works in recent browsers, please help
  502. [Mozilla] Shouldn't this bug be confirmed?
  503. Object tag to write HTML page to via JavaScript?
  504. netscape reload framset
  505. Javascript debug ?
  506. Javascript object Self reference
  507. change button text and submit
  508. screenX and screenY not working properly
  509. Why is a date in mm/dd/yyyy format a number?
  510. cursor in textarea
  511. Environment Variables in WSH JS
  512. Image Swap on Mouseover
  513. Running script in title bar
  514. referencing a submit button in a iframe form...
  515. Switch as a Select Case
  516. onbeforeunload puzzle ...
  517. Pass selected <TD> value from child to parent window
  518. run time check
  519. Javascript image counter
  520. cursor type
  521. cookie on browser but not on server
  522. Avoid All Capital Letters in Guestbook
  523. accessing select object via value
  524. Display button when checkbox checked?
  525. Netscape 7.02 - script problem.
  526. Variable resolution
  527. Image event counter
  528. Timer Function ??
  529. Problems with location.href, query URL and IE(Mac) & Safari
  530. Reusing same windows with HTTPS links
  531. more than one java script running in the same frame?
  532. onload without onunload being executed...
  533. trapping events...
  534. Chromeless Window With Rounded Borders
  535. invalid return error...calling function?
  536. ahhh!
  537. back button in iframes
  538. the browsers back button not affecting iframes
  539. Mouseover Code - Hits Server Every Event
  540. cliping a string without loops
  541. CSSS & Javascript
  542. div tag and anchor tag
  543. Selfsizing pop up window?
  544. harddrive browser
  545. Please ID this JavaScript error message
  546. accessibility for those with a disability?
  547. FedEx or UPS Rate Calculator Integration
  548. noobe problem: Help
  549. comparing two hashes
  550. Javascript equivalent of #include or @import?