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  1. problem
  2. ListBox ordering the results ?
  3. Select control and overflowing
  4. Java Webpage Works Fine On One Machine But Not Another
  5. how to submit the form data to a modal dialog window?
  6. Anyone know of a small tag-based parser for parsing a text string in javascript?
  7. how to get php reply in a div?
  8. Can Javascript add items to ASP/VBScript Dictionary object?
  9. how to display php results in a div
  10. Filtering form data.
  11. Open Link in New Window
  12. Submitting forms with Javascript/Konqueror
  13. bookmarks within framed site
  14. Form validation problem
  15. setTimeout setInterval specs
  16. Arrays and selects
  17. Form validation doesn't work in Netscape 7.1
  18. Is JAVAscript the only thing that could wrong under a html page?
  19. clearAll() reserved?
  20. Help: Object Expected error
  21. "disabled" property for form data
  22. How to execute an external Java Application by Javascript?
  23. Getting name of object instance from within object method
  24. regular expression help...
  25. Follow-up: "Mouse-Over" Drop-Down Menus
  26. Why does this cause an Obect required message? It seems to work...
  27. t
  28. need a popup window to be always in focus
  29. N6+ event bubble?
  30. Popup Calendar
  31. Date and time
  32. Home link with frames !?
  33. Keeping popup Window on top when reloaded
  34. How to Make "Mouse-Over" Drop-Down Menus
  35. change the onclick value of an <IMG> tag from javascript
  37. Setting up hotkeys using onKeyPress
  38. combobox
  39. web page drop down list
  40. Splitting a string on [0-9]{2}
  41. Check the value of all combo boxes on a page
  42. hierarchy
  43. writing to a text box on a different frame!
  44. browser window coordinates
  45. Help needed to pass form result to string
  46. textfield focus question
  47. How to create window that exactly fits the content
  48. Create undecorated window, how?
  49. parse string to display items
  50. disable all objects defined in a column
  51. informations for tables and radio buttons
  52. Adapt size of popup to its content's size?
  53. fireEvent
  54. get the size of a table or cell
  55. How to disable "Enter Key" to submit?
  56. Submit form to different script & window
  57. onSubmit ALWAYS returns true when it sets location.href?
  58. Beginner after a little help : Roll over menu images
  59. Help - Space in script that splits string at comma
  60. Javascript obfuscator/compressor.
  61. Alert when leaving site.
  62. Submit/Firing Order, Take 2
  63. How to build a regular expression on runtime?
  64. Problem with Focus... Help needed.
  65. alter keypress event
  66. making dynamically created checkboxes check on value change?
  67. Accessing a variable through a form name
  68. How to limit an image size to AxB?
  69. javascript/php partial update
  70. How to Delay an Image/HTML loading?
  71. post form into new window of predetirmined size
  72. Problem: posting hidden fields to a different page
  73. Firing order... why???
  74. Help: Simple Timed Text Replace
  75. Array.sort return "out of memory" in IE and Mozilla
  76. offsetLeft/Top Bug in Firefox? (value is 8)
  77. RegExp thats too complicated for me
  78. Download processing script: is it possible?
  79. Rounding a Number to a String with N decimal places
  80. How can I call page function from automation code?
  81. str.replace
  82. what does this mean?
  83. style property IE vs Netscape
  84. IFRAME
  85. "Access is Denied" on resizeTo and moveTo methods
  86. Opera 7.54 Javascript Errors
  87. Weird date stuff...
  88. Works in IE but ont Netscape
  89. How to detect form element changed?
  90. input button to load new page
  91. where do I find the objects documentation?
  92. set event handlers in external script
  93. javascript window.status.visible method in IE6
  94. Help with required fields Javascript
  95. Understanding Arrays and enumeration
  96. add() method
  97. hiding boxes dynamically in ie
  98. Safari (Mac) close()
  99. Get string from DSL modem
  100. Converting VBScript ChrB and AscB to JavaScript
  101. credit card validation routine
  102. Discussion on <div> and printing
  103. Guestbook to publish own articles
  104. Multi-function self close question
  105. javascript function to encode everything?
  106. Changing image size
  107. loading docs into frames
  108. navigator.userAgent
  109. problem with input
  110. Alternative to http meta refresh
  111. help needed with form selectedIndex property
  112. Need help with Combo Box
  113. show/hide used on checkboxes not working on IE6
  114. Howto validet that 2 > 12 from a form
  115. browser.history and log file
  116. getSelectionStart on IE
  117. Which IE browser version?
  118. CDATA within Javascript function
  119. Netscape: IFrame Fenster mit Javascript vergrößern
  120. how to copy all style attributes from one to another object
  121. Date as initial form value
  122. executing a function from string text
  123. mouseless navigation
  124. simple question
  125. Help with the printdate()
  126. how to specify the page looks in window onload??
  127. Automatically changing the hue of a jpg in html page
  128. mag card swipe
  129. Why won't cookies work with my javascript under Safari?
  130. how to open a new window in the child window
  131. clip and relative positioning
  132. Javascript Split Data Into Form
  133. Regular Expression Question
  134. posting a form to email
  135. What's wrong with: var T = new Array(-1);
  136. CSS in Mozilla (Firefox)
  137. createElement and checkboxs
  138. Replace Heading in Table
  139. jailed javascript engine ?
  140. General function "template"
  141. newby wants to maximise
  142. New Popup Window from an existing Popup Window
  143. Object names with square bracket
  144. function in a variable
  145. Query about window.print ...
  146. How to Call a Javascript within HTML
  147. how to hide every <div> ?
  148. passing javascript variables to JSP
  149. XMLHTTP
  150. Suddenly, a NaN error in Netscape
  151. Submitting a form and onSubmit Validation?
  152. how do I find out which html tag called a javascript function?
  153. Calendar html page
  154. *Please Help*
  155. Avoiding bad <SCRIPT SRC=> hanging the page
  156. changing background colour
  157. This is why I do not put much effort into browser compatibility
  158. Question - and deeply embarrassed...
  159. scrolling image on website
  160. Go directly to desired page, in JavaScript
  161. Why doesn't this work?
  162. Click on a picture, insert text in a text box: how?
  163. calling Perl from js, part deux
  164. Loop Through Visible Elements
  165. REQ: help with event and inner tag.
  166. firefox scripts array
  167. Need a start for this project
  168. Server Name
  169. how to make this effect ?
  170. Javascript error headache: object doesn't support this property or method
  171. How to trigger event programmatically?
  172. Fish eyeball vector
  173. Using mailto: to mail a link containing a querystring
  174. auto-checking if Flash player is installed and loading other page if not
  175. Q about ASP
  176. getElementById - How to ignore meta tags ?
  177. Limit number to ####.## format
  178. Question about Preloading images
  179. Basics - How to open/close window?
  180. Problem
  181. how to add 2 values: nb.value and n=2
  182. appendChild with custom objects
  183. Help with JAVASCRIPT UPDATE
  184. calling Perl script from javascript
  185. javascript + cookies
  186. Javascript certificate maker code???
  187. attribute name problem
  188. How to get clientside IP-addr
  189. browser setting for javascript debugging
  190. writing out to a text file with javascript
  191. Any forseeable problems with this code?
  192. Is it possible to set up an event handler or something else so that when *any* link on the page is clicked it 'fires-up' ?
  193. Well JSObject did it.
  194. DOM: which version is most supported?
  195. View Code Written by "document.write"?
  196. Variable scope and closures
  197. Window Handles on Mac
  198. weird in Netscape 7.1
  199. Add hidden fields to form onSubmit
  200. aol browser info -- need your favor
  201. Determine the versions of Safari
  202. Heisenbug? alert() makes error disappear
  203. triggering onchange
  204. Array as hash tables
  205. place a link in a button element?
  206. Progress Bar
  207. Append link code
  208. [js] tab menu
  209. Javscript to hide status bar
  210. id and problem in Firefox
  211. hello
  212. Unchecked checkbox - posts no data?
  213. Getting an open window's handle from its name
  214. Browswer Window moving when opening a new window
  215. DOM: how to append to node'd contents?
  216. remove a string from within a string
  217. need rotating images script with no set number or names stated
  218. Javascript fot the sunrise and the sunset
  219. ISO code to monitor events during development
  220. Help with cleaning input text - removing control characters
  221. Passing hidden info to JavaScript
  222. Problem while submitting FORM data
  223. self.print() doesn't work on the Mac?
  224. Multi-function Menu Question
  225. Object expected; can't find it. Need another pair of eyes.
  226. How to access a checkbox whose name is stored in a variable - Urgent please help
  227. select box
  228. Layers demo
  229. position absolute does not go above a dropdown (<select>...)
  230. text select in textarea (regular expression)
  231. Defining <DIV> on top of another <DIV> pane with transparency?
  232. JavaScript in SVG "cross compatability" with
  233. problem with the parameter transmission in function
  234. probleme dans le passage en parametre dans une fonction
  235. function parameter and overwrite : xx.xx.xx
  236. How to change table cell text on <TD> mouseover
  237. How to display "please wait.." after new window opens
  238. Can I create a form on the fly?
  239. re-select value in a combobox
  240. Wildcards in a slide show
  241. Multiple Functions in onLoad in Mozilla
  242. Auto-selecting text for user
  243. MouseOver Help
  244. Get URL
  245. Javascript for ephemeris
  246. The most trustable way of blurring/disabling elements
  247. Dreamweaver Swap Image Behavior Problems: Desperately Need Help
  248. Form Output to a Text File
  249. DHTML basics - how to change css property?
  250. Layers and browsers"
  251. Testing for an XML parser
  252. MS IE 5 AI
  253. Smoke Effect
  254. Selection based validation
  255. Highlight text with Javascript
  256. How to identify name/id of named anchor?
  257. Copy an Object?
  258. iframe onfocus firing problem in mozilla browser
  259. Can't get that z-Index to behave
  260. Please tell me the generic way to check different radio button groups?
  261. JavaScript Marquee/Text Scroll
  262. JavaScript Navbar
  263. Creating IFRAMEs in Opera
  264. javascript document.lastModified apache 1.3 error
  265. page owner information in footer of website
  266. Java Script Ad Rotator - Does it wait on All Pic's ?
  267. function breaks when run too fast?
  268. View Source in IE Browser
  269. Convert from VBScript...
  270. How to mark (highlight) a text-field onFocus
  271. asp javascript HTTP_REFERER is or is not undefined?
  272. Frames:Controlling another frame w/ history.go(-1)
  273. JavaScript documentation system
  274. What's wrong with this script?
  275. Finding cookie name?
  276. Q on constructors and OOP in js
  277. Rotating random images from a directory.
  278. open new window problem
  279. resizing td element under mozilla
  280. <applet ... onload="Alert('Hi');">
  281. document.embeds
  282. recover variables in main page.
  283. document.write - CSS problem??
  284. Make page wait until something happens on the server
  285. Window.Print() fails on Mac IE 5.2
  286. javascript to disable the REFRESH functionality in a browser
  287. Javascript escaping madness
  288. How to check for the officer version installed with javascript
  289. jump to an anchor/bookmark
  290. String replace alternative
  291. printing landscape
  292. document.forms[0].elements[7].value won't work
  293. Auto scroll to correct position?
  294. Msxml2.XMLHTTP object's send method throwing HTTP /1.1 405 - Method not allowed error.
  295. Cycle through all DIVs, please help
  296. Ignore something in Javascript
  297. Date formatting
  298. ebay not allowing this javascript
  299. Reliable replace function?
  300. Array.length not correct when using TableRowObjects?
  301. avoiding beep sound if(event.altKey)
  302. Checking when Microsoft.XMLDOM is done with XML import?
  303. popup windows and communication
  304. input file-multi file, directory
  305. BBC Site and Popup Blockers
  306. setInterval(F(x));
  307. Encode And Decode entirety of Text or Html to '%xx' format
  308. HTML frame tag
  309. Javascript: document.all null or not an object
  310. Pls help: hide URL in browser
  311. Monitor resolution
  312. debugging a line of code
  313. Multiple onLoad in Opera
  314. swapNode() under Mozilla issue...
  315. capturing Ctrl+S in IE browser
  316. 2 questions about histor
  317. Compaibility issue: window.location mismatch with browser locationbar
  318. minimum bandwidth for streaming picture???
  319. How do I find cookie?
  320. changing background color
  321. Setting CGI parameter programmatically
  322. display username in company's Intranet header
  323. How do paste text from clipboard in Opera?
  324. how to Hide TABLE rows by grouping them into DIV?
  325. User file uploads
  326. Javascript & OS... Question ?
  327. How to tailor the path of an external js file?
  328. parent window know when a child window is closed
  329. Addressing divs, images, etc on a document
  330. meaning of statement "window.opener = top;"
  331. no built-in trim function in javascript
  332. Script works when embeded, but not from .js file?
  333. Can't set session cookie???
  334. window.location and opera
  335. How'd they do that? (Cool Mouseover balloons)
  336. user.js doesn't work
  337. Comparing Two Dates
  338. changing group setting with javascript in active directory
  339. Problem with preloading images on IE on Windows XP
  340. enabling form elements
  341. Ensure frameset is topmost?
  342. Replace batch-file with script?
  343. why doesnt ONCLICK work from some machines?
  344. question about openForm()
  345. changing window title from parent window
  346. Check for support for hover on non <a> elements
  347. Drop down/select - add option
  348. Closing window not opened by the script - Netscape 7.1
  349. masking passwords
  350. JAVASCRIPT opendoc
  351. How to save/view JS's output?
  352. How to grab specific string of text from HTML page to display in pop up browser window?
  353. regex and g modifier
  354. Passing values from a function generated html.
  355. Obtain height of a SELECT element.
  356. Non-Ascii Characters in Text String????
  357. LOOK! i just want to know does anyone know...
  358. Script won't work in Netscape?
  359. How to write Multiple Lines in JS?
  360. Passing values from JavaScript into MySQL/PHP
  361. How did they do it?
  362. Extending browser's JavaScript lib?
  363. Self-Rejuvenating Immortal Artificial Intelligence
  364. Countdown timer inaccurate - losing time!?!
  365. why doesn't this work
  366. What does this script do?
  367. Cannot save html
  368. innerHTML
  369. Recursive parsing of navigation list (UL LI UL LI etc) tree fails, why?
  370. Making your page compatible with Mozilla (and standards)
  371. Getting highlighted text + position in document
  372. Change img dynamically works IE not NS6
  373. windows collection?
  374. capture page-click event
  375. How to block Wget/PHP/Perl bots?
  376. Netscape won't change styles in functions
  377. Form Redirect to open specified page
  378. Anyone here is a real JS expert?
  379. document.all evaluates to false but document.all['chicken'] gets the item with ID - Mozilla madness!
  380. How can I detect when a file has completely loaded into an iframe?
  381. capture event - click anywhere in page
  382. Redirect HTML and Batch File
  383. making slideshow images blend and rotate
  384. Forbidden Access to Frame
  385. Loading the correct frameset with page
  386. inserting a col tag in a table using DOM problem!!
  388. How to Iterate reading numerous file-field forms ???
  389. this vs self vs document
  390. identifying between refresh and close browser actions
  391. javascript to disable the right click pop up window in browser
  392. adding loop statement
  393. EXE from HTML: Critcal patches broke ShellExecute method. What now?
  394. Safari (Mac) - keysuppress(event) issue
  395. Safari (Mac) issue
  396. revealing content
  397. scrollbar won't add to popup window
  398. Multiple datepicker
  399. window.location -- in a blank window....
  400. Help! Refresh ShowModalDialog
  401. Populating a drop-down box from the names of text files in a folder
  402. HELLO
  403. If the file does not exists ??
  404. Reg exp to replace \ with /
  405. text on movie - old question
  406. [Repost] find textarea number of cols when it is set to 100%
  407. Get 2nd cell value from table row?
  408. Two questions
  409. host's external javascripts disrupt my onload scripts
  410. Accessing .so from ASP
  411. Save or print files in javascript
  412. OnKeyPress beep
  413. "Live" DOM NodeList: rationale?
  414. Array sort function sorts on chars not numbers ... help ! how to sort numbers
  415. how to detect the page has refreshed??
  416. trying to close a window and open a new one without toolbars
  417. How to use a function to define a hidden input field
  418. Convert javascript to vb script?
  419. require field only if box is checked
  420. Upload Applet
  421. inserting text
  422. Update current combo dropdown ....
  423. Mutable list box + grouping function = Ctrl key buggy
  424. Redirection with Cookies
  425. love or hate: ad format servey
  426. love or hate: ad format servey
  427. Opera and javascript errors
  428. Disabling Page Refresh
  429. View with or without frames - giving users the choice
  430. new window target different frame in original window
  431. Creating multiple choice quiz
  432. OnTopic??Resolution
  433. Retrieving the column number clicked?
  434. document,write opens a new window instead!
  435. One event handler provoking another
  436. writing to document.cookie make the screen flash
  437. truncating include file as string problem
  438. addEventListener function in IE
  439. Disabling right click without annoying popup
  440. Regular expression difference in NN.
  441. Netscape and IE show different number of child nodes for table?
  442. FindWindow like function
  443. opening new blk window while pg loads..
  444. move text over avi
  445. Quick question ...
  446. Overriding '<a href' with '<a onClick' for JavaScript function openWindow(URL) for image and link...
  447. Javascript browser detection
  448. inserting text on table cell from external js
  449. Compare user date with system date
  450. trwa ladowanie
  451. function
  452. charCodeAt()
  453. innerHTML support?
  454. CSS Expression with if/else
  455. access another frame by one frame
  456. A Challenge! (Setting table cell background permanently)
  457. onbeforeunload issue
  458. Validating Checkboxes
  459. cancel the 'unload' action in 'onbeforeunload' event
  460. address array by variable variable
  461. onunload action
  462. Javascript Menu Not Loading Images - (Now with linked Webpage)
  463. Greying out 'View Source' in Browser Menu?
  464. Please help ... form objects
  465. how to write to a table cell??
  466. minimize window (IE6)
  467. onBeforeUnload Alternative
  468. Display problem in netscape 7.1
  469. javascript question
  470. Write on <OBJECT type="text/html"> ?
  471. Setting a URL parameter within Javasript
  472. href or onClick?
  473. border disappears when assign the style for a link
  474. Top Drop Down Menu for IE that can overlay IE combo box and has fading effect
  475. aspnet form not posting from javascript in Mozilla 1.7
  476. Cascading menus in Javascript
  477. A question about tables
  478. Popup windows from Dropdown box
  479. javascript accessing i.e "data[3]" in a form
  480. Custom Validator for a checkboxlist control – Strange behavior.
  481. Custom Validator for a checkboxlist control – Strange behavior.
  482. STRUTS-<html:submit> -Hitting enter key does not submit the form
  483. How can I read args from url using javascript?
  484. Safari (Mac) issue
  485. How can I dump the HREF and still have the cursor turn to a hand?
  486. src="xyz.js?id=123"
  487. members
  488. HTML or Javascript or PHP solution: Textarea with Dynamic Width
  489. How do you get the window width for all browsers?
  490. Frame Jumpers
  491. REQ: Help needed please...
  492. changing text with Javascript/DHTML?
  493. Making music play automatically (WindowsMedia)
  494. protecting a link to a page
  495. Sortable Table
  496. onkeyup
  497. Javascript Menu not loading images
  498. Captions for Javascript slideshow
  499. Stumped. Horozontal scrollling of dual table cells.
  500. Probably a simple question
  501. Mouseovers and images
  502. vertical text script needed
  503. onunload and redirect
  504. How to make popup *just* big enough?
  505. Does javascript have a stop() method like Java applets?
  506. Passing a value from the parent to the iframe
  507. NN vs. IE - time to render page
  508. Javascript function in Flash
  509. check box
  510. Programmatically fire onChange() event in Netscape
  511. OnKeyPress
  512. Text form validation help needed
  513. DIV Scrolling
  514. Javascript help needed
  515. How Do I Get a Frame To Remember Contents
  516. Stopping a Form Checker Script from failing true
  517. help please - script problem in IE 6 - (but not in Mozilla/Firefox)
  518. textarea/.net textbox scroll to end
  519. problems with objects, argument.caller and setTimeout
  520. Memory requirements for an object's methods
  521. Required help about parser
  522. Find a record from series of drop down menus.
  523. Blocking Pop-Ups From Websites That I Open On My Webpage
  524. Programatically trigger an onClick event?
  525. Script Is Almost There
  526. onCLick on TD only works on image inside TD
  527. TEXTAREA issues
  528. Change text color on a submit button when clicked?
  529. dynamic drop-down linked lists
  530. Weird Problem in IE During Imageswap--Screen Repainting
  531. Resize a browser window to content
  532. Getting an external content with javascript.
  533. Scrolling Multiple Textarea in sync
  534. can you call a java
  535. File.txt
  536. Request.Form equivalent in client side javascript?
  537. How to name the 1st window ?
  538. Help to Modify Script
  539. top.frames[0].history.back() causing wrong frame to navigate backwards
  540. Mac Compatibility
  541. how to get a caretposition
  542. Help accessing elements in a frame.
  543. Applescript + javascript = copy highlighted web text
  544. Opening Window With Target
  545. Making button's borderColor equal to linkColor
  546. Browser compatibility for centering function
  547. Packaging / Namespacing JavaScript
  548. Reloading original frameset
  549. Swapping layers in Netscape 7.1
  550. Spurious security error when accessing pop-up data