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  1. How can I prevent scroll-to-top when manipulating nodes?
  2. IE-only href
  3. Code works in Netscape 7.1 but not IE ---- document.getElementById('other').style.visibility= 'hidden';
  4. created element won't show up in Safari browser
  5. An N or not a N
  6. passing variables into functions
  7. view source
  8. Changing an INPUT textbox's TYPE property on the fly
  9. Bizarre JS bug involving brackets (IE6/SP2)
  10. refresh parent and close popup
  11. javascript button help
  12. Can JS detect SELECTED text in a textArea
  13. Display/Hide Fields using radio buttons
  14. Javascript checkbox to hide fields if checked
  15. Pass a String array in a javascript
  16. Cross Site Scripting
  17. Capture when a textbox has changed!
  18. Can you optimize this script?
  19. setting outerHTML - can this be done?
  20. Millisecond fade for photos
  21. Website voice communication with Javascript??
  22. regular expressions and search() - vertical bar problem
  23. Prompt and alert under conditions
  24. XSL with tooltips
  25. Escape Seqence Not Working in mailto
  26. Javascript not working in Netscape 7.1
  27. Here's one possible solution for slow rollovers in IE
  28. OnBlur not working !
  29. How to detect if scrollbar is showing
  30. Launching Outlook
  31. Dynamic variables
  32. Can't send frame to a URL a second time IN IE5...
  33. location of div top and left in webpage
  34. Set cell text dynamically?
  35. getting worked: Java Applet
  36. arithmatical headache (Dr J?)
  37. Passing form variables
  38. Child windows
  39. Javascript - external link to framset
  40. xfering control to JS function at completion of <form> submit
  41. detect if protocol is registered, possible?
  42. View-Source hijacked?! (0/1)
  43. Capture data from Screen, Copy to Form
  44. inserting image in title of html page
  45. Detecting MS Outlook 2002/2003
  46. Scroll position
  47. preventing accidental form submission
  48. adding 2 times together
  49. transient cookie size limit
  50. PDF popup with close button
  51. Sorting a HTML table with Javascript
  52. left to right horizontal scroller
  53. AOL Browser problems with javascript
  54. Caching of 'semi' dynamic JavaScript (IIS, ASP, IE6)
  55. Javascript help
  56. javascript e asp
  57. 'object has no properties' error
  58. Hidden Text in JavaScript?
  59. Checking image size
  60. Form Confirmation Problem
  61. create a new row in a table
  62. Detect SP2 for XP ?
  63. How to access userfile names?
  64. replace *except* where...
  65. question about SELECT
  66. finding the error
  67. Preload images not working
  68. Disabling the browser's 'Back' button
  69. Can I enter data into a PROMPT and have it open a window based on the value entered?
  70. onunload when app quits - time too short
  71. not strictly a JS question, but....
  72. Appending Date/Time Stamp to filename
  73. Loading page and staring half way down
  74. indexOf does not work?
  75. How to determine client's shoe size?
  76. Get client IP from behind a firewall?
  77. Posting form into a new window
  78. debugger for mac OS X
  79. error: object required when declaring variable
  80. Get image based on user input
  81. problem on NN 7.2
  82. format a field (input in form) onblur
  83. How do I encrypt or encode a string?
  84. get the filename of a path using String.lastIndexOf()
  85. assign JavaScript variable to Java variable problem in JSP
  86. Fetching latest URL of a frame...
  87. write content for new window
  88. Why wont JS script trigger on mouse-over in NS and Mozilla
  89. about detecting javascript version
  90. Can I create a 2-D associative array - if so how?
  91. onchange event is not trigger when drop down size = 1
  92. Calling a function i Javascript (Firefox)
  93. reposition DIV element
  94. encode a number in a javascript string
  95. altering text with javascript
  96. Textarea Replacement Script
  97. Open a window upon closing another
  98. form attribute action and input with same name
  99. Restrict the Table TD size.
  100. need script to choose random background-image
  101. How do I turn every chactor into %xx style?
  102. setTimeOut
  103. onmouseout not working
  104. Just testing ... Sorry!
  105. catch print event with client-side javascript?
  106. MAILTO message won't send via OUTLOOK!?
  107. Refresh main or top most window from popup
  108. using a user field to create a link
  110. List Running Timers in JavaScript (provided in html dom?)
  111. floating point numbers don't add right
  112. calculating amounts very strange thing
  113. This code to move image does not work in Netscape
  114. AOL 9 and javascipt
  115. Execute an instance method
  116. How to get basename of a file name?
  117. Problems setting style attrabutes of multiple layers
  118. Dynamically creating input fields?
  119. Problem with "this" reference for the AOL browser
  120. Javascript documentation
  121. Auomatic redirection when no user interaction
  122. getting width of a replaced image?
  123. How to write a new iframe from inline JS?
  124. Retrieving html parameters from a <form method=post...>
  125. IE and slow rollover issue
  126. strage white spaces in ie
  127. Can I display HTML code?
  128. md array gets 'Cannot assign to '[object]' error
  129. about NOT getting framed
  130. Script crashing IE6.... please help!!
  131. Wisdom requested on miscreant rotating banner! (image caching)
  132. Controlling the function of the tab key on in a TEXTAREA field
  133. set a default directory to open in <INPUT TYPE="FILE">
  134. how to get coordinates of a <DIV>?
  135. javascript entities
  136. Open multiple URLs
  137. adding column totals
  138. Can we click a link and it will submit the form to the other page?
  139. get XY coords of click on image
  140. javascript xmlhttp parameters
  141. Speed up onmouseover of rows and cols
  142. innerHTML javascript events not firing
  143. Associative array problem (again)?
  144. Why this one works in Opera not in Mozzila?
  145. Trouble executing ActiveXObject from server
  146. Have a Javascript that keeps a cookie on a popup
  147. refresh on submit
  148. Using HTML as an application GUI or How do you control an application from Javascript?
  149. maintaining state
  150. Javascript, OWC chart, DataLabelsCollection.Add() error.
  151. how to call a function in another window
  152. (soft)real-time transfer with java
  153. no way to check if a file path exists in a text box?
  154. regular expression to check a string is alphanumeric only
  155. I apparently don't get the syntax of document.getElementById(nameOfDiv).style.visibilit y='visible';
  156. Need help with regular expression and form field check
  157. arguments for onmouseover
  158. Latest Version and who....
  159. how to decode a 4digit key from "Key-code script by Bart Jellema"?
  160. getting a specific element in DOM W3C
  161. Forms and HTML validation
  162. How to write complicated codes inline?
  163. question about window.showModelessDialog()
  164. How do I remove the new line after </form>
  165. Ad rotator driving mozilla/netscape wiggy
  166. Copy and Paste form in another frame
  167. Getting the width of a frame
  168. Ad rotator driving mozilla/netscape wiggy
  169. script works in hta files and also mozilla but not work on IE?
  170. import some js code in a .js file
  171. Determine table cell image resides in
  172. is anybody else's posts disappearing?
  173. Need to know if this is even possible (mouseover mayhem, long)
  174. TextArea insert text in specific column
  175. Invoking a directory browse for file(s) download
  176. Opening a new window without onClick
  177. Playing a sound when a field is updated
  178. Using JS to create dynamic ALT tags?
  179. a problem plugging document.location into a bookmarklet
  180. question about window.close()
  181. isInteger, isFloat functions?
  182. Top warning signs of bad code?
  183. Associative array problem?
  184. setting style and class dynamically
  185. Document Object Model Reference - DOM Reference
  186. onfocus, onblur on dynamic input box.
  187. form element name creates problem
  188. basic javascript syntax question
  189. Javascript object expected error
  190. arrayname.length ==> alternative??
  191. selectionStart / selectionEnd and FF 1.0pr
  192. re; help again
  193. Changing the content of a layer
  194. Script to help stop people using bandwidth
  195. self.focus() not working in Opera?
  196. how do i disable the IE menu?
  197. getting the children
  198. random bgcolor
  199. AttachEvent - permission denied ?
  200. Writing HTML to a webpage using document.getElementById('results').childNodes[0].nodeValue
  201. What is wrong with Focus on Firefox?
  202. Where is Venkman on NN 7.2?
  203. A Width Changable Iframe
  204. Convert from Entity Reference to Hex or Decimal?
  205. javascript rookie needs a close-window button
  206. noob - jumping to next select box
  207. event driven js in a form
  208. Disabling elements on load
  209. onBlur madness!
  210. javascript for non-browser app?
  211. how to go to new url onChange from select box?
  212. Output VALUE of INPUT textfield using document.write
  213. Validating form using radio buttons and checkboxes
  214. is dynamically creating a new field on a page DHTML, Javascript, XML or a combination?
  215. What does this mean
  216. spreading my script across several files
  217. help with an error - very short code
  218. Javascript not working in Internet Explorer
  219. Raise event when text or site is completely loaded
  220. Post data and IE
  221. Getting position of mouse within a specified element
  222. Javascript fails to work with xhtml 1.0 strict DTD
  223. IE6 won't hide dynamically created span elements
  224. Image in Nav Bar at top = how?
  225. Detecting plug-ins
  226. viewport properties
  227. How do I change the document title?
  228. Check if File Path Exists in Browse Text Box
  229. test alphanumeric string
  230. focus word plugin
  231. a newby question
  232. DOM question
  233. 'Now you see me' DOM problem
  234. Posting form results to new and separate page
  235. cache externel javascript
  236. Refreshing one iframe from another?
  237. xml dom parsing error - selectSingleNode gives 'undefined'
  238. best way to test blank data in required fields
  239. 2 actions in onsubmit
  240. IE6 blocking (safe) content
  241. id of checked checkbox
  242. Printing a selected area using javascript or vbscript
  243. display option in a textbox
  244. Smiley Click picker using Javascript and FORM woes .. Please help...
  245. how do I replace /n with /r/n?
  246. Adding Values of TextBoxes Together
  247. Counting commas within a string
  248. Can Javascript send emails??
  249. forms: img submit button: can u do rollovers??
  250. Amtrak Web Site
  251. IE and
  252. javascript popup view by details
  253. change text in the address field
  254. Javascript search engine?
  255. calling addMouseListener in jscript throws ClassCastException
  256. Can I use a temp file with client-side JavaScript?
  257. Getting the files in a dir
  258. pls. help
  259. question REMOTE_ADDR
  260. Javascript "Eyedropper" (pulls color of a pixel off a page)
  261. hide form field
  262. how to write the following regexp?
  263. OnChange event extracting value from Select incorrectly
  264. How to select a table clicking a button?
  265. Hiding script in certain browsers
  266. compare alphanumeric problem
  267. Closing a bottom frame
  268. Swap Image does not work with IE
  269. difference between location.href and window.location.href?
  270. Submit working only in FF
  271. JavaScript Forward (Elementary question)
  272. How To access form name if there's a form field named "name"
  273. access denied to xml on another machine
  274. Load a script and process it inmediately
  275. problem with different thumbnails opening same window
  276. TEXT OnChange
  277. How select a selected option with "value" in IE
  278. zip code and city
  279. open MSAccess from browser
  280. Getting values from ListBox
  281. event handler defined in innerHTML not work
  282. Mozilla slowness on div show hide routine
  283. How does this URL get around Popup blockers?
  284. Confusing W3C DOM with JavaScript
  285. Downloading WMA from a web site w/Javascript
  286. Delaying text apperance
  287. best way to debug javascript
  288. Updating The Drop-Down List On One Window From Another
  289. SP2 breaks IE
  290. How do I use SetTimeOut inline?
  291. item not defined using Mozilla?
  292. Password Script Improvements
  293. Netscape7.1 order of onchange()/onsubmit() events WRONG
  294. Drag and Drop File..
  295. Accessing a local variable (timer ID)
  296. reading style attributes
  297. Getdate() over-ride?
  298. compare string with numbers in javascript
  299. Low security web browser?
  300. Rollover Image Error
  301. Double byte strings in javascript
  302. generate tree structure using database
  303. removing elements in namespace
  304. Bypassing screen resolution!!
  305. Help Me With modeless Popup
  306. status in IE after SP2 fixes
  307. How to stop Beep sound of refresh in IE?
  308. cbc message board killed by javascript?
  309. javascript send to excel
  310. Turn CSS listing into JavaScript Array?
  311. How to sign a script and run in a web page
  312. structure and effeciency on simple function advice please
  313. How to return index value of td?
  314. Error Panel Title
  315. The Expert Is WRONG about FRAME/Obj/Img
  316. var x=3 VERSUS var x="3"
  317. Access to data sources across domains
  318. Code Help Recordset values
  319. Value in recordset changes 2 variables Help
  320. problem with DIV tag in FireFox
  321. How to program an input selection list
  322. random function
  323. ECMAScript V4.0
  324. position of a new browser window
  325. beginner question... onChange?
  326. FireFox called an IMG object
  327. Anchor link in new window loads parent
  328. Why it does not give me timeout?
  329. change image in another frame
  330. DOM question
  331. Closing a popup before opening another
  332. Generic code to change td color onmousover/out?
  333. How do I call javascript functions from a menu when the user clicks on an option?
  334. Browser Height in IE? NOT document height
  335. object inheritance question
  336. using DOM to parse a XML file...
  337. Removing UNWANTED Borders in Frames....
  338. Can anyone explain why this doesn't work?
  339. Elements[ ] index property
  340. Remote filesystemobject (2nd try)
  341. JS Clock Text Input
  342. ASP.NET function in Javascript.... how?
  343. get methods of DOM objects
  344. Ordinal (st, nd, rd, th) dates in javascript
  345. looking for xhtml complient scrolling news script.
  346. swapping table cells
  347. Copy images and text to clipboard
  348. Short Date Format
  349. does not work in mozilla
  350. Need a little help with NODES
  351. Remote FileSystemObjects
  352. Problem with Cookies
  353. does not work
  354. function only works on last row
  355. Timing Issue - Setting Title of IFrame Modal Dialog Window Using the Contained Window Title
  356. How to position an IFRAME
  357. Retrieving data from database and mail them
  358. IE6 SP2 annoying
  359. relative/absolute positioning
  360. stepping threw an array
  361. setting events
  362. Finding height of auto-sized element?
  363. How does gmail hide the javascript?
  364. adding values to dropdown lists in javascript
  365. passing params to html-form
  366. MS XML ADO "Fiind" method problem
  367. change properties of dragged object
  368. How do I disable IE6?
  369. Calling javascript in other window?
  370. setting the inner.HTML of <DIV> with duplicate IDs...
  371. Detect Object OWC version
  372. Reset a File Input
  373. setPage is not defined error in Mozilla/Firefox
  374. onload and bak button
  375. Dynamically setting an event.
  376. how to get around greedy * operator?
  377. Can someone post code that can read/write cookie collections with keys?
  378. "Accsss is denied" when using iframe.contentWindow.document
  379. user needs help badly!
  380. Fill a web document with web forms
  381. How to initialize an array only once
  382. getting the size of a file
  383. wait for an object.mouseover to execute a function
  384. better way of swapping columns and rows in a table (code provided)
  385. How to refresh web page so it does not timeout after 20 mins with no activity
  386. javascript for toolbar
  387. Extracting text via DOM
  388. tree structure
  389. Search and Replace for "$" in text
  390. Javascript validation for UTF-8 chatacters
  391. DOM Navigation in IE
  392. document.write problems...
  393. Javascript problem not sure what this would be called
  394. object persistence
  395. A matter of being polite
  396. finding all elements with a given class
  397. File Size
  398. Another Permission Denied error
  399. Page load and checkbox value
  400. resize browser window on load
  401. Moving client fiile to server
  402. word doc opens by default
  403. Help with opening a window in Netscape
  404. Newb requires help with javascript submit
  405. getting info on another web page
  406. problem with focusing in frames
  407. FAO Robert: Why won't this code work part 2
  408. node object gets clobbered after clone
  409. row and column...
  410. toolbar --> standard buttons
  411. does scope allow the transfer of non-global variables between functions?
  412. click on thumbnail
  413. once again, how to add text to a textarea
  414. JavaScript Variable Scoping and Execution Contexts
  415. Problem with
  416. method write help me please
  417. document.createElement
  418. how to choose one field and automatically show sub-selections in another field?
  419. embedded html page
  420. display pdf in new window
  421. Javascript DATE&TIME HTML
  422. Anyone have code for setting/getting cookies with cookie/key/value format?
  423. Rotate, skew, resize for DHTML game
  424. adding sentences
  425. cookie expiring date
  426. collapsing space between hidden divs
  427. Using onMouseOver in <OPTION> tag
  428. RegExp and how to use regular expressions
  429. web server exe and js
  430. my function needs a for loop.
  431. Why doesn't this animated jpg work properly?
  432. Redirect to Home Page
  433. doesn't work in frameset - not the usual case
  434. Set focus after showing an alert?
  435. Where is the CGI DOM?
  436. drawing the letters of the alphabet
  437. Tough Date/Time validation in JavaScript...
  438. Quick question - linked scripts.
  439. close() not working in Mac IE 5.2
  440. Questionnaire form
  441. need a clue
  442. Copy filepath to clipboard & paste it in outlook. How?
  443. Document Object missing in child window
  444. about css
  445. Need Preload+Mouseover code for 4 imgs
  446. Drop Down refresh keep selected value
  447. Puzzling frame prob
  448. Does form.disable work on hidden text form elements?
  449. xhtml w/javascript and css only works in IE
  450. onBeforeUnload doesn't work quite the way I want it too
  451. all i get is a NaN...
  452. Hide 'div'
  453. disable context menu bar in browser
  454. pattern matching
  455. about css class selector
  456. read registry keys
  457. Wierd offsetTop value with relative positioned Element in table inWin IE 6
  458. php error
  459. Close Window + Netscape7
  460. Storing form elements in variables & arrays
  461. confirm window with (Y) & (N) ????
  462. accessing content of an <IFRAME>
  463. YOU ALL SUCK!
  464. Can javascript do this?
  465. date validation scrip
  466. How do I disable a link? in <A>
  467. Set onBlur() programmatically?
  468. Dynamic width of absolute positioned element
  469. Table Widget for IE? Fixed header, sorting columns, etc
  470. extracting parts of a string
  471. anyone?
  472. Using Javascript to select an entry in a drop down box
  473. if no "onmouseover" in HTML, how can javascript do an link id - dependent action?
  474. Getting scrollHeight of dynamically created iframe
  475. replacing a varying substring with itself plus
  476. JS and OO: Tying objects to elements
  477. Dragging & moving DIVs
  478. maximise window problem with taskbar
  479. number field validation - URGENT
  480. Resizing table depending on the windows size
  481. How to limit TD's height or text length
  482. can't reset the left value of a DIV using document.getElementById(thisDiv).style.left = howFarLeft;
  483. Problem with window.opener in Firefox/Mozilla
  484. Undo system for text
  485. jumping to an achor
  486. new window full screen
  487. Get number of downloaded bytes
  488. New Tab in Netscape 7
  489. eval() how else
  490. Popup Window Detection and Close Button Activation
  491. Script required, payment offered
  492. Combining two functions
  493. Name of the button
  494. button clicked
  495. Preventing unload .
  496. Checking for new or popup window and activating close button
  497. Simple price x quantity
  498. Setting custom properties
  499. Pop-up detection advice needed by Java folks
  500. are "07" and "08" really all that different?
  501. Page Submit and Jump to Anchor?
  502. Open a popup on SOME submit buttons
  503. FoldoutMenu
  504. Layers and ntscape
  505. Comparing two 12hr time fields
  506. Form validation object expected
  507. confirm msg on onUnload?
  508. is there any call before 'body onload'?
  509. #ifndef
  510. removing array item
  511. Urgent!!Global window reference!!
  512. The full code work
  513. javascript created links
  514. FAQ Questions
  515. Change setTimeout length. Or Pause or something.
  516. help with in create layer inside a pop up
  517. Disable tr onclick event...
  518. Parent / Children forms and data
  519. Calculate difference in dates
  520. Displaying requested URLs
  521. howto hidding/overriding history dropdown list of a textbox ?
  522. variables from new window after
  523. Copying the style object from one object to another
  524. Insert ASCII charaters
  525. Fading Effect
  526. Using / passing a variable - n00b question :)
  527. a very small js library to include GRAPH COMMAND (lines,points, circle etc) and MATHsimbols
  528. Passing a variable from HTLM to Javascript and Back
  529. Marquee
  530. Scrollable text box
  531. prototype prob
  532. DOM-based cross-browser navigation tree needed
  533. Open Screen Full Window
  534. html regular button is triggered with an enter key
  535. textboxes from another window???
  536. getElementsByClassName
  537. Windows and focus
  538. regular expression
  539. What is this code doing?
  540. Multiple Selection in javascript
  541. Urgent! regular expression!
  542. JavaScript and PHP var problem
  543. Urgent! regular expression test!
  544. HTMLElement.prototype in Internet Explorer
  545. Invoking a script when a link is clicked in a frame page
  546. JavaScript can't do math!?!?
  547. Plz urgent!string.match!
  548. javascript variable in html tag
  549. expanding popdown combos
  550. Drop Down Box