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  1. Self.close not working IE6.0.28...
  2. How to get the Javascript file name from a function inside the file.
  3. cookie problem
  4. Mozilla XMLHttpRequest
  5. finestra di messaggio con pulsante
  6. trying to use mouse effect script in multiple frames?
  7. Select SOME text from a page and use it as a var
  8. Help Java & Nasdaq
  9. Changing anchor text
  10. Html table row count
  11. coldfusion query to javascript form variables
  12. How to find out a layer's height with Javascript?
  13. Multiple Firefox tabs
  14. window handle state {...}
  15. name/value pair in the current url
  16. Learning JS, trying to figure out createelement
  17. quicky... form & pop up...
  18. Get the full path of an image
  19. A Good JavaScript Reference Guide
  20. button linke value
  21. shift button
  22. Defer the call of an external .js file
  23. Automatic postback for a form?
  24. Too many (small) vs. too large linked script files in a document...
  25. opening a "be patient" window while an upload completes
  26. open a temp window to ask a user to wait while an upload is taking place
  27. Creating a "Be Patient" window b4 calling a perl cgi script?
  28. Please Help with Dates
  29. checking for what file loaded in a frame..
  30. get all value of all row of a dynamic html table
  31. IE's Dummy attachEvent?
  32. Link not working in Netscape...
  33. Building a tree from a HTML report with DOM?
  34. Site Unload?
  35. Referencing name/values in URL string
  36. Child windows can not access window.opener when multiple child windows are open
  37. ondragstart and onmousemove messages
  38. ceil a number with 2 decimals to 0 or 5
  39. Using noscript overlaps "normal"
  40. Radio buttons conditional submit
  41. Style on Div to avoid horizontal scrolling
  42. Detecting CSS State
  43. oncontextmenu placement at mouse click
  44. Looking for Crystal Reports V8.0 !
  45. Scheduled image substitution
  46. "Object expected" error with pop-up function in IE6, Firefox fine
  47. Javascripts not working under XHTML
  48. looping an audio file
  49. web page design question
  50. return to main window after submit
  51. css templeate search
  52. Good validation package
  53. Cancel OnChange Event
  54. Problem submitting form via JS
  55. Paste from clipboard when clipboard changes mid script
  56. Javascript Search
  57. Javascript Error HTA
  58. Print and style
  59. show/hide a table row
  60. factories versus libraries
  61. eval function
  62. 'push' in IE5
  63. Grabbing selected text in a named <SPAN> ?
  64. two days and gone
  65. change comma to point in real-time?
  66. Function help
  67. "" from selection WITH formatting
  68. Making a text appear/dissapear (button [+] and [-])
  69. Flash detection Javascript doesn't work in Firefox
  70. Calender with week numbers
  71. Floating Point Verification
  72. Simulate Web Form Input.
  73. toString compatibility, and other javascript functions...
  74. Setting forms using Javascript
  75. Regular Expressions Difficulty
  76. Final properties and methods?
  77. how to actually locate bug in IE
  78. Can the "header" of a JavaScript dialogue box be changed?
  79. Can you rename the buttons on confirm() call?
  80. Session (Temporary) Cookies - where are they stored under IE(6)?
  81. LiveSearch/Google Suggest component
  82. Using Java to write to text files.
  83. Using Java to write to text files.
  84. Software Development Engineers needed - open source enviro - Seattle
  85. Date Script not working on Mozilla
  86. how to ensure window.onload fires when browser waits for mising elements???
  87. anchors and window.history
  88. linking a mouseover and onclick event to an image map
  89. search a select statement
  90. undefined in IE5
  91. Is it really true the language attribute of the tag <script>
  92. Associative array
  93. NAME and ID attributes are identical.???
  94. Hash array without using objects
  95. for in loop. reverse traverse
  96. Playing video on a web page
  97. CMS
  98. load a .js file
  99. Can JSObject be called "remotely" ?
  100. How can i set the string of statu bar in Modal Window?
  101. implementing undo and redo for textarea's - does Javascript support static variables?
  102. new window has info from form in parent window
  103. new window contains values from form in parent window
  104. convert variable to a value
  105. style.cursor in IE5
  106. JavaScript Error in FireFox
  107. adding/deleting dynamic table row, rowIndex
  108. Sorting alphanumeric
  109. opening new window
  110. Javascript and firefox
  111. Documentation
  112. can not get alert to call from setTimeout
  113. IE Modal Dialog & window status
  114. IFrames and mistery! Can someone explain?
  115. frames from javascript
  116. Why alll the multiple posts?
  117. how client-side presentation code interact with server-side processing code?
  118. strange popup behaviour | IE 6.xx vs. everything else
  119. ASP.Net javascript "focus" method needs to be called twice??
  120. Ensure a user Mouses Over an Item
  121. How to stop <li> onclick bubble-up...?
  122. Validating Radio Buttons in JavaScript
  123. problem! can't write into a iframe document using safari
  124. how to get the source code of another site on my form
  125. Problems opening a PDF file
  126. passing private variables
  127. Frame Keeps Loading Forever in IE 6 (bug?)
  128. event handlers in IE5
  129. setInterval Event object?
  130. IE + XML + javascript = 0
  131. javascript replace function...
  132. javascript insertRow doesn't work ;-(
  133. rookie question on "confirm" dialog
  134. javascript array is not empty on creation
  135. Function to specify a certain image map?
  136. help with a problem comparing strings
  137. How to determine a postion (for a menu in a centered table)
  138. Disabling options in option list only works in IE
  139. PHP Mysql Creating a Subform
  140. disable refresh feature in browser
  141. disable refresh feature in browser
  142. problems using non-table tags in table.
  143. Force open of mime type
  144. Calling JS code loaded by another frame, HOW?
  145. IE will always render a table as a table... or will it?
  147. javaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  148. IE5 and document.createElement
  149. Dinamically call form fields
  150. Can Javascript be reloaded
  151. Is this possible?
  152. Why would this IF statement evaluate as TRUE?
  153. Perf prob with IE
  154. Change target of links in page
  155. onmouseover / onmouseout not working as expected
  156. Script works in Mozilla but not IE6 (latest versions)?
  157. Roundup of FAQ change requests
  158. changin the onclick link
  159. deleting items from droplist
  160. Safari innerHTML not getting form values
  161. Change CSS Class property using javascript?
  162. Cannot get data out of a table
  163. Was my site hacked?
  164. Javascript not run to validate form fields
  165. Downloads Using JavaScripts
  166. Clear a document?
  167. how to disable options in an option list?
  168. Many small images
  169. get smallest from array - recurse or loop?
  170. showModelessDialog
  171. charset in window created from javascript
  172. document.write to an IFRAME - odd effect
  173. tootltip for HTML input textbox
  174. Where can i find a Good JavaScript debugging tool
  175. Form validation w/ multiple buttons
  176. javascript error when loggin into forum
  177. Extrange error Why?
  178. Astronomy intro page
  179. workalike for"href",fn) in IE?
  180. Regular expressions again
  181. How can I set the close or exit (red X) attribute in a pop-up window
  182. Safari doesn't execute <script> tags added using the DOM
  183. More regex problems
  184. Swapping random flash banners
  185. Replace double quotes in a string
  186. DW function, Firefox works, IE doesn't.
  187. Align javascript alert message to right AND / OR make the direction as RIGHT-TO-LEFT
  188. Get all document contents
  189. Am I going nuts???? Array problem!?
  190. Qn from Novice
  191. FireFox window.event
  192. CSS enabled
  193. Writing Cookie fail in two server !
  194. help
  195. this javascript won't work in Firefox
  196. onkeydown
  197. "Inheriting" internal and external style sheets from window.opener
  198. File size...
  199. change drop down box values on the fly
  200. and pop up blocker
  201. Tree
  202. Browser Language using Javascript
  203. Shortnening my JS DOM references
  204. Gradients and round corners
  205. Get opener element from a child
  206. How to preserver a window's property after refresh of the page ????
  207. Confused by a javascript problem, event handlers not working as expected/desired
  208. problems with popup blockers and opening 2 windows
  209. javascript
  210. stop [ENTER] from sending the form in NN/Firefox
  211. Common client side EventHandler
  212. SVG coordinates
  213. Help please
  214. Form element scope
  215. SetTimeout not working correctly in IE
  216. JavaScript at Davar Web Site
  217. Display problem in Firefox
  218. Remove left and top padding from IFRAME in a cell?
  219. Set style of IFRAME contents via javascript...
  220. Assign Variable to Style Property
  221. Problem with Pop Up and Netscape 7.0
  222. Is this a javascript problem?
  223. trapping/preventing keypress in <input> box
  224. Posting Data
  225. has no properties
  226. getElementById problem
  227. Submitting a form without user intervention
  228. Two Windows
  229. IE problem with small bit of Javascript
  230. opacity
  231. Certificates and popups
  232. Scrolling in div
  233. JavaScript Problem with SP2
  234. Parsing an XML File in 7.0 Browsers and Safari
  235. Submit a form, not working...
  236. Show different text -- depends on the current date
  237. scripting nested svg documents
  238. Access Denied in IE 6 using HTTPS and File Upload
  239. Download IE version X
  240. how to use in javascript (outlook view control)
  241. Need avise on javascript and string problem.
  242. Changing values in a TD tag
  243. Element.prototype in IE6
  244. Repost: Javascript Rollovers not Refreshing on Dynamic Webpages.
  245. XHTML Strict and Javascript Form Validation
  246. Cannot Read Value from Drop Down Script
  247. Pass variable from drop down option field to text fields
  248. Including external javascript code in a web page
  249. What should be a relatively easy calc !?!?!?!
  250. Only Allow Microsoft IE Browser To View Site - All Other Browsers Are Redirected
  251. Do all javascript blocked by service pack 2?
  252. Japanese characters in alert
  253. Methods for CAPTION?
  254. Thru open a word document in Print Preview mode
  255. Detection of file edit dates
  256. General Info on Site-Design
  257. javascript calender??
  258. Why this script does not work with Netscape 7.2?
  259. "Split & Parts" different results in Firefox & IExplorer
  260. Bug in my Javascript or bug in Firefox
  261. Images for ebay count files in directory
  262. Cancelling Function Keys in Netscape with Javascript
  263. Advice - Script Search site with over 100,000 resources
  264. Automatically open HTML file.
  265. Mouseover events...
  266. Editable table blues
  267. get font size in pixels - IE
  268. How to trap back button events with javascript
  269. Date Question
  270. Verifying a link \ url using javascript.
  271. problems on microsoft XMLDOM in Mozila
  272. Rotating content for table cells
  273. Passing parameters to external JS file?
  274. Firefox and getElementById
  275. large Image in a TD
  276. RegExp to alter an element name?
  277. w3c compliant substitute for window.location
  278. Redirecting?
  279. Flash TotalFrames in IE /Firefox
  280. display the limit of input char
  281. Javascript
  282. will pay for help developing a menu for our website
  283. Is it possible to send something to the server without submit?
  284. insert cells in runtime - Hebrew
  285. alerts and flashing taskbars
  286. Pass variable selected from drop down option field to text fields
  287. Delay and condition on expanding drop-down menu
  288. Pass form name and value to a function
  289. compatability
  290. Access an embed object via javascript
  291. Firefox Problems with Flash LoadMovie()
  292. Generate XML by Javascript in IE
  293. compatability issue
  294. checking form fields
  295. font sizing
  296. Javascript Issue With Firefox
  297. Changing textbox background color
  298. Getting the name of an object - is it possible?
  299. Comments in URL
  300. How to call a function that's name is stored as a string in a variable???
  301. changing the look of an element
  302. Collections in javascript
  303. Using Javascript to submit form
  304. moving the cursor to the end of a textboxes text
  305. Copying value from pop up into field on host page
  306. copying a string to clipboard in IE4
  307. window.onload not being called
  308. clear an html SELECT and next insert in it all the elements of an array
  309. setTimeout
  310. Hidden Layer Print Problems
  311. Can I find text automatically in a linked webpage
  312. Novice: inserting text from external source
  313. Right-click context menu that can pass values when right-clicking a link??
  314. Time Basics - Form computes time and displays output?
  315. how can the window be resized?
  316. external javascripts
  317. Unable to see script
  318. cannot find source of error
  319. select case
  320. Progress bar fails in Firefox but works in IE
  321. iframe background transparancy
  322. XMP
  323. Why is value "undefined"
  324. Loading URL contents into a variable
  325. help with selecting items in a list box
  326. iframe
  327. swap column in a html table
  328. Onmouseover and IE6
  329. embedding movies
  330. Hide/reveal DHTML
  331. tic the boxes - I also accidentally posted this one in alt.html
  332. Problem with XMLHTTP request. Please help! (long)
  333. Two submit buttons, which one was pressed?
  334. Show/Hide div's with XP SP2
  335. DIV visibility and Animated gifs
  336. Form Validation Problem
  337. javascript image clientside
  338. Highlight a table cell with its content
  339. Tables and anchors
  340. setTimeout takes lots of processor time?
  341. .wav file.
  342. should I use xml or array?
  343. DOM Changes Won't Display
  344. Can js talk to Excel or jpegs?
  345. Carriage Return Email Body
  346. null attribute
  347. js with <object> in xhtml strict
  348. read-only loading of an XML
  349. Dynamically generated function names
  350. setting from values
  351. How To Save value in page and use that value After Submit?
  352. After timer submit form
  353. How to bring up the Send page by email?
  354. javascript onClick and asp mail script
  355. Javascript browser compatibility internet resource?
  356. modifying form values with javascript
  357. onLoad question
  358. flashing title bar
  359. hiding divs
  360. How to verify an email address
  361. change the cursor over html object
  362. Unicode characters in RegExp
  363. how does one get every element in a window into an array?
  364. change a class of an object at runtime
  365. how does one blank an entire window?
  366. Ooops the title: Accessing IFRAME from the same page with JavaScript ?
  367. hidding div - showing div
  368. why wont my function 'EnableValidators' fire?
  369. how to test for browser specific methods like document.selection.createRange
  370. 'OnResizeEnd' not working on IE 6
  371. innerHTML changes
  372. Help - Input button clipboard paste function
  373. page continues to load in Netscape
  374. Identifying invalid char position using RegExp
  375. including xml inline html documents
  376. put text in Office Clipboard
  378. Lingering Window
  379. display print preview dialog, not print dialog
  380. What does this "onfocus" value do?
  381. counting years between two dates
  382. css and js question about hiding div
  383. Getting Complete Source Of Page
  384. Javascript Online Documentation?
  385. Hiding toolbar in IE
  386. Prevent "Enter" on a text field from submitting a form.
  387. how to force carriage return in textarea
  388. Linking to webpage (Desperately in need of help!!)
  389. Changing page by date
  390. import/include a .js file into a .js file
  391. Set bgcolor of a newly added table row?
  392. getElementById in if block still fails to protect me from assignment errors. Why?
  393. pass variable to HTA
  394. How to submit a form on a radio click
  395. "Confirm" Question!!
  396. Readonly
  397. Adding a Row to Parent Table is not working
  398. Calling a function from a string - How to
  399. NB: Hiding Menu-Bars in an already opened Window.
  400. 'onresizeend' not working
  401. getting <div's> height
  402. launching applications with javascript
  403. assign a value to a textbox
  404. How to host a ChatRoom
  405. Authenticating to a Web Site WITHOUT the user/password popup
  406. Looking for help.
  407. document.myform.code + name ???
  408. Challenge: Remotely setting preferences for Netscape, Mozilla or other browsers
  409. Window with no menus, buttons, address bar, etc
  410. Client-side function to resize ".jpg" images
  411. If statement help.....
  412. Limiting characters in a text box
  413. table with opaque background
  414. Testing wheather string conversion is possible
  415. Advice - Script Search site with over 100,000 resources
  416. Firefox: can't get document.write to work
  417. BODY onLoad not fires!
  418. Setting the cursor on a form field
  419. Why, please, this strange behavior?
  420. Right click option is not disabled in the Text filed in Netscape 4.7
  421. Access denied not a cross-host issue
  422. html pages
  423. Form Validation and getElementById
  424. iframe resizing on opera problem
  425. problem with iframe resizing
  426. problem with iframe resizing 2
  427. problem with iframe resizing
  428. Dynamically setting query string with <select> onclick() handler
  429. Translate from vbscript to javascript?
  430. Check if key is defined in associative array
  431. self.focus stopping all keyboard input to window
  432. checkbox onclick check another checkbox
  433. Functions and Parameters
  434. eliminating a global variable
  435. Copy info from 1 text box to another.....
  436. Problem dynamically adding data to an existing table ...
  437. onlick insert date
  438. wstawianie daty w miejscu kursora w textarea
  439. Timing Events
  440. How do I retrieve a URL into a variable?
  441. Simple information gathering script req..
  442. add an onclick event
  443. Erasing border and padding in javascript window
  444. ActiveXObject
  445. url
  446. Set a td class on the fly... easy???
  447. Move focus to next element
  448. check cgi response via javascript
  449. Cast a string as an refernce to an object. Please HELP
  450. IFrame and form inside - what happens?
  451. javascript for capturing filename
  452. Converting a String object to individual bytes
  453. CSS table replacement
  454. Can JS place html code into a DIV ????
  455. Can JavaScript place HTML code into Div...?
  456. Need to briefly show message on screen (Data saved! etc)
  457. Need simple java script to Popup small window
  458. Disabling Menu Items?
  459. JS to switch to full page view (F11 key)
  460. Right-Click --> Show Picture event
  461. getting all the elements of a form
  462. Session Scope Variables
  463. outputting html through string variable
  464. question about post/get
  465. How can I embed JavaScript function calls in a document.write statement?
  466. is this top quality javascript
  467. How to parse this xml in mozilla
  468. Need help with onClick inside an Anchor & SSL
  469. How to write input to a file?
  470. document.write won't work just after an href link in a frame
  471. I've Lost My Buttons - Can Anyone Help Me Find Them?
  472. impostare il valore della SELECT all'indice che contiene una certa parola
  473. NETSCAPE fails to run Body onLoad, WHY ?!?!
  474. Safari Browser Disable Control + Click
  475. Execcommand > What is happening? Anyone?
  476. Date validation using onkeydown in Javascript and ASP
  477. document.write sintax ?
  478. Is there an event when that triggers when the window is closing??
  479. Can a page be disabled from JavaScript?
  480. Accessing TDC data
  481. how can i modify the bold status of a thing that i have the mouse on it?
  482. Control name as Script parameter
  483. How do I pass data back to my code behind events w/o postback?
  484. Using JS to change color of the contents of a span tag
  485. Opening a DHTML menu from a SELECT box OPTION tag
  486. mod_javascript?
  487. Removing toolbar - how to?
  488. Reloading div content, after its innerHTML changes
  489. Can I control the printer setup parameters from javascript?
  490. Online documentation for Geko/Mozilla browsers???
  491. value attribute in element <input type="file">
  492. submit will not go to action specified
  493. How is this done?
  494. Scrolling Problem with DIV Visibility
  495. setting style of dynamic options
  496. Reassigning event handler
  497. Image swap problem with preloading
  498. Problem with 'undefined' object In server side JavaScript
  499. mouse cursor position
  500. FireFox/NS experts: <iframe> inside <div> question -- help pls!
  501. Help Converting a C file into Jscript
  502. a way to monitor child window across opener reloads ?
  503. Test for media file playback on MZ (2nd attempt)
  504. run 2 scripts when button clicked
  505. Is there a faster way to change span innerHTML
  506. Checkbox Validation Problem
  507. Getting 2 scripts to run on the same webpage
  508. Hiding Tables - New to the Group
  509. Hiding Table Rows
  510. Hiding Tables at Page Load
  511. Open mail and attache document!
  512. Fast, cross-browser, collapsible menu
  513. JavaScript function for secure page
  514. How can I restrict execCommand('undo') to a <div>?
  515. GMail JavaScript question
  516. Thanks to all that helped!
  517. how to get the height of a text line
  518. Accessing web page parameters
  519. Displaying Javascript Environment, functions and Variables
  520. How to access CSS list-style-image with JS?
  521. Function with pop up menu
  522. exporting DOM Transform output
  523. Single and double quote problems.
  524. highlight row with arrow key
  525. Keypress
  526. DIV/IFRAME hide/show problem onMouseOut - please help :)
  527. Function won't work with two out of 20 textboxes
  528. Using window.event
  529. How to view results of document.write()?
  530. when document.referrer give blockedReferrer?
  531. timer function
  532. Help with Javascript for FireFox
  533. Rollover button problem
  534. making this js work in firefox?
  535. viewing HTML from DOM
  536. where to learn java
  537. Syntax - Mozilla
  538. Time stamp on HTML form submittal
  539. Retrieve an array of tags in Communicator (NS4)?
  540. Include Javascript multiple
  541. timer function
  542. Unable to escape characters. What now?
  543. X in window
  544. writing for both DOMs
  545. catching events in a seperate frame ?.....
  546. Netscape keeps loading a javascript page
  547. How to scroll OPTION into view?
  548. Submit button to select all items in a SELECT menu
  549. Reading data from remote URL
  550. dragging cursor highlights text