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  1. style.cursor='hand' in FireFox not working??
  2. Firefox and select lists
  3. Columns on an HTML Page?
  4. Regular Expression To Take Out Whitespace Not Working
  5. Diplaying Animated Gif
  6. getElementBy...
  7. form with target is as
  8. Selection List validation
  9. href and onClick
  10. Problem with passing array
  11. polygon map search script
  12. Performance on "for" loops
  13. Multiple loops
  14. Firefox and Multiple Screens
  15. Dynamic stylesheet loading and tag overlap
  16. About Image Scrolling with scrollbar
  17. String replace and regexp
  18. Trying to set a cookie onto self.parent.window.opener
  19. calendar
  20. when I add HTML to innerHTML, FireFox renders it as HTML, but IE shows it as plain text
  21. how to do this?
  22. i'm able to read the value of a TEXTAREA in IE but not in FireFox
  23. Checking Select Option Value Without Form Submital
  24. Problem with array
  25. Typical size of Javascript interpreter
  26. Howto correct resize a popup window (cross Browser)
  27. if you have used createElement() and appendChild() on a page, how do you capture all the HTML to write to PHP?
  28. lengths?
  29. ie6 Insert Row at specific Row Index of Table
  30. Singleton desing patter approach without function expressions...
  31. how do I import from a PHP array in a Javascriptarray
  32. non-western characters in links and JAVASCRIPT?
  33. IE and Mozilla recognize CDATA nodetype differently
  34. RegExp and special caracters
  35. How to disable php script messages using javascript??
  36. Determining referring URL and search term
  37. Javascript: Modify table width dynamically
  38. Problem z przeslaniem tablicy do funkcji
  39. How to do server-side processing and then display pop-up with pop-up blocker enabled
  40. isBlank and inline javascript
  41. Rollover Button script not working
  42. Custom Submit buttons using Javascript
  43. Strings and numbers...?
  44. ASP in Javascript Alert Message
  45. Show Title without mouseovering on it.
  46. Using Prefax JS Libs: prototype, rico, dojo, etc
  47. Ajax GET for URL fails
  48. popup causing iframe target to be ignored
  49. options for print()
  50. onresize and onresizeend
  51. DIV display state changes
  52. Div display state changes
  53. Substring
  54. onunload difference in handling IE and Firefox?
  55. Param passing issue
  56. Dynamically Adding/Removing Classes
  57. how to transfer textbox value from .net page to html page textbox?
  58. Firefox minor update released: Venkman banned
  59. AJAX POST problems on Firefox
  60. please help me with this regex
  61. Array in javascript
  62. javascript tree control?
  63. get dynamic formname and return value to opener
  64. Modify a table in a parent window froma child
  65. Client Side Data Compression (JavaScript)
  66. Refresh
  67. HELP: Displaying an HTML in an explorers directory
  68. accessing a script's tag (and attributes)
  69. "prototype.js" & responseXML
  70. JPG images to binary
  71. Sliding menu - IE & Firefox
  72. javascript and server socket
  73. Javascript eval help need URGENTLY
  74. Input Validation for UPC Numbers
  75. Ajax problem, wont work in IE
  76. Automating date/time input for modem/router
  77. Simple Form
  78. Cloning entire page to hidden frame
  80. Unsure of what even to catch.
  81. My AJAX example...
  82. use string to get access to an object
  83. Window size without toolbars and etc...
  84. OOP using javascipt
  85. How to prevent Mozilla using a link if a wrong number is in an input box
  86. Can't read LCR website, inaccessible
  87. Safari problem with onload handler of new Image() object
  88. ActiveX - Javascript - Firefox
  89. onunload and XMLHttpRequest - going nuts
  90. Adding XML from an XMLHttpRequest to current document in IE
  91. http post on submit, URL being encoded
  92. iframe in firefox
  93. change an image based on selected option
  94. Switch() Statement Not Working
  95. Could someone explain part of this function?
  96. JS for Mozilla
  97. Select an Array, to Display
  98. using setTimeout when using prototype
  99. Animated "Loading..Please Wait" Popup
  100. setting cursor to wait document-wide
  101. document-wide disable of mousedown
  102. Limit entry into TextArea
  103. text-decoration
  104. Performance: inline- vs. prototype-defined methods ?
  105. shorten a method string
  106. Getting the collection of checkboxes
  107. Help me for a few lines of script
  108. Keep track of parent node
  109. Reordering DIV sections
  110. skyscraper ad staying on current page
  111. calling functions from cgi
  112. Can javascript call a MS Windows COM object?
  113. ajax bookmark problem
  114. CheckBoxList and Cicle For
  115. Need advice for acting on only the last onkeyup event in a series
  116. Can someone please explain this code?
  117. The open source escape route
  118. anyway to know the dimensions of the children inside <div>
  119. Security
  120. false popup not allowed?
  121. Next form element
  122. Permission denied in javascript
  123. status=no compatibility problems
  124. avascript w/Perl question - Simple for most......
  125. Javascript vs Flash based webUI
  126. Is this legal?
  127. Optimization required for character count in <textarea>
  128. accessing bare json from iframe
  129. Loading <iframe> together with the main frame
  130. showModalDialog IE 6.0 two session
  131. Pop up window problem with dynamic textboxes and query string
  132. Push technology in javascript
  133. Truth in javascript
  134. Nubie questions
  135. AJAX + php + file uploading
  136. align alert() to the right
  137. Drop down menu
  138. How to figure out if 'Esc' has been pressed
  139. Test if a window or frame is in focus
  140. Random Multiple Images
  141. Change of mouse pointer is only visible if I move the mouse
  142. Alternative to Using Onload Command?
  143. detect listeners
  144. Getting the object type
  145. Firefox, NN but not IE???
  146. Noob seeking very basic advice
  147. Malicious JavaScript code,
  148. Anyone, HELP! - Graying Disabled fields after Back.
  149. ignore document.onkeyup events for set a period?
  150. (X)HTML, Javascript and Frames
  151. Multiple Listboxes on page won't work...
  152. Javascript error capture
  153. Hide text input
  154. How to control the tab key within onBlur
  155. Check all checkbox
  156. object augmentation and memory usage
  157. serialized XMLHttpRequests
  158. hm?
  159. Regular expression
  160. Some refresh question
  161. html2image code
  162. Replacing href text
  163. Radio Button Question with Javascript
  164. Image in frame on mouse hover
  165. Javascript Programming Issue
  166. document.write colour
  167. open page in new window
  168. Open page in new window
  169. applying indent on divs i a tree structure
  170. how to use regexp to replace some html tags in DOM
  171. JSON help
  172. Swap/restore image while show/hide divs
  173. Simulating Alert / Confirm
  174. Overriding an onclick with another onclick
  175. Strange Behavior on Form w/Javascript
  176. Script to change images with each visit
  177. post
  178. XMLHttpRequest in Internet Explorer 7 - no more ActiveX
  179. Gathering data from form fields within iFrames
  180. getElementbyId Firefox v IE
  181. Help required - Problem with illegal characters
  182. set dom element class (if element was dynamically created)
  183. "getAttribute" returns a child element instead of ...?
  184. Need help with Ajax and Javascript interface
  185. LastIndexOf error
  186. Dynamic Photo Album using JSP
  187. How to change the MousePointer while sorting a table
  188. Changing Location Bar Contents without Reloading
  189. adapting code
  190. Help in referencing object
  191. Converting string to an Array: Easy way?
  192. Problems using XMLHTTRequest
  193. RadioButtonList - OnClick Issue
  194. IE troubles
  195. Text areas in html implementing using javascript
  196. refresh
  197. Polling function that halts other execution
  198. XMLHttpRequest - unterminated string constant javascript error
  199. beginner: regex how to check that value is only numbers
  200. how to convert SafeArray to array ?
  201. Odd BUG in FF
  202. right click
  203. menu list
  204. javascript resize in IE/XP wonky
  205. Simple Calculation in Form - 3 textboxes - 1 function
  206. RegExps
  207. using PUT with XMLHTTP
  208. Noob: popus, frames and forms
  209. Cookies in non-server pages?
  210. XMLHttpRequest
  211. PC IE and AJAX
  212. addEventListener to many buttons
  213. Why doesn't this work in Firefox?
  214. Column order reversed when adding rows to a dynamic table
  215. How to figure out on which row of a table I click e.g. a checkbox
  216. problem whit script in xlst file
  217. Calling Two Functions
  218. Dynamically attach a property value to input element
  219. JavaScript debugger for FireFox 1.5?
  220. image related thing in website
  221. beginner: how to remove dot's and empty spaces from a number
  222. Passing variable...
  223. problem with validating input value
  224. onload handler order of firing
  225. Alternate row colours
  226. Redirect Problem in IE
  227. Detach Dom Element
  228. passing a variable
  229. Acentos no Ajax (Portugues)... Accents in Ajax..
  230. "Dynamic" page content.
  231. cssRules No Longer Works in FireFox 1.5
  232. Another problem about javascript number!
  233. How to ignore the signed bit?
  234. Images don't load when using JavaScript in SRC= attribute for FireFox
  235. add shipping to order total script?
  236. overloading [] or .
  237. What is the replacement for onBlur in Mozilla
  238. How to invisible scrollbar in select box in mozilla
  239. AJAX Question
  240. Javascript for programmers
  241. Client-side JavaScript weirdness with assigning a form element -in Windows / IE6 only. Any ideas?
  242. deciding to open new window serverside
  243. "Undefined" in scrolling_list
  244. Value returned from Perl or Javascript?
  245. passing meta-knowledge about a form element
  246. Dynamically Change Function Parameters
  247. writeln and new line (\n) not working
  248. regular expression problem
  249. Grabbing Checkbox Value
  250. Is there a way to keep 2 textboxes the same???
  251. Using Javascript to change the text alignment of a DIV tag
  252. Index of Clicked option in multiple select
  253. server side global variable failure
  254. show Hex Numbers
  255. Pass Checkbox name to function
  256. problems with images
  257. JavaScript function saveText() needs to Update the Perl array@BO_FO_EMAIL
  258. simple script that allows random images to appear
  259. Conditional function definitions
  260. select box without scrollbar
  261. submit element
  262. Get value from popup(jsp) to parent(jsp) form
  263. javascript use <option> from <select> as control, help!
  264. Text from an Element, w/ a twist
  265. javscript error 5003:cannot assign to a function result !! cant get rid of it!
  266. Attach event/function to links within span tag
  267. HTTP in the background in IE
  268. Arranging Div Layers
  269. Regular expression help
  270. Problem with XMLHttpRequest.Send('stringdata=foo')
  271. Validating TextField dependent on List/Menu value
  272. Cross-browser DHTML/JS Excel-like "GRID"
  273. Need helpf with javascript if else
  274. <body onload="self.close();"> won't work on Firefox 1.0.7?
  275. form-checkers to filter "link-spamming"
  276. Javascript if else?
  277. Submit in Javascript?
  278. Inheritance?
  279. __defineProperty__ documentation?
  280. Send Javascript submit to a different frame
  281. Picture
  282. Form focus
  283. Dynamic Select List Contents
  284. Return focus to same pop-up window repeatedly
  285. Best javascript websites?
  286. Just learning.....
  287. image handling in js
  288. Designmode IFrames and event handlers in Firefox 1.5
  289. list box values to be alligned
  290. listbox values to be alligned.......
  291. iframe reloads whenever it's moved around the DOM
  292. Need Javascript Advice
  293. Strange JavaScript Behavior
  294. Netscape with Microsoft Access
  295. debugging client-side on aspx pages
  296. Leap Seconds in Javascript
  297. Can this be written in a more efficient way
  298. Javascript Window Question.....
  299. Reference Active Page from Include
  300. OnMouseOver question
  301. [LAME] Adobe form JS
  302. traverse xml with dom
  303. Prototype, Safari and Japanese problems?
  304. SystemLanguage/UserLanguage
  305. how to display a message in console window?
  306. resize window
  307. How to set values dynamicaly to dropdown listbox while clicking the button
  308. Javascript Book
  309. replacement for window.showmodaldialog in mozilla
  310. how to set array of values to the dropdown listbox while clicking the button
  311. Select box options to disable/enable checkbox?
  312. Deleting a Variable
  313. Restrict user input
  314. Why this warning?
  315. Hiding HTML elements without using Javascript
  316. Array of Text Box; knowing which one caused event
  317. Page -> Popup -> New Page (close popup, leave old page open)
  318. Obnoxious DHTML Text Effects
  319. embedding html in a javascript function
  320. How to check if a JS function is defined?
  321. Show/Hide table row
  322. How do I prevent this.focus(); from going to the next table row??
  323. GET and POST dropping wildcard characters in DB query
  324. time selector
  325. how to change font colour
  326. are inner functions always properties?
  327. browser slow to change state of elements when style changed to hidden
  328. Javascript - W3c standard?
  329. Dynamically adding javascrip with javascript
  330. Incrementing a field
  331. Use of 'var' in FOR initialiser
  332. How to check if a property is writable?
  333. no error but not running in mozilla
  334. replacement for window.showmodelessdialog in mozilla
  335. Reading a remote file or page?
  336. How to check cisco vpn connection state from c#
  337. Passing CGI output string into Javascript variable.
  338. Reading session variable
  339. Loading and playing a sound with Javascript
  340. Help Displaying Time
  341. Page redirection after inactivity
  342. Question about eval scope
  343. How does one play a .wav file and then another and then another...?
  344. popups don't work with IE6
  345. Problem with delay at Javascript start
  346. Does anyone knows an HTML / JS / CSS Optimization tool ?
  347. onload() with PHP
  348. include a file in another html page
  349. xmlhttprequest to get dynamically generated data seems to have a size limit
  350. Javascript and Textarea problem!
  351. ActiveX object and IEXPLORE.EXE process...
  352. External .js file execution
  353. Prototype question?
  354. Reading XML with Javascript
  355. How to determine row/column of mouseclick in textarea
  356. Javascript accessing an array of checkboxes
  357. Events in the createElement function.
  358. Drop down menus
  359. Implementing tiered pulldown menus with Javascript
  360. Dragging Images in fixed DIVs like Google Maps
  361. AJAX/Prototype - any info on the "presskey" event?
  362. Does Prototype override the normal link/script behavior?
  363. problem with popups.
  364. Be careful with what you're saying...
  365. Vector data type for thread management
  366. Removing text from strings
  367. Refer to a table row using a variable?
  368. Reading RSS XML with IE
  369. Using complete <script> tag in eval is possible ?
  370. how could i use activex control in html page?
  371. Testing checkbox in a javascript.
  372. The Nerve Center Of Your PC - Windows Registry - Needs Repairing!
  373. The Nerve Center Of Your PC - Windows Registry - Needs Repairing!
  374. Only allow enter key in MultiLine textbox
  375. Prompt - Cancel/OK Result?
  376. Post via hidden input types & javascript won't work...
  377. script to reset router?
  378. position image based on document position
  379. z-index seems to fail in FF on iframe/object combination
  380. Problem accessing hidden variable in FIREFOX
  381. Is there a way to stretch an HTML body?
  382. repopulate html select with new database call using JS?
  383. Can't get onMouseOut to work...please help
  384. Simplyfiying fractions in Javascript
  385. DOM initialisation in IE 6
  386. Disable View source
  387. +n- Flaw in IE
  388. IE events on the fly
  389. Precluding the Downloading of Pictures
  390. Validating a checkbox......
  391. Sending Variable through URL
  392. JScript.Net (JScript 7.0) is official documented language
  393. combining 2 multi-dim arrays
  394. What do I have to change to get this to work?
  395. Comparison of string is not working properly :-(
  396. Object Expected Error - Cookie check script
  397. How can you prototype the Form object?
  398. How to correct the error "crossobj has no properties" in mozilla
  399. crossobj has no properties error in mozilla
  400. " crossobj has no properties " error in mozilla
  401. Referencing frameset subframe control from opened window
  402. Put all javascript in a standalone frame
  403. max length of eval expression
  404. HELP! ASP.NET 2.0 breaks client side javascript! Is WebResource.axd the issue?
  405. Animated GIF won't work on IE6
  406. Works in Firefox, but not in IE - pop up window - what did I do wrong?
  407. IE Bug
  408. Non IE equivalent to IE's data
  409. Grab Data Displayed On Other Web Page Using document.write
  410. beginner: unique values in an array
  411. status or error of opened window
  412. Getting the target Ip number of a POST SUBMIT
  413. Flyout link problem
  414. calling an id before he was created
  415. crossobj
  416. Problem with IE when filling a select element per JavaScript andDOM
  417. copying entire form objects to another form??
  418. getElementsByName doesn't work on FireFox in some cases.
  419. replace help
  420. How do I use a string as a reg exp pattern?
  421. Forcing cursor to remain visible?
  422. How do you add HTML elements dynamically?
  423. this code works in IE but not Firefox - please help
  424. how to expand and hide sub-button
  425. Check for callto: protocol support using javascript
  426. Javascript image src
  427. Complicated Date to Lat Reverse function
  428. Problem with in Firefox
  429. offsetLeft bug with borders in IE when width: is specified?
  430. iexplorer halts on exit when ActiveXObject has been used
  431. Select variable
  432. Targeting an iframe from a JS Submit button
  433. Function to Match & Substitute
  434. DIV element in firefox
  435. formvalidation problem
  436. Set Image source using java script
  437. A script to check the URL of the current page...
  438. scripting applet
  439. Button Question
  440. Formatting function
  441. Question about making a property on custom object
  442. Looking for Special Calendar
  443. write VBScript for Internet Explorer
  444. Why Prototype?
  445. getElementByName
  446. "loading..." message on combobox?
  447. Floating menu
  448. adding a textbox with html text
  449. issues getting and regex'ing a url
  450. Javascript form elements defaultstate
  451. Switch statement help
  452. submit with value from select
  453. firefox onmousemove and dragging issues
  454. Scope: Executing, a function coming from another window (IE 6)
  455. OnReadyStateChange and Flash ... What's the deal
  456. Event/Timing problem when loading data from xml...
  457. Opera dynamic opacity: solved
  458. write link from selection
  459. Image Checking
  460. Unterminated string constant - what causes it?
  461. DHTML img elements -- browser compatibility
  462. How to call function recursively in Ajax with settimeout?
  463. 'Lost' function return value: what am I doing wrong?
  464. Javascript Libraries
  465. Changing onmouseover dymnamically
  466. insertRow madness
  467. What is the difference between window.parent and window?
  468. JavaScript stops background music
  469. Simple question! Using text box value in a Ahref!
  470. Expose multiple global functions from within a closure?
  471. check if string contains any numbers
  473. Implementing a database engine in javascript?
  474. Detect Firefox 1.5 from previous Firefox's
  475. listbox with locked lines
  476. onresize it not working with XMLHTTP
  477. Need help on how to send a variable value from an Iframe back to its parent?
  478. Adding Break Tags to Input Form
  479. Site search script?
  480. scriptalicious documentation suggests wrapping code in CDATA blocks - why?
  481. how to resolve for permission denied when accessing any object using parent. using javascript?
  482. Changing image width using JavaScript
  483. How can one find the absolute x-value (from body 0) of the lower edge of a given element
  484. accessing a range of rows in table
  485. How do we get the iframe window size?
  486. Change foreground/layer color on AREA mouseover??
  487. Modifying String.prototype: pro or con?
  488. Validating Forms Input
  489. convert string to object reference - avoiding eval
  490. Understanding 'Type mismatch' in IE
  491. Select elements on webpage in same way as with the explorer
  492. IFRAMEs show the same page
  493. iframe question
  494. Firefox doesn't like collapsible menu JavaScript
  495. parsing mozilla's Error stack property
  496. Knowing when graphics have loaded
  497. Inline SVG in HTML page (Firefox 1.5)
  498. document.onload and getElementById() don't cooperate
  499. 'onWindowResizeExtra' is undefined
  500. NoScript fun
  501. Urgent Requirement for .Net & java Developers
  502. Script doesn't work without alerts :(
  503. preloader not working
  504. Using 'self' in call to constructor
  505. Cross-browser compatibility
  506. How to insert new item in middle of unordered list
  507. XMLHTTP and Firefox
  508. Returning an array from javascript to php variable
  509. Printer Friendly pages
  510. Can I submit only Changed values of form ?
  511. How can I make a window Resizable?
  512. How can I include </script> in a string?
  513. canceling settimout altogether
  514. help with form auto update
  515. Creating a form that will change the number of fields based on user input
  516. creating a button that will add text boxes
  517. Launching RDC
  518. menu script
  519. Deselect the Value in ListBox (Urgent)
  520. style display:none and printing
  521. childNodes.length problem
  522. Mozilla 1.2
  523. disable help in netscape
  524. Checkbox problem
  525. Get reference to a possible popup window
  526. WANT some detail on AJAX
  527. Scrolling down after modifying div.innerHTML ?
  528. Structs in JavaScript?
  529. is there a way to speed up this tablesort code?
  530. Retrieving Environment Variables
  531. displaying binary images
  532. cloneNode() not getting script tag content
  533. IE, XML, Objects and this
  534. scriptable style access in Opera
  535. auto POST-ing login data via "javascript:document.form.submit()" link
  536. help me smart people
  537. write jsp /php form so user can control ho many input fields
  538. IE error: Automation server can't create object
  539. straight html or dom generated html objects faster?
  540. FSCommand + Opera ?
  541. Portable apps and Javascript
  542. With a transparent background.
  543. Visible scrollbars
  544. Loading page using browser's history
  545. Using AJAX to do inline, inpage file uploads
  546. Bittest in Javascript?
  547. How do I sum columns in TBODY?
  548. UUID generator in javascript
  549. Flying Links
  550. Complex Form Validation