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  1. display a message that Applet is loading! while applet loads
  2. Ping
  3. pass option value as variable for javascript function
  4. querying for functions in javascript
  5. Print link that doesn't show the print dialog
  6. PERL/JavaScript
  7. Rounding a number(from advice given here)
  8. disable js with js
  9. Javascript sizable html table
  10. Is there any idea how to prevent the next event to happen?
  11. JavaScript getMonth and getDay not returning correct values
  12. Replace javascript div
  13. formatting text in JavaScript popup boxes
  14. Keeping DOM changes intact
  15. Resizing images per screen resolution
  16. NEED HELP!! Firefox not recognizing the "name" property?!?!?!
  17. Is it possible to use Javascript to read/ write to text file line by line?
  18. Please Help : Check for existing window
  19. pLEASE neeD HELP
  20. A function like PHP's func_get_args?
  21. JavaScript date and time parsing
  22. get checksum from file
  23. plain text retrieval from a webservice
  24. curl javascript form completion
  25. when using regex object, does one specify "^" as a modifiier?
  26. How can i use Javascript to make the way to identify the correct user browser
  27. Scope and object question
  28. can't get the text from a div, neither when I try to use innerHTML or when I try to walk the DOM
  29. JS in tables
  30. Object postion within the container object.
  31. Window.Open () not working
  32. Back Button with XMLHttpRequest
  33. Clearing out log-in forms
  34. Locking Table Headers (like Excel)
  35. Show/Hide Table Rows
  36. Customized frame border
  37. graph ADT
  38. first element before my div
  39. Node.prototype.removeChildren CANNOT WORK IN IE BUT FF?
  40. Returning multiple values using XMLHTTP object?
  41. Change look of URL in Browser
  42. enumerating 'window' for getting the list of global var names in IE
  43. inserting variables into cookies
  44. regex and Javascript
  45. Page Redirection problem
  46. loading problems in IE - earlier posted in alt.html
  47. W3C working draft of XMLHttpRequest is released
  48. Cool DIV can this be done?
  49. Basic Focus() Question
  50. variable from URL $_GET
  51. Getting available fonts
  52. Acessing dynamically generated form elements..
  53. Can I log user on page after 5 seconds?
  54. delete/remove node from XML with JavaScript
  55. How to access name value pairs from a <select>?
  56. forcing the user to click correct button
  57. Redirecting to a new page
  58. radiobuttons and events
  59. compare values in multiple text boxes
  60. Detecting User's browser encoding-->Auto-Select
  61. through which submit button the form was submitted
  62. Removing unwanted toolbars
  63. Include .js file inside HTML and call functions from another <script>
  64. sending data to server with iframe
  65. "with" statement, extending prototype
  66. Cannot Call External Javascript From a Text Link
  67. A Challenge: Call parent Javascript function from inside an iframe?
  68. JavaScript error with onChange event handler -- FireFox 1.5
  69. Accessing an IFrame's properties
  70. Dynamically Created Fields with Firefox
  71. Round off
  72. handle javascript errors on the client side from arbitrary sites
  73. How do I compare today's date to date in string
  74. Form Validation help
  75. Identify Ajax proc name from a string variable
  76. chek where mouse is
  77. change backgroundpic?
  78. 2 variables in an URL
  79. Decimall Float Question
  80. checking out if their U-A/browser settings support JavaScript, java, ...
  81. Determining marked text
  82. show/hide layer
  83. Javascript Obfuscators
  84. native code in firefox dom inspector
  85. shortcut
  86. 2 button form + which button was pressed
  87. Trouble getting events set with IE
  88. Add New Line
  89. can't cancel event in IE
  90. Questions on altering Matt Kruse's calendar script
  91. Simple variable/string question
  92. Sarissa selectNodes
  93. form validation then action
  94. client page status
  95. Javascript, works good in IE but in Firefox Mozilla it gives problems
  96. Large numbers in javascript
  97. Javascript Alert/Confirm Dialogs and I18N
  98. Changing image on Mouseover
  99. Why IE doesn't detect events on dinamically created elements?
  100. Accessing a div in parent of an iframe
  101. Different Javascript Class syntax
  102. Any way to specify alt text timeout in seconds?
  103. Effective way to handle bulk XML file
  104. right javascript syntax
  105. will the alerts displaying correctly?
  106. Reading text files with javascript
  107. Web page OK on Mozilla but not on IE
  108. How to read the streaming data from IE xmlhttprequest object
  109. xmlhttp response in firefox
  110. Any way to identify/capture back button event?
  111. Quality JavaScript web resources?
  112. form.action
  113. How to display a text file using Javascript
  114. why this ie javascript error?
  115. XMLhttp queuing?
  116. px2em
  117. Walk DOM Tree in Reverse?
  118. Web App Help Page
  119. Child Window
  120. javascript parentNode
  121. dhtml style in IE internet explorer
  122. Quality Webform
  123. Good JavaScript compression tool
  124. New DOM elements invisible in IE, fine in FireFox
  125. Color Generator
  126. Unterminated String Literal
  127. table and onClick
  128. Why eval(string) is not needed
  129. How to find what control is in some position?
  130. this.form.elements.length results in 0
  131. Unit Testing DHTML
  132. How to implement such a class?
  133. text file data into textarea
  134. how to seperate an onclick from a onmouseover/mouseup
  135. Make hyperlink invisible?
  136. var adoStream = new ActiveXObject("ADODB.Stream");
  137. popup refresh in IE problem
  138. css background-color print workaround
  139. Refreshing the Parent
  140. I'm going crazy
  141. Can I save a text file?
  142. Scheme Workshop 2006
  143. IE & OPERA javascript tools
  144. Access Denied - How to set document.domain when writing to new window
  145. change text field from within an iframe
  146. OnClick in Div only works when user clicks text
  147. Javascript Style Properties for Dynamic Images in Safari
  148. selecting text in a div
  149. Need to output "String id" as "Numeric value" in different places using a loop
  150. Dynamic Javascript Obfuscator & compression Apache module?
  151. video
  152. THESIS
  153. Help with setTimeout or setInterval
  154. get element location
  155. WSDL javascript, MySql
  156. enumerator not working in firefox
  157. Server-side JavaScript
  158. Printing in one line like in Java or C/C++
  159. Using Sarissa transformToDocument()
  160. JavaScript and RegEx not working on Safari...
  161. How to check progress of XMLHTTPRequest?
  162. IE Never finishes loading page when dynamically removing images
  163. Pass cookie value back to server?
  164. JTF: Javascript Unit Testing Farm
  165. Rating Script..
  166. How do i add controls to a video (play, pause....)
  167. AJAX and OPERA 8.50
  168. Efficiency of if (domElem.att!=newVal) domElem.att=newVal
  169. integers and arrays in Java - how?
  170. Help with Automatic Height Script
  171. diasable text area in javascript
  172. Still want to use javasctipt for video
  173. Browser not supporting JavaScript
  174. Status Bar
  175. JavaScript to PHP?
  176. Simple snippet never gets invoked
  177. onpageshow and valid xhtml
  178. alert, notice, and message?
  179. Dynamically enabling/disabling radio button
  180. Changing parameters in javascript
  181. Form reset method
  182. how to make a post-it type note ?
  183. Writing text to <DIV>
  184. Compress text on server, decompress on client using JavaScript?
  185. Problem in hiding a href using Javascript
  186. Javascript works in Browser Preview but not when posted to the internet
  187. HTML to DOM Function?
  188. textarea limiter not working
  189. AutoAssist 0.6.5 released, pretty ajax autocomplete widget
  190. Test
  191. inserting a new image in a page
  192. multiple submit buttons: Can I control which values will be submited?
  193. Update form without reload
  194. Does an orhpan branch in the DOM get garbage collected?
  195. sending an array from php to javascript
  196. Calculate the length of text in bytes
  197. accessing the value of dynamically added fields by Name
  198. how to count number of check boxes in a check box list.
  199. Changing the Url of an Iframe with a selection box
  200. IE6 dom manipulation onSubmit fails
  201. swap image and link change help (javascript)
  202. Detect visited links
  203. Resize/Compress Images
  204. Simple Javascript replace (with a twist!) of an href
  205. discriminately capturing onkeypress events
  206. JS and timestamp of file on server
  207. Dynamic Table
  208. InnerHTML not grabbing entire HTML if <p> is present
  209. Date Format
  210. MSIE and Firefox...same script....
  211. Detect-and-run a method in a Script Host using Java and FESI
  212. Put an alert and it works
  213. onUnload,, and browser buttons
  214. Show/hide table columns
  215. dropdown menu over text 2 / to see the behavior ...
  216. Preventing JavaScript Injection
  217. inheritance question
  218. how to enable textfild in html at runtime using javascript?
  219. dropdown menu over text
  220. simple n00b setTimeout or onload problem
  221. JavaScript RAD
  222. if Secure statement for https and http
  223. how to capture onerror without ending script blocks
  224. Password on webpage
  225. Moving all items from one Scriptaculous box to another
  226. how to use objects created by server.createobject in javascript
  227. AJAX, JSON and Microsoft.XMLHTTP
  228. How to autohide control when fullscreen?
  229. ATLAS and External Javascript
  230. Javascript and special characters
  231. automatic submission of forms
  232. automatic submission of forms
  233. Email
  234. Javascript and flash problem - please help!
  235. Move element to Y coordinate
  236. object Error
  237. JavaScript global object
  238. DIV and InnerHTML differences IE/Firefox
  239. etags and inner functions
  240. Test for existence of dynamic variable
  241. Working with Date
  242. htmlrequest error ...
  243. JavaScript and Memory Leak
  244. Horizontal 2-line Menu?
  245. video in javascript
  246. Creating table with DOM is invisible with IE ?
  247. What does this operator stand for or mean?
  248. JavaScript GUI library idea
  249. pop up menu going under combo box and other form elements in IE
  250. IE Script Warning from Local Drive
  251. Custom function
  252. Index of an array entry
  253. How can I play midi and/or audio files?
  254. function / function() / window.onload=
  255. button.disabled - firefox vs IE difference
  256. open window problem from flash inside a frame
  257. How do have form submission emailed to me?
  258. how to use javascript write text to an Input text box
  259. XMLHTTP setRequestHeader method fails in IE6?
  260. Regular expressions
  261. Ajax & Other Client Technology Experiences?
  262. Date.....
  263. Mulitple Input Values passed from Popup Window
  264. Multiple windows using
  265. how to handle exceptions? [Exception... "'Permission denied to set property XULElement.selectedIndex' when calling method:
  266. Overall Totals
  267. how to close an anchor created with DOM methods
  268. Possible to resize an Iframe to its content's height?
  269. redirect input to accelerator (accessKey)
  270. DOM tree?
  271. Verbatim string assignment in JavaScript
  272. Using DOM to change styles instead of IDs...
  273. Style setting for generated DIVs
  274. JSON with existing Objects
  275. Using AJAX (XmlHttpRequest) to load images
  276. need a knock off of "post to" link
  277. POST to standard HTML and parse parameters in Javascript
  278. Why javascript strings not equal?
  279. determine if function exists in IE
  280. Allow user to access link in a pop up iframe
  281. how to fire an event from a different html object
  282. the new tree-menu for windows rocks
  283. document.createElement("OPTION") + FireFox
  284. safe email address?
  285. Shift key detection on input
  286. looking to create javascript quiz/questionaire
  287. x,y of an image
  288. Detecting Shockwave Player
  289. Unique System Identifiers and Javascript
  290. createDocumentFragment
  291. 2nd time:applet that allows a web-client to do a screen capture
  292. Trapping onChange event
  293. Include javascript files
  294. beginner's question
  295. How to unframe ( do Frame Busting ) in Safari ?
  296. HTML source code
  297. Selecting a SELECT value BY value?
  298. programatically closing window.alert() dialogbox
  299. How do I detect the file size?
  300. wrong variable in text field in firefox
  301. Hide SVGelements with JavaScript
  302. I want to deactivate the refresh button and the f5 button
  303. Greasemonkey seems to fail with too many gm_xmhttprequests?
  304. better to serve one big js file or several smaller ones?
  305. Using eval() inside a function
  306. applet that allows a web-client to do a screen capture
  307. JS onClick not executing when opening in new tab (Firefox)
  308. Automatically selecting a checkbox based on the value of a radio button
  309. Walter Zorn's wz_dragdrop
  310. Phantom focus
  311. How to send message from top to iframe (frame) when pages are on different servers?
  312. Javascript DOM tree navigation question
  313. iframed version of the site and back button problem
  314. Confused
  315. problem with JSobject throwing exception
  316. good ole image preloader...
  317. How do I access trusted sites programmatically?
  318. JSCookMenu z-index problem
  319. Statement not coming after form.submit
  320. can anyone explain me why this code won't work on IE?
  321. determining the location of a script on the server? Firefox bug won't let me
  322. Navigating text string that contains HTML of a page as DOM object?
  323. Looking for a specific simple cross-broswers vertical scrolling javascript
  324. open local file with XMLHTTPRequest/ActivcXObject
  325. IE 7.0
  326. Capturing partial URL and using that as part of a link
  327. Access rows of a created table
  328. Have you ever considered of mousing ambidextrously?
  329. Path
  330. xmlHttpRequest connection limit - detecting if a request is in the queue
  331. Arabic Font labels
  332. open a div where cursor blinks in textarea
  333. Help with IF ELSE
  334. Problems getting same-domain IFRAME content in FireFox
  335. prototype.js criticism
  336. How to convert HTML entities to their applicable characters with a java script
  337. Recursive functions and arguments.callee.caller
  338. new window onclick
  339. Namespace for my JavaScript Library
  340. How to make JavaScript wait for data?
  341. Simple question
  342. top.location.replace()
  343. Garbage Collection and User Interfaces?
  344. Regular Expression - Match all except last one
  345. Best form validation tutorial?
  346. How do I pass a variant byte array to a .NET web service?
  347."relative !important";
  348. get all elements to which a CSS selector applies?
  349. javascript: test a specific element of a passed form
  350. How can I "include" an HTML file from *another* server?
  351. jump to link in page in javascript generated HTML
  352. Problem applying HTML 4.01 DOM in scripting
  353. Cascading not happening with javascript page loading
  354. how to visit the iframe in frameset
  355. Absolute height of adocument.
  356. How to call a PHP script using JAvaScript
  357. Automagic Previous / Next Links
  358. Submit Button event for EnterKey in Asp.Net
  359. firstChild behaviour in FF and IE 6
  360. Getting Selected Text
  361. JavaScript abuse?
  362. Are simultaneous mouseover and mousemove events possible?
  363. Play a sound when clicking a hyperlink?
  364. Can a Hyperlink call a Javascript confirm prompt?
  365. Parent Docoument after - callBack-Access
  366. Encoding string to HTML safe characters
  367. encodeURI and unicode
  368. Mozilla v IE
  369. Checking input fields(text) value when field is loosing focus
  370. JavaScript has no GOTO and neither does VBSCRIPT
  371. AJAX - http.send(null)
  372. Check All Checkboxes
  373. Q: Html/JS form input element file upload?
  374. Change options on confirm box
  375. Microsoft.XMLHTTP vs Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.4.0 ?
  376. Word count in multiple textarea
  377. How are JS numbers represented internally??
  378. how to add new function?
  379. Changing selected DIV text
  380. load iframe with a user-specified url
  381. Display table within IFRAME
  382. calling a javascript for multiple fileds...
  383. Check if a window is open
  384. Check if a window is open
  385. Counting files in folders
  386. Dismiss JavaScript alert?
  387. Javascript's "Replace" Problem
  388. Function Not Defined Javascript Error in Firefox
  389. How to wire ActiveX control events sinks.
  390. prototype.js problem + easyphp
  391. How to hide Common boarder content via print.css
  392. resizable textarea usiong DHTML
  393. test if content has been loaded
  394. Open link in background tab
  395. Java script problem
  396. AJAX
  397. center div over another div
  398. Mystry characters,
  399. JavaScript string value serialization to XML
  400. add row dynamically in a table which contains textfields,button.
  401. problem with modelessDialog for ie
  402. how to fetch a xml file from different site
  403. Sorting Tables/Manipulating DOM w/ IE
  404. Populating a text box with a value from a function
  405. Can I add javascript to a stylesheet?
  406. Handling freeform date field order
  407. name reference
  408. can u put JS code in metafiles?
  409. stop execution of code
  410. Weird variable scope
  411. passing a field value in href
  412. onClick not working in IE
  413. How to get (currentstyle or getComputedStyle.getPropertyValue) background-position in Firefox ? (works for IE & O)
  414. Follow Up on JavaScript FAQ's
  415. trouble adding elements via DOM
  416. Find the Top Left xy of an <IFRAME>
  417. Cross-browser JavaScript for XML manipulation
  418. where to place the javascript in html page
  419. initiation not working
  420. help with display:none problems in firefox
  421. event handling
  422. Refresh iframe
  423. slicing images
  424. Problem with Javascript object and dynamically created buttons
  425. disable back using javascript
  426. clipping questions
  427. object.prototype question
  428. Type ahead functionality for combo boxes
  429. Jsp on netscape 4.78 ???
  430. ok, where to from here?
  431. JavaScript & HTML - Help!!
  432. JavaScript & HTML - Help!!
  433. Button click honored by FireFox, but not IE, on a 15-line test page
  434. dynamicaly creating radio button does not work in IE
  435. How to preprocess the html address before opening it?
  436. FireFox/IE behavior diff during onload
  437. E4X: can't use "delete" with filter
  438. E4X/Firefox 1.5: problem using default xml namespace
  439. readonly attribute
  440. Eolas patent workaround: Java folks need JavaScript help
  441. Spacing Words in Header
  442. Object Expected error
  443. settimeout() in IE
  444. Creating a simple invisible counter...
  445. Emailing Using Hotmail / Yahoo
  446. prototype autocompleter 2 variables
  447. indentination with tab-key in textarea
  448. Cross-frame location.reload()
  449. 3-Column Browser - Select
  450. JS obfuscator for a package/project
  451. Server-side Javascript between form and CGI
  452. switching images. please help
  453. javascript: in location bar
  454. Mouseover Popup Displaying RSS or XML feed
  455. MAC onkeypress problem
  456. Javascript problem
  457. Obtaining the current url
  458. Simultaneous AJAX calls with Prototype?
  459. Try/Catch Block
  460. getElementsByName()
  461. How to detect iframe's doc change/loading ?
  462. Date Comparison
  463. Copy to clipboard
  464. onClick for table a row, but not to its links!
  465. java based chat
  466. On fly addition of an onload event to an iframe document
  467. alerting all the protype functions
  468. need help looking for a cross-browsers vertical scrolling script
  469. possible to enter variables in the URL for javascript?
  470. Validate that dollar amount has no "cents"
  471. Dumb question about getElementById and element.className
  472. Hiding Table Rows
  473. setTimeout() & ECMA
  474. Code is leaking and I can't figure out why
  475. get the selected OPTION from SELECT
  476. getElementById
  477. expand & collapse with divs
  478. Catches error but still submits
  479. Three basic JS questions.
  480. Reading a Delimited File & Displaying Specific Output on Web Page
  481. Row Numbers in Firefox
  482. How to handle apostrophs and semicolons
  483. How do I place a dynamic value in the HREF
  484. problem -'none' doesn't make anything invisible.
  485. grey-out/disabled item in listbox
  486. controlling an overflow scroll bar
  487. form text boxes
  488. What's the proper term for this type of menu?
  489. Allow user to file>save dynamically changed page content?
  490. and focus
  491. Grabbing single ASCII values pasted into a text area
  492. Popup menu works in IE but not Netscape
  493. Changing Text
  494. Submitting data without a submit (NetFlix star ratings)
  495. Problem on Safari version 1.0.3
  496. Speed up creation of combo box options
  497. MediaPlayer control through JS onload
  498. DOM for IE and Firefox
  499. leaveGap function
  500. Help, I am new to Javascript
  501. JavaScript Mouse Click
  502. JavaScript Mouse Click
  503. Grabbing ASCII values in a text box
  504. need help with the FOR i=0.. case
  505. Regular Expression Mystery
  506. euro
  507. parent/iframe set iframe source and submit form
  508. javascript access denied between jsp applications
  509. Microsoft VBScript & JScript Help
  510. JSUnit testing - can't get it working
  511. CSS IE issue
  512. Method for Dynamically populating tables
  513. Problem Solving Skills
  514. Horizontal CSS and Javascript menu
  515. External Javascript to activate activex control
  516. JScript Error 800a1391 'MM_NameOfPage_STRING' is undefined
  517. [FireFox] parent object for style in setter
  518. Hide email address with image as link
  519. Paste Clipboard data in image format
  520. recovery content of textarea with overflow:hidden style
  521. Return a value of the selected item from a dropdown listbox
  522. IFRAME & AJAX
  523. Text extraction
  524. help me
  525. Javascript program to prompt and accept input from user
  526. JavaScript: Who is in charge? What is the official logo?
  527. Add paragraph breaks in textarea
  528. Can't make this page work
  529. Reading the clipboard in Mozilla
  530. onClick image to open in new window
  531. setting innerHtml of div tag, changes aren't sticking
  532. multidimensional array from literals
  533. Need form onClick output to be on the same page as the form
  534. Using Frames and getting innerHTML
  535. Math.round question
  536. setTimout
  537. Javascript Photo Slideshow
  538. XML+HTML Code with sporadic results in construction
  539. Using, Read it has a memory leak,suggest Another approach
  540. html editor with preview
  541. How can we make one particular option's text bold in html.
  542. How can we deselect options in html dynamically (using javascript)
  543. Load data from external files
  544. control applet from new page
  545. need help modifying/enhancing a marquee script
  546. Script Errors and IE
  547. Page switcher
  548. Browser text size setting
  549. Date Field in a <FORM>
  550. Parsing information from a page opened by a form