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  1. need to add 15 days to date
  2. text works in IE, not in Firefox
  3. change keycode on editable iframe
  4. Why is my Form DOM type attribute returning this?
  5. automaticaly uploading the text file contains in html page
  6. Mootools AJAX problem
  7. Jquery validation with dependency-expression is not working in IE
  8. Has anyone reported JavaScript rendering errors since KB2482017?
  9. how to set top margin of span using javascript
  10. How do we get this confirm box to reset the radio buttons when cancel is pressed?
  11. Locating Javascript within CSS
  12. JavaScript Countdown reset
  13. Javascript reference sites for beginner
  14. Changing width of tables columns in JavaScript
  15. Why the geomap not working inside updatepanel?
  16. How to auto size an iframe?
  17. how can i access my .json file using separate javascript to html
  18. How do I add an id to getdocumentbyid
  19. asx playlist loaded dynamically, but links won't work.
  20. How to obtain non-computed css style?
  21. FF wont let me close main window
  22. How can I pass selected value from combobox to SQL statement?
  23. Windows media player embedded that has asx playlist dynamicaly loaded
  24. Canvas is mad, Ratio increased Madness
  25. Calling a DIV from <a href and having a rewritable URL
  26. How to open a new page onclick on submit button?
  27. Why is ajax code not working in IE8?
  28. How to get value of dropdown option with javascript?
  29. How to call a function in a frame from a bookmarklet?
  30. How to enable next and previous images for lightbox 0.5 JS library?
  31. How to refresh div on page after ajax call?
  32. How to get values from form.html(textbox) to test.html(drop down list)?
  33. How to replace captured keycode with unicode string?
  34. How to detect a textarea and insert onKeyPress into that textarea using javascript?
  35. How to change slides via mouseover vs click using coda slider?
  36. Why does onBlur not work in mozilla?
  37. How to check and unselect all with single checkbox?
  38. How to add class to href in list using jQuery?
  39. Why this JavaScript code isn't compatible on Firefox?
  40. How to fix function that gets tomorrows date? It fails on month end?
  41. Why does AJAX div loads html, but doesn't call javascript from the other html?
  42. How to write to a .txt file with Ajax Request?
  43. How to match zipcode for simple address matching regex?
  44. how to get notepad++ to render a Javascript script?
  45. How to get BB code script to work in mozilla?
  46. How to reposition a div inside another?
  47. How to make a click event using JavaScript?
  48. How to capture URL parameters using JS?
  49. How to display form input on the same page using Javascript?
  50. How to upload file from a file input element in a html form?
  51. Is there a regex to check filename consist any non english characters?
  52. How to display form input on the same page using Javascript?
  53. Why won't the android browser won't load and/or display my XML data?
  54. How to removed selected options via Javascript?
  55. How to sort and filter xml content displayed in webpage with jsp using dom parser?
  56. How to escape the "&" in a JSON.stringfy() ajax call?
  57. How to pass the user input value (text box field) to another JSP in url?
  58. How to keep an Ajax Dialog Box Open after Partial Refresh?
  59. Why does form calculation work with text but not with select fields?
  60. Why won't innerHTML allow me to write an onclick event?
  61. How to open a published page in on page close event?
  62. How to add the numbers used in loops?
  63. Why AJAX content won't display with document.getElementByID().style.display in IE8?
  64. CHeditor problem: hiding textarea field.
  65. How to hide or encode the parameter while passing to a new window?
  66. How to fix "object doesn't support this property or method" Javascript error on IE 8?
  67. How to change the option of one combo box on change other combo box item?
  68. Why are javascript animated gif hovers not working remotely?
  69. Validation fails in Chrome
  70. How to validate a specific text field value?
  71. How to validate these form fields with JavaScript?
  72. How to onkeypress work on Mozilla Firefox?
  73. How to add SRC and event Script in same <Script>?
  74. How to access Local page in iframe?
  75. How to submit to different page based on Text Field Answer?
  76. Javascript works locally but not when uploaded
  77. Javascript and Embedded Video
  78. help with deleting rows
  79. Translator working so good that even translates what he neednt
  80. FlashObject is not defined Error from Firebug
  81. How to Change Combo box Value?
  82. Simple sliding div animation accepts interrupt in every browser but Firefox. Why?
  83. Swap display action with fade effect
  84. convert html object to string
  85. Looping through form elements
  86. Bgsound onclick() javascript
  87. Problem with jquery script on firefox works fine on IE
  88. Cannot check a radio button in IE.
  89. How to insert Image at Cursorposition in a RichTextEditor control?
  90. Back button link delay
  91. Sorting Names in an Array using Function
  92. Memory management issues in JS / AJAX
  93. Problems with javascript buttons not showing up?
  94. trouble accessing form array values
  95. New String Method wont work?
  96. set text input value onclick etc
  97. regular array vs object array. same prototypes? or features?
  98. how to change src value in javascript?
  99. i want to call server side text change event in javascript
  100. How do i consolidate jQuery repetitive code
  101. Fire MouseUp event in browser when click started outside of browser
  102. How to use js to figure out if a file exists?
  103. How to get ip address have have email sent out?
  104. my javascript works only in IE9 but does not work in anyother browser
  105. text browser which support javascript
  106. Need help passing a value from an HTML form.
  107. reset hidden variable after posting the form
  108. Mouse over drop down button on website
  109. Resizing iFrames using Javascript
  110. Running a javascript code outside of HTML file
  111. Help needed with Javascript Hide/Unhide
  112. javascript onclick function not working in IE
  113. Remove parts of form submission
  114. Passing values from javascript to JSP
  115. Problem loading AJAX content only in IE
  116. Hi i'm creating a form(JSP) in which i have 3 combo box.generating dynamic combo box
  117. javascript does not load with the jquery post method?
  118. Why doesn't work on first keypress
  119. How to pass textbox name to function in javascript
  120. jQuery UI Autocomplete not passing correct querystring to ashx...
  121. How to show the results of .js script in html ?
  122. position of a link
  123. Why does ie give me an 'object expected' error when I use the function?
  124. I want to calculate and show net price in textbox
  125. Page auto close after load?
  126. correct my JavaScript split function?
  127. onKeyDown not working with Firefox
  128. jquery text sizer issue
  129. Anyone used uploadify scriptData
  130. How to display date in excel via Export from Javascript based on Regional Settings?
  131. ajax calling php not working
  132. What is wrong with this conditional?
  133. Scripts working fine on my machine but error: object required , on older desktop
  134. Object expected, Code: 0 in I.E. but not Firefox
  135. How to open file browser without clicking browse button in Firefox?
  136. Close the parent window when opening popup window
  137. Anyone used Facebox or any jquery based confirm and modal windows
  138. Regarding html syntax
  139. Decrypting encrypted HTML
  140. Check that only one option from 5 different lists has been selected
  141. How do I control scrolling created by CSS?
  142. My mouseover works in FF but not in IE
  143. Clearing the content of an input field
  144. Auto populate a drop down from a text field
  145. How to parse JSON in javascript to take value
  146. Pass the value in javascript
  147. Alignment problem in webpage on screen resolution change
  148. This gallery code works in mozilla but not safari or explorer, does anyone why?
  149. how to implement a dynamic combo box selection system
  150. How to pick a pictures on click
  151. How to call two different javascript function for css class with different id
  152. AJAX&PHP form validation doesn't work
  153. Passing Data Between Three Frameset.
  154. How to execute a function only if that function isn't already running?
  155. Dojo 1.4 - 1.5 Migration problem dojo.dnd.Source
  156. How can I stop a function so it can restart again?
  157. send a popup in a chat script
  158. Radio button not firing an event for javascript like check box
  159. Colorbox not appearing on links called through ajax
  160. "next and previous buttons"
  161. How do you do side-by-side divs in Javascript?
  162. onclick not working in Safari
  163. How to move code into popup window without separate HTML?
  164. custom alert box that pauses program until button is pressed
  165. What is the equivalent of setAttribute on IE?
  166. Pagination Number Style
  167. Why am I receiving 'undefined' error when setting a variable?
  168. Login form: enable disabled login button when username/password have values
  169. How to load duel iFrames via redirect when pages are accessed from an outside domain?
  170. How to access COM library from JavaScript?
  171. How to list files in specified directory?
  172. Unit count + option pricing tool
  173. How to create multi-deimensional array?
  174. How to use JS file to grab HTML Form Element?
  175. checkbox inside dropdownlist
  176. Why can Dojo Dijit Dialog only show one dialog per pageload in firefox?
  177. Login form also send email javascript & html
  178. Using the Enter Key to trigger a password button
  179. Refresh/Reload DIV content on click?
  180. How to pass parameter name with url of previous page
  181. How to export to Excel while including Javascript output?
  182. How to prevent onload function to fire more than once?
  183. The onchange event in Ajax
  184. what is the usage of jQuery.extends
  185. How to assign xml attributes to checkboxes through innerHTML?
  186. Selection form with JavaScript
  187. Jquery and Ajax Post issue
  188. JS form redirecting once validated
  189. how to remove number one by one in the calculator text box using JavaScript?
  190. What am I missing to make a comment form?
  191. How to call javascript in hyperlinkfield
  192. How to get address from Latitude/Longitude?
  193. Code is not running while reading large values from excel
  194. Lightbox in Internet Explorer 9
  195. getting the values from database before submitting button ?
  196. RESOLVED: calling a function from inside another function
  197. prevent option from selecting
  198. Is there any function to retrieve top most directory from a give site?
  199. Help with string test
  200. call vb dll in javascript
  201. while selecting option in second combo its not loading to new frame...
  202. google maps: arrows on polylines from selectbox?
  203. Javascript - login problem
  204. Passed a value in between html pages in url won't work for switch statement.
  205. How to get the element in my table's cell?
  206. How to retain textbox value in forefox 3.5.15 using javascript?
  207. How to access database from javascript using another domain?
  208. How to use ajax with jquery to send data to servlets?
  209. Why does function statement and anything contained within get ignored by browsers?
  210. why does jQuery's fadeOut() work different in IE?
  211. How to use jQuery's formatItem, formatMatch, & formatResult options for autocomplete?
  212. Window Object
  213. JavaScript Screen object
  214. Navigator object Question
  215. JavaScript Object
  216. function return a multiple prompt
  217. Why does this work in IE and Chrome but not Mozilla?
  218. How to open new browser window in F11 mode from Code?
  219. script working in IE but not Firefox
  220. refresh just the iframe every 5 seconds
  221. How to deactive or reduce timer in a web page?
  222. How to display a table (and only a table) taken from a url, in javascript?
  223. How to use jQuery's formatItem with autocomplete?
  224. What is the difference between the window.url and the document.URL quantities
  225. How to get onchange to update immediately?
  226. Cant get the javascript function "whichElement(e)" to work in JSP out.println();
  227. Why is this JavaScript image resize script slow?
  228. How to append script to head of page?
  229. How to change id attribute with jquery after load page ?
  230. whats wrong withat ref: window.frames["ifrm_3"] ?
  231. frame scrollable: due to select, drag & drop.
  232. How to get line break and carriage return in text box to work on IE?
  233. Spry scoreboard using xml not updating in internet explorer.
  234. How do you make text that automoatically change color?
  235. write 2 selecter in one wraped set jquery
  236. How to turn text red if negative or green if positive?
  237. Javascript Slide up en down by click doesn't work
  238. Browser Compatibility - setting image source and height/width
  239. How to make div tag resizable using javascript? get the position of mouse click
  240. How to remove duplicate values in a loop
  241. How can I turn selected text into a URL?
  242. Why am I getting undefined error in my array?
  243. how to redirect when a page close using onunload in body tag?
  244. focus on onfocus
  245. Function Onkeypress for cursor key
  246. During execution of a jsp page,text boxes and buttons are not in order ?
  247. how can i increment the form id by 1 every time i click submit button?
  248. value show or hide for css is set in jquery animate method
  249. How to set focus on a textbox in a framed page (the page is loaded in a frame).
  250. Preventing text selection (Mozilla Firefox)
  251. How to start uploading file just after been selected
  252. How to submit form through an image button?
  253. Code displaying incorrect in IE 8
  254. How do i change this code so that when a certain date is entered it goes to URL?
  255. How to show and hide element using display attribute?
  256. function not defined problem
  257. Hidden IFrame post to Web API result in browser navigation error
  258. What is the meaning of the character(~) in jquery or css selector?
  259. data parameter in bind method jquery
  260. How to identify Selected Word index in Javascript?
  261. Javascript Node Issue
  262. Can a OnClick call multiple functions?
  263. How to can show alert after empty text field is submitted?
  264. Problem with ajax requests in Firefox
  265. Why isn't ajax button not firing and interpreting the return value?
  266. How to show an image based on referring url
  267. How to apply a script to a group of elements individually?
  268. How to execute jsx file run on my computer through online ?
  269. How to iterate over JSON array?
  270. How to write one line code to render html inside a div element?
  271. How to fix error: Object doesn't support this property or method
  272. I appendChildren to TBODY; why don't they show?
  273. Virtual url for jsp website
  274. How do I send a POST request without output or redirection?
  275. how to fix an onclick problem in a tab content
  276. DHTML code working in IE but not in Firefox.
  277. How to Overwrite function before it run?
  278. onmouseover not working in IE
  279. how to write one line code to replace an image in an image tag without page refresh.?
  280. On select dropdown value how to display textbox
  281. I want to validate TextFields for number
  282. How to prompt user to ok/cancel and execute sql in do loop?
  283. Cross Browser xlibrary .js
  284. How to validate a form with Date of Birth and Preferred Insurance information
  285. Ctrl + c on a list and ctrl + v in a series of label
  286. Why does Ajax works fine in HTTP but not in HTTPS in FireFox?
  287. pagination problem
  288. Is it possible to redirect to a page when the user not click 'ok' in the alert box ?
  289. Why is onclick not firing in FireFox?
  290. How to Pass events between iframes and functions?
  291. How to check for special characters in js?
  292. Popup not working in Firefox/IE?
  293. How to reconnect java script
  294. Not showing up in Console Log?
  295. Execute db2 stored procedures from javascript
  296. How can I Get the cell values when it is clicked
  297. Enable textbox
  298. Javascript order form code
  299. How can I interrupt code execution?
  300. how to scan input characters in java script??
  301. How to disable all checkboxes when one checkbox is selected
  302. How can jquery be hide from downloading the webpage?
  303. In dhtmlxcombo autocomplete mode is not working, problem with filtering
  304. How to find and replace current URL
  305. Where is the For Next in the function
  306. How to activate a button when Facebook "like" button has been clicked?
  307. How to format date like Day, Month date, Year time
  308. iframe display specific vertical position of the content
  309. Recommend similar website when query is coverage
  310. Received error: function is not defined for js slideshow script
  311. How to Lookup input value based on ID?
  312. How to prevent horizontal scroll bars in browser window
  313. Why does a script tag under another script tag in FF not work?
  314. No focus on Flash animations within Firefox/Max ?
  315. validation working IE but not in firefox on
  316. show input textbox when "other" is selected from xmlhttprequest
  317. Confusing onclick event parentNode & childNode
  318. Change innerhtml with function gives black page?
  319. How to click on links in a child window to change the parent w/o changing child
  320. How to deselect the more selected options from combobox?
  321. jQuery val() on input field only works when preceded by alert()
  322. Having trouble with j-query.
  323. problem in validation cost in struts2
  324. Javascript Unspecified error
  325. css and javascript
  326. error - Object doesn't support this property or method.
  327. How to hide the status bar..?
  328. How to determine '+ variable +' in var url string?
  329. Insert values from Json Array using Ajax?
  330. How to create array with audio files?
  331. Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)
  332. How to make images change using next and previous buttons.
  333. How to build ajax function?
  334. How to check if a div element is focused
  335. "var is undefined" when passing from onClick
  336. how can I keep a select dropdown open after selection?
  337. I need to know how to make an image change to other images 5 times with onload.
  338. what is false java script, and how do you repair it?
  339. How to display full resolution image at click of its thumbnail
  340. Weird things with .innerHTML
  341. how to set focus on html dropdown list in safari?
  342. Ajax Request inside for loop
  343. Exception Error Popup
  344. How to change data on html page?
  345. jQuery Scroll follow
  346. How can I select several DIV-Objects using their ID
  347. Title name of the window should be the same as selected option
  348. cannot pass javascript array elements to a calculation that follows
  349. Why does one script cancel the other script?
  350. Default <div> in show/hide?
  351. How to set an alert when input is not numeric
  352. How to apply "body onload" event (javascript) to 2 images on same page
  353. Opening a new window in javascript
  354. spotlight problem in Firefox/Chrome
  355. can i use variable instead of document.getElementById
  356. i am created two radio buttons if i selected one how to disable next one
  357. How to retrieve data from database to use in a javascript app
  358. How to apply same function to all the images
  359. how to select autocompleter values through keyboard and mouse?
  360. JavaScript implement weather forecast can't run in Firefox
  361. Non repeating random images
  362. How to show onClick as a completed goal on Google Optimizer
  363. Autocomplete when adding new field
  364. How to Call .js file(functions) at onclick image
  365. How to to hide a radio button option along with it's label?
  366. Displaying <div> content on mouseover of marker Google Maps API V3
  367. links javascript in firefox
  368. Posting Form Fields in a hidden DIV
  369. how to get div elements present in a form using javascript?
  370. How to get the selected image inside a contentEditable div
  371. Reading text files in javascript - seperating text and function
  372. call a function based on what the hash is
  373. how to use parseFloat with Bind in gridview textbox?
  374. ie slowing down moving elements help
  375. jQuery stop function
  376. How do I make this form work with drop down list?
  377. Can I use an array as a selection list?
  378. Add class depending if LI has another tag in it
  379. Remove LI using jQuery
  380. How to make the details entered by any user in the form show as an alert?
  381. how to use mutliple values calculated by a function?
  382. How to maintain table formatting after applying JS script?
  383. Image selection based on multiple conditions
  384. How to send highlighted word to server
  385. Passing a value from a pop-up window to parent window in
  386. JavaScript Style.display not working
  387. Why do these eventlisteners stop listening after firing a funcion once?
  388. why doesn't this function (showImage() ) work as soon as the div got content?
  389. How to handle "The page cannot be refreshed without sending the information."
  390. Javascript: access class method locally
  391. How to get an exact match whilst searching inside a string.
  392. How to Refresh an iFrame and not my whole website.
  393. How to make the value of a text box the same as a variable?
  394. How to get the position of the scrollbar of a pdf within an iframe
  395. how to get text input to be used as a reference to an image src
  396. How can I display the input from one field in another location?
  397. how to load two divs in a single function call in ajax
  398. how to avoid that entire page gets loaded in div in ajax
  399. required format is not coming for numbers
  400. How to add jquery fade effect on ajax html banner rotator?
  401. Best Scripting Language for Two Results from a Web Form
  402. change image map onclick
  403. Filter HTML table by Div Value with Javascript?
  404. How to change data in multiple textfields dynamically
  405. problem in validating date nd time in same textfield
  406. Rounding to two digit in javascript
  407. How to refresh only a portion of a webpage
  408. circular / spiral gallery
  409. problem in validating other field
  410. Two functions + Validation problem
  411. increase the variable(from 0) till it reaches a predetermined value in a given time
  412. how to put javascript in the gmails address bar using some code
  413. how to set focus to the same txtbox after validation by onblur which calls a function
  414. I want to put javascript code in my php page?
  415. Jquery binding ajax functions
  416. how to refresh a page using javascript?
  417. Check for blank space as first character and trimming textbox i/p
  418. I need help with adding more varibles to this code
  419. How to rotate image on Mouse event?
  420. Resizing font of div won't work in Chrome or Firefox
  421. How to retain line breaks from a textarea in a simple form
  422. Enabling disabled option
  423. date() not works in IE buts works well in firefox.....
  424. Java Script Validation failed in Mozila and IE but work in Chrome & Safari
  425. page forward after modal window
  426. What is the best open source spell check / grammar library?
  427. The multiemail validation method is not working, if we call the prototype.js ?
  428. Extensible In-Line Help Code
  429. JSON object toJSONstring( )
  430. spinning data
  431. Populate textbox value with option value
  432. how to solve this error unterminated string constant
  433. disabling Ctrl keys in asp web page
  434. Can AJAX load variables for a Javascript Function?
  435. How to put that link into a function?
  436. Which event do you use to run something after the page has finished loading?
  437. Which of the following is not an event that can trigger a Javascript?
  438. sending a link from one iframe to another
  439. problem counting ul elements in firefox for collapsible outline menu
  440. How to Write Text File to Web Server
  441. Problem with style in getAttribute
  442. Basic help with JSON
  443. Use .blur() without locking cursor (jQuery)
  444. How to change responseText of ajax dynamically?
  445. problem in deleting multiple browse buttons
  446. How do I validate dropdown list in jquery
  447. how to hide fields in the same form
  448. problem with code to calculate total values in textboxes that are added dynamically
  449. How to create a Adobe gradient picker with jquery and javascript
  450. how to fill data grid with dataset using javascript.
  451. How to detect the x button in InternetExplorer?
  452. how to capture ctrl + shift + F11 in javascript in Internetexplorer.
  453. Newb doesn't understand why this JS works in FF, etc but not all IE
  454. How do I stop AutoComplete from going to a new page when pressing enter?
  455. Load/delete combobox, depending on result from a previous combobox
  456. How to temporarily-permanently change link color when accessing page
  457. To implement json do you load something first
  458. Use Ajax to submit a HTTPS request
  459. How to display cities once a state is selected with javascript
  460. How to NOT leave the javascript convert my number to exponential notation?
  461. How do I access a textbox in an asp GridView
  462. Switch IMG Src using JavaScript
  463. Null or not an object in Internet Explorer
  464. code for entering one alphabet only one time in a text box by using onkeyup function
  465. How we can Disable browser save as Button?
  466. I have a situation where I cannot update a div with javascript in a firefox browser
  467. Problem opening SWF file in ExtJS 2.3
  468. Capturing a "datestamp", adding days to the date and send it with a form
  469. directing external.js to subdirectory
  470. [like hoverIntent() ]how to prevent a megaMenu from showing if timer<= VALUE
  471. problem in validating the amount
  472. for loop not working
  473. unable to do validation for select in struts2
  474. how can i launch an application using javascript
  475. Actual textbox value not getting set after setting value in Javascript
  476. I added a function, then the rest of the script are not working..
  477. Alert box only popping up once
  478. form validation not working in both IE and Firefox.
  479. jquery how to get selected text in div on mouse over
  480. show/hide div problem
  481. How do I make a selection of a drop down menu in another page?
  482. Can i configure FireFox browser to act like IE when key is pressed?
  483. CLASSIC enter key fires tab action to focus on other ctrl not working in ff
  484. How to read and write an xml file in Extjs 2.3?
  485. Change the security settings using javascript
  486. Adding text at cursor position in textarea
  487. Issue with firefox and inline document.write
  488. collapsible panel
  489. DIV onload ?
  490. Radio Button onClick Javascript should call only once
  491. Close child window
  492. Drag & Drop: Click over img-tag interrupts events in IE
  493. Like Button not a link but a just text on facebook
  494. Onchange submit the form in javascript
  495. How to Lock the User Entry while Web Service is Running?
  496. How to calculate number of words with given price?
  497. Changing opacity using setTimeout or setInterval
  498. Javascript setting timeout problem
  499. Does postback work with show/hide?
  500. ajax response elements and IE8 conflict
  501. Ajax works fine Chrome but gives errors in IE*
  502. Whats the wrong with this for loop?
  503. Javascript? If field1 = 1 and field2 =1 then result = 3
  504. Javascript function that works like actionscript's normalize(1)
  505. Problem Loading Page in Specific Div
  506. Problems with javascipt and form
  507. DOM cant raed ajax response
  508. Pop up with greyed out background
  509. clear history using javascript
  510. Nested If/else in JS with <a href actions.
  511. Javascript: Refer to element within DIV tag
  512. Increasing value by one
  513. Embedding Files In HTML
  514. Converting .js to either .php or .html
  515. Pop up an alert/message box with data on console
  516. Select fields
  517. array of arrays - assigning values to variables inside array !
  518. array declaration not working in firefox
  519. I want to know if this writing of javascript is true??
  520. Jquery mousedown button
  521. how to display a message
  522. how to remain an a tab when button is clicked
  523. unable to clear the field in form
  524. Problem in using ‘findInPage(str)’ method of java script for searching (collapsed sit
  525. jquery in iframe
  526. Help
  527. Finding a serial number of a day.
  528. Show text message if form field populated
  529. SVG Text Manipulation with JavaScript
  530. how to get Dynamic values in 2 dropdown in ajax
  531. Loading images in the background
  532. Preloading page...
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