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  1. Popunder window based on random number
  2. treewalker: child-sibling question
  3. Using regexp to validate simple form
  4. AJAX: responsetext versus responsexml when using eventhandlers, IE-problem
  5. Best way to fire an event in the opener from a popup
  6. Execute A page contain javascript in AJAX (innerHTML Property)
  7. Best (and easiest) way to test that a "date string" (mm/dd/yyyy) is valid
  8. using a minus in javascript
  9. debug message to Javascript console
  10. big friendly buttons
  11. Position a layer relative to a table cell and size it
  12. get keycode for keydown event
  13. Connecting source code to ajax and commands elsewhere after so much time
  14. post form to new window; preserve original form action property
  15. Frames - no scrollbar
  16. FAQ Topic - Internationalisation in javascript.
  17. Tricky question about referencing div tags, innerHTML, etc....
  18. numeric entity to string and ie
  19. Cookies and frames
  20. How to detect a Paste action on a textbox?
  21. Ajax Problem using IN PHP with Fire Fox Borwser
  22. Complex spellchk .JS function won't do what I want it to do :(
  23. how to get action property, with element name 'action'
  24. oncontextmenu and preventDefault for right clicks in Firefox
  25. FAQ Topic - What is the document object model?
  26. how to dynamically manipulate icons using javascript
  27. onChange confirm and window focus.
  28. Can explane show me how to develope and add this effect in my html (xhtml) pages?
  29. Odd behaviour with Regular Expressions
  30. when I click the number..
  31. show me how to replace all instances of word in textbox
  32. Retain Text Formatting From Web Page
  33. Problem with setattributevalue and Firefox 2
  34. custom dragDrop using onmousedown, onmouseup
  35. IE issue : td cell in a table with a title which includes '-'(dash)
  36. Page Loading
  37. Problem removing readOnly in IE
  38. reading form values and passing them to querystring
  39. Change value of one variable based on user input of another value
  40. Getting Image Width/Height
  41. Javascript hiding html access
  42. Javascript code not working in IE but working in Mozilla firefox
  43. java script for popup window
  44. Need java script assistnace
  45. AJAX-problem : layout isn't applied on new elements
  46. Regular expression for URL validation
  47. Combo box - adding bells and whistles?
  48. DIV
  49. scrolling carousell image scripts?
  50. Are global functions methods of the global object?
  51. javascript menu hides behind the flash in Mozilla
  52. JavaScript login question
  53. java script into jso
  54. Toggle treeview visibility...
  55. random background music
  56. submit button
  57. if then to change a parameter in javascript
  58. How to tell if a home page.
  59. can we know if the user has js on?
  60. Array.push() not working with IE.
  61. Re-sizing problem with my web-page
  62. Multiple drop down boxes with same options
  63. UNIx Bourne Shell script to JavaScript
  64. getting value of the status bar
  65. Can OnClick call multiple functions?
  66. Loading remote xml
  67. width of table in Richard Cornford's table scroll script
  68. Cross browser compatibility issue - JavaScript Array / ASP JS
  69. Problem with XP, IE6 and window.resizeTo()
  70. i have java problems in IE 6
  71. fire fox on mac and file input
  72. Javascript to go to directory
  73. FireFox: addEventListener Vs. window.onerror
  74. Passing a function as an argument and using the evaluated functionas an argument
  75. prompt
  76. document object and DOM
  77. Show and hide image the smooth way ?
  78. JavaScript JSON stringifier
  79. NaN error
  80. createTextNode and IE7
  81. Pass values between parent and popup window
  82. XMl chunk parsing problem in Javascript for IE6 or IE7
  83. Sorting large tables
  84. A javascript for picture acording to date
  85. few quick basic html questions
  86. JS Pop out menu in Dreamweaver/Fireworks MX
  87. object literal as prototype property
  88. set Check Box Attribute
  89. quick onkeyup problem
  90. how can i debug this ?
  91. Using Java to call up php includes
  92. ssjs create file - I can't do it :(
  93. preload a whole site with window.onload problem
  94. onChange failing in Firefox, ok in IE
  95. Copying Selectbox options to another selectbox
  96. change top frame location
  97. height of iframe according to the elements
  98. constructor for a derived object is same as that of its parent
  99. Urgent Help Needed
  100. Selecting the content of a div in a Button click.
  101. need to develop popup window
  102. how to
  103. Add the Day to the Existing Date
  104. help need to develop a confirm buttom
  105. Generate the formular from the script
  106. validation stops running after 4 fields.
  107. Drag and drop help needed: drag column data upwards and downwards
  108. search for a feature like google maps... kindly help
  109. how universally enabled is Javascript?
  110. Hey, I can't get all images pre-loaded in frames
  111. Pause/freeze session for sec(s), can b done in JavaScript?
  112. uploading video or image file
  113. Redirect using a J Script
  114. Simple JS Validation Question
  115. Different behavior of tag SPAN under IE and FF
  116. remove HTML tag - keep everything in between
  117. Dynamically create text boxes and add numbers
  118. about ajax
  119. Is a closure in this code redundant?
  120. Disabling DoubleClick
  121. Dynamic textfield
  122. How To Get Text Value In A String?
  123. Copy Functionality w/o Using Copy/Paste Buffer
  124. How to make Image Mapping relative to screen
  125. document.write with CoolTips, OverLib or is there something better??
  126. Auto-selecting all text in a field
  127. deleteRow and back to full table
  128. Greasemonkey: insert an element using regular expression
  129. array of objects
  130. Advanced Math - what language?
  131. some help needed
  132. Builtin object prototypes
  133. Form Results Display on New Web Page
  134. Retrieve cookie from server.Javascript
  135. JSON array, can't access result ?!?!
  136. using array of arrays to generate HTML table
  137. Outputting destination URL's as thumbnail images
  138. Hi guys
  139. Question about reloading page
  140. Square brackets and what they mean in variable assignment
  141. is it possible to get file of attachment without using Scripting.FileSystemObject
  142. Check if one date is later then first date
  143. how to call c# function from javascript? help me plz..
  144. To learn Ajax
  145. get value from input field
  146. Loop with a series of checkbox and dropdown box
  147. How to save Ajax
  148. Generating multiple output on one page
  149. Translating Javascript?
  150. count down timer source code updated to 06/11/27
  151. Error: document.getElementById("ff") has no properties
  152. Controlling arrays of quicktime videos with .onmouseclick
  153. FAQ Topic - What do I have to do before posting to clj?
  154. rotating random popups
  155. New FAQ Version for review
  156. Dropdown selection menu
  157. Arrays
  158. Hi, I need some help here!! Please
  159. SCORM LMS API and Javascript
  160. javascript:OpenChildWindow
  161. HTMLFormElement.submit() and submit value
  162. FAQ suggestion 3.1 Flanagan's books
  163. Javascript/XHTML
  164. defining classes-- different methods
  165. Is this possible?
  166. Unknown javascript appeared in a clients home page
  167. Validation errors: Popup or errorline ?
  168. javascript widget?
  169. Problems with document.createElement() in XHTML
  170. getElementByID
  171. Disable drag in ie & FF
  172. noob problem including javascript files
  173. generate a unique key from a set of strings
  174. How is this done?
  175. Preload Images. Please, help me out. Thank You.
  176. Making a table display in a new window
  177. problem with JSON.
  178. My preloaded images are not preloaded anymore when ...
  179. FAQ Topic - Which newsgroup deals with javascript?
  180. XViewer SVG suggestions?
  181. Designing file upload in FF
  182. DHTML: div animation
  183. javascript checkall not working
  184. create a div with same height & width as another element
  185. Problems with plus or minus sign as key in a javascript hash?
  186. Self-resizing textarea
  187. Rich text editor
  188. What is CallGroup in JavaScript?
  189. alert box
  190. how to match this regexp?
  191. Two Flash objects in different layers
  192. lastModified from file on clientside
  193. How to open a dependent popup
  194. when do I need getPropertyValue()?
  195. string to object
  196. Javascript help - use writedocument with opennewwindow
  197. [REGEX VALIDATOR] Function to check a empty field or with only space .......
  198. Automating a tedious web browsing task
  199. Popup window question
  200. Can I Avoid eval() Here?
  201. How to prevent massive downloading of my page?
  202. Reference Object's Visibile Property through Javascript
  203. Watching form submission content go to the server
  204. IFrame Conent Access gives ":Access Denied"
  205. XHTML strict, and IFRAME vs OBJECT
  206. reading a remote file
  207. Calling function in dynamic replaced content
  208. form, textarea from file
  209. Server to client script
  210. Open a XML and parse it with DOM
  211. ASP Javascript (Dreamweaver) insert and retreive Primary Key
  212. problem with Firefox 2.0 behavior with this script
  213. replace bug in IE7?
  214. How to remove the header and footer from HTML/Javascript when printing with IE?
  215. image protection---pls help me
  216. Javascript Programmer Needed
  217. Font SIze
  218. Working with IE 6? Please check my code.
  219. how can i retrieve the name of form when one of the element name in this form is 'name'
  220. Simple AJAX - Why won't this work ?
  221. How to Hide the Options in select
  222. Setting mouse cursor
  223. ; Expected error message
  224. How to trigger event by script
  225. Possible to detect which stylesheet in use?
  226. passing variable problem or quotation syntax conundrum
  227. ie7 problem
  228. sorting of div's using javascript
  229. Javascript alert/delay confusion
  230. menu bar design
  231. Elements below the point (under cursor)
  232. Scrolling on DIV section
  233. Set datasource of a datagrid in C# to null using Javascript
  234. Form validation and combo boxes
  235. Javascript cookie Problem
  236. location replace in safari
  237. Resizable Window
  238. Javascipt Not Working in Ajax Generated Parts of site
  239. how to clear history ?
  240. Referencing parent window script from within iframe
  241. In-browser Javascript Editor ala FCKeditor
  242. Html form not sending input elements loaded using Ajax
  243. New to AJAX??????????
  244. Problem with retriving "\" backslash
  245. DropDown Box & text box problem
  246. Problem with IE6 not registering an event handler
  247. filling forms automatically generated using javascript
  248. FAQ/FAQ notes site makeover
  249. XBrowser SVG suggestions?
  250. Sending data from Child Window To Parent Window
  251. how to ban not only by IP address ?
  252. Question about window being scrolled
  253. Apply onclick function only if text entered??
  254. Can it be done like this (ajax)?
  255. Firefox - how to read embed properties
  256. Question about javascript scope
  257. Html formatting etc.
  258. Retaining the value
  259. onmouseleave event in IE
  260. Using js to scroll to caret pos in textarea in Firefox
  261. posting form variables
  262. A handy trick I discovered for closing popups
  263. form is undefined message
  264. Changing the name of field with radio buttons
  265. Help Required in Java Script
  266. Help Required..
  267. Can any one help me please? Its urgent! (JavaScript doubt)
  268. Advancing Text Field Focus with the Period key besides TAB; IE vs firefox
  269. receiving compressed data
  270. array.["property"]
  271. Synchronous ajax request in mozilla
  272. document.evaluate() act unusual.
  273. welcome box
  274. firefox: test for privileges without user confirmation?
  275. How to hide the submenus
  276. How to use variables in document.evaluate()
  277. Function with event.
  278. textarea not getting the focus in mozilla
  279. Select text within a div tag by clicking on content of div tag or a button?
  280. IE and iframe
  281. Constant focus on popup
  282. problem with menu only when page is scrolled down??
  283. Ajax Server Validation Question
  284. How to get the web page's html source code generated by javascript
  285. Manipulating selected text in a TEXTAREA...
  286. FAQ Topic - How do I open a new window with javascript?
  287. AJAX window.location.href.indexOf("http")==-1)
  288. popup-like sticky DIV flickers ??
  289. Dynamic forms and AJAX
  290. Firefox access to frames and forms in Javascript
  291. Key event processing : return value
  292. Two Password Problems
  293. cursor postion for DIV relative position - understanding clientX/Y and OffsetX/Y
  294. Table with collapsing rows
  295. Adding SCript Node into Popup Window
  296. Creating a function utilising an array
  297. right side banner
  298. Radio button problem in AJAX
  299. Window.close and Explorer 7 problem!
  300. Memory Leak with InnerHTML
  301. Read a file from disk
  302. activex is undefined
  303. Using a form item as a variable
  304. get thead width and height ?
  305. Creating nice graphs ??
  306. document.all and document.getElementById
  307. why do we get this error This XML file does not appear to have any style information
  308. make js like c++ or python
  309. a method to make js have the ability to inherit
  310. Query : Counting charcters in div tag with font size
  311. Numeric Validation
  312. html inside javascript
  313. This works in IE6, but not FF2 or Opera9
  314. ERROR 'name' is null or not an object
  315. conditional popup onunload
  316. Toggle
  317. Problem with dynamically adding event handlers in IE - setAttribute and attachEvent
  318. Newbee question
  319. AJAX - resObjekt.readyState is only 1
  320. Total drop down boxes
  321. template
  322. AJAX concurent queries
  323. dynamic checkboxes
  324. Can't get a substr() or substring() of a passed in variable
  325. Skill Testing Question Exploder
  326. comparing two email fields
  327. Automatic sign-up and sign-in between different domains without cookies?
  328. What does it do?
  329. IE Error: 'parentNode' is null or not an object
  330. page transition
  331. Firefox doesn't like appendChild()
  332. Using JS to find browser height in IE??
  333. Opening New Windows/Tabs
  334. javascript redirect. why is it bad?
  335. JS, DOM and tr... IE problems!
  336. Javascript value in IE not being passed on
  337. javascript file problem
  338. View different Pages on firefox or IE
  339. how to access responseText or ResposeXML without status=200
  340. database connection through js
  341. page refresh problem
  342. simple registration form with ajax,php,mysql.
  343. Events in nested div's
  344. hide items for print
  345. FAQ Topic - How do I access a property of an object using a string?
  346. javascript that updates files from ftp server to local drive
  347. hide/unhide data with variable numbers of fields
  348. how to show cursor on first field when page gets loaded
  349. if lost focus : close window
  350. Follow link, then execute a function
  351. XSLT + responseXML
  352. document.focus not working correctly
  353. Problem wit creating a FSO object.... HEEELP
  354. Clearing all elements from within a named table.
  355. Assigning dynamically declared event handlers to an object
  356. Can JavaScript submit the form with post method?
  357. communicate between iframes on different subdomains
  358. Function wipes out components created dynamically
  359. javascript headache :(
  360. How to make a text (with HTML tags )scrolling?
  361. problem with nsIXMLHttpRequest.send
  362. IFrame problem.
  363. Printing a target frame
  364. Latest version count down timer source code released !
  365. Popwindow
  366. DHTML Javascript DIV Scroll Sync Script?
  367. JavaScript query
  368. Javascript validation for enter telephone number
  369. Injecting local variable to a function - Can it be done?
  370. HTMLCollection strange behavior
  371. How handle embedded blanks in value of <option>
  372. FAQ Topic - How do I download a page to a variable?
  373. pre-loader
  374. Running server side code without submitting current page?
  375. Any need for addEventListener() and attachEvent() at all?
  376. Need help changing a graphic
  377. cleanup and rethrow
  378. New to java, Basic help needed please
  379. Executing function when <link> navigation element is used
  380. SRC not working in Firefox?
  381. why doesn't my button click event fire?
  382. resize dropdown width while focused
  383. objects with string indices
  384. Setting input value in parent from iframe
  385. about JavaScript Form Validations ...
  386. settimeout problem...
  387. forcing parent window to reload
  388. I have an error. I am brain dead. Please give me a hint
  389. alert inside <DIV>
  390. How to include a calender in JSP using tags
  391. Problème with OnClick in Konqueror embedded
  392. Implementing servlets within the javascript file
  393. Link in div breaking onmouseleave
  394. strange...
  395. Sessions in a popup window
  396. Anyone here have Safari 1.3 and a couple seconds to spare?
  397. Scrolling
  398. scrollBy is not working in IE
  399. Multiple JavaScript includes fail
  400. AJAX and web service in Safari
  401. Populating Selectbox
  402. Storing Greek Words in an Array?
  403. javascript menu help
  404. passing parameters/scope problem - cannot retain data
  405. Critique this div resizing script
  406. wants to copy an excel data and paste it in a data grid (very urgent)
  407. FAQ Topic - How do I POST a form to a new window?
  408. Capture cancelling of file download dialog?
  409. innerHTML and javascript
  410. ajax and new window
  411. IE clientheight problem
  412. Display File Selection Window
  413. regular expressions -- very basic grouping question
  414. Trick to be able to set the value of a File input form field
  415. setting title from iframe
  416. Scrolling text
  417. need help with onClick to function.
  418. Output/Refresh page
  419. Need to check file field for content in <cfinput type="file" name="custCartThumb">
  420. digital clock
  421. php and Javascript call to change radio button
  422. remaining width
  423. Firefox and IE cursor key codes different?
  424. How to get the name of dynamically generated elements....?
  425. need script to scroll <div> content vertically
  426. download with dialog box with AJAX?
  427. Java Server Pages project..
  428. Changing Background Color
  429. <TR> value on click event
  430. AJAX supports what browser versions?
  431. password
  432. GOD has a job for you do you what it
  433. keep data in form after reload
  434. This will not work. "OBJECT EXPECTED"
  435. Cookies - wanting more consistency on page load
  436. how to load page content from iframe to the main page
  437. Access Document Objects that have no Name or ID Attribute
  438. Dynamically setting onload event handlers across frames
  439. Joseph Scotts Edit in place work.
  440. when I click on "Save as", can I redirect to particular dir, can I control from html code?
  441. binding an event to a variable.
  442. Help with Expanding Menu items disappearing
  443. AJAX and Application variable (ASP)
  444. Why doesn't this work?? (Adding variables)
  445. Repaint styles
  446. Javascript Keep data form after reload
  447. Using AJAX to refresh part of page
  448. A simple DOM question about textNodes.
  449. what is meant by document.frm has no properties
  450. Safari (browser, Javascript) related forum?
  451. onclick
  452. JS: Capture DIV and IMG dimensions into vars for use later.
  453. Can AJAX dealing with XSLT instead DOM?
  454. iFrame will not open second time around
  455. Access iframe element from another iframe present in an div tag
  456. Access Hyperlink Using Hot Keys
  457. Wait Execution - JavaScript
  458. executing/calling a url
  459. Display an image whilst loading application
  460. removing comma
  461. How to Achieve collapsible content with pagination?
  462. problem with closing the child window
  463. Submitting a form multiple times with one clcik
  464. Split Text Line Function (fix for firefox word wrapping issue)
  465. converting a string to regular expression
  466. Help in displaying a command button with caption in two lines
  467. Hiding selected divs with by keyword
  468. Can't Get Full Path From File Element
  469. Use of "new" deprecated
  470. In date how to print year in words
  471. Firefox display problem for display:block
  472. Image uploading through AJAX
  473. Safari problem
  474. Automatic DIV Height
  475. Value not gettin gwrittne to the DOM.
  476. New javascripter with a function/cookie problem!
  477. Help using "redirect" after "post"
  478. Documentation Generator recomendations
  479. password simple fix help
  480. iframe event activity/timeout (remote domain)
  481. Remove duplicate object values in array
  482. IE Error setInterval. (?)
  483. image rollover inside a table cell, please..
  484. escaping bookmarklet code
  485. How to change the Hidden Value from Javascript
  486. Connect two users in the web application (similar to private chat room)
  487. Obtaining an InputStream within an InputStream
  488. submitting a form with javascript & image buttons
  489. change bg of div1 when hovering div2
  490. iTunes 7 music videos not starting automatically
  491. Google maps api and callbacks
  492. JavaScript + CSS + IE
  493. Hierarchical Image Gallery
  494. Javascript question
  495. problem with safari
  496. printing an html table using javascripting
  497. simple question
  498. Syntax -0 at end of replace()
  499. Scripts
  500. merge JSON structures
  501. Buggy IE installation?
  502. pasword
  503. dynamic form creation
  504. Open a window
  505. Dynamically Add Elements with Javascript?
  506. FAQ Topic - How do I run a server side script?
  507. Remove arry entry from multidimensional array
  508. Russian and javascript
  509. event.clientX in Safari is not like in other browsers
  510. Opening a floating DIV from another DIV
  511. Tweening with robert penners quadratic equations
  512. javascript to determine which form element is displayed
  513. Problem with innerHtml and the form-tag in IE
  514. extra newlines in Ajax responseText added by PHP include
  515. Difficult javascript challenge
  516. Stuck in hell, surrounded by font elements
  517. call finction to set a radio button
  518. Why has this stopped working in the new Firefox
  519. Firefox onmousedown popup/layer focus/blur
  520. onclick event wierdness
  521. Parser Generator that generates JavaScript code
  522. syntax question to catch dynamically generated divs in a page
  523. small popup window for with no titlebar or borders in IE 6+?
  524. submit form with javascript
  525. Dynamically adding an onClick event.
  526. how I will upload the image using AJAX and PHP
  527. Full featured count down timer source code
  528. the future of applications in JavaScript?
  529. Menu issue
  530. Help to randomize slideshow in this script
  531. what happens if I submit a form in the onunload event?
  532. FAQ Topic - How do I change the text in the url/location bar?
  533. Passing more than one parameter from asp page to javascript
  534. Javascript Help for Stylesheet change
  535. Legacy code/browser compatibility
  536. icon in addessbar?
  537. Overwrite native function
  538. Hide/Show Issue, Please Help
  539. Fiscal Year Function with JavaScript
  540. Change backgroundcolor on forms
  541. how to disable select element when checkbox is checked without refreshing the page
  542. Calculating difference between two dates using JS
  543. Go to the end of the page
  544. Calculating difference between two dates using JS
  545. Input Character Set Handling
  546. Special characters problem in with Prototype Ajax
  547. Remote modify existing open window form?
  548. dynamic set row count
  549. Named arguments and inheritance
  550. How to upload a file with other form elements using AJAX