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  1. build Table using javascript from xml.file
  2. Simple Question
  3. please anybody help auto complete text box using ajax and database mysql
  4. DHTML not available in EXCEL file
  5. i want to session to never die................
  6. Why a web Page associated with a JS moves to the top when JS is activated ?
  7. How does one get the answer to clear when user refreshes page?
  8. Getting Object Required error in IE
  9. how to use JS to get an outer div id?
  10. Script/program for Indicating certain text is absent
  11. Need help with java script please!!
  12. looking for a Treeview component
  13. Javascript / browser / OS problem???
  14. Help with Alt for pics
  15. To populate textfields on a page with the cell contents of a dynamic table depending on the row selected!
  16. JSON Question
  17. Cross-browser alternative to click() event
  18. object augmentation and priveleged functions
  19. change hidden input value
  20. prototype.js with the AJAX functionality only
  21. Disabling button
  22. A general question about JS and onLoad() event
  23. Unable to access values of checkboxes from new window in IE 6
  24. validation form project
  25. decompressing javascript
  26. How to position a DIV at a specific position when a link is clicked ?
  27. scrollLeft and scrollRight cause image flicker in IE
  28. IF statement for a beginner
  29. duplicate file verification
  30. Turn off Javascript in JavaScript or HTML
  31. Controlling what position a page loads in
  32. Onclick handler picking up second click on tag. Why?
  33. populating webpage elements with contents of an iframe
  34. Determining document structure
  35. After page load image rendering in IE
  36. dataTransfer.setData() and .getData() commands in FireFox?
  37. Slick way to sort DIV positions?
  38. Problem with Regular Expression
  39. dynamic checkbox selection
  40. Javascript inside struts
  41. Dragging your DIVs to other places and remember the positions
  42. Inline JS Function Help
  43. Javascript set hidden input value does not work in Firefox
  44. XmlHttpRequest cancelled when the page is unloaded
  45. AjaxToolbox - serializeForm broken?
  46. IE - accessing select list from the iframe
  47. print from a web app?
  48. Interacting with Javascript
  49. Simple 2d graphing in web page - where to begin
  50. Checkbox & if statements
  51. Red Outline On Hover For Page Elements
  52. typeof x == 'undefined' or x == undefined?
  53. For VK - Revisiting Insertion of HTML into JavaScript
  54. && and ||
  55. <faqentry>How do I convert a Number into a String with exactly 2 decimal places?</faqentry>
  56. JavaScript and MSSQL
  57. Append XML with XML DOM
  58. Dynamic Table problem
  59. createElement question
  60. Need help with IE7
  61. FAQ Topic - What is ECMAScript?
  62. Need help creating form widgets in javascript (and more)
  63. retrieving name of a class?
  64. Check for failure after appendChild inserts a document?
  65. radio button trouble
  66. vs.
  67. How to check typeof arguments?
  68. BBcode in textarea error
  69. buffor of IE
  70. COMBO BOX - Javascript reset combo box
  71. DOM construction and script execution
  72. Site Check Needed
  73. Trap when a window is closed
  74. Aliasing "namespaces" in JavaScript--why do we need to import symbols into a new namespace?
  75. from function get the value of html array
  76. javascript working locally but not online
  77. FAQ Topic - How do I direct someone to this FAQ?
  78. calculate sums to the 2nd decimal
  79. Possible to hide/show div layers on Browser Use / Versions?
  80. Reordering Xml Child Nodes
  81. validate only visable fields
  82. Get Element By Attached Property
  83. Would emulating private variables like this be wrong?
  84. Best way to print
  85. Document.prototype issue!
  86. how to post in friendster java
  87. Accessing new URL in onbeforeunload - or similar effect by othermeans
  88. missing ) after argument list?
  89. a variable "a" and "window.a" ??
  90. unicode to character
  91. print using frames
  92. back link
  93. return in functions
  94. simple example not working or is there something missing?
  95. FAQ Topic - Why was my post not answered?
  96. PayPal form failing XHTML validation
  97. SVG and Dragging Div Overlap Conflict?
  99. Dropdown menus in FireFox
  100. loading divs dynamically -- how to detect which one loaded currently..
  101. Prototype's Event.stopObserving() Fails in Firefox 2.0
  102. Dynamic Table
  103. Page-in-page
  104. Accessing Div in IFrame
  105. Replacing Text
  106. Javascript in Adobe livecycle 8.0
  107. Mouse over
  108. Does anyone know of a Chess Java Script game thats intelligent?
  109. Calling VB function
  110. I need to have dynamic tab color
  111. Update all select boxes on page using Javascript
  112. OT : new Google Groups interface
  113. File I/O
  114. Java script doubt i want protect the java script code without view source
  115. Go to Webpage on Combo Box Select
  116. How to return data to a field - DOM
  117. JavaScript change "element" of and OBJECT (html tag)
  118. confusion in search and replace..
  119. Firefox changes table width...
  120. Error in the ajax program
  121. function object and prototype.
  122. Problem with post back
  123. FF else if problem?
  124. Help with javascript snippet
  125. function and object types
  126. FAQ Topic - What do I have to do before posting to clj?
  127. How to make a parent node clickable in a collapse menu
  128. Auto Populating Form
  129. Inserting HTML inside a script
  130. Simple Dinosaur Quiz
  131. Preserving input values in innerHTML with Mozilla
  132. var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName("A");
  133. Passing Javascript variable on ASP page
  134. Problem loading an image from client side code
  135. Dynamic variables in attachEvent
  136. hiding
  137. Inject XML into iframe along with styling
  138. and stylesheet
  139. How is Tiddlywiki possible?
  140. JavaScript not working, need help
  141. Can i send an email from JavaScript?
  142. how to draw a dotted line???
  143. How to draw a line
  144. getting greyed and upadeted data from textfield
  145. hiding or making detail data visible on clicking a link
  146. Question about image behind <Td>
  147. Sending email from a webpage
  148. Firefox/ie issue with img src update?
  149. Site with killer JavaScript Degradation?
  150. Call external functions
  151. help new at this
  152. opening a new window (with options) by clicking on an image
  153. updating URL and passing URL info with frames and js...
  154. Help with undefined variable
  155. Varying window resolutions on different frames
  156. IE6 JS setting colspan setAttribute not being honored
  157. having more than one object without using prototype
  158. Making a table visible/invisible depending on some event
  159. Problem: form elements replaced using Ajax and lost from the form.
  160. mousemove problem
  161. website review (built using Google's gwt)
  162. Pass a String array in a javascript from jsp
  163. Probably a dumb question....
  164. Setting events dynamically!
  165. Remembering a boxes state with a cookie.
  166. Simple IE xpath help
  167. Java script
  168. Help! Pop-up calendar picker to two fields
  169. Links to frames
  170. hide tables rows
  171. Can AJAX be used with Flash?
  172. Lumberjack Logger
  173. Want to strikethrough a text
  174. Is possible to implement a Com Object like word in a Javascript program?
  175. Option label issue in IE7
  176. dynamically embed input elements into html using javascript
  177. recommended javascript book
  178. Detecting NodeList object vs Array
  179. Server side Javascript parsing of HTML?
  180. FAQ Topic - Which newsgroups deal with javascript?
  181. Main window redirecting...Shouldn't
  182. setting a cookie - should be easy.
  183. Delete and Rewrite (reset) Elements Dynamically?
  184. FAQ Broken?
  185. checkbox to hide/show table rows
  186. How to add 7 days to the current date?
  187. File Upload Status
  188. effect not working in Firefox?
  189. document.write text depending on URL string
  190. Netscape 4.79 load and read xml
  191. Problem with some browsers when changing a displayed image
  192. FireFox Closes Window Before Opener Function Executes
  193. Replacing <br> with \n for displaying in textarea
  194. I can't figure out how to get script to work for 25 pieces?
  195. Cannot close popup window after submit
  196. ajax for datagrid in visualstudio 2003
  197. javascript won't work with FireFox
  198. Ajax-Proposal with Number of Results
  199. dynamically resize layer height
  200. JSP with AJAX
  201. Printing whole page in a web window
  202. Frames
  203. Javascript Form Validation Tutorial
  204. form input elements and label. IE problem
  205. new Function(...) abuse in FAQ?
  206. Have a Goal, but now idea of where to start.
  207. variables should be declared in examples in the FAQ
  208. <faqentry>3.2 What online resources are available?</faqentry>
  209. Question about keyboard key detection, need help
  210. <faqentry>2.12 What does the future hold for ECMAScript?</faqentry>
  211. Problem with IE. Please help.
  212. Help pasting in Weather Channel code into FrontPage?
  213. cleanup a select/options list - remove same items.
  214. How to create new option with more space between text
  215. A new programmer with questions...
  216. 2 javascript in one page
  217. displaying Japanese text with new Option does not work
  218. bookmarklet
  219. Programatically detect IE6 or IE7 ?
  220. FAQ Topic - Why do some posts have <FAQENTRY> in them ?
  221. @param
  222. Cascading menu script
  223. xmlhttp
  224. state of server-side javascript
  225. difference between html and xhtml
  226. Add a new style on the fly (IE, FF)
  227. adding dynamic rows
  228. Log Out style
  229. value of Drop Down
  230. regular expression
  231. Keeping a div fully visible within browser window
  232. simple Form validation and focus
  233. encode or encrypt the links on displayed on web browser bottom section.
  234. Applying CSS Styles to Javascript Rollovers
  235. Run server-side vbscript subroutine from client-side javascript
  236. trigger a scanner
  237. form validation - IE/FF
  238. xmlHttpRequest is not working
  239. Com object with PHP How to use? Here is the code
  240. How to extract from a URL and append to a link (javascript?)
  241. Anyone familiar with "Gurtcom" menus???
  242. disabling 'refresh alert' in ie
  243. Pagination
  244. detecting submit control in Javascript
  245. Regular expression issue
  246. Item List for XML Node in IE
  247. IE createElement issue
  248. Hiding rows from a table populated by a database
  249. How to write a code in javascript for previous and next
  250. help about file uploading
  251. How To Read Data From Html Table.....?
  252. how to transfer one page to an other page through middle page in javascript
  253. regular expressions with an optional field
  254. facing syntax error
  255. is it a bug or a feature?
  256. prototype.js issue: IE thinks $() ain't the same as document.getElementById()
  257. IE7 shows location even if location=no
  258. How do you disable everything on the screen but a certain part?
  259. After reload, a problem.
  260. How does this method work?
  261. popup hint
  262. Com object with PHP How to use?
  263. Receive an html code to paste it in a table with Ajax
  264. Why is code freezing and not turning over images consistently?
  265. Merging two functions?
  266. Problem with window.opener
  267. xmlhttprequest send(Data) examples wanted.
  268. Is it possible, to generate an event on a text field?
  269. Looping through history.back() until a different page
  270. Converting URLs to clickable hyperlinks using Javascript
  271. Importing Data & Printing in Adobe
  272. IE 6/7 javascript class assignment for newly created elements
  273. How would the relationship between an object and its prototype be depicted...
  274. The Use of ScrollBy
  275. Loading Javascript Scripts to Browser
  276. problem with 'Scripting.FileSystemObject'
  277. Removing a loaded script from a page.
  278. innerHTML += onload : how do I do it the right way ?
  279. Object doesn't support this property or method
  280. Regular Expressions Issue...
  281. IE 7 Select Box Issue
  282. connect sql server through javascript in page
  283. Beginner to programming
  284. Javascript Error : Permission Denied to get property XULElement.accessible
  285. How to transverse all <div> in a document?
  286. beginner javascript question
  287. Set Focus
  288. file open dialog box
  289. AJAX XML parsing problem
  290. onclick event does not work with select option in IE
  291. Ajax: Real Time updates without refreshing a page.
  292. DIV content from document.getElement call DISAPPEARS
  293. Overcoming POSTDATA Warning
  294. Set Img1 = Img2
  295. Severe Javascript collision
  296. OO Help In JavaScript
  297. I have problem with a simple negative lookahead Reqular Expression
  298. Change the contents of a DIV
  299. Parent Window Reload
  300. iframe refresh problem
  301. what do you think about
  302. errore
  303. World Leaks in Safari, any clues to track down?
  304. parsing XML swapping nodes
  305. Dynamic code in Body, after load
  306. Use return Key to submit
  307. getting values of multidimensional HTML select
  308. Drag Div and Scroll Page
  309. mimetype text/javascript obsolete?
  310. Adjust the height of div
  311. How to connect MS SQl database using only AJAX no PHP
  312. How to get form to submit???
  313. Alternative for insertRow and insertCell, which is are supports in Firefox
  314. Focus object on load.
  315. if there is any way to make visible and keydown event in html text box and combo?
  316. sample code for dynamic pagination in javascript needed urgent
  317. automation server can't create object - new ActiveXObject('InternetExplorer.Applicati
  318. Javascript date validation using dd/mm/yy format
  319. Easiest Form Validation With Javascript?
  320. Can't get javascript popup window to work on IE7
  321. Enter key value change to Tab key
  322. Prompting user to save a Javascript created text to a file
  323. Sorting array against other array
  324. strange behaviour with document.body.clientWidth
  325. Aborting a page load.
  326. Javascript: Problem accessing variables in a parent window from child window
  327. Life is Different here, sky has no limit but you must grip it with this website
  328. Truncating long words in a larger block of HTML
  329. Problems with safari when the page is refreshing constantly
  330. Create TBodies Node
  331. AJAX-DOM: problemi con select dinamiche in IE7
  332. Eliminate 'throbber' busy animation during long-lived HTTP connection
  333. how to call random .js
  334. how do you develop long bookmarklets?
  335. Automatic install
  336. Levyo Ajax Gallery supports Firefox 2.0.1 only??
  337. Levyo Ajax Gallery supports Firefox 2.0.1 only??
  338. first it redirect to a web page, then .js works
  339. Opening new window and writing to it on Firefox 1.5 does not complete
  340. if greater than 60 convert to minutes and add seconds
  341. if statement to convert seconds to minutes
  342. Javascript only Partially Working in IE7
  343. Focus for textboxes
  344. The content inside div has to b a differnt HTML.
  345. detecting values for object properties
  346. "" question
  347. get an element by id does not work!
  348. Onmouseover, onmouseout question
  349. my hide/display function fails when element begins display:none
  350. Login using AJAX?
  351. ScrollBy and Floating Div Conflict
  352. Slide Show
  353. Gif won't run while processing is taking place
  354. book or article on AJAX
  355. Guys Here We can Start Disscussion On Ajax
  356. IE6 Locks up
  357. Swapping between images
  358. Prototype: bind() vs bindAsEventListener()
  359. Can Javascript call up a Javascript
  360. place images on top of other images in a collumn.
  361. Resizing frames with firefox
  362. document.cookie always returns empty string
  363. Refresh a web page faster
  364. Validate Image Dimension
  365. style.display - object expected error?
  366. Allowing 2 Select Menus to work together with Javascript?
  367. is Javascript suitable and enough for web anayltics?
  368. Onblur not working in mozilla, fine in IE
  369. Highlighting image button
  370. JavaScript code to get FileName from File Inputbox
  371. Installing 10.2
  372. really having a tough time with hidden iframes.
  373. custom popup window
  374. Opening link in a new template/aready defined/ window
  375. Help with SSL and Script.
  376. IE 5.5 opacity
  377. Assign a PERL style regex in the RegExp constructor?
  378. Small problem...
  379. How to explain this?
  380. DOM build table IE trouble ..........
  381. Removing JavaScript from the document.
  382. Javascript code to close JSP window.
  383. Getting source code of iFrame
  384. scrolling within div
  385. unload/remove a js script
  386. AJAX version of Wikipedia with geo-browsing
  387. search query to google as <iframe> source
  388. acces object vars form event handler (how?)
  389. FAQ 4.34 note about XMLHttpRequest in NN6.2+
  390. Javascript IE problem "unknown runtime error" when using innerHTML
  391. is element inside Iframe
  392. To read the address bar using JavaScript
  393. regular expression matches in an array
  394. document.form.submit() not working in Fire fox
  395. conducting some experiments
  396. Javascript Plugin for Webpage
  397. HELP: Parsing XML fails under frames...
  398. Javascript form submit speed issue
  399. Cannot Get a Reference to SVG Document
  400. Help about div hide/show
  401. PHP echoed into Javascript
  402. Request an HTML page via AJAX
  403. Call javascript in parent from child (pop up) window
  404. Inheritance using object prototype
  405. How to upload an <img> content without <input type=file > ?
  406. Hide all classes called container, but the first one?
  407. Hiding embed objects in Safari ?
  408. How to nest rows in a table?
  409. how i can use time in condiation
  410. how to change images based on action.Even clicking changed images should do respective actions?
  411. Help with refreshing the options in a DD depending on user input
  412. Welcome to all .Printing a hidden Data Field from the bowser using Javascript
  413. Question about loops
  414. <div style:visibility="hidden">
  415. How Can I See My Friend's Profile On My Website......Plz Help
  416. cannot get two scripts to work together - naming conflicts
  417. resize columns in a table
  418. refering to a external JavaScript File in HTML
  419. Treating a string as an array, and portability issues
  420. Javascript & Iframes
  421. jump to anchor w/o breaking history
  422. function that can change a global var
  423. Conver Time to Seconds
  424. getElementsByName with options
  425. parsing javascript from local html file
  426. Read First Before Posting
  427. Bizarre instanceof behaviour
  428. Div layer switching
  429. Is there any return value for alert box?
  430. two types of newlines (\n and \r\n) and browser
  431. Auto populate the Dropdown List
  432. Ocultar DIV mientras se carga
  433. Object as a prototype.
  434. ASP inside JavaScript function
  435. <input type file> Focus
  436. Document object is not set in Internet Explorer - works in Firefox
  437. Pb with javascript function in Safari
  438. Schedule a CallBack , I think .
  439. right alignment of text in the text box.
  440. Center <IMG> in <DIV>
  441. new ie7 zoom
  442. javascript menu with css
  443. changing div height with javascript makes div with more than 100%
  444. Capturing the content/state of the HTML Page along with the changes
  445. How to detect when user went back to page
  446. IE behaving abnormally?
  447. Doesnt work in MSIE
  448. Safari and form variables in html page
  449. iframe problem
  450. iFrame with js src loads the first time, but throws error on reload...
  451. Most useful built-in object prototype extensions?
  452. ie6 strangeness
  453. open new window in background : is it possible?
  454. JS: Handling event
  455. IE position of element with relative DIV and margin
  456. Customize Browser Title Bar
  457. clock
  458. Convert UTC to Date
  459. appendChild to div tag problem in firefox.
  460. about java script
  461. Sharing a Window Reference
  462. How to retain the CSS+JS menu in Mozilla on Scroll/wheel
  463. javascript within a javascript
  464. POST values in Javascript
  465. Changing the text color of an input element (IE)?????
  466. Can I use JS to search folder and create array from files
  467. Can I randomly search an array in a .js file not on my page?
  468. Validation in JavaScript
  469. javascript postback
  470. Highlight tree in cooltree.js
  471. How to login for HTML Chat?
  472. Reading XML in Safari through selectNode
  473. eval() working with IE but not with firefox
  474. help me
  475. entering a numric only
  476. grid entries through javascript
  477. Will the form be submitted after onclick event
  478. JavaScript
  479. Calendar using Ajax and Javascript
  480. Javascript:Finding the max value inside a table row & highlight
  481. populating entries on the select tag
  482. JS wont populate a textbox via FireFox.
  483. Questions about on-demand dynamic javascript loading
  484. FAQ Topic - How do I prompt a "Save As" dialog for an accepted mime type?
  485. Disable Mouse Events
  486. Swapping images with Javascript
  487. remove all child elemnts
  488. I Need Help to Modify A Tab Content Script
  489. simple question
  490. When does whitespace in JavaScript matter?
  491. Preloader...
  492. Javascript: Changing text inside a table with setInterval
  493. Find value of SELECT if VALUE attribute is missing
  494. textarea problem when sending content to javascript function
  495. How Can I see Update info into my TextArea and Scrolling???
  496. Javascript functions
  497. Swap image with check/uncheck of Radio Button
  498. Passing arguments to callback function in addEventListener
  499. Return false does not stop the submit action.
  500. Ajax without xmlhttp
  501. Creating generic javascript functions (ie. el.onmouseclick = function ...)
  502. XMLHttpRequest problem with Firefox and Netscape
  503. Creating DOM elements in IE before page complete
  504. Can a DIV change it's parent element?
  505. Display HTML when file is found
  506. FAQ Topic - How do I change the text in the url/location bar?
  507. Placing a caret on the screen
  508. future date calculation
  509. Problem about frame(jsp)
  510. accents in e-mail
  511. JavaScript Form Field Value Update Dilemma
  512. Questions On Enumerating DOM childNodes
  513. Ajax a security threat
  514. Am looking for some help with favorites
  515. Retrieve values into JavaScript from a Table
  516. Html 2 PDF with AJAX & PHP
  517. Arguments passed by window.setInterval
  518. help with javascript
  519. javascript gallery extension code...
  520. mailto: tag and web mail
  521. Problems in handling redirections within IFRAME
  522. How to put two placeholders in Ajax Updater ?
  523. im a total noob, but still... what am i doing wrong?
  524. Static text highlighting -- can it be done?
  525. Javascript file compactor wanted
  526. Safari scope problem with dynodes
  527. Parsing returned values from a multiple selection list in a form
  528. new lines in texarea
  529. How Can I Find Mouse Position Inside of a Div Tag?
  530. OO design question
  531. unknow error in MSIE while using innerHTML property
  532. Server side variable within a JS file
  533. Adding an additional submenu to a collapsible/expandable menu
  534. How to get Unicode attributes of a character?
  535. libraries or functions to escape quotes, tabs, etc.
  536. Drop down Lists
  537. Make background clickable
  538. smooth images from webcam
  539. table sorting. header and body in different tables
  540. help about $_FILES
  541. Equivalent of Strcomp
  542. in Select Option entries are cut on the right side if they're too long
  543. Open Window with %
  544. Javascript for in-browser editor that shows line numbers?
  545. Can a JavaScript object get its own name ?
  546. is there anything like FireBug for IE? How does one debug IE?
  547. swf inside dynamic content is gone
  548. script too long?
  549. File save as (dialogbox)
  550. sample code for Form Mailer without CDONTS