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  1. onerror problem
  2. iFrame onLoad Problem
  3. horizontal or vertical scrollbar
  4. Javascript : create shortcut to give keyboard focus on html elements
  5. how to add edit button and table border
  6. how creata dynamic table
  7. Multiple images are not uploading to an iframe in firefox
  8. Changing Text from another HTML file
  9. array declaration on FF vs IE
  10. How to use packed js in <head> section so code executes?
  11. A call for opinions (decorator pattern applied)
  12. Closures bug?!
  13. Read XML date (d/M/y) format & convert to date object
  14. FAQ Topic - How do I modify the current browser window?
  15. Tools work, but still have red underline in the code.
  16. Preventing doc.write() on history.back
  17. Prevent printing of print button on page when printing
  18. hide / show div javascript is working in firefox but not IE
  19. set <a> href to that of an image src
  20. Can you change language settings of IME language toolbar using client side script
  21. IE crashes and IME language bar locks for HTC with viewLinkContent & tabStop = true
  22. "parentObj is not defined" error when removing created elements
  23. how to check if dom has been modified
  24. getElementsByName Not Working in Internet Explorer
  25. Valori passati ad una textbox
  26. Optimizing a tab switcher script
  27. ie7 and dom
  28. Returning 2d ScriptObject array
  29. Looking for a WYSIWYG JSP Editor
  30. form field values displayed on the fly
  31. retrieve textbox value
  32. Hide TR based on innerHTML
  33. how to validate marital status in java script
  34. FreeASPUpload
  35. Two questions...
  36. xmlHttp.responseXML returns nothing
  37. using a set of checkboxes to give one or more checked selections
  38. How to implement dynamic list by reading XML file using AJAX
  39. Number changed by Javascript
  40. Garbage collector in javascript
  41. Disable Right Click on Embedded Real & Quick Time players.
  42. Ajax File upload
  43. Javascript code within innerHTML
  44. Intercepting form submission in a parent iframe
  45. Window size and javascript HTML for my site.
  46. Syntax for variables within a namespace
  47. Scrollable Image Area (<div> positioning problems)
  48. Difference between break and return?
  49. End a for loop if value is ""
  50. variable instantiation & eval
  51. to change the form dynamically
  52. Progress bar in JavaScript for JSP Pages
  53. href onclick
  54. javascript within body in ajax
  55. DOM setAttribute onClick
  56. Event handlers, OO and function context
  57. inner object parent variable reference
  58. change color of div horizontal scrollbar
  59. cross frame createElement
  60. How secure is this script?
  61. Javascript Function is Never Called?
  62. pop up a new window if user abandons a website.
  63. Dynamic pop-up menu
  64. (JavaScript) How Can I do drop down list sorting?
  65. passing variable's value from JavaScript and receiving in perl script
  66. open new popup windows and focus a certain one
  67. Handling Binary Stream In Java Script
  68. ModalPopupExtender problem...
  69. Browser sniffing - all the rage.
  70. Problems with Safari 'blur' and 'focus' events on a Flash Movie
  71. FAQ Topic - How do I run a server side script?
  72. Moving view to start of text field
  73. Parsing XML using custom select Javascript
  74. Can't refer to innerHTML contents
  75. problem with user defined function on form 'onsubmit'
  76. problem with innerhtml and IE "view source" - need help please
  77. opening a new window with a switch case
  78. Populate a second drop down based on a selection from another above it
  79. Java script to activate browser with the given title
  80. How to lookup/compare a value in a table..
  81. why does shift stop my loop over this array
  82. How to put image in a layer through Javascript
  83. Problem when opening popup window in ajax
  84. 4 dynamic drop downs, any tutorial or link?
  85. oop design
  86. Find out the size of uploaded file on client side
  87. JavaScript onmouseover problem
  88. IE caches wrong image sizes
  89. Trouble with a registration page
  90. How to Alert RowID on Cell Click ?
  91. Restore the pop up on restoring the main window
  92. how to show wmp slider without other buttons
  93. Displaying contents of a hidden form element in a div
  94. Dynamically change input type TEXT to PASSWORD
  95. Using javascript with blackjack phone
  96. stick mouse cursor
  97. Unix path in Javascript
  98. add a chat to a website
  99. variables not set
  100. Jim Ley and Email
  101. How to retain the disable state of the button after page refreshing?
  102. How to retain the scrollbar position?
  103. Photo Gallery Code help
  104. detecting that a certain dom element is loaded
  105. JSON adding to my objects
  106. how can I get plain text assigned through innerHTML to work as real Javascript? Should I use eval()?
  107. Dynamically change colors on a page
  108. Trying to create a ticker with javascript -browser hangs
  109. Formatting Numbers - Adding commas fails
  110. How to read-in XML data and use it in a calculation
  111. Ajax XMLHttpRequest with Perl GET
  112. Unterminated String Literal Error
  113. Trigger financial calculation on select change
  114. Show/Hide Span based on form dropdown menu
  115. How to calculation time elapsed since this web page was last modified.
  116. textbox only allowed in numbers
  117. Clearing the value of a text box
  118. Download of file through javascript anonymously without knowledge of user
  119. xmlHttp.readyState==4 doesnt get set
  120. Change Image on click.
  121. Script works correctly in Firefox, not in IE6
  122. how will i know programatically that wmp is done playing?
  123. getting the font size in pixels
  124. We urgently require SAP consultant with 5 year of SAP experience
  125. Need Javascript Date Format (other than current date)
  126. FAQ Topic - Why are my rollovers so slow?
  127. use string.replace with regex to insert <wbr> tags inside a long string
  128. How can I make a field become mandatory if a certain drop down selection is made?
  129. Javascript - OnLoad is wrong in IE! Very frustrated.
  130. Print Background images and colors
  131. how to send "click middle mouse button" to link
  132. Two input fields to a single database field
  133. Create Photo Gallery using Javascript
  134. dropdown list using ajax does not work: error on page
  135. Prefill Textfield/Textarea
  136. Extracting the img src using JavaScript RegExp
  137. make images appear when text is clicked
  138. problems with my javascript code
  139. resetting element opacity value
  140. document.getElementById has no properties
  141. Date formatting
  142. Try to set the ojbect of document.getElementById with a veriabled failes in FF
  143. my IE6 Javascript cannot read select options
  144. Usage of regular expression test() method
  145. changing font colour of link
  146. radiobutton
  147. getElementById is not working in mozilla firefox
  148. Is Javascript the new "Basic"?
  149. make form fields mandatory depending on user action
  150. How to play movie at certain frame?
  151. Div tag moving script onmouseover not working in netscape and firefox
  152. Sliding pictures
  153. mozilla focus function problem
  154. Programatically control wmp using javascript?
  155. Attach JavaScrip to ASP.NET Control.
  156. Position 2 menus separately that share the same div tag
  157. <input tag turns color red when negative
  158. Keeping js outta html
  159. IE throws javascript errors while viewing pages
  160. Having problems using setInterval on a function which has a parameter. Help please.
  161. Stop Javascript execution safely?
  162. calculating difference of dates
  163. Passing script variable value to a URL
  164. Window close
  165. How to change textbox words in another frame in different domain?
  166. If control has both server/client side event
  167. Change GridView SelectedIndex-property on the client
  168. Sockets and OKing self-signed certificates
  169. find test answers in JAVASCRIPT/ source code
  170. find test answers in JAVA/ source code
  171. Response.Redirect() not working with AJAX
  172. Yahoo Store Tags
  173. Ajax Memory Leak
  174. Allow user to enter data in the combobox dynamically
  175. how to apply the link for whole popup window
  176. How can i find JRE is installed or not if installed, how can i find it's enable.?
  177. Javascript IP address logger
  178. javascript working incorrectly in mozilla with select element
  179. pls help on xmlhttprequest
  180. Change Caption or Title of alert box
  181. Display given URL in a popup and refresh every n seconds
  182. What does "Error: 'document.layers.main is null or not an object" indicate?
  183. Differences Between Javascript and AJAX
  184. Problem with Onchange Event in Firefox
  185. form validation code works in IE7, but not in Firefox
  186. Eliminating Redundancy when Constructing Javascript Objects
  187. assigning PHP variables in javascript
  188. calling two functions from a single event
  189. Open specific drives on my PC
  190. Retrieving variable values (via the URL) from one page on another page
  191. How to delete a document in Javascript
  192. how to display other site contents
  193. disable only close(X) button on web form
  194. How can write table inside the script
  195. ActiveX control doesn't run despite warning
  196. OnClick in Div only works when user clicks text
  197. Checking to see if a number is 'natural'
  198. Implementing an 'Agree to Terms' popup
  199. possible viewport question, need to control what portion of div contents appear when overflow:auto and too much content in div
  200. Problem with XMLHTTP responseText empty
  201. Scrolling to the top of an iframe's parent on form submit
  202. getElementsByName doesn't seem to work in IE
  203. How to get the position of ASP.NET textbox
  204. Capturing event when User right-click->paste into text box
  205. Code works great as .htm file. '.aspx' breaks it.
  206. Multiple functions on window.onload
  207. getElementsByName doesn't seem to work in IE
  208. Formula calculations using user inputted values in a form
  209. Dynamic Event Handler problem
  210. Javascript Tool Tips
  211. calculated width of span element.
  212. Unable to reference inputs when the name ends with '[]'
  213. getting GMT in a particular format
  214. Javascript text editor
  215. Focusing on a textbox depending on which element is getting blurred
  216. How to place an icon in System tray using Javascript or VBScript.....
  217. code for freezing html header
  218. untypical question - js menu
  219. file upload using ajax and php
  220. DEBUG javascript in firefox
  221. attachEvent does not work in Firefox
  222. need to change src attr of a destination image from one this clicked on
  223. php and ajax dynamically created select box onchange event
  224. how to defend from automatic Ad views
  225. open email client from webpage ...
  226. how to call external .js file from another .js file
  227. Clicking a row in a table affects the control
  228. Chained Selects and dynamic text fields
  229. Highlighting Table Data Fields When User Doesnt Enter Data To A Text Box
  230. Javascript code to retrieve result search results from database
  231. trouble with upload Q:(more trouble with form data processing)
  232. FAQ Topic - How do I change the confirm box to say yes/no or default to cancel?
  233. Highlight and scroll to search terms when referring URL is a search results page.
  234. 2 Drop downs - setting selected value in 2nd using JS after iframe load
  235. getElementsByName() generates undefined ouput value in a textbox
  236. Javascript form data computations
  237. Help with Matt Kruse's Popup Calendar extend Disabled Dates
  238. Simple buttons, click to add to textarea?
  239. Passing a parameter in PHP
  240. maxlength of textbox is not working in javascript
  241. Math.random() algorithm
  242. var i = 0: why is i such a common variable name?
  243. form results in new window
  244. Error alerts appear twice when pressing tab in input box
  245. dependent combo box
  246. Loading 8 images in order with a short delay
  247. Display subparts details in gridview when we click Image which has some partno on it.
  248. Passing a variable's value from javascript to a perl script
  249. How to bring Calendar control from back to front using javascript
  250. Clear form button to call java onclick function...
  251. create non-sidebar bookmarks in Firefox?
  252. Get the record count of a data list using document.getElementByID()
  253. submit form data with javascript
  254. submitting form with javascript
  255. page refresh problem with dropdown
  256. Using arrow keys (up/down) to navigate within a table
  257. document.getElementById works in IE as expected, but not in Firefox
  258. Create a wiki website where you can edit and save content
  259. Help for wiki website using simple javascript
  260. FAQ Topic - How do I disable the right mouse button?
  261. Grabbing a custom attribute from a checkbox element
  262. Application Planner
  263. Image gallery works great in IE but not Firefox
  264. My *codeURI* Gotcha :/
  265. How can I pass Javascript variables to PHP variables?
  266. How to open a new window in Firefox and keep the reference?
  267. how to write userdefined callback function
  268. Onsubmit form validation will not run..
  269. document.all vs. document.getElementById
  270. Calling function in a child window from main parent window
  271. Partial page rendering is not happening in update panel in 2.0 ajax
  272. i want to implement OnBlur event on modeless dialogbox.
  273. display textbox on click
  274. Error: uncaught exception in Firefox
  275. Ajax.Request onComplete
  276. Javascript Suspends HTML Execution
  277. How to save .aspx page as .html by using javascript
  278. Form Success popup
  279. Trying to implement Google Suggest kind of a thing, need help
  280. order of form elements
  281. Is this a bug? Nonmatching capturing parens in regexp in replace with function are not undefined in Firefox
  282. How to change the interval in a setInterval as it is running?
  283. Trapping noconnect in DOM created <script> element
  284. Allowing AJAX to access scripts that are not normally accessible to the browser
  285. Passing input values between pages.
  286. Sort outer and inner strings alphabetically
  287. Problem communicating child/parent values
  288. Load script with each page.
  289. General question about javascript V HTML form
  290. Topsy turvy window.
  291. Cannot View Php Pages
  292. click event - mouse or keypress
  293. number validation and string validation
  294. Using Javascript to generate objects
  295. Making a div appear when the User mouses over a link
  296. Resizing Table not working in Firefox?
  297. Javascript and AJAX
  298. Dynamically adding numbers from a form.
  299. JScript scope: "myFunction" in window ?
  300. and IE
  301. FAQ Update 9.85 Dated 2007-08-31
  302. Creating checkboxes dynamically document.createElement
  303. getElementById multiple Id's
  304. zero in front
  305. I need js code to run after returning to a page
  306. Find radio group value
  307. JavaScript Flyout menus
  308. confirm message for file download
  309. innerHTML for a table row problem
  310. Insert text box values in MS Access using Javascript
  311. image size reading problems with firefox javascript
  312. Ajax question, multiple fields...
  313. How to close a child window in javascript.
  314. Total Time(Duration) With LogIn Time
  315. Simulate User click by position only
  316. Click Button to the next page
  317. Field.length returns undefined
  318. Write value in layer using eval
  319. how to add text boxes/select lists dynamically
  320. How to generate alpha numeric numbers using java script
  321. File Upload using Ajax.
  322. how to capture refresh of page
  323. Alternative for selectedIndex
  324. change the title or my page without refreshing
  325. Client-side validation without using Javascript or Ajax
  326. invisible table columns
  327. Safari updating select box with ajax - *black box* over new values
  328. Form Submit Using java Script Not working in IE
  329. clicking checkboxes in a view using checkbox present in another view of a multiview
  330. Build a 3 x 3 table using colour selected from a list box
  331. Linking submit button to new page
  332. I can't validate an array - help
  333. Access field data in a <script>-tag?
  334. onClick Calender issue not loading, Error msg: Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)
  335. Redirecting the browser if a value is found in an array
  336. Auto updation problem
  337. HTML select box
  338. Want help Regarding window.close() function
  339. Not understanding XMLHTTP state: help?
  340. cannot execute code from freed script
  341. Changing the background color of a table row when the User checks a checkbox
  342. javascript function arguments
  343. problem with keyup event in mozilla
  344. document.getElementById('form:b2').click(); Not working in Mozilla
  345. focus() not working in IE when created by appendChild
  346. Search method or RegExp?
  347. "Javascript Blocked" error; unable to watch Netflix Watch Now movies
  348. how to make all the check boxes are checked when i check one check box for all.
  349. FAQ Topic - How do I generate a random integer from 1 to N?
  350. OnClick & IFrames
  351. submit() not defined? WTF?
  352. Forcing window.print() to wait until all iframes have finished loading
  353. Load an External Javascript Function
  354. Is there a built-in function to find out about the client OS?
  355. In java script it there a way to find out the size of a layer?
  356. Comparing Select Options
  357. how to search using html and javascript?
  358. how to search text in a page using html and javascript
  359. set onclick handler for links dynamically
  360. Problem when using two <h:commandButton>
  361. javascript to validate form
  362. how to pass selected value from dropdownlist of child page to parent page
  363. how to add a list menu multiple option slection
  364. add opacity or alpha -visual effects -
  365. Set focus on First text field, if any
  366. help on yui tree menu
  367. looking for goodtutorial
  368. oop
  369. How can I programatically invoke the onChange event?
  370. Writing a file upload function
  371. Javascript for SOAP results in 'file not found' after upgrading to XP
  372. cannot delete inputs
  373. what is JSON (short explanation)
  374. Image Source Not Changing in IE
  375. Controlling Javascript from server side
  376. Moving options between two select box lists, with optgroups
  377. How to discover if attachEvent was done to an element
  378. Changing properties of an element without using name / id
  379. Subclassing, Inheritance, RE subclass "constructor" and inherited members
  380. calculator problem
  381. bold the selected text in textarea for firefox
  382. Clicking on a button does not go to the correct page in Safari.
  383. simple javascript not working in firefox
  384. Prompt window - OK/Cancel in Do While
  385. Read / Search Text File in JS
  386. Defining and Invoking a Method - how do make it run on a browser?
  387. Need a way to resize iframe
  388. What is the difference between XmlHttpRequest and a standard HTTP request?
  389. is polymorphism supported by javascript
  390. scrollTo(x,y), layer NOT window, possible?
  391. focus change
  392. open new window from php script
  393. scrollTo(x,y) problem; doesn't work with window.onload
  394. Displaying Object Properties?
  395. Play the next track when the current one finishes.
  396. accessing data of a bound column through javascript.
  397. Query: Refresh Div on submit.
  398. Works in IE, but not in FireFox
  399. making a popup window with javascript from within php
  400. Email a web page
  401. pop-up with yes-no button instead of confirm() with ok-cancel button
  402. Parent Window Issue with Ajax
  403. isnumberic check
  404. Popup with three buttons
  405. show pictures on mouseover
  406. During production the AJAX result from xmlHttp.responseText was not displayed.
  407. error message: document.form1 has no properties
  408. FAQ Topic - How do I make a 10 second delay?
  409. accesing an external JavaScript function from .htc file
  410. Change action for delete confirmation
  411. Upload multiple files with a single file element
  412. Display an image from co-ordinates of another
  413. Access child windows without reference
  414. Password Strength Meter Reset Problem
  415. Stupid Audit Tricks
  416. Passing values between different windows
  417. load XML with javascript
  418. Capturing close operation when we click on window close button..............
  419. How do you generate a text (.txt) file from an HTML page?
  420. Select area and code of page using Javascript or Ajax
  421. three dependent drop down lists without refreshing the page
  422. no call to the javascript function
  423. javascript script error
  424. Javascript <%= VariableName%>
  425. system information
  426. how to add Option Values
  427. Adding new methods to existing classes
  428. Javascript/CSS limitations?
  429. how to pass a SPAN id to the .js function.....
  430. Show and hide divs on button click
  431. Form elements work in Firefox, but not in I.E.
  432. Why does my form keep submiting when I don't want it too?
  433. filter question, &nbsp;
  434. Page scrolls when I call a JavaScript function.
  435. Increase Image Size
  436. Form not getting accessed through javascript
  437. Can I use variables to form objects?
  438. Submitting Radio button results & getting result displayed on screen.
  439. Need help with this onkeyup event scenario
  440. third-party libraries
  441. Can someone recommend a book for learning Ajax?
  442. popup window
  443. Triming down a MySQL query
  444. delete multiple records by checking checkboxes records from database use javascript
  445. Page gets stuck... How to load javascript before page loads
  446. find relative path of access database in javascript
  447. My ActiveX is always installed!! Only install the first time
  448. Is mandatory?
  449. Japanese charset support in GetXmlHttpObject()
  450. pass html form checkbox description data to a new html form
  451. New Syntax for Old Guy
  452. Works in IE, but not in FireFox
  453. Scriptacuous Sortables question
  454. Calling js which requests privileges in a signed JAR, from HTML not in the signed JAR
  455. How to call Javascript in a .js file from HTML when both are in the same signed JAR?
  456. Creating new form elements on a webpage
  457. animated org chart
  458. Debugger fires but not at the line i set
  459. Wait until window closed before continuing
  460. sessions in javascript
  461. Timer function required (Javascript) - 120 secs to finish the quiz?
  462. Passing arguments dynamically to onclick event / Scope of variables
  463. how can I switch CSS div hidden and visible with JS
  464. how can i change the height and width of an iframe dyanamically
  465. login form user and password vaidation check
  466. problem with null parameters passed from XMLHTTP in javascript to C# Webservice with SOAP
  467. sound width javascript
  468. Creating a hyperlink dynamicaly in TD
  469. error in execution
  470. pass arraylist in applet method in JSP
  471. Spry Tabbed Panels ( Dreamweaver CS3 ) question.
  472. how to create a MultiLine string
  473. Form with two buttons that submit to different pages
  474. FAQ Topic - How do I trim whitespace - LTRIM/RTRIM/TRIM?
  475. Parsing a secure page for data
  476. how to get the list of local variables
  477. Need: Javascript to solve for X (proportionality)
  478. Generating new HTML on the fly with JS - How can I reference it once the generated?
  479. eval function not working in Mozilla
  480. AJAX call only works once in IE. Works fine in Mozilla.
  481. Getting rid of iframes from Google search results
  482. Help with .replace
  483. How do I reset an array!
  484. portable dictionary class
  485. Simple Calculating
  486. Going to a URL instead of opening a new window
  487. onmouseover works where onclick doesn't - AJAX
  488. CSS & <OPTION // "Class" Related Question
  489. picking random background images
  490. Image Rotation
  491. Form to run a JS Mandatory check before toggling <div> tag..
  492. Adding javasript property to a cell in dynamically added rows.
  493. Getting started with AJAX and C#
  494. select checkbox on click of row
  495. Check if object exist
  496. how to show multi layer by each click and no hide,
  497. displaying message using javascript
  498. Tips for JavaScript
  499. Q about function definition syntax
  500. Disable browser save as command
  501. Getting confused while Exploring ORKUT JS code.
  502. Changing the value of xmlelement from null
  503. Getting Lightbox js to work with existing js include
  504. how to align the text box to the top of the form
  505. Make Window Height 100%
  506. Can't read/write .js file...
  507. Using niftycube to round corners
  508. getComputedStyles question
  509. Take user's name, show msg alert and then display on webpage
  510. Dynamically creating a login form
  511. Form validation using javascript in php application
  512. Accessing a HTML element using javacript variable
  513. Validating an email address
  514. Executing Javascript code stored in a database.
  515. Hide Show Text
  516. problem with menulist refresh onchange
  517. How can i get printer name and IP in JavaScript or J2EE
  518. Code works fine in IE, but not in Firefox
  519. Changing protocol to HTTPS in framed pages
  520. Event Detection of elements at runtime
  521. validate multiple checkboxes using javascript
  522. Capturing window.history.back()
  523. (java script) How can i disable a drop down list?
  524. (Java Script) How can I split a file name?
  525. onchange AND onblur AND onkeypress
  526. hi, <div style="visibility:hidden" id="hid"> is not working in table
  527. Make AJAX call in address bar.
  528. when i used javascript onchange() the error is coming object doesnt support this prop
  529. what is alternative for activex in mozilla?
  530. Using method defined in frameset in frame
  531. Javascript encoding (How to support Japanese characters) I18N
  532. JavaScript Error in Multiple declarations
  533. return true / return false validation
  534. cross platform problem with javascript on mac os x
  535. how to activate the remember me option at the login page
  536. How to pass HTML/php variable into JavaScript
  537. 'document[...]' is null or not an object with rotating images
  538. Submit Your Javascripts
  539. validation of file input type
  540. Loading a Random html file in an iframe
  541. Changing CSS properties using Javascript
  542. Element has no Properties (but will alert() properties)
  543. Another firefox / IE question
  544. Client Side Validations
  545. Reload parent window & query
  546. IE6 ignores my form validation handler
  547. Press Button to display (the value in the button) on the Input Box.
  548. xmlhttprequest http.status unknown
  549. Form info lost after refresh
  550. Checkbox to toggle <div> bit of form...