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  1. Don't understand these code.
  2. Loading a file on the server - timing issues?
  3. if else syntax -
  4. Re: Maintain a Div's Scroll Position After refresh
  5. onclick problem
  6. Change favicon icon depending on browser type
  7. Regexp way to detect PO Boxes?
  8. freelance JavaScript
  9. Inconsistent regex results
  10. IE work. Firefox Does
  11. very weird IE 6 problem..
  12. Can we change the title of alert box displayed through Javascript?
  13. Adding SVG via Javascript in Explorer
  14. CSS Question
  15. javascript to access registry keys of Internet explorer
  16. node.offsetWidth vs clientWidth vs scrollWidth
  17. Missing the beginning of threads
  18. Alternatives to using global variables?
  19. onKeyUp event not firing...or just bad code?
  20. Pass Initialized Object Reference to Event
  21. naming syntax rules
  22. scrollbar to iframe through javascript.
  23. IE not loading script?
  24. setting footer of a html page without changing pagesetup
  25. dynamic change of header and footer of a internet explorer page
  26. Avoiding an Infinite Loop in Arbitrary eval(user_code)
  27. getting computed style for Img width and height
  28. Need help with rounding on a calculation
  29. JS menu/iframe conflict
  30. Empty <span> + onlick
  31. failing to get reference to form object in Firefox
  32. If value is in a list
  33. New Code to Compute Retail Values
  34. Scriptaculous Draggable Fires Off OnClick Event
  35. Need of a code snipet which converts mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy
  36. Active content in popup window
  37. paste as plain text from word
  38. XML and javascript
  39. Safari 3 and refresh
  40. Opera and dynamic style change.. this must be a joke..
  41. onClick / Nested Divs
  42. reusable function to get radio button's selected value?
  43. Re: mootools Ajax fade in fade out response problem
  44. " in textfields
  45. Re: Read a file into Javascript variable from the server
  46. Strange Safari onClick problem
  47. Save screen to a file
  48. popup combo box
  49. AJAX problem with php
  51. @import
  52. id="watchcomp.lang.javascript@62fc29b86239eb3c"> Huh?
  53. What do these dollar signs and parenthesis do?
  54. Using JavaScript to Customize Mouse Pointer Graphic??
  55. Redirecting output
  56. 2 iterations - different results - why?
  57. meaning of "===" for objects ???
  58. xmlHttpRequest gives no response
  59. how to refer to a form element?
  60. OnSubmit using two script validations
  61. Re: document.domain obsoleted?
  62. IE Invalid Argument... sometimes
  63. inner classes problem
  64. Date format DD/MM/YYYY
  65. Load HTML page into another HTML page using Javascript
  66. Load HTML page into another
  67. inner classes proble
  68. Date format
  69. html as xml document on IE
  70. Need help understanding this part of code. Explanation in post(2008-04-18)
  71. Reaching an html span nested in an html div with javascript
  72. The Firefox status bar
  73. View All objects on one page...
  74. Faded Background on Full Page Area
  75. Issue with setting hidden value from url
  76. javadoc, perldoc, ....javascript doc?
  77. obtaining sender value from document
  78. Bypassing Security Code
  79. simple question: prototype how to remove Event observer
  80. Javascript in Emails
  81. Modify script
  82. load javascript asynchronously(without blocking browser)
  83. Ajax Tree + Dynamic Table
  84. Adding onChange to Select box value doesn't do anything
  85. FAQ Topic - How can I disable the back button in a web browser? (2008-04-17)
  86. A javascript based browser home page app
  87. Problem posting form to an IFrame
  88. What is a findName reference?
  89. Recursive object literals in Javascript ?
  90. Can We read client side files using javascript
  91. Backslash confusion
  92. <div> blocks in same position?
  93. Question about cloneNode behavior
  94. ASP .NET and Javascript
  95. Required Fields and Warning Boxes
  96. Multiple <script type="text/javascript" src="mys.js"></script> OK?
  97. IE javascript:function() link error
  98. Multi Line Text Box Horizontal Scroll Bar Behavior
  99. Please help me to make it work in FF...
  100. Is there a method to send gmail through a xmlhttprequest?
  101. displaying a page from an iframe
  102. Javascript to OPTIONALLY hide HTML/JS
  103. print scrollable div
  104. to learn jQuery if already using prototype
  105. error in IE with CDATA inside javascript script
  106. persistent TCP connection over page reloads ?
  107. innerHTML not being recognized in FireFox
  108. Setting focus to search page input field
  109. onFocus and onClick for Submit Button
  110. picking up URL when link is clicked
  111. Re: TextArea Horizontal Scrolling
  112. TR background
  113. sourcemap
  114. Re: anonymous functions; naming of and firebug
  115. logic and disabling onclicks?
  116. Adding data to URL for bookmarking
  117. Javascript function to calculate distance between points
  118. date compare within 90days?
  119. Recursive delete of directory - Directory not empty error
  120. Re: anonymous functions; naming of and firebug
  121. disable image until ....
  122. Radio checking issue
  123. Re: onclick and DOM in parent window problem
  124. JSP and Javascripts on same page (Passing values to JSP fromJavascript)
  125. tough question 2
  126. a tough question
  127. javascript and pointers
  128. Resize elements onload
  129. Re: identify the language of a web page
  130. FAQ Topic - What does the future hold for ECMAScript? (2008-04-13)
  131. What does "if(!variable)" check?
  132. XML Parsing Newbie Madness
  133. Point of defining an inline function and calling it at the samepoint?
  134. Importing XML using Javascript, same html file
  135. Do You Think This Is Possible?
  136. importing an xml node into an xhtml one
  137. Object-arrays - duplicate object-references
  138. detecting ENTER keypress and click in Address Bar
  139. Why Do My Images Keep Swapping??
  140. Javascript / CSS Question
  141. Inserting a condition
  142. Hide/Show Text + TextField
  143. how to maintain browser history using javascript ajax function
  144. Drawing
  145. Customized Listbox required
  146. Open a word document in browser using Javascript
  147. passing data from parent window to popup
  148. How to parse values from string
  149. New line in a prompt?
  150. Form Button Confirmation
  151. validation of mandatory fields
  152. Get value of column when row is clicked when using GridPanel (array grid) in ExtJS
  153. Display tooltip when some event occurs
  154. Naming Array dynamically from an Array
  155. Check all the controls loaded
  156. if(this.opener) means what?
  157. change layout in two div at the same time
  158. datetime validation dd:mm:yyyy:hh:mm:ss format urgent
  159. Can't delete cookie created in Javascript
  160. validation is not working on fire fox
  161. Multi column sorting in dojo
  162. Save as dialog box?
  163. how to get <option> id
  164. How to run Ajax on Local Computer
  165. remaining time from db with no page refresh
  166. Tree using Json Data
  167. Displaying hidden variable values in text box on button click
  168. document.styleid has no properties in firefox
  169. How to validate textfield using Javascript in PHP?
  170. Username should take alphabets
  171. Malayalam font not working
  172. Error in javascript form validation
  173. Validate--dropdown menu lists--no selection made
  174. Ajax replacing javascripts in responseText
  175. Hide All Except One Tabs showing hidden content brriefly
  176. Problem regarding onkeypress and onkeydown
  177. Date entry way
  178. Return selected text in textarea/text box
  179. Ajax POST stays on ready state 3 after sending a few bytes. GET works fine
  180. W3Schools Ajax time example doesn't work in my system
  181. Encrypting a javascript variable
  182. Getting error while entry in userid field/responseText not returning value
  183. HTML Redirect with Blank Target
  184. html to object
  185. Disable the middle mouse button/ wheel mouse button
  186. To add menu bar in the picture
  187. Retrieve array through xmlHttpRequest/Ajax call
  188. insertBefore generates "node was not found" error
  189. Redirect page in javascript.
  190. Modify region/town Ajax drop down menu function to work on three different fields
  191. kill a session variable in js function
  192. bring front,bring back images
  193. Ajax onSuccess function as part of calling object
  194. crop images using javascript
  195. passing submit button value
  196. Javascript Yes No Button.
  197. Check box validaton
  198. add two years to date string
  199. ASP.NET Ajax ModalPopupExtender Control flicker during postback
  200. MSN webmessenger script, Add webmessenger to your website!
  201. User password confirmation validation: how to prevent user from copy/pasting
  202. jQuery Modal dialog form
  203. Price calculation
  204. Url modification
  205. ScrollTop Issue in Firefox
  206. problem with rotate image using javascript
  207. AJAX over HTTPS
  208. Ajax problem
  209. Stuck on quotes again
  210. How to implement a timer with ajax. A real-time solution??
  211. change size of a javascript element
  212. can i reach file in javascript or any language without im permised ?
  213. JavaScript - onKeyPress, onKeyUp
  214. Create HTML page without active script warning message by Javascript on IE browser
  215. Displaying text
  216. Link to javascript functions
  217. How to get to open a new window
  218. Image does not move to set location
  219. enable the link once page loads
  220. Prototype error's
  221. Can I assign value to cookies immediately after selecting a value from list
  222. sorting in dojo grids
  223. javascript global variables
  224. Javascript function to make a field mandatory and nonmandatory acording to different
  225. How to upload file using ajax?
  226. Write a document to a page and submit using a button (and implement back button)
  227. Pop up window in ASP
  228. calling a function with a parameters
  229. about retrieving data from xml and display it in the html page
  230. auto add pre defined input fields in a form and total the same dynamically
  231. Facing a Problem when I use the loadXML("<xml String>")
  232. function inside function
  233. Disable back button
  234. Can't reach else part
  235. adressing forms
  236. Cannot get condition to work
  237. Shopping cart problems: popup window blank, products being replaced
  238. onscroll()
  239. How to encapsulate a statement
  240. Expand and Collapse (subgrids)in dojo.grid
  241. I want to dynamically select second list value based on first list value.
  242. Restrict user to copy/paste Issue
  243. Can I open a connection in Javascript
  244. checking the value of a submit button
  245. Is an image button pressed in JavaScript?
  246. javascript class and prototype - function doesn't see variables belonging to 'class'
  247. Reload page asynchronously using Prototype
  248. Can you dynamically add a ? query string to a URL?
  249. Assigning JavaScript variable to a Perl variable
  250. Calculating decimals
  251. Problem with Firefox and Ajax batch requests
  252. Can I verify ip address
  253. Capitalize small alphabet
  254. Object expected error
  255. All About Ajax
  256. [Javascript] Fields required
  257. Adding scroll to dynamic table
  258. Can I set null value in return date just after .....
  259. Dependent Drop Down Box
  260. Creating Dynamic Tables with JavaScript
  261. select value from a combobox and display in a textbox
  262. Where are cookies created in Javascript stored?
  263. escaping < character
  264. How to get share price (NSE/BSE) of my company and display
  265. Change a link's destination
  266. Defined Array Members List As "Undefined"
  267. Dojo Grids - group a set of columns and give them a common header
  268. javascript function not working when script "language" attribute is changed to "type"
  269. Recursive function in java script
  270. global variable in java script
  271. compare alphanumeric problem
  272. Should I use script language attribute or script type?
  273. Accessing a page using link
  274. Create rows/columns dynamically in with Javascript function
  275. Button executes every other click
  276. javascript within framework, document.getElementbyId error
  277. How Do I send an email thru my website ??
  278. Modal Popup Extender disappearing during validation
  279. Radio button problem
  280. Updation in database using Ajax
  281. Getting automatic focus on first text item just after running programme
  282. Browser detection sends IE7 into infinite loop
  283. login form for web statistics
  284. Creating a browse button.
  285. Form validation using AJAX
  286. Form should submit only when all data is filled
  287. Single / Multiple Checkbox Validation
  288. pass values from popup window to another popup window
  289. IE6 Garbage Collection and general IE6 slowness problems
  290. Javascript onClick question
  291. constructor/destructor
  292. Basic questions about JS images
  293. Disabling a table
  294. Newbyish question about Array slice method
  295. Compare time in the format hh: mm
  296. Disabling mouse-over text
  297. JavaScript assign by value vs reference
  298. slow response in table cells <TD> to mouseover with IE6 but fine inFirefox.
  299. onSubmit and Internet Explorer = trouble
  300. Javascript on the client as an alternative to Perl/PHP/Python on theserver
  301. Submitting Forms
  302. sending disabled input fields
  303. Form Gray Filter
  304. Reverse ajax call with javascript server initiative
  305. how to retrieve the data in array with html element access?
  306. IE7 works worse than IE6 on web pages - Can javascript save thesituation?
  307. onchange event in IEMobile
  308. image viewer
  309. Form should submit only when all data is filled
  310. Page wont work when I add form tags!
  311. how to display box when mouse over an image
  312. Radio button value
  313. Accessing the selected value in a combo box
  314. Custom Event in JavaScript
  315. Using Vector in Java script
  316. How to return an array from a Javascript function ?
  317. need to display the calendar pop up in right side of the text box
  318. RegularExp for a file path
  319. disable a link
  320. <BR> tag with innerHTML problem
  321. giving focus to an html element
  322. How to set landscape orientation while printing through javascript
  323. stop F1 key to F12 keys
  324. How to make sure the dynamic image is loaded?
  325. show/hide div not fully working in IE
  326. Do not accept keyboard input for text boxes
  327. Call function only once on enter key press
  328. How to pass an array as a value of hidden varialble ??
  329. Calling javascript function in masterpage file using RegisterClientScript problem
  330. Finding expression between two words
  331. How to display dynamically growing table?
  332. How to change focus?
  333. how to disable don't want to drag n drop
  334. document.getElementById(el) has no properties.
  335. Expand image from slide show
  336. Unable to validate input data in array
  337. Form Reset with javascript
  338. dynamically add onmousemove function with event as attribute
  339. Dynamic css Property
  340. add a CSS menu toolbar (with links)
  341. Back link
  342. Javascript : selecting elements within a element
  343. Problem resizing a popup window (Permission Denied)
  344. text direction right to left for arabic text input
  345. How to pass the checkbox value in javascript
  346. select option by value
  347. warp text using javascript
  348. function call executing only one line onclick
  349. Default function arguments
  350. Validate input text field and clear if invalid
  351. Ajax CollapsiblePanelExtender And Ajax Modal popup Extender
  352. populating a drop down with Ajax? IE problems.
  353. Ajax Modal Popup Extender And gridview
  354. how can I create login window like
  355. Horizontal Menu code
  356. AJAX and SSL/HTTPS
  357. referencing controls in javascript
  358. Different year displayed
  359. changing a textarea's bgcolor
  360. remove siblings after current
  361. js positioning
  362. is null or not an object error depending on order of code
  363. AJAX (IE 6.0) responseText partially disappear?
  364. Change single number in embed attribute every time page visited
  365. Ajax page not getting refreshed in IE
  366. Getting next free array index.
  367. In line comment //@@ gives Invalid character
  368. Autosize <Select>
  369. Javascript code validation recommendation
  370. get div padding
  371. How To Get Mysql Data with Ajax ?!
  372. Problem with NewURL() on IE
  373. Look Up Table Help
  374. getElementByID/parameters problem
  375. Login Page
  376. remove '?' from a string
  377. Populate Pull down menu from access database on selection of previous pull down menu
  378. Javascript chart leaks memory
  379. Web Page Generator
  380. Cross Broswer Q - How to force flash to have focus...
  381. using option box, data retrive from .xml and display in txtbox?
  382. Regular Expressions containing square brackets [ ]
  383. How to call Javascript function in single statement
  384. Set background image for table
  385. Cannot remove a dynamically added text field.
  386. object and functions
  387. Get Url Change
  388. validation for dynamic multiple text fileds
  389. Gadget System.Gadget.Settings.write
  390. Multiple 5-star rating systems on one page - accept and remember user ratings
  391. i need to make a variable that can set the width of a div
  392. Javascript Ajax mysql remote connect
  393. How is this dropdown done?
  394. IE not functioning on a statement that Netscape has no problem with
  395. Empty error dialog box?
  396. AJAX works in IE7 but not FF2
  397. Retrieve image files from local system
  398. javascript presentation CD
  399. Object.prototype error on ie6
  400. keep ajax connecting ?
  401. Firefox - 'undefined' error
  402. XML Parser/validator in Java script
  403. Making a floating javascript pop up that you can move around.
  404. Javascript text blur
  405. innerHTML or appendChild ... Which is faster?
  406. Link of maping -- geocoding
  407. my javascript is not working in FireFox
  408. Displaying Scrollbar for texarea in safari
  409. Writing to the status bar
  410. uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property HTMLDivElement.parentNode
  411. refresh parent window on load of child window
  412. Make currently loaded menu item appear in different style than other menu items
  413. Making a glowing effect in javascript
  414. why not move to new page?
  415. Load MP3 player with Ajax
  416. dynamic link depending upon the history of the window
  417. Max parameter length send to the server
  418. Problem in ajax code like this.object is not defined
  419. need help with JS mouseover/popup: appears to the left instead of the right
  420. select box error
  421. Getting the color code with alpha level
  422. escaping or encoding line break
  423. Get Div Id where mouse was clicked
  424. close pop up
  425. display images from local drive on a web page
  426. IE7 issue with form
  427. getting width and Height of an Image Before uploading
  428. How to hide a javascript error
  429. Executing a script in the main window
  430. Regular Expression for validate email address
  431. Block the back button of web browser (Mozilla Firefox)
  432. get full web browser height
  433. How to open the report in a new window
  434. How to start Math.Random at a specific number?
  435. Trying to use javascript DOM to insert TABLE, not working
  436. html/javascript link code not working no matter how I put it.
  437. removeChild error
  438. doubt in executing a function: alert box appears twice instead of once
  439. [Javascript] Control combination select
  440. removing spaces from a string
  441. send checkbox array in javascript function
  442. Validating 10 Textboxes using for loop
  443. internet explorer does actually be refreshing the data after Ajax call
  444. Creating a javascript to change flash src in html upon an activestylesheet change?
  445. Coding Javascript/XML in PDF Forms
  446. Accessing a Control on Parent Page from a page inside IFrame
  447. Read XML string attributes with Javascript
  448. Javascript problem in FF
  449. Date_2 always higher Date_1 in the selectIndex
  450. Take post values and add them to the end of a url?
  451. removing a child node
  452. Date calculation not quite functioning correct.
  453. Select box overlap on iframe
  454. this.setHomepage does not works in FireFox
  455. Firing modal popup with javascript
  456. Custom Dialogue
  457. On object
  458. IE problems: can't get combobox value/cached results
  459. Reload an image.
  460. External AJAX
  461. I'm a VB/Notes guy looking for the equivalent of Like and/or @Contains in JS
  462. populating smilies
  463. new window with php header via ajax, is it possible?
  464. Selecting a particular row from a html table dynamically created
  465. YUI - update/set data table cell of selected row dynamically with diff. vals (XML)
  466. Get values of text boxes in function
  467. show spinner gif while data is retrieving
  468. How JavaScript can get its own File Path
  469. Javascript-triggered CSS "display" change
  470. dynamically updating a dropdown select - article anywhere?
  471. handle large data by ajax
  472. Columntree width problem in ExtJs
  473. Javascript code for date picker
  474. Using onClick to paste code
  475. access denied error in iframe
  476. Regexp get data from html page
  477. Form Validation
  478. How to programmatically update a menu following changes to another menu
  479. Referring to one frame from another frame
  480. onload Submit Google Form Endless Loop
  481. Save File Dialog
  482. [Javascript] Control in the select
  483. Javascript on mobile phones
  484. overflow:scroll change the default color
  485. Object doesn't support this property or method
  486. javascript code for pop-up calender
  487. I need javascript code for validate the email address
  488. Newbie Javascript Issue
  489. Problem with Java Script in IE
  490. Draggable DIV to scroll window
  491. How to get the Height of window
  492. OnFocus Problem in Javascript
  493. need help in ajax
  494. javascript function parametrs help
  495. String sent to function, needs to return only alphanumeric values
  496. troubles with eval and Ajax.Response.responseText in Prototype
  497. jQuery PNG Fix - Not Working
  498. 2 Buttoned Form
  499. fill the parent window height using 100%
  500. how to enable radio button in onchange of a drop down
  501. Ajax Pageresults not loaded in IE
  502. what is max width of ajax tabcontainer ???
  503. ajaxpage loading
  504. how to disable keys in keyboard
  505. Detect if Cookies are enabled
  506. change struct values
  507. Passing values from textbox to popup window...
  508. Writing Cookies in Javascript.
  509. how to reload page depending on the selection in the select tag in html
  510. constructing form parameters
  511. Javascrip with Treeview control in 2.0...
  512. Transfer data from Excel sheet to Notepad
  513. How to verify that all objects in an array meet a single requirement?
  514. Reading element attribute
  515. Lightbox
  516. Function to refresh the screen
  517. Javascript For Loop displays only one of two firstChild.nodeValues in String
  518. SetTimeout Problem again - Please Help
  519. Internet Explorer JavaScript Weirdness
  520. Help with Javascript turned off-vie YouTube
  521. How to set multiple selected options in a select-multiple type selectin scripting?
  522. boxcfed is not defined - error in firefox, works fine in IE
  523. How to allow spaces in between phone and code number?
  524. get names of buttons
  525. how to copy the content of table and the content on hidden table in a page.
  526. Make Multiple select box read only
  527. How can I access Hard Drive SMART data through JavaScript
  528. Javascript Popup
  529. Apps with long run time
  530. FAQ Topic - Internationalization and Multinationalization in javascript. (2008-04-11)
  531. IE not allowing adding diff proprties to an element, Y?
  532. XPath limitation with Firefox.
  533. Is there any way to know image size ? And truncate image?
  534. Image is not displayed in IE Browser Using Editor
  535. How would I put data from an AJAX call into a custom class instance (w/ Prototype)
  536. AJAX in electronic map
  537. this-keyword in anonymous functions
  538. AJAX - Menu - Country, Region & City
  539. How to give focus on List box .
  540. onmouseup event cannot be handled in IE7
  541. Add rows with mutiple controls on each button click using javascript or ajax
  542. Can u help to solve Menu problem in Html using javascript
  543. Count mouse wheel rotations
  544. Sending multiple variables at once to a .js page
  545. Not getting correct return values from Ajax script
  546. Keyboard Wedge Barcode Scanner - Capture postback
  547. Shortcut icon from desktop - to web
  548. setting onBlur Programmatically
  549. refresh page problem
  550. Making AJAX loaded content accessible