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  1. Are you interested in experimenting with #UrbanData & #IoT?
  2. Git version bump gem error
  3. Problems with installing puma gem v3.1.0 on Win7 64bit
  4. uninitialized constant CouponDuniaData (NameError)
  5. Wrong selected Item with surselection
  6. How to begin Ruby on Rails on programming
  7. A common feeling, I suppose.
  8. "IllegalArgumentException" error getting . While generating xls in ruby on rails
  10. How to delete data in in project table and task table with just a relational id?
  11. Search using coffee script ajax in rails?
  12. How to install rails 3? what are the versions of rvm postgresql coffee script needed?
  13. How to alert the response of controller to ajax using ruby on rails?
  14. ERROR: uninitialized constant PersonnelCoreController::Personnel
  15. How can I add or deactivate port using terminal comands in linux
  16. Troubleshooting thin servers
  17. Configuring rails logs to different server
  18. Configuring ROR logger to stand alone server
  19. Method syntax producing error
  20. printing a redacted word in an if loop
  21. Using watir, how can I click a table row?
  22. List of Some of the Top Web Development Resources Online
  23. Is this site built with Rails?
  24. How do I tell if this site uses Ruby?
  25. Web app requirements vs possibilities within rails
  26. Image file upload error: 'image' is not recognized by the 'identify' command
  27. How to read a jpg bytearray from a Flash AS3 file
  28. Any libraries that can give my application access to cloud storage?
  29. 10061 error (Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost') fix?
  30. Nested form and a link to add fields question?
  31. Can't pull up relation of table ending in 's'
  32. Passenger error while deploying a simple rail app
  33. add an Account to a user
  34. concat date object and time object and store in separate variable
  35. database variables calculation in ruby
  36. Ruby: airline reservation (arrays)
  37. How to set proxy while using savon?
  38. Error on web service implementation in ruby on rails
  39. uninitialized constant HelloMessageController::HelloMessageApi
  40. How to render the (xml+xsl) file as xls file?
  41. Execute query which is fetched from a table using MySQL
  42. Error of "undefined method `each' for #<Pictograph:0x927dea0>"
  43. error of Unknown key(s): #<Picture:0xa4d673c>
  44. taking value from DB in rails
  45. How can I create a multi-dimensional hash table?
  46. Error of uninitialized constant LanguageController::Languages
  47. When does "AssertionFailedError" error occur in ruby?
  48. what is the error of "uninitialized constant Object::Person (NameError)"?
  49. What does the & (ampersand) inside the string do?
  50. wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) ArgumentError in XXXXController#create
  51. How to send params from user input to find_all in controller?
  52. How to install Ruby on Rails on Windows XP?
  53. Ruby interpreter has stopped working
  54. Net::HTTP URI.parse
  55. How to insert values into array data type field (psql)
  56. RESTful service and filtering entities
  57. Incorporating PHP in RUBY
  58. How to get gpg command output in rails?
  59. How can you continuously append text to a page with POST requests in rails?
  60. What is ruby DBI(Database independent interface) for?
  61. How to add Controls Dynamically in RoR?
  62. How to automate the testing of my Rails project via Ruby?
  63. How to install ruby interface for sqlite3 in Mac?
  64. How to use 2 schema at a same time?
  65. Has any one writen a Bioruby script that contains the BioCommand?
  66. Updated my rails 2.3.2 now getting > undefined method `inject' for true:TrueClass
  67. ROO set_value
  68. How to randomly read a .rb file in ruby?
  69. How to attach file in an e-mail using ruby?
  70. ajax scaffold
  71. Observe field not working in IE
  72. How to run command in another/remote host?
  73. Ruby- need to fetch the xpath from a file
  74. Replication of tables
  75. Why has Ajax.Updater missed https to http?
  76. postgres to mysql
  77. key search in files
  78. Debugging
  79. working under webrick but not under passenger
  80. Print value to printer in ruby
  81. MySQL Server Problem
  82. How to store image in database?
  83. How to handle/record the authentication popup window via ruby script?
  84. How to connect to Mysql & Query for Database Tables?
  85. ARGV in Ruby is an array of arrays?
  86. Downloading File
  87. Reading contents of a file and storing into variables
  88. Deprecated code listing
  89. Ajax not working fine with IE6
  90. Parse Word document to upload data to database
  91. Renaming Zip File
  92. Delete Enitre column in excel using ruby code
  93. FTP - Multiple file downloads using ruby
  94. Validation of excel file in Ruby
  95. Displaying Records between 2 dates
  96. Alphabetic letter based search
  97. Check whether the unzip folder contains .swf files
  98. Notification Pop up
  99. Unzipping a file on upload in Ruby
  100. Send email in Rails 2.0
  101. Excel read in ruby on rails
  102. Install ruby on Windows XP
  103. Ruby operator affects overall program readability
  104. How do you harness information off the web?
  105. How does Ruby operator affect overall program readability?
  106. Import address book/contacts from various Mail Services
  107. How to simulate post method while redirecting to new URL?
  108. Need help translating Ruby code
  109. How to install Watir?
  110. Metaprogramming in Ruby: class_eval vs. instance_eval
  111. Is this the right tool for the job?
  112. Why Ruby?
  113. TamperedwWithCookie error
  114. Ruby Reports(CSV)
  115. Pagination in Ruby on Rails
  116. Deleting all tmp files (session,cookies,cache) in ruby
  117. about memcache
  118. Ruby Reports
  119. get filepath for FTP upload
  120. Zip a folder using RubyZip
  121. Reading files/folders and creating a zip file
  122. display answer page directly
  123. RoR newbie - file/directory browser and mysql table questions
  124. rails and sqlite3 error
  125. how to create a ruby variable from a database column entry?
  126. ruby on rails: add validation to form
  127. Installation issue with Rails
  128. Validate phone number/std code before adding to database
  129. HABTM population from text fields
  130. Getting Started with RoR. What are the advantages over PHP?
  131. getaddrinfo: no address associated with hostname
  132. Send Email in Ruby
  133. Ruby application example
  134. Can someone explain what rails is?
  135. New to Ruby
  136. Rails Server and Hosting
  137. Ajax problem in IE
  138. about ruby, any notes available?
  139. excel data manipulation through Ruby
  140. Importing other files to run ruby programs
  141. How to get Time difference from system time?
  142. Comparing Arrays
  143. Calling windows Batch file from ruby program
  144. ruby on rails connecting to database (easy question)
  145. How to upload rails project to live server?
  146. Regarding Validates_format_of
  147. Help for a bisection
  148. Unable to Connect to Mysql from ruby
  149. Ruby on Rails (Links inside text area)
  150. Writing table contents into a Text file
  151. Inserting (adding) images to pdf
  152. rjs is not working in Internet Explorer
  153. problem with form getting error stack level to deep
  154. flash media server integration in rails
  155. Problem: grey shadow in CSS vertical text
  156. Updating Individual database fields
  157. Template Override -- Help Needed
  158. render :update returns js wrapped in a HTML body
  159. Rails URL Rewrite help needed
  160. Oracle and Rails Problem
  161. Beginner question
  162. Browse file, open it, read it and write contents to text field
  163. How to read a file?
  164. Problems running gem install rails...
  165. Configuring apache web server in development machine
  166. how to load property files in ruby using Property class
  167. read, write and seek method in ring buffer class
  168. Raising Matrix to Negative Power
  169. Don't save the parent record if the child record fails
  170. MySQL updated data not showing up
  171. _before_type_cast error with validates_numericality_of
  172. Calculating IRR's in Ruby
  173. Query on observe form and rjs
  174. Tracking Updates
  175. Query on Observe field
  176. acts_as_textiled install problem
  177. How does Hash work internally?
  178. Displaying ASCII values
  179. Ruby and GUI programming (Easiest Setup)
  180. New to ruby (easy question i think)
  181. Insert Multiple Records at the same time?
  182. Ruby and object references / copying
  183. Help with scaffold and act as tree
  184. Error installing FXRuby
  185. Issues with form.serialize
  186. Complex database - having problems getting data updated
  187. how to connect to a database by ruby, and modify, add or delete?
  188. How to identify and click a button in the webpage using win32ole?
  189. "assignment of multiparameter attributes" error when using date_select
  190. What is Ruby on Rails?
  191. New to Ruby/Rails
  192. quick search to get 2nd dropdown list content based on selection of 1st
  193. editable drop-down list
  194. Ruby regex for removing C/Java-style /* ... */ comments
  195. Restaurants Google
  196. Nuby to Ruby (and all programming)
  197. flash communication server
  198. Gem installation Problem / Controller generation problem
  199. Exporting Information from Ruby on rails to a excel sheet.
  200. Dynamic drop down list for country and states
  201. Ruby Rails [ or ] php [ or ] perl: which is the best?
  202. Using Selenium
  203. how to connect to an existing oracle DB
  204. how to get the browser session in ruby?
  205. code for pressing "Enter" from the keyboard in ruby
  206. "Warning: Page has Expired" - How to avoid when using IE 6 browser back button?
  207. keyword search of documents on filesystem
  208. Rails doesn't wait for script to finish
  209. How to read content from an Excel file ans store in MySQL DB
  210. using acts_as_ferret in persian language
  211. any refer site for learning
  212. adding dynamic fields to a model ...
  213. Help building company intranet using Ruby on Rails (RedHat Linux)
  214. rss feeds in ruby on rails help needed
  215. help with: database error - parse error, unexpected $, expecting kEND
  216. Google map and scaffolding
  217. Question #1
  218. Problems with Rails Installation
  219. ruby on rails past upload file
  220. Help w/ errors.add_to_base between controller and model
  221. creating an array of unique objects
  222. eRuby and HTML
  223. Newby question
  224. how to implement three combo boxes?
  225. Ruby code productivity
  226. Rails app: How to retrieve windows logon?
  227. Reading variables in a file
  228. Timeout Error