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  1. Please help me understand the differences
  2. OODB or RDB for checkbook/budget program?
  3. Program started automatically when drop into a folder??
  4. University final project difficulty
  5. How to start learning programming languages?
  6. CRM Knowledge Base software
  7. Adding the Digital-Clay web client
  8. Should i learn ASP or Oracle APEX to create Online DBs?
  9. Best Method to Post a Work for outsourcing?
  10. Web Development using Silverlight, WPF, AJAX, ASP.NET and Web Service
  11. 3D or 4D Image Reconstruction
  12. Is it possible to have a public server application on a network without port forwardn
  13. Lost in the software jungle: WPF vs. C# vs. C++ vs. Java ...
  14. WinHelp for delphi 5
  15. Looking for a solution; browser accessing client side files
  16. Licence models + impelementations
  17. any potential threading error?
  18. Customisable installer
  19. MFC and Visual Studio
  20. running total from subreport in pagefooter
  21. Has anyone every used MVC ASP.NET?
  22. QuickBooks Download
  23. New Product idea
  24. How to generate software release notes with Trac?
  25. Is there any ftp available with email functionality?
  26. Your Best Interface :)
  27. Indian Flight API and train ticket Reservation API
  28. Find hard-coded password strings in project's code - Can it be done automatically?
  29. What is the best development environment for quick web-based data-oriented apps?
  30. How to add description for my site in google?
  31. About client-side and server-side
  32. How to decide the language and technology to be used?
  33. Reasonable Salaries for Access Database Designers and Managers
  34. A&D, agile development
  35. Any web application for making diagrams?
  36. Crystal reports does not apply group level selection to group summary fields - how ca
  37. Opensource Projects
  38. Suggest a project for An International Competition
  39. Undergraduate project level
  40. I wrote the program, I want to promote it, where can I do it?
  41. What should be Hierarchy of learning.
  42. Sample Software Outsourcing Contract
  43. When not to use Object Oriented Programming?
  44. Scalable and flexible application design resources
  45. Application Development Guidelines
  46. Registry key
  47. Integration between MS Project and an ERP system
  48. Create application with C++
  49. Fax Application
  50. I need a good program that will copy my DVD video to my computer?
  51. HR Payroll Software
  52. I want a ready made sales and ivoice database in MS Access
  53. date format1
  54. Magnetic decay in modern hard drives.
  55. Hardware requirements for software development company
  56. Need Help With Programming Language Selection and Database
  57. help needed with use case diagram
  58. Image ad creation
  59. Brochure Software
  60. Finding the size of a folder
  61. Help me
  62. Build DLL in Linux and use it on Windows
  63. Website Link Checker Software
  64. need SQL Server DTS package software
  65. File Formats and Programs to read them.
  66. Question about touch screen and HUD ingame
  67. Ecommect functionality Document
  68. Best Blog in php
  69. Design pattern
  70. time complexity of algorithm that is a worst idea to draw a
  71. ans me.....
  72. What's GM
  73. Windows POS monitoring incoming port
  74. Website Update in a Quick Way
  75. Website Mirror
  76. How to decide on the technology to use for a project?
  77. Best Developer Tool For Interactive Ebooks?
  78. Managing Affiliates
  79. How complicated would this project be?
  80. which is the best API to get stock quotes in a server data base for further processin
  81. Giving out information
  82. checkedlistbox
  83. How to start a project
  84. Nth term of a series
  85. Integrate Microsoft word application inside java interface.
  86. WordML
  87. Google Is Your Friend. Use It.
  88. Income
  89. Number of threads linux supports
  90. Time Complexity
  91. NetBeans IDE as a GUI Design Tool
  92. create an application
  93. Tools for commercial game development?
  94. Web Browsing Software Development
  95. Framemaker
  96. programming langauge selections
  97. Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word problem with PasteSpecial()
  98. N-Day Expiry Time Bomb in C#
  99. What is the best IDE out there?
  100. Is this the right tool for the job?
  101. Has anyone made money from releasing their shareware as open source?
  102. Software Architecture Books
  103. Website Building
  104. static
  105. SE - Process model for small projects
  106. Scheduling Application
  107. Web Application Testing Tool:- Sugesst
  108. Web-Crawler Feasibility Study
  109. Is there a standard practice For Version Control
  110. EOF character for a PDF
  111. Want Auto-Updating, conflicted on best approach.
  112. DITA API and Xml
  113. How can I read the event log from a remote machine with a deferent domain
  114. Why doesn't C# have an instant error list, like VB.NET?
  115. convert UCHAR[] to char[]
  116. How to manage CAD Project ?
  117. xml data or multiple parameters
  118. End user documentation framework
  119. Measuring Similarity for Assignment Problems
  120. Convert a mathematical formula from in a text box to calculate value.
  121. SMTP source code in Delphi 2007
  122. Quality During Software Development
  123. Test management system and Bug-tracking tool in one application
  124. How is Software Made?
  125. Maze Generation Algorithm(s)
  126. Different Software job titles
  127. UML Diagram
  128. Looking for help to set the keyword for website!!
  129. Bespoke Software Development
  130. Regarding PerfMon.
  131. Software Project Idea
  132. including the database backup to the deployment project
  133. What Do I Need To Know To Be a Programmer in the Workforce?
  134. Extracting names and phone numbers from web links
  135. What is CMS?
  136. Select design pattern which allow extrapolate repeat of code in separate classes
  137. convet rtf file to html help
  138. Programming Survey For Future 3rd Party Language.
  139. RE: Detecting Masquerading using Intrusion Detection System Project
  140. Accounting Software
  141. custom calendar
  142. writing web site and file architecture
  143. ypb I am dedicated to software engineering
  144. freelance programming
  145. I want to learn a functional programming language...
  146. Design problem with List containing class inheritance
  147. mocking a resource like a directory in unit testing
  148. Learn Field Length
  149. three-tier
  150. Creating Operating System
  151. Generic Visual perception processor
  152. Find Friends
  153. create-application-ref command
  154. Operating System design and kernel
  155. Visual FoxPro Project help
  156. Does Flex++ Support EBCDIC chracter set
  157. Project Development
  158. Design for parsing and translating into a new syntext
  159. Best IDE for JSF (its URGENT)
  160. Email Blasting Software.
  161. Platform Independent Application
  162. Standalone
  163. Software design life-cycle
  164. What do finance domain IT projects look like?
  165. The C#,.NET, and programming market
  166. Software Installation Problem
  167. online extreme programming help
  168. Verticals & Horizontals
  169. Soft Info
  170. Software Testing
  171. Adobe Eforms
  172. Distributed computing
  173. convert
  174. SharePoint
  175. Problem in communicating with USB Port
  176. digital signature
  177. Fixed income or Stock Trading system
  178. How do I implement Accounts across various modules.
  179. Phone Service
  180. VBScript Web Page download
  181. Develope a registry monitor
  182. errors during kfs installation
  183. Question regarding a data entry program.
  184. regionalization problems
  185. question about performance test plan
  186. 3d Software question.
  187. Easiest 'OS Java Programs' to develop? - HELP
  188. Software Protection: Distribution of Keys, Post Purchase
  189. Help in UML class diagram
  190. kfs
  191. Check all combinations of numbers for a given sum
  192. Nedd help to make a small software project
  193. Need to know what technology does rapidshare use to manage its multiple uploads
  194. Developing on Vista?
  195. Development in Linux
  196. Help needed
  197. Program Files as a default installation folder
  198. Grabbing Bytes & Converting For Picture Editing?
  199. Chart tools
  200. Spell checkers
  201. Deployement Problem
  202. Software Development
  203. Want Help related to login page
  204. how to change * sign in foxpro database?
  205. Questions about OOP books
  206. New Motion Tracking Auto Turret Demonstration Video
  207. What software would make team work more reliable?
  208. Need some good ideas about final project
  209. To streamline or not to streamline...that is the question...
  210. PSD and HTML/PHP
  211. Fetching hardware detail from computer by code
  212. Interface developing, prince 2 activities
  213. G729 codec
  214. Help with looping through controls
  215. Blogs
  216. I study computer science,and I need ideas for my final year project
  217. Managing concurrent coding in software development
  218. Can any one help me out please.........
  219. Limitations of Today
  220. vrml
  221. Multi Language Site
  222. Full call recording in vxml(voice genie)
  223. What was used to Build FACEBOOK
  224. Can I use DFD ?
  225. how to read txt file and then insert it to sql table
  226. A question about documentation software
  227. Corporate tv software solution
  228. Chat online with a two-way interactive sketching whiteboard
  229. Empty report appearing for iReport, when calling from a java class file.
  230. New business!! I am starting a company based in business collavorative software.
  231. Application not Installing
  232. SEO steps
  233. Imperative programming Vs Object Oriented programming
  234. How to work for web.config with Subversion?
  235. project works
  236. VB/Access projects
  237. face recognition system's front end
  238. Regarding Database Design
  239. with which program, i can make 3d games
  240. How shall i start professional project development in C++
  241. .Net Fresher needs help
  242. Which tool to use ?
  243. Coding Guidelines
  244. railway reservation project
  245. In need of advice regarding building a record log.
  246. Command window doesnt diplay all the data...
  247. Reverse Engineer the methods call to com application
  248. DFD for casestudy
  249. adobe pagemaker 7.0
  250. SAP or JAVA
  251. JAVA vs DOTNET
  252. Suggestions for an Embbeded Scripting Language
  253. Need web app to create documents: Apache FOP or Adobe PostScript?
  254. Programming for Mac
  255. Need to write an application that runs on both linux and windows
  256. Any ideas please
  257. Updating AS400 Tables
  258. new techinique in php
  259. organazing software development at the firm
  260. Documentation for web project
  261. Problems of Database Communication
  262. Design Documents --- HLD/LLD
  263. Best practices for bug fixes in code for an open source project
  264. Regarding software company
  265. How can i restrict the use of DLL
  266. What exactly is Requirements Specification?
  267. Software development methodology questions
  268. API For Direct-Disk printers
  269. help with a relational algebra query
  270. Licensing on Unicode Implementation in a Embedded System
  271. Very urgent, please help - Min Time Cost Problem (Dijkstra’s algorithm)
  272. Scheduling design
  273. need help,what can my final year project be about based on my background
  274. systems use cases unique to the food industry
  275. Project Management
  276. Disposable prototypes
  277. Travel Website
  278. Encryption key storage
  279. Possible employer asking for source code?
  280. Access Modifiers
  281. Finding square root of a matrix
  282. software methodology for payroll system
  283. legal software development question
  284. When is a new system required?
  285. What to use? PHP or .Net
  286. multiplatform documentation
  287. Difference between TCP and HTTP
  288. Deploy .NET 2 Windows form app
  289. Radius
  290. Is there a "Visual Basic for Mac"?
  291. Separating UI and data into layers
  292. payroll
  293. How to calculate angle of a line
  294. Software for the iPod
  295. Procedures to follow to start new project
  296. Database developers: Am I nuts???
  297. help on e-ticketing documentation
  298. Setup and Deployment creating only shortcuts to "extra" files I want.
  299. auditing software help
  300. S/W Testing Trends in Automation
  301. software development
  302. Comparing the dimensions of two images using Delphi
  303. Apple VS Microsoft
  304. Software Design - SOR - Help Needed
  305. fatal error
  306. Question about Short URL Link ?
  307. Is Vista replacing XP or Not?
  308. Developer vs programmer terminology
  309. Software Development methodology for Payroll systems
  310. use Selenium RC to test Https/Http Pages
  311. oracle developer
  312. Creating a User login system for my site
  313. Inventory Controlling System Using RFID
  314. Encryption system ..
  315. What skills should a candidate for 'open source software development' have?
  316. software diagram flow
  317. Different prgramming techniques to connect to remote systems and execute.
  318. Store Front: Build My Own or Buy an Existing One?
  319. Determining the US State from Latitude and Longitude
  320. Good Design?
  321. Software Development Process Decoded
  322. I search a theme for my degree work
  323. Getting started writing an auction script
  324. Creating a scrolling email reader app
  325. function
  326. Repetition Structure
  327. tor is asking me for a 'control password'. What's it talking about?
  328. Project needed - ADO data control in visual basic 6.0
  329. What is the initial process of Software Development
  330. What are Microsoft Outlook competitors?
  331. What is Software Testing?
  332. Compressing Video Files ( 1 GB to smaller )
  333. COM/ATL/OLE/ActiveX vs .NET
  334. Developing an ERP
  335. Using ODBC diver
  336. designing a mapping logic for a very simple microsequencer
  337. What is the purpose of the filesystem, and how can I emulate its behavior?
  338. Researching Advanced Modeling Techniques (AMT)
  339. Setting permission for different users with multiple roles..
  340. USB problem
  341. Post sms Messages on a Website?
  342. Writing to a text file using UTF-8 format
  343. SNTP -> 64Bit TimeStamp Format
  344. coding complex numbers
  345. Why is it called a 'slug'?
  346. Creating a virtual directory
  347. Architecture Description language vs Domain Specific Modelling
  348. Email Blaster
  349. magic square - topographical model ...
  350. Reading tool data from the server using RFID
  351. Can we recorded Mail Transaction
  352. Learning to program computer games (for free)
  353. How much to ask for (JOB INTERVIEW)
  354. Big Companies and Program Development
  355. entity relationship diagrams?
  356. software
  357. Unicode
  358. Need a test Software Dot Net C#.
  359. top down vs. bottom up
  360. Running a .jar file inside Innosetup Installer
  361. In excel splitting rows to time slots
  362. Good Books For .net and
  363. Excel VBA Programmers
  364. Tacm
  365. question in cd/dvd burning
  366. Preparing for an interview
  367. Need a list of all the countries in the world for use with a database
  368. What platform to use?
  369. Software Development Timeline
  370. Which Language is better?
  371. SDLC life cycle
  372. Building Software in Windows
  373. Is SOA and SaaS one and the same thing?
  374. library system
  375. Software Development as a job help
  376. Idea or proposal for a software engineering project
  377. Good Programme specification template
  378. SOAP/XML Error
  379. code snippet repository
  380. CSV file limitations
  381. How to Create A Security Token (guid) in a Web.config file
  382. chat messenger - security issues?
  383. validating phone numbers
  384. Understanding programming theories for creating robust code
  385. How test private function ?
  386. UML Generation Integrated in Visual Studio 2005
  387. Recommend either SQL Server or MySQL for Retail POS Software
  388. ERD in Real World
  389. Subjects learnt in Computer Science BE....
  390. For best execution speed, should I cache in Main memory or keep querying the Database
  391. Displaying info from a database table
  392. New Job:How to tackle???
  393. Dynamic Buttons
  394. Security Holes in Apple's "Safari" for Windows
  395. What encoding is this?
  396. vbscript vs javascript
  397. Software Question..............
  398. Assembly Language Question.............
  399. Which is a better approach to implement generic algorithms?
  400. Memory Management
  401. Getting textbox input and validating it for numerical value
  402. anyway to add a attachment to a music download
  403. documentation
  404. Any good sources on DLL/MFC/ATL/ActiveX/COM?
  405. compare java and .net
  406. What is COM?
  407. Difference between DFD and UML
  408. IBM USB Fingerprint reader to secure database access
  409. I built a new technique to stop piracy of software
  410. VB 6 a keeper still, VB 2005 New neighbour
  411. Distributable software
  412. Generics + OODMS=Match
  413. Moving from proprietary database to a SQL database help?
  414. Browser and W3C standards Debate
  415. Visual Studio fails build with: "Error executing c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe"
  416. OOP: inheritance of a base class
  417. Implementing a 'Trial Period'
  418. Api, Sdk
  419. Optimal/flexible way to save uploaded image.
  420. What are all the things I sohuld learn to be a c++ programmer?
  421. What is "layered development"?
  422. Java vs dotNet
  423. What are 'Virtual Users'?
  424. methods and uml2
  425. What language is best for learning database application development?
  426. Looking for community auction software
  427. Subversion help (SVN)
  428. Site Not executing on server
  429. Simple graph with one cycle brain teaser
  430. Best PHP/MySQL content management system
  431. interface
  432. Writing software for wire connectivity tester
  433. Embedded software...
  434. Decision Trees and Decision Tables
  435. visual my program
  436. Compare Visual Basic .Net with JavaScript
  437. Question
  438. BarCode reader USB Help
  439. IDUG 2007 INDIA FORUM (Early Bird Registration in 150 USD till 30th April)
  440. Software Development
  441. Help Needed for academic project.
  442. need help with a smal script
  443. Mcp
  444. Documentation of Railway reservation System
  445. future of software development
  446. How to manage SqlTransactions while keeping database layer simple.
  447. Boolean expression evaluation routine required
  448. cygwin gcc, source insight, gdb and gdb insight gui
  449. GPIB Programming
  450. Software Engineering
  451. IT Job?
  452. pseudo driver
  453. C++ vs.MS C#
  454. Access Templates to Applications - Collaboration
  455. Abstract class and Interfaces
  456. Need Help? I Need Projects Under This Topics
  457. chess with computer
  458. Dilemma at work: Your thoughts...
  459. Testing a Web Application
  460. How to learn software engineering
  461. What is a good salary and package for our industry?
  462. Development of RIA ( Rich Internet Application ) !
  463. Converting generated code to something readable
  464. Things I hate about a language
  465. Test Case
  466. Thin Clients
  467. C++ back-end + what front-end?
  468. Differences in Architectures
  469. cost of developing personal investment software
  470. pda software
  471. Why would management prefer poor internal security to professional outsourcing?
  472. will I get a job in the software testing field
  473. Need Information about Web Accessibility
  474. Application Security Programming
  475. Client-Server App vs Ms Access Data Project
  476. How to collect the requirement
  477. Testers vs Supporters
  478. When will I be a good programmer?
  479. Documentation Samples
  480. Which Technology Is Better Microsoft/java
  481. What is a 3-Tier Architecture ?
  482. Coder Vs Programmer
  483. How many of you make a living writing software on your own?
  484. Building a front-end interface
  485. Can't find your post?
  486. How much time should you spend on design?
  487. The curley bracket!
  488. OOP Concept
  489. What language should i use for a simulation application?