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  1. notebook. help
  2. Beginning C++ programmers
  3. Cookie Problem?
  4. Double linbreaks in code examples 0.o
  5. re-routing URL
  6. Quick Excel Question
  7. Data type Conversion
  8. Too many segments error clipper 5.2 program
  9. soft ware for allignment of data in Note pad and then copying pasting it in excel
  10. spyware
  11. help in fuzzy logic.
  12. Meaning of mirrored site
  13. Crystal Reports.Net and Stored Procedures!
  14. hi new one
  15. micro
  16. New Member in NYC
  17. How does one post/attach an exe file in this forum?
  18. IP2Location FireFox Plug-In
  19. ASP.NET Ajax
  20. Help Writing Help Document
  21. Folder options
  22. Two (or more) computers sharing workload
  23. I need to limit the size of the data section in a Crystal Report Invoice
  24. Me and my yellow submarine..
  25. Crystal Management Server not starting
  26. .xls to .csv file
  27. backend-frontend tool in clientserver technology
  28. Dual function
  29. adding item to listbox
  30. SQL Server
  31. Register Script
  32. 14 golfers----6days
  33. bootloader repair
  34. The first prime number over 1,000,000,000,000?
  35. SharePoint
  36. Java vs Perl (file uploading script) - CPU/Memory server resource hog...
  37. How to change an image with image.jpg?text=test
  38. Urgent plz Help..........Need ur help plz
  39. Hi
  40. Google file types
  41. apache interview question
  42. hi! i am facing problem while loading aspx page
  43. Comment Styles
  44. Saving ER diagram on disc
  45. help me please...................
  46. How to download from a folder in c#
  47. Kxen
  48. Hi. Help!! Unknown Error 2147467259:
  49. alphablox-cube views.
  50. Software Engineering -Point of Sale
  51. Carey International in Washington DC
  52. What is Native Code
  53. Format for send Links
  54. peer to peer connection
  55. routers
  56. connection to sqlserver using jsp(urgent)
  57. Intel, IBM and HP form Linux support group
  58. Putting a PS2 cd into a computer
  59. Need an application
  60. Windows Toolbar/Taskbar Docking
  61. Miscellaneous Discussions Purpose
  62. Learn various programming languages
  63. Exception Handling for ActiveX Controls
  64. temporary internet files
  65. Fortran.
  66. Unterminated string constant
  67. Need someone to customize a simple AJAX script a little
  68. Need Help in SFTP scripting
  69. IE usage continues to slide
  70. what is the best
  71. Interface to VSS
  72. Permanent deletion of data
  73. Name of a programming/development style
  74. project problem
  75. What difference is there between boot loader and boot strapper??
  76. what Boot loader has to perform??
  77. How to Convert VB6 code in C# is there any Translator Available
  78. How to run Applications from remote machines using VBScript or WMI
  79. Is it possible to change my MAC address? If so, how?
  80. Update.
  81. mutex by binary semaphore??
  82. Any DB2 Knowledge?
  83. Late clause in development contract?
  84. How do I insert an image?
  85. Equipment reservation system
  86. hybernate
  87. eml/mhtml files
  88. Dynamic Method Dispatch
  89. binary numbers and computers
  91. What is the difference?
  92. Multiple iframes in IE-7 and session cookie
  93. Dont know how to post a reply to this thread
  94. i dont know where to post this so the reason y iam posting here
  95. Help - Having a Problem with Callouts
  96. Palm and PocketPC and EBook Problem
  97. regarding jdbc and db2 connectivity
  98. Requirement for Programmer
  99. Knowledge creeps up on you...
  100. Mycomputer icon vanished how to get back?
  101. Is Firefox missing features or am I missing their settings?
  102. More bad news about IE
  103. help me
  104. Exporting ASP Page to Excel
  105. Career opportunity with Global as an Senior Tech Architect/Chief Architect
  106. Can any1 recommend some J2EE/Javascript books?
  107. Network Security
  108. CATC Merlin's wand
  109. problem with thread creation
  110. Ordering of Elements in XML using Perl
  111. create folder
  112. dbf to text file conversion
  113. Can any one can help on TIvoli storage Manager issues?
  114. firefox problem: problem embedding a video in a <div style="overflow table
  115. What's a good reference to WinXp registry?
  116. Tutorials
  117. need information regarding uttra infotech
  118. project problem
  119. loking for help
  120. where are my posts...
  121. Array-Mortgage Calculator
  122. Index
  123. Meta Tags Etiquette
  124. what's the difference between jar and jad?
  125. page opened from search engine result
  126. MiniPE and Windows Xp Live
  127. Development Vs. Vista
  128. Web Project looking for Developers
  129. how to become a member
  130. MUltibyte Characters
  131. How Can I Call Php Script With Closing Browser??
  132. Need help in VB 6.0
  133. any body help me to unlock the mobile security code
  134. creating a LIB file!!!
  135. project
  136. File Handlin In Perl
  137. midi programming -how to use one midi file as the rhythm for another midi filе
  138. How to save all search engine results urls in a text file
  139. .net MCAD exams
  140. Five security flaws in Vista, one more for IE7
  141. Alem
  142. Kindly Help.
  143. C++ visual runtime error.
  144. help me out
  145. I am a starter help me out
  146. Certifications
  147. Project Development help needed
  148. Java Web Service to be consumed in DotNet
  149. about schema conversion
  150. When will LOAD utility check consistaint
  151. Odd Board Behavior
  152. Web calenders API
  153. Webpages ".do" extension, what is this?
  154. Spring and Hibernate pdf link
  155. Can computers think?
  156. change of titlebar
  157. VSTO 2005: getting error Specified cast is not valid
  158. Word document comparing and accuracy software for medical transcription
  159. Conditional formatting of cell(s) in Excel object
  160. Anyone know much about Crystal Reports?
  161. Folder Security software
  162. external data table
  163. Restoring & deleting from recycling bin
  164. File structures
  165. external data table
  166. Errors
  167. readirispro10
  168. Something Weird...
  169. Recommend any programs? or help in any way!
  170. I need help really bad!
  171. Already made community networks
  172. Permissions error when accessing webpage
  173. Is there a Matlab guru out there?
  174. program failing after converting global variable/s to local
  175. Viewing CODE blocks with really long lines
  176. Macro to open & edit a *.txt file in the backend
  177. Hard Drive
  178. Alignment is off on all text related documents
  179. Error while launching installed software
  180. Want to know more about LCID in Visual Basic and ASP
  181. Problem with file inclusion
  182. Creating an avatar for my profile
  183. Oracle9i Developer Suite form access problem
  184. Which internet browser should I use?
  185. Opportunity in Swindon, Wiltshire, England
  186. Database Abstraction
  187. animated H-bridge
  188. serial I/O chip
  189. General Forum question...
  190. How to Rollback between two different DB in ORACLE?
  191. Port 80 at the end of a URL
  192. WinZip 10 can no longer follow shortcuts in Add dialogue
  193. To know which Application is accessing the port COM1/COM2/LPT/any ?
  194. perl
  195. Epson ADK POS Sample Applications' Issues
  196. automatic addition to the date
  197. The Integrated Development Environment
  198. RonVerDonk Joins 'Four Digit Club'
  199. New site layout look great.
  200. How to edit a freeware program w/o source code ?
  201. These averages seem a bit... odd, shall we say?
  202. How to not-quite-automate an FTP in WinXP
  203. Sashi surpasses 1000
  204. MS SQL Script writer
  205. NeoPa surpasses 1000
  206. Asadullah
  207. List View
  208. Why am I still getting prompted on validation
  209. Installation Shield for Vb6.0,Java and Dotnet
  210. Secure your Online Store with SSL Certificates
  211. Does theScripts ever clean out unused accounts?
  212. Code to update recordsets in Access from Excel spreadsheet
  213. vodafone problem connectiving with opera mini by motorola v360v
  214. Happy Thanksgiving
  215. Browser-in-browser help please
  216. data migration from MAINFRAMES OS\390 DB2 to AIX UDB
  217. Looking for development advice
  218. operation of the internet
  219. Adding Tutorials?
  220. WAP enabling
  221. Secure your Online Store with SSL Certificates
  222. Please help about konqueror-embedded
  223. code for username and password login
  224. digital filtering
  225. Visual Basic Help Please
  226. Where can I find all the smilies?
  227. Server for hosting games
  228. examples of plugin softwares and productivity tools????
  229. Ai
  230. When did this site start?
  231. SQL Queries
  232. Query for following lookup
  233. Dotnet setup error
  234. Thanks
  235. Programmer needed for Custom Point of Sale Software
  236. Problam with Clustered Server environment
  237. drop down box properties
  238. Firefox - width
  239. Sorting subteams into equal size teams
  240. C#
  241. wants to copy an excel data and paste it in a data grid
  242. wants to copy a data and paste it in data grid (very urgent)
  243. Kevin Mitnick advises not to use IE
  244. VBA procedure checks values in login form and compares with entries in database table
  245. Newbie asking for help from all you masterminds!
  246. Job for WEB-designers
  247. FTP class..
  248. exeption access violations
  249. DB2 triggers question
  250. User-defined data structures
  251. Newbies
  252. javascript error
  253. Buddy List
  254. advice needed for newsletters
  255. too many files
  256. change Start menu & Recycle bin
  257. Job
  258. anyone knows?
  259. How can I learn to excel in Java quickly?
  260. How to set date/time on a Samsung MP3 player?
  261. Input Tablet to Webpage Chatroom
  262. consuming Java webservice with VB6 help...
  263. Emailed form page to be html
  264. Intrusion Software
  265. Can someone delete that spam, please?
  266. getting wsdl file and creating proxy for a service knowing its name
  267. How can I subscribe to a thread without posting to it?
  268. Windows Mobile 2003 SE changing View mode
  269. Sql Server And Data report (Visual Basic
  270. Is posting to a list a bad idea?
  271. Multi-user Password Database Solutions?
  272. new user
  273. cron jobs
  274. Strange Excel Behavior
  275. Me a beginner
  276. What the <bleep> happened to thescripts?
  277. Use ODBC API to retrieve indexes and keys on AS/400
  278. Want to know the meaning of some keywords
  279. HTTP put method
  280. C++ vs. Java
  281. MAC Address
  282. Help with Office web components - Positioning axis labels
  283. maxdb
  284. help about webservices... please..
  285. Creating User Logins in Excel
  286. error message I don't understand
  287. Masked Edit Text box In ASP
  288. How to check wheather div have scroll bar or not
  289. FTP Question
  290. Problem with Oracle client on windows and Oracle server on RHEL 3 ES
  291. What time is it? (posting times are screwy)
  292. Machinist Tool question
  293. Differerce between PHP and PERL
  294. Software Development in Raleigh, NC
  295. build index from key field
  296. IE8 won't support xhtml either.
  297. Cannon Twain 5 Driver - Error while installing
  298. Error:[COMException (0x800a03ec): Document not saved.]
  299. Firefox 2.0 now available!
  300. Excel problem
  301. Scroll Bars
  302. New to the forum - One ?
  303. Application needed
  304. Cant Change Pixel Setting
  305. script for converting letters into colours
  306. How i can check whether the my web application is secure or not
  307. Date Generator
  308. CNET Recommends do NOT use IE7
  309. Search Engine Optimization
  310. POLL just looking for your input on this.
  311. Why BDE Administrator use IDAPI.CFG or IDAPI32.CFG?
  312. Add/Configure database by copy files
  313. Write to dbase
  314. need script pse so users can download file
  315. Help In Quick Basic
  316. Please Help Me....!!!!!
  317. Microsoft Access Macros
  318. trouble with open cursor in DB2
  319. Somebody...anybody...i Need Assistance!!!!!!!
  320. I Need Serious Help Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  321. server object error ASP 0177 : 800401f3'
  322. Stack Error
  323. need code for stockmarket analysis software
  324. edf and rate monotonic
  325. Detect Visitor's Connection Speed
  326. select 1 + 1
  327. UDF Error
  328. Help.
  329. select 1 + 1
  330. Mdac
  331. tcp
  332. booting problems
  333. rman
  334. please answer my questions
  335. Crystal report formula Help Needed
  336. keeping the same content in a cell from page to page
  337. Excel Data to Access Database
  338. web help
  339. Data Warehousing with SQL 2000/2005
  341. Help with Relational Algebra
  342. Extracting data from an excel sheet
  343. Need help ...MQT not used for routing the query..
  344. Help with Relational Algebra
  345. Help with ActiveX
  346. Combo stores a number instead of text value
  347. UnitTesting Frame work
  348. Confused !!!
  349. Need a book for reporting services
  350. call an hta file
  351. Cash Drawer Code
  352. Practical Approach to Computer System Design and Architecture (for Beginners)
  353. New preprocessor: gmac
  354. Contract Positions Open
  355. Crystal Report Developer
  356. C# 2005 - Datasets
  357. Micro ODBC Driver Manager
  358. ASP.NET and the lotus notes
  359. Help
  360. What is the significance of // in url
  361. PowerDesigner and AS/400 reverse engineering database
  362. How to call Dotnet application from Java application with help of web services
  363. Are there namespace standards?
  364. Doing homework for students
  365. how to select data in a table using case statements:
  366. Java better than C++
  367. Allowing user to Download
  368. Unload blob
  369. Sqlldr
  370. Returning multiple columns...?
  371. Embedded systems
  372. Parameter problem
  373. Looking - DOTNET programmer w/ encryption experience - Columbus, OH
  374. crystal reports - iteration
  375. Choosing software
  376. Checking textbox is empty or not
  377. How can I learn s/w testing throught internet?
  378. Microsoft Web Components
  379. Hex to IEEE 754
  380. Creating MDE file for Access database having problem
  381. relfilenodes
  382. Display CSV data on webpage?
  383. need code for online reservation system
  384. Do not double post your questions
  385. problems with ftp servers
  386. pgadmin installation issues
  387. citrix exams ?
  388. DELETING and I mean washing out
  389. help me please.....
  390. Get data out of excel file stored as an image data type
  391. Can't start debugging on the web server? Access Denied
  392. How to ping large number of websites?
  393. How do i setup an user login page with search function?
  394. Treo 600 and verizon
  395. E-mail storage ideas
  396. Navigation bar and body problems
  397. Number of users online for website.
  398. One host better than another?
  399. HELP:sms project
  400. Internet Venture in Shanghai
  401. triggers ind b2
  402. How can i learn Object Oriented Programming? OOP
  403. Navision info exchange
  404. Finding a lost file . . . please help
  405. dropdown list control
  406. dock business needs programming help
  407. how do i creat a complete log of my database and its user
  408. Find and Replace
  409. Error running SQLJ.INSTALL_JAR
  410. Creating e-mail form
  411. How to identify the client computer?
  412. Online Dialer Softphone
  413. how to select a white paper
  414. Leitner Cardfile System
  415. Send text via Parallel port
  416. Top Contributor Award / September 2006 / Banfa
  417. windows member server
  418. How do i write test cases?
  419. Best Programming Language
  420. Printing an Access Report from an open Database in VB6
  421. DSN creation thorugh commandline
  422. Image resizing
  423. MSIE Error when trying to log onto MSN Games
  424. issue in VS.Net
  425. SQL Stored Procs
  426. Paste option is not work in my Web Application
  427. Sign into a website through one of my own HTML Page.
  428. gateway collision
  429. Configuring IIS for LDAP Authentication
  430. how to automate internet explorer for login and repetitive task
  431. Exciting PHP position
  432. Crystal reports Group
  433. random access reading to large size text files
  434. networking
  435. Javascript Combo box not updating in IE on a VNC
  436. Msaddndr.dll
  437. URL to desktop
  438. preventing browser back problem
  439. plz help me now with in postgreaql
  440. Compliments on new posting editor.
  441. How to archive a Specific Logfile
  442. Urgen Help Require Regarding Web Develpment
  443. filter values
  444. Embedded SQL Precompile error SQL0312
  445. sql performance
  446. (Spoken) Language evolution through web
  447. Can anyone figure out why I am getting the SQL 203 below ?
  448. New to BVT's
  449. Looking for a programming job / Where should i start?
  450. date functions
  451. app. on server problem
  452. URL with no file name?
  453. Cannot Create New Post/Reply
  454. Linux Training
  455. Need help in career move
  456. Age Calculation
  457. Os
  458. Do not PM questions directly to Community Experts
  459. Avatars have been enabled
  460. The request failed with HTTP status 401: Access Denied.
  461. System Development
  462. Is Oracle Forms 9i right tool for web application?
  463. Declaring conditions in triggers
  464. can any body help me out?
  465. Trying to run SQL Date query
  466. Avatars for Newbies?
  467. CSAction new array help
  468. ip retrival
  469. Want A Job?
  470. Questions about excel and online database
  471. aspxgrid
  472. Automatic Processing - HELP!
  473. Help!
  474. IIS problem
  475. 7zip - errors out when no files found
  476. Problem selecting max date
  477. problem in sorting
  478. Did you know about CHEAT SHEETS
  479. Table layout help required!!!
  480. DB Conversion
  481. Multi-User Database Design
  482. TCL/TK. Error: Expected boolean value but got ""
  483. Java Developers Needed in Virginia
  484. Navigation with css & js
  485. Looking for sponsored advertisers script for search site
  486. Query Dates
  487. Need help uploading pictures
  488. Database Design
  489. How do i disable the back button?
  490. Please Wait X Seconds... Url Revealer
  491. Cursing and bad langauge needs attention ASAP
  492. Help please!! problem adding Bitmap to image
  493. Job Opening - Software Engineer (Norfolk, VA)
  494. Legato Knowledge
  495. Sql Help! Anyone
  496. Pointer to array
  497. Pointer to 2D array
  498. Includes Text Without Server Support
  499. Embedding Shopping Cart into existing .html page
  500. SQL0104N Error
  501. sms
  502. Syntax error retreiving hotmail in Outlook
  503. report record source
  504. Ticket purchasing system
  505. Email disribution list using GoLive
  506. RunID printing current record only
  507. Break fix problem , Client side script , Interdev ,Windows 2003
  508. Form needs to output a CSV file
  509. display 2 weeks date in combo box
  510. Image down sizing
  511. Difference between mips and mcps
  512. access QMap object from JS in Squish
  513. PhpmyAdmin has changed uploading!
  514. Dynamic Navagation Menu
  515. Data Manipulation
  516. How to read a Date column from an Excel sheet using Apache POI
  517. slice in a macroblock
  518. processor help
  519. about motion vectors
  520. Display Information based on current date
  521. ASP pages corrupted
  522. Problem related with open and close database
  523. Molecule Viewer help needed
  524. Dropdown list relations?
  525. HELP Required - Reports output as PDF
  526. İmport / Export specs.
  527. Activating Keypress In A Word Document
  528. Setting commandname of datagrid buttoncolumn at runtime
  529. Exchanging data between branches - Database Design Help
  530. Help!
  531. filtering problem
  532. how to do mouse operations on a picture box in a form
  533. Problem with Union and datatypes
  534. Help with ACE
  535. -w parameter with osql
  536. Copying non duplicated data
  537. automated email sender
  538. DB 2... Starting Problem
  539. Embedded graphics in email messages
  540. Macro programming?
  541. Reading text from a bitmap file(hand written document)
  542. SQl Help - CHARINDEX on Multiple records
  543. passing text info
  544. need help regarding focus() in .htc file
  545. action failed - halt
  546. Logfile in SYSFILES(mssql7) deleted
  547. Replace Null field with previous record value
  548. help me pleeeeease to update the avaliable quantity column
  549. Error Msg! Plz help!
  550. diff b/w checked and unchcked