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  1. How to use if condition with <fo:page-number /> in XSLT
  2. How to remove 2 same blocks of xslt and make it dynamic?
  3. How to merge two files using XSLT
  4. xml to csv conversion trying to include header in the xslt code for xml to csv conver
  5. coverting decimal into binary numbers using xslt
  6. The script appears at the top
  7. Trying to use xslt to move the decimal and remove the extra 0s
  8. hresult _hr = raw_send(varbody) returning unsuccessful after date change
  9. xmlns attributes are added automatically to nodes
  10. How to transform XML attributes values into XML elements?
  11. XML sitemap
  12. What do I tell a code to click a button?
  13. cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Invalid content was found starting with element 'param-name'.
  14. parent tag in XML is repeated. How to defined in DTD that one tag is required for its
  15. Why is a / slash in a file path for windows example
  16. how to ignore namespace in xsl file while reading data from xml file
  17. How can i convert a bitmap file (text) to a XML file ?
  18. Change NameSpace in XML Systematically
  19. How to set node values for Duplicate Elements in Xml using Xpath in java.
  20. How to get rid of JPG.'XML' ?
  21. Xpath and simplexml
  22. How to use the doc() function
  23. how to find subguid in this xml file how to find this id
  24. I want to display images using xslt. How can i do this? Not familliar with XSLT
  25. How 2 remove duplicate element based on combination of multiple attributes using xslt
  26. XMLParseException: Expected 'EOF' in PunchoutSetup Response
  27. XSL:FO - How to identify the last word in a page
  28. how to write .xsl file from below XML format?
  29. Anyone See An Error?
  30. How to convert Schema files in valid DTD?
  31. Parse XML data from a single cell/field
  32. Adding image in XSLT with images in image folder at same level as .xsl
  33. Jpeg.XML... suddenly appearing an unable to open xml extension files
  34. XSLT - Dropdown menu using last used option
  35. XSLT- Counting value based on duplite clientID
  36. What is xml?
  37. Textpad Throwing Error Out Of Memory
  38. Image upload with transparent background.
  39. xslt variable a list of elements
  40. XML Innertext Vs Innertext null
  41. How to substitute variable value?
  42. Is it possible to embed a .zip file in XML string in C#?
  43. noNamespaceSchemaLocation and schemalocation
  44. Retrieve a Value, do a loop and Search by Key() -- in XSL only
  45. How to insert Identity value to another table in SQLXML
  46. how can I manipulate my XML ouput using an XSL stylesheet
  47. How do I run XSD to create C++ code from XML code
  48. Next How to create an IVR menu system by using a database
  49. need to process xml files from remote server
  50. Xml
  51. xml table create coding
  52. How to fetch data from XML file into combo-boxes using javascript based on DOM API
  53. xsl problem with xsd
  54. Two-step (indirect) recursion in XML
  55. Some sort of xsl embedded in xml?
  56. include signature to the footer of the XSL document.
  57. Going from Framemaker 9 to xml; text formatting issues
  58. easy way of replacing the text in xml with java or any possible programming language
  59. how i retrieve result the query SQL on XML
  60. Powershell code for user input and read contents of xml file based on input
  61. How to find the Depth of an xml using the Castor Api
  62. What is XML?
  63. XML file within an XML element
  64. not sure why invalid cast exception
  65. Able to rar files but doesn't Expand. unexpected EOF
  66. group nodes based on predicates in xpath string
  67. How to unrar the rar files through ANT script
  68. XSLT remove 'EncodingStyle'
  69. string manipulation in xml to replace \ with \\
  70. How to store array in XSL
  71. Getting error XML Parsing Error: junk after document element
  72. XML syntax error
  73. My xml create new verion on my Desktop
  74. javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException error when running Tomcat
  75. how to bind data with xml?
  76. how to define min and max number of characters for a complexType?
  77. cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'student'.What to do?
  78. How to get rid of xml document?
  79. parallel updates to an xml
  80. Getting started with XML
  81. Convert the data in XML file to Excel spreadsheet
  82. DTD - Element Hierarchy?
  83. Auto-refresh frames in a web page
  84. how to get number from <docpage number="28"/> using xsl
  85. Start Xml
  86. When/how REST replaced SOAP
  87. Like to develop Barcode scanner on Android device, looking for XML
  88. save multiple records from xml column to multiple rows in db table
  89. Help returning the correct item from an RSS feed that has Attributes
  90. XSL Transformation with recursive elements
  91. xml to gridview then save to database
  92. Default length of the String data type
  93. How to delete XML error message.
  94. XML page cannot be displayed
  95. How to send a variable value from html to XSLT?
  96. Filtering the XML Nodes bound with dropdownlist
  97. How can I get an embedded xml string into structured elements?
  98. XML generation using TinyXML
  99. XML Schema validation problem
  100. xsd problem
  101. Reference to invalid character
  102. Print a binary tree based on XML file
  103. How to use Xpath in Javascript to query XML?
  104. What is the best way to create C++ objects from XML?
  105. Problem with &lt; and &gt; embedded in text
  106. Error Messages for Drug Listing
  107. ASMX web service function reads incomplete XML
  108. text color change in sub menu
  109. Customized tab on word 2010 backstage
  110. How to parse XML file
  111. Image parsing
  112. How to read an "ñ" character in XML?
  113. xml filter
  114. Export data from access to xml
  115. Convert CDATA Content to XML
  116. get updated information?
  117. import 'XML'. A note appeared: "please choose a translation document file". That is w
  118. Reading XML
  119. Loading multiple files with FileReader() into browser memory
  120. &reg; and &trade; entities issue in XML
  121. Symbol "<" and "&" issue in XML
  122. Loading an XML file from local computer into a web page
  123. XML parser error in firefox
  124. refresh xml
  125. How do i refresh a XML doc from a Server
  126. Xsd/xml
  127. HTML Entity Output Escaping
  128. Problem with &lt; and &gt;
  129. org.xml.sax.SAXException: Parser configuration problem: namespace reporting is not en
  130. Google Chrome Comments Out XML Declaration
  131. The XML page cannot be displayed
  132. Update an XML file
  133. XalanC1.10: selectNodeList does not retrieve non-namespace nodes
  134. XSLT: Use Build Server To Merge Imports
  135. xml code error
  136. XSL file formatting date
  137. XSLT : hierarchy recursive
  138. Display and Edit XML data in a Asp.Net webform
  139. XML IF statement <or>
  140. XML creation
  141. XSD limitations!
  142. creating an ORM XML file from an existing XML file
  143. sequence and all usage issues
  144. Junk Character Found in PDF Output
  145. XPATH using javascript
  146. XSD for database design
  147. XML representation of a relational database
  148. XSD for blueprint database design issue
  149. how to replace image name
  150. read xml schema
  151. Filter data in xsl based output on button click.
  152. running SQL from a remote web page
  153. How to integrate XML in java ?
  154. My XSL document causes my XML to disappear.
  155. help with xml request
  156. how to find closing node
  157. xml and webservice
  158. How to parse an xml tag with array values
  159. How can I empty this schema content model?
  160. I found a XML file in my pc
  161. Can I store XML tagged Paragraphs in Memo fields and then parse them?
  162. I need to use XSLT to transform an XML doc to XML with 1 change
  163. which xml editor is best
  164. creating a xml dcoument from database thr' code in vb6.0 & validating it against xsd
  165. c++ xml parsing problem
  166. Must all parent node have the same types of childs?
  167. Using host variable in XQuery - for embedded SQL
  168. How to get SUM of "Price" base on selected "Item"
  169. Error in XSL 'Reference to undeclared namespace prefix: 'supr'. '
  170. How do you convert xml code into either a table or a text file?
  171. cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found
  172. How to read a processing instruction?
  173. Intellisence is not working for wpf in VS 2008
  174. How do I stop rss feed text from overlapping?
  175. Read an xml having URL
  176. XML Problem
  177. How to repeat the tags using the foreach
  178. How to read unknown XML structure file to Array
  179. Need relevant statement operator (besides =) to find a set of characters
  180. Please help with WSDL file for SOAP service
  181. How to handle the < and > sign to add into addText
  182. How to parse XML data to MySQL Database and have a connection between them?
  183. How to include an external xml file into a xslt to display its contents?
  184. How to parse xml response in VBA?
  185. How to fix "A string literal was expected,no opening quote character found" error?
  186. How to convert XML to an archive format using XSLT?
  187. Why XML is not an EDI(electronic data interchange) standard
  188. What do I add to make the output value positive? I know I need to abs() but where?
  189. if its possible to connect only xml with database (office 2003).. thanks in advance
  190. Table representation
  191. Selecting Values Based on Index
  192. How to fix element access_key is invalid error when validating XML?
  193. Creating a link to website in XSLT
  194. Problem XML page cannot displayed when install CorelDRAW x5
  195. Extracting information from RSS
  196. Have jpeg files that have been saved as xml, how do I retrieve them?
  197. Can you create an aspx page for sharepoint and then deploy programatically using xml
  198. How can I apply a style from resources to a checkbox within a DataGridCheckBoxColumn?
  199. How to identify the error with this XML/DTD pair?
  200. how to prevent xml tag in html file
  201. How to Append Node in C#?
  202. What is the difference between Call template and Name template in xslt?
  203. how to form xslt for following output using key?
  204. How to detect a null child element?
  205. How to transform XML data from child elements to attributes?
  206. How to display data in text file into xml?
  207. How to extract the value from tcp packet(recived in xml data) ?
  208. how to put mysql connection and php code within xml file
  209. Why do my XML and XSLT files work fine in editor, but not in Firefox or Explorer?
  210. To read data from specified xml element multiple times
  211. How to add a conditional statement
  212. page break in xml report
  213. I would like a number list instead of bullets
  214. How to to group sort and combine XML data?
  215. how to validate xml file against xsd file in vb6
  216. Is there a tool that will take my XML file and create an XSLT file for me?
  217. Splitting XML document based on a child node value
  218. How to hide and display a column in xsl for XML value?
  219. How to insert Binary Image data from XML To Excel using XSLT
  220. Google Map only display certain XML information
  221. How to do verification in XML with C#?
  222. How do I tell the browser not to cache an xml file?
  223. Is it possible to do enumeration to an element in a DTD file
  224. Autorun function using XML
  225. Can't use AnvSoft because of XML
  226. Parsing xsl variable to another xsl variable
  227. I can view XML doc locally, but not on network share
  228. Xpath Help
  229. What is an rss feed?
  230. Error message: Start tag expected, '<' not found
  231. how to use xsl to change this xml format
  232. xsl-xml: how can I transform an attribute text node to a element tag
  233. Issues writing XSD file
  234. xml validation
  235. How do I get this value?
  236. I have an XML file and want to insert from php4.
  237. Multicolumn text in xsl:fo
  238. Set objHttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP.4.0")
  239. Manually loading XML data into XForms
  240. xsl multiple grouping
  241. XML validation error: javax.xml.validation.Validator.validate(Unknown Source)
  242. Problem posting xml string using Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP in classic ASP
  243. A question about XSD deployment
  244. &lt &gt Problem...Ignoring specific characters like &gt; in the XML
  245. How to design an XML language that can be used to describe accommodation.
  246. Grouping by element
  247. how to remove blank spaces in xml
  248. I need the same number of columns in XSLT Table
  249. Read node names in XML
  250. how to modify the entered value in xml file
  251. How to convert the text data present in XML document to binary data
  252. xsl:value-of select and xsl:template match issue
  253. How to search for a specific tag in XML using C# [ Microsoft Infopath]
  254. XML Schema redefinition error
  255. xsl format string/date
  256. How do I Get The HTML Source of Any Web Page
  257. Is it possible to generate XML file from Visio ?
  258. Multiple XML doc Count
  259. Doctype for ie8
  260. Cannot access WSDL link
  261. how to check the entered field exists are not in xml
  262. how to store images in xml and show in flash by clicking on button it will chage ?
  263. Very noob question about XSLT, I think
  264. How to use Tinyxml for G85 wafermap to C?
  265. how to add these to a table using xslt
  266. Get the numeric value inside string in element
  267. Why is my svg file not displaying in my browser?
  268. All available xpath in XML document
  269. How to Parse This Xml formate Using TinyXML
  270. Unable to identify the level for Nested List inside an order list
  271. How can I retrieve XML and display it in HTML according to a condition?
  272. XML tree not displaying in IE7
  273. Problem with XPath 'substring' function
  274. Combining values in xslt
  275. using one xslt for 3 xml documents
  276. xpath to sort dates
  277. Sorting a xml file
  278. My XML Document and XML Schema are working together
  279. Adding attribute to HTML output with XSLT
  280. Grouping on Multiple Field
  281. Problem with xml with duplicate tags
  282. XML schema restriction to values of another element
  283. Delete element from xml file, based on sub-element
  284. Accessing CDATA section in XML DOM from Javascript
  285. issues with building XPath
  286. My Sitemap in not working properly?
  287. How to create Xpath query that retrieve value pairs.
  288. How to create schema that defines value sets
  289. xsl-fo: part of text in two columns
  290. XSLT sort question
  291. Can anyone give me a hand with this?
  292. Modifying xml
  293. asp / sql code in xml file possible? or other options to retrieve recordset in xml
  294. How to access a node with similar siblings
  295. How can I accesss a value from a node?
  296. Why don't I get the node value of the code node?
  297. namespace
  298. Replace special characters in xml but do not replace tags
  299. Why do I get "2" and "2-2" in output?
  300. reading a msn chat history
  301. Problem changing attributes into elements
  302. Changing the order of the XML
  303. How to hide a combo box contained in the row
  304. help loading an XML file using TinyXML
  305. Map required XML to SQL table
  306. XSL Template Question (Layout)
  307. How to pull a specific name within a node when using an XSL Stylesheet
  308. How to replace "<" or ">" in xsl stylesheet?
  309. Saxon Template Reference
  310. Filtering the datas of XMLto xsl
  311. How does one add a second table to an XML file using XSL Style Sheet?
  312. Cannot view XML input using style sheet.
  313. multiple sorting using AddSort method of the XPathExpression class
  314. xpath finding
  315. Xpath for unique value
  316. To fetch the specific values in xml to xsl
  317. XML to CSV ... and back
  318. <xs:choice> comsume webservice
  319. How can you specify co-dependent attributes in XSD?
  320. flash xml changes in server won't stay
  321. trouble about using the function selectSingleNode
  322. how to re-arrange the value of an XML element while displaying
  323. shorten load time for xml file
  324. how can change font and style in xml file
  325. how to find nodes in xml file using xpath
  326. Easiest way to remove duplicates
  327. Need to manipulate X and Y positions (and page break) via XSLT
  328. XML sorting
  329. How to extract xml from rssfeed using xslt
  330. how to display xslt output in web browser
  331. how to convert the xml into xml trasformation
  332. How to convert XML to PDF, TIFF and other formats
  333. Help with Schema validation issue
  334. How does preceding-sibling::* work?
  335. How to apply template for the first w:p in w:tbl?
  336. Split XML files with XSLT and Java
  337. how to insert a hyperlink in XSLT
  338. Resource File ( resx ) Editor Not Painting / Rendering in Visual Studio 2008
  339. Edit image dimensions
  340. replace element contents
  341. Tricky XSLT Transformation
  342. xml writeRaw in php 5.1.2 problem
  343. table for onaction function from access
  344. A-link between INFO tags with IFRAME...POSSIBLE?
  345. XSL setting flag variables
  346. Copying the first few xml elements
  347. conditional xml serialization
  348. How to store multiple values in XML file
  349. Outputing & on XML
  350. How to make a spring config file out of schema
  351. Xpath to get the nearest preceding sibling - howto?
  352. XSD - Compare consecutive elements
  353. unexpected error (Does anyone know XQuery?)
  354. comparing dates using XQuery
  355. xsl table
  356. Why do I get <w:p> w/o attributes?
  357. ParseException in .xhtml files
  358. xslt :how to check whether the value of a string variable is Yes or No?
  359. How do I append data to XML file with PHP
  360. how to retrieve node and child values that has xsi:type value
  361. Counter in XSLT
  362. Extracting more than one attribute value
  363. Concatinating 2 tags inside the same node with xslt XSLT
  364. DTD is not working or validate the XML file Plz tell me what is the mistake?
  365. how to remove carriage returns in xml
  366. Sorting Xml only first level
  367. How to Restrict Attribute value in XML using XML Schema
  368. Use the value of name to an html button onclick click function.
  369. How to extract details from XML string in table
  370. how to write special character string "Brosch&uuml;ren" into this format Broschüren
  371. How can I use xsl 1.0 for sort by group and output to xml again?
  372. Won't work in Firefox but works in everything else
  373. xsl:how to traverse through a loop and increment the counter each time for all rows
  374. Parsing the "description" element of rss/xml
  375. Random xml generation for testing server
  376. XSL : How to get particular node value of a table
  377. How to combine the following-sibling is same element
  378. XSL Date calculation
  379. XSL Display a Table
  380. XSL Display Attributes
  381. XSL Attribute Test
  382. how to make scanner in lexer/yacc for farm town in xml
  383. How can I retrieve HTML information from a CDATA Section of a XML file?
  384. How Can I retrieve parent tag while I have a child tag in XML?
  385. How to get the attribute from the self closing tag
  386. Unable to add Parent node name(if any) to a child node XSLT 1.0
  387. how do i instantiate xml from an xsd file ??
  388. Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1'
  389. Need help transforming xml with an xslt
  390. How can I display an image in a div, that is listed in an XML, with a java function?
  391. who writes better XML books deitel, WROX or O'reilly
  392. Serialization
  393. Give me a sample program to fetch attribute name and value
  394. Free Xml editor
  395. error in generation of XML using XSL and XML
  396. IE8 vs XML
  397. XSLT concat what is wrong w/ the following
  398. web service composition simulator
  399. Xml Schema: Extending base root element with unique/key/keyref element.
  400. problem with RSS
  401. XSLT count
  402. Get all attributes, XPATH
  403. xsl:when: Result-Tree-Fragment Question
  404. XSLT: Grouping and Count
  405. Writing XML Table in a text file
  406. XSLT grouping / xsl:key problem
  407. Schema - How to ensure that attributes are different?
  408. nsgml parser help
  409. Hang while invoking IXMLDOMDocument::load
  410. How to Fetch the node using stylesheet
  411. XML to XML Transformation using XSLT
  412. Xslt help urgent plz
  413. XSL xmlns problem
  414. Drag and Drop Problem
  415. expat XML Parsing in PHP
  416. Xsd - xml must contain element with specific attribute value
  417. Overlapping of data in xsl
  418. xslt correction
  419. XSLT HELP PLS in urgent
  420. SOAP/ XML message handling at Server side
  421. SVG Image upload
  422. SVG - Inkscape
  423. XML to DataSet Unique ID
  424. XSLT & The Noob........
  425. XSL not matching
  426. XSL - Dynamically enter blank lines in XHTML
  427. xlink does not work
  428. domnode hash
  429. xsl count of matching attributes returns number plus " or NaN....
  430. parsing the XML file
  431. autonumber
  432. XSLT match text then following sibling
  433. xsl Nodename occurs more than once on the same level
  434. Select element value based on attribute values in XML.
  435. XSL Sorting/Grouping question
  436. Please help to read xml using asp
  437. XML Deserialization - xmlns not expected
  438. finding the correct segment
  439. How to preserve XML tags after xml to html transformation using xslt
  440. simple XSLT question
  441. Retrieving text from xml message format
  442. XSLT Table Transformation
  443. Link to XML with an XSL
  444. xpath substring with case insensitivity
  445. XML schema transformation with XSLT
  446. get fields from an xml schema
  447. Convert DateTime to seconds
  448. Relative XPath position Opties
  449. Request using xml http object throws "Access is Denied" error
  450. Nested XPath Search
  451. make a pop up window for this xml code
  452. Xslt defining the third object from current
  453. gzip doesn't like XML?
  454. getElementsByTagName returns empty list in IE
  455. xml mapping problem with JPA
  456. Removing following sibling same element name
  457. reverse element
  458. Transforming XML using XSLT in .Net
  459. xsl: How to update varial value in a loop
  460. XSD - attribute level data validation
  461. 'Sort' One XML file into another XML file? (Help required pls!)
  462. XML Validation using XSD in IE 6.0
  463. XSL output option and <xsl:import>
  464. SOAPUI not showing SOAP Response
  465. How to import javascript in xsl
  466. xslt concatenation
  467. Cell Formatting
  468. I need sample parser code using SAX parser
  469. xml to sql 2000 table
  470. How to parse a incomplete xml file
  471. Xpath with namespaces giving odd results
  472. Xpath queries not working in some cases
  473. using document() in a xsl:for-each - newbie
  474. Converting XML to byte[]
  475. XSLT strips bullet tag
  476. read nodelist from xml in problem
  477. Reading Code/Description lookup via inline XSLT
  478. XPath usage for System.XML namespace objects
  479. Writing to xlsx files
  480. Transform XML data to Coldfusion structure
  481. Updating an XML file via web interface?
  482. Get page name via XSLT?
  483. saving XML into database
  484. XML declaration in middle of page?
  485. Decoding URL encoded string using XSLT
  486. XSLT count items?
  487. can't get rid of xmlns attribute
  488. xsl:copy-of not copy element name?
  489. XSLT - How to transform Element to Attribute?
  490. To create xsl with multiple worksheet
  491. total newbie issue
  492. framework available to convert XML
  493. xpath help
  494. Before I Dive In To XML/XSLT
  495. adding a footer in xsl fo
  496. svg in xsl fo
  497. XSLT: Dynamically create select
  498. addition with xsl fo
  499. xml-index
  500. return a name of a node in C#
  501. Merge XML within a file
  502. for-each IDREF
  503. Searching the newline charcter using XSLT
  504. Programatically Read XSL Params
  505. PageLayout
  506. Embedded XML data islands -- and referencing specific fields
  507. Element order issue when validating with DTD
  508. Target XML attribute with XSLT
  509. Passing Parameters
  510. Problem defining a variable name
  511. Subtotals & Grand Total
  512. xml font metrics
  513. How to transform xml to another format
  514. Merging 2 different XML files...
  515. WSDL validation checks??
  516. Different namespaces in one schema
  517. XML matches
  518. sibling navigation
  519. XML Linking help
  520. Count Wraping character in xsl
  521. anybody know about this can u send asp.....
  522. XSLT increment
  523. CheckCharacters property of the XmlReaderSettings class
  524. XSLT - Parameter value equals path to attribute, for query
  525. XML/PHP voting system, help required urgently :)
  526. XML to HTML page
  527. XML related.
  528. XL mail merge into word
  529. XSLT compare attributes of XML nodes
  530. To count the total number of specific element in xml using xsl
  531. HTTP POST from XSLT
  532. Find MSXML version from registry
  533. javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException:
  534. Convert XML files
  535. xml conditional if statement
  536. write php code inside xslt file
  537. Cannot change encoding at a XML with php
  538. Searching node in XmlNode[] in c#
  539. XML generation from xsd
  540. Xpath element 'search' in
  541. XSL sort/if confusion
  542. Converting escaped markup to nodeset
  543. identity constraint not declared
  544. To delete a unwanted sub element using xsl
  545. XML Punctuation
  546. key attribute in xml
  547. How to deserialize a xml containing qualified elements and attributes...?
  548. Clarification to replace the & symbol to &amp; in xml using XSL
  549. extract the plain text from an xml file
  550. xml tag position change