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  1. Using XSL to reformat XML by removing nested DIV elements but retaining text
  2. XML Request
  3. XPath showing NULL value.Please help.
  4. How do I get the attributes of the childnodes xml javascript?
  5. Why does this javascript xml work in Firefox and not Safari?
  6. Import an external JavaScript file
  7. Xslt
  8. references for XML
  9. XML tranformation using xslt
  10. Importing Nested XML Document into SQL Server 2000
  11. Reading a part of xml node and converting it to other schema .
  12. Schema HOWTO: define relationship between the values of an element's attributes?
  13. xml schema question
  14. Using XPATH to select a passage of text (C#)
  15. How to Update, Insert, delete only one element of a huge xml document?
  16. xml schema group
  17. XSI:TYPE as an attribute.
  18. create a new xml using xslt
  19. inserting child node
  20. xml schema issue
  21. Problems Nesting Ellements: start tag doesnt match end tag?
  22. error displaying a xml file in OPERA.
  23. Create a tab section in XML
  24. xsl:element question
  25. XPATH Query to extract attribute value
  26. Using importNode to add 2 XML docs. Please see and Advise
  27. XSLT related exception
  28. PreserveWhiteSpace not preserving all whitespace
  29. Reading XML in C# .NET
  30. Obtaining variable information from an XML file using xslt.
  31. Send Params to XSLT Client-Side Only?
  32. Error loading page: invalid xml declaration
  33. Can 2 xml documents be added
  34. Need help with XLink and XSL documents
  35. combination of word and number in tooltip
  36. JavaScript in XSLT
  37. Simple XML Schema validation
  38. Hyperlink embedded in XSL
  39. XSD Question
  40. How to convert XSD schema form to XDR schema form?
  41. loading xml file to mozila
  42. XSLT question
  43. Getting Node Value.Please see.
  44. Importing schemas: Cannot resolve the name to a(n) 'element declaration
  45. web service - returning array of custom type
  46. How to display the data in the xml to excel sheet.
  47. Hardcoding and sending soap responses...
  48. Display XML nodes whose parent node has a certain attribute (or attribute value)
  49. deserialize a XML to a collection
  50. XSL doubt!
  51. Date Conversion Query.
  52. XML MySQL connectivity
  53. storing a node in hidden field
  54. fo page-break within paragraph
  55. Element mapping in XSL to a table column.?
  56. modify xml node
  57. Usage of 'starts-with' in XPath.
  58. XML data to DataBase Using JSP
  59. Setting a variable for use from a return of call-template
  60. DTD Help
  61. Validate elements in a namespace.Please see my query.
  62. Mapping of elements from 2 different Namespaces.
  63. XML Link
  64. Help With Xpath
  65. help with xslt
  66. XSL transformation Problem
  67. Matching nested loop values
  68. Extract an Element Value from an XML document.
  69. trying to find an xpath id using innerHTML
  70. How to write using xmlTextWriter
  71. Default Namespace Error.No element displayed.
  72. Dynamic addition of new nodes/attrubute
  73. Namspace Issue and Query
  74. Problem Reading XML File with Firefox
  75. Adding a User Defined attribute to the Output XML?
  76. xml parser not working on remote server
  77. A conversion using XSLT.
  78. XML problem when trying to loop through child nodes
  79. xsl: write only certain attribute
  80. Dynamically creating Columns in XSL
  81. Converting XML in this format
  82. Changing the background based on value in xml using xsl
  83. Error 2019
  84. How can I Link a File to CD-ROM without mentioning the direct path? (in XML files)
  85. Raad Attributes and there Values from an xml file
  86. Xml Validation Error -> Automatically entered extra character
  87. Using XSLT to convert an XML file
  88. Beginner XML --> XSL Question
  89. how to create treecheckbox using javascript and xml file
  90. For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document
  91. how to build texonomy of xml file using javascript
  92. Read attributes of a document through XML
  93. Faster parsing of an xml file
  94. How to read second record within XML file by using openxml?
  95. Problem with JavaScript operators in XSLT
  96. Xpath In Javascript
  97. General Knowledge about .XML
  98. how to parse data to an html page from XML file checking a DTD file
  99. RSS-feed not working
  100. Rich text element...
  101. xml to excel
  102. Xml merging , updating
  103. How to convert xml file into a xml string
  104. RSS for an interested party..
  105. How to pass xml file to stored Procedure
  106. How to use XPath to read identical elements with different Text Values
  107. I need a Translation Document File
  108. Merging of two branches into a complete tree.
  109. sendin sms
  110. serialization
  111. Bulk XML posting
  112. 3D XML in a web page
  113. max() function problem in XQuery using Saxon
  114. xmlWriter
  115. System.Xml.XPath.XPathException
  116. flat schema
  117. XMLtextWriter speed test
  118. how to change xml node property by c# code
  119. checkbox and button in XSLT
  120. Having difficulty making hyperlinks work in XML doc
  121. Validation of XML in HP-UX environment
  122. Validation Problem XLM
  123. Change DOCTYPE SystemId value in C#.Net
  124. Modules in DTD
  125. need help
  126. XML upload onto SQL server
  127. Transform XML with XSL in compact framework (c#)
  128. how read the xml tag(all data in one tag)
  129. printing xml with css
  130. how read theSE tag
  131. DOM tree to XML
  132. Importing Multiple XML Files
  133. XSLT - Using if statement to reference attribute
  134. Removing empty nodes
  135. XSLT programming!!! need help from gurus!
  136. Xml DTD Change
  137. Validation for non zero value in element
  138. question ERROR
  139. XSLT Compile problems with Oxygen
  140. Assignment to fix XML errors
  141. How to get a specific Element's value in .net from an XML file?
  142. Replacing dummy attribute with string of xml
  143. XSLT in Web Service
  144. Saxon & <xsl:result-document> and error
  145. writing javascript in xslt while converting xml to excel
  146. problems with grouping in xslt
  147. current-date() problems
  148. Having problems on Mozilla firefox (not able to see xml data)..Pls Help.
  149. Basic XPath functions question
  150. Create XML by XSD and XSLT..Is it Possible?
  151. XML LL(1) grammar
  152. Xml To Ms-access Datbase Conversion
  153. problem in Creating a Xml File
  154. XPATH and concat question
  155. XML & XSLT to HTML
  156. Attribue, array of values.
  157. xml... attribute reading
  158. Code for subscript in xml
  159. Sum function
  160. fresher in xml
  161. How to merge two different nodes into one
  162. xsl:fo background-image
  163. Parse a xml file
  164. Append xml1 as element in xml2 at specified path
  165. XML and a DataGrid
  166. String in XSLT
  167. XML insertion of text in nodes
  168. How to insert using XQueryUtil.update .....please
  169. XML Grouping problem
  170. Treat unknown structure
  171. XML to Excel Conversion Problem
  172. Namespaces
  173. Reading XML Node
  174. Array as Argument
  175. XSLT exception handling
  176. XSL 1.0 Grouping and Summing
  177. Parsing a BigXML(1 gb text )
  178. Rename attributes and elements
  179. How to read IMAGEDATA tag from xml file
  180. how to get rid of <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-> after performing Serialisation
  181. Podcast
  182. XSLT Nested for-each
  183. Popchart Xml Linebar Graph
  184. xml parser - write into XML
  185. XML parsing with XSL
  186. How to provide internal-destination link in XSL:FO
  187. XML to Excel
  188. how read the imagedata tag from the iamgexml file in js
  189. Inserting a new line wen writing text to a file
  190. XML: a string literal was expected, but no opening quote character was found.
  191. "The XML page cannot be displayed in sylesheet"
  192. Eclipse
  193. new to XML and need help :(
  194. I need convert NITF Xml
  195. RDF vs XML
  196. Setting class on child
  197. Problems with SQLXML bulk load
  198. Implementing XSLT constriaint through XPath
  199. How to save XML files generated from the database
  200. XML back into Database(Ms-Access and Oracle)
  201. Combining two XML files for xslt transformation
  202. using variables in XML
  203. DTD validating my XML,but not directly but in a third party tool
  204. XML beginner ....
  205. Reading a xml file and write it to a text file
  206. Encoding problem
  207. xml for RSS feed
  208. how to use IDREF in XML
  209. XML Sort
  210. Help with XML/XSL
  211. Help with XML/XSL
  212. Problem in returning a xml object
  213. Create node identified by Xpath
  214. Getting datas from sqlserver2000 to Xml
  215. Changing an existing XML file via a form in HTML
  216. XML and JDOM
  217. xsl:For each
  218. create xml without saving it.
  219. to convert xml into text
  220. to convert xml file to text file
  221. Creating Xpath Dynamically
  222. Greetings folks! I need some answers. I know this might be easy for lots of you but..
  223. Xml
  224. XSLT Help Needed
  225. Can an xsl:function return an element w/value?
  226. Importing XML to Excel
  227. copy-of, sort and preceding-sibling help
  228. Value 'unbounded' is not allowed for attribute 'maxOccurs'
  229. XML -Namespace Issue in dotnet
  230. voice xml <subdialog> tag
  231. XSLT stylesheet switcher for XML (Atom).
  232. xmlelement problem
  233. consume rss with RDF
  234. xml::dom and character merging
  235. Learning XML
  236. Session in XSL
  237. XML and asp
  238. Javascript inside a XSLT file and how to handle parameters.
  239. XSLT Xpath query
  240. WSDL queries
  241. XSL conditional styling based on certain values lower down
  242. XSLT and namespaces on attributes - msxml or my bug?
  243. Import Multiple XML Files into Excel Using the Same XML Map
  244. Get XML data in Flash where text will be displayed in Dynamic Text tool
  245. Create proxy class from WSDL (java)
  246. Problem Xalan/Xerces always null.
  247. Adding XInclude
  248. equivalent of getChildNodes() in xsl stylesheet
  249. Make a Schema Inline within another Schema
  250. XML to XSLT using Java
  251. handling nested tags
  252. Change XML Inner.Text with SelectSingleNode
  253. IE is not displaying the web page fully
  254. Displaying Repetitive data using XSLT
  255. xforms select trouble
  256. Matching two databases
  257. Some randoms :)
  258. Need Help with <selectsinglenode> method.
  259. xml enumeration vs. choice
  260. creating a link
  261. need help with FIRST TIME xml project
  262. Testing an XML web service
  263. very important need ur help
  264. Please help me with XML creation
  265. generate table of contents
  266. Regarding XML
  267. display an image in xml using css
  268. XMLDOM - Parse "specific" xml tags from repeating element
  269. Help Needed on PDF creation using ASP and XSL Formater (Urgent)
  270. formating row color equal if node names are Equal
  271. Need help with .XSL formatting
  272. Problem to create HTML table from XML file using javascript
  273. Transform XML --> Xforms
  274. preserve white spaces
  275. preserve white spaces
  276. create table in xml
  277. Sorting issue
  278. XSL Transformation of Complex XML Elements
  279. Need help creating a link
  280. transform XML into XML using XSL
  281. Validate xml file using xsd in a jar
  282. converting html to xml
  283. cxml timecard .net code example
  284. Arrays and MSSOAP3
  285. converting xml file to database file
  286. XML file joining
  287. data conversion -PDF to good structured XML
  288. xslt - tokenize does not work ?!?!?!?!
  289. xml to xml using xslt - pls help
  290. Global element vs. Root element
  291. Accessing remote XML files like does
  292. XML certifications
  293. AXIS SOAP WSDL Lotus Approach
  294. Changing font color
  295. Xsl 2.0
  296. xsl:@variable - Nodeset
  297. Importing an XML Schema
  298. XML encoding
  299. Xml
  300. NEWBIE: generating XML elements from attribute values, etc.
  301. xml file for dataset with data for multiple tables
  302. Non-ascii character in xml document
  303. change XML output from a WebService ??
  304. [VB.NET][XML] problem of namespace
  305. Use xhtml inside XML based on XSL
  306. .net streamwriter xml doesn't parse until resaved in notepad
  307. Parsing XML file with XML::Simple
  308. external url link from an xml document and transforming it...
  309. Regarding XML schema validation (XSD)
  310. A Simple C++ XML Parser ?
  311. How to convert a text data into xml data?
  312. How to Use Bacth or Shell Variable in XML file
  313. Adding Multiple Nodes To an Existing XML file
  314. To parse XML file using TinyXML
  315. returning form values in msxsl:script
  316. Java Wrappers From XML
  317. C# XSLT xsl:param help needed
  318. Convert XML to RDF
  319. Function Document() and VB .Net 1.1
  320. Converting SQL to X-Path statements
  321. re-formating XML file with perl and XPath
  322. Href to internal link in XSL/XML
  323. how to transfer data from XML file to MySql database
  324. xml help
  325. XSL Conditional Formatting to Table-Cell property
  326. Accessing data from an Excel generated XML Spreadsheet
  327. XML Anomaly
  328. how can we remove an attribute from IXMLDOMNodePtr???
  329. Change value of XML element
  330. help plz
  331. count() and generate-id()
  332. JAXP, SAXParser with specific Configuration
  333. XML Schema: element containing any XHTML
  334. characters like ( ) in XML
  335. XML from external link to HTML
  336. parser choice
  337. how to get attribute names from xml using C#
  338. Get the innerxml of a node into a variable
  339. Get innerxml of a node into a variable
  340. creating an xml document in .net(2005) C#
  341. Split comma
  342. Problem with Reading attributes value from XML file
  343. Help please new to this how to make text bigger
  344. Blank lines on a form
  345. Read and Write xml
  346. DOMCount apache parser
  347. Count Nodes?
  348. How to use bindings XML while generating castor bean
  349. xslt - get value from a 2nd xml and replace
  350. Wrapped recursive elements--"boxes and bags"
  351. XML Newbie: dtd to xml conversion???
  352. URL Encoding
  353. <br />, xslt and X-Smiles
  354. transform xml in textarea
  355. Please help me
  356. Simple Program for XML with HTML
  357. xml transformation to excel spreadsheet
  358. Better way to Populate a Database
  359. Handling Multiple Elements within Record
  360. XPath and DOM
  361. How to call an existing C++ function in an WebMethod (web service)
  362. XML prepend Child
  363. Extracting URLs from XML files
  364. How can I call a web service through firewall ?
  365. Verifying XML digital signature response with x509 certificate
  366. java.lang.InternalError------
  367. XML parser error...
  368. Assig values between xml
  369. XML Loop Statement
  370. create web service
  371. suggestions for strange schema
  372. UL/LI lists in Word2html
  373. XML CMS consultant with Sigma Link knowledge
  374. Reading xml comments while parsing
  375. How to copy a XML node from one XMl file to another XM file
  376. CALS to HTML XSL Transformation
  377. How to remove dt:dt="string"
  378. running exe files
  379. running exe files
  380. How to connect to web service from remote machine from browser
  381. how to pass binary data in xml
  382. Proper XML or not...
  383. how to provide default data?
  384. Upload Xml sheets into Sqlserver2005 using WEBSERVICES
  385. XML Newbie help ^^;
  386. Transform XML in Excel or Excel to XML
  387. XML & RSS Feed
  388. how to separate values
  389. XPath: Getting an element's attribute names & values
  390. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> not working in ie
  391. XSL format-number spews garbage in first row, subsequest rows formatted correctly
  392. Read XML file by aspx webpage .
  393. Parser skipping data before &amp;
  394. Please help... XSL to truncate RSS description and .....
  395. Selecting operator from XML to xquery
  396. Good GUI implementation with "xml conversion" using XSLT as backend solution
  397. Error in writing Document object to the XML file
  398. retrieve information for particular iteration and selecting it through radio button
  399. DOMParser to DOMBuilder
  400. Display XML Data From SQL Database Column
  401. I need help modifying a value in an XML file
  402. How to use XML as Datastore
  403. Newbie needs help with basic XLS question
  404. how to store the xml file data into excel file
  405. How to Read XML data to DataSet and deleting XML
  406. How to Write New XML File, Data's from DataSet
  407. XMLspy validation problem: xs:group
  408. XSL-FO barcode
  409. Xlm Linked To Xls
  410. displaying attributes of particular node
  411. xml schema
  412. Xml
  413. How do I in-line XML schema into SOAP message?
  414. Xml file to PDF
  415. Learning Question
  416. Help me!!! Need Function returning XML node's XSLT or Xpath expression....
  417. XSLT Basics
  418. dom corruption
  419. how to view xml file in html?
  420. error in MSXML but not in genuine XMK spy engine
  421. ignoring namespaces in XSLT
  422. xml and databases comparison
  423. Replacing Nodes with ASP
  424. Help with some XML Sorting and Copying
  425. Select items from rss feed to display
  426. timestamp variable for XML
  427. Please help with xsl-fo page sequencing
  428. how to post the xml data to a url
  429. XSL and elements containing "xmlns"
  430. Flat File to XML
  431. Loading data from XML file to oracle table
  432. XSL sorting version number strings
  433. in xsl:stylesheet the foreign characters aren't displaying correctly
  434. XSD redefine question
  435. creating an array from xml elements
  436. Passing XML from VB to ORACLE table
  437. How to post xml file to a url as attachment of MIME from appliction
  438. how to add base 64 image in cdata section?
  439. how to sort xml data?
  440. Creating quiz in Flash using XML - Help me
  441. Append an existing XSL-FO with data from xml
  442. Xml connection to MSSQL database.
  443. Namespace in XPATH reference
  444. Atomatically truncating text fields according to XSD
  445. Need help Combining two XML files to a single WordML file
  446. [XSLT Recursive Template Help]: Template to ADD and MULTIPLY node values recursively.
  447. Unique data count
  448. How to retrieve text from xHTML
  449. how connect access database through xml
  450. how to connect access or oracle through c programming
  451. help on enumeration values
  452. to get values from an XML to an XSL
  453. XML Schema: mixin any order and any quantity
  454. xml programming for pocket pc??? help me
  455. xslt to xhtml 1.1 ?
  456. Use of a XSLT sheet with a Form Feed Printer
  457. I need a help
  458. Problem in Deserializing data which has <xsi:type> in xml thru XSLT
  459. namespace problem
  460. Overwriting colour values....
  461. confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  462. a simple XML question
  463. XML small project
  464. Make clickable links in XML description tag
  465. XML parsing
  466. which browser supports dtd files and css files?
  467. Which browser supports the dtd files and css files?
  468. <xsl:for-each select test value
  469. XPath. Get a tree from a plain XML sequence
  470. xml/xsl - grouping help
  471. validating an xml document.
  472. how to search an xml database
  473. Mozilla has a problem to process xsl??? help me!
  474. How to - "populate" a template XML using XSLT
  475. XSLT Grouping and Sum
  476. Copy one node to another in XSL
  477. Dependency between checkboxes in XML
  478. Problem in validating the scema
  479. xml and jtree
  480. select query in XML
  481. xmlbeans needed help urgent
  482. XML Data feed help
  483. How to pass copy-of to an external XSLT functions
  484. how to define BigInteger as datatype in xmlbeans
  485. use of nls in xml
  486. XML duplicates using Javascirpt need help!!
  487. XML Help
  488. XML null node updation
  489. error xpath substring in asp
  490. <xsl:output method="html"> Problem
  491. No parsing-result of HTML into XHTML
  492. Access 2003 Web Service VBA Code to Consume Web Services
  493. Format XML output from .NET Service
  494. 1 Line not working
  495. Accessing data in XML through XPath and C#
  496. XML Problem - Urgent
  497. function for() in xslt
  498. xml basics
  499. Grouping and Filtering XSL
  500. E4X XML creation and xmlns in nested elements: help request
  501. xml attribute
  502. Pass Param values from ASP to XSL
  503. Xml for itunes - Urgent
  504. How to Search XML file in C#?
  505. Query Regd Namespace
  506. how to get data in javascript menu & HTML from XML
  507. XQuery 1.0 vs. XPath 2.0
  508. Validating a DiffGram
  509. creating a xml file dynamically
  510. xml and xsl error
  511. newbie to xml rss
  512. url redirects from xsl style sheet
  513. XML/XSL linebreak in loop
  514. Evaluate expression in XSLT
  515. Cycle through printing detail portion of master/detail without user intervention
  516. help me how to validate XML doc against XSD
  517. client side paging?
  518. Querying XML data by date
  519. Xsd Xml Schema - Same Element With Different Properties
  520. Using XMLCompiled Transform with server side controls
  521. single source, multi channel publishing
  522. XML Works from server but not locally
  523. XSL Grouping/Headers Help Needed.
  524. XML & Images
  525. Submit XML Via POST
  526. how to save data in xml files
  527. Axis webservice client problem
  528. Xerces C++ reading special character %
  529. Xml Schema -- Weird
  530. function of XML
  531. converting xml to c structure
  532. Blank lines
  533. XSLT Question
  534. wsdl complextype dictionary definition?
  535. How count in Table cell in XSLT
  536. xsl problem
  537. search and sort xml from browser
  538. Xml Schema
  539. Problem with XSL-T and Google ADSense
  540. Xsl
  541. using Count function
  542. local dtd file
  543. SaxparserException InvalidRegex: Pattern value '[A-Za-z-.]*'
  544. problem in handling CDATA using xsl
  545. XML inside HTML textarea tags
  546. XML inside textarea
  547. Case insensitive Xquery
  548. Help need for creating xml file
  549. count function in xslt
  550. problem with xml file creation.