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  1. Format XML
  2. XMLDOM Error
  3. XML NameSpaces Help
  4. XML Coding Help
  5. MSXML2.DOMDocument.4.0
  6. Using XML API Interface through ASP3
  7. Xml
  8. Extracting data from a string
  9. xslt parsing problem
  10. Displaying deep node elements
  11. Extract nested data from XML via XSLT
  12. Multiple XML files as intput to XSL transformation
  13. How to delete string from a XML file opened in a text editor in C#?
  14. Formatting XMLOutputter problem
  15. Replace element in Xml file
  16. xslt transformations
  17. Time format hh:mm:ss AM
  18. reading an XML and outputing an RSS feed.
  19. output escaping Mozilla xls Javascript
  20. Generate XSLT from 2 schemas
  21. newbie xml
  22. XSLT problem
  23. XLS formatting based on Complex Element type where Xsi-Type = ??
  24. Dates - XLS Formatting string based on another element value
  25. Help !! Extract data from the middle of an element !!
  26. Using PHP to create Excel XML
  27. Help in dateTime Schema pattern
  28. Problems with XSL unable to select elements from xml file
  29. Identify XML node missing through XSL
  30. XSLT in Mozilla using parameters
  31. Showing html from xsl in parent html
  32. Help with XML schema design again?
  33. Help with xml schema design?
  34. Get CDATA Content in XML
  35. To develop in EPIC editor
  36. European Timezones - Simple solution for schema
  37. Finding last day of the month
  38. How to load an XML file into oracle
  39. xml
  40. Inserting SWF's in XML
  41. wsdl problem, please help
  42. Scrolling table options?
  43. xslt transforming complexType
  44. XSL, XML...count function returns wrong number sometimes
  45. Transformer problem - attributes position changing
  46. XMLspy - dd/mm/yy Pattern problem
  47. problem with wrapping Extended ASCII character with CDATA
  48. HTML links in outlook
  49. To store the XML data in the database
  50. Trying to recursively remove nodes from a set
  51. extract the xml data values in the specified format using C++ code
  52. help with links with xml
  53. How can I include Xerces C++ 2.7.0 parser code to Oracle 10g R2 Pro*C's .pc
  54. send an xml, very simple webservice question -PLEASE HELP!
  55. Xpath query for ends with
  56. xml based cms to update flash sites
  57. Xpath Help C#
  58. XML to XSL
  59. XML - Removechild problem
  60. XML linking code help
  61. code for login
  62. [xsl] representing checkboxes (with images)
  63. How to Connect to server ?
  64. How can we validate a XML file using DTD?
  65. Using JavaScript(?) to save an XML file
  66. tag value in xml verified through xsd
  67. xsl-fo break-after page
  68. Multiple XML files... one output.
  69. security
  70. Displaying data from url into xml page
  71. html to xml coding
  72. how to write this XPATH for search?
  73. XSL XML Number count issue
  74. XPath query to paginate a xml
  75. CMS Best Practices - XML/XSL
  76. Help with simple XML
  77. Libxml when errorSAXFunc is called.
  78. C# XML Namespaces
  79. couldnt send request
  80. InDesign to XML to Web
  81. XSLT: Combine Contents of Elements with the Same Name
  82. how to select a node and move entire node to cookie
  83. Why XML with XLIFF?
  84. how to write attribute value from datarow
  85. Printing complex XML from DB
  86. Let user omit elements with checkboxes?
  87. C# class to Deserialize XML to Object
  88. Web Services
  89. XML Master certification
  90. Write XML from Datasets (Multiple Row Problem)
  91. Updating appointment of outlook 2007 via WEBDAV
  92. Name cannot begin with the '0' character, hexadecimal value 0x30.
  93. XML + XSL + JAVA= Excel Help me to convert please! :D
  94. How can we compare all the tags of 2 xml file in QTP
  95. How can I sum the attribute node values....
  96. Find Xpath Expn of current node using ancestor-or-self
  97. Displaying XSL in Internet Explorer
  98. XML XMLNS breaks XPath reference
  99. Dhtml
  100. Urgent Help Needed With XSD, HELP PLEASE!!!!
  101. Applying xslt stylesheet to ONLY resulting nodes? Help!
  102. how to remove an xml node using php?
  103. Newbie, how do you stop an entity from appearing if it is blank/null?
  104. NodeLength is coming 3
  105. Converting fop to html
  106. Converting fop to html
  107. Help with XSLT counting...
  108. Display image on HTML page using XML
  109. XMLBeans / Xquery with Workshop 9.2
  110. Create XML file - According to the Value, add elements under corresponding range
  111. Fo:block....Please help
  112. HTML Via XSLT to Plain Text output
  113. Please help on this XML/XSLT
  114. unable to open xml file format
  115. jaxme with xml
  116. how to break a row of a table on a new page if too large
  117. Translation file documents
  118. Example of Inserting and Retrieving data from xml file
  119. xpath current () usage
  120. XML Query
  121. Xslt Tool
  122. How to Covert to lowercase
  123. Customising the Google Search Box
  124. Setting cookies in XML?
  125. How to convert XML tag data into cdata fromat
  126. how can I convert complex xml to dataset in c#
  127. xsi: prefix with tags in response
  128. Selecting nodes with random names
  129. Parse out SAML from WSE call
  130. General XML
  131. Help with Basic XML example
  132. XML validation error when adding XML to a MS SQL field
  133. Leading zero's lost from data source
  134. How to start XML
  135. XML Treeview - help
  136. XML Treeview - help
  137. Replacing multiple spaces after word in field
  138. Accessing a pasword protected xml file via http
  139. Doc to XML
  140. looping on multiple lines
  141. C functions representation in XML
  142. C functions representation in XML
  144. Convert dynamic XML using XSLT into HTML.
  145. New to XSLT - Sequencing problem
  146. How to convert XML file to pdf and image?
  147. Replace function?
  148. Transform only some elements of xml to html using xslt
  149. Populating the meta keywords section?
  150. XML Grouping Problem
  151. National Weather Service SOAP Client
  152. wsdl parsing
  153. Please tell me code regarding
  154. XML Schema - variable number of elements?
  155. validating XML against XSD using XercesC++
  156. MS XML Scheme defn tool doesn't generate root name
  157. microsoft xml notepad 2007
  158. xml question
  159. Won't Validate with Errors of cvc-type.3.1.1
  160. .NET Adrotator
  161. XML-to-XML XSLT transformation using an intermediate file.
  162. Change my webpage background color using xml file dynamically
  163. MS XML Scheme defn tool and choices.(C#/.NET)
  164. XML to XML with PERL: Some questions
  165. I need to center the text in a XML flash Gallery...
  166. Manipulating a variable in XSLT
  167. if no image in xml use this image instead.
  168. xmlbeans xsd html markers
  169. help needed in writing xsd for this specific requirement
  170. .extension for xforms
  171. problems for a new user
  172. XSD Versioning and Extending
  173. Send XML file to a client
  174. Display image in xsl page
  175. IE7 and FF to read XML file from ISP
  176. Reading and Displaying XML in Javascript
  177. How to extract a tag value
  178. XSL Data Plugging
  179. XML file load for FireFox
  180. XSD choice element sequence
  181. Problem with replaceData method...
  182. C#: Customize XmlAttributeAttribute?
  183. xml link
  184. Exporting xml from MsAccess
  185. how to validate XML with XSD
  186. Transforming Access data to KML
  187. I'm not sure how to determine name of object on web page
  188. XMl And The DataGrid
  189. Listing all tags that occur and removing duplicates
  190. how to create databse in xml
  191. XML from existing XSD
  192. Trying (and failing) to use PL/SQL variable in a XML query in a cursor
  193. NetDataContractSerializer XML file and XSLT for it
  194. empty element in DTD
  195. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  196. arrays indices, xml schema, web services, C#
  197. Purpose of XMLNS in Declaration?
  198. System.Xml.XPath.XPathException: 'xxxxx' has an invalid token
  199. XML vs JSON
  200. Getting text in mixed content
  201. How to append header to XML file generated using BCP in SQL
  202. xpath problem
  203. .Net DateTime, serialized xml and timezones
  204. Variable node-set with document() function
  205. Mystery spaces ...
  206. XSD to Class to XML file results in elements with xmlns="" tag
  207. XSL Navigation
  208. xml validation
  209. Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.
  210. Need Urgent Help regarding XML
  211. Tomcat problem with XSLT
  212. Placing form elements in the table
  213. Comma and point ...
  214. Detached Signature
  215. Ouput XML to a file in PLSQL
  216. Nested For-each
  217. how to find if a node exists in a given loop
  218. nodeValue is 'null' - why?!
  219. XML to many HTML files
  220. Load images into flash map points via xml using .text equivalent??
  221. Searching for a string in xml
  222. Transforming XML problem....Please help
  223. XML Illegal characters
  224. SQLXMLBulkLoad.3.0 with DSN connection
  225. Xml + Soap
  226. Accessing XML through the XSLT layer...
  227. XSLT Not Finding XML Elements (using Saxon)
  228. Parser to parse large xml file(20MB) faster than SAX/DOM
  229. Images in XML to be read INTO Excel
  230. Parsing XML Data using a C# Windows Application
  231. XML to TXT
  232. Freezing Headers ... Possible?
  233. Multiple Workseets in Excel using XSLT transforms form XML(ASP.Net)
  234. Mixed Content (?) document
  235. Is there a way to convert responsetext to responsexml CROSS
  236. Passing xml element data to a javascript/asp variable
  237. whats up with XML
  238. accessing an xml schema through a web service (C#)
  239. xml to mysql database
  240. XmlSchemaCollection.add become failure
  241. How do i formate attribute of xml into Html table
  242. 'ss' is an undeclared namespace."
  243. Add subnode in XML file
  244. Concatenate XML Nodes using Javascript
  245. saving elements to xml
  246. Formatting
  247. Error loading a stylesheet with foreign chars via the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP object
  248. Writing operating system environment variables to xslt
  249. Prohibit redefine
  250. how to remove duplicate records.
  251. Converting xml data to csv data
  252. please help. '<', hexadecimal value 0x3C, is an invalid attribute character. Line 8,
  253. Help copying values from one node to another
  254. how to set node value using xpath
  255. XML Schema Validation
  256. Help: XML and Schema
  257. upload images
  258. i want to connect xml with flash???
  259. xml-mat
  260. about xml schema validations
  261. Order XML response
  262. Timeout or no response
  263. XML file
  264. xml-schema question
  265. Invalid escape sequence( valid ones \b t\ n\ f\ r\ "\ '\ \\)
  266. How to have a variable in a xml which takes its values from a script
  267. Extracting an Element from an XML and aapy XSLT on it...
  268. xml in making WAP sitw
  269. XML Hacking
  270. Soap Web service
  271. Importing XML file into mysql
  272. xpath query to get teh encoding specified in xml file
  273. Table structure into xml URGENT
  274. Insert Hyperlink from XML
  275. PHP excel xml report creating using loops
  276. XML character replacement
  277. Calculating Number of days between two dates
  278. variable data printing using xslt
  279. Converting Xml file to an Excel file
  280. XHTML error: Attribute 'for' is not a valid attribute of element 'script'.
  281. xml encoding
  282. Creating Tree Menu or similar without using Javascript
  283. MSXML problem on Win2003 Web Server: 800a01fb|An_exception_occurred
  284. Count elements just one
  285. Count elements just one
  286. call template with returned value
  287. Help with recursive xsl
  288. Retrieve Xpath for given text value from XML file.
  289. Retrive Xpath for given text value from XML file.
  290. Prototype of an XML query
  291. Retrieve node with XSLT
  292. , , , , and are not displayed in xml
  293. Merge 2 xml files in java
  294. xsl:include problem
  295. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> creting problem with mozilla firefox
  296. XML NS 1999 & 2001
  297. SVG and XML
  298. Tinyxml document to string!
  299. xml source
  300. BCP to XML
  301. please me i want to read variable value in .xml file so how can i read
  302. Find & Replace in Entire Document
  303. Issue in validating xml file with xsd
  304. Populate XML file from DataSet
  305. Need Info On Transforming This Xml
  306. xslt looping help :-( please
  307. Is there an xmlhelp.dtd ?
  308. XSLT Conditional processing question... (I think)
  309. Problem to convert xml to excel sheet using xslt
  310. Find and Replace a text in xml file
  311. What's the opposite of 'explicit namespace'?
  312. XSD minOccurs="0" with transform
  313. removing namespace after tokenizing string
  314. <xsl:copy-of > function issue
  315. Error message 401 Unauthorized
  316. XSL Copy Problem
  317. Firefox addon help
  318. URLs in XML
  319. XSLT selecting unique records
  320. Attribute type is dependent on another attribute's value
  321. XSLT - Turns <br/> into <br> ?
  322. getting XML to SQL
  323. Help needed in XSLT/XPATH
  324. Grouping and Sorting By Dates
  325. An XSLT stylesheet does not have an XML mimetype
  326. how to include attribute in XML tag
  327. Urgent - Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1
  328. import problem
  329. unable to load schema with target namespace
  330. On Error move to next node using XmlValidatingReader.Read() method
  331. RSS over Multiple Servers/Systems
  332. how to set background color
  333. Creating XML Tags
  334. XmlTextWriter to XmlDocument
  335. Creating Parent ID into tabel from XML into SQL
  336. I need an Expert.
  337. XSL Sort Problem
  338. XSL to XML &lt; to < problem
  339. Adding multiple xsd into one
  340. HOWTO jaxen xpath
  341. How to reference values from outer loop??
  342. calculate the sum of similar node value and put it into one node
  343. .net XML Schema validation issues
  344. pagination using XSL
  345. another transformation que
  346. change date format using XSLT
  347. information about "&quot"
  348. optional random elements in xml schema
  349. Paginate XML Result
  350. Invalid character in content model .
  351. Text and Image extraction: XML conversion
  352. Problems parsing XML containing CDATA
  353. xsl count value
  354. AJAX simple problem!
  355. read data having ampersand in it by XSLT
  356. Adding variables and storing in an array using xslt
  357. Defining a new element by restrictions and extensions
  358. Checking SOAP message against WSDL
  359. 0x16 error
  360. XML Node Count
  361. xsi:type and inherited classes
  362. XML Query Help
  363. Please Help me in Xml Template
  364. multiple search string to find in xml file
  365. How to check if a node has no children with XSLT
  366. Issue on XSLT by using xml
  367. I have XML feeds, how do i use them
  368. some personal websites templates???????
  369. prepare an xml from a schema
  370. pdf to xml
  371. SOAP XML Signature Validation
  372. Using fork="yes" in Ant's build.xml file
  373. Can't find out
  374. XSL Problem
  375. xslt and javascript
  376. sql query in XML database
  377. xsl:sort question
  378. Help with transformation
  379. Unexpected child
  380. background image in Blogger template
  381. Error 0RA-30937: Error is Comming While Inserting into an XML Type Table
  382. Steps to Create an XML Schema
  383. xforms instance
  384. ** Problem to print node no using position() fucntion for selective records
  385. generation of file
  386. XSLT xsd to XHTML
  387. Creating XML from a live feed
  388. XML Validation with an DTD or XMLSCHEMA
  389. Run time error while using Xerces Parser
  390. How to Go to the Last Tag of an XML File.
  391. how to send data through XML
  392. Merging Duplicates
  393. XML quiz
  394. Trying to input xml data type, "Incorrect syntax near '<'."
  395. selecting element value from repeatable nodes of same type
  396. XPATH in Javascript (cross browser)
  397. XPath distinct nodes
  398. Coneversion of XML to CSV with XSL
  399. Access2003+SOAP+XML
  400. XML parser error: End tag HEAD does not match the start tag LINK
  401. How to modify XML data with Perl
  402. how do I find out the namespace of a node??
  403. Need help selecting childeren Nodes in ASP
  404. Displaying Data from a Single xml file into Multiple HTML
  405. Generate DTD for XML file
  406. WEb services- C# and ANSI C interoperability
  407. How to test if node name matches given string value
  408. Calling the external XSL script from the main XSL script
  409. How can i convert Document File to Xml
  410. xlinks not showing up in browser
  411. xml.childNodes.length issue
  412. How to passed an xsl parameter to a javascript function inside an xsl styelsheet.
  413. While editing the language file produces the xml error
  414. Processing XSD Schema File
  415. How to transform a binary image from xml to Java
  416. xml to xml transformation
  417. xml
  418. Is this a valid XML?
  419. Using xsl:value-of.
  420. Replacing tags within xml using xslt
  421. Search in XML using XSLT
  422. XML DOM and Firefox
  423. PHP SOAP XML File Size Issue
  424. Need a help in converting from XPATH to XQUERY for my final
  425. Compare Current Value to Preceeding Values
  426. Can we run xmlspy through commandline
  427. writing the " " character in xml file using xmltextwriter
  428. Why we have to use SQLXML
  429. XML - XSLT Parameter Question
  430. command line in xsl???
  431. writing xml using xml
  432. how do i replace escape character in an XML?
  433. how to see if current element value matches previous
  434. Current Date in XML
  435. How can I edit this XML info?
  436. exporting and importing xml
  437. DTD Definition
  438. Xml Css---
  439. how to create xml and xslt of this expression x=(-B√( B-4AC))/(2A)
  440. XML or Flash links
  441. Dynamic Rows and Columns in XSL Table
  442. printing in landscape in XSL
  443. printing in landscape using CSS
  444. Merging two xml documents
  445. XSLT question
  446. Error processing the Resource ...
  447. Problem transforming XML with server XSLT in Firefox
  448. error "End tag does not match start tag"
  449. DTD validation fails depending on format
  450. Using XSLT
  451. Help with XSL code (I think I need a loop??)
  452. XML appending
  453. how to select a previous node
  454. Image in XSLT
  455. Create XML file based on .XSD or .DTD in 2005
  456. Remove junk character from XML file - UTF8 format
  457. Edit XML file from website, Help!
  458. workaround for reassign values
  459. Bug with xmlhttp and xmldoc??
  460. help!
  461. Xerces SAX2 Parser termination
  462. xml entity class
  463. XMLSchema problem with XML document
  464. Problem with &quot;, `( ' ) in xml
  465. help with xsl:if
  466. node-set
  467. using getElementsByTagName() Query.
  468. Creating XML in Java with a namespace.
  469. How to use arrays or a Collection in xsl to fetch list of values from a xml ?
  470. generate xslt from .net code
  471. how to store a value
  472. Iterating through the Child nodes of a Child Node
  473. XML / XLS to HTML - new line
  474. Using XPATH to extract element value.
  475. xsl problem
  476. What is wrong in this xml? Cannot deserialize?
  477. Trying to use XSLT to convert XML to HTML
  478. help with xslt
  479. xsl validation problem
  480. XML Feed Code Error
  481. Working with text in XSL
  482. How can I define a table in xsl?
  483. how to convert xml to rss?
  484. xml encryption using VB
  485. group-by is not a valid extention element
  486. converting rss to json format
  487. Creating a XML file with VB 6.0 with a cascade format
  488. DOMWriter does not read from memory
  489. Can't parse a XML in Client-Server Model
  490. How to Define a Namespace Prefix in a C# Web Reference for a SOAP Header
  491. XML Target Blank Browser Window?
  492. XSL Param with XPath expressions
  493. save an xml document as a string
  494. How do I update data within an xml childnode using XMLHttpRequest
  495. Read-only Error when Updating Field in IP 2003
  496. Display Distinct Values
  497. Writing a DOMTree back to a file
  498. conditions on elements
  499. Xquery
  500. regarding file path
  501. clarify problem
  502. New to XML, please help
  503. how to read multiple xml feeds
  504. Java Xml Validation
  505. XML Help.....
  506. SOAP Headers with C#: how to support different XML fields in Request and Reply
  507. Problem with binding xml data with html document
  508. Better to search through lots of xml files in db or create search fields?
  509. XML Xerces 2.6 Namespace problem
  510. Using XPath question.Plase guide.
  511. Xml to Json conversion
  512. Show image using xslt in html page
  513. Help with XML Object Serializing in C#
  514. ODRL implementation
  515. Sorting Help
  516. Implement ODRL into a jpg file
  517. show hide prob
  518. How to access the node in xml
  519. Dynamic linking in xml??
  520. XML data manipulation in an InfoPath 2003 Solution
  521. XML Parser errors
  522. Element vs. Attribute?
  523. Grouping and selecting Distinct items
  524. Combining and seperating two different xml
  525. xforms: How do you make dynamic?
  526. xml error
  527. XML to CSV Conversion
  528. Adding an attribute to an element in an XSD
  529. Cannot create an object of type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.HorizontalAlign' from its
  530. referring (using ) DTD files in XSD file
  531. Element with restriction and attribute
  532. Problem with XSL
  533. How to retrieve RSS feed from blogger?
  534. SOAP/WSDL: Can you access this webservice ?
  535. XML Help
  536. How to provide option to print attribute
  537. There is an error in xml document(0, 0). - There is no Unicode byte order mark
  538. Using IDREF and enumeration within Union
  539. how do i append to xml files
  540. Finding an exact string in xsl
  541. manipulating XML in memory
  542. xml works locally but not on server
  543. ReadouterXML Issue
  544. XSL : Display First 4 words of a node in XSLT 1.0
  545. Adding Namespace to the XML-root element Help!
  546. Attribute use depending on attribute value
  547. XML mapper tool
  548. Deserialize Problem
  549. Popup in XML
  550. FCIV Hash utility