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  1. soap error pls help
  2. Xerces not validating document correctly
  3. simple xml editor
  4. XML and Active Directory
  5. joining tables
  6. whitspace and javascript issue?
  7. How do you convert a MS Word 2007 and PDF forms to XML?
  8. How to parse an xml with extended characters?
  9. Basic XML and javascript
  10. Using XPath with non-standard XML
  11. SVG scale to fit using FOP
  12. Is there a possibility of getting a XML output from google??
  13. XST String Reverse
  14. Place the total of the invoice on the last page of the invoice detail lines
  15. Not new to xml generating but am new to really complex
  16. xml-xsl transformation
  17. whitespace isssue in XML
  18. How to Add nodes in XmlNode[] in c#
  19. <Need Help>How to select tagvalues based on multiple conditions in XSLT?
  20. complexType implements or extends other java
  21. XSL Stylesheet cannot contain div?
  22. accepting xml response....
  23. Problem with XML encoding for Portuguese accents
  24. Apache fop drawing in pdf
  25. Non-Deterministic error in an if-else xml block
  26. XML Parse Exception
  27. Error loading Stylesheet:Xpath parse Failure
  28. XSL change page orientation for one page
  29. Problem while loading an xml file
  30. xsl:value-of not working
  31. difference between &#0D; and &#xD;
  32. Interesting XML traversing problem
  33. Count of sibling in xml tree
  34. The system cannot locate the resource specified
  35. XML Parsing
  36. .Net2 xslt does not like the &lt; "<" - &gt; ">"
  37. XSL-FO Page Numbering
  38. Creating customised quote with terms and conditions using XSLT
  39. Validating XML file through an external DTD......C#
  40. Compare two DTD file
  41. XML Serialization in .NET
  42. XSLT ::Get Count of nodes in xml matching certain condition
  43. XML and Site Login
  44. Input of Xerces parser
  45. Copy XML and Change Element Value using XSLT
  46. xml-xsl transformation
  47. xsl for a given xml
  48. XML &quot; problem
  49. regex in xslt
  50. How to fill dynamically JAXB java objects
  51. Tables in XML ?
  52. Break tag in XML
  53. XSL question for a newbie
  54. Reading XML from Java
  55. Reading XML within XML in java
  56. Can the XSLT read from an external excel file or some other flat file?
  57. xslt: string concatenation
  58. .xml for slide show
  59. Flat Employee XML into hierarchical XML
  60. query on XML for interview preparation.. help me out..
  61. query
  62. query on XML
  63. xml query..
  64. Extract a certain part inXML document?
  65. Open a link in a new Window?
  66. How to format the output xml using XSLT?
  67. xml to autocad
  68. how to read my data in XML?
  69. PHP XML_Unserializer is removing some important characters
  70. How can I call this javascript function in xsl?
  71. NEED HELP Adding a trademark symbol to xml flash asset
  72. NEED HELP!!!adding a trademark symbol to xml flash asset
  73. Trouble converting elements to attributes with XSLT
  74. XML Schema Checking
  75. how to read XML by using GetElementsByTagName
  76. Xslt Help
  77. queries on xml
  78. xml query..
  79. select nodes where a grandchild's text is not some value?
  80. How to use tree view control along with an XML file
  81. Replacing HTML elements?
  82. I need < and > without leaving space.
  83. How to use both <(lessthan) and > (greater than) in template match
  84. remove duplicate nodes from xml
  85. <Need Help>How to throw an error based on node count in XSLT?
  86. loadXML from file and String problem on Firefox
  87. <need help>How to print the preceding elem value based on descendant node in XSLT?
  88. How to repeat some set of steps using xslt, as we do using functions in C or C++?
  89. Check Required Elements and Attributes in JAXB
  90. How to escape a single quote present in the xml file using xslt?
  91. Need Expert Advice with decision making
  92. SQL Schema
  93. How to get the count of elements referencing another element in XSLT
  94. How to read an element based on condition in XSLT
  95. generate ireport using stored procedure
  96. XML to XML transformation using XSL.
  97. Select XML Element by testing date data
  98. Counting the elements in xml using XSLT
  99. Hyperlink Targeturl to open within the current frame - current frame name
  100. XML & Java
  101. help me out in Dynamic cache concept
  102. Namespace prefix used but not declared
  103. Using online forms to create XML files
  104. IXMLHTTPRequest problem
  105. Is there an easy way to produce XSLT?
  106. Need Sample for Converting WSDL with XSLT
  107. encoding problem
  108. Mapping XML to Ontology
  109. Line breaks for xml (using InDesign)
  110. Defining 2 xml elements with same name but different types.
  111. date specific RSS
  112. XSL replacing tags from xhtml to xhtml
  113. Formatting XML as part of a HTML page
  114. Covert XML into Java Eclipse
  115. Starting an e commerce site
  116. change the text color of (<xsl:value-of select="Description")
  117. best way to do this?
  118. selection issue
  119. XML in servlet response
  120. conditional schema based on inner text
  121. Reading From Textpad
  122. Exponential Notation fails in format-number()
  123. Google Map that uses an XML file to create markers
  124. Take data from mysql database
  125. Condition to set a unique ID between 2 btns onClick
  126. XML parsing in JavaScritp
  127. How to pass parameter to XML
  128. Retrieving XML values
  129. 2 Radio btn with one Submit btn, convert to Two Buttons
  130. External XML into ActionScript 3.0 Text Field
  131. extract namespace from an xml file
  132. Need to save the values back to XML
  133. replaceing a href in RSS link with xsl regex
  134. How to convert XML data to EXCEL
  135. xmlDocument.SelectNodes : cannot extract data from the XML File
  136. <imageurl>in the xml file
  137. XML transformation
  138. DITA api and XML
  139. Creating sub xsl files and calling from main xsl file
  140. XML to XML transformations
  141. Generate xml
  142. Embedding Special Character in Element Value
  143. XPATH query (count)
  144. pulling and using an uri from an rss encode tag
  145. Problem displaying xml
  146. Font problem when viewing XML file in IE
  147. reading xml in 2008
  148. acessing an XML file from XSLT
  149. Create DataSet from XML file?
  150. Schema to test for empty complex type elements
  151. Using custom controls in xsl when transformation is in client-side
  152. trouble with php, url and hyperlink
  153. Element and Attribute validation
  154. Issue with single-quote in XPath expressions in .NET
  155. XSLT:Transforming a flat list in a nested one
  156. xslt and previous template
  157. entity for \r
  158. Expat's XML_Parse() method does not return
  159. determining number of tags in xsl
  160. C/C++ parsing using libxml
  161. Xml To Excel Conversion Using Xslt
  162. assign values to variabiles
  163. Find the name of the element
  164. Excel to Xml Conversion using XSLT
  165. Recieve xml
  166. Specific order of text output from XML using XSLT
  167. XML generation without Recursion
  168. Do too many number of attributes affect performance badly?
  169. [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instan
  170. split XML files into smaller ones
  171. xsd
  172. C# & XML- App.. Comapring two XML files in C#
  173. XML Schema Sequence Question
  174. Need help in Customizing xml document.
  175. Add multiple records to xml file
  176. Band New to XML - need help with sort syntax
  177. newbie question: Convert XML to a table.
  178. XSL replace value with string
  179. WSDL: Array Type
  180. XmlDocument.Load() problem!!!
  181. Invalid Name character
  182. Nested For Loops
  183. Need help with xsl replacing...
  184. Creating an XML Document with ASP
  185. Need a coversion tool to convert XML to Dtd
  186. xsl:foreach
  187. Is there any way to show identical child nodes using xslt?
  188. MapForce anyone?
  189. How do I give same namespace for different Infopath forms ?
  190. store data in XML file using HTML file
  191. Validating multiple XML files
  192. xslt: to html
  193. How to combine XML with JavaScript
  194. Insert Line Feed into XML
  195. XML / Flash Mp3 player playlist problem
  196. New window from url in xml file using Simile Timeline
  197. very easy beginner question(s)
  198. Access<-->XML/XSD
  199. XSLT and XML
  200. Simple Xpath question; retrieve attributes for specific parent
  201. can we generate a class using xsd.exe when there is a <simpleType> ?
  202. Help needed to write an XSL - XML to XML transformation
  203. Parsing error for schema file
  204. Hi
  205. Deleteing all characters in a string until certain character....
  206. Xpath help!
  207. XLST - Help needed to write the XSL (2)
  208. unparsed html in an xml element string, an xsl problem
  209. Problem in retrieving data from a XML file
  210. XSLT question -- template for an unpredictable element
  211. How to open a pop up window from a XML file
  212. character "č"
  213. XLST - Help needed to write the XSL
  214. OPENXML sp_xml_preparedocument - how to use it?
  215. How to add an attribute
  216. XSLT : Amend element value
  217. Silverlight ImageBrush Issue
  218. Erorr accessing the variable
  219. XSLT: Update only one element during the transformation
  220. Export XML data from text file to Excel file
  221. how to read multiple worksheet from an excel file using php
  222. RSS Update Criteria
  223. UPS XML Module Erroe..1001
  224. Extracting CData Values
  225. XML with JSP
  226. XSLT - create a printable HTML page
  227. Fetching attribute index
  228. Utter newbie question re simple links
  229. Error when creating a XML-file
  230. XSL: for-each nested..
  231. Adding attribute to the parentnode of text node
  232. doubt in insertion syntax
  233. Displaying text from XSL variable
  234. To append an XML stream as a chile in another XML stream
  235. how to give a links in xsl
  236. svg and html
  237. how to store these values into the xml
  238. XSL ".NET DataSet" to "Excel": Detect missing column
  239. In XML.....mysql connection string and queries
  240. xsl transformation - separating a value
  241. why do i need xml in php?
  242. Is it possible to derive the file path from a php DOM XML object loaded from a file?
  243. Treeview
  244. securing XML data
  245. ADD tags to existing xml through java
  246. XSL-FO table problem
  247. Displaying text from XSL variable
  248. parse XML file into excel sheet
  249. How to Append NODE to XML File in ASP.NET with C#..
  250. Getting XML data depending on day
  251. Loop to next sibling
  252. XSLCompiledTrnsform and msxml:script
  253. xml modeling
  254. XML PARSE ERROR: Extraneous end-tag
  255. XML Hyper link problem
  256. How can I split XML file to go to different loction?
  257. insert data from xml page into mysql database
  258. create xml copy of parts of an xml document using xslt
  259. Updating XML file via form
  260. XSL Table
  261. Looking for a SMIL sample
  262. Posting XML file
  263. xsd:unique issue
  264. need help badly newbie question
  265. Xalan problem with xsl:attribute and Japanese characters
  266. XML error message
  267. Linking images in a flash with xml script
  268. ie7 xsl input tag
  269. XML Javascript Explorer Tree Question
  270. xml difference rss
  271. XPath & namespaces
  272. techniques for processing XML languages?
  273. Use php form to update xml file
  274. how to save java object into xml from hashtable
  275. Parsing XML web service in flash
  276. Trouble with XPath for "preceding sibling"
  277. Adding nodes to an existing xml file
  278. to find the presence of a node
  279. XML dom to a file code....
  280. XSL - How to run transformation
  281. How to Upload an XML and validate it to a schema?
  282. Displaying text from XSL variable
  283. MoreMotion AF: Open source XSL based web application framework
  284. Need an XSL test to see if a loop was entered.
  285. Sending a zip file as SOAP attachment
  286. AND operator in XSD restriction pattern
  287. XML to Database
  288. XSLT failing to load include tag in XSD schema file
  289. Contraints on value of node using DTD
  290. Continous list
  291. php &xml
  292. nsgmls problem
  293. Xml Fo
  294. Removing wdsl definitions from a web service
  295. ANT script question
  296. Using XML DOM output in HTML
  297. XML Element Content
  298. Launch browser with specific XML
  299. Uniqueness
  300. running wml programs in apache tomcat 5.0
  301. Converting an XML document to multiple XHTML objects via XSLT transformation
  302. Newbie Error: End tag 'head' does not match the start tag 'link'.
  303. How to create XSL... ?
  304. Passing variable node name to XSL "select" clause
  305. creating 1000 xml files with different values agn and agn
  306. Converting dataq from XML table to HTMl table
  307. Is it possible to read the string along with nodes under a node
  308. [Does an XML complext type always have an associated namepace]
  309. ASP and XML
  310. Reading xml with ill-formed content
  311. Attributes in XSD
  312. Problems with XML transformation with XSLT
  313. Changing all to lowercase when getting the nodevalue
  314. ant + xslt transform question
  315. pagination using xsl as well as sorting
  316. xsl: store value in variable
  317. Urgent help on IXMLHTTPRequest(Pocket PC win32) for SOAP Client
  318. Centering text in .xml file loaded into FLASH
  319. How I can get the element name.
  320. re: Display XML in WebBrowser Control
  321. RDF/XML display
  322. how to replace < nbsp > and < i > tags to spaces
  323. converting PDF file to XML file
  324. XSL - Positions
  325. using for loop inside xsl
  326. Generating empty XML instance from XML Schema
  327. XML help for learning
  328. Sum of the time base by date
  329. schema -name spaces doubt in wsdl
  330. XSD explaination
  331. XML::Simple output issue
  332. Sorting the element with in the sorting element
  333. PHP and XML help
  334. help on XSL sorting
  335. Load XmlFile from a mysql database.
  336. XSL Tables Created depending on content entered
  337. Multiple XML stylesheets - use existing one
  338. Beginner XML DTD Help.
  339. XML Problem
  340. Need help with PHP-XML parser
  341. Trouble with XML validation using XSD
  342. Get Value From XML node
  343. accessing xml database
  344. convert docx to xml
  345. Problem with updating the XML file
  346. how to read .RDF file?
  347. Include some records and exclude others
  348. XSLT: Multiple conditional variable assignment
  349. Error
  350. Error: Cannot find the declaration of element 'Receivers'
  351. how to compare xml elements within root using xslt
  352. hyperlink in xslt
  353. Error :Objected Required while getting node value from the xml file
  354. Generating an email in Infopath
  355. How XML is Useful in Web Development
  356. XPATH and clause
  357. xml schema: set only a particular value as unique
  358. Help with some xml file
  359. Apply XSLT for selected element
  360. XML oracle functions
  361. save model's ftp
  362. WSDL <s:element name="string" nillable="true" type="s:string"/>?
  363. store class diagram as XML
  364. Removing an attribute from an element in xsl
  365. XML setAttribute() with US locale and ',' as a decimal separator
  366. Help in XSLT, Get multiple values instead of one per loop
  367. Generate XSD with XSLT and XML
  368. XML in vb.NET
  369. XML Parser Error
  370. DTD Validation and xml
  371. Looping through XML
  372. Access Database-driven ASP page with embedded RSS feeds
  373. Help on Save/Update/Delete XML
  374. Getting xml node’s name
  375. XML string parsing containing HTML content
  376. Why does this X-path gives an error ???
  377. Need Help!!!!
  378. Different Namespaces
  379. Xsl 1.1
  380. Xpath query on adjacent Node
  381. sorting outside once sorted inside
  382. How to change the table of a XML file automatic without losing te content.
  383. XSLT - Re-arrange the XML element order
  384. Word to XML
  385. extracting XML attributes and inserting as new elements using XSLT
  386. XSLT - Convert science notation number to normal format
  387. XML ERROR while processing the xml output
  388. On/Off Modes in XML
  389. xsl if test for no child element
  390. HexaDecimal Error in XML Files
  391. Transforming FixML using XSLT to a text file -strange output
  392. Converting HTML tags within an XML document back to HTML using XSL
  393. how to generate striped table?
  394. Trying to get the XML content without spaces with SAX2
  395. XSL GERMAN chars
  396. USPS Web Tools
  397. XSLT, Retrieve text from node, but not the text from child nodes.
  398. Filter XML in XSL using HTML Controls
  399. Xforms is returned in abnormal way
  400. XML output in HTML using DOM
  401. xml
  402. PHP - XML Request without PEAR
  403. please clear my xslt doubt
  404. How to remove Ads from RSS content..
  405. HOw To I append the Child Element At any node in the Xml Document.
  406. Loading an xml
  407. Recursive elements in XML. How do i create a XSD for this?
  408. XSLT doubt
  409. off & on in web.config
  410. importing xml data into mysql or orhter relational database
  411. xml CONVERTER
  412. xsd: validating from a selection of groups
  413. Two schemas one object
  414. replace characters in string in xsl
  415. XSD:Elemet values from external standard
  416. XML Forms Based Standalone Application
  417. how to bullet comma separated text
  418. Specifying default XML element
  419. Removing Node using XSLT
  420. Date format (European)
  421. XSLT Newbie Questions
  422. XSLT Transformation - inserting dynamic form text in header of HTML table
  423. Parsing and counting using XSLT
  424. Xml
  425. software reviews?
  426. xforms in firefox
  427. How to handle Missing Child Element
  428. Problem with ISAXXMLReader in VS 2003 C++
  429. Recursive For-Each loop in XSL
  430. Parsing and Displaying XML Document
  431. Using xs:ENTITIES
  432. How to convert XML file to Html or PHP?.
  433. XSLT, document() function, filename, read non-standard/English characters (like µ)
  434. ad page Tooltip not work - Reload xslt file?
  435. Inserting Nodes between Nodes
  436. Adding Attributes to all XML Nodes
  437. need of XSLT style/template for display some text on each page of document
  438. Embedding Image
  439. hi i want one help from u urgently
  440. hyperlinks in html binded with xml
  441. Problem in "a" tag
  442. Element with attribute
  443. No namespace schema
  444. xforms doesn't returned correctly
  445. Edit an imported template, where & how?
  446. xml schema validation
  447. Need some help with compatability with Excel 2007
  448. C#/xpath/xml
  449. Formating XML data for Bold/Italic in text controls
  450. Set Div ID value = ttip_<xsl:value-of select='@name' />
  451. Script for accessing throught childNodes of XML file is not working in Firefox
  452. create a link to save resulting output from transform
  453. xslt
  454. XSLT: how to copy element without namespace?
  455. XSLT: how to create dynamic elemant name?
  456. XML to PDF
  457. using <sequence> under the <choice> tag
  458. Reading XML
  459. SAVE XML file to PPC device (client) using javascript
  460. XML parsing
  461. XPath - Find this Node
  462. Remove Blank element while copying
  463. xslt parsing xml data with '<' invalid character
  464. Continuing Heartache - Newbie
  465. variables and constants - Newbie
  466. XSL Heartache - Newbie
  467. what is xml
  468. count from XML
  469. Lasy day of the month
  470. Prevent IE/FF from reading specific parts of a XML document
  471. Syntax for schema: VS 2005 into XSD
  472. handle namespace in xml to xsl
  473. Case sensitiviy in tokens in Xml Schema
  474. Alternative to VBA IIF
  475. Xpath Help!
  476. Illegal characters in path-in XML files using StreamReader
  477. Exception : Could not compile stylesheet
  478. how to call the xml in jsp
  479. xml to xsl transformation ..dont change in xml
  480. Purpose of converting the Databases..?
  481. The special characters in XML Document
  482. how to cal xml in to html
  483. Replacing a single quote with 2 single quotes in XSL
  484. To change string format into the new line format using xml
  485. Searching an XML document with Coldfusion
  486. Xslt Help!!!
  487. adding a button to a comment
  488. creating XML schema with restrictions
  489. Word to xml Conversion Tool
  490. xslt document fucntion
  491. XSLT in Master pages
  492. XSLT Won't match any Element Names?!?!
  493. Can I save a Image to an xml document
  494. Help!!!!
  495. Delete parent nodes from XML
  496. provide link to image
  497. How to fix line break problem in XML file
  498. XQuery - data($node + $xpath) ?
  499. XML for beginners
  500. Traversing XML with Javascript
  501. XML Signature
  503. variable in xslt
  504. aa
  505. handling generic handler file to work with responsexml
  506. Get Current Document in XSLT
  507. remove blank (xmlns="") from elements
  508. variable in xslt
  509. delete node childs
  510. divide up information in a tag
  511. Value as a hyperlink
  512. Reading XML file using TinyXML
  513. XML filtering
  514. xml to pdf
  515. Image won't Load
  516. Using an HTTP URI in XSLT's Document() function
  517. Duration in xerces C++
  518. how to convert XML TO XSD
  519. Change a value in XSLT
  520. Cascading styles through XSLT
  521. HTML/XML to CHM
  522. DTD - enforce amount of digits
  523. CDATA against parsers!
  524. XSL - Include Variable as namespace
  525. Dynamically switching between different XSLT stylesheets
  526. Set a business rule to a variable
  527. Preserve structure
  528. XSL format into columns and filter nodes
  529. Delete a comment from a .xml file
  530. XSL Value of for an attribute
  531. matching schema and xml with Xslt- pls help
  532. XSL: combining multiple XML elements to autogenerate an href?
  533. XML Flat schema
  534. Simple XML Import into SQL 2005
  535. Concating string to Xpath Exprn.
  536. Is it possible to create XSD Schema using XSLT
  537. Couldn't find end tag. Line number: 12. Column number: 32
  538. What's wrong with xsl's copy-of?
  539. How to store array in XSL
  540. xlst transformation problem
  541. Need info reg XML function
  542. Error while creating new xml document in altova XML spy v2007
  543. modifying a parameter value in the XML file by using scripting
  544. Looking to traverse tree and group elements with identical xpath elements
  545. XSL: trying to remove element only but keep the children intact without manual input
  546. Need to find a node
  547. Problem while reading russian characters
  548. Selecting all elements, nested or not
  549. adding namespaces to XmlSerializer when deserializing (C#)
  550. XSL Counter