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  1. how to disable output format option in sendobject command
  2. LinkChild/LinkMaster not showing up
  3. vba code for search boxes
  4. Is it possible to create unbound subforms?
  5. How Can I View Datasheeet On Form When Using "Select Query" By A Command Button.
  6. how can i prevent users deleting the record when they are viewing datasheet view
  7. Counting multiple checkboxes in a record
  8. How to prevent saving data on form in access 2003 when user clicks close button?
  9. Code works in stand alone form not when form is used as a subform.
  10. Site permissions to web table on sharepoint web sit in office 365
  11. Storing value from combo box into a web table
  12. How to display an email linked to ms access database
  13. getting runtime error 52 bas file name or number
  14. Change Active Tab 2013 VBA
  15. Force data entry of Main form AND sub form
  16. Returning specific data on a query
  17. Trying to copy and overwrite a file
  18. Is there a way to display multiple values of a field for a unique item horizantally?
  19. Forms, SubForms, and ComboBox
  20. Linking issue to database while moving application from one dir to another dir
  21. Validation Rule Concerning Current vs Coming year
  22. Check for Existing Records - Code Returns "No Current Record" message
  23. Is it possible to name a database and still treat it as a document?
  24. Auto Correct Dilemma (MS Access)
  25. Obtain unique data sets (rows)
  26. How to open DBase a III table non-exclusively
  27. how to import complex text file into ms access
  28. cannot add or change a record because a related record is required
  29. Access continuous form combo/list box multi tables
  30. How to send embedded word document as a mail
  31. Do Until Loop crashed Access
  32. How to send emails automatically from an access database query?
  33. Recordset of Subform(Datasheet) inside another subform which is inside a mainform
  34. MS Access Navigation Pane Hide/Show VB code
  35. Find Existing Records, Error: 2115
  36. get current field in form to setfilter
  37. Crosstab query for grouping time
  38. Resizing a form
  39. Unmatched Query searchin null values for Date Range
  40. Scheduling/Tracking Calendar found on bytes
  41. Subform moving to first record after parent Listbox requery
  42. Update Value Based on Most Recent Record
  43. Getting a Syntax Error - You may have entered an operand without an operator
  44. MS Access Calendar Query Source add filter
  45. Activex component can't create object
  46. How to create a search form for a database
  47. How do I update a BE table with a UNC path?
  48. how to stop user from undo changes made in form
  49. Type mismatch error
  50. How to assign name to a new query field instead of EXPR1
  51. Using loops to enter currency in multiple months
  52. Copy one record to more records. reverse of grouping
  53. Adding data from a text box to a table
  54. Populating an AutoNumber column with custom numbers
  55. How Do I Make a Rank Query wih Multiple Criteria?
  56. Undo in MS Access
  57. Access form design record look up
  58. Basic Excel Macro to create graphs
  59. can't find field
  60. Unable to delete Temp Table after the Form and Recordset are closed
  61. Using a form to input for TOP x PERCENT in VBA
  62. Backup Backend Database at the Back end Location
  63. how to write insert statement without looping for recordset from ado
  64. Access Query where i can sum occurrence of particular word
  65. Populate Two Dates from One Table in Same Calendar
  66. Help with structure of database
  67. How Prevent Line Breaks in a Field after 256 Characters
  68. Deleted select records from recordset
  69. Dynamically load/build an Access Form
  70. Different Language Windows Asc() and AscW() (ARABIC LANGUAGE)
  71. MS Access Calendar - First Day of Week
  72. Forms Hang on Load if no other form with subform is open.
  73. DynaPDF LoadLibrary() Not Working
  74. MS Access Calendar Error when Printing
  75. convert seconds to days:hrs:min
  76. MS Access Creating User
  77. Can I use an expression as input to 'Like'?
  78. MS Access Multi Calendar Use in Same Database
  79. How do I export each individal recordset records to a .pdf file?
  80. Delete record permanently
  81. Using Like operator with form Parameter
  82. How to insert into a table in access from sql server stored proc without loopin
  83. Populating an Unbound Field on a form
  84. Do Loop to find and make a folder
  85. Single column multiple rows to multiple columns single row
  86. How to show all available items in combobox?
  87. Default property for a control bounded to a Date/Time field
  88. Lookup table IDs as Columns
  89. how to update one table based on values in other table
  90. Email with Access form
  91. Report Doubling information but not doubled in table
  92. Message truncated at 255 characters in auto emails through access using outlook
  93. how to connect to other access datbase
  94. How to assign a previous record value to next record in DAO recordset
  95. Copy and rename photos from camera to directory
  96. Pull results from a query but save results to a table
  97. Auto Assign number from values selected from a combo box
  98. Listboxes with separate query in continuous form ?
  99. Report not hiding a control
  100. Export Updated Records (only) to Excel
  101. Record changed by another user error
  102. Adding code to Access for Specific Area Codes for a State
  103. In query, get a value from last year's end quarterly date.
  104. Acces calander with mysql
  105. I need to put a restriction/validation in a table that is linked to another table
  106. Ms access to exe
  107. Subtract dates > 24hrs and display as days:hours:minutes
  108. Many-to-Many / Forms-Subforms - Updating Junction table
  109. Move Value from one field to another of the same record.
  110. Close All Open Objects?
  111. Multiple criteria in DLookup in Access.
  112. Auto assign number with in every place that i choose from combox
  113. Huge date bug?
  114. Can't share Back End - Opened Exclusively by...
  115. How to switch back from report Print Preview to Report View via VBA ?
  116. Better way to do this?
  117. Migrate DDL from DB2 To ACCESS 2010
  118. Allen Browne's audit trail - change NetworkUsername() function
  119. Access export report with column formatting
  120. How to replace last comma with 'and' or '&' in a string with multiple commas ?
  121. IIf in a Query
  122. Limit cmdOpenReport to single record set from a form
  123. How to link a label control to textfield control when layout is tabular?
  124. Adding Option Group for Multiple Students in Attendance Sheet
  125. Using the form's Filter property vs using a query's WHERE clause
  126. Ensure Date Entered is >= 5 Years in the Future
  127. Create a script to change first three words of text to uppercase
  128. Open File Dialog
  129. How Can I Encrypt Text
  130. PLEASE HELP!!! Error 53 / File Not Found
  131. Form's OpenArgs property suddenly becomes null
  132. Multiple click events on labels
  133. Password Mask Question
  134. Multiple Criteria For a Single Query Field Question
  135. Access 2003 will not allow design access to db with no one logged on
  136. how to compact and repair access 2010 database from form on button click
  137. Access reports in separate PDFs, in separate Folders.
  138. How to find location of variable in string
  139. Update Query Only Recognizes Yes/No as No
  140. help me with Filter on MSACCESS 2010
  141. Import XML File to a MS Access Table
  142. Add Record to Subform from Main Form - Getting Null Error on PK
  143. VB code/MSAccess DB runtime error
  144. How can i disable mouse scroll wheel in access2003?
  145. How can i solve the problem?
  146. Use a single control to query more fields or combo boxes
  147. Making an appointment in Outlook from Access
  148. MS Access - Run Query with button
  149. Find and Delete Directory Folders
  150. Navigation Control - Subforms
  151. How to export to an external drive, selecting it from a combobox
  152. Report card from excel list to access
  153. Filtered dropdown list
  154. Get most recent record and use an attribute
  155. Lock fields when current record is not a new record
  156. Access 2010 Instant Messenger
  157. Print values of recordset in report
  158. Process of creating user account & password for ms access database
  159. how to count value from multiple columns in access query
  160. Using an if statement to show a field
  161. How Do I Use Downloaded Progress Bar
  162. Counting field values in a Database Report using the Count and IIF expressions
  163. Closing a form open another form that I don't want to open
  164. Time Clock/Punch Clock Database
  165. List Multiple Records on Form
  166. One column not importing
  167. Requery Reverts to First Record
  168. How to create setup file for ms access db ?
  169. TAKE APHOTO IN ACCESS 2003 and store in specific folder
  170. Hide/Unhide Close Form Button (NOT the Close MS Access Button)
  171. filtering report for printing certain labels
  172. Addition expression that handles null values
  173. What is wrong with this code..
  174. Average expression that can handle null values
  175. Last Quarterly Updated Record VBA Code
  176. Hide Tables from the Query Builder
  177. Averaging Hourly Data by 24-HR Daily Rate
  178. Help with Pivot columns and data in Access VBA. Sample attached
  179. how to export access 2010 report to ms word
  180. how many users can share access database on intranet
  181. How can i relate one field in a table with an other field of another table?
  182. How can i hide menu bar & restore it again?
  183. need to convert tap event on touch screen to a mousemove event
  184. how to disable command button when any field of form is empty?
  185. how to update age of employees on button click
  186. Detect Matching Record
  187. Open Hyperlink Minimized or Hidden
  188. Odd Shading Issue with Report (Alternate Row)
  189. Send e-mail of Form
  190. AfterUpdate property not working.
  191. Color certain text in red
  192. Unwanted Rounding in unbound control on Report
  193. Dlokkup pulls a test string from a table can I use that string in a function to refer
  194. How to alter the field ordinal position after the table has been defined?
  195. Data_Entry in property sheet changes to NO when form opens
  196. Closing a reference to a class called within another class
  197. run-time error 3061 too few parameters expected 1 Set rs = db.OpenRecordset
  198. How to get a master form and its sub forms as I need?
  199. Need help on Ms access 2007 to track changes in table
  200. Reading in TRUE/FALSE from Excel SS to Access
  201. Auto-Increment number on October 1 of each year
  202. Please Tell Me about the Progress Bar
  203. MS Access DB engine cannot find the input table...
  204. Relinking and closing application after network disconnected issues
  205. Character setting (utf-8) - Sending SMS via Access
  206. How do I create a filter in a form
  207. Change Text Field Value when dropdown option is selected
  208. Getting Access to Display the Attachment File Name
  209. DCount function microsoft access
  210. How to add the ribbon name with vba to the startup form
  211. MS Access Login Form
  212. How to KEEP the last record but delete previous duplicates in A2007
  213. Passing value in combo box, how?
  214. VBA Outlook Automation - Won't send E-Mail
  215. Creating Archive Update Process Using VBA coding in Forms
  216. hiding field in form if null and give msgbox if not null
  217. Which is best? Multi-Value ComboBox or Check Boxes?
  218. How to insert tag in word document as per content style
  219. What is happening with the code behind the button....
  220. i want forms to auto adjust based on resolution of user
  221. Why I can't open any access 2010 file in Access 2007?
  222. Calculate a date that is "X" days from a known Date Field and excludes weekends
  223. Access VBA Code To Append 10 Queries Into 1 Excel Tab
  224. Recordset Looping
  225. How can I copy the info I input on a cell (excel) to a different cell using macro?
  226. Access 2007 FE + SQL Server Express or MySQL BE?
  227. I get a runtime error when trying to run a macro and I would like to know how to fix
  228. How do I loop through chosen types of controls on a form?
  229. Front end database showing blank form.
  230. Creating a chart from accumlated datasets.
  231. Create a record number in sequence based on criteria
  232. can Multiple forms to be email using the ifelse statement in the code
  233. Each Record in Access report Should go as mail to the email specified in report
  234. sql join update
  235. foxpro 2.6 report from vba access 2007
  236. when using the dlookup command, only the first password situated on the top of the ta
  237. values from a subform on a tabcontrol
  238. Access VBA Looping through Multidimensional Array
  239. Repeat the same query for different tables
  240. Opening Database over company LAN
  241. Swapping lines of code changes results and error.
  242. Count Month/Year across Multiple Projects
  243. working with selected records in a datasheet
  244. Using an Excel VBA file as a front end to an Access Database
  245. Need help With access 2010 and VBA
  246. Access 2003 issue Default Value--HELP
  247. Help to modify a macro where condition in Access 2010
  248. Help with nested IIF Statement using DateADD.
  249. Need direction
  250. Trying to make a button on a form add information into a table from textboxes.
  251. Get response after sending sms using url
  252. Change the query criteria and run it from a form using VBA
  253. The Property Sheet for MS Access 2007 didn't appear
  254. I have a form Recipes and 3 combo boxs and 3 subforms
  255. How to use the login access screen as a security mode
  256. Check Box on form to include record in report
  257. DCount in Access 2010 Query
  258. Calculate Work Days Based on Different Work Weeks
  259. How To Call Form VBA Function From a Query?
  260. color in textbox then save it permanent along with the records
  261. Ms Access Decimal Places
  262. I am trying to build one form that I can add to sub forms etc I just dont get it
  263. Dates for the week populate on form when "Week of" date is chosen from drop-down.
  264. Back End error
  265. Upadting QueryTable in access 2010 using vba code
  266. I need to return 1 value based on an equation
  267. Run multi Commands from one click
  268. Weighted Averages in Access based only on certain values
  269. How to Update Selective records in Access DB ,Table via
  270. Can I output data from a query / table / form by email as apposed to attaching?
  271. Programmatically Determine if a Form/Report has Macros
  272. Shrink image area when image is missing - Access 2007
  273. What combobox events are triggered when an assignment is made to it via vba
  274. VBA to run custom spell checker and log errors in table?
  275. Finally am where I was now I I am having saveing probs
  276. I should not of started playing round ruined my database
  277. Time calculation in business hours
  278. Program Excel to pull data from Access table and view it Summary worksheets _
  279. Update Combobox after new record is added
  280. search record from data entered in a text box
  281. Restrict User Input from inputting non-ASCII characters
  282. VBA is rusty need to lookup last line of a table for ref. in form
  283. How to Restructure Database for New Requirements
  284. All MDB Files corrupted, no change to Modified date.
  285. GetListPrice error in OrderDetailsExtended form
  286. Access Textbox and Button inside the form of a frame of a webpage
  287. How do I import records from a file and have it merge with data already in the Access
  288. login access is not working
  289. Useing an IIf statement to filtera sub form
  290. Refresh Link to the tables using VBA
  291. VB Coding - Combo Box Auto Populate Error - Trying to select an item in a combo box t
  292. type mismatch error
  293. Some Ideas on Tables my data base has got very messy and I dont think my tables are r
  294. Error Handling in Access to Display Object Causing Error
  295. Radio button/Option group queries
  296. Add two dates (not ranges) to the Wide Calendar with Switchboard
  297. Insert data from Combo Box into Table
  298. Some string functions not working
  299. Access 2007 basic Cascading Combo box problems
  300. filtering records in form by date based on value in combo box
  301. SQL Linked table: -1 does not equal True
  302. Add dates in the form "dd/mm/yyyy" in a query field virtically to sum up to one month
  303. Transfer Data from CSV file to MS Access 2003
  304. How do I display a calculated negative number with a minus sign?
  305. Microsoft Access (2010) Login Security with access Level and Sessions
  306. How to flag updates in a report
  307. Count # days per month within a Date Range using Access 2010
  308. How to Append Date to a .pdf export using macros?
  309. format change in exported text file from report
  310. iif function for searching in record and view in report page
  311. Trying to make a form stop without a required name field
  312. How to import data from a website using VBA
  313. Find Gaps in Consecutive Autonumber ID's
  314. Avoiding Nag Msg in Outlook with Access Automation
  315. Set a date field on unbound form to null with VBA if it has a default date value
  316. Access Database opens behind other applications
  317. How to handle the error when a user deletes the value from a number (Long Integer)
  318. Could Not Delete From Specified Tables
  319. Populate fields from either of two combo boxes
  320. MS Access text box
  321. Unable to sum calculated fields in report or figure how to include them in the query.
  322. Search all Subform's Combo boxes for a string
  323. Setting a value on an open form From a pop up form
  324. Access report paging on group
  325. Move a Chart to a middle of a Preview
  326. send a pop up window to the back
  327. Broken Calendar Control in MS Access 2007 - How can extra methods and attributes be a
  328. Create and update a table from a
  329. Saving combobox selections after a form is closed.
  330. Unable to Pass Form Object to Sub-Type Mismatch
  331. Calculate averages but exclude "null" months and include when a "0" is shown
  332. Linking Chart to specific data in Access to produce multiple charts
  333. copy data from form to table multiple times based on count
  334. How do I change 0 to a 0 with an oblique line through it.
  335. Error Updating Oracle Table from Access Form
  336. Unique part count & sum
  337. Hide / Show Checkbox - Access Form
  338. List of DB Names in current & subfolders with Linked Table Info
  339. update query error
  340. Return Query Results into Form for Viewing
  341. Report - want to list boolean fields a very specific way
  342. How to print out files using VBA
  343. how to use Dlookup with a textbox containing a date from a combobox
  344. Loop though records and display pop up message if a date Criteria is met
  345. Autostore Password for Export from Access query to Excel MULTIPLE Sheets.
  346. Help with simple Cross Tab query
  347. query to fine what they have not taken
  348. IF Then Else statement won't work
  349. Loop question for dates with numerous times throughout the day
  350. How to Clean Up This Code
  351. Number Format in Select Case
  352. Create a "Control" Form to specify filters to display specific forms & reports
  353. Roundup formula use in Access with help round formala
  354. Updating (overwriting) information in Access table
  355. Get Records Affected on inserting a row
  356. Creating form with one lock table and one edit table
  357. Query vs. Control Source (Which performs better?)
  358. Search Combobox for String when Button Clicked
  359. Inheritance: Automatically creating superclass table entries
  360. msgbox pops up to stop it ?
  361. VBA endless loop when doing "For Each" against "Me.Controls"
  362. print a scannable barcode Code128
  363. Concatenate in a VBA "INSERT INTO" script
  364. system resource exceded
  365. Primary key field populates when form opens
  366. Deleting linked tables
  367. Error - There is no object in this control when trying to view calendar
  368. Inserting "-" every 4 characters.
  369. Force paging in report based on crosstab query with dynamic number of columns
  370. How to export a fixed txt file with another field value attached to title
  371. Combo Box to declared variable for second combo lookup query
  372. How to Export Individual Store Reports coming from one table to Multiple Excel Files
  373. Automatically deduct Commission on every 31st cycle of payment
  374. VBA Code to Update Balances in MS Access 2010
  375. OLE Server
  376. How to display a list of clickable grouped records?
  377. Table relationship/Design problem
  378. Shopping basket - Append query from record in List box
  379. Trying to create an If steatement thet popoulates aa unbound text box in access form
  380. Create a button to export an MS Access 2007 form to MS Excel .xslx sheet
  381. sql query gives blank result
  382. Too many records? Or something else
  383. Filter by today date but not in First Table to Second Table
  384. How to get certain fields visible depending on other values in access form
  385. 90th Percentile Issue - by Group in SQL query
  386. Name conflicts with existing module, project...
  387. 20lakhs records export issue from access to excel
  388. Query to calculate Grade using Lookup and innerjoins.
  389. Help with creating Drop Down Combo Box
  390. MS Access Invalid use of null error
  391. Why does VBA go through the Before Update Event when the close button or undo button
  392. How to exclude Saturday and Sunday when using datediff
  393. How do I create 2 forms, with form 2 selectively populating data from form 1 based on
  394. Why when I dirty a subform does the default value of a control on the subform change?
  395. Need Help to auto generate a Date in a report.
  396. Need Query to pull specific data for a specific time period and additional items outs
  397. Connectivity Issue
  398. Query to calculate Balance based on Different Records in another table
  399. Importing Excel with full stops in column heading
  400. Subreport won't display
  401. Hidden fields on Microsoft Access
  402. Access 2010: Collect data through email forms
  403. Edit conditional statements in vba via form.
  404. share database with web clients
  405. "This Recordset is not Updateable" when opening tables in linked .mdb
  406. Mismatch error 13 using DLookup
  407. Type mismatch problem
  408. How can I list all records in a table at once on a form, and then enter data?
  409. Use of, DoCmd.RunSQL, to execute a query which filters data based on user defined dat
  410. How to Customize an IF Function in vba using a form
  411. multiple criteria dlookup troubles vba access 2010(accdb)
  412. Help needed for Open Form OpenArg
  413. MS Access SharePoint multi value list modification
  414. Need help with table normalization please
  415. Using a command button in a form to save & then open a new record
  416. Need help importing excel file to Access db table
  417. How to pass parameter from text box to stored procedure
  418. Convert month name to number in Excel VBA
  419. How to Export a table to fixed width Txt file and different extension
  420. Access 2007 adding a number of working days to a date
  421. Show number of records exported to Excel in msgbox
  422. Access Runtime creates open file issues for other databases.
  423. Cannot open any more tables.
  424. Output access to a calendare possible share point.
  425. Access 97: using WHERE ... LIKE to compare user input string
  426. Linking a report to a form?
  427. Access Menu Disappearing and Date Format Changing in all MS Products
  428. Switch Focus to Excel with Access VBA Automation
  429. in table how to this auto
  430. how to rank results produced by a query
  431. Join 2 Record set in Access and VBA
  432. Display different records in a combox in a query under own heading
  433. How to highlight specific records in a combobox
  434. Making Edit in Form Changes All..But Shouldn't
  435. When Owner's first name ends in an
  436. Timeline - Bar Chart for Planning
  437. Correct Syntax for Number Field in Email Message
  438. Not Allow a "," in a input hours Form field.
  439. Concatenate Function truncates memo field datas
  440. Access 2010 runtime error 3201 cannot add or change record
  441. i need help with stock database query
  442. Show or hide a button in base of the value of auto calculated textbox
  443. How to sent response mails to acess
  444. Timeclock scenario bugging out on dlookup
  445. How to program a command button that could simultaneously filter two fields?
  446. txt file always leave last few records
  447. How to store Struct object to Build-in Collection?
  448. Microsoft Access Can't Find the Field '|'
  449. Button visible to admins only not working correctly
  450. LEFT JOIN (SELECT) - Syntax Error In From Clause
  451. 6 results in same day display in graph
  452. execute javascript on a webpage via VBA
  453. Unique calculation for a field in a table
  454. How to change an Autonumber value in a field
  455. Touch Screen conversion
  456. Concat function (?exist) in Access 2003
  457. how i can manager entered, leaved and remaining stock
  458. linking field from main form to sub form
  459. showing different images by using combobox selection.
  460. How to back to the form after MsgBox to select a value?
  461. Cannot add record
  462. Is it Possible to Output Query Parameters into Report Title?
  463. MS Access - How to split one large table into smaller tables by record count
  464. Multiple Users locking DB when running DB2 Queries.
  465. Audit Trail That Captures Change To Null
  466. Filter a record on a continuous form
  467. how to set focus on field when searching database
  468. sql query wrong result
  469. Changing default text in content control
  470. Getting Invalid Syntax. Need help to correct it.
  471. Need 2nd & 3rd combo box for date & status filter
  472. Foreign key field in table does not automatically populate from main table
  473. Small Music Store Database [ER HELP]
  474. How to stop auto sort on primary key tables in ms access
  475. send email with data from table and attach a word doc from access 2010
  476. I can't add new record on a form
  477. One organization can have many relationships
  478. count consecutive wins per reg key
  479. Auto populate aa combo box from one form to a combo box in another form
  480. My code doesn't wants to set the control default value
  481. make number generator in access
  482. How to add pictures which will show in a report?
  483. Getting error message 3426 when trying to do a Recordset.FindFirst
  484. Split cell content into multiple columns
  485. Report with Subreport gets Enter Parameter Value Message
  486. How to RunSQL for update a record in ON CLICK event?
  487. Report totals from cross tab query
  488. Run Windows 7 SoundRecorder.exe from within access
  489. How can I create a search button in access 2007
  490. Subtracting Business days in ACCESS 2010
  491. Why can't I use the Multipage object?
  492. Importing data from Word form content control into Access
  493. What event fires after form is displayed
  494. Combo Box value depends on another Combo Box
  495. avoiding decimals in a calculation
  496. Access Form Property to allow adding a new record
  497. The data on my report doesn't update when I make a new selection in a combo box
  498. Syntax Error Missing Operator in query Expression
  499. In my wells' form I have a dropdown...
  500. 2007 accde not fully working on 2010
  501. Open Filtered report from Hyperlink
  502. Dynamically create a report based on selected criteria
  503. Create an Email Client within an Access Application
  504. How to put selections from a MultiSelect List Box into a table with a command button
  505. Generating a report of a current form...
  506. How can I use a global variable in a
  507. How to rename a access table in visual basic
  508. Is it possible to pass a command from a function to a sub routine?
  509. How can I use a variable value as a table field name in Access?
  510. filtering combobox and adding new records
  511. How to run a 32 bit ASP-Access application in Windows Server 2008 64 bit
  512. Why is my Query returning double values?
  513. Query selecting common part of selected records
  514. Passing multiple parameter dates to subreports for computation to main report
  515. How to select a report from a Combobox
  516. Access to locked out database
  517. can multiple csv files be merged into xls file dependant on column selection?
  518. Query criteria drop a drop down list
  519. Duplicate Graphic based on Data Records
  520. share only form of ms-access on network
  521. Create a calendar-view
  522. Performance issues occuring in Access Split Database
  523. Editing data from database in textbox which are taken from subform
  524. How to change the Row source in a table to a query?
  525. reference to undeclared namespace prefix: 'drm'
  526. invalid use of null after converting DB to Access 2007
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