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  1. Do A97 color number values reflect some recognized standard?
  2. testing for boolean
  3. Test
  4. How do I launch Internet Explorer
  5. How to insert bulk data into an existing data base?
  6. How can I tell if I'm on a certain field?
  7. How to select all texts of the document of the format of the selected text?
  8. fill combo based on selection of other combo
  9. Photograph
  10. Photographs
  11. Insert data into 6 different tables
  12. How to use Excel.Chart with early binding?
  13. How to send the current record to Word 2000 with automation
  14. Form "Dashboard" Code Speedup Needed
  15. Paramter in query
  16. I don't know how to make the toolbars not show up in A97
  17. HOWTO: [wierd+wild] columnar reporting w/ varying rows???
  18. Err 429
  19. A97 runtime app behaves differently on 2 win XP boxes...
  20. Update an Access table from dao recordset based on an excel sheet
  21. Week Form
  22. Double mouse click mystery
  23. Runtime Access 97 app - what's the syntax for setting up a shortcut on the desktop?
  24. Import of html tables to access, but fills a column instead of a row.
  25. Converting to Access 2003
  26. Can you create an updatable query with multible joins
  27. Subform - Display Problem
  28. Basic Access user: Link field in one table to field in other?
  29. Write conflict error on subform
  30. Junction Tables
  31. Printer selection in Access 97
  32. Listbox Value is Null when listbox is clicked
  33. On Exit Event Disables Navigtation Buttons
  34. Set variable
  35. Deleting a record from a table.
  36. Down Arrows On Menu Bar
  37. I locked myself out
  38. Searching for data in child forms, across multiple parent records
  39. A97 - where is the system.mdw file located
  40. Trouble copying a picture object from one table to another
  41. How to read name of current database's record locking file from A97 code?
  42. CancelUpdate message
  43. How to Add two Columns from SQL Select?
  44. A97 error 3356 reported when trying to compact database...
  45. How to save a record, help needed
  46. Working with Large vs Small databases
  47. autonumber key violation on insert
  48. ODBC -- Call Failed.
  49. ODBC -- Call Failed.
  50. Graphic front for AC97
  51. Autofill query
  52. Access to excel
  53. Msgbox text font
  54. Import Excel using Access Wizard
  55. How to add data from one form to another
  56. I was planning to use this code to add users in A97...
  57. Trying to use Playsound in A97...
  58. Importing and Updating Access XP
  59. Word function out of Access 97 non-responsive after Access 2003 Upgrade
  60. Microsoft Desktop Client: Any chance of connecting to local drives?
  61. Modifying subform records for cartesian product
  62. Thank you David Fenton... but one more little thing.
  63. Switches?? - Access 2002, VBA
  64. A97 compact database question?
  65. LIKE criteria works in query but not in VB
  66. eeek help
  67. Cannot compact
  68. Problem with SQL statement on subform
  69. access query it possible?
  70. Appending Strings
  71. A97 allows separate procedures in a form module to share common labels.
  72. How do you record check box selections in the database?
  73. assign auto number using VBA
  74. What's the default choice if Public/Private is ommited from the Sub statement?
  75. Access 97 linked to Oracle showing wrong datatypes
  76. UPDATE SQL Statement in Excel VBA Editor to update Access Database - ADO - SQL
  77. Loop through all forms to set Allow Design Changes Property
  78. Storing check box selections in a textbox as appended strings
  79. A97 table field of Yes/No type without a default value property setting has a default value?
  80. how to make sure access queris the correct data sets?
  81. MS Acces help needed
  82. Subform Problem
  83. Query Criteria linked to form
  84. Date Field ---Help
  85. use dao to create odbc link table and saving the password
  86. Hidden modules in Access 97 - what are they?
  87. Events on Tab control
  88. I'm trying to grasp the concept of class modules, seeking a straight-forward example on a site somewhere
  89. A97 debug window
  90. MS Query not enabling join options when merging dbfs
  91. Access really slow over the network
  92. Melissa Data Address Object
  93. Help w/ On Open Vs On_Open Vs On_Current
  94. Who controls improvements in Access
  95. Scroll automatically tabbing through fields in a form
  96. Password Backend
  97. Running Totals by date misbehaving ?
  98. attachment
  99. Access and Oracle sequence issue
  100. Error Creating Table in MS Access
  101. A2K3: Use control on form for calculated field
  102. Report Formulas not totaling in footer sections
  103. MS Access as a web darabase?
  104. Opening database exclusively
  105. Database Permission Settings
  106. Footer OK on print preview, but doesn't print to printer
  107. Force 4 digits in field
  108. Problem with date formats in international project.
  109. MSCAL.Calendar.7
  110. Accessing a MS Access database across two servers
  111. Button Effects on Access forms
  112. In Form View - can't get to next record. Why?
  113. Reverse Engineering an mde
  114. dynamically control form objects
  115. Adding a Quit to a Macro using Visual Basic
  116. Include picture in Access form
  117. Query to show letters sent by date in a crosstab format
  118. Emailing one page from a report..
  119. Inference Engine
  120. Problem grouping records by certain time frame (report)
  121. CopyFromRecordset does not work on different machine
  122. Use friendly Databse Tool for non-DBAs
  123. date comparison
  124. Copy Same records
  125. To brows to a folder or file
  126. object variable or with block variable not set
  127. object variable or with block variable not set
  128. Closeing MSQuery Window from Access
  129. Question 2: automatically update an embedded XLS-flie
  130. Question 1: How to refer to a arrayed multple textbox?
  131. Numeric column in Excel
  132. Which Record to display 1st?
  133. Field to Field data duplication
  134. After Update event
  135. how can i 'select' items in a list box from a button click
  136. Is there a way to automate importation of Excel data?
  137. # of Months Calcuation only returns 0
  138. Disable Shift Key. Help!
  139. Error 3265: Item not found in this collection
  140. Find the length of text stored in a textbox?
  141. Problem with control source for text box on report
  142. Colour Cycle in forms?
  143. How to create table?
  144. Setting form properties in VBA: do I need numbers?
  145. What does var$ mean?
  146. Specifying parent child form by name
  147. Report objects
  148. Changing Unbound Field Name
  149. DateTime problem
  150. Switch function max number of varexpressions in Access xp
  151. File convertion
  152. Find file window
  153. Twips and Pixels: Please confirm
  154. Problem with forms
  155. update Access table by VBA in Excel
  156. To All
  157. MS ACCCESS has encauntered a problem and needs to close ...
  158. Who Monotors The Newsgroups?
  159. Return to same Record
  160. How to specify Range when exporting to Excel with JET?
  161. Query/Report to show how many letters sent per month
  162. Determining the size of a file via a URL
  163. How do you tell which page of a tab control is being displayed?
  164. What files do I need to deploy the runtime of Access?
  165. Need help with Tab Control (unable to update some fields)
  166. Text is too long to be edited
  167. Too many Forms Open
  168. Access application dies connected to Oracle databases
  169. Excel Automatation and Changing Format Of Cells
  170. Automating import into Access of e-mailed form to email data
  171. (Español) Utilización del SendKyes
  172. Using IIf More Than Once In A Report Textbox
  173. How do I change an MS Access Database PAssword from VB Code
  174. check constraint message
  175. 4k Table limit
  176. Altering a column to REAL and setting the format + the decimal in SQL.
  177. Calling excel: subscript out of range
  178. Determining the size of a file via a URL
  179. Connection String in VBA
  180. Syntaxerror in Designview -> How to correct wrong SQL-Syntax?
  181. Office 2003 Picture Manager: OLEClass property and Class Property
  182. Prevent textfield from being deleted from but allow updates
  183. Checking the value of a field in a table from Code
  184. SQL synthax problem on INSERT INTO instruction.
  185. Access report not reaching printer
  186. how do i insert new record in a joined table's
  187. DoCmd.OpenForm
  189. Help entering in a constraint, Please!
  190. Extracting data from Excel into Access Table
  191. what is the error here?
  192. can anyone here help me
  193. Play a ".Wav" sound with Access
  194. Count only counts all results and ignores criteria
  195. Extracting from Long Binary field
  196. pop up calenar not working in subform
  197. Please help! Strange behavior: Access > Word Mail Merge code
  198. TOP 10 query
  199. northwind sample database is a turn-off
  200. Loosing Printer Settings
  201. Running Balance Help wanted
  202. A mystery: can just a compact & repair change table relationships?
  203. Advice on Looking up
  204. VBA Problem
  205. After using clipboard functions in Excel from Access VBA Excel doesn't quit
  206. Present the 'gaps' in numbering
  207. How do I get a databse password in VBA?
  208. preventing opening database window in MDE
  209. ADO Importing from an unknown named Excel worksheet
  210. Update Access Table with filename, modified file date/time and values contained in these flat files
  211. Iterate through table fields in an ADP?
  212. Lock Cells
  213. Link OLE objects to Records
  214. Networking Database
  215. Question about relationships, inner joins and query results
  216. Forms, Memos, and Quotation Marks
  217. Intervals - Using lookup?
  218. Dont show report when invalid date is entered?
  219. Setting Checkboxes of Treeviews at Mask-Opening
  220. I already have a table called client and seems to be related with other tables ,I tried making TBL client as lookup too, I ended up having another table called Client_1?
  221. Can MsAccess help me in this application?
  222. Adding up field from a table
  223. Why does Access create a duplicate database every time I open my mdb?
  224. OCX clock control for Access 97?
  225. Cannot open any more databases.
  226. Publishing with Word
  227. size of database
  228. Unable to open database
  229. How to tell if others are connected to the database
  230. Problem printing report
  231. Selecting forms with multiple instances
  232. VBA Excel paste from access function fails every second time it runs!
  233. Print Report Based on Form
  234. Add new record, requery to add to table and then open for returning to new record
  235. Can I create a .Net custom control in a Microsoft Access form?
  236. Access opens to blank screen, won't open database
  237. name of A97 workgroup administrator executable?
  238. Q:Access Parameterized Query to Oracle?
  239. Microsoft Jet database engine stopped.... problem with fixing it
  240. Closeing MSQuery Window from Access
  241. Incremental Numbering
  242. Subform is ignoring filter
  243. Adding record to another table from form
  244. Recreating Design Master question
  245. access date function question
  246. Using a combo box on search form
  247. Implementing a calendar report
  248. Error with DLookUp
  249. How to you handel different access versions running the same database
  250. Report, Crosstab Query and Parameters
  251. access romania
  252. Replication via code
  253. Repairing when not broken
  254. Open Form At New Record (Empty)
  255. problem with SQL in Access
  256. PGUP, PGDN
  257. SQL Summary problem
  258. What owc10.dll does?
  259. How to control unexpected/unwanted GotFocus event property setting (expression)
  260. create a field based on another field
  261. Code to create table with increasing field numbers
  262. How to edit Production DB
  263. How to Ignore Missing Libraries ?
  264. Creating tab delimited file
  265. How to count a text field in a form
  266. Using Not In List and a Query?
  267. Changing one MDW file for multiple databases
  268. One record per tab
  269. Select newly added element in a list based on a sql
  270. Join Issue
  271. Table Setup
  272. Transfer Access database to Intranet
  273. Run-Time Error '6'
  274. Different Access version problem
  275. Create table shoutcut and add to existing group using code only
  276. Create table shoutcut and add to existing group using code only
  277. Print same Report of different heights on continuous paper
  278. Strange Access Issue
  279. Macro substitution request
  280. Imoveable Forms
  281. Insert only if item doesn't already exist... easy right?
  282. Pring in a smaller size
  283. Relink all tables in other database
  284. Make Subreport Function Like Main Report
  285. Custom Filter
  286. ANY Idea how to flush all data in an access DB or one of its tables?
  287. Passing arguments to function by reference - Good or Bad?
  288. Sending Parameters to Query
  289. Monitor Network Traffic
  290. Parsing data from a text field
  291. Connect property of linked ODBC table
  292. Setting Report Page Size To A3
  293. Having trouble with DLookUp in A97...
  294. .mdw only allows one user
  295. Conditional Formatting
  296. Using Text Box Name as string?
  297. Access runtime version
  298. User not in Admins - how to circumvent their not being able to create a new user?
  299. I get type mismatch errors sometimes. Why does Access think it knows what data type a text box control is?
  300. creating an inventory application
  301. Updating Table records
  302. A97: If I create a new user with CreateUser Method, is she automatically a member of Users group?
  303. Whats the easiest way to allow a user to change password in an A97 app?
  304. Chr$(13) & Chr$(10) give me a problem in main menu label caption property...
  305. problem running access
  306. Passing Record Set Reference from a form
  307. RunTime Error 5
  308. CurrentDb.Execute options
  309. Return File Modified/Create Date
  310. Create alias for network drive?
  311. A97: Can I 'peek' to see if there is another record?
  312. A97: Why is there no example for GoToRecord Action HELP section in Access 97?
  313. Help!
  314. Query question:
  315. Access97
  316. Query MySQL
  317. Moving data from Access to Excel
  318. File Import Question
  319. SQL Troubles
  320. Determine if listbox has values
  321. DLookUp Error message
  322. DLookUp Problem
  323. Automate the closing of Word from Access after MailMerge
  324. Importing data performance
  325. Access and Frontpage
  326. Export report as WEB page
  327. How can I attach two reports to the same Email?
  328. Controlling Excel from Access: Using Sendkeys to enter data into an Excel Input Box
  329. ComboBox
  330. Invalid Argument (OLE Objects)
  331. SQL Multi Column Primary Key Problems
  332. Problem in Join(T-SQL)
  333. Is This Development?
  334. Compact on Close Code
  335. highlighting the current record
  336. a2k - using bound subforms and transations
  337. Rounding a number up
  338. HTML chars have strange chars that show up as little square boxes, but are something else?
  339. Upgrading Access2000 to SQL Server
  340. Make it compulsory to fill in field in form
  341. Do I need to set form properties every time??
  342. Opening Report 100% view as default
  343. closing ODBC connection ?
  344. Opening a mail merge document from Access 2000
  345. Insert date
  346. Package Wizard
  347. yet another question - how do I set error trapping to 2?
  348. Psuedo Code
  349. report on close
  350. Deleting filtered records not working properly.
  351. reports question
  352. Server error
  353. Entering the Record Number in a field?
  354. Putting the Record number in a field?
  355. Putting the Record number in a field?
  356. Select Row in Datasheet Subform
  357. Assigning a Data Type to a Combo in VBA
  358. Dynamic Crosstab + Sub Report
  359. Comparing Text Fields in table
  360. Does Not Produce Error
  361. Sequencial ordering
  362. Forms modified when the really aren't?
  363. Where's my copy of Building Applications With Microsoft Access 97?
  364. Different code for saving records from A97 data entry forms?
  365. Selecting Records between two date fields
  366. Need help with multi-user environment
  367. list / form linking -- half way done
  368. type mismatch
  369. "Quit" in macro closes out the whole app
  370. Error Cannot Add or Change record because this record is required in table...
  371. subforms
  372. Referring to combo box controls on forms in A97
  373. Best Method For Providing Interactive Reports To Clients Who Dont Have Access To System
  374. Combo Box forces addition twice
  375. Mail Merge to Word -Problem with Access Form Code...
  376. Switchboard won't appear (Access '03)
  377. Split database convertion
  378. A97 and PDF's - Are they compatible?
  379. E-mail report as excel to people on report
  380. Registry Writing
  381. Text size in design view
  382. group by + count problem:
  383. Licencing the 'Reporting Donkey'
  384. Looking for a query
  385. Getting A Bigger Slice Of The LAN Pie For My App?
  386. Access security
  387. Form Operations
  388. Syntax error in query...(ADO.NET + MS Access)
  389. Action upon Key Press
  390. Pulling field value for remote webpage
  391. please help an access noob
  392. # symbol is showing up before and after hyperlinks
  393. Query
  394. A97: Importing AutoExec macro from Access 2.0
  395. Update Access from Excel via SQL
  396. Query Help
  397. A97: How to hide ALL the tool bars?
  398. Freeze field/column in continuous form
  399. Counting SubForms and SubReports
  400. Null and evaluation statements
  401. How to "Select All" in filtered recordset
  402. Need help on AVERAGING
  403. Problem with calling subform's button click event from the main form
  404. modules and sub routines
  405. StLinkCriteria syntax with multiple subforms
  406. Popup Form Eccentricity
  407. Dcount - novice user trying to write a novice expression
  408. ADP SQL Server Time Out
  409. custom shortcut menus
  410. Hide Section When Printing Report
  411. Matching Records with user definable criteria.
  412. Problem opening a recordset based on a stored procedure in Access Project
  413. Query Where WHERE clause points to Current Row?
  414. Not equal to a number
  415. Subform Linked Fields
  416. Office Automation using MFC
  417. Marketing Forecast, Quarterly Revenues
  418. DAO Parsing Table1 in Table2. What is wrong there ?
  419. search problem after converting data base Access '97 to Access 2002
  420. customized menu toolbars
  421. values are not going into table.
  422. to trigger or not to trigger
  423. logout for ODBC source ?
  424. pivotchart
  425. select the 1st row in a listbox
  426. select characters in a field
  427. A97: Keyword 'show' - what is that exactly?
  428. What's this... #If Win32 Then...
  429. A97: How go to new record on data entry form
  430. A97: Module window, clicking in vertical bar on left side of window...
  431. MS Access - how-to set control source for text box to query
  432. Parameter type append query dialog box - how to abort smoothly?
  433. Anyone here deployed an Access DB with an SQL / MSDE back end?
  434. How can I have Null entry in child table linked field?
  435. Cross reference utility?
  436. Need Help With Groups and Stored Drawings
  437. ADODB & Queries
  438. OpenArgs by reference?
  439. Looping thru Table1 to parse records to Table2
  440. Displaying calculations in a query field using Access 2000
  441. Password Encrytption Security (97 through XP)
  442. How to Import multiple excel spreadsheats?
  443. Access database opened via Intranet - integration
  444. text box help
  445. ActiveX calendar control in 97 - how is value updated?
  446. A97: Why negative memory values reported?
  447. What, exactly, is a control array?
  448. reading video properties from A97
  449. Continuous View Single View
  450. defining query in vb instead of design view
  451. Graphics disappear when printed
  452. Overflow error when Exporting Access200 report in RTF format
  453. Navigation button inactive
  454. Forms bound to SQL Server views
  455. SysCmd
  456. Reseting menu bar with VBA in Access?
  457. Access 2003 ExportXML - changing default tags?
  458. Update query # 2
  459. What replaces Database/Recordset collection in Access XP?
  460. Access DB continues to grow in size
  461. Can I join an Access 2.0 system.mda file from Access 97, to make it easier to import forms and other objects from my old Access 2.0 apps?
  462. syntax error in INSERT INTO statement
  463. Wildcards in OLE Linked Object File Name
  464. Access Automation causes warning messages and more to cease functioning
  465. Parameter Query - how to avoid needing wildcards
  466. Help With BuildSQL() Statement please
  467. ldb not releasing
  468. Internet Transfer Control, only option?
  469. Need help with tricky query... well tricky for me
  470. LDB file
  471. itc alternate
  472. What kind of database is access?
  473. standard view in database window
  474. filling fields with query results
  475. Determining a form's actual location (when it is not current)
  476. Code To Limit Precision?
  477. object invalid or no longer set message in vb
  478. A2KReportSpecs.mde as reference in XP runtime
  479. Access/VB6 problem Help needed
  480. Access 97 Import Text Problem
  481. Query and combo box to select parameter
  482. Displaying user-created menubar via automation
  483. Please help! What is wrong with this SQL code?
  484. Problems with autonumber field
  485. changing field data types programmatically
  486. No option for linking ODBC tables
  487. position in a field
  488. ADO / DAO Syntax to write to external database
  489. menu bars, tool bars, etc...
  490. Access Security Questions
  491. Datetime problems
  492. sql question
  493. Using Access database in an internet environment
  494. Ignoring spaces in combobox text: done,almost!
  495. Where To Put Error Handling Code
  496. Filtering a forms recordsource being used for a report
  497. label printing
  498. TransferSpreadsheet And Excel Formatting Problem
  499. columns and headings in listboxes
  500. Error Handling For A Recordset
  501. Nicht normal
  502. Valuation of database records: MoSCoW
  503. part of seconds in timestamp
  504. For a Field or Property object, this property is read/write until the object is appended to a collection or to another object, after which it's read-only
  505. Access Help
  506. Opening a mail doc from Access - code problem
  507. Filtering a numeric field with command "Like [.....]" as criteria in a query
  508. Error in Validation Rule
  509. How can I add NEW LINE to a report
  510. Code for Creating random letter combinations, but there are duplicates
  511. Database Design Question
  512. Data Type Mismatch
  513. changing a module into class module
  514. Requery Recordset
  515. ODBC Drivers error '80040e14' Syntax error (missing operator)
  516. Code completion / compact DB from code / slice data ???
  517. Automatic List Of Methods Does Not Come Up
  518. Future of access?
  519. insert with select
  520. Use an mdb as a background executable
  521. Min value of two date fields in same table
  522. Form freezes after deleting picture
  523. Problem with Ms Jet Exchange Isam (MSEXCH40.DLL)
  524. Import - database name as variable
  525. Searching .mdb files
  526. Help_with_forms
  527. Problem Opening Access 2000 Db with Access 2003
  528. MS Access Query
  529. subforms synchronisation
  530. name of current procedure
  531. Automatic Update After Printing
  532. Converting quotation marks to ASCII numerical value
  533. Weird access error: Access/OLE/Active-X communication
  534. Printing to receipt/serial printer from access
  535. solution for passing parameters to saved pass-through queries
  536. adding controls in forms from vba
  537. Please Test
  538. Opening a form in a specific location on the screen
  539. vb access run time error 3705
  540. Update an Oracle table, get 3167 error on faked Autonumber ID field
  541. Error message
  542. Trying to determine if MSDE Database is installed and install if not
  543. Strange behaviour in Access 2000/Win 2000
  544. Iterating a table with VB
  545. insert statement
  546. Data migration problem: Report sticks to old table name
  547. multiple columns in listbox
  548. Records Based on Recent Date
  549. Searching a txt file for instances of a string
  550. Count subrecords from record