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  1. Really confused about Digital Certification for Access Apps. Advice?
  2. Really confused about Digital Certification for Access Apps. Advice?
  3. Selection by non-alphanumeric characters
  4. normalizing help
  5. Populate combobox
  6. Replacing non-alphanumeric characters
  7. Need help designing an update query
  8. Understanding Recordsets
  9. Record selection with combobox and record navigation buttons
  10. Update query
  11. Disable Application Restore Button
  12. Open .pdf without warning
  13. A simple example of reattaching one table by VBA
  14. Variable # of columns being output by a Crosstab query
  15. Downloading large table
  16. Large text boxes
  17. Using Japanese vs. US version of Access
  18. Printing a record from a current form
  19. Drop List Question
  20. VBA question - how can i retain the double quotes from a text file after opening it through a recordset?
  21. Reference a field labels caption?
  22. Dynamic Crosstab...SOS
  23. Interesting Problem......... or not so for the advanced, lol
  24. Combining databases
  25. Could someone point me in the right direction to use DAO to list all forms, their textboxes and two properties for each textbox?
  26. Securing both front end and back end
  27. interesting question - module - chart - form
  28. calculated text box
  29. data entry forms writing directly to the tables?
  30. How to prevent Access app from closing with X button?
  31. ODBC access driver
  32. Programmatically copy custom shortcut menu bars (command bars)?
  33. Multiple users, selecting unique record from table
  34. Store Array to Access w/o Parsing Each Row
  35. Showing the difference between two times in Hours, Minutes and Seconds
  36. Where are the Access Developers?
  37. Best alternative to MS Access on a shared drive
  38. If Statement in an Access Report
  39. Clear a combo box on error?
  40. import or link from Excel disfunction
  41. MSACCESS.exe process does not stop when user exits Access (revisited)
  42. Checking For Internet Connection
  43. Cannot open a database created with a previous version of your application (Office 2003)
  44. Access Form: lock user on text field ...
  45. StartRow in Import/Export Specifications
  46. Methodology
  47. On record change
  48. Union Query
  49. Kallal-printercode - works with Citrix?
  50. Access to Arcview 8.3 GIS link
  51. A97 InputBox controls - how to limit?
  52. Simplest recommendation for filtering records returned in a combo box on a form?
  53. Allen - Your report list box
  54. Set Subform sourceobject and recordsource
  55. Mysterious "Sub or Function not defined"
  56. Report: how to get rid of border
  57. help on converting front end for web/browser access
  58. Run an ArcGIS VBScript in MS Access
  59. E-mail from within Access
  60. Passing Information
  61. Preview a PDF?
  62. Sql Server 2005 and Access 2005?
  63. A2003 corrupts - 97 didn't
  64. declaration
  65. MS Graph versus pivot graph?
  66. If Clause
  67. comparing arrays
  68. Contents of a Hyperlink Control
  69. Decimal Data type in Jet DDL SQL?
  70. A few more questions - saving, canceling, object control
  71. A2K - update query needed
  72. Multiple Instance of a form limite
  73. Editable query / continuous form with aggregate fields: how?
  74. Filtering in Sub Report
  75. SubForm is not visible
  76. How to determine whether module is class module?
  77. Is there a "browse" dialog? not to be confused with Open File
  78. A2K - limit on lines that can be printed in immediate window?
  79. Jump from a Form to a control (filed) in a SubForm
  80. query
  81. Insert a space into postcode
  82. Whats the best way to add a bit of a help file into an access file
  83. Track date of Updated records
  84. VBA in SQL -- finding near duplicities
  85. Sub-groups in a field
  86. making virtual fields along with real fields in select statement
  87. filtering a query by values in multi-select list box ?
  88. The Wizard is unable to create your report
  89. e-mail link in form
  90. Displaying MEMO fields
  91. Displaying MEMO fields
  92. Need Help around
  93. report with different structure
  94. problem with Update query that has to fetch the values from another table
  95. Yes/No field
  96. Commit : database changes in Ms access.
  97. Commit : database changes in Ms access.
  99. Programmatically changing RecordSource - too risky?
  100. Combining two text field into a long list
  101. Calculating Strait Line Depreciation
  102. Combo Box design question
  103. Selected controls on a form in design mode with VBA
  104. ODBC: How to install Access 2.0-Drivers when Access 2003 is installed
  105. Email list into BCC field
  106. OLE automation: Excel Template question
  107. Intrinsic Constant Definitions
  108. how to import text field from MySQL db to MS Access 2003 using ImportXML
  109. official certification
  110. open database
  111. Update new Password to table via Forms & Macro
  112. A2K - how to create my own unique internal employee id
  113. 'X' button on the form top right
  114. Record x of y
  115. information about ActiveX controls
  116. MDB file bloats while updating records
  117. locked table
  118. How big can an Access table be?
  119. A2K - simple append of one record to another table needed
  120. How to display a query in a list box using a record set?
  121. Seems simple - But how (Stored procedures)?
  122. Removal of Internet (web) bar at the top of the window
  123. mail merge date problems
  124. problems with totals in pivot tables and poivot charts
  125. File system error
  126. Why not use lookup wizard?
  127. Getting the user profile folder
  128. 2 data files for mail merge into WORD?
  129. Wonder how to open debug-window from A97 VBA?
  130. Printing to hDc in VBA
  131. Date time picker - findrecord based on value
  132. Screwed up syntax
  133. Combining Columns
  134. Copy a string to clipboard via VBA
  135. summing on a form
  136. Misbehaving text box
  137. Combo box, command button placement questions
  138. Ecology and Access
  139. Missive
  140. INSERT Question
  141. Setup: One Serial and Multiple Installed Software
  142. Printing a detail of a single record (ie report)
  143. Scheduling Query/Clashing Events
  144. Print a external file
  145. Access and FTP
  146. Changing Password using forms without userlevel security
  147. automating the import of a xls file
  148. I didn't know this could be done (rename the Detail section of aForm)
  149. HELP NEEDED ASAP - Updating table row by row (ADP)
  150. Access query
  151. query criteria
  152. Making choices in a subform
  153. Append Query problem
  154. Sub keeping ACCESS.EXE open
  155. [odbc] Retreiving full unicode data using Access ODBC driver.
  156. Suppressing popup message after a TransferText
  157. building a custom query using check boxes on a form
  158. Hyperlink to jpg files - nothing happens (?)
  159. mousemove over subform
  160. Help! Trying to change code to use Application Object
  161. OnTimer event interval - I need to run it when form is opened
  162. Including all cases
  163. Link an image on the web to appear on a form
  164. Listbox - how to tell if item unselected?
  165. Behaviour of the form filter option in the toolbar
  166. enable controls on tab control form
  167. Event When User Clicks On A Control On A Tab's Page
  168. Count query
  169. Conditional Formatting in a Form
  170. Building an Activity report
  171. A97 changes the link child and link master fields on a subform control w/o consulting or informing me
  172. Should I repaint subform or mainform?
  173. Building Access Apps with User Definable Fields
  174. Is there a way to display current date and time on form?
  175. A fairly dense form needs real estate. Don't have it. Want to resize ONE control only
  176. center a form on display
  177. Table of Contents stopped working (MDB -> ADP)
  178. append question
  179. maximaal aantal records uit query laten zien
  180. Enter line feed in Search+Replace?
  181. Why would a DCount of FieldName in saved query return a number greater than number of rows in qry?
  182. textbox cursor placement
  183. Placing the Same Value In Multiple Forms
  184. Report error
  185. Relinking problem
  186. Access table OutPutTo Word bookmark
  187. Complex Query Keeps Running Not Returning Data
  188. Complex Query Keeps Running Not Returning Data
  189. Add picture to Wrd Doc
  190. Compacting on A2K vs A2002
  191. table relationships
  192. Experience with Visual Studio Tools for Office?
  193. Problem using mixed data from Excel
  194. creating a delete button
  195. Run code in report
  196. Speed benefit calling source db from query?
  197. Convert Text to Int
  198. Mystery number 9360 in report
  199. DLookup("[PVIN]", "tblPreliminaryVINs", "[PVIN]=Forms!frmVINODO!SerialNum")
  200. mixed languages and JET sp8 ...
  201. Removing "marks" from database
  202. Turning Excel data into a 1-M relationship
  203. Adding new records in bulk
  204. Connecting to Outlook PST or Exchange in a distributed application
  205. Arcmap
  206. Tricky Scneario
  208. run access.exe on server side
  209. Redmoving a spreadsheet and replaicing it through Access
  210. help with a difficult query
  211. highlight keywords in search result
  212. Maximize form on open
  213. NotInList problems
  214. Access to ASP/ converters
  215. Bypassing a dialog
  216. Linking Forms
  217. Can't repoint linked tables
  218. Subform and .dataentry property issue
  219. First MACRO executed in an Access application
  220. Now()
  221. numbers rounding up in table
  222. A2K3- quick SQL help needed
  223. Transferspreadsheet Trapping Error for Duplicate records
  224. Help Creating Small Table In Memory
  225. Dlookup problem
  226. new record
  227. A97 - how to transfer a file from https?
  228. Why is it a bad idea to create new databases or tables every year??
  229. page breaks, printing and vba
  230. Summary query causes Access to crash
  231. Displaying a Cross Tab query on a Form
  232. Updatable query - Many to Many
  233. Need configuration help
  234. Group Data/Copy Row Two Field to Row One Field
  235. network error connection
  236. Why does fso.MoveFolder fail with "Permission denied"?
  237. Find the last number of a record
  238. simple function record into array
  239. Access VBA project locked
  240. SQL Server - Filter
  241. Whut I dew?
  242. Array Help
  243. Array help
  244. SQL Format leading zeros
  245. form layout
  246. struggling with a query
  247. Array help
  248. Default Survey in AT YOUR SURVEY form
  249. Access links, hyperlinks and headaches!
  250. field that uses the now expression for date and time does not enter the data into my table. Why?
  251. ucase or an expression that makes lowercase letters turn to uppercase automatically
  252. ucase function
  253. General sort order
  254. MS Access 2002 problem: linked form fields in ODBC queries
  255. Outlook Contacts
  256. Compact db corrupts link to another
  257. Search for plain text variables in word document
  258. Locate plain text variables <*> in word doc
  259. Back Style Property on Tab Controls: Disabled?
  260. access field merging
  261. How to change the properties of Text box depending on the value of combo box.
  262. Locate plain text variables <*> in word doc
  263. Search for plain text variables in word document
  264. Help needed on picture files in access
  265. Search for plain text variables in word document
  266. Database Schema
  267. Corrupt VBA project in the database
  268. Cannot access form fields from VBA
  269. AppPath in A97?
  270. run-time error 3073
  271. A2K3: design for pupil incidents database, help needed
  272. Week number to date??
  273. Create A List Of Dates In A Month
  274. How to control scanner from Access?
  275. New to ODE 97 Help Workshop Utility - How to compile a short test topic file?
  276. Transparent background of image on A97 report becomes opaque when printed. Hmmm?
  277. Lookup Date Table for Mising Date
  278. Using ".OpenCurrentDatabase" in VB .net to open an MS Access DB
  279. How do I setup a Countdown Field in Access 2003 Form
  280. Is a txt file Read-Only?
  281. Date Countdown Field
  282. linear Interpolation of data in a tabel
  283. Seeking opinions on code that utilizes internal represention of dates
  284. Maximizing Access Report From VB
  285. append issues: clear table code?
  286. How do I handle this referential integrity situation?
  287. How to use OutputTo with named query?
  288. Autonumber Format/Reset/Etc.
  289. Continuous Form
  290. Indexing Service and Access Files
  291. SQL query - combine sum() with getting latest record by date field
  292. radio button/combobox focus
  293. Insert OLE object in Access 97
  294. Graph/Range help needed...
  295. copy value from previous record!
  296. Access database used as OS interface?
  297. Linking Databases - Methods?
  298. linear Interpolation of data in a tabel
  299. cannot lock database
  300. Automatic Date Entry
  301. windows dialer and access
  302. Query and display record number only in a webpage
  303. a97 - problem transfer file from server with https
  304. Could Not Lock File Error 3050
  305. Week form
  306. Screen resolutions needed for development enviroment
  307. Could Not Lock File Error 3050
  308. WeekDay help
  309. Access Report to multiple PDF files
  310. merge with word using query with user entered paramiters
  311. Why does Alt-Return bring up properties sheet?
  312. Putting MS Access on the Web
  313. Why did Access just close when I tried to save a form
  314. POST to website with authentication
  315. replace Rs.AddNew with INSERT
  316. Passing search parameters with hyperlink to an ASP page
  317. odbc timeout
  318. SQL syntax - leading zeros
  319. Merge to MS Word
  320. Export Filtered Form to Excel
  321. Digital Signature for Access 2003 Project
  322. Changing Data Type - Text to ReplicationID
  323. Data Entry Only Form
  324. help with funtion (expression builder)
  325. graph
  326. design question
  327. One table or three?
  328. Modules Access 2003
  329. Modules Access 2003
  330. Interpolate data from tabel
  331. Update Links
  332. Autogenerating chart
  333. A funny problem to have
  334. Set background color of a column in a subform in datasheet view
  335. sorting between two spreadsheets
  336. Change "lookUp Method" to code used in a linked table
  337. How to have the face of button changed when pressed?
  338. Images w/ transparent background in Access?
  339. Which hardware upgrades are more important
  340. Create folder inside Queries & Forms Tab?
  341. Where can I find reference documentation for Access?
  342. Problem with Query data in report
  343. A2K - how to detect any change to a database to avoid unnecessary code execution
  344. Can I read the value of a textbox control on a report?
  345. Converting student scores to grades not that easy?
  346. "docking" forms
  347. Strange problem loosing data based on physical machine
  348. A2003 - Tab to Tab Focus
  349. how to update new password to existing table in a custom login form using macros or query?
  350. which approach? (cofused with tables)
  351. Creating dynamic sql
  352. form controls not really null??
  353. Line intercept - mschart
  354. Using combo box element as search criteria
  355. reading data in to Access From Excel
  356. How to automate PaperPort?
  357. availability of Jet DB engine on Win 200, XP, Server 2003
  358. Weird NotInList behaviour
  359. availability of Jet DB engine on Win 200, XP, Server 2003
  360. availability of Jet DB engine on Win 200, XP, Server 2003
  361. Search multiple MS Access database files via web application
  362. Basic query question regarding parameters and grouping.
  363. Autoincrement versus GUID
  364. Programatically accessing "object groups"
  365. Multiple database problem in A2003
  366. Report/Form event "On No Date"
  367. Queries with identical SQL code behave differently (one is expandable)
  368. Add column color in datasheet view
  369. Add a defined number of records to a table
  370. creating email attachments
  371. Access to Quickbooks
  372. Add record in grouped data access page
  373. Is David Fenton right about error handling? (re-post?)
  374. Access autopopulating field based on condition
  375. Is David Fenton right about error handling?
  376. Tooltips not working
  377. reselect random items
  378. Linking databases using ADO
  379. setfocus and report creation problem
  380. Best solution? (too few parameters. Expected 1.)
  381. Problems while making MDE
  382. export to excel with criterias
  383. #Name? Error... trying to link two fields in same form
  384. MS Access to Oracle Database Conversion
  385. Subreport visible property
  386. Field on Form = next record
  387. Validating "Orders" form
  388. Subvalues -- like submenus? How can I do it?
  389. No fields selectable for report
  390. calling C# .Net dll from VBA
  391. Create table from query?
  392. How to add a record in ms access
  393. How to add a record in ms access
  394. Unbound Nested Subform Simulating Continuous Form
  395. different permission for different users for password using tables and forms
  396. Need help with accounting database
  397. Active X not in Toolbox
  398. Which is best - recordsets/VBA V SQL statements for updating data
  399. How do you record multiple values into a column??
  400. File Name in Add-In Manager?
  401. Moving data from one list box to another via a button
  402. ??? for Wayne Gillespie on FTPClient Class Module.
  403. MS Access: a true RDBMS
  404. How to get cursor focussed on field field after new record?
  405. After closing Design View, the table appears instead of form
  406. Autonumber ID not yet visible when starting new record
  407. attaching picture to table
  408. Happy New Year
  409. Erl
  410. Change event trigger
  411. detail section in a report
  412. Licensing versus Customization
  413. Importing Text File that is vertically oriented
  414. After insert of date how to auto jump to next field
  415. Only get 1st record viewed in Report.
  416. DAO peculiarity in A97?
  417. Calculate Date Difference and display message box
  418. rendered date
  419. VBA for ACCESS
  420. Find and Replace against set of rules in 2nd table
  421. Carry data over to new record...
  422. =Iff(([Me]![Gender])="M","Male","Female")
  423. Edit multiple tables with one form per record
  424. Help with blank fields
  425. Help needed with ONLY VBA Code or Query
  426. Year Numbers
  427. Report / Query Problem
  428. Reports
  429. Using MZtools Freeware for VBA
  430. Run Update Query silently in background
  431. Run Update Query silently in background
  432. Create Macro to import fixed width text from clipboard or text file and update table
  433. reset number on new year
  434. Runtime error has occurred
  435. Creating Runtime DBs with Access
  436. move relationships from dev to production db
  437. How can I Display Visio Drawing?
  438. one to many howto????
  439. ComboBox Progressive Requery
  440. Minimized Database window moving way off screen
  441. merging tables
  442. navigate form with arrow keys
  443. calculating age from DOB and adding to table
  444. close form macro
  445. slow query
  446. Combo Box Progressive Requery
  447. How to increase the performance by working with linked tables
  448. Help with SQL query
  449. Clearing a combo box
  450. Hyperlinks inside an Office Assistant bubble?
  451. Hyperkinks inside an Office Assistant bubble?
  452. SendKeys help required
  453. subform refresh
  454. How to import..
  455. Adding a range of numbers from a form to a table
  456. datepart problem in VB code
  457. Problem with DateDiff
  458. add one to string in sql query
  459. Access 97 / XP sharing problem
  460. 2 Beginner Access question
  461. Reversing a COlour Code
  462. Sorting a SubForm
  463. Trouble with order by clause in report
  464. Off Topic - Access to Postgres
  465. TransferDatabase problem
  466. Nulling field in subform
  467. Tips to document Access program
  468. Lebans ReportToPDF solution Help
  469. Date Validation: IF's vs Case
  470. Probably a very simple problem, but it's got me...
  471. Adobe Acrobat & pdf.ocx - The Paperless Office
  472. failure in saving new added field
  473. A very basic search form in access
  474. 2 queries OK by themselves, FAIL in Union
  475. How to store folder path as Hyperlink?
  476. VB code to perform custom query of MS access table and display alert
  477. Run-time error
  478. Access Report is giving extra blank pages
  479. data in a tex field on an unbound form
  480. trying to copy an Access 2003 pivot table to excel or word .... or something
  481. 'Converting Varchat to Int' problem
  482. Relationships
  483. Not sure I understand what Response.buffer is really about
  484. MS Access adding dates
  485. Create Dynamically Built Data-Entry form to enter data into two tables
  486. Timeout while DDE linking to a VB application.
  487. query not working when i add an alias
  488. Runtime version overwrites full access
  489. calling excel function LinEst from VB
  490. Access to VB
  491. How to do a hyperlink inside of ...
  492. Choose Month & Year when giving report criteria
  493. Synchronising/replicating access with sql server
  494. serialize/deserialize Access report object
  495. Choose Month & Year when giving report criteria
  496. Pivot Tables Access vs Excel
  497. Use Select Query variable against a table and return value to same select query
  498. DeleteDuplicateRecords
  499. Progress Meter does not refresh during series of OpenQueries
  500. How to join two fields
  501. Left(field,Numchar) or Right not found
  502. Is there a way to disable the F-11 key to prevent runtime installations from opening the database window?
  503. NZ always returns a zero-length string when used in a query expression?
  504. backup databases
  505. Access 2003 unable to link to ODBC but 2002 on same machine can
  506. Duplicate record check
  507. Hyperlinks
  508. Sending SMS from Access
  509. UserForms
  510. forms only show primary key
  511. Scroll bar strangeness on subform
  512. Calendar Control turns white on new record
  513. automatically append new records
  514. OldValue not set
  515. form property for subform
  516. Help required formatting a date field in a SELECT statement results
  517. A2K3 & object dependency refresh
  518. What's with ADO?
  519. Assigning common id based on evaluation of two columns
  520. Select ALL from an unbound form for query parameters
  521. Totally lost on Date Sort
  522. Crosstab Query: Sort Column heading based on other column sort
  523. Cross tab Query: Sort Column Heading based on other column Sort order
  524. Split Database Security Problem
  525. Query has a problem with December??
  526. error -2147217904 - how to fix :o( ?
  527. A2K - passing more than one value into a popup form
  528. MS Access, PostgreSQL 8.1.1, connection string
  529. ODBC, connection pooling
  530. Using seek to find if a record exists
  531. error 286: the other application in the DDE conversation isn't responding in the time specified by the OLE/DDE timeout setting
  532. Can lines collection be used to assist me in automatically numbering lines?
  533. GetSetting function breaks when code-signing
  534. Invisible textboxes on subform
  535. Database design question
  536. Filtering on a form
  537. Checkboxes verses field list boxes
  538. How to pull the newest record for each student out of a table
  539. after update not triggered
  540. OT. Happy Holidays to you all
  541. Opening form in datasheet view
  542. CurrentDb problem in report
  543. Need to add trailing 0's
  544. Problem with Left function
  545. Query Shows No Records
  546. Developing in Access 2003 with conversion problem
  547. setfocus to access application
  548. Packaging for multiple office versions
  549. MS Access Send To recipient (not as attachment but as HTML)
  550. A97 Runtime - I wish to disable F-11 key from displaying database window