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  1. combining info from two identical tables into one
  2. calculation of up to date age in terms of year/moth/days
  4. convert numbers to words Indian system
  5. convert numbers to words Indian system
  6. Alternative to domain aggregate functions
  7. how can i link access databse to my C++ code
  8. report need selected values from combo boxes in a form
  9. reference field of tables in VBA
  10. Sending Email with Attachment in Access97 using Outlook Express
  11. Saving MS Access Dbase to CD & Verifying it Works !
  12. Creating query based on form
  13. Launching app button to replace corrupt front end
  14. export to tab-delimited file adds to time to date field
  15. MsgBox TitleBar text?
  16. Password for Form
  17. Printing individual mailing label question
  18. sharing database over internet on server
  19. Changing first letter to upercase
  20. Refresh Subform from Parameter Query
  21. Email report from Access as body of email not attachment
  22. Combo Box Problem - View Field doesn't show when bound column is a decimal
  23. Date/Time Stamp
  24. Opening my database
  25. Problem creating a delete button on a continuous form
  26. Adding values in the same field given certain values in other fields
  27. Help with Access/VBscript
  28. SubQuery problem
  29. hyperlink question
  30. Most Current Dates to show on Subform
  31. Query to Select Maximum Age
  32. Check to see if customer exists
  33. Simple Query
  34. Help with Access/SQL query
  35. Unable to open Backend Database
  36. MSAccess database grows from 47K to 1,600K for no reason
  37. How Do Youn Email All Contents Of A Folder In Access
  38. Automatically transfering a value from one text box to another
  39. Setting one field when another field is entered
  40. Access Calendar mscal.ocx font problem
  41. Refreshing Form on a Tab
  42. Send Email using CDO in vba
  43. importing into ms access
  44. Pausing until a form has fully loaded
  45. auto chart update causes performance problem
  46. Query day of week
  47. Null Drop Down List - how to check for null?
  48. Group multiple recors within a form
  49. Select all/none
  50. Record navigation and date problems
  51. Summing of Hours
  52. View PDF , open MS-Photo editor inside Ms-access -Forms
  53. Summing up number of hours based on date and employee
  54. Subforms puzzle
  55. Highlight unmatches with colour
  56. Formating Legend in an Access Chart
  57. TreeView: Sort Sequence = Load Sequence?
  58. Combo Box not editable
  59. Sequence Numbers
  60. Word mail merge from Access with parent child records
  61. Using visual basic to populate fields of a form from another table?
  62. Link Access and QuickBooks
  63. Saving listbox items
  64. Recode text to numeric
  65. SQL to return updateable records
  66. Joining fields in queries using partial values
  67. Using two fields to define a third field
  68. Invalid use of "." "!"
  69. Form and a Listbox
  70. Digital signatures
  71. combobox in subform related to field in main form
  72. Compact and Repair - multi user environment
  73. Making Charts for a Powerpoint with Access Graphs
  74. Restrict textbox for dropdown
  75. Saving Historical Data from Query Results?
  76. Conditional formating in a ListBox
  77. Media Player AcitveX Control
  78. data transfer
  79. Date criteria in a query or report
  80. checkboxes in subforms
  81. Dependant Combo Box HELP
  82. Conversion of seconds to hours and minutes
  83. Password protect VBA-module external database
  84. How to receive data extract from server (A.mdb) directly to a table on client (B.mdb)
  85. Database Corruption - again
  86. Forms to select a recordset
  87. Using Stephen Leban's A2KConditionalFormatting
  88. Excel Import Problems
  89. Access Codes
  90. Switchboard-it not visible
  91. Wrong precision when linked to a SQL Server view
  92. search form
  93. Help or Suggestions on how to change path
  94. query question
  95. Prob's using Albert Kallal's SetDefaultPrinter on some OS's
  96. 3 Questions on Optimizing dependent queries in AccessXP
  97. Cant open database (may not be an access issue)
  98. .mdb, .adp and SQL Features and Benefits
  99. date and time field conflict
  100. Table Setup Help Needed
  101. ListView error
  102. PrintLines without border in last record
  103. Hi
  104. Creating a Subform
  105. Creating a Subform
  106. loops
  107. Drag button into tabpage
  108. Adding data in combo boxes
  109. Selectively deleting records
  110. SQL Server files after upgrading an Access database
  111. ADO recordsets and Queries
  112. Use Parameter Values in Variable Names
  113. Export Access Report (multiple pages) into Powerpoint
  114. wana build bank statement in Acces
  115. Data base
  116. Pivot table
  117. Wrong value in combobox
  118. Reporting Error
  119. Update Query using VBA
  120. Printing PDF files created with ADobe 7.0
  121. Report Query
  122. Change Between Periods
  123. Query links
  124. filtering duplicate fields with unique rows
  125. Report - Date Grouping
  126. question from beginner...
  127. Sum ?
  128. Default values in DSum
  129. filter or "jump to" feature
  130. How to determine the state of SetWarnings revisited?
  131. Export data from old application to new application
  132. Using DSum
  133. Error in inserting Date in the INSERT INTO statement
  134. updating Subform
  135. Strange behaviour of Form_Activate
  136. Access97 - Set Table Text Field default to AllowZeroLength = True
  137. Package & Deploy Wizard is not appearing
  138. importing specific records
  139. MkDir "Path/File error"
  140. Help please with query
  141. Need some help please
  142. Print All retrieved Data from Access Database using ADODC
  143. Query Problem
  144. Access compatible query does not work in asp
  145. Run my query it prompt which i dont want
  146. Check the first character if its not zero then insert otherwise not
  147. Export table from old Access 2002 Database to create a new database
  148. table setting with vba
  149. trouble refering to one subform from another
  150. Subforms...
  151. Access - Header Code
  152. Form/Subform - Navigation in Access 2003
  153. Count nr of unique group of records
  154. Alternative to VBA Update Query
  155. Use TransferText to update a field in table?
  156. Set 2 fiels to same value
  157. Totals problem with subform
  158. Update query
  159. programatically Batching PDF's
  160. Copying forms and displaying 'todays' date
  161. Import Interface File
  162. Basic Date Function, Need Help
  163. Refreshing a form - automatically
  164. Importing from Excel - Cannot maintain Cell type
  165. data access page
  166. FIltering a crosstab query on a date- urgently need hlep
  168. Report in 100 Zoom
  169. Remove the Restore Down button from the Main Access window
  170. Sub-SubForm Reference Problem
  171. Tools to repair a corrupt Access database
  172. (no subject)
  173. Record source problem
  174. Shows results on webpage based upon the user IP address
  175. Restarting database
  176. Bring to front - by VBA code
  177. Making categories
  178. Calculating Number of hours worked by an employee
  179. Remove filter
  180. Field Formatting Help
  181. Filtering a Combo box on a form
  182. help with copying data from one table to another
  183. Multiple Query
  184. Insert zero before number(as a first character) of type text
  185. Indexing problem with Make Table query and Create Index code (repost)
  186. Am I Over-Complicating this?
  187. Copy and Paste Fields
  188. MS Access Graph
  189. finding a row in access database
  190. Open Report with Where Condition
  191. Code changes from this code to print queries necessary to print out macro definitions
  192. Copying forms
  193. Array problem when resetting after breakpoint
  194. Deleting temporary tables
  195. Changing relationships in form
  196. Cursor Jumping
  197. Index and Null values
  198. Mouse Wheel in Text Box w/Scroll Bars.
  199. RichTextBox control - error - Not supported
  200. Validating emails
  201. UI Question: Protecting Critical Delete?
  202. Boolean Expression in Query Access vs (Please Help!)
  203. Drag and Drop - copy file, hyperlink
  204. Getting Access vba connection string to identify the user
  205. Querying records for the last 2 weeks
  206. c = a + b how can i do this
  207. Refreshing a form
  208. E-mail a message from Access via Outlook
  209. Fw: Access/SQL Programmer wanted in NY/Westchester Area
  210. Absolute beginner question - Factor1?
  211. error #3259? A97
  212. Aliases in access2003
  213. LookUp columns
  214. What does Me mean?
  215. Command to change the data type of a field in a table
  216. Link Corel Draw in OLE object in Access automatically?
  217. MS Access Reports
  218. Invalid field or expression problem
  219. Changing borderstyle of nodes in Treeview control
  220. Access Database Template
  221. when i select a 26 digits ,the sql doesn't work ,why?
  222. If...ElseIf....statements
  223. Count() Function Help
  224. 'Data Type Mismatch In Criteria expression' Error
  225. Managing table Links from MDB To SQL 2000
  226. OT. Printer Problems
  227. Change Private Function to Public Sub/Function
  228. Access 2000 crashing...
  229. moving the BE db
  230. Select multiple criteria within a field - pass to report filter
  231. invoice printing
  232. Using one report for different queries
  233. New e-mail Message - access 2000
  234. design a forum that posts multiple choice questions
  235. Q on the Array function...
  236. Find a record when Form opens
  237. How to process an array of fieldnames and fieldtypes in FN creating table
  238. detect locks
  239. Combine 2 records in one
  240. subform getting data from other subform
  241. O.T. ==> PING discussion
  242. Importing Excel data to Access
  243. Page count in group
  244. 'delete event' in tables?
  245. TreeView: Sort Dynamically?
  246. load data from XML files to the existing Access tables HELP
  247. Reports - can I create an index?
  248. List report
  249. White page from form filter...
  250. Link table structure
  251. Union Query and retrive fromVisual basic
  252. Using MS Access to send Email
  253. VB Functions Dont Work with Workgroup Security
  254. "Shell"ing to Adobe update question
  255. ANSI vs Unicode and the character map
  256. Double entry
  257. Listing Two Fields
  258. ? Fill form fields from a separate table???
  259. combo box display
  260. Summing a Query
  261. Importing partial data to MS Access Table
  262. combo box
  263. help with access
  264. DoCmd Open Form Issue
  265. Null vs. nothing
  266. If Statement Against a Check Box
  267. Resort Form based on click
  268. Concatenating fields
  269. Broken Query?
  270. Show on Access form the last modified date of an Excel workbook
  271. "ZH"+Str([MyNumericField]) adds a space
  272. ADP project
  273. JPEG Exporting Utility
  274. Access 2000 needs to be repaired EVERY day
  275. How to disable Add New Record in the code?
  276. Search through list box on form open
  277. Help with large database
  278. decimal point problem
  279. Lock File
  280. Locating Chart Source Data
  281. Undo command
  282. Sending Email with Attachment in Access97 using Outlook Express
  283. Different background colors in a continuous form
  284. Recording WIF users against their entries
  285. Subform challenge
  286. Drop down lookup problem
  287. Shell command for Adobe 7
  288. Referential Integrity and Indexes
  289. Access best database for this application?
  290. Strange indexing problem with Make Table query and Create Index code
  291. Choose table to append records to
  292. Adding new record in continuous form appears to produce records
  293. Storing Query Results in Sequenced Conditional Statement
  294. Currentdb doesn't work with adp file
  295. adding a text string to data from one field in one database to another
  296. Last Updated By Field in Access
  297. Query Works in A97 and Not in A2003
  298. Is MS Access 2003 compatible with Crystal Reports Version 9?
  299. Is MS Access 2003 compatible with Crystal Reports Version 9?
  300. Code for making SOAP Call to our ESB
  301. REQ Help: Adding a new record to a table which is related to a selected record
  302. Novice help with list boxes
  303. Paper size selections in A97
  304. copying multi column listbox data to another multi column listbox
  305. Importing 4 separate records from one line of an import file
  306. Count Function
  307. Preventing Duplicate entries
  308. help with disaster/recovery procedures
  309. Using filter value to default for new records
  310. Access 97 on 64 Bit system (Windows Server 2003)
  311. Print hyperlink documents
  312. Utility: Splash screen with version information
  313. Ms Access database error."Could not update.Currently Locked"
  314. problem with number and char formatting..
  315. Strange behevior! The same code gives different results on same type of machines!
  316. Problem with Saving a Form
  317. How to link table of sql server to access database using ado
  318. Temp Child Tables
  319. Report format problem
  320. *** Access Programmer Available ***
  321. Trouble With "For Each" and "Next"
  322. Prevent Automatic Repair after crash
  323. Listing two fields
  324. Dataview subform options
  325. UI For Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Sort Keys?
  326. Using DAO to access binary data in Sql Server 2005?
  327. Creating Form
  328. Find Image File Size
  329. Problem with Pivot Tables in MS Access
  330. Vertical Bar Codes
  331. Running a database via the Internet
  332. three field conditional HELP!
  333. When i copied database to cd and i run it............
  334. page footer STUMPER
  335. Simple Query Question
  336. Database Structure Question ... Serious Help Only Pls
  337. sql server 7, access97, different results when using a pass through query
  338. Listbox query -show all records
  339. lost focus after update
  340. adding values within query
  341. sql server dates in access
  342. Pulling data from Access database into Intranet?
  343. Record-Level Security
  344. Syntax Error - Right join
  345. print reports on click
  346. What's Wrong with this code
  348. Access Query with Conditional Lookup. How?
  349. OpenReport option
  350. Contact database
  351. help with string issue
  352. transfertext imports incorrectly - weird values
  353. Update old record date when user click on D_Status
  354. Checking for doubles
  355. Releationship diagram goes haywire
  356. It won't work after converted from 97 to 2003
  357. Declare sql or not?
  358. Declare sql or not?
  359. Why Background of Tab Control is White
  360. A report where I want a record showing when a tick is not in place
  361. Prevent query-dialogs from popping up
  362. Display current record in a report
  363. Update query that adds 1 to a previous value
  364. DAP Adding an option group
  365. Update Query or Filter Table based on another Table
  366. Open MS Word and Insert Data
  367. Reading, writing and deleting records in access database, PLease help
  368. Graphs in Reports
  369. Macro: TextTransfer and overwriting
  370. Building Kits with Access
  371. custom log-in
  372. Putting values on clipboard
  373. Save Attachments to the Database
  374. Calculated field with age
  375. How to run a module using a menu bar
  376. Getting tired of being single?
  377. Help With Delimiting Text
  378. specifying path names on windows mobile
  379. Union select with All need to order by number
  380. Query Joining Four Tables, Return Rows from One Table Only
  381. Search number in a string
  382. SQL Query to lookup values from table into multiple fields
  383. More information on managed code UDF's in SQL Server 2005
  384. Table with Data in Uppercase that needs to be "Proper" case
  385. Database update problem
  386. form with Combo box with Parameter query report problems
  387. Tough (for me) Query question
  388. Do I need to set object = nothing?
  389. How long does recordset stay open?
  390. Report showing yes/no for overdue
  391. Counting in update query
  392. Names of textboxes on tab-pages within a tab control?
  393. Preferred method for SQL in VBA
  394. Locked dataase
  395. Setting OrderBy For Chart
  396. Distribution
  397. adding new employees and allowin the user to choose most fields from a combo box..
  398. Help with Report?
  399. Rank within a category (Sql)
  400. HELP needed, cannot see table name
  401. problem after load images in database..
  402. Sql - Rankproblem
  403. Autofill Listbox
  404. call 'procedure' from table view
  405. What's the best installation method for A2K2 application?
  406. Number of Concurrent Users?
  407. Working around not being able to update a union
  408. ms-access
  409. Problem with .follow method
  410. Change table property 'subdatasheet name' via code
  411. Set Access ComboBox Default Value to First in List
  412. Replicating excel function LinEst in Access VBA
  413. Checking for opened form
  414. Peformance issues on Win 2003 Server
  415. TransferText - Permission Denied
  416. Hitting Escape while Previewing Report
  417. A2K3 help vs predecessors
  418. Problem with conversion from 2000 -2003
  419. Dealing with Duplicate Information
  420. TransferDatabase passing variables
  421. requery subform
  422. personal finances
  423. using requery on subform
  424. Can you search a table name in queries?
  425. Programaticly Save As dBASE-5 format
  426. requery subform
  427. Can't Backup database
  428. Save a query as .csv
  429. saving query info in a table via a form
  430. Message Popup based on ID
  431. Access database Design
  432. Pass Parameters into report
  433. Simple query with "like" not working >:(
  434. Value from 1 form into another
  435. Distinct Query Help?
  436. Type Mismatch Error Fixed when Move ADO reference up - Why?
  437. Muti page report question
  438. Display values from another table into a continous form
  439. complex merge conditional on access field content
  440. How do I rank numbers by using Sql
  441. Getting certified in MS Access XP
  442. Using a pop-up for advance searching & populating a form
  443. Concatenate question
  444. Forms...
  445. Help Designing Speaker Evaluation Database
  446. If query has not records -"no records found" to be output in query out/report
  447. Text Box to List Box
  448. Check value by DLookup
  449. Percentage Stored As Double: Edit Formatting?
  450. form refresh
  451. collection question
  452. collection question
  453. State loss...
  454. Update query on the basis of three variables
  455. Open File using Variable Path?
  456. Set Control Source based on day of month (1st through 31st)
  457. On SetFocus, the text in the textbox get selected. I want the prompt to be AFTER the text
  458. Multiple queries in a report
  459. Utility: Find-as-you-type
  460. select max value from a table in ms access
  461. Report footer at bottom of last page
  462. "No Current Record" question
  463. Deleting a table - timing conflicts
  464. File parsing
  465. Simple Deployment Question
  466. Comparing 2 like tables
  467. Query and Report Parameters
  468. Can I link a Flash Main menu with Access database
  469. Access SQL version of CASE?
  470. Data entry validation
  471. configure field as random between 2 numbers?
  472. Oganization Problem
  473. Coditional Formatting in Form
  474. upsizing data issues
  475. MS Access Database File Size smaller then previous version
  476. Form returning incorrect data in ControlSource field
  477. Range dates on Acess report
  478. Using Access with FrontPage
  479. passing record information from one form to another when there's a subform
  480. passing record information from one form to another when there's a subform
  481. Using Access with FrontPage
  482. In a Query Listing one record several times
  483. How do I leave an Access Workgroup file?
  484. Is it considered best practice to distribute FE databases as MDEsrather than MDBs?
  485. What SQL query ?
  486. Help-How to delete a .mdb file?
  487. Help! Please. How can I erase this????
  488. Open a drop down on the basis of two options checked
  489. Count Distinct
  490. How do I...Calculate a field based on two other values entered in a form
  491. Please help! You do not have excluisve access to the database at this time
  492. How do I append a series of numbers
  493. Checkbox Form
  494. Updating form1 when changes are made to form 2
  495. Syntax of DLookup
  496. Wk Range Across Multiple Years
  497. how can I rotate a table so some of the current rows become column headings?
  498. Image problem in Search results - Access 2002
  499. subquery in a select statement?
  500. Images on continuous forms
  501. Combine 2 different Reports
  502. VB in Module to access Query Results
  503. Convert column result to rows
  504. Access database on Apache Web Server
  505. Problem with ControlTip Text on form/sub-form
  506. Which table's records get deleted?
  507. Duplicate Values
  508. ASP Search form refinement
  509. query to append and update?
  510. Populating table from webform
  511. Report need data from table 2 different ways
  512. set text box default value to be the current value
  513. Search form with realtime update as user print in letters
  514. building a multi level report
  515. publish database
  516. Menu Oddity, A2003
  517. combo to list box
  518. Form that does not have menu nor can be minimized
  519. User chooses field and value in query
  520. How do I make a field with multiple values
  521. Delet query with joined tables
  522. DSNless ODBC from Access 2000 database gets password not valid error
  523. Using Access for a multi user system
  524. Why do two queries on same table with same criteria return different dynasets?
  525. Remove Spaces
  526. How to find a record from values in another form.
  527. Complex Query?
  528. fields and forms
  529. Forms
  530. spliting the address line!
  531. Registry patch to set Microsoft Word 11 to Medium or Low Security
  532. Field on report visible or not depending on current date
  533. Error Procedure too large
  534. Report sums based on record dates
  535. to few parameters error working with recordset
  536. Client-Server databases
  537. Opening macros in design mode with code
  538. Compile-error. User defined type not defined? - A97
  539. How to know the total number of records
  540. Having issues trying to copy an array
  541. Random failure of Access 97 Application on XP
  542. subform.form reference problems (A97)
  543. how query delete
  544. Object Question
  545. Displaying a count of records that have been processed
  546. brackets added to pass through query
  547. Cant find project or library
  548. A couple of questions
  549. Procedure for filtering records displayed in a subform control...
  550. Checking for empty [xls] files BEFORE attempting the import