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  1. Assigning Array to an OLE object field in access database
  2. ([StartDate] <= [EndDate])
  3. Access stops responding after I enable content on a new computer
  4. have access enter a date automatically that is not the current date
  5. Ms Access combo button not working in mde
  6. Print records that have not been printed yet
  7. Saving the value of a calculated field to a table field
  8. How to put *mdb online but keep my desktop app?
  9. Separate a single report into multiple reports
  10. Why am I getting a data type mismatch in some of the query results?
  11. Creating a report with a crosstab query.
  12. How to Add New Short Date for Input Mask
  13. Delete row from a list box
  14. How to find missing number from a range
  15. How to Change the Sender account or reply to in outlook
  16. Error 2950
  17. Invalid Syntax or Enclose Text Data in Quotes
  18. Archiving records which have been edited/added/deleted
  19. Stock Management System Help
  20. Work on Access Icon
  21. How to refere a form by name if the name is stored into a variable ?
  22. Can you pull reports
  23. Create a search window
  24. Run-Time Error with SQL Update in VBA
  25. Add new entries to sql table form MS ACCESS front end.
  26. How to determine # of employees who worked during a time interval
  27. How do I transfer figures from an unbound form to two (related) tables?
  28. On child form create bound list box to show related records from parent form
  29. Access query
  30. Header Prints On Previous Page Bottom Section
  31. Query/Report for most recent journal entry
  32. Log System with 3 attempts and block the user after 3rd attempt with time interval
  33. Query to pull top n% of records that include specific criteria
  34. How to get SQL stored query into VBA
  35. Disabling the saving of records when adding a record
  36. Access Report exporting and merging to Word/PDF
  37. How to Read Every 5th record from access query
  38. Counting
  39. Inserting multiple lines to multiple rows
  40. Setting Recordsource of a SubForm on a Tab control
  41. hide/show a combobox
  42. Clearing a field after validation rule pop-up window
  43. How to can I pull the last two octets from an IP address in SQL?
  44. Moving data center - where should the Access databases be located, closer to the user
  45. VBA SQL Error - No value given for one or more parameters
  46. Split Access DB and make it an executable file at the same time
  47. Calculate Average of a field
  48. MS-Access menu bars
  49. Populating report based on combo list selection
  50. What is happening when I enter this code for a split openargs?
  51. Syntax Error with SQL code
  52. DLookUp not working
  53. Which control to use to select multiple options
  54. call functions in another module
  55. Update Query/Sql; populate data that depends on date field between variable range
  56. Filter a Report Based on an Attribute a to be Emailed VBA
  57. VBA Collections Getting Corrupted
  58. form and subform_problem when update the link field then the subform lose his data
  59. Query to Get A Parent Record When All Child Records Have The Same Condition
  60. How to view a particular page from a tiff file
  61. replace in string
  62. Sub works when on "lost focus" but not on "change"
  63. Is there any way to use like operator for date field in a query with the between op.?
  64. J-Day Conversions on excel.
  65. comparing results
  66. Position Query, when start date blank
  67. How to show zero values in budget v actual query
  68. report listed in combo box
  69. Vertical scroll bars seem to not show on memo fields
  70. check Duplicate
  71. Compile Error : Method or member data not found
  72. Filter Access Report to Email, Relevant Records Only
  73. Report to display one to many relation
  74. How to reference a field in a parent table in a SendEmail macro. Access 2010
  75. Can you help me with a send email macro? Access 2010
  76. Report Error#2448: You Can't Assign a Value to This Object
  77. random selection
  78. Reports
  79. Report with subreports that don't show in print preview or printed
  80. ACCDE and ACCDB updates
  81. Delete query syntax trouble
  82. Report for updated cross tab query in ms access 2007
  83. Can queries be re-used or should they be re-coded?
  84. Syntax Error in Simple SQL Statement?
  85. function return number weekend in month with access database
  86. Problem with Search Function in Microsoft Access
  87. Using a Combobox on a form to select a record
  88. Outlook To: field populates based on a table
  89. Popup form from onclick event on command button
  90. using previous row's closing column in current row's opening column in Access 2007
  91. Table privilege
  92. Import Data From Multiple Excel Workbooks to One Master Workbook
  93. Best way to schedule sessions as conference?
  94. Syntax, Missing Operator
  95. Access Form Load-Active-Current Code Execution Issue
  96. Lipi line printer
  97. How can I reference a related table when using a send email macro. Microsoft Access.
  98. Change query column name based on text box value.
  99. MS Access MD5 Function
  100. hide text boxes in a form unless specific item is checked in a combo box?
  101. Return form value from a custom module
  102. process a .txt file into a rectangular array
  103. How to pass a subreport field to a standard module function?
  104. Missing Field in intellisense dropdown
  105. Adding data to field
  106. find location of backend files
  107. Generating summary reports from 2 tables with multiple calculations
  108. Transpose from list box to several fields in Table
  109. Having trouble with filter on multi-select listbox
  110. dcont within a loop returning error
  111. Microsoft Query - How To Get The Most Recent Date
  112. how to create sql code not duplicate Record
  113. sheet list to return exact name without any trim
  114. Back End DB security doubt
  115. Excel VBA ADO Connect Error required parameters were given a value of more than
  116. TSQL INSERT Date Format
  117. queryDef Parameters and recordset, storing to variable
  118. Hiding field in report, when value is "0"
  119. Problems with default values from last record
  120. Sum of values in multiple columns - Column names keep changing every week
  121. MSaccess If ..Else. Compile Error
  122. Not a Valid Password problem Access
  123. Birthday Reminder
  124. Update query
  125. How to Auto Display Yearly Contract Expiration
  126. dlookup and like error
  127. Disable Office and Minimize buttons in an Access Form
  128. Generate an AutoNumber for falling under two different categories
  129. Lock fields based on status change
  130. Form showing up blank
  131. Filter records between range of dates
  132. Prevention of duplicate values in a query using a wizard
  133. How to connect PL/SQL Developer 8 and MS Access
  134. Avoiding runtime error if a record does not exist - HELP PLEASE
  135. Remembering multi-select list box selections
  136. Using a period or dot in a field alias
  137. Help with a MS Access report.
  138. docmd problems
  139. fiels and text both if used in textbox gives error #name?
  140. Count Selected record in datasheet
  141. How to parse text file and make a report out of it?
  142. Setting up relationships between back-end tables and front-end queries
  143. How to enable/disable button control
  144. How to select record based on probability?
  145. Print large pivot table query
  146. How to use IIF in MSAccess / VBA with 5 conditions?
  147. Returning a date based on date/time criteria
  148. Query to determine if In-process jobs are behind schedule
  149. Problem passing in parameter dates from form to query. (Urgent)
  150. How to delete rows based on 2 criteria using a recordset
  151. Creating a string by looping through records
  152. How to open forms....
  153. Show custom ribbon on Print Preview
  154. Display Multiple Recordsets from a Stored Procedure
  155. Creating a data entry form from two tables with a many to many relationship
  156. Automate access export script
  157. MS ACCESS form taking too long to navigate.
  158. Double click to open record performs no action
  159. Error 91 - Object variable or With block variable not set
  160. Filter report based off choice in combo-box
  161. How to create roster for list of Members and Items
  162. MS Access 2003 vs MS Access 2007
  163. Need help on how to run Access Query with Where Clause
  164. How do you prevent access from showing error dialog box (Runtime error 2501).
  165. run time error 2046
  166. single field multiple input
  167. Difference in round off
  168. Export excel containing polish character to sql through access vba
  169. Extract max date and use the value in a line of code
  170. How to work efficiently with the filesystemobject?
  171. IIF Statement followed by Calculation
  172. how to append the data from excel workbook containing several sheets into an access d
  173. Get data from previous entry
  174. Sql - insert into
  175. After Update event asking for paramater value
  176. Password Recovery
  177. Microsoft JET Database Engine error
  178. How do you send SMS from Access Database?
  179. How to display on a form unbounded text box
  180. MS Acess 2010 Expression Builder using queries
  181. SQL Query Problem
  182. Access is splitting a row in report to two pages
  183. Form to search specific tables based on combo box slecetion
  184. How do I Set the Database Background
  185. cannot use function in access report
  186. Google like search engine in ms access
  187. only one checkbox ticked in sub form (datasheet view)
  188. cannot find action ou select distinct queries
  189. Can't add data to form when I press add new record?
  190. winCheckMultipleInstances not working AC2010.
  191. Update as per excel calculations...
  192. How do I Use IIf() with the Operator in a String
  193. Inserting a Fixed Block of Text into a Procedure
  194. How to fix IIF expression
  195. how do I add/subtract two different fields and store the results in another field?
  196. Open and read a serial Com Port connected to a scanner
  197. how to open crystal report 2011 .rpt file form access
  198. Access VBA Update query syntax
  199. problematic tabbing behavior on form
  200. How should I create a new DB that uses a customer table from an existing DB?
  201. Access form with SQL recordsource containing a join having problems.
  202. Restrict access to a table when open button is clicked.
  203. Field not updating...
  204. Save current record on form as PDF and loop to next
  205. Sharing MS Access data in the corporate environment?
  206. automate date of birth to age groups in calendar year
  207. How to convert date in words?
  208. Creating a form to enter parameters into a report
  209. cant change datatype to hyperlink cause of linked table - how to open link?
  210. Access Report - How do you hide 'null' data and labels?
  211. Convert multiple records per ID into single ID record with multiple columns
  212. More problems RE: 2003>2010... grrr
  213. Status of keyboard lights
  214. branch from the Advantages of a Subform vs. Filtering
  215. Access "frmRunningQuery" test box not working correctly
  216. Weird Access Database report errors
  217. Query filtered by Option Group - how to Show All?
  218. How do I design the queries????
  219. How can you add a data series to MS Access 2010 Stacked Chart
  220. auto table update of mysql database from access database
  221. Discussion: Advantages of a Subform vs. Filtering
  222. Updating Access using Excel spreadsheets used to distribute Access info
  223. How do I assign a delete query onto a command button?
  224. How do I update staff charge out rate without changing historical data?
  225. "Object Invalid or No Longer Set" Error Using CurrentDb
  226. After exporting Access query to xls how do I use VB to auto-rename the file?
  227. Filtering unique values, with a bit of a twist
  228. Help with "AES Encryption Algorithm for VBA and VBScript"
  229. Convert part of text string to Time
  230. How extract certain parts of data from memo and make it a variable?
  231. Relationship between tables with two field primary keys
  232. How do you import a Table from SQL server to Access with punctuation problems?
  233. How to convert a OLE object field to an Attachment field
  234. table composite primary key and one to many relationship
  235. Please could you help me with a tabular form?
  236. Can someone show me how to bring together Multiple SQL Server DB in 1 Access Program?
  237. Monitor remote pc screen
  238. Twist on the IIF(condition,true,false) for unbound forms
  239. Password username help
  240. Making existing record active on a form
  241. Running Access on a Mac with Parallel Desktop 7 for Mac
  242. MS Access and SharePoint Error running Report
  243. How to handle a missing VBA reference (To Excel)
  244. Excel: How do I Delete Rows on Two Conditions
  245. Query in a Form Only Once Part II
  246. #Name? error in Access Form when trying to add new record
  247. Need a SQL Query to find Last/Latest Child for Each Parent item in a table
  248. Handling possible Null value when Insert or Update record
  249. How do I deploy the Package Solution Wizard
  250. financial calendar date function
  251. Need help linking table to MS Access from SQL Server.
  252. query error too many fields access 2007
  253. How to use MS Access to connect to a SQL server using "Windows Authentication"?
  254. Using DropBox with Access
  255. Access Summary Report
  256. How to Link Sharepoint list to MS Access
  257. Help with max function in group by query... possible?
  258. How do I Link to a MySQL Workbench Back-End Table
  259. Change a field in a report.
  260. What's the best method to 'batch process' records from a data entry session?
  261. Access 2010 randomly crashes with VBA
  262. Can I change Month(Now) date only within MsAccess 2007 DB
  263. How to Limit dynamic column heading in cross tab query
  264. Generating reports based on checkbox event
  265. ConCatenate Function using multiple criteria in Where Clause Syntax
  266. Set Visibility of Controls on Access Report in onOpen
  267. call VBA function in access
  268. How to display messages when a macro is running multiple queries
  269. Dynamic crosstab?
  270. Run-time error 3075 using DLookUp
  271. How to make a Cmd Button on a Main form all records on a subform?
  272. How can I create a Search Text box on a Form.
  273. DLookUp function doesn't want to work with my code
  274. Using different reports for different lines of the same query
  275. SQL native alternative to NZ()?
  276. Selecting one customer from multiple choices
  277. How Do I set '.Rowsource' property on a combo box, using a variable generated at runt
  278. I Can't select the fields i need in the query result!
  279. Answer: Verify Windows Password
  280. 2003 - 2010 MDE problems
  281. How to search for a specific keyword within a record/ field using a combobox
  282. Access - Return to previous form
  283. How To Show All Other Records When Using A Critieria In Query Design?
  284. print pass instead of P access report
  285. MyProjects
  286. How do I add a calculated field that calculates a number of days?
  287. Error message for an indexed field on the Form
  288. Not just filter, but only show certain data in a form record based on field selection
  289. Error 3197 on Access 2010 apparently with no reasons
  290. How to count records in Many to Many scenario?
  291. Changing a subform on a main from, from the original subform
  292. For Each Loop
  293. How to open form based on combo box data
  294. Delete Duplicates with VBA
  295. How to confirm a record has been written before the code moves on
  296. How to create a custom shortcut menu command that identifies the calling form/report?
  297. Changing RecordSource in code problem
  298. How do I import excel data into an existing Access many-to-many relationship table?
  299. VBA switch from local to remote database
  300. How to return all records (linked and not linked) in the query?
  301. User access and permission for .mde access file
  302. How to modify an Access 2003 Switchboard for use in Access 2010?
  303. Default printer margin settings in accde
  304. How to Create Compound Relationship from Code
  305. VBA Import & Parse: File Sharing Lock Count Exceeded - Access 97 Bug?
  306. Why is my multiple selection drop box making two different records when submitted and
  307. Switch Between Tabs in Navigation Form
  308. How to make a checkbox hide a field in subform on a tab control
  309. Access 2010 Hyperlink Security message(s)
  310. Need a report checkbox which shows a check from any of 3 table fields
  311. Pop up form sometimes opens behind another, why?
  312. Excel Automation debug issue
  313. cascade combobox problem.
  314. How to link 2 tables in Acces with data arranged in a different way in a spreadsheet
  315. Variable retaining value from InputBox
  316. ODBC; ADO; DAO - What is What
  317. how to change forecolour in combo box based on selection
  318. ODBC call failed in ms access 2007.
  319. Commiting changes in past records
  320. Exporting dollar amounts to a .csv file drops cents (.00)
  321. Trigger time in queries
  322. How to show data from a diff table
  323. Retrieval of information from table based on column name and values in column
  324. What's wrong with this query?
  325. How to clear filter to display all data in ms access 2007?
  326. How to show relevant column data in Combo box?
  327. How to use SQL query in VBA function?
  328. How to overwrite an old record when using INSERT INTO statement?
  329. Import multiple txt files and filename?
  330. Trouble with INSERT INTO Syntax
  331. DSUM with fields from different tables?
  332. I am trying to convert string to int, date, time for access database
  333. MsAccess 2003 ComboBox Control with NON Dropdown List
  334. How to any dialog box appearing while calling a dll function in
  335. Query design - How to design one query which can use different inputs
  336. I'm getting an error 'You can't assign a value to this object.'
  337. How to retrieve actual recordset from a subform
  338. Display OLE or Attachment Data in a WebBrowser Control
  339. Insert string value in a field with where condition.
  340. Create report based on dynamic query from a select field form
  341. Checking date coming up soon?
  342. Query design - conceptual question
  343. How do I stop my query from updating records in a table?
  344. How do I get this Loop to stop
  345. Moving Access 2010 tables to SharePoint
  346. Advice on Tables & Relationships in Access 2010
  347. Inserting records from different source to a single table.
  348. Count specific text from fields in one row
  349. date function
  350. Dev Ashish's fRefreshLinks with password error
  351. Warn user if duplicate FirstName, LastName, MiddleInitial
  352. Error in SQL INSERT INTO statement.
  353. How do I Sum Time Values
  354. How to generate series of numbers between two numbers
  355. Navigation Tab Forms
  356. Excel Macro to Sort data
  357. Adding 'ALL' in rowsource of combobox.
  358. Concatenating multiple rows of a field to a single field in another table
  359. OLE server or Active X Control - error
  360. Move to Next Record in Subform Exist in Navigation Form
  361. Disabling fields for one record only/ validation rule with If statement
  362. Sort records in form problem
  363. Destroying A Collection Contained in Another Collection
  364. Duplicate
  365. How can I perform Find and Replace to a portion of data on a large scale?
  366. Date field with 0:00 appended after using TransferText macro action
  367. Formula in the field box to calculate time between dates
  368. Searching Records using a text box instead of ctrl+f? Access 2010
  369. Fields and values (Inserting values to multiple Fields)
  370. Union Query: Syntax Error
  371. Can a Scorecard be made in MS Access - HELP!
  372. Active directory data into Access Table.
  373. Open form for corresponding combobox selection
  374. Sending email from Access
  375. Discussion: Look Up usage.
  376. DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim is appending data; I need it to do?
  377. Combo Box
  378. VBA Code "Query input must contain at least one table or query"
  379. Return to Previous Value When Using Combo Box in Excel
  380. How to add Indexed property "Yes (No Duplicates)" to field in backend table - VBA
  381. Close Form and update record in Table on field change
  382. How to sort date column in ms access?
  383. Splitting field value
  384. How do I count how many "Yes" are in a "Yes/No" field through a query?
  385. Choose Form to open Based on Values in Table
  386. auto set printer copycount
  387. Button visible only for Admin and not to users
  388. Web Browser control is not the Web Browser control
  389. Working with SQL Servers From Access VBA
  390. Linking more than two tables
  391. Application.printer functionality no longer working on XP?
  392. Interpolating data between two occurrences to work out individual date values
  393. Time Duration Format
  394. should I give each job result its own table?
  395. How to clear form without setting DataEntry property to yes
  396. Calculating statistical measures based upon a given start and end date.
  397. how to create an activeX of user form in VBA
  398. Control to preview HTML text
  399. Access 2010 Compound Conditional
  400. querystring with related database results
  401. yet another partial match question...
  402. How to find the number of characters allowed in a vba report's textbox?
  403. Open a form to a specific record including correct record in subform
  404. Link MS Access to SQL Server Table-Valued function to pass parameters
  405. Forms - How to have many sub-forms in the Detail section of the main form?
  406. Access 2003 User Security ldb issue under Office 2010
  407. Excel: Trigger Event when Cell Value Changes due to Calculation
  408. Access 2007 Shift Key
  409. How to store/set the scrollbar's current position?
  410. Access Pivot Table with text
  411. Joining two table's in a Query
  412. What is a Function to Display a String if certain Date is Within Defined Date Range?
  413. Printing two reports on one page
  414. Docmd.Transferspreadsheet
  415. bitmap comparison
  416. Not able to connect Sub-Forms
  417. Junction table and the Form design
  418. Difficulties in forming Update statement in VBA
  419. Subform doesn't display on main form
  420. Excel VBA
  421. field cannot be updated
  422. multiple procedures under 1 event
  423. Check for duplicate addresses from a data entry form
  424. Can textbox value be converted from "Alpha Bravo Charlie" to "ABC"?
  425. If Then Statement
  426. Run-time error'-2147217900(80040e14)': in vba access 2003
  427. How to calculate years
  428. Error: Database engine does not recognize... as a valid field name or expression
  429. Discussion: What does "Not Trusted" Mean for SetValue in a Macro?
  430. Changing record source based on combo box
  431. DoCmd Alter Add Column Questions
  432. Calling an adodb recordset in a text box
  433. Runtime Error 3077 with a list box
  434. Insert query in VBA access
  435. How can I get all recordset results into email body
  436. Change how query outputs data? (Access 2010)
  437. Memo fields in reports
  438. "WHERE" usage doubt
  439. How do I Use a ';' Within the Value of a Column in a ComboBox or ListBox
  440. Recordset Recordcount = -1; SQL Statement opens with 2 records in Query
  441. script to get the free disk space from all the servers
  442. Forecast Vs Real report (Cross-reference?)
  443. How to rank different fields in a query?
  444. Adding multiple Lines for data input
  445. I want to send an email using a macro but only once? Access 2010
  446. Cannot Open Table within Database
  447. Click to make a field appear
  448. Discussion: Small Lookup tables vs value list vs ...
  449. How to remove disconnected user and gain exclusive access
  450. Invalid bookmark error
  451. Event when switch form from "run time" to "design view"
  452. obtain actual year and month from fiscal year and month
  453. IIF Statement Problem
  454. Access Query of a Table
  455. How to know if a pdf file does not exist
  456. Appending set of data from excel to access?
  457. Object Reference Error in Code
  459. Can I have a form that will allow me which of 2 tables my inputs are for?Access 2010
  460. Ranking Problem in Access
  461. MS Access goes into read only mode
  462. Sum of calculated values in datasheet form
  463. Missing Data in Query
  464. Read records only when clicked
  465. Access is not working after Java upgrade on pc.
  466. How to filter form when value selected from combobox is null?
  467. How to insert an attachment into a table through form in ms access 2007
  468. Discussion: About Relationships
  469. SQL statement returns no values (and it should)!
  470. Combining Multiple Rows into One Form
  471. Invalid Reference Expression
  472. Populating Junction Table & Many to Many Relationship
  473. Access Front End Changes
  474. Help with Store Information Database Design
  475. Edit item value in an unbound list box
  476. Button execution error message on Form
  477. Multiple criteria in where clause to open a form?
  478. Search Multiple Data : Textbox and Search Button in Form
  479. "Recordset is not updateable" for combobox in Ms Access 2007.
  480. Everytime I open my Access database it throws up a "SQL Server Login" need help
  481. Updating field value for all records in query using LOOP
  482. How do I calculate a running balance or running sum in Access?
  483. How do I subtotal and grand total in a query?
  484. Importing Multiple Excel Files Into Access
  485. Count Function Across Multiple Columns
  486. How can I calc a percentage of an hour?
  487. how insert calculated value in table from form view?
  488. How to filter a form based on user input when the input can occur in any format?
  489. How can I make intellisense appear as user types in a textbox in ms access 2007?
  490. MS Access SQL (Not Equal To)
  491. Searching results in Combobox in subform with 'Like'
  492. Problem Opening Query in VBA
  493. Access SQL spanning years
  494. How do I set an object to the current form onload?
  495. Public Variables Persistence
  496. Numbers in Access
  497. Read a file from Form.
  498. How can I split my address data into two
  499. Subscript out of range - error message
  500. Deleting selected records in subform (query)
  501. Search/Filter Working but has some error
  502. How To: Disable button in subform until new record is created?
  503. Insert into contains autonumber field that is primary key
  504. Custom Printing to a Form
  505. Update Query is not working
  506. How to append new data (column) in an existing table?
  507. Repeating Subreports
  508. MS Access has not been Installed for the Current User. Please run Setup to Install...
  509. People per hour Chart
  510. How to apply filter on top of existing filter?
  511. DoCmd.TransferText VBA versus Wizard
  512. Ranking problem in MS ACCESS
  513. Text file specification Field Separator Matches
  514. Difference between Assessments
  515. Combo Box Trouble Converting from 2003 -> 2010
  516. Importing error - Conversion
  517. My forms will not show the newly added records.....
  518. Search/Filter
  519. Check for NULL Only Work Once
  520. How do I use Encryption with my Password Control
  521. Making Label visible based on checkbox
  522. Select First Record in access table
  523. column for month todate, year todate and comparative number from last year
  524. how to hide password fields when connecting odbc?
  525. Table's field validation error
  526. How do I Stop Users Saving Over a Form Design
  527. Expression data entry?
  528. Conditional Formatting Access 2007 - Reports
  529. How to force a password change on first login in vba
  530. Auto-Fill an e-mail address in an outlook message
  531. How to Manipulate Data upon Import
  532. Year expression?
  533. How to solve the "runtime error 2115"
  534. OutputTo: Report to Excel gives "The format in which you are attempting..." error.
  535. AutoKeys not working
  536. Need to run code every minute, thinking I might have to use SQL Trigger?
  537. You tried to execute a query that does not include the specified expression
  538. How to populate foreign key field in MS Access 2007 after import of data?
  539. OutputTo: Output the contents of a form or a report without the footer
  540. Report
  541. error in access
  542. Quick Access toolbar in Access2010 either disappears or is reset to default values wh
  543. Access 2010 Lost Data
  544. How to add image control
  545. FileBrowser in form.
  546. How do I Set a Descripition to a Button on my Ribbon
  547. MOD Function in MS ACCESS
  548. Database Access 2007 Trouble
  549. Spacing of Fields on Access2007 forms
  550. Training Database need help to normalize