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  1. How to Relate Two Fields in One Table to One Field in Another
  2. Field Validation using date range for current year
  3. How to create macros that will help in doing functions in Forms.
  4. Populate text box on new form based on another open form
  5. update & add data to a table using query
  6. [MS Excel] automate a calculation
  7. query by only overdue dates
  8. Warning when duplicate records
  9. Recordset error 3061
  10. Using data path to access files online
  11. Filter Data By using Combo box and date Range
  12. How far does arrow key move form object (in design view)?
  13. MS Access Passing a Filter to a Graph using VBA
  14. Results not showing in TextBox
  15. Set exactly 4 character in field named Surname
  16. dividing the sum of two rows by the sums from the same rows different columns
  17. MsgBox not showing when it should
  18. How do I create my own custom input box?
  19. Parse Tilde Delimited Data in a Table
  20. Opening and Closing Popup Form
  21. Form Creation Help
  22. Counting a value on a form from all records in a table.
  23. Form Reset not working properly
  24. Is it possible to create more than one Value List
  25. How to add an image to a field in a table
  26. How do you change the format of a button created on a form?
  27. How do I get encrypted data from SQL Server?
  28. Modifying Msgbox to include "Pause" button
  29. Me.Recalc in After Update event forces tab key to be pressed twice. Why?
  30. Multiple constraint for foreign keys in ms access
  31. How to create a drag and drop field for files?
  32. How to perform an action when a new record is created?
  33. Import a Form and Data to Microsoft Access
  34. Create Invoice Number using year, month, day and a number that increments with one
  35. Getting "duplicate" records in query
  36. Populate formula results in Text Box based on Selection in Combo box
  37. VBA coding for Date to populate Text Box
  38. password protecting a form
  39. Store specific values in VBA after receiving a set value on MSComm
  40. Need Help with coding for reset button
  41. How do I add consecutively numbered records into a table?
  42. count table records based on selected items in combo box as condition using VBA code
  43. Type Mismatch(Error13): find a string in excel sheet and store cell address in array
  44. Using VBA to save an attachment to shared drive via Access 2010 forms
  45. If reference cells are blank, how to make the results go blank
  46. Expand rows inserted into access database through a report
  47. Disable save/save as in Excel 2010
  48. VBA for importing a formatted txt file
  49. Filter problem (incorrect results) in Access 2007
  50. Opening a form only from a button click - openargs??
  51. taking the last 'comma' off a text string.
  52. How to update table design changes from SQL Server in Access
  53. Better/preferred Method to Populate Listboxs
  54. runtime error while running the code
  55. Set the combobox default in tab control
  56. How do you grab information with VB from Active Directory?
  57. Can't Print Filtered Report
  58. compare values entered into text boxes with fields in table
  59. how to save the value of unbound text boxes to field in table
  60. compiling a visual basic project with ms access database
  61. how to Avoid parameter window of query in record source of a continuous form?
  62. Having issues with a web based table and the DateAdd experssion
  63. How to want to use two tables in one report?
  64. how to add a new record to a combobox
  65. Bubble graph in access?
  66. Database of PDF files
  67. I've done something and now nothing works HELP
  68. Summarizing text data in an access report
  69. Splitting Access Report into separate PDF files and renaming with the group name
  70. How do I convert Access 2010 64 to be used on 32 bit systems?
  71. Using multiple tables to populate entries on a form
  72. Can't format Date in Report
  73. Access 2007 crashes when users cancel email while using SendObject
  74. User Defined Function for Calculating Length of Time
  75. Can I connect my database with more than one database at the same time?
  76. Find the right version of a software
  77. How to split content of data in 1 field into 2 fields
  78. Adding a datasheet as a subform/page
  79. Open button stays open until Closed by other Button
  80. How to insert up and down arrows in label
  81. One Report with a Query Button after input
  82. How to enter data into one table and have it appear in another
  83. Update Sequentially a field based upon the occurence of another field
  84. Validate Required Fields on a Form
  85. Automatically adjust fonts in the zoom box on DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdZoomBox
  86. What is the best way to create a "wizard"?
  87. help for macro looping in excel
  88. How to output string to textbox based on criteria
  89. Hyperlink to play .wav file with Win Media Player
  90. Late binding to Outlook
  91. automation error. Library not registered - Microsoft Access and Visio compatibility
  92. Is there a way to verify that an email was sent?
  93. How to print duplex Access Report
  94. Running a 32 bit database on a 64 bit machine
  95. Form having Multiple List Box Selections with each saving to 1 table field
  96. Displaying a different image with each database record by linking, not storing
  97. How to send email from Access without using Outlook
  98. Using SendObject and capturing text from fields to add to outlook.
  99. Bubble chart in access 2007
  100. Using Select Case to change ListBox RowSource
  101. Trouble Counting/Separating Records
  102. How to run simultaneously Access 97(mdb) on Windows Server 2008
  103. Export Multiple Tables into Fixed Width TXT file Sorted
  104. Eliminate Duplicates
  105. 'Send to Back' not listed in property sheet
  106. Chapter 2: How do we get multiple blank records appended ... a z-saga
  107. Form only saves last entry selected from drop-down combo box
  108. The VBA code to assign the value to the next textbox if previous is not null by click
  109. Validation to input numbers only
  110. VBA to send email from Access, adding report to body of email
  111. add time with hours and minutes?
  112. Date results show 12/31/1899
  113. Using linked combo boxes in continuous forms setting...
  114. Edit MS access to Outlook 2010 data Collection form and resend
  115. How do we get multiple blank records appended to a record set in multiples of a given
  116. Null as falsepart of IIf Statement
  117. How do I trim a text string down to the first two words?
  118. Why do some of the fields in my report have black background
  119. Report Errors when running Crosstab Query with Parameter
  120. conditional format on a report based on value in another field
  121. Union Query with Count Function
  122. Access file changing font by network computer
  123. Conditional Append Query
  124. “The expression you entered has a function containing the wrong # of arguments”
  125. Automating Access form to remove tax when tax "yes/no" field is unchecked
  126. count how items not received by date
  127. Open a report based on current records in a form.
  128. Code to check first and last letter.
  129. Working with Loop or Interval in VB Access
  130. Search for multiple records and print them to a report
  131. Prevent "Action Failed" Dialog box
  132. Filtering a form using selection of a combo box on a another form (user ID)
  133. How can we label, add and link tree sub nodes in a TreeView Control in powerpoint
  134. How is a report connected to a table other than record source?
  135. Access Database Forms/Reports Size
  136. Activating Timer after an event
  137. What are the benefits of class modules over plain modules?
  138. How to show Autonumber in a Combobox with no decimal places?
  139. Transfer Records Between 2 Back-Ends
  140. How to control which records are updated
  141. In a calculated field how to convert the output to currency format
  142. How to open report directly from Access db?
  143. Trying to sum numbers contained in memo field
  144. How do you deploy registry changes from your Admin PC to a client's PC?
  145. One Report field lists field names for all checked boxes
  146. How to filter chart at runtime?
  147. How to assign Current Record value to textbox in form
  148. Delta Column in access 2007
  149. How can I fix dynamic vlookup slowing down when referenced workbook is read only?
  150. replacing cell content in excel
  151. Drop down list to select desired codes of a category
  152. Access 2007: Is there a way to run 2 auto number fields in a table?
  153. References on a share access database
  154. Duplicate Record (almost)
  155. Run query only if values of either of 2 fields have been updated/changed
  156. Run a query to append only the current record to another table
  157. Create a query to access different (specify) tables each time the query is run
  158. Get Correct Value
  159. Append record to another table every time a record is added/updated on parent table
  160. How to Trap #Error within Calculated Control without VBA
  161. How do I Move to the New Record in Code
  162. How Do I Add PDF as Attachment to Email
  163. dblong data type mis match in Hide/Unhide columns in Ms Access VBA
  164. Returning all records when one of several combo boxes in a form that filters a query
  165. Update Data in one table from another table with no matching fields
  166. OpenDatabase - Error 3031 - Not a valid password
  167. hiding report labels in Acces 2013 when text boxes are null
  168. DSum function resulting in Error 3163
  169. 'Justify' long text in a report
  170. Code not following expected path in If-Then-Else statement
  171. Making a single record in a table read-only
  172. Access Query filter criteria self duplicating
  173. Access 2010 query duplicates
  174. Dlookup function just pick the first record ?
  175. Are Crosstab Queries responsible this Access Error Msg?
  176. How to pass listbox object from event procedure in Class Module
  177. report filter help
  178. Mandatory Data Entry
  179. Access 97 to 2010 conversion problem
  180. What is the syntax for an update table field to a variable based on another variable
  181. Sort data in a listbox in alphabetical order
  182. Union query for countries table and sales data table
  183. Populate one field using info from another with added text
  184. Splitting a Report
  185. referenced fields not being updated
  186. What is the syntax for getting a function's result into a query's criteria?
  187. Form/Database design for monthly food distribution
  188. Welcome "username" after log in
  189. Unique Values Based on Other Field
  190. Recordset.Filter not working as MSDN says it does
  191. Counting only the null in a Date Field
  192. Require 0 if none found via query
  193. How to get 0 from a query when no data is found for a criteria
  194. Open Image Based on Subform Record Selected
  195. FE/BE Queries, Forms and Reports Based on Location
  196. Adding empty records
  197. Sub-report won't print (contains data and shown in report view)
  198. How to update existing table with new data
  199. Cascading Combo Box Filtering
  200. How do I Use Cascaded Filters
  201. Make last month's current data be this month's previous data
  202. How to Divide query into pieces
  203. Why is the filter not working?
  204. What happened to the CommandButton_Click event?
  205. How to requery a listbox on a form from another form
  206. Using listbox and a button to open form
  207. Macro or Code to Export Filtered Report for all Unique Instances of a Specific Field
  208. Find last (most recent) order and add 'one' to OrderID
  209. Dividing one field by another in a query
  210. In a report, how do I get the averages of each group?
  211. How can I sum the same column twice but have one count only unique values?
  212. How can I set a 2007 MS Access Database to "read only"?
  213. Create a Form with N/A, OK & Not OK check boxes?
  214. how to filter list of items in a combo box by selecting items in another combo
  215. Don't know what to write in criteria
  216. I want to print current form but don't want the buttons to be printed!
  217. SQL/Update Query not running when ran from VBA but is running manually
  218. Create Search Box that returns four different responses
  219. Creating Auto number incorporating the year
  220. Paper Document Handling and Indexing.
  221. Trying to improve my error handling and the information that the message provides
  222. Changing Form back color in Datasheet view - Access 2007
  223. Filenames with Blanks Cause WSH FSO.CopyFile to Fail
  224. How to auto update field on subform when field in main form is updated
  225. How do I Form the Input Mask Correctly
  226. Why are some basic fields not available in my linked table? (outlook calendar-Access)
  227. How do you connect to a remote PC in MS Access?
  228. display several records per report - Access 2010
  229. parsing names and businesses with asterisk
  230. Select all in IE options element through VBA
  231. How do I create a form based on a Crosstab query?
  232. Query - Can a Union query solve this problem
  233. Access adds a Date to the times in my field - how to remove date?
  234. Convert time displayed as 6:05:00 PM to 18:05 in Excel for import into Access
  235. set all number fields to 2 decimal places
  236. Record Count mismatch in MS Access Database 2003
  237. How to refer to IE object from Access vba
  238. Access vs. Excel, graphs and datastorage
  239. How to get userid permission for a specific folder via VBA
  240. syntax error in sql statement
  241. Nested SQL Update Query NOT via INNER JOIN
  242. Unable to derive a customizable expression
  243. Discussion: Where do you store app data / secondary documents
  244. Is using DLookup or opening a recordset faster?
  245. MS Access Calendar - trying to implement changes
  246. Event Handler in Dynamic Web Component Controls
  247. To insert input taken from form to table
  248. MsgBox on Checkbox Before and After Update Event Behaviour
  249. How to create a primary key in access
  250. Table design for complex decision tree
  251. How can a text box be scrolled in the screen
  252. VBA code to verify phone numbers
  253. ON CLICK event working on DOUBLE CLICK
  254. Type mismatch on CopyFromRecordset Access
  255. Query column names as LIST BOX content
  256. how can I remove quick access toolbar from the application I develop
  257. VBA to Delete & Add a backend table and then refresh links
  258. Access Database "Stopped Working"
  259. Is there a quick way to loop through all the controls on a form?
  260. If a form is filtered, does its recordset include the filter?
  261. Copy jpg files from one folder to another
  262. How Do I Cancel Changes on Both Main and Sub Forms Using a Single Button on Main
  263. How do I apply a form filter to a combo box?
  264. How Do I Insert Blank Records in an Append Query
  265. Combining multiple tools into one Master tool
  266. Truncating memo fields importing csv
  267. Basing combo box on field in TABLE in Access 2007
  268. Keycode and setfocus issue
  269. My form isn't filtering
  270. Unable to upload data in Probe from MS Access
  271. How do I find and edit record in continuous subform after deleting a different record
  272. Query based on month of record
  273. Add SD column to an existing Access database with averages
  274. I'm getting a compiler error even though the sub is defined
  275. Prevent empty query from opening
  276. Merging Databases into Identical Access Files
  277. Help with sending Email using CDO: Server rejected sender address
  278. add field from one table to another one
  279. Table relations with fixed records and form design assistance
  280. [Solved] Lebans Continuous Forms Control Tip - In Subform
  281. How to use query result in code
  282. api GetUserName not working properly - error: Bad DLL calling convention
  283. select the data in the subform display on my main form text field
  284. on current event only working going forward
  285. Change #Num! error in a report in access 2010
  286. Compare 2 tables to find out which rows were deleted, added, or changed
  287. parsing a long ID into separate fields
  288. Storing the username of the Windows user
  289. Searching table for data between 2 dates
  290. Dlookup Problem
  291. Deleting Records in Form View: stay on record selected prior to deletion
  292. Parsing SQL with AND between multiple criteria
  293. Combo box to change record not triggering the On_Current event
  294. Table Relationships for a Newbie!
  295. How do I create a report for our inventory?
  296. Excel DatePicker (6.0/SP6) Moves On File Open
  297. Front end for Excel so that I can use excel as database
  298. Database to Track Employees Checking Out Equipment
  299. How to Set Visibility of TextBoxes Depending on a Multi-Select ComboBox (2010)
  300. Update Query / Multiple criteria - MSAccess 2010
  301. Error '3270', Property not found, when setting Properties!ColumnWidth
  302. Using a form to query a range of dates for a web access database
  303. Duplicates based on date
  304. Print a Report from a Pivot Table in Access 2010?
  305. multiple criteria Dsum with subform reference
  306. Is it Possible to implement Dynamic changes to a Table based on database's tablelist?
  307. How to update the access database and find differences
  308. Toggling Between Access and Excel in VBA
  309. Compact backend database, taking logged in users into account on Exit
  310. Linking Access tables with SQL tables using File DSN through VBA
  311. Duplicate Record form button creates blank record
  312. Parent/Child Relationship / Access 2010
  313. Can someone help me with some code involving lookup?
  314. Run-time error 3020; Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit
  315. Importing a CSV file that contains trailing spaces - converts it to “á” special char
  316. How to copy data from a Subform to a table using VBA
  317. Dynamic Linking of Tables at Runtime
  318. Dropping a table in MS Access using SQL
  319. adding/entering data on a subform from a main form
  320. Using AND & OR Operators in SQL query Criteria to make choices
  321. Write Conflict Error Editing Memo Field
  322. Filtering record access by user
  323. MS Excel Muliple Double Sided Copies Page Numbering
  324. Using List Box
  325. How do I make an Nz() function return a Currency value?
  326. tracking data edits across different tables
  327. Form based on a grouped by query
  328. searching a record in a sub form from the main form
  329. Old Records Getting Replaced by New Records
  330. Upon click, populating table from a table in 1-1 relationship in Access
  331. Access2010 database - Clickable reports
  332. Grouping individuals and collection information for families
  333. On new record, abandon record before it is saved?
  334. Is it possible to test if undo is available?
  335. Create a drop down box as criteria for opening a query
  336. Upsize from Access to?
  337. add/edit/delete item on a listbox
  338. Binary Flags to track User Rights
  339. create a sign up form for my website
  340. Timing an Image in Forms
  341. Invalid use of Null
  342. Prevent duplicate number (integer) entry before update
  343. Function to insert text adding a carriage return for some reason
  344. Count multiple criteria vba excel
  345. How can I validate ListBox null values before update in an Access Form
  346. recordset.bookmark problem
  347. Auto generation from main form to sub form
  348. Closing a recordset in VBA
  349. How to make comma in text file not considered as a new line/record in VBA?
  350. Creating a report like a crosstab report
  351. Run an Access query from VBA in the background
  352. Assigning Security permission
  353. KeyCode combination
  354. Requery causing duplicate table entry
  355. Addnew method for similar field name
  356. Regular expression in VB6
  357. No treeview reference
  358. How To Send Screen.ActiveForm to Email
  359. Unbound Text field for Date and time entry in access form
  360. How do I design a decision tree?
  361. Me.Filter Date/Time field, exclude time
  362. DLookup multiple criteria errors
  363. how to export excel data to access table
  364. Help with Excel VBA not saving print settings on second worksheet
  365. Hyperlink not opening when character count is around 100+
  366. Filtering an access report which has an aggregate query as record source
  367. criteria query returns null
  368. Recordset comparison
  369. Why aren't the fields in my datasheet subform refreshing?
  370. Import from excel to access
  371. IIF problem in Access query builder; syntax error
  372. Track changes of raw table data information
  373. Access SQL ORDER BY putting NULL values last in query
  374. Setting Subform RecordSource in VBA
  375. using peazip in an access program
  376. Like Operator To Find Any Similarities
  377. Need query to find potential duplicate names
  378. I want to Add Multiple Criteria in an Access Report
  379. Lock Records Where Date Field Entered but Allow Password Override
  380. "Enter Parameter Value" with long Expression
  381. How to Hide Ole Objects on a Report if they are empty so as not to leave a big gap on
  382. .SetFocus is not selecting the whole field
  383. Issues with SEEK on Split Database there has to be a better way.
  384. Spell checking Form field in MS ACCESS
  385. search another form from a main form
  386. How to count Data Value by Date (Each month/each year)?
  387. filecopy error 53 in Access VBA
  388. Is there a way to make a control tip show up via VBA?
  389. Trying to obtain 2 different sums from one field
  390. Access 2007 rounding up time in a form from Control Source field
  391. Record Still Showing in Form Even After Deleted in Code
  392. Export a report to the current desktop in pdf format
  393. subtraction in access from two tables
  394. Append query with criteria
  395. How to test if a match isn't found in searching for a record?
  396. Is there a way of showing the filter criteria in the cover page of a report?
  397. Tricky Date Criteria
  398. Access database online like Oracle
  399. Concatenate 2 fields into another field in same table
  400. Treeview nodeClick doesn't fire when clicked
  401. print data in txt file in tabular format
  402. Error opening a recordset
  403. Discussion: Dot Versus Bang (Again)
  404. Add months to a date so result falls on a work day
  405. How to filter print in report?
  406. ComboBox Wizard No Longer Available (in Access 20??)
  407. Combo Boxes Not Allowing Dynamic Sort
  408. Prevent application from closing when New Access.Application sub exits.
  409. Is it Possible to Reference a SubForm in DoCmd.SearchForRecord?
  410. Access Reports - Align Results Horizontally
  411. How to use VBA to find out if all of the tables are connected?
  412. Visible record selection in continuous form (Not using record selector)
  413. Access 2010 link to Sharepoint 2010 problem
  414. The query cannot be completed. Either the size of the query result is larger than the
  415. Is there a DateDiff function that counts business days?
  416. Extract date periods for calculation
  417. Is it possible to store the location of the backend database in a table?
  418. To get an automatic number when the button refresh press
  419. Spaces between fields on CSV output table
  420. How to Close a Form after a Certain Time of Inactivity
  421. Problems with grabbing data
  422. Table with multiple column entries listed vertically
  423. Run-time Error '13' : Type Mismatch
  424. Inputting age range through text boxes to generate report
  425. select date in range
  426. How to count checkbox = true per row for multiple columns (10)
  427. Writing out a CSV file getting Run-time error ‘75’: Path/File access error
  428. Calculate count of records with a particular property on a form
  429. Using if then and visible in a report
  430. Autoupdate corresponding row data in other columns of Second table
  431. Why am I getting an error when trying to cancel my form's BeforeUpdate event?
  432. Digital Signature fails when file extension is not .mdb
  433. Converting Time to Billable Units
  434. Evaluate boolean value in where clause
  435. How do I Convert an Access 2002 Database to .EXE Format?
  436. Programming an Inventory Bin Card
  437. fill-in-the-blank problem
  438. Why won't my OnChange event work?
  439. Changing the way my Forms Display
  440. Comparing fields in a query
  441. Running a Hyperlink On a Form Button Click
  442. When to use a One-to-One relationships?
  443. Most efficient SQL to select newest related record
  444. I wondering if how this code work
  445. Force Blank Line in Report Text Box
  446. docmd.sendobject multiple windows for editing before sending
  447. using like operator with FindFirst
  448. How do I stop a form from closing from the BeforeUpdate Event?
  449. How to pass a parameter to a query that a recordset is based on?
  450. Validating XML before import
  451. Access split DB slow when working on form in design view
  452. How do I set up a linked Excel datasource in Access so that people can add a batch of
  453. Trying to create conditional visibility with Access 2010
  454. Access 2003 MDB Startup Form Causes Crash
  455. Is there a way to reset an autonumber field to 1 again at the beginning of 2013?
  456. How do I speed up my database?
  457. Comparing dates - Access and SQL
  458. hyperlink problems in reports in Access 2003
  459. Populate Table Using Combo Box WITHOUT FORM
  460. Random Question generator for MS Access
  461. Applications under one Windows Menu
  462. How to attach several files to e-mail message (objMessage.AddAttachment)
  463. To make Age Range Query to select men between these ages
  464. Combobox Search and Select
  465. How to change relative hyperlink to absolute hyperlink in VBA
  466. Access database managment from web page
  467. Database or object is read-only
  468. Help understanding object instantiation using automation
  469. Create a directory form access?
  470. Open Outlook Contact from Access
  471. Error 2427: I have four radio/option buttons, and I am using office 2010
  472. any other difference between sql and access query
  473. Print Preview opens in less than 50%
  474. VBA to browse for folder of excel files and then save as new file
  475. Discussion: DAO.DBEngine.Workspaces() versus DAO.Workspaces()
  476. Access 2010 - VBA - How can I send email with Outlook? It just sits in outbox!
  477. How to specify starting date and ending date of a month in a query?
  478. Use Input Value in Form as a Field Name
  479. How can I get in touch with Terry Kreft?
  480. Code to Monitor for An Unanticipated Event (table deletion)
  481. How do I test for which tab is active in VBA?
  482. Working With DatePart and Check Box as criteria for DCOUNT
  483. Backup and Restore Access 2003 Based Application
  484. Getting error when using Me.Dirty = False
  485. Edit to subform making changes to main form on non-child field
  486. Formula for Access
  487. How to make next data entry cell in a Form at top of column
  488. Controlling data edit of form objects while navigating the saved records
  489. Search button in access form
  490. Test Internet Connection from within Access
  491. Number not incrementing using a Recordset method
  492. Cannot Define Tables after Importation from Passworded Access DB
  493. Discussion: Pulling Info from Active Directory
  494. Query by form solution
  495. Storing text from a check box control
  496. Using query results in an existing report
  497. Duplicates being created in AutoNumber Primary Key...
  498. How to call a sub/function using a variable holding the sub/function name?
  499. Access 2010 report - Record color different if updated in last 30 days
  500. Limit number of entries for a record
  501. How can I copy data from a cell to other cells on same line, testing that they are em
  502. Check exists query before delete
  503. display query result directly on a form
  504. Renaming .xlsx File in Folder Location using Variable
  505. Generic Forms for Use in New Navigation Control
  506. multiple queries to multiple contacts email - vba
  507. Issues with FollowHyperlink not acting same a directly typing address in explorer
  508. Is there a way to do a search in Access, and search in Outlook?
  509. Hide a numeric field in subform with Option button
  510. How to pass a field-value in one form to a field in another form.
  511. Auto-filling fields on a Form using a Selection from a Listbox
  512. Creating a birthday report for customerbase
  513. Converting dates in text format to dates
  514. two subforms with continious forms on them use tab to move 1 to 2
  515. Auto Numbering a specific field within a database
  516. Using Access Attachment function
  517. What is the best data format to export and import data in between applications
  518. Is it possible to open a popup form and tell it its location on the screen?
  519. Simple UPDATE query not running
  520. Test for Recordset = Nothing?
  521. I cannot add records in the subform
  522. How do I use Recordset.filter inside a loop
  523. Error While Creating a Recordset from a QueryDef with Parameters
  524. Export to Excel limited to 65000 rows
  525. Anyone made a program that can remotely shut down a PC in Access?
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