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  1. Android how add more geofences?
  2. Collaboration Challenges, Successes & Tools
  3. Searching for an app......
  4. Which database to use for real time android application?
  5. How mobile application communicate with banking system?
  6. Python/Django developers - freelance or company?
  7. How to choose software developers?
  8. [ DEMO APP] Collect user feedback about GIF Maker - GIF Creator App
  9. What are top trending technologies used for mobile app development?
  10. Looking for Android developers for a research project!
  11. How to draw graph by using firebase data
  12. Back button on WebView
  13. Android to iPhone Transfer via USB Cable
  14. Textures do not load on one ios device
  15. Making a Restaurant aplication in my country
  16. App Idea Challenge by Navigator
  17. Mobile App Development
  18. Has anyone sold their app?
  19. What is the best approach for an Android and iOS video editor application?
  20. Apps backend what is a server use vs CloudKit?
  21. How to Install Android Emulator on IOS
  22. ECLIPSE USERS: Do i need android sdk tools to start new application project and AVD i
  23. How to get Current Location of an Android Device ?
  24. Facebook App Invite iOS
  25. What's more difficult, web or mobile app development?
  26. Android writing data to a formatted text file
  27. How to Detect Beacon in Android?
  28. Launch 3rd party app and resume it on the state where the user has left it
  29. Running the app at the background forever
  30. GSM, Sensors, Command Centre, Monitoring
  31. Unable to call cordova.exe in windows phone 8
  32. xCode Swift NSString problem
  33. Android
  34. How to implement angular js graphs with json data output
  35. How to start debugging on a specific frame while debugging an android app using andro
  36. Which data structure should I use to store a JSONArray of thousand Objects?
  37. Android Certificate
  38. What is the difference between Google GCM and Apple APNS
  39. connecting to Android studio with a noSQL db like crouchDB
  40. Android Studio: Copy textbox entry to webview page form
  41. Object localization using ZigBee
  42. VS2010 for Windows Phone without Marketplace
  43. Hybrid app: Drag-n-Drop dynamically made elements
  44. I want increase my mobile service
  45. difference between sdk & ide ?? how to connect or integrate sdk & ide ??
  46. Data inside android multiple column listview
  47. How to show android app icon in phone book like whats app, skype
  48. Mobile web app development
  49. Windows Phone on VS 2012 debug error
  50. how to connect to mysql database
  51. Stop Horizontal Scrolling in ALL mobile devices
  52. Are there any sites like
  53. Emulator takes up disc space ?
  54. How do I add these in app purchases to my code (iOS)?
  55. Emlator shows Android is upgrading
  56. Apps not showing
  57. eclipse juno opens without android tools on linux
  58. How to upload multiple images with other data to server from android in one request?
  59. Desperately need a structure guideline . . . . .
  60. Mobile App Development Agency
  61. zigbee signal strength measurement
  62. i want to send real time current image in j2me
  63. Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 Pros and Cons
  64. Sending the order of the selected items !!
  65. Why this loop not go in else part of if condition?
  66. what technologies are available to make calls automatically
  67. Choosing a Cross Platform SDK - Thick/Think Client?
  68. What should I learn for Android Aps Development - Adobe AIR or Android SDK ?
  69. change android color where the logo is
  70. Android / Java Code Running Order Question.
  71. How to get Android Mobile contacts synced with my Web Server Database
  72. Why frameworks like bootstrap uses PX?
  73. Responsive design and separate page for mobile pages?
  74. How to build an app that can read text and images using a camera?
  75. Do you have server ready to sync data into app ?
  76. draw trinagle in android openGL 2.0
  77. Internet Radio Smartphone
  78. Tracking smart phone spcially in android
  79. collision in android
  80. how to make player in android
  81. javascript dispay typing not working
  82. I need to understand phonegap mysql database remote security
  83. why url not supported in mobilelll
  84. Building an android news app, what are basic features it should have?
  85. what is push notification in android apps development? how to implement this?
  86. mobile app development
  87. Having trouble creating my index view page (DXTREME) icons and images are out of sinc
  88. the arabic language in ucs2 unicode in gsm
  89. sending jpg image from pc to android using sockets
  90. Upload image file in Windows Phone 7 Application to PHP
  91. Java Enabled Phones and Web Based Application
  92. su version of sudo -s
  93. How to retrieve user profile property in sharepoint 2010.
  94. iPhone 5's Problem: diagonally scrolling causes touch screen to drop out or freeze
  95. The best way display a webapp
  96. Gridview display in a mobile platform
  97. how to transfer mp4 videos to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
  98. Barcode scanner for ios and android
  99. Android: get the tag of other gridview items besides currently placed item
  100. Unfortunately, app_name has stopped, error in manifest file
  101. which are best online course Learn how to make iPhone and iPad apps?
  102. Android app as front end for Access database
  103. How to manually install dual screen api in android sdk??????
  104. App won't start default webbrowser
  105. Basics of how to develop a multiplayer app?
  106. Load flash without temporary files
  107. Migrate application to Mobile application
  108. Pre-Sale IOS Applications
  109. The problem with textures in Cocos2D
  110. DroidGap cannot be resolved into a type
  111. Have an App idea, so many general questions!!!
  112. Footer is not fixing Windows Mobile only
  113. Jquery mobile resolution problem
  114. Mobile software development
  115. Native app v Mobile web (Mobile game)
  116. Error
  117. Download link
  118. Access files in my laptop through my iphone
  119. consuming a WCF RESTFUL web service with sencha touch 1
  120. Is there way to use Android apps on iPhone?
  121. Anrdroid Connection with MySql to retreive Records from database?
  122. How to capture an image and send it to Database or Web Server using J2ME & Android ?
  123. Sending AT Commands to a modem
  124. Parsing image url from xml into database and retrieving it
  125. html in j2me
  126. GPS LG LN790 corrupt firmware
  127. Creating moble applications using c language
  128. htc rezound browser problems
  129. Jquery mobile app not appear well on desktop browsers
  130. Eqatec get error when run BubbleCF!
  131. mobile application
  132. How to make application run faster on Windows Mobile Device?
  133. Breaking into the mobile development industry
  134. Mobile App Development & Tool
  135. Issues with app not running
  136. Uncaught Exception
  137. how to send images consecutive to androidphone from pc?
  138. visual studio for iphone and android?
  139. I'm looking for an “auto-SMS VB.Net programme module” for window mobile 6.0 standard
  140. get access textbox text form another form textbox text
  141. .Migrating a smart device application to a windows mobile
  142. iPhone app development using web service
  143. WriteProtect a Micro SD
  144. do any one know Symbian C++ for mobile application
  145. Prevent a file from being sent
  146. Using Oracle on a windows ce mobile computer
  147. Android: Reading xml from .NET webservice
  148. android orange outline highlight on tapping
  149. Can Windows 6.x running application run on Windows Mobile7 Phone?
  150. Best way to get data from database
  151. Estimate the distance between the CANSAT and the ground station with Xbee
  152. mobile site have button to download vcard
  153. how to add viewcontroller in the program?
  154. Who can tell me how to transfer my photos from pc to ipad2?
  155. Web Browser Control Touch Scroll in Windows Mobile 6.5
  156. How to force numeric keypad from an input box (HTML)
  157. Getting started with mobile development for smart phones
  158. What is the best way to kill a thread in a Timer?
  159. Need help, GeolocationEvent.UPDATE does not fire?
  160. what is data communication and networking
  161. Vb to c# for wp7
  162. Pushing shared objects into MeeGo
  163. Delete and edit a node in xml using action script
  164. How to connect windows mobile application to SQL server??
  165. Tracking QR Codes?
  166. Is there any way to understand the code BEHIND QR codes?
  167. Developing Small client/server App in Objective C
  168. how to synchronize the data between mobile and PC (using j2me)
  169. How to read out a phone number from internal phonebook of Telit GM862?
  170. What are VRE (Virtual Runtime Environment) based Handsets?
  171. do cell phone use C++ programming, if so how?
  172. How to set background image in a J2ME form ?
  173. Compare two audio files for beat/tempo and rating in iphone
  174. Does a WAP mobile phone has an IP address?
  175. What tools are you using for mobile app development?
  176. Why won't the android browser load/display xml?
  177. FFTW for mobile phone (especially windows based)?
  178. Changing profile data.
  179. Download file not working
  180. How to play streaming .mp3 and .pls in android 2.2
  181. iPhone - monitor running apps
  182. iphone speaker and receiver
  183. How to access array with object?
  184. Nokia 5800XM - read SMS by using Java midlet
  185. autocompletetextview in android using cursor for select query
  186. How to Program Xbee modules?
  187. insertion data into mssql
  188. Android cannot read XMl file
  189. using cecopy command for winCE
  190. What would you recommend to get started?
  191. How to automatically install certficate recived from https website?
  192. cross platform mobile development
  193. Mobile Telephony
  194. How can I sort a NSArray by NSSortDiscriptor?
  195. MC35IT problem
  196. How can I add Some Bar Buttons or Segment Controll on my Navigation Controller?
  197. Series 40 Mp3
  198. Https Connection problem:Certificate was issued by an unrecognized entity
  199. How to use back button in midlet ?
  200. How to Read last line from text file in j2me
  201. How to build a location aware iPhone application?
  202. Which database to use in iPOD application
  203. How to send MMS from my PC to a mobile phone?
  204. Management Studio 2005 - Sql Compact Options NOT enabled
  205. Blackberry application
  206. How to link a Mobile phone and a Computer using Bluetooth and a Java application
  207. Can we develope Voice recognition mobile application in .Net using C#
  208. I need help with mobile application
  209. iphone : Handling events of UIButton in UITableViewCell
  210. Which Programming Language is good for GUI?
  211. How to stream video in Windows Mobile using c#
  212. help for mobile development
  213. Can you create mobile software using the C language?
  214. How to bring Data Portal to iPhone
  215. How to setup E-commerce on mobile devices
  216. Visual Studio Windows CE application has no reference to SqlClient.
  217. Getting invalid GPS signal for Samsung Omnia i910
  218. Information for iPhone development on Mac
  219. How to get address of mobile phone using mobile web forms in .net 2.0
  220. Get if Gps settings are enabled or not on windows mobile 5.0
  221. To send data/file from pc to mobile
  222. how to excute servlet in a mobile simulotorin desktop
  223. How to develop an automatic answering machine?
  224. Programming phones in Java or C++
  225. Converting ASP website to work on iPhone
  226. GPRS interfacing application on mobile android operating system
  227. Capture Volume Key events C#
  228. HttpWebRequest - how to choose between ActiveSync & WLAN connection?
  229. How to make mobile compatible website?
  230. Mobile application development
  231. Windows Mobile KeyDown method error for navigation keys C#
  232. J2ME Bluetooth Programming
  233. mobile redirect
  234. ASP.NET: Sending SMS - BulkSMSGateway returns error 4006
  235. Learning mobile application development
  236. Disable scrollbar when program is taller than the screen
  237. Error :The remote connection to the device has been lost.What that means ??
  238. Mobile redirect with javascript
  239. Is it possible to build bluetooth in a Calculator?
  240. KeySend to mobile phone
  241. Windows CE C# application Arabic Textbox
  242. SMS sending and retrieval
  243. Imagebutton OnClientClick event don't raise on ie mobile
  244. Using Webbrowser to load a page from a file with a query string?
  245. Can we determine automatically a full .NET Framework application can be ported in CF
  246. Porgramming xbee using C++
  247. How do i emulate a storage card?
  248. can we convert a pdf file into a jar file
  249. Apple iPhone development information
  250. how to enable wmlscript
  251. Link table in Access database to Bluetooth device list
  252. whats a shortcode all about? i need a developer.
  253. GPS Erroring when using the Windows Mobile 6 SDK
  254. Question on iPhone app
  255. Accessing Class once intialized from another form
  256. A couple of J2ME Questions
  257. Receive garbage data from bluetooth which receive data from serail device
  258. Should I use a STRUCT?
  259. Form Load and showing form while it is loading
  260. Connecting database with mobile
  261. how to showing vertical scrollbar thumb when swt text contol size is increase?
  262. Samsung Gravity (T459) Original Firmware Question
  263. What r the different ways to tansfer data/file in LAN ?
  264. file transfer through active sync, fire an event
  265. how to create aweb application in which i can send sms through my pc
  266. store data in .net mobile app
  267. syncing mobile Application with Desktop Application
  268. how i get free java verified certificate for mobile java application?
  269. how to remove file access permission in j2me?
  270. how to setfont in DetailText of SWT.Mobile.ListBox ?
  271. how to setfont of Detailtext in Swt.Mobile.ListBox?(ListBox's detailtext)
  272. Mobile PDA Clinet
  273. how to give screen transition effect (right to left) in SWT Screen(in j2me)+symbian?
  274. How get click event of hardware button of device ?
  275. Is mobile or desktop platform better for developing software?
  276. using C headerfiles in C#
  277. Is attending the Forum Nokia conference worthwhile?
  278. how do I open a sql database connection for mobile device while running vb emulator?
  279. Proximity marketing from mobiles?
  280. PDA office mobile
  281. Java application for a handheld device
  282. Contents of form fields not showing up in iPhone's Safari browser
  283. How Transparent the background of link label control?
  284. experts help me to edit (.bin) file
  285. How Change the name of exe file?
  286. use socks or web.request in cf?
  287. Stuck before i've even begun!
  288. How create common menu for all pages in window mobile?
  289. how create Orientation-Awareness window mobile application?
  290. Using an Objective-C array with a slider to return custom values generates warning
  291. encryption application for mobile phone or smart phone
  292. How search text In webbrowser control?
  293. manipulating the voice in a mobile phone
  294. How update data stored in database?
  295. How add javascript into html file throw C#?
  296. How add Image folder with Cab file?
  297. [J2ME]Development the GAME ARCOIDE
  298. How Set the icon of exe file?
  299. Develop application in PartnerML for Vodafone
  300. How to close a form?
  301. Image load
  302. Lightweight UI for j2me
  303. what's the code for changing Screen?
  304. How to render HTML code in Windows Mobile Code?
  305. Registry key of "manage gps automatically"
  306. What is the alternate of Server.mapPath in Windows Mobile 6.0?
  307. How can I get A XML file In Windows Mobile 6.o using C#?
  308. nokia mobile series identification by user_agent in http header
  309. how to detect active GPRS or 3G service remotely
  310. hooking/subclassing keyboard Windows Mobile
  311. how to send unicoded sms through pc and gsm(urgent)
  312. Develop a game called "metallic iphone caze", a battle game
  313. y is it not workin? what is the eror?
  314. Window is not getting repainted - Windows CE
  315. A few J2ME questions
  316. J2ME Hashtable question
  317. JSR 257 - contactless
  318. Windows Mobile IE "Take control"
  319. MSIE 6.0 browser doesn't read html links on Windows Mobile 6.5
  320. Developing Software for Nokia 3110c using
  321. Onlone Backup Needed
  322. Server side script for mobile detection?
  323. How to Create Notification with Menu for Windows Mobile 6 using C# .Net CF 2.0
  324. Notification Application
  325. Using PI and ArcCos in SQL line
  326. Displaying tables using Netbeans and Mysql in a mobile environment
  327. Login works only on some devices
  328. use of PC's internet on mobile
  329. Accessing data from a serial port.
  330. A predicament
  331. MFC CWnd::MoveWindow
  332. Having a problem in J2ME
  333. listView messages – how to set listviewItem position - LVM_SETITEMPOSITION??
  334. Resize SVG Image
  335. Adding attachment to mobile email application
  336. javascript not working on Windows Mobile 5.0
  337. Email from Mobile device
  338. Palm server Question
  339. Random Access Saving
  340. FTP from Mobile
  341. File Upload Control
  342. mobile services architecture
  343. Mobile browser cannot run DHTML!
  344. How can I develop Nokia Web Runtime (WRT) widgets for the S60 platform devices?
  345. Playing streaming audio and video in VLC(Pocket PC)
  346. Mobile application which does version updates actomatically
  347. Windows Mobile - UserControl view in VS Designer messed up after changing AutoScaleDi
  348. Recycle Bin for Mobile
  349. Problem on JAR on Sony Ericsson
  350. How to detect WIFI using J2ME ?
  351. Mobile Model Retrieval J2ME
  352. Multi-plataform Database selection
  353. Setting timezone in Windows CE4.0 .NET1.1
  354. mobile web site
  355. Mobile Based Management System
  356. api/code to transfer data from PC to mobile via Bluetooth and vice-versa
  357. RSSI on xbee
  358. Waveform Audio buffer
  359. Recording at stream
  360. regarding serial port for xbee in matlab
  361. Retreive the Label Selected ImageItem in J2ME
  362. StackOverflow followed by a lot of closing forms
  363. Problem on reading inbox sms in J2me
  364. Problem in capturing incoming message
  365. Delete Inbox Msg
  366. Synchronize Access Database onto PDA
  367. Creating Compound File System in Windows Mobile 5.0 and later
  368. Check a balance via SMS
  369. Word Wrap in CheckBox Text?
  370. Datagrid binded to sqlceresultset
  371. MDI forms in
  372. What tools do i need to develop iphone applications?
  373. Getting status of dynamic checkbox (WIndows Mobile SDK)
  374. Making a directory "read-only" and back to read/wright
  375. xbee relay network
  376. C# starting Opera process
  377. "sending sms" problem...
  378. best windows mobile device for programming
  379. best mobile maps for winmobile 6 SDK?
  380. text box value change...
  381. CAB File Installer - SD Card Default
  382. barcode data terminal
  383. Embedding a MP3 file in a mobile web page.
  384. install the Jar utility without the whole JDK
  385. selecting a list element...
  386. How to Create Custom Installer for Mobile Application
  387. Programing web browser for samsung cell phone
  388. Connect Printer with Pocket PC or Windows mobile using C#
  389. installing .NET Compact Framework 2.0
  390. Message delivery status using GSM Modem
  391. Zigbee/Xbee Signal Strength Measurement (RSSI)
  392. "An address incompatible with the requested protocol was used"
  393. Converting a CE project from VS2003 .NET 1.1 to VS2008
  394. disposing form...
  395. how to read a list from file
  396. Upload picture from winmobile (C#) using php
  397. how to load an application made for windows mobile as a .cab file
  398. session in windows mobile?
  399. disk is write protected
  400. Record & save a sound byte from within smartphone app (C#)
  401. Error running application in windows mobile
  402. httpwebresponse , how to kno if contents are received completely?
  403. WM5/6? Alert & Text hyperlink question.
  404. C# Gps always returning 0 vals for Lat & Lng (Winmobile5, Treo700)
  405. can any one help me by suggesting a way to get items in dynamic form?
  406. adding event to dynamic form...
  407. adding textbox attribute...
  408. How to track the location of a person in a building
  409. loading midlet from lwuit
  410. Assign Buttons to hardware UP and Down Keys (VisualStudio2008)
  411. can any one help, xml node to xmltextreader...
  412. mobile ---wap site
  413. Google Maps
  414. why SIP protocol is not supported in Windows Mobile?
  415. Lauch the application or starting the application on incoming call when deployed
  416. Creating an application deny call and send sms
  417. TCPClient/TCPListener for C#
  418. Remote DB connecting and simple newb walkthroughs in WinMobile 6 SDK
  419. Selecting Nodes using doc.selectnode()
  420. adding value to list item?
  421. deploying error when windows mobile application is deployed
  422. reading xml "attribute name"
  423. application in windows mobile 5 and 6
  424. Dynamic form creation mobile application
  425. XBEE - MySQL Connection
  426. using AT+CMGS
  427. Do i need to insatall any softwares when i am running windows mobile app in palm OS
  428. storing data in windows mobile...
  429. How to change tollfree number in exist application
  430. MenuItem occuring multiple times ....
  431. byte stream to XML c#
  432. Barcode Scanning - is barcode scanned or typed?
  433. deploying error in windows mobile application
  434. Only one setup project works in a solution with several setup projects
  435. P/Invoke C++ function and C++ interface (e.g. MAPILogonEx,GetMsgStoresTable)
  436. How to access contacts informatioon from mobile.
  437. How to add an action in Contacts->Options
  438. adding background image to form(windows mobile)
  439. How to get highlighted item from windows mobile contact details screen
  440. BlackBerry application
  441. I need SIP API
  442. date&year inconsistency in wince5.0
  443. SIP Dial
  444. J2ME application
  445. how to auto send the sms if the database match between 2 person? <<PLS HELP :(
  446. Make application buttons assign to keys up, down, left, right...
  447. Mobile development FAQ or primer needed
  448. Internationalize the MessageBox in Compact Framework
  449. How to finish dialing up the number??
  450. How display NTSC/PAL format video in a PPC or other mobile devices
  451. How To Run A .WML Program In Computer
  452. trouble connecting client to J2ME server application (JSR-82)
  453. Need help. Is it possible?
  454. Socket programming vs webservices
  455. Mobile application
  456. How to start with mobile application development ?
  457. Inbuilt Functionality to Open any file with its assocaited Application in pocket PC
  458. [WM6-PPC] sample code for Dialer menu extension ?
  459. Xbee pro series 2
  460. MOSS/Mobile Development
  461. 4294773077 PID:83c76026 TID:83c76002 Other Interrupt
  462. how to create selection list with event onselectedindexchange dynamically
  463. Copy files to release directory
  464. LINK : fatal error LNK1181
  465. to learn IPHONE SDK programming
  466. MC 70 and barcode scanning over a WIFI connection
  467. Several main() methods in vs2005 solutions
  468. J2ME SMS Permission
  469. make a software (hello world)
  470. Zigbee data hopping
  471. need help :$ i need mobile application =idea=
  472. Connecting to home PC from my mobile
  473. Connecting SQL Server
  474. soft key Problem
  475. phone model for at commands
  476. Which touchscreen mobile is best ?
  477. Can we use nesC to program Xbee motes
  478. Reading message from PDA/SmartPhone inbox
  479. text boxes
  480. SetDNSSuffixSearchOrder
  481. How to program Xbee OEM series 2 Modules
  482. How to update my application
  483. Keep checking existing file?
  484. Xbee series 2 Help
  485. Need some Help
  486. Problem hiding a COlumn in a datagrid
  487. Set Panel Sroll Position When First Load
  488. BlackBerry application development
  489. SMS Java APIs
  490. Help with C# Windows Mobile Application - Problems displaying list items
  491. ZigBee
  492. Error in sending SMS
  493. Need to send SMS from the windows mobile
  494. windows ce core 5.0
  495. Wordwrap in TextBox
  496. How to set foreground window
  497. Synchronization of Data - Newbie Question
  498. how to application path
  499. Launch a dial up connection
  500. general data grid question
  501. system.math in or javascript
  502. Play sound on Smartphone/PDA
  503. Initiate a Bluetooth connection
  504. Add a menu in Contact Menu in PocketPC
  505. Resize window in ce 5.0
  506. How to install an application while event occurs in PocketPC
  507. Is there any way to port DLL to C# in Pocket PC...
  508. Unable to Connect to Host
  509. .net mobile debugging issue
  510. reciving/sending Greek Message via SMPP protocol?
  511. Calling Card application using C# .ne for PocketPC
  512. Connect to SQL Server CE
  513. Hide Inputpanel icon... just show keyboard WM5
  514. Send SMS using Bluetooth Device
  515. Unable to Login in WAPEmail only in Motorola Devices
  516. How to get Mobile Country Code in Windows Mobile using Win32..
  517. Regarding PerfMon.
  518. plz help me
  519. How to resolve TCP exception
  520. Help with batch files and wget for windows pocket pc
  521. run time error cant load DLL msjter35.dll
  522. video capture in windows mobile
  523. SMS Gateway software that supports GSM modem
  524. Autostart after installation in Windows Mobile..
  525. Help to create .CAB file with 2 projects...
  526. Architecture
  527. Please help to solve this error
  528. Presenting Web contents on mobile using Cocoon
  529. How can I create in Pocket Outlook custom menu item using C#
  530. OBEX application on MOTO Q-- not working
  531. Delete SMS from SmartPhone/PDA Inbox
  532. Is it possible to reconfigure Windows Ce 5.0 Core?
  533. Consuming web service on mobile
  534. How can we develop iPhone Applications
  535. can not get selected radiobutton in selection list
  536. RAZR scrolls automatically? How do I prevent that?
  537. MMS Inbox?
  538. Creating a service for Smartphone.
  539. Launch/Call an Application/Function on the keypress and hold event
  540. Getting the guid for a device
  541. persistent storage
  542. Configure WURFL on Resin application server
  543. Audio capture for Moto Q
  544. Windows Mobile ProgressBar
  545. wrong characters in delivered SMS message
  546. APP File for CDMA
  547. Predictive Text Entry for Sms on mobile
  548. What Shall be my next mobile device
  549. How to delete SMS from inbox of phone memory
  550. Open word document using Microsoft .NET compact framework