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  1. How to delete SMS from inbox of phone memory
  2. Open word document using Microsoft .NET compact framework
  3. Send data through GPRS Connection
  4. Is WMLScript the only Client-side script possibility?
  5. Where I can get WMLScript compiler?
  6. Getting response from WebRequest throws Invalid URI
  7. .net Viewstate and mobile applications problem
  8. video streaming
  9. Sending message through GPRS
  10. Create a shortcut icon in window mobile 5.0 from CAB file installation
  11. Change passwords in device
  12. Set Text in WML element TextArea
  13. How call WMLscript function on wml Page load
  14. GPS Access and emulating
  15. Key press event
  16. problem with accessing the build-in GPS on nokia (N95)
  17. Get the phone number
  18. problem in running servlets from wml page
  19. Siemens MC35i GSM Modem auto SMS indication, Need help
  20. Memory Management Problem in device
  21. a very simple midlet to write a file outside of its package directory
  22. Dual Camera handling?
  23. Problem in Sending SMS - Smartphone Application
  24. PC to Mobile communication using USB,Bluetooth
  25. ActiveX For Windows Mobile Based Phones
  26. Smart Device Applications
  27. Button in smartphone/mobile application
  28. Display logo and background image in smartphone
  29. Problem for Sending SMS in
  30. Problem for Sending SMS in
  31. send a sample code for phones using J2ME
  32. Online database server connectivity
  33. TextBox and ComboBox values to send sms screen
  34. Trying to marshal a float[,]
  35. Nokia 6300 application limited user input
  36. How to get IMG tag with getElementById on Pocket IE ??
  37. WIndows Mobile Application Developers - increase your sales
  38. PDA onClick event equivalent???
  39. Deploying a brew application in cdma mobiles
  40. Redirect website to mobile site
  41. XML Vs MySQL for a Mobile Site
  42. Symbian OS (N73)
  43. "Get Image Form Pocket pc "
  44. Is there any GSM modem that can handle more than 1000 messages per minute?
  45. menus and submenus
  46. VB application on windows mobile
  47. .net mobile; is it another programming langauge
  48. Power key function
  49. a good book to learn development of Mobile sites
  50. Brightness setting problem for 2495 and other wm5 devices
  51. China Mobile (Nokia O3 838)
  52. how remote device can connect to internet
  53. Newbie Developer -- Few Questions
  54. Hi.. need flash player for symbian os based mobile
  55. Attaching A Folder
  56. using c++ to write apps for mobile
  57. How to make my own bluetooth device?
  58. HELP Deploying a VS05 application..
  59. mobile dev
  60. "Efficieny for poket PC"
  61. "NotSupportedException was unhandled + System.Drawing.Bitmap"
  62. Rom
  63. Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 Application
  64. C# - Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 Programming - Setting Alarm Clock
  65. Just starting out
  66. How to send images from desktop to mobile
  67. Create the dialog box with two text box and buttons
  68. Gsm Modem
  69. Problem with timestamp format
  70. react to 1-9 button click in java mobile app
  71. "Key Pads In WM 5.0 Pocket PC"
  72. Node detection
  73. "Difference Between SmartPhone Keys & PocketPC Keys "
  74. plz help me to receive SMS through C# program
  75. Guidance for a E-Commerce Delivery solution
  76. Paging Programming Help Needed
  77. Pointer location ??
  78. "Reading data from Xml in smart phones "
  79. "Uses of intptr in .net"
  80. How to access internet on mobile phones through http
  81. UAprofile for Mobile device
  82. Stop Opera mobile caching javascript
  83. Connected network properties
  84. xbee programming
  85. ShortCode in j2me application
  86. connection between windows CE and oracle
  87. HTML parsing in j2me
  88. audio recording
  89. Help needed for mobile development
  90. Mobile Application Accessibility Standards
  91. cannot send out sms
  92. Application Error - J2ME
  93. Using BouncyCastle J2ME encryption package in j2me midlet
  94. Carbide Error
  95. Cache sizes for PDAs and mobile devices
  96. data encryption on midlet
  97. GSM modem
  98. Palm Database??
  99. MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1. The right technologies? which ones to use?
  100. Developing mobile app's. how to get started
  101. Building a j2me application
  102. Symbian C++ tutorials
  103. J2me audio player
  104. CustomItem internal Traversal
  105. Mobile socket data download problem!!
  106. mobile socket connection
  107. receiving the data from serial port and show a new screen (C# .net micro framework)
  108. transparent list box
  109. clicking many times on the application
  110. Audio Recorder
  111. Regarding web pages in mobile and WML/xHTML
  112. WML/xHTML and SMS
  113. WML/xHTML and SMS
  114. J2me
  115. O3 838 Chine Mobile
  116. VB. Net + Win Mobile 5.0 - Loading a child form within parent form
  117. How to track the request !
  118. search database in PC
  119. Justify text in text box
  120. Sending SMS from the XDA(WindowsMobile)
  121. Requirements for Software on Windows Mobile
  122. Creating A Customized Table In Wmlscript
  123. WM 5.0 ComboBox displays its List when <Enter> is pressed
  124. Basics to devolp a mobile software?
  125. Windows CE 5.0 MySql Datavase connection MySQl
  126. Format Code?
  127. how to code for bookmark in mobile programs
  128. does blackberry supports RTSP protocol
  129. Read XML nested tags
  130. Sendind sms to specific port using windows mobile5.0
  131. How to collect data for a mobile moviesite
  132. how to know if some wireless device is nearby?
  133. Motorola handset issues
  134. client/server application
  135. GSM module????
  136. GPS Maps
  137. READ BSSID from wireless mobile device
  138. How to Connect Mobile to windows application in C#
  139. [Mobile.Net Issue] Is it possible to have a larger input box (ie Multiline Textbox)
  140. Unable to read data from the transport Connection
  141. MultiLine TextBox Problem - Windows Mobile
  142. Problem with dynamic fopen with windows mobile
  143. Help with ClickOnce & Mobile 5.0
  144. Ringtone
  145. Regrding GPS receiver
  146. autocomplete combobox
  147. keyPress event in combobox
  148. USB flash drive and network card for NEC Mobile Pro 900 win CE .net 4.20
  149. Problem with # while sending a message thru net to any mobile
  150. Windows CE From framework 2.0
  151. how to add ActiveX Control in my smart device application?
  152. tab key is not working in windows CE mobile application in .net
  153. adding windows control into my smart devices application toolbox
  154. how to access a web service using AT commands
  155. Using JavaScript for a cellphone?
  156. Screensaver application on Windows CE (5.0 version)
  157. struts jsp and wml
  158. Copying a file FROM Mobile to the PC initiating from the Mobile Device
  159. FLASH LITE 2.1 with Windows Mobile 5
  160. How to handle file attachments in blackberry
  161. Mobile Bookmark Code
  162. creating, writing ,save, open file in pocket pc
  163. Live Video Recording and Streaming
  164. Focus on web pages on mobile browsers
  165. Windows logon change
  166. Problem with connecting to database from Pocket PC Emulator
  167. Nchars as PrimaryKeys
  168. SMS from ICQ
  169. XML path
  170. Windows Mobile direct connection with Desktop SQL 2005 server
  171. mobile developement
  172. P/invoke
  173. Writing to Serial Port in Windows Mobile 5.0
  174. Mobile Client Software Factory Installation Issues
  175. To SIM no
  176. VS 2005 Smart phones C#
  177. Nokia 6600
  178. C# Smartphone VS2005 -- Checking for keyboard type at runtime? (Qwerty or Numeric)
  179. C# Smartphone VS2005 -- Changing the company name?
  180. keycode values for LG mobile
  181. push message to blackberry device
  182. mobile programming in
  183. playing video using j2me
  184. Help Me For Mobile Development
  185. Why J2ME SocketConnection cannot connect using WAP GPRS?
  186. how to open and read text file using j2me
  187. Using At+commands
  188. New to mobile & cellphone development
  189. send sms from pc to mobile
  190. Programming GPS apps for devices
  191. generating separate wml cards with Perl
  192. SmartPhone application in C#.NET
  193. Colored Picture SMS
  194. Browse Button in flash
  195. Communication through USB using mobile
  196. SMS Gateway
  197. Xbee/ZigBee troubles
  198. RE: Connection from phone-modem to apache tomcat
  199. calling web service from j2me client
  200. how to communicate with mobile using usb?
  201. .net mobile webforms
  202. WML --> HTML
  203. Wml --> Html
  204. Web Page As A Wap Page
  205. AT+ Command (CMGS in pdu mode) -SMS using Hyper Terminal
  206. keydown event won't fire
  207. Windows Mobile Developing Certification
  208. how to reduce the incoming ring volume!
  209. Activate A Phone call From Browser
  210. Server Side Scripting for Mobile Detection and Redirection
  211. Help with W3C page validation - xhtml-mp
  212. WAP WTAI update?
  213. ASP doesnt work in WML
  214. About "SendReferer" in WMLScript
  215. Please Help Me Or Ill Get Fired
  216. Beginner WML
  217. Send request to a link
  218. WML (or) XHTML ?
  219. Script to send auto SMS relpy
  220. how to apply bgcolor in WML Table ?
  221. how to add background image to an wml card in wml
  222. graphics in j2me...pls help!!!
  223. how to check for an active call.
  224. About WML
  225. Am new with J2ME
  226. Mobile Emulator supporting RTP/RTSP protocol???
  227. I want to need a codding for senting and receiving the sms from the PC
  228. Sending MMS, Ringtone to Mobile user
  229. placing a link on a wap page to download a zip file
  230. psychometric test, Making things disappear
  231. [Merged] how to convert wml to html
  232. Help :sending a message through GPRS using java coding
  233. displaying images on mobile ???
  234. Can't import midlets into my LG phone
  235. i have a one problem on wml
  236. initiate call on wireless devices
  237. detect imie/imia/esn #
  238. Regarding J2ME
  239. Little Help Needed With Cards & IDs
  240. WML validation
  241. how to download file using simulator ?
  242. Coding a WAP simulator - Please help!!!
  243. "Question in the Symbian"
  244. How I Enable my pc to recieve sms from mobile.
  245. how to run wml?
  246. Whats WML?
  247. How do I enable my PC to receive an SMS
  248. Displaying the mean and variance of purchased items