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What is Flooding?

Flooding is making multiple posts to 1 or more forums in a manner that disrupts the normal activity on the forum; this includes but is not limited to
  • Multiple posts in a short space of time
  • A consistent drip feed of minor 1 line questions that could be answered by using any text book on the subject

What should you do about flooding?

If you think another poster is flooding one or more forums then
  • DO NOT REPLY TO THEM. If you answer their question they have achieved what they wanted; on the other hand if you are venting your spleen at them we may have to reprimand you for breaking the rules against personal insults or attacks, which we don't want to have to do.
  • If you are not a moderator for one the forums being flooded then use the “Report” button that appears at the bottom of every post. You can simply put “I think this user is flooding the forum” or even just “flooding” in the report dialog that appears. Please only send one report.
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