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Access Forum Specific Guidelines


  • Use the word field when speaking of field names in a table or query
  • Use the word column when speaking of listboxes or comboboxes
  • Use the word record when speaking of values in a row in your table or query
  • Use the word value when speaking of a data item in a field
  • Use the word textbox or control when speaking of form fields unless they are listboxes or comboboxes


  • If you are unsure how to refer to something give a detailed description of where it is
  • Try to relate your question around the main components of Access. Is it a problem with Tables, Forms, Queries, Reports, Macros, Modules?
  • If you are receiving an error please post full details, including both number and description
  • Queries - If you have a question about a query, please post the SQL for the query. This can be found by going to the query design view and changing the view to SQL. However, If you have a query which shows 20 fields but the problem is in the WHERE clause, LOSE the extra lines.
  • Code - when your question is about vba code please post your code so the experts can review it. However, only include items which are relevant. If you have 100 lines of code, but the problem would still occur if you only had the top line, just post the top line.

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