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Careers Topics

Career Advice

Consulting and Contracting

Best way to optimize my travel website? on Jun 16 '14 by project manager

HR and Recruiting

To find job in US or UK on 3 Weeks Ago by Bharat383

Interview Questions

Resumes Portfolios and Certification

Salaries and Compensation

IT Topics

Apache Web Server

Computer Hardware

Content Management Systems

Data Management

Desktop Software

microsoftword on 1 Week Ago by Stewart Ross

IIS / Internet Information Server

Mac OS X

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Windows / Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Mobile Phones and PDAs

Parsing in C/C++ on 5 Days Ago by sensen

Networking - Hardware / Configuration


Unix / Linux / BSD

Extract values from a file on 4 Weeks Ago by Luuk

Web Applications

Windows Server 2003 / 2008

Software Development Topics

.NET Framework


maxstream's xbee on 12 Hours Ago by vanamalini

ASP / Active Server Pages

Dropdown list on 1 Days ago by mgrichen


Algorithms / Advanced Math

Write a PRAM algorithm using n pus on Jun 10 '14 by rules engine

C / C++

C# / C Sharp


DB2 Database

Flash / Actionscript



JavaScript / Ajax / DHTML

Microsoft Access / VBA

Microsoft SQL Server

Mobile Development

making a touch android game in unity on 16 Hours Ago by Amit Rawat

MySQL Database

How to Add a Dynamic Column in Mysql on 1 Week Ago by Rabbit

Oracle Database

PL/SQL return count for all dates on 1 Days ago by irfanEmmaneul


return selected field for drop down list on 6 Hours Ago by Yousef Altaf


PostgreSQL Database


Using Brackets within a print code on 9 Hours Ago by frostedgoddess

Ruby / Ruby on Rails

Software Development

Transition State Diagram for the automata on 1 Week Ago by rashmi1705

Visual Basic .NET

Visual Basic 4 / 5 / 6

count year to year between two dates on 1 Days ago by irfanEmmaneul

XAML / WPF / Silverlight


Internet Marketing Topics

Pay Per Click


Should I buy numerous keyword rich domains? on Jul 11 '14 by Jennypliskin

Social Media


How to get listed on Google product search on Jun 22 '14 by manageknowledge